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“Make of the world one family”

Xaverian Mission
Volume 66 - No. 4| November 2018 Newsletter•

Young People, The Faith and Vocational

World Mission Sunday......................................2
Challenges of Young People Today..............3
Objectivism and the Common Good ..............5
The Synod on Youth .......................................6-7
Consecrated for the Mission.........................9
World & US Province News......................10-11

Emilie Callan, a synod delegate from Toronto, second from right, attends a session of the Synod of Bishops at the Vatican.
Catholic News Service
Seeds of Love

Seeds of Love
Message from the US Provincial Superior
Xaverian Dear Mission Friends
Missionaries One morning, many vagrants and other poor people were in
Provincial Headquarters line to get some coffee and donuts from the kitchen door
12 Helene Court at St. Malachi’s rectory, including two hungry little boys.
Wayne, NJ 07470-2813
Tel.: (973) 942-2975 One of them was very nervous, however. When it was their
Fax: (973) 942-5012 turn to ask something from the missionary, he said, “Maybe
Email: I can’t have anything, Father, because I’m not Catholic.”
org The priest smiled and said, “Well, young man, that is not a
problem, because our donuts are not Catholic either.” And since
Xavier Knoll Mission Center
4500 Xavier Drive
they were too young for coffee, he got some milk for them and told them that
Franklin, WI 53132-9066 whenever they were hungry, they would always be welcome at St. Malachi’s.
Tel.: (414) 421-0831
Fax: (414) 421-9108
More than a decade later, one evening Sr. Donna was on duty at the rectory
Email: when the doorbell rang. When she answered, there stood a young man with many trays filled with all kinds of food. He told Sister that when
Global Youth Mission Services (the
he was a little boy, he came to the rectory for food; that he would come
GYMs) often because his family was so poor and there was often no food for
Fatima Shrine breakfast. He also told Sister he always intended to pay back the hospitality
101 Summer Street of St. Malachi’s, and now he was finally able to do it for he had a good job.
Holliston, MA 01746-2207
Tel.: (508) 429-2144
~Fr. Robert Kus
Fax: (508) 429-4793 The seeds of love that the missionary had planted in the heart of the little boy fell on
Email: fertile soil, now blooming through the young man’s generosity toward the poor of the area.
Xaverian Mission Newsletter I love this story because it reminds me of something a professor once said, “When you are just
Official publication of the starting out in life, and someone helps you along the way, the way to pay them back is to help
Xaverian Missionaries someone else on life’s journey in the future.”Today, whenever you and I help someone on their
of the United States
life journey, I believe it’s just part of “paying back” the generosity someone else has showed us.
Publisher: Fr. Mark Marangone SX
So, let’s not be afraid of planting good seeds all around us with generosity and joy…
Communications Board:
the seeds of faith, hope, and love planted in our hearts especially on the day of our
Fr. Carl Chudy SX
Fr. Alejandro Rodriguez Gómez baptism. Let us reach out to everyone we meet with a kind word, a friendly smile, an
SX act of love, a nod of understanding, a silent prayer for them, a gesture of reconciliation,
Fr. Tony Lalli SX ready to start anew… With God’s grace, many more folks, especially the young in our
Fr. Rocco Puopolo SX
midst, will experience the “touch” of God’s compassionate love and feel encouraged
Fr. Aniello Salicone SX
to do the same and work at “making of humanity one family” for the glory of God.
Mary Aktay I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving. With deep gratitude we thank you
Printing all for your extraordinary generosity. Our Missions have benefited very much, most of all the
AlphaGraphics, Totowa, NJ needy families and communities we serve as well as many young vocations. May the Lord reward
Email & Web: you many times over with choicest blessings and extra graces for you and the ones you love.
We wish you also our very best, a little bit in advance, for a Merry & Grace-filled Christmas
and a Happy New Year 2019!,
Donation: $5.00 per year
Fr. Mark Marangone SX and the Xaverian Missionaries

Help the Xaverian Missionaries plant seeds of love everywhere! In
yo cre
ave f . . I f y u r im a s e
Le cy o e St n o ur pac
g a t h i g Contact: Fr. Mark Marangone, SX h
e e
a l clud For nc.
e Gif as a “ emplo t!
In vie ty, I 12 Helene Court t” M y
e! a & con Prog atchi er
lov cis X Socie Will Wayne, NJ 07470 t r i b ra m n g
a n n
Fr issio r La ent s t . be utio , you
Tel: 973-942-2975 d ou n c
a r
M you tam ble n
in Tes Or visit: for online donations
d .

