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Ref. No.AVS//HR/appoint/0006 Date: 09.10.



Offer Letter

Dear Mr. Anand,

This has reference to the interview you had with us. We are pleased to know that you will like to
be a member of AVS in So-Tech. We are pleased to Appoint you as position Trainee SQL
Developer .

You are requested to report and join on work on or before 10.10.2018. Your working hrs is
9.30AM to 7.00.PM.

Terms & conditions: Terms and Conditions of Employment:

1. Your Monthly Stipend Rs.7000 all inclusive after three month will take review if your
performance up to mark then will consider for increment between 1000 to 3000
2. Before joining need to submit original education document
3. Training will be given with on-site live environment.

4. Training period two week will not pay stipend.

5. Reporting: Report to Senior and submits report every end of day hardcopy or soft copy

without fail otherwise absent will mark.

6. Your Performance not up to mark management will discontinue your services without

7. Company’s salary cycle is from 16th of every month to 15th of next month, and this will

pay you by 10th or before 10th of every month.

8. One year bond with company If you left before completion of contract you will be pay

Training Cost Rs.25000 refund to company.

9. Your training period shall commence from the date of joining which shall not be latter

10. You will be governed by service rules and regulations of the Company in force and as
may be amended from time to time.

11. Notice Period 60 days .

12. You will not be eligible for any other allowance and or benefits except as stated herein
during your training period.

13. You shall not engage yourself in any work other than the training for which you are
appointed by the company even while on or off duty without prior written permission of
the Company.

14. You will be liable to transfer from one department to other, one company to another or
from one branch to another in India either existing or coming into existence in future at
the discretion of the management and shall abide by all transfer orders. Normally on such
transfers, there will be no change in stipend and other terms and conditions.

15. If you remain away from the training for a continuous period of SEVEN or more days
without prior permission of the management it shall be at the discretion of the
management whether to allow you to continue for further training in the company or not.
In case if you remain absent for more than SEVEN Consecutive days you shall be treated
as having left the training on your own accord.

16. You shall not disclose, part with possession or remove or thereafter at any time, to any
person or persons (except to those authorized by the Company) or use for your own
purpose or for any purpose other than those for the company, any private, confidential or
secret information, know-how, source code, design , project documents, plans or any
other data belongs to the company, which you may have obtained or come across by the
virtue of your employment with the company or whether the company is bound by an
obligation of confidentially or secrecy or not, to a third party or otherwise howsoever.

17. After completion of the training period the Company is not bound to engage you in the
Employment of the Company on the completion of the period of training or extended
18. Period of training as the case may be, this agreement will come to an end and no notice or
otherwise intimation will be given unless you are selected for regular employment.

19. The training letter of appointment shall not be constructed or deemed that you are an
Employee of the Company for all purpose.

I here, by accept above all the terms & conditions