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James Rovira 1

Merritt Island, FL •

Ph.D. May 2008; M.Phil. May 2004
Dissertation: “Kierkegaard, Creation Anxiety, and William Blake’s Early Illuminated Books.”
Committee: Dr. Robert Ready, Dr. Nadine Ollman, Dr. Robert Corrington
Bachelor of Arts Degree in English with Honors.
Senior Honors Thesis: James Joyce.


Founding President

Chair and Associate Professor of English

Associate Professor of English (2011-2016)
Assistant Professor of English (2008- 2011)

Lecturer in English (2004-2008)

Blake in the Heartland: Online Gallery. This online gallery for the Blake in the Heartland
exhibit is an archive of the exhibit shown in the Diane Kidd Gallery in the
Spring of 2015. It features images of all works shown in the gallery organized
by its association with Blake’s original works and by artist. The site is
currently being built up to incorporate introductions to and interpretations of
the works shown with background provided for Blake’s originals:
Digital Mitford: The Mary Russell Mitford Archive. Editor assigned to the transcription
and coding of Mary Russell Mitford’s Watlington Hill.
Text, Identity, Subjectivity. Open-access DH project on Scalar that creates a variety of
paths through my archived conference papers to explore the different ways
that people read and produce texts to define a sense of self. Under
Zoetic Press: Rhizomatic Ideas
March 2016: Book Review, Refractions by Stephen Behrendt.
September 2015: Book Review, Teaching the Dog to Read by Jonathan Carroll.
July 2015: Book Review, Notes on Paper: A Poem by Damon Falke.
January 2016: “Ex Machina: Girlbots vs. Geekboys and Creation Anxiety in
the New Frankenstein.”
December 2015: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Awakens and Awakens.”
October 2015: “Tomorrowland and the Disney Ethic.”
August 2015: “50 Shades of Grey and Male Silence.”
Metafilm, since 2005:
“Casino Royale: Taking It in the Cojones for Her Majesty’s Secret Service.”
“V for Vendetta, V for Vindictive.”
James Rovira 2
“The Curse of the Were-Rabbit: Fear of a Vegan World.”
“The Lion King: Hamlet and the Myth of Happy Vengeance.”
“Finding Hulko: Secondary Colors.”
Mondrian Haikus and Other Poems. Under consideration by a publisher.
Writing for College and Beyond. First Year Writing textbook. In development.
Rock and Romanticism: Women in Rock/Women in Romanticism. CFP circulated.
Rock and Romanticism: The David Bowie Edition. CFP circulated.
Interpretation: Theory: History. Under contract with Lexington Books. Past reader
review, in first stages of publication.
Rock and Romanticism: Post-Punk, Goth, and Metal as Dark Romanticisms, Palgrave
Macmillan, April 2018.
Rock and Romanticism: Blake, Wordsworth, and Rock from Dylan to U2, Lexington Books,
February 2018. Reviewed by Choice and Zoamorphosis.
Blake and Kierkegaard: Creation and Anxiety. Continuum Intl., June 2010 (hardcover),
December 2011 (paperback).
• Reviewed by Blake: An Illustrated Quarterly, Journal of Comparative
Literature, Zoamorphosis, and Choice.
• Indexed by almost 1000 libraries worldwide as of May 2018.
• Cited in Romanticism and Philosophy: Thinking with Literature
(Routledge, 2015), A Companion to British Literature, Vol III (Wiley
Blackwell, 2013), A Companion to American Gothic (Wiley
Blackwell, 2013), and others.
“Late-Romantic Heroes as Archetypes of Masculinity: Breaking Bad, The Fast and the
Furious, and Californication,” in development.
“Silly Love Songs and Gender in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Age of Ultron,”
by invitation for the edited anthology Assembling the Marvel Cinematic
Universe: Essays on the Social, Cultural and Geopolitical Domains, ed. Julian
Chambliss, Bill Svitavsky, and Daniel Fandino. McFarland & Company,
Inc., March 2018.
“The Moravian Influence on Kierkegaard's and Blake's Socratic Task,” by
invitation for the edited anthology Kierkegaard. Literature, and the Arts
ed. Eric Ziolkowski, Northwestern University Press, January 2018.
Review essay, Leo Damrosch, Eternity’s Sunrise: The Imaginative World of William
Blake (Yale UP 2015) and Dometa Wiegand Brothers’ The Romantic
Imagination and Astronomy: on All Sides Infinity (Palgrave 2015). European
Romantic Review, vol. 28, no. 4, pp. 489-547.
“Milton’s Ontology of Books and Aeropagitica.” Milton in France. Ed. Christoph