2 Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2018
Xaverian Missionaries in the World

Challenges of Young is a part, is evident in its success in making this world a
global village where communication is done easily and
quickly. This has helped greatly in complementing the
People today efforts of youth as limitless knowledge is made available
at just a click/tap of a device. However, its core risk to
Grace Bella Kamara is a final year Law Student of the youth is that it exposes them to several negatives which
University of Makeni (Unimak). She is passionate about can water down their moral standards. Addiction to social
African Development and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In media sites becomes a time waster. Goals are not accom-
this interview with Fr. Louis Bira, SX, in view of the plished. Misinformation can lead to chaos and connecting
October Synod, she gives her opinion about the current to negative pressure groups.
situation of the youth and describes her experience as a LB: You are a student in UNIMAK, a Catholic university.
female student of the Unimak. Does the university help you to discern about your future
Fr. Louis Bira SX (LB): Catholic Bishops met in Rome with life? Do you see any difference between Unimak and other
Pope Francis for the Synod on “Young people, the Faith universities in the country?
and Vocational Discernment.” According to you, what are GBK: Unimak is an institution that is setting a unique mark
the main challenges of the young people today? in Sierra Leone. It encourages academic excellence, mor-
Grace Bella Kamara (GBK): The present situation of the als and ethics. Corruption, cultism and other mishaps are
youth projects the past and determines the future of that firmly discouraged. There is an atmosphere of love where
society. They are most capable to render 95% of service professors spend extra time to counsel students on career
in all sectors in a society. But yet, in our society, stan- path. They give other parental assistance to ensure that
dards in ensuring the empowerment of youth are not both the minds and hearts of students are determined to
upheld. This leaves youth to battle with several challenges build a civilization of love.
that limit the full maximization of their potential. Drug I am privileged to attend Unimak. It helps me maintain
abuse and addiction leads to violence and mental impair- exceptional standards through healthy competition. It fos-
ments reducing creativity and initiative. Materialism and ters the urge to give back to my country whenever I have
extravagancy are used to get the most recent technology. the opportunity to do so.
Unequal educational opportunities creates large gap
between youth from rich and poor families. Youth partici- LB: Sierra Leone is one of the countries in the world
pation in national issues and empowerment is limited where teenage pregnancy is very high. How can the
leading to same cycle of poverty. Unemployment is a church or churches help the young students to live fairly
major challenge for youth in developing countries. and happily their sexuality?

LB: As other young people, you are a “digital native”- a GBK: The church has a responsibility of guiding the lives
young person who is familiar with the new means of com- of youth and this starts right from childhood. Teaching
munication and social media. What are the advantages children on the importance of living a godly life and the
and the risks of these new means of communication for challenges they will face on attaining puberty and ways to
young people? overcome such challenges like premarital sex and its con-
sequences should not cease.
GBK: The advantages of technology of which social media

Xaverian Mission Newsletter •November 2018 3
Xaverian Missionaries in the World

On the feast of Pentecost I couldn’t hold the emotion
that exploded inside me. That morning, in the sparkling
light of the new Church in the presence of our small
Christian community I conferred the sacraments of
Christian initiation on a 15 year-old girl, Dipika, who had
just successfully concluded Secondary School Certificate
examinations .
Dipika, which in Bengali means “Moonlight” is the third
child in her family. Her older sister, Lipika and her
brother Orun are already Christians. Her Hindu parents
also began the catechumenate this year.
Dipika began to know Jesus when she was young, and for
more than ten years she followed the courses of cate-
chesis, participating on a regular basis to various types
of celebrations.
The fact that her baptism took place on the day of
Pentecost is hidden in the mysteries of God. She took
the Christian name of Martina.
Dipika, after learning the results of examinations, came
to me to tell me that she wanted to become a nun of
Mother Teresa. This came as no surprise to me and in joy
asked her: “Why did you choose the Sisters of Mother
Teresa?” Her reply was, “Because they serve the poor.”
Thereupon I contacted the Sisters of Mother Teresa, and
suggested Dipika spend time with them for a few days.
So she went to Khulna and stayed for a week in Shisu
Bhobon (the Baby House) helping the sisters to care for
abandoned children.
The sisters were happy with her and expressed willing-
ness to welcome her into their community after Dipika
received the sacraments of Christian initiation. So the
spirit of Pentecost has spread in a special way on our
small Christian community resting on Dipika/Marina,
who will be the first flower in our garden to carry the
fragrance of Christ in the midst of other poor people.
The mission goes on! We thank the Lord in calling new
disciples to follow him.

