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University Name 1-Technische Universität München

City München
Program Master in Management (MSc)

Course language(s) Courses are held 100% in English

Admission semester Winter semester only

Beginning Winter semester - October

Programme duration Four semesters (two years)

Application deadline 31 May for the following winter semester

No tuition fee
Tuition fees

Enrolment fees 118 EUR per/sem includes transport Public

Language requirements Only a minimum score of 6.5
Academic requirements 1) To qualify for the Master in Management, applicants must
hold a Bachelor's degree (requiring at least six semesters of
study) or equivalent in engineering (mechanical engineering,
electrical engineering, civil engineering and surveying,
architecture, or equivalent), or natural sciences (natural
sciences, computer science, mathematics, nutritional science,
sports science, or equivalent).

2) Additionally, applicants must submit evidence of proficiency

in English during the application period. Language skills in
German are not mandatory for admission, but basic language
skills are to be acquired during the first year of the programme.
2-FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

Master of Science in International Business Studies

50 % of the prog is in english but you can choose subjects in english

Winter semester only

Winter semester - October

Four semesters (two years)

EU/non-EU applicants: 31 May for the following winter semester

No tuition fee

42 eu per/sem + 71 eu for unlimited public transport week days 7pm to 6am

IELTS test with minimum score of 6.5 (each section minimum 5.5)
The programme is designed for outstanding and motivated students who
have successfully completed a Bachelor's degree in international business,
business administration, management or a related subject. If students
have completed a Bachelor's degree in another field, they must provide
proof of sufficient knowledge of management and international business.
Preference will be given to candidates who have relevant academic or
practical experience and whose applications show evidence of interest in
a career in the field of international business.
3-Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences

Master of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics (BIA)

All courses are held in English.

Winter semester only

Winter semester - October

Three semesters (one and a half years)

1 May to 31 August for the following winter semester

No tuition fee

71.50 EUR per semester

Successfully completed Bachelor's degree (equivalent to 210 ECTS credits)
Minimum average grade of Bachelor's degree: good (equivalent to 2.3 or better
on German scale)
Provable IT management and computer science skills obtained during
undergraduate studies equivalent to at least 30 ECTS credits
4-Kiel University

Master of Science in Quantitative Finance

Summer and winter semester
Beginning of October (winter semester, strongly
recommended due to programme structure)
Beginning of April (summer semester)

15 July for the winter semester

15 January for the summer semester
Four semestersformalities for foreign applicants
(two years)
normally require at least three more months,
e.g. visa application, application for scholarships
from the DAAD or elsewhere, etc.)
No tuition fee

55 EUR is charged for the first enrolment and

120 euro for transport
IELTS (at least 6.5)
Applicants are expected to hold a Bachelor's
degree or a comparable university degree
(minimum grade 2.5) with a regular duration of
university education of three years or more, and
180 ECTS credit points or more.
At least 35 of 180 total credit points in the
Bachelor's degree must have been attained in
courses on principles of economics (i.e., courses
on microeconomic theory and courses on
macroeconomic theory) with no overlapping in
substance, and in courses on quantitative
methods with no overlapping in substance.
At least 20 of 180 total credit points in the
Bachelor's degree must be composed of credit
points in courses on quantitative methods, i.e.,
courses on analysis, algebra, statistics and
Applicants with a minimum overall grade of 3.0
may also be eligible to participate in the
Master's programme in Quantitative Finance if
the weighted average grade (weighted with the
credit points) in courses on quantitative
methods is at least 2.5.
The programme also welcomes applications
from students in fields such as mathematics,
physics or computer science who have a proven
interest in financial topics.
5-Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences

M.A Financial Services management

WS & SS Both

September-winter, March-Summer

Three semesters (one and a half years)

