DR. FANTASTIC IN BESLAN Prof. Dr. Robson Barbosa As scenes seen in the town of Beslan shocked the world.

Some events break the paradigms September 11 and the fall of the Berlin Wall are other examples. In Beslan children and adults hostages were used in an unprecedented horror and the facts showed the world that international terror is at an unprecedented escalation. After the tragic outcome came to public a recording of video produced by the kidnappers where we can see them bearing arms, the horror of the hostage and with more emphasis on huge quantity of explosives that had been armed in strategic locations such as proximity to the hostages, the roof of the gym, next to the doors, windows and even the table of the basketball court, the detonators may also be seen at various points up and under the feet of terrorists. At this point we can draw up some comments, the terrorists probably thought out to achieve in life because of that act in scenes appear with the faces covered to prevent identification later, suicide bombers tend to show and even recorded tapes with messages showing up, with the intention to be recognized as heroes and martyrs, well, there was the expectation of an exit with life, what the purpose of such quantity of explosives? One possible answer can be found on the plot of the movie "Dr. Fantastic, "by Peter Selers star. In this movie, what happens during the cold war, an official with psychological problems, commander of a U.S. airbase, orders on its own initiative that their planes bombardeiem the Soviet Union, the intention is to beat the Russians by surprise attack, the High U.S. seeks to control all forms prevent this attack occurred as telling the USSR and collaborating of all forms so that if the aircraft failed to be warned in time and return to base, were overturned. It occurs that an aircraft suffers a malfunction in its communication system and can not receive the notice of return and continues in its mission to the stubbornness that was to be expected. During the tense negotiations the U.S. president considers that "only" an aircraft continued with the attack and that what is not a declaration of war and not even a surprise attack by weight, but the Russian representative announced that the USSR had installed a device called the "machinery of the final judgement" that consisted of a network of sensors that any attack even if isolated, would the immediate firing of all nuclear weapons as a way of counter attack aimed at mutual destruction, it would be impossible to be automatic and avoided. This device had the intention to deter U.S. attacks. However, this trick only makes sense if the opponent knows that it exists, therefore, their effectiveness depends on the idea that an attack would, of course, not a disaster that it is worth, is that the Russians installed the device, but were awaiting a date for the special international notice, and the attack occurred prior to this announcement. As in the film, one hypothesis is that the tape would be released with the intention of preventing an attack by the troops that cercavam the school giving an advantage to the kidnappers, but as in the movie, unexpected events precipitated the tragedy, the escape of some children , The barbarity of the terrorists to atirarem the back, has caused the events to be developed in the saw. The "machinery of the final judgement" came into operation and the result, all witnessed.

Life imitated the art, and as well as in the movie, in Beslam the outcome was a tragedy that the world can not and will not forget, we can only learn and fight for events like this become single events that are not repeated. ________________________________________ The Prof. Dr. Robson Barbosa is a master's degree in administration scholar of international conflicts, Dr. in cooperative security and senior researcher of the core of policy and strategy NUPRI / USP.