Two Bengali girls; Father Antonio Germano Das, SX with a ~ Father Antonio Germano Das SX
family and with lots and lots of friends.

You can help the Xaverian Missionaries foster new vocations in Bangladesh. Either clip this paper and send it to
the address below or help the environment by donating online at
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Mail to: Fr. Mark Marangone SX, 12 Helene Ct., Wayne, NJ 07470 □Xaverian Knoll, Franklin WI; □Fatima Shrine
Holliston, MA; □Provincial House Wayne, NJ

4 Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2018
Xaverian Missionaries in the USA

The Clash of Objectivism and the Common Good

The clash between the present vision of the government and Catholic social teaching in many areas is cause for concern.
I also see the importance of the Church that is attempting to be a seed of reconciliation.
Ayn Rand, Russian born novelist, philosopher and play- Many of these issues continue to find the Catholic Bish-
wright, immigrated to the United States in 1926. Her ops and the Trump administration at odds. Yet, despite
first novel called The Fountainhead was one of the few the protests of the bishops and religious men and wom-
works of fiction Donald Trump liked, and she has had en, and many Catholic organizations, there has been an
a long and deep influence on US conservatives and lib- overall inability to cut through the noise of “fake news”
ertarians. The impact of Donald Trump, national popu- that has made civil discourse seemingly impossible.
lism, and the national religious right may be under- The bishops are in agreement with the White House con-
stood in a long-time clash of the enduring legacy of cerning the availability of family services that do not include
the philosophy of Ayn Rand, called “objectivism,” and abortion services and religious liberty issues, which many
what we Catholics would name the “common good.” feel have been encroached upon through more recent pro-
Objectivism’s central tenets are that the proper moral gressive policies. But in the end, Catholic leadership rarely
purpose of one’s life is the pursuit of one’s own happiness calls out the onerous effects of Mr. Trump’s policies directly.
(rational self-interest),and that the only social system con- The Contribution to Interfaith and Civil Reconciliation
sistent with this morality is one that displays full respect
for individual rights embodied in laissez-faire capitalism. What we learn in solidarity with the victims of the clash
It is the belief that we exist for our own sake, that the of conflicting forces in American society and globally
pursuit of our own happiness is the highest moral purpose. is a faith-filled response that re-imagines fractured re-
lationships, seeing more than one way we all connect,
In Catholic social teaching, the human person, made in and that reconciliation becomes the higher option. In
God’s image, is both a sacred being and a social being. fact, from a Catholic point of view, a new paradigm for
We can only flourish in community. Rights and duties Christian mission today is the mission of reconciliation.
are carried out in community, which includes the family,
wider society, and the world. The good of everyone is Is it possible to apply the spirituality of reconciliation
intimately connected to the good of the wider society. It to the Christian mission and interfaith commitment in
is the clash of these two world views and values that lie the United States, where presently the more cognizant
in the entrenched dissonances in the halls of power to- we are of our diversity, the more divided we become?
day, not only in Washington, but in Europe and elsewhere. Can this spirituality shape our strategies of intercon-
nectedness and solidarity across civil, cultural and re-
The Concerns of the US Catholic Bishops ligious boundaries? The answer is a resounding yes.
Last year I wrote an article for Missione Oggi, The US Catholic voices have something to offer as we gath-
Catholic Church and the Agenda of President Trump. In it, er with other faith and secular traditions in the proj-
I spoke of the stark contrasts of views in climate change, ect of pluralism. Where diversity is fact, pluralism
immigration, international relations, net neutrality, inter- is achievement. For this diversity to achieve plural-
national mining and many other areas that have helped ism, interfaith leaders engage people in a manner that
fuel an environment of global isolationism, xenophobia, accommodates the deeply held identity differences
renewed anti-Semitism and racism, and too many report- and the inevitable conflicts these differences imply.
ed incidences of hate crimes around Islamophobia. Fear
and paranoia seem to pervade the cultural environment. ~ Fr. Carl Chudy SX