Tornu. Bern: Peter Lang, 2008.
“Gathering the Scattered Body of Milton's Areopagitica.” Renascence 62.2 (Winter
2005): 87-102.
“Subverting the Mechanisms of Control: Baudrillard, The Matrix Trilogy, and the
Future of Religion.” International Journal of Baudrillard Studies 2.2 (July
Rev. of A Guide to the Cosmology of William Blake by Kathryn S. Freeman. In
development for Blake: An Illustrated Quarterly.
Rev. of The Religion of Empire by G.A. Rosso. In development for Romantic Circles
Reviews and Receptions.
Rev. of Ileana Baird and Christina Ionescu, eds. Eighteenth-Century Thing Theory in a
Global Context. Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, vol. 40, issue 4 (Dec.
2017): 645-646.
Rev. of Christopher R. Miller, Surprise: The Poetics of the Unexpected from Milton to
Austen in Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies vol. 40, no. 3 (Sept. 2017):
Rev. of Refractions by Stephen Behrendt for Mantis: A Journal of Poetry, Criticism &
Translation, Issue 14, 2016.
Rev. of The Edwardses of Halixfax: The Making and Selling of Beautiful Books in London
and Halifax 1749-1826 by G.E. Bentley, Jr. for Blake: An Illustrated
James Rovira 3
Quarterly, 2016
Rev. of The Emigrants, or, A Trip to the Ohio, A Theatrical Farce (1817). By George
Cumberland. Elizabeth B. Bentley, ed., and Angus Whitehead, Intro. 2013
for Blake: An Illustrated Quarterly, 2016.
Rev. of Sexy Blake, eds. Helen B. Bruder and Tristanne Connolly for Romantic Circles
Reviews and Receptions. 2016.
Rev. of Wordsworth Translated: A Case Study in the Reception of British Romantic Poetry in
Germany 1804-1914 by John Williams for Nineteenth-Century Studies.
Rev. of Sexual Enjoyment in British Romanticism: Gender and Psychoanalysis 1753-1835 by
David Sigler for Romantic Circles Reviews and Receptions, published October
10, 2015.
Rev. of William Blake and the Production of Time by Andrew M. Cooper for Journal for
Eighteenth-Century Studies. 38.3 (Sept. 2015): 472-4.
Rev. of The God of the Left Hemisphere: Blake, Bolte Taylor, and the Myth of Creation
by Roderick Tweedy for Blake: An Illustrated Quarterly, 49.1 (Summer
“The Mystery of Place in the Poetry of Damon Falke.” Rev. of Damon Falke’s
Notes on Paper. Published in Our Rhizomatic Ideas July 12, 2015.
Rev. of “Michael Phillips and the Infernal Method of William Blake.” Review of
Michael Phillips’s exhibition at the Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Rollins
College. Blake: An Illustrated Quarterly 44:3 (Winter 2010-11).
Rev. of Blake’s Poetry and Designs, ed. John Grant and Mary Lynn Johnson. College
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“Receiving Austen and Scott.” Rev. of The Reception of Jane Austen in Europe, by
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Rev. of “Wings of Fire”: Blake Exhibition at Muhlenberg College, PA. Blake: An
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Rev. of William Blake’s Poetry, by Jonathan Roberts. College Literature 35.3 (Summer
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Blake: An Illustrated Quarterly
Christianity and Literature
College Literature
European Romantic Review
Journal of Eighteenth-Century Studies
Milton Studies
Nineteenth-Century Studies
Romantic Circles Reviews and Receptions
University of Delaware Press
I have written evaluative annotations of the following books and articles for
Routledge’s Annotated Bibliography of English Studies.
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James Rovira 4
Larrissy, Edward. “Blake’s Orient.” Romanticism 11:1 (April 2005): 1-11.
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Ohio Rock and Roll. Diane Kidd Art Gallery, October/November 2016. Co-
organized with Prof. Lee Fearnside, this exhibit featured photography by
Ohio rock photographers.
Blake in the Heartland. Diane Kidd Art Gallery, Spring 2015. Co-organized with
Prof. Lee Fearnside, this exhibit featured prints by Dr. Michael Phillips
after Blake’s originals and original works by regional artists Emily
Brandehoff and Robert McFate. It was accompanied by two lectures, a
reception, and printmaking demonstrations for Tiffin University faculty
and students and Lima Central Catholic High School students.
Scars. Diane Kidd Art Gallery, Spring 2011. Collaborative project with Prof. Lee
