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Survey Questionnaire

The researchers are currently conducting a quantitative study entitled “Influence of Online
Apparel Store and Walk-in Apparel Store to the Customers’ Preference in Shopping in Trece
Martires City, General Trias and Dasmarinas, Cavite” about the preference of shoppers
towards the online and walk-in apparel stores. The survey will might take a maximum 15 minutes
of time. Please be assured that all the information and responses will be confidential. This paper
will benefit the customers, entrepreneurs, walk-in and online apparel sellers/owners and the
Your help will give a big contribution to the success of the paper.

Name (optional):

I. Factors Affecting the Customers’ Preference

Directions: Put check (✓) on the corresponding factors based on your preference.

Factors Online Walk-in Both

shopping stopping
I like the price in this store because it is affordable and it
is favorable for my budget
I like the quality (color, texture and comfortableness) in
this store because it fits my taste and style
I feel safe to shop in this store despite of the riskiness of
any transactions
In this store, shopping is more convenient and easier
I prefer buying undergarments (bras, panty, lingerie,
brief, boxers & the likes) in this store considering the
privacy, measurements and brand
I like to search for products in different categories in this
store because it has more variation of choices
I feel satisfaction whenever I received the products and
from the services of this store
Whenever I shop in this store, I feel that every transaction
is real and genuine without the possibility of fraud
I like the feeling of personally checking each products
with my own eyes and hands before buying
The products in this store are so comfortable in terms of
color, texture and style
II. Distribution of Apparel Shoppers
6. What is the total number of hours per
Directions: Please encircle your answer in day that you spend on a computer or
the choices. phone?
a. 0
1. What is your family’s net income b. 1
monthly? c. 2-3
a. Less than 10,000 d. 4-6
b. 10,000-30,000 e. 7-10
c. 30,000-50,000 f. More than 10
d. 50,000-70,000 7. What days are you always available?
e. 70,000-90,000 (You can have multiple answers)
f. More than 90,000 a. Monday
b. Tuesday
2. What is your civil status? c. Wednesday
a. Single d. Thursday
b. Married e. Friday
c. Widowed f. Saturday
d. Divorced e. Friday
3. Are you in school? 8. Do you happen to shop in online
a. Yes apparel store?
b. No a. Yes
4. If yes, what grade are you in? b. No
________ 9. How often/frequently do you shop
5. If you are in college, what year? online?
a. Freshman a. Not frequent
b. Sophomore b. Moderate
c. Junior c. Frequent
d. Senior

III. Impact of Online Shopping Stores to the Performance of Walk-In Stores


IV. Walk-in Apparel Stores’ Solution to the Growing Industry of Online Shopping

V. Advantages and Disadvantages of Shopping in Online and Walk-in Apparel

Directions: Put a check (✓) on both categories if it is an advantage and cross (❌) if it is a
disadvantage based on your understanding and experienced of shopping online or offline.

Online Shopping:
 Delivery Delay  Convenient
 Have discounts  No pressure
 Online tracking of the product and  Wide variety of products
shipping  Outdated information and catalogues
 There are frauds  Refund and return issues
 Able to compare the products  Discreet Shopping
 No waiting in long queue  24/7 Availability
 Tangible/personally checking the  Diminish Instant Satisfaction
items  No Immediate Assistance
 Others (Please Specify):

Walk-In Shopping:
 Products are reach instantly  Social Experience
 Checking the quality personally  No waiting period of delivery
 Need a lot of effort  Better quality of products
 Difficulty in finding the preferred  Customer Loyalty
product  Less variety of products and choices
 Costly  Others (Please Specify):
 Less discount ______________________________
 Face to face interaction