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H12-221 Huawei Certified Network Professional-R&S-Implementing Enterprise

Routing Network Examination

1. (alphabetic)A company reserves the network segment for some remote
small-scale sites and each site has 5 IP devices to connect to this network segment. Which
of the following VLSM masks can be used to provide minimum number of hosts to meet
such a requirement? ( )
A. /27
B. /28
C. /29
D. /30

2. (multiple alphabetic)Which of the following IP addresses are network addresses? ( )


3. (true_false)A broadcast and an NBMA network, each having two or more routers, must
both have a DR and a BDR.
True False

4. (true_false)TRUE/FALSE: The ABR in a Totally Stubby area will not advertise Type-3,
Type-4, and Type-5 LSAs to the Totally Stubby area. Instead, the ABR will advertise a
default route to the Totally Stubby area to guide forwarding of packets destined for other
True False

5. (true_false)Type 2-external routes always take precedence over Type 1-external routes.
True False

6. (true_false)A failure in establishing a BGP peer relationship can be addressed by

checking the TCP connectivity and BGP peer configurations.
True False

7. (multiple alphabetic)Which parameters are optional for configuring a BGP peer? ( )

A. IP address
B. Description
C. Password
D. AS-number

8. (alphabetic)If a router receives two BGP routes (M and N) that contain the following
attributes, which route is the optimal route based on BGP route selection rules? ( )
Network NextHop MED LocPrf PrefVal Path/Ogn
M 30 0 100 i
N 20 0 100 200i
A. The optimal route is route M because its AS_Path is shorter than that of route N.
B. The optimal route is route N because its MED value is smaller than that of route M.
C. The optimal route is determined randomly.
9. (alphabetic)Which of the following character strings matches the regular expression
^100$? ( )
A. 3100
B. 100
C. 1008
D. 100 200

10. (alphabetic)Which of the following problems can be solved by IGMP Snooping? ( )

A. Receiver hosts support only IGMPv2 but the SSM model is used on the network.
B. A large number of receiver hosts exist on the network and a router receives large
quantities of IGMP Report messages.
C. Multicast data packets are broadcast on Layer 2 devices.
D. Validity of IGMP Report messages.

Correct Answer :1. C 2.BD 3. F 4.T 5.F 6.T 7.BC 8.A 9.B 10.C