31 May for WS, 1 Dec for SS

No tuition fee

Current enrolment fees are 93 EUR per semester plus 8 EUR for the student card. This fee
includes the student union membership (discounts on meals, etc.).
A prerequisite for admission to the Master's course of study is proof of a degree in an
economics/business/management/finance course of study (210 ECTS) at a university of
applied sciences and arts, a university or a similar institution of higher education. The
course of study must include at least six theory semesters.
Professional competence must be verified by relevant professional knowledge and
competences, normally by a degree.
Personal suitability requires a distinctive interest in the selected course of study and is
recognised by the admission commission via a positive vote. The admission commission
can base its decision on a selective conversation and may integrate the professional
suitability when making its decision.
The examination board may conditionally admit a student who holds less than 210 ECTS,
but who can provide proof of at least 180 ECTS, to the course of study. These conditions
can be met by recognition of additional Bachelor's modules, additional study-abroad
modules, work experience after completion of the Bachelor's degree (German or English
language certificate needed) or successful completion of additional modules at HS
Kaiserslautern - University of Applied Sciences. The examination board informs the
admitted student in writing about the conditions before the beginning of the Master's
study programme. The conditions can be fulfilled in advance or during the study of the
Master's modules. The conditions have to be fulfilled at the latest by the time the student
wishes to register for the Master's degree.
An applicant who has acquired an equivalent professional degree in another course of
study may also apply for the Master's course of study. In this case the conditions for
fulfilment of the prerequisites can be determined in accordance with paragraph 2. The
examination board is responsible for determining the equivalence.
6-Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

Master of International Business and Finance

All courses are held in English.

Winter semester only

Winter semester - 1 October

Three semesters (one and a half years)

15 June for the following winter semester

No tuition fee

100.95 EUR (per semester)

IELTS at least 7.0
Applicants must have completed at least a Bachelor's degree in Business
Management, Economics, International Management, International Business
Studies, Political Economics, Business Law, or Law with additional economics
studies, Business Mathematics, Economic Education, or the equivalent with a
focus on business or/and finance. Interested students from "Universities of
Cooperative Education" (Berufsakademie, Baden-Württemberg, Germany) are
also welcome to apply.

Master of international Business and economics

winter semester only


four semesters- 2 years


1500 euro per semester

160 euros per semester

High School Diploma
Subject-Specific High School Diploma
Foreign University Entrance Qualification
Other University Entrance Qualification validated as equivalent , the
following will be accepted:

Bachelor's Degree in Business and/or Economics with a duration of

three years minimum and at least 20 ECTS in Business and 20 ECTS
in Economics
Degree in Business and Economics from a German university, e.g.
German university Diploma with a duration of three years
minimum and at least 20 ECTS in Business and 20 ECTS in
Degree program at a foreign university with a minimum three-year
Bachelor's Degree in Business and / or Economics and at least 20
ECTS in Business and 20 ECTS in Economics
8-Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences

Msc Economics and finance

WS & SS Both

WS-September, SS-March

3 Semesters, 1.5 years

15 july for winter, 15 Jan for summer

No tuition fee

280 EUR
6.5 in IELTS
1) To qualify for the Master in economics and finance, applicants must hold a Bachelor's degree (requiring at least six semester
or equivalent in engineering (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering and surveying, architecture, or e
or natural sciences (natural sciences, computer science, mathematics, nutritional science, sports science, or equivalent).
2) Apply online via Uni-assist.
9-University of Applied Sciences, Technology, Business and
Design Wismar

M.A International Management

Summer, winter

Winter semester - September, Summer- March

1.5 years

15 july for winter, 15 jan for summer

No tuition fee

90 euros
6 in IELTS
The entry requirements are as follows:
Students must have graduated with a Bachelor's degree from a recognised
university. They must have obtained an equivalent of at least 180 ECTS points. The
standard of "pass" is also important, and must be equivalent to at least "good" in
the German system. The exact standard can be explained in the application.
Commerce, engineering, and technology graduates are especially welcome to
apply, as are applicants with interdisciplinary qualifications in fields such as
architecture. However, other applicants will be considered on their merits.
10-HTW, Berlin

