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MBiaaiiteat" Congress of the United States oo og Bouse of Representatibes em SoumToReMASTRONE ‘Washington, DE 20515-3311 October 29, 2018 ‘The Honorable Rosemary M. Collyer Presiding Judge Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court 333 Constitution Avenue NW ‘Washington, DC 20001 Dear Ms. Collyer: ‘As the Presicing Judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, you are tasked with ensuring the American people remain confident in the integrity ofthe FISA process, especially as it relates tothe surveillance of American citizens. Particulay, this often means holding the government tothe highest evidentiary and factual standards in your consideration of information presented before the court, Unfortunately, over the course of our congressional task force's review into certain investigative and prosecutorial decisions made by the FBI and broader Department of Justice surrounding the 2016 clection, concems have mounted related tothe veracity of information presented before the FISC. Considering the threat t an individuals privacy and civil liberty presented by FISA. surveillance, the Fourth Amendment requires warrants be based on probable cause thatthe surveillance target isa foreign power or an agent ofa foreign power. Based on our investigation and open source infermation, the FISC may have not lived up to the consitution’s protections against unreasonable searches and seizures in approving US citizens targeted for FISA surveillance without probable cause. For example, please consider the following information Which raises concerrs the FISA process may have been abused by the FBI in the context of ‘Trump associates: ‘Open source infermation indicates the “dossier” compiled by Christopher Steele was included inthe initial FISA application for Carter Page filed in October 2016," Months after this information was presented to the FISC, former FBI Director James Comey testified i hhad not been fully vetted and was considered “salacious and unverfied."* Making matters worse, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew MeCabe testified before the House Intelligence * See Foreign Ineligence Surveillance Act Abust the Deparment of Justice andthe Federal Burea of Lovesgaton, House Peemanea Select Commitee ot neligence Uasuary 182018) avedble at ‘ips tligene hose govinlededfies memo and white house lee i, ned Stats Sense Select Commie on Intelligence, Hearing wth former FBI Dtector James B. Comey, one 8.2017, 115° Congress (atenen’ of James B. Corey, forme FBI Deco) Congress nf the Hnited States ‘Washington, BC 20515 Committee that no surveillance warrant would have been sought from the FISC without the Steele dossier: ‘+ Considering Christopher Stecle's dossier was a collection of reporting from unnamed sources in Russia the way in which this hearsay evidence was presented as fact raises consems the information contained in the Carter Page FISA applications and renewals did not meet the FISC’s factual and legal grounds for authorizing electronic surveillance + Materials reviewed by our task forve strongly suggest the FEI intentionally misrepresented information related © the dossiers politcal origins. Specifically, the ambiguous way in ‘which the FBI presented the fact Fusion GPS was paid by Perkins Coie while they were retained by the DNC and Clinton campaign raises concems.* Despite having specific identifying information for the parties involved, the FBI appears to have intentionally ‘presented ths in ambiguous terms to mitigate its political nature, «Similarly, open source information indicates former Associate Deputy Attomey General Bruce Oh noted ChistopherStele's bias, bordering on animus, for then-candida Trump. Specifically, Stele said he "was deyerate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about ie not being president" According to the House Intligence Commitee, this evidence of Stele’s political bts was not reflected in any ofthe Carter Page FISA applications" ‘© Documents and communications reviewed by our task force raise concems FBI officials Lisa Page and Peter Strzck considered a more expansive set of Trump associates for FISA coverage. For example, in one email Strzok tells Page “we need ALL of their names to serub and should give then ours forthe same purposes”” and that they “need{ed} to exckange our centre lists, as we each have potentially derogatory ci info the other doesn't" ‘+ Documents and communications reviewed by our taskforce raise concems the FBI's