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Mecklenburg County

Your ballot will have 8 pages of screens. Buttons at the bottom of the screen allow you to move back and forth
DEMOCRATIC between screens.


If you vote the Straight Democratic Ticket do not vote for those candidates individually. Skip those
screens, but be sure to vote individually for the judges and the bonds.
When you have finished voting, press the red “Press here to cast your ballot now” button. You have not
completed voting until you see the “thank you” message from Carol Hill Williams, Chair of the Election Board.

1 VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRATIC If you have a question or need assistance, feel free to ask a polling official for help.


U.S. Senate District Attorney NC Supreme Court Justice District Court Judges

Elaine Marshall Michael D. Barnes Robert C. (Bob) Hunter Regan A. Miller

Elaine Marshall Malcolm Graham Ann Newman Jennifer Roberts Robert C. (Bob) Tim Smith
Hunter U.S. House of Mecklenburg County
Representatives NC Court of Appeals Rickye McKoy-Mitchell
Jeff Doctor Dan Murrey Theo Nixon
District 9 At - Large Jane Gray

Larry Kissell Jennifer Roberts

District 8 Martha Geer Tim Smith
At - Large
Mel Watt Harold Cogdell, Jr.
District 12 At - Large
District Court Judges Twyla E. Hollingsworth

Larry Kissell Rodney W. Moore Frank Deaton Harold Cogdell, Jr. Tyyawdi Monique Twyla E. NC State Senate Vilma Leake Superior Court Judge
Hands Hollingsworth District 2 Tyyawdi Monique Hands

Ed McGuire George Dunlap F. Lane Williamson

District 35 District 3 Becky Thorne Tin

Daniel (Dan) Clodfelter Dumont Clarke

District 4 Donald Cureton, Jr. Hugh Lewis
District 37
Charlie Dannelly Soil & Water Conservation
District 38
Sheriff Jena P. Culler District Supervisor
Malcolm Graham Chipp Bailey John Autry
District 40 Paige B. McThenia
Mel Watt Tricia Cotham Martha Alexander Vilma Leake Donald Cureton, Jr. Hugh Lewis
NC House of
Rodney W. Moore
District 99 Select one per choice Your 2nd or 3rd choices will not count against your 1st choice
First Column mark your 1st Choice in Second Column Mark a different Third Column You may mark a 3rd
Tricia Cotham “Cressie Thigpen is a column 1. Choose the candidate you candidate as your 2nd choice in choice in column 3. This choice should
District 100 well respected and want to win as your 1st choice. column 2. be different from your 1st and 2nd
successful Democrat 1st 2nd 3rd
Beverly Miller Earle
District 101 who was chosen for the
Court of Appeals by our
Daniel (Dan) Beverly Miller Earle Kelly Alexander George Dunlap Jena P. Culler John Autry Becky Carney Cressie Thigpen Anne Middleton Mark E. Klass
Clodfelter Governor from among
District 102
many qualified
Ann Newman candidates. He has the Harry Payne Stanley Hammer
District 103 whole hearted
endorsement of the John Sullivan John Sullivan
Frank Deaton
District 104 Democratic Party of
Mecklenburg County.” Stanley Hammer Harry Payne
Martha Alexander
District 106 Mark E. Klass Anne Middleton
Kelly Alexander
Charlie Dannelly Becky Carney Michael D. Barnes Dumont Clarke Rickye Cressie Thigpen District 107 Your 2nd and 3rd choices are back-up choices. They are only looked at if your 1st choice is eliminated.
Mecklenburg County

DEMOCRATIC ????? Did You Know ????? Mecklenburg County Democratic Party
PARTY 500 E. Morehead Street, Suite 106
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202