M.A International business



1.5 years

No tuition fee

300 EUR
Min 6 in IELTS
The International Business Master's programme follows consecutively from the International Business
Bachelor's programme.
Successful applicants for the Master's programme must:
a) have successfully completed a first academic degree programme with 210 credits as a rule and
b) have completed either an International Business Bachelor's degree or a Master's, Bachelor's or German
"Diplom" degree in a related subject whose content is comparable with completion of three of the four
following modules from the International Business Bachelor's programme:
Corporate/Business Finance
Financial Accounting
Business Mathematics/Statistics
Proof that three of the four required modules have been studied by the applicant during his/her first
degree must be provided along with proof of proficiency in English (see also Language Requirements).
11-Heilbronn University

M.A International business and cultural management



1.5 years


1500 EUR

142 EUR
6 in IELTS
An excellent or good first degree in Business Studies or in a business- related discipline (210 ECTS* credits and a German avera
better or an equivalent international qualification). At least 50% of the Bachelor courses need to be related to business (Manag
Finance, Controlling, Marketing).

Applicants holding a degree with only 180 ECTS have the opportunity to obtain the missing 30 ECTS during the Master Program
additional subjects offered by the Faculty of International Business.
12-TU Bergakademie Freiberg


winter semester

Oct to Feb

2 Years

30th of April
There are no tuition fees for the programme for students who are participating in their first Master's programme.For

90 EUR
6.5 In IELTS/ English proficiency letter
Bachelor's degree or a similar three-year or four-year degree in the fields of business studies, economics, or comparable studie
3.0 (65%)
Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) with a minimum of 570 points
OR Graduate Record Examinations (new GRE) with a minimum of 305 points.
Please note that these are essential requirements.
Job experience: as a general rule, one year of job experience is required at a minimum.
13-Nürtingen-Geislingen University

Msc. International Finance

summer and winter

winter- Oct

1.5 years


1500 EUR/Semester

6.5 overall Ielts
Proof of a degree from a German institute of higher education or vocational
college or a comparable degree from a foreign institute of higher education.
Above-average examination results must have been obtained during the first
degree course (an average grade of at least 2.5 on the German scale or
equivalent). In the case of law degrees, a minimum of 6.5 points must have been
The criteria of above-average examination results may also be met through
relevant professional experience.
Two years of working experience

Msc. Consumer affairs



2 years

01.01. - 31.05

129 EUR

129 EUR
Bachelors degree in business or economics
15-Coburg University of
Applied Sciences and Arts
Universität Jena

Coburg Jena
MBA-Finance Msc Ecnomics

English English
winter semester only winter semester only

winter- Oct winter- Oct

2 years 2 years

1-Jul july

1950 EUR/SEM No

95 EUR/SEM 90
TOEFL 79 OR Equivalent 6 ielts
Min two years work experience with University degree with
Bachelors degree of Business a duration of at least
Administration 3 years or Bachelor's
degree with at least
180 ECTS and a
duration of at least 3
years.The final grade
should be 2,5 or
18-University of
17-University of Tübingen

Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg Siegen

International Financeand Economics Economics Policy

English English
winter semester only winter semester only

winter- Oct winter- Oct

2 years 2 year

May 15-Jul


6 Ielts 5.5 Ielts
admission to the M.Sc. in Economics and Finance To apply for the
program requires a Bachelor’s degree in MEPS program you
economics, business studies or a related field with need to have an
excellent grades. Applicants are expected to have appropriate
sound intermediate level knowledge of economics, bachelor‘s degree
finance and statistics/econometrics.The entire with at least six
program is taught in English. Applicants should semesters regular
therefore be fluent in English. Knowledge of period of study.  An
German is not required to complete the program. explicit academic
However, German classes are available.Admission background in
is subject to a competitive selection procedure that economics is an
includes individual interviews with faculty members. advantage but not
Shortlisted candidates from abroad will be necessarily
interviewed in a video conference. required. Should you
have no explict or
only a weak
background we
would like to ask
you to especially
document that your
(mathematical and
background is
sufficient to enable
you to meet the
formal requirements
of our quantitatively
oriented master‘s