Xaverian Mission Newsletter •November 2018 5
“Those who have come into genuine contact with
Christ, cannot keep him for themselves.”

ope Francis convoked the Synod of Bishops for October 2018 to discuss
the topic “Young people, the faith and vocational discernment.” The
path to the Synod began with reflections contained in the Preparatory
Document, which included questionnaires that aim to explore and get to
know the ambitions, hopes and fears of young people. Almost all the world’s
Bishops’ Conferences were involved in the preparation of the questionnaires:
these are different for each continent and they were sent out together
with the Preparatory Document. The replies formed the basis of the
Instrumentum Laboris the reference point for the Synod Fathers’ discussion.
The Synod is thus a work of evangelization based upon an experience of listening.
It is a methodology that facilitates the active participation of young people,
including the so-called “estranged” and those who belong to different faiths. It
offers to all the opportunity to recognize, in the life experience of every person,
the starting point for a comparison between equals, where the common terrain
is not made up of opinions, but of life’s most profound dynamics. By asking
herself how to accompany young people to recognize and embrace the call to
love and life, the Church wants to ask them to help her perceive and identify
the Lord’s voice which continues to resound among us today. “As in the days
of Samuel and Jeremiah, young people know how to discern the signs of our
times, indicated by the Spirit. Listening to their aspirations, the Church can
glimpse the world which lies ahead and the paths the Church is called to follow,”
(Preparatory Document, Introduction). From this Synod, therefore, we are not
to expect just a “pastoral reflection,” but concrete paths that will allow us to
encounter, accompany and take care of every young person, no one excluded.
Perhaps this methodology will also
enlighten and encourage our youth
and vocational pastoral ministry. In
our Circumscriptions we are serving
almost sixty parishes as parish priests.
To these we must add the others
with which we actively collaborate in
various ways. How many opportunities
(and how many difficulties …) to put
young people, the faith and vocational
discernment back at the center! All this
should be close to the heart of those
who – like us – have been generated to
life and faith and, by God’s grace, have
received the gift of vocation. The love
of Christ impels us, it does not hold
us back, nor does it make us fall back.
We hope we can share reflections and
experiences on young people, the
faith and vocational discernment in our
missionary realities, beginning from the
great opportunity offered to us by the
2018 Synod.

Fr. Eugenio Pulcini SX
Consecrated for the Mission

“All I do for the Gospel” (1 Cor 9:23)”

From The Xaverian Charism

he Founder wanted us as a family of consecrated missionaries, in the modality of religious life: “The
apostolic life joined to the profession of religious vows constitutes for itself the most perfect, according to
the Gospel, we can conceive” (LT 2). For him the mission, the work of the Holy Spirit, is such a great reality
that it requires a total donation, to the point of sacrificing everything: the family, the homeland, the dearest and
most legitimate affections. Our missionary consecration expresses this totality of donation.
Today, the Xaverian requires a new radical approach to the challenges of the mission that wants to witness poor
and disarmed, free from his projects and on the path of community research of God’s project and free from the
need to leave a posterity if not the one it derives from the announcement of the Word. Therefore, the rediscovery
of the values and needs of our consecration must be carried out at all levels, as a more profound need for renewal
of the Congregation, by decisively re-appropriating the Xaverian charism by returning to the sources of our
Father and Founder.
Consecration, in Saint Conforti, is born from the contemplation of the crucified Christ and from the love that
manifests and compels: so “we love.” “The experience of this gratuitous love of God is so intimate and strong
that the person feels he must respond with the unconditional dedication of his life, consecrating everything,
present and future, in his hands” (Vita Consecrata 76-78). It is therefore from an experience of love that derives
the origin, the foundation and the horizon of our consecration to God for the mission.
Consecration and mission for us are one. They are the expression of the only radical vow: the consecration to God
of all life for the proclamation of God’s Reign. This profound unity is well expressed by what for us Xaverians
is the first vow, that of mission.