Fearnside. Mixed media: b/w photographs, sound, and poetry.
Graphic Novel
John Milton’s Paradise Lost: A Steampunk Western (in development)
Children’s Book
What Did You Do Today? Under publisher review
The TAU Journal, 2018 issue:
“Silence Sestina”
“Liber Abaci”
SPECS, Issue 7, April 2016:
“Unicorn Knives”
“Unicorn Silence”
“The First and Last Unicorn”
Truck:, November 2014:
Fiera Lingue, Winter 2004:
“Introduction (The Great American Dream)”
“Lines Written in the Lake District”
“For the Real David”
“Sheridan #16”
“Sheridan #6”
“The Partheniad”
“Flying out of Newark Airport”
“you deserve a poem”
“Epilogue: Have I Not Said.” The Penwood Review (Spring 1999).
“Technological Existentialism.” Café Bellas Artes (Summer 1996): 73. German
translation by Inés Lüttgen S., 72.
“Narcissus.” Café Bellas Artes (Summer 1996): 74.
“T.E.” Brushing 24 (1996): 51.
“untitled.” The Valencian (1991): 19.
“The Partheniad.” Out of Our Minds (1989): 30.
Creative Non-Fiction
James Rovira 5
"Meditations on a Multicultural Utopia." (1996).
Short Stories
Excerpt from “The Terminal Love of Neal Liszt and Sobie Iht.” Bald Eagle Stew
(Nov. 2014): 167-171.
“Sick.” Brushing 24 (1996): 51.
Masters Theses: Supervisor
Jessica Beaufils: “Rockford: A Series of Poems.” Spring 2013.
Keith Cossey: “A Microcosm of a Buoyant Marriage.” Creative Non-Fiction,
Spring 2013.
Michael Murphy: “The Hunted.” Historical fiction, Spring 2013.
Tanisha Richardson: “Sign of the Times: Christianity’s Sexual Evolution in the
New Millennium.” Mixed media, poetry and photography, Spring
Anthony Robinson: “The Forgotten Village.” Graphic novel, Spring 2013.
Fabianna Seri: “Michelangelo, Humanism, and Savonarola.” Academic study.
Spring 2013.
Melissa Van Epps: “The History of Sight: A Collection of Poetry.” Summer
Scott Clapp: “The Wandering of an Educated Man.” Sonnet sequence. Spring
Tiquila Battle: “Memories of a Suppressed Mind.” Poems. Spring 2009.
Masters Theses: Reader
Alan Carter: “In the Beginning Were the Words: Language, Myth, and Reality
in the Writings of J.R.R. Tolkein.” Academic study, Spring 2013.
Erika Morris. “The Afterlife of Jane Austen in Social Media.” Academic study,
Spring 2013.
Martin Vidal. “Embracing Ambiguity.” Poems. Summer 2012.
Lindsay Santellan: “Cries from the Whipping Post: Contemporary
Confessional Poetry.” Spring 2012.
Grant, Sarah. “Recreating Shame.” A novel. Summer 2010.
Mellennee Miller. “Poems on Faith.” Poems. Summer 2010.
Jessica Dawn Lovett: “Time is on My Side.” A novel. Spring 2009.
Andrea Vancil: “Low SES and Reading Achievement.” Academic study. Fall
Graduate Courses Taught and Developed:
Capstone Project (HUM 680) 5 creative
Comprehensive Exam (HUM 681)
The Eighteenth Century (ENG 6566)
Modernism, Fascism, and the Great War (ENG 6566)
English Romanticism (ENG 5466)
Romantic Poetry and Culture (ENG 594)
Literary Theory (ENG 564)
Survey of British Literature (ENG 564)
Development of British Literature (ENG 5512)
Development of World Literature (ENG 5511)
Creative Writing: Poetry (ENG 543) 8 sections
British History III (HIS 523)
British History II (HIS 522)
British History I (HIS 521)
Elizabethan Poetry and Culture (HUM 514)
Introduction to Graduate Writing (ENG 501)
Undergraduate Courses Taught and Developed:
Literary Theory (ENG 463)
Comparative Mythology (CUL 443)
Milton (ENG 381)
English Poetry (ENG361)
American Poetry (ENG 360)
Creative Writing: Poetry, Formal Verse (ENG 351) 1 section
James Rovira 6
Creative Writing: Poetry, Free Verse (ENG 351) 1 section
The British Novel (ENG 348)
British Literature II: The Romantics to the Twentieth Century (ENG 292)
British Literature I: Beowulf to the Eighteenth Century (ENG 291)
Romantic Psychologies and Literature (ENG 290H)
Spirituality, Consciousness, and Literature (ENG 290H)
The Romantics and the 60s (ENG 290H)
Modernism and Fascism (ENG 290H)
Creative Writing: Creative Non-Fiction (ENG 254) 1 section
Creative Writing: Poetry (ENG 253) 10 sections
Introduction to Creative Writing (ENG 250) 1 section
History of the English Language (ENG 221)
World Masterpieces (ENG 211, online with a Medical Humanities focus for a
Nursing program)
Writing, Research, and Literature (ENG 142)
Expository and Research Writing (ENG 141)
Independent Studies/Senior Seminars
Oscar Wilde, Chuck Palahniuk, Charlotte Brontë, and Edith Wharton

