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Quiz Adjectives

1. This is by far the greater tuna-noodle casserole that I have ever eaten.
2. Ricky is about the forgetfulest person I’ve ever met.
3. Jim couldn’t tell who is most stubborn-his sister or his brother.
4. Both situations were terrible, but Ron first tried to fix the worst of the two.
5. The climbers would be smart to take the less harder route to the summit.
6. Lynne’s victory was more sweeter because her opponent had beaten her last year.
7. Bill’s idea was profounder than Al’s.
8. That was the most unkindest remark I ever heard.
9. Both I-95 and the parkway will take you to New Haven , but the latter is the fastest route.
10. Trust became a bigger issue than either taxes or crime in the election campaign.
11. In the autumn,Vermont has prettier colors than most other states.
12. Which is longest- the mississippi river or the Colorado?