8 Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2018
Xaverian Charism

Xaverian Mission Newsletter •November 2018 9
World Mission News

World Mission News

AFRICA - The Nobel ASIA/INDONESIA “We pray for the volunteers who are trying to save
Peace Prize Tsunami in Sulawesi: the mobilization lives in Sulawesi”, said Yuli Nugrahani, a social
“The symbol of an Africa that refuses of Catholic relief agencies assistant who works for the Justice and Peace
to be overwhelmed by cruelty” Palu (Agenzia Fides) - There is great mobilization Commission in the Diocese of Tanjungkarang and
for humanitarian aid by Catholic communities in the Indonesian Bishops’ Conference. According
Bukavu (Agenzia Fides) - The 16th Nobel Peace to the UN, there are a total of 1.9 million
Prize was awarded to Congolese physician Denis and relief agencies after the tsunami and the
earthquake hit the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, people affected by the disaster in Sulawesi
Mukwege. In a list of 331 candidates he was
chosen for the commitment of being a man of on September 28. The earthquake triggered an VATICAN
Africa against the use of sexual violence as a unexpected tsunami in the city, which has about Young missionaries, witnesses of
weapon in wars and armed conflicts. Mukwege, 380,000 residents. The disaster has already caused Christ giving their lives
a gynecologist, treats victims of sexual violence more than 2000 deaths and has destroyed over Vatican City (Agenzia Fides) –In October,
in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. So 17 thousand buildings. Infrastructure has also traditionally dedicated to missions, and
far he has managed to save over 50 thousand. been severely damaged. Landslides have blocked during the Synod of Bishops dedicated to the
roads and it is difficult to bring relief to survivors. vocational discernment of the young, Fides News
“Mukwege is the symbol of an honest
Africa that refuses to be overwhelmed by There is growing concern also for the Donggala Agency presented the profiles of young people
the cruelty of barbaric acts perpetrated by region, which is closer to the epicenter of the who did not hesitate to “go forth” and put
warlords, whose only vocation is to kill, loot earthquake, and two other districts - with a total their lives in the hands of God to proclaim
and rape,” comments Fr. Donald Zagore, an population of around 1.4 million. “Humanitarian the Gospel in particularly difficult situations:
Ivorian priest of the Society for African Missions. groups are struggling to get people into affected in hospital wards, with abandoned children,
areas,” said Yenni Suryani, Catholic Relief Services reaching a small, remote Catholic communities,
Denis Mukwege said he dedicated the Nobel and youth workers in the middle of a war.
Indonesia manager. “With the airport damaged,
Peace Prize to women “killed in conflict and
getting access to Palu and Donggala is a huge The youth of our times prepare themselves
hit by violence every day”. Mukwege has spent
problem. Responders and local aid groups are spiritually and culturally to face realities different
most of his life helping victims of sexual violence
having to drive overland 10-12 hours. That means to their own.“Let us go forth, then, let us go
in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. At
a bottleneck for relief supplies in coming days. forth to offer everyone the life of Jesus” Pope
Panzi hospital, founded in Bukavu in 2008,
Landslides are hindering road travel in some places. Francis repeats. “If something should rightly
together with his staff, he treated thousands
There is very limited electricity in Palu but power is disturb us and trouble our consciences, it is the
of patients who were victims of assaults. Most
out almost everywhere. Some mobile phone towers fact that so many of our brothers and sisters are
of the abuses were committed in the context
have been repaired allowing limited communication.” living without the strength, light and consolation
of a long civil war that claimed more than
six million Congolese lives. Denis Mukwege is So far, almost 60,000 people have been displaced born of friendship with Jesus Christ, without a
the most important and unifying symbol, both and need emergency aid. Rescue operations continue community of faith to support them, without
nationally and internationally, of the struggle to and the death toll rises. An emergency team from meaning and a goal in life” (Evangelii Gaudium 49).
end sexual violence in war and armed conflict. Caritas Indonesia is also heading to Palu. Father This being ‘rightly disturbed,’ has certainly
Banu Kurnianto, director of Caritas Indonesia states, been felt by the many young people who have
“Survivors struggle to find food and drinking water. “gone forth” to help others, above all, the most
They also need adequate shelter and medical support.” despised, the abandoned and the forgotten,”