Vote Early! Vote Democratic! . . . . . .YOU CAN GET A FREE RIDE TO THE POLLS!
To get a ride to a polling place on election day, call Mecklenburg Voter Coalition . . . .
Early Voting Dates and Times
(704) 804-2434
618 North College Street
. . . . . . . . . . YOU CAN REGISTER TO VOTE WHILE EARLY VOTING!!! . . . . . . . . . . YOU CAN VOTE FROM HOME
October 14 – 15 (Weekdays) 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
October 18 – 29 (Weekdays) 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM You can register to vote or change your address and vote at any early voting You are registered to vote in Mecklenburg County. In a letter send the following . . . .
October 23 (Saturday) 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM location. • Your name
October 24 (Sunday) 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM • Your Mecklenburg County address
To register during early voting you need to provide identification (NC driver’s • The address you want the ballot mailed (if it’s different)
October 30 (Saturday) 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM (Final Day) license, utility bill with name and address, passport or other govenment-issued ID, • You must sign the letter
paycheck stub or W-2, or bank statement).
Additional Locations And Hours of Operation
Mail to: Mecklenburg County Board of Elections
October 18 – 29 (Weekdays) 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM Absentee Department
October 23 (Saturday) 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM P.O. Box 31788
October 24 (Sunday) 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM Charlotte, NC 28231
October 30 (Saturday) 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM (Final Day) Fax to: (704) 319-9722
Fighting Back Bldg. Main Branch Library (Downtown) South County Regional Library Requests cannot be made by email! Request must be received by October 26th. Your
1705 Rosa Parks Place, Charlotte 310 N. Tryon St., Charlotte 5801 Rea Rd., Charlotte voted ballots must be back in the MCBOE office by 5:00 PM November 1st .

Freedom Regional Library Matthews Branch Library Steele Creek Library

Paid for by the Mecklenburg Democratic Party. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.
1230 Alleghany St., Charlotte 230 Matthews Station St., Matthews 13620 Steele Creek Rd., Charlotte

Hayes Building (Ballantyne) Morrison Regional Library Sugar Creek Library

-Joel Ford, Chair, Mecklenburg County Democratic Party
Yours in Service,
1405 N. Community House Rd., Charlotte 7015 Morrison Blvd., Charlotte 4045 N. Tryon St., Charlotte Join me and my fellow Democrats in building a better Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Huntersville Oaks Children Dev Svc.

We have the opportunity. But you have the power: Exercise it and vote. Early voting starts October 14: for sites and hours, please visit
Mountain Island Library University City Regional Library Commission. This team will continue to work together to make our community stronger, better and healthier.
12105 Verhoeff Dr., Huntersville 4420 Hoyt Galvin Way, Charlotte 301 E. W.T. Harris Blvd., Charlotte We have the opportunity here in Mecklenburg County to re-elect Harold Cogdell, Dan Murrey and Jennifer Roberts to our County
office is what we need.
Independence Regional Library North County Regional Library West Boulevard Library lawyer and city councilman. His commitment to closing the revolving door on repeat offenders and advocating for proper funding of the DA’s
6000 Conference Dr., Charlotte 16500 Holly Crest Ln., Huntersville 2157 West Blvd., Charlotte We have the opportunity to elect Michael Barnes as the next District Attorney of Mecklenburg County. He has the experience as a
For directions and further election related information visit We have the opportunity to send Jeff Doctor, Larry Kissell and Mel Watt to the U.S. Congress to truly represent and fight for North
difficult problems.

Know Your Rights!

We have the opportunity to elect a U.S. Senator, Elaine Marshall, with the ability to put our state first and the experience to deal with
back on track.
for us to elect again strong Democratic leaders who can put the American Dream
leadership by the Bush administration. It indeed is time for continued support and time
You may vote at any Early Voting location during the On Election Day, the polls are open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. If
Know Your Rights !!!
These challenges are the direct result of eight years of failed Republican
early voting period. Remember: you can also register to you are in line when the polls close, you still have the right to vote. children’s lives will be better than their own. How to Get a Ride to the Polls . . .
vote or change your address when you vote early. families are struggling. For the first time in history, Americans don’t believe that their
An immediate family member can come with you into the voting Our challenges – economic, international and environmental - mean that Early Voting Dates and Times . . .
If you have registered to vote but are not listed when booth opportunities.
you go to vote, ask for a provisional ballot (it’s a ballot If you need special assistance because you cannot read, write are . This election season, we face both unprecedented challenges and amazing Voter Registration Information . .
that will be counted once your voting eligibility is blind or otherwise disabled, just ask the poll official for help.
Dear Friends and Neighbors:
Your Democratic Candidates . . .
confirmed). ~ President Barack Obama
Curb side voting is available if you are unable to enter the polling “Remember we didn’t create this mess - we are only trying to solve it.”
You can only be asked to provide an ID or document place. Voter Guide 2010
listing your current name and address if you are voting
for the first time in Mecklenburg County. You have the right to vote without intimidation. Mecklenburg County DEMOCRATIC PARTY