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Ref : Quotation for the cost of Marble,Tiles,and Granite works with Mirror Polishing completed


a) Floor (plain) @ Rs 60.00 per Sft

b) Floor (Kitchen,Bathroom,and diagonal shape-minimum size 3’x 3’ @ Rs 80.00 per Sft

c) Dado,Counter,Stairs-steps, Landing etc (plain)

Stairs-steps, Landing etc (plain) @ Rs 120.00 per Sft

d) Skirting,Sill,Margin,Border,Raiser and all patty (plain @ Rs55.00 per Rft

e) Edge Tapering and Half Moulding @ Rs 30.00 per Rft

f) Edge Round Moulding and Polishing (single) @ Rs 50.00 per Rft

g) Edge Round Polishing (double) @ Rs 120.00 per Rft

h) Groove work @ Rs 115.00 per Rft

I) floor chipping @ Rs 3/ sq ft

j)cement & sand lifting @ Rs 3/ sq ft


a) Floor (plain) @ Rs 20.00 per Sft
b) Dado (plain) @ Rs 25.00 per Sft
c) Door-jam, Window-jam,Sill,Border,Pattyand Copla (plain) @ Rs 35.00 per Rft
d) All ‘V’ Groove Cutting joint @ Rs 30.00 per Rft
e) Grouting filling in Groove Design work @ Rs 07.00 per Sft
f) All hole cutting for pipes and electric points @ Rs 90.00 per hole

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1)Marble and Tiles covering with Plaster of Paris (POP) and its removal and cleaning @ Rs12.00 per Sft,
2)Exclusive design skirting upto 6’’ inch as per design will be decided and cost on lump sum
3)Floor typical artistic design,Decorative Moulding design of Skirting and Cornice,designed
Border,designed Pillar, Basin-Counter( approx Rs 3500/ starting),Bath-Tub,Shower-
Tray,Shelves,Wall Almirah,All Combination of
Marble and Wooden inlay work,Designed Mehrab,Arches,and Mandir etc to be approved as per
design before commencement of work.
4)Payment on Account as per progress of work per fortnight as stated:
70% after laying
20% after first cutting and polishing
5% after second third cutting and polishing
5% after completion of work.