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» FISHERIES AND FOUD é Sere nn emia | : PAH DE tudrerdid | CE OE Wesererd ed FISHERY INVESTIGATIONS Series II, Volume XXVI, Number 3 The seasonal variation of meat and glycogen content of seven popul of oysters Ostrea edulis le and a review of the literature ations P.R.WALNE (7970) Fisheries Experiment Station, Conway TONDOW WER MAJESTY’S STATIONERY OFFICE 1970 wy The seasonal variation content of seven populations of oy and a review of the literature PARTI Seasonal variation in the condition of Ostrea edulis INTRODUCTION sire Per BiVES an account of the changes in condition and Blycogen content of seven populations of Qstrea edulis Lin England and Wales during 19Gl ane interest in oysters as components of the inshove fauna is stimulated by their food value, and she Enhanced esteem in which ‘fat" or ‘well-fished’ stock ore held has aroused interest in their variation and biochemistry. The literature contains the results of analyses from a number of species of oysters fram differen Darts of the world, and this is discussed with reference to the data reported in this paper. Few ulations at the same time, observers have studied several pop. Treen mem pence 5b Tal-y-Foel sot Figure 1 The seven populations of Poole Harbour 1 L ? 0 . edulis which were sampled during 1961 West Mersea