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Franz West
Centre Georges Pompidou 2018 ISBN 9782844268242 Acqn 28914
Pb 20x29cm 224pp col ills £39.50
Text in French

With the exhibition dedicated to the work of Franz West, by the Centre Pompidou, Les Editions du
Centre Pompidou have published a new exhibition catalogue, directed by Christine Macel and
Marc Godfrey. The catalogue is illustrated with pictures of his artwork, alongside with texts from
Christine Macel, Mark Godfrey (museum curator of the Tate museum), Martin Prinzhorn, but also
unseen testimonies, based on the interviews of his friends, artists, museum curators, etc.

Le Cubisme
Centre Georges Pompidou 2018 ISBN 9782844268266 Acqn 28915
Hb 25x30cm 320pp 300ills 200col £49.50

Between 1907 and 1914, Braque and Picasso started a profound conceptual transformation in
their painting and sculpture: Cubism. Breaking with the other form of representation, Cubist works
have a new visual and tactile language. Collaborative and experimental, many famous artists we
part of this art movement: Braque, Picasso, Fernand Leger, Juan Gris, le sculpteur Henri
Laurens, Jean Metzinger, Albert Gleize, but also the Duchamp brothers, Robert and Sonia
Delaunay, andApollinaire. This catalogue offers the keys to understanding this art movement as
an artistic manifestation, in connection with the social, political and economic context.

Le Cubisme - The Exhibition ALBUM

Centre Georges Pompidou 2018 ISBN 9782844268273 Acqn 28916
Pb 27x27cm 60pp 60col ills £9.50

The exhibition album retraces in images the exhibition. The book showcases a selection of major
works presented through short texts.

Sonia Delaunay - Une Vie en Couleur

Centre Georges Pompidou 2018 ISBN 9782844268112 Acqn 28155
Hb 26x30cm 40pp 18col ills £16.75

A beautiful and poetic book inspired by Sonia Delaunay's world. An artist takes her young son on
a fanciful journey to help him understand the many ways of experiencing colour. In her
multicoloured car they enter a landscape made of the hues and shapes of her artworks. Charles's
mother is Sonia Delaunay, who in the early 1910s, together with her husband, Robert, proposed
the bold idea that instead of depicting people, places, and things as they appeared in real life,
they would reflect the modern world by capturing its colours, shapes, sounds, and movements.
This book, which incorporates four vivid, full-colour plates of Sonia's work from the collections of
The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the Centre Pompidou, Paris, brings her most
fundamental ideas about art and life into focus for young readers.