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(QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CERTIFIED TO MEET 180 9001 CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY We hereby certify that our quality management system is certified to meet ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), and that this product was produced in conformity to the system which assures that the product meets its published specifications. We further certify that this product was tested and calibrated in accordance with the Kyoritsu calibration procedures during the manufacturing process. These calibration procedures are also based on the standard of ISO 9001. It is certified that the standards and devices used for the test and calibration are traceable in accordance with National Standard in Japan. The test results obtained during the manufacturing process for this product is as follows: Quality Assurance Manager Takechkine Shinaishé KYORITSU ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENTS WORKS, LTD. No.5-20,Nakane 2-chome, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 152-0031 Japan Phone: +81-3-3723-0131 Fax: +81-3-3723-0152 URL: (QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ISO 9001 CERTIFIED 10 MEET 180 9001 CERTIFICATE OF CALIBRATION Instruments Details Model Number: 6305 Description: ‘Compact Power Meter Serial Number: 08228310 Date of Manufacture: 19, Jul, 2016 Reference Test Condition ‘Ambient Temperature: 23C+/-5C Relative Humidity: 45-75% ‘AC Power Source: Sine wave (istortion is 1% or less) DC Power Source: Smoothing ripple factor is 1% or less ‘Traceability Information KEW 6305 Testing System containing Fluke S500A Calibrator Processor No. GS-107 Accuracy 0.005%- Function Range Mode Applied Permissible Measured Pass! Value Range Result Fail 1 .VoRSPAW.150 V.61250T500 ASOH20° (Diiring 150VoH. 1600V 1494-1508 1601 pass 2.VoRSPAW.180 V.81250T.500 ASOHZ0" (Diving 150VoI. 100 1494-1808, 1501 V pass S.VoR.SPAW.150 V.81250T.500 A5OH20" cing 50VoI. 1600V 1494-1508 1501 V pass 4 Ampere 3PA4W/150 V.8125CT.500 AS0H2O°