MAY 2008 Lecturer in English
Independent Study: Mary Robinson (ENG 398)
Critical Approaches to Literature: Literary Theory (ENG 335)
Critical Approaches to Literature: Caribbean Literature (ENG 324)
Expository Writing (ENG 300)
Revolutionary Romanticisms (ENG 232)
Major English Writings II (ENG 202)
Writing about Literature
Freshman Composition: Writing About Weird Science (ENG 140)

Book Chat, Diane Hoeveler. Hosted for Romantic Circles Reviews and Receptions and held
December 9th, 2016. Archived on the RCRR website.
“Educational Reform and the Anazoa Educational Project.” Interviewed by Beni Balak
for the Punkonomics webcast and radio show April 22nd, 2015.
“Technically Speaking: Utilizing Technology in Education.” Interviewed by Tim Muma
for LJN Radio on February 25th, 2015.
“Classroom to Boardroom.” Interviewed by Tim Muma of LJN Radio on December
8th, 2014.

“What is Digital Humanities?” Online seminar held for four weeks during August of
2016. Supervised by Dr. Laura Mandell for Texas A.M. University.
The Mary Russell Mitford Project, June 2014 and June 2015, University of Pittsburgh,
Greensburg, PA. Received training in textual transcription and TEI to
contribute markup and transcription services to the Mary Russell Mitford
The St. Augustine Writer’s Conference, October 2014, St. Augustine, FL. Hosted by
Connie May Fowler, I workshopped poetry and creative non-fiction with
seven other writers and attended a screenwriting workshop with Allan Marcil.
NEH Seminar: Reassessing British Romanticism, June-July 2013, University of Lincoln,
Nebraska. Hosted by Prof. Stephen Behrendt.