10 Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2018
USA Communities News

News from our USA Communities

Provincial House Upcoming Events director for the retreat which is meant for young
Wayne NJ November 7: Clergy Dinner adults, single or married, 18-35 years of age.
Scripture Reflection November 23 - 25: Christmas Fair Mission Banquets
Our Lady of Consolation, Wayne, NJ December 1 - 27: Annual Festival of Lights
Tuesdays: October 2 through November 27, 2018 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m..
Fr. Michael Davitti SX celebrates Mass at 8:00 a.m. December 8: “Peace on Earth” Pasta Dinner &
in the Ministry Center, followed by a Scripture Visit from Santa 5:00 p.m.
Reflection from 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. All are welcome December 9: Christmas Concert 3 p.m.
to attend! Dance the Night Away
Clergy Dinner November 30 and December 28:,. 7 p.m. - 11 p.m.
The Provincial House hosts the annual dinner in $12 per person. Dancing to the Tom Nutile Band.
November to honor clergy members in surrounding Beer/wine cash bar.
Fatima Shrine thanks all those who made the 66th
communities. Interfaith Calendar
annual Mission Banquet a joy-filled success. “The
Parliament of the Go to the Interfaith Page on our website,
Changing Faces of Mission” highlighted the diver-
World’s Religions to see a complete list of events.
sity in our theological seminaries in Asia, Africa,
Frs. Carl Chudy SX, Michael Davitti SX and Adolph Xavier knoll Mexico and Europe where 94 young men from 9
Menéndez SX join interfaith activists from around Franklin WI countries are studying to become Xaverian Mis-
the world in Toronto November 1 - 7, working sionaries. See more of Mike Marraffino’s pictures on
Catholic Theological Union
for a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world. the Fatima Shrine page of our website.
On October 28 Fr. Dharmawan Adharius SX and Fr.
Fr. Carl will present in a panel titled, “A Priest
Alex Rodriguez SX attended the celebration of the
and Two Atheists Walk Into A Bar...And Form an
50th Anniversary of the founding of CTU, which
Unlikely Coalition.”
has been a place for many Xaverians to enrich
3rd Order Franciscan Retreat themselves theologically.
Fr. Michael conducted a retreat for 65 men in
December Events
December 7: Annual clergy dinner in honor of St.
Fatima Shrine Francis Xavier
Holliston MA December 24: Traditional Christmas Midnight Mass
Prayers for Healing at our chapel.
Beginning this November, there will be prayer for Young Adult Retreat Franklin expresses gratitude to all those who made
the healing of the Church and individuals touched The annual retreat of the “Jeshua Teruma Kitamid” the 55th Xaverian Mission Banquet celebrated at
adversely by the scandals of our Church. Come join (JTK) group takes place Nov. 16 - 18 at St. the Crown Plaza Milwaukee Airport a “high-flying”
us every 2nd Friday of the Month from 10:00 a.m. Rafael The Archangel & Congregation, Milwaukee, success. See more of Fr. Alex’s pictures on the
to noon in the Shrine Church. Wisconsin. Fr. Alex Rodriguez SX is the spiritual Xavier Knoll page of our website.
Praesidium Accreditation™ publicly demonstrates that the Congregation of the Xaverian
Missionaries has achieved the highest industry standards in abuse prevention and response.

Xaverian Mission Newsletter •November 2018 11
Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2018

Xaverian Missionaries Serve In:
Bangladesh • Brazil • Burundi • Cameroon • Chad • Colombia • Democratic Republic of Congo • France
Indonesia • Italy • Japan • Mexico • Mozambique • Philippines • Sierra Leone • Spain • Taiwan • Thailand • UK • USA

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