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Vconvening of implementation committee.

The faculty committee that was announced by dean smith to

revisit or rfevise the policy as needed.

You likely know about the faculty committee’s interim report and final report and the three

And you know at the last faculty meeting in nmovember former dean of the college, harris lewis’ motion
was voted down.

On nov. 8, at last November faculty meeting, and this is in the time line. The faculty voted down lewis’
motion that essentially said the college shall not sanctrion any lawful organization.

So following that foting down of lewis motion. And tonight’s faculty meeting of dec. today at 4 p.m. this
is the last faculty meeting of this year. And so here is what I can shar with you under embargo until right
around 430 or 500..

We are lifting the embargo when drew sends the message to the community.on or around the 430 ish…
trust me I will be hitting…

As part of this…

Going to give you on the record president faust’s statement. Logistics first.

Today’s announcement will be made at aust on behalf of herself and bill lee to faculty in room.

At same time as she reads statement will email fsa community so everybody learns about the decision.
So nobody feels like they learned about it before anybody else.

As you have bee following it that USDO, including sororities and fraternities, run counter to harvard’s
long-standingt nondiscrimination policie.s

We hae said before, this impact has been observed and described by colle eand university commitees..

In may 2016, saying begging in class of 2021, people can’t hold leadership positions on athletic teams or
get letters of recommendation or be leaders of..

No Rhodes

Over two years, robust discussion about hwo the university is going to address… it is inclusive of the may
2016 policy.

The faculty committee gave three proposals. To president faust for consideration. The corporation
today, of which president faust is a member has voted to adopt one of the three options presented by
that vommittee.

Namely that the vollege’s may 2016 will remain in place.

The three principle that guided the coproration’s deicison. The fundamental need to… the second is at
least as an initial step, the college should allow students choice and agency… and the third ist aht we
should not become a greek school. Organizations exist…

And here’s what’s interesting to note here.

I think that in ratifying the policy, the corporation .. wants to eliminate the allegation of social
opportunities based on gender.

Other concnerns identified by the.. faculty included other forms of exclusionary practices. Soci-
economic. Might not be addressed by this policy,.

Sio where wehere we are. With regrd to second principle. Fundmanetal appreciation for the seriousness
of the cocerns. By ratifying decision. Proceeding…

That 2016 policy will continue to be a catalyst for change.

We’ve really been encouraged by number of organizations, including Harvard chapter of kappa sigma
that have already become gender inclusive. Some orgnaizaitons have become gender inclusive. Gender
neutral and gender inclusive are difrerent. Not interchangeable.

Going co-ed is a start, this organizaitons must continue to work with the colleges that their policies are
addressed with .. o

Opening up membetrship…

One of the other things to note here. The corporation in addiiotn fo voting on

The policy will be reviewed in five years… withether revisions are warranted. One additional principle
that I find helpful and this will e accurately reflected today

The resulting report of those reviews will be discussed by faculty.

President has confirmed.. who

Going o ask standing committee on student life to make sure college has ongoing understanding how
colleg elisfe is evolving as part of this polcy ..

And we are also going to encourage the faculty to remain engaged in sisues affrecting quality of
undergraduate life.

The part here we want to emphasize si that this ais a continued discussion of how the policy is working.
And to keep the faculty engaged…

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