“Anxiety, Insecurity, and Anti-Capitalism in William Blake’s Thel and Oothoon”
October 2017 International Conference on Romanticism, El Paso, TX.
“Introducing Rock and Romanticism.” October 2016 International Conference on
Romanticism, Colorado Springs, CO.
James Rovira 7
“Novel Romanticism, Novel Psychologies: Descartes, Blake, Freud.” April 2016 for the
Nineteenth-Century Studies Association conference, Lincoln, NE.
“Imagining the Mind-Body Relation: The Skull as a Cave in Blake's Mythological
Works.” March 2015 for the national College English Association conference,
Indianapolis, IN.
“William Blake’s Manuscript Production Decoded: How Blake Encoded Manuscript
Culture in His Illuminated Works.” January 2014 for the MLA National
Conference, Chicago, IL.
“Pragmatics in the Public Square: Robert Brandom and Milton’s Areopagitica.”
October 2013 for the SCMLA Regional Conference New Orleans, LA.
“Knowing Love and Peace by their Opposites: the Demonic in Blake and Kierkegaard”
August 2013 for the NASSR National Conference, Boston, MA.
“Picturing Language and the Language of Pictures in Blake’s Illustrations for Dante’s
Divine Comedy.” April 2013 for the ASECS National Conference Cleveland,
“Borderline Blake: Blake’s Aesthetic Theology.” March 2012 for the College English
Association National Conference, Richmond, VA.
“The Deeds of Love in the Service of Peace.” October 2011 for the Mideast Regional
Meeting of the Conference on Christianity and Literature, Dayton, OH.
“Kierkegaard, Pietism, and Existentialism.” July 2011 for the 13th International
Congress of Eighteenth-Century Studies, Graz, Austria. By invitation.
“William Blake, The King James Bible, and the Medieval Manuscript Tradition.”
May 2011 for The King James Bible and Its Cultural Afterlife, Columbus, OH, The
Ohio State University.
“Fortunate Romanticism and Fortunate Anti-Capitalism in William Blake’s Thel and
Oothoon.” March/April 2011 for the College English Association 2011 National
Conference, St. Petersburg, FL.
“Blake Urizen and Updike’s Roger’s Version.” October 2010 for the American Literature
Association Fiction Symposium, Augusta, GA.
“Dialogism vs. Assessment in the Composition Classroom.” Mar. 2010 CCCCs National
Conference, Louisville, KY.
“The Dangerous Lives of Unbound Pages in William Blake and Chris Fuhrman.” Oct.
2009 American Literature Association Fiction Symposium, Savannah, GA.
“Working Class William Blake.” Oct. 2008 International Conference on
Romanticism, Rochester, MI.
“Subjectivity and Technology in the Composition Classroom.” Apr. 2008
CCCCs conference, New Orleans, LA.
“The Kierkegaardian Aesthetic and Blakean Innocence” Mar. 2008 ASECS
conference, Portland, OR.
“Blake’s London and Kierkegaard’s Copenhagen” in the “Blake’s London” Special
Session that I organized for the Dec. 2007 MLA conference, Chicago, IL.
“Kierkegaard and English Romanticism.” Apr. 2007 College English
Association conference. New Orleans, LA.
“Subverting the Mechanisms of Control: Baudrillard, The Matrix Trilogy, and the
Future of Religion.” Sept. 2006 Engaging Baudrillard, Swansea, United
Kingdom. Invited but declined invitation for personal reasons.
“William Blake and Creation Anxiety.” Apr. 2006 College English Association
conference, San Antonio, TX.
“Mary Shelley and Creation Anxiety.” Oct. 2005 8th International Conference
on Romanticism, Colorado Springs, CO.
“Milton’s Ontology of Books and the Areopagitica.” June 2005 8th International
Milton Symposium, Grenoble, France.
“College Admissions and Technology.” May 2004 NJACAC Conference,
Princeton, NJ. Co-presenter with University Webmaster Ken Newquist.
“Victim Status in Shani Mootoo's Cereus Blooms at Night.” Oct. 2002 Central
New York Conference on Language and Literature, Caribbean Literature
Panel, SUNY Cortland, Cortland, NY.
“Subverting the Mechanisms of Control: Baudrillard and The Matrix.”
Nov. 2001 Metaphysics of the Image, Fordham University, New York, NY.
“The Tragedy of Projection in Othello.” Oct. 2001 Central New York
James Rovira 8
Conference on Language and Literature, SUNY Cortland, Cortland, NY.
“Kant, Design, Mind and Nature.” June 2000 Design and Its Critics,
Concordia University, Mequon, WI.
“Rock and Romanticism,” ICR National Conference, Colorado Spring, CO Oct. 2016.
“Cohorts and Risk Management,” CCCCs National Conference, St. Petersburg, FL
2015. Successfully wrote the accepted panel but did not attend due to funding
"Encoding and Decoding William Blake." Session author and organizer, MLA National
Conference, Chicago, IL 2014.
“Fortunes and Misfortunes in the Long Romantic Era.” Session chair and organizer.
April/May 2011 College English Association Conference, St. Petersburg, FL.
“Romanticism’s Radical Politics.” Session chair. Oct. 2008 International
Conference on Romanticism, Rochester, MI.
“Blake’s London.” Session organizer Mar. 2008 ASECS conference, Portland,
OR, including papers by myself, Angus Whitehead, and Troy Patenaude.
“Blake’s London.” Session chair and organizer, Dec. 2007 MLA Conference including
papers by Mary Lynn Johnson, Angus Whitehead, and myself.
“Blake’s Visionary London.” Chair and Organizer. Apr. 2006 College English
Association, San Antonio, Texas.
“Mary Shelley.” Oct. 2005 8th International Conference on Romanticism,
Colorado Springs, Colorado.
English Department Chair, July 2016-present.
English Department Coordinator, 2014-15; 2015-16 academic years.
Program Chair of the Master of Humanities Program, 2012-13. Redesigned graduate curriculum,
responsible for supervising TU’s Master of Humanities program.
Program Chair of Humanities, School of Arts and Sciences, 2010-2011.
Interim Program Chair of Humanities, School of Arts and Sciences, Fall 2009.
General Education Committee, 2014-present.
University Curriculum Committee, 2010-2014.
Writing Across the Curriculum Committee, 2010-2014.
Ad hoc committee for the revision of the Freshman Writing sequence at Tiffin University.
Committee for the development of Writing Across the Curriculum.
Subcommittee on the development of online teaching guidelines.
Subcommittee on the redesign of a new Faculty and Course Evaluation form and its online
Event Host: Organized and hosted a visit by Blake scholar Michael Phillips, curator of major
Blake exhibits at the Tate in London, the Met in New York, and the Petite Palais in Paris,
for lectures and demonstrations on Blake’s printmaking methods at Tiffin University and
the Columbus College of Art and Design. See also the Blake in the Heartland exhibit.
Freshman Composition website: organized and designed the ENG 140 website using content
provided by myself and the Director of Composition.
Online Curriculum Development: Planned, organized, and gathered materials for an
interdisciplinary, online course to be taught in a 4, 8, or 12 week session. Collaborated
with a Professor of History and a Professor of Biology in the planning of the course
“Industrialization, the Environment, and Society.”
Winter With the Writers: Served on the 2007 Advisory Board under Connie May Fowler that
brought Russell Banks, Colson Whitehead, Bobbie Ann Mason, and Esmerelda
Santiago to Rollins College. Served on the 2008 Advisory Board under Phil Deaver
that brought Michael Cunningham, Mark Jarman, Claire Keegan, and Jamaica Kincaid
to Rollins College.
Event Host: Organized and hosted a visit by Blake scholar Michael Phillips for a demonstration
on Blake’s printmaking methods for the Art Department, a lecture on Blake’s Songs of
Innocence and of Experience for Art and English department students, and a lecture on the
Blake exhibition at the Tate for the Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Rollins College.
James Rovira 9
The Modern Language Association: Member 2001-present.
The College English Association: Member 2004-present.
The International Conference on Romanticism: Member 2005-present.
The American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies: Member 2007-present.
CCCCs: Member 2007-present.
o Co-authored grant with Professor of Art Lee Fearnside to sponsor community events
and exhibits related to contemporary responses to the work of William Blake.
o The College Ready Grant by the Great Lakes Community Investments group. I wrote
the English portion of a grant designed to prepare 11th and 12th grade students with a
high likelihood of needing remedial college coursework to enter college above the
remedial level.
o NEH Summer Scholar, Reassessing British Romanticism. Summer 2013 at the University
of Nebraska.
Coursework: British Literature
British and American Modernisms, Dr. Cassandra Laity
British Romanticism, Dr. Robert Ready
Caribbean Literature (focused on former British colonies), Dr. Chris Cunningham
Elizabethan Love Lyric, Dr. Frank Occhiogrosso
Milton, Dr. Peggy Samuels
Shakespeare, Dr. Frank Occhiogrosso
Twentieth-Century Irish Literature, Dr. John M. Warner
Victorian Poetry and Poetics, Dr. Janet Burstein
Coursework: American Literature
American Drama: O’Neill, Williams, Miller, Dr. Frank Occhiogrosso
British and American Modernisms, Dr. Cassandra Laity
Coursework: Theory and Philosophy
Introduction to Literary Critical Theory, Dr. Cassandra Laity
Modernism and Fascism, Dr. Neil Levi (audited)
Kant and Hegel, Dr. Robert Corrington
Philosophies of Nature, Dr. Robert Corrington
Exams: William Blake; The Frankfurt School; British and American Modernisms; English
Romanticism, Poetry; Martin Heidegger and British and French Responses to His
Work. Two scores of Qualify with Distinction. Language exam certifications in Spanish and