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CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Is aware of the need to Begins to engage in Engages in reflection Reflects individually Maintains ongoing
reflect on teaching reflection on teaching individually and with and with colleagues on reflective practice and
practice to support practice individually colleagues on the refinements in action research in
student learning. and with colleagues relationship between teaching practice and supporting student
Reflects individually or that is focused on making adjustments in connections among the learning and raising
with colleagues on methods to support teaching practice and elements of the CSTP the level of academic
immediate student the full range of impact on the full to positively impact achievement.
learning needs. learners. range of learners. the full range of
learners. Engages in and fosters
reflection among
colleagues for school
wide impact on
student learning.
I constantly reflect on the
effectiveness of my
teaching. The two main
6.1 Reflecting on
questions I generally
teaching practice in focus on are: Were my
support of student students engaged? And
learning could it have gone
smoother? I go to my
colleagues for advice,
venting, and new
perspectives. Often
different eyes can help
come up with more
effective solutions.
CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator
Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
Develops goals Sets goals connected to Sets goals connected to Sets and modifies Sets and modifies a
connected to the CSTP the CSTP that take into the CSTP that are authentic goals broad range of
through required account self- authentic, challenging, connected to the CSTP professional goals
processes and local assessment of teaching and based on self- that are intellectually connected to the CSTP
protocols. practice. assessment. challenging and based to improve
on self-assessment and instructional practice
Attends required Expands knowledge Aligns personal goals feedback from a and impact student
professional and skills individually with school and variety of sources. learning within and
development. and with colleagues district goals, and beyond the classroom.
through available focuses on improving Engages in and
professional student learning. contributes to Engages in ongoing
development. professional inquiry into teacher
Selects and engages in development targeted practice for
professional on student professional
6.2 Establishing development based on achievement. Pursues development.
professional goals needs identified in a variety of additional
and engaging in professional goals. opportunities to learn Contributes to
continuous and professionally. professional
purposeful organizations, and
professional growth development
and development opportunities to
extend own teaching
I just created my
Professional Goal Plan
for work. My goals were
selected by areas of
growth I spotted in my
teaching, and how I’m
going to get knowledge
and apply it to meet the
needs of my students.
CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator
Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
Attends staff, grade Consults with Collaborates with Collaborates with Facilitates
level, department, and colleagues to consider colleagues to improve colleagues to expand collaboration with
other required how best to support student learning and impact on teacher and colleagues.
meetings and teacher and student reflect on teaching student learning
collaborations. learning. practice at the within grade or Works to ensure the
classroom level. department and school broadest positive
Identifies student and Begins to identify how and district levels. impact possible on
teacher resources at to access student and Interacts with instructional practice
the school and district teacher resources in members of the Engages with members and student
level. the broader broader professional of the broader achievement at school
professional community to access professional and district levels and
community. resources that support community to access for the profession.
teacher effectiveness resources and a wide
and student learning range of supports for Initiates and develops
6.3 Collaborating teaching the full range professional learning
with colleagues and of learners. opportunities with the
the broader broader professional
professional community focused on
community to student achievement.
support teacher I regularly communicate
with my colleagues to
and student reflect on teaching
learning practice. Most of that is
done during planned
time, of planned
opportunities. I have
shallow ties to the other
professional resources in
my community outside of
my own school.
CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator
Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
Is aware of the role of Acknowledges the Supports families to Provides opportunities Structures a wide
the family in student importance of the contribute to the and support for range of opportunities
learning and the need family’s role in student classroom and school. families to actively for families to
for interactions with learning. Seeks Adjusts participate in the contribute to the
families. information about communication to classroom and school. classroom and school
cultural norms of families based on community. Supports a
families represented in awareness of cultural Communicates to school/district
the school. Welcomes norms and wide range families in ways which environment in which
family involvement at of experiences with show understanding of families take
classroom/ school schools. and respect for cultural leadership to improve
events. norms. student learning.

Our classroom goals

have been
communicated in a
6.4 Working with
variety of ways:
families to support
BTSN, newsletters, e-
student learning
mail , Class Dojo,
ILPs, and our class
homework page.
Families have several
ways to volunteer in
our classroom or
from home.
CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator
Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
Develops awareness Seeks available Uses a variety of Uses a broad range of Collaborates with
about local neighborhood and neighborhood and neighborhood and community members
neighborhoods and community resources. community resources community resources to increase
communities to support the to support the instructional and
surrounding the school. Includes references or curriculum. instructional program, learning opportunities
connections to students, and families. for students.
Uses available communities in single Includes knowledge of
neighborhood and lessons or sequence of communities when Draws from Engages students in
community resources lessons. designing and understanding of leadership and service
in single lessons. implementing community to improve in the community.
instruction and enrich the Incorporates
instructional program. community members
into the school
learning community.
Each year we invite the
local fire and police
6.5 Engaging local department
communities in representatives to come
support of the visit our classes. I have
instructional also had special guest
parents who have come
program in to share their job.
CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator
Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
Develops an Maintains professional Anticipates Integrates the full Models
understanding of responsibilities in professional range of professional professionalism and
professional timely ways and seeks responsibilities and responsibilities into supports colleagues in
responsibilities. support as needed. manages time and advanced planning and meeting and exceeding
effort required to meet prepares for situations professional
Seeks to meet required Demonstrates expectations. that may be Responsibilities
commitments to commitment by challenging. effectively.
students. exploring ways to Pursues ways to
address individual support students’ Maintains continual Supports colleagues to
student needs. diverse learning needs effort to seek, develop, maintain the
and maintains belief in and refine new and motivation, resiliency,
students’ capacity for creative methods to and energy to ensure
achievement. ensure individual that all students
student learning. achieve.
6.6 Managing
Being in the hospital
and not having a
responsibilities to
motivation and
Assistant has
commitment to all
affected my ability to
stay on top of things
professionally this
year. In the past I’ve
been very balanced,
between work and
family, but right now
I’m playing catch up
with everything.
CSTP 6: Developing as a Professional Educator
Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
Follows all state education codes, legal requirements, district and site Maintains a high standard of personal integrity
policies, contractual agreements, and ethical responsibilities.* and commitment to student learning and the
profession in all circumstances.
* As follows:
 Take responsibility for student academic learning outcomes. Contributes to building professional community
 Is aware of own personal values and biases and recognizes ways in which and holding peers accountable to norms of
these values and biases affect the teaching and learning of students. respectful treatment and communication.
 Adheres to legal and ethical obligations in teaching the full ranges of
learners, including English learners and students with special needs. Contributes to fostering a school culture with a
 Reports suspected cases of child abuse and/or neglect as outlined in the high degree of resilience, professional integrity,
California Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act. and ethical conduct.
 Maintains a non-hostile classroom environment and carries out laws and
district guidelines for reporting cases of sexual harassment.
 Understands and implements school and district policies and state and
federal law in responding to inappropriate or violent student behavior.
6.7 Demonstrating
 Complies with legal and professional obligations to protect the privacy,
professional health, and safety of students, families, and other school professionals.
responsibility,  Models appropriate behavior for students, colleagues, and the profession.
integrity, and  Acts in accordance with ethical considerations for students.
ethical conduct  Maintains professional conduct and integrity in the classroom and school
I follow all of the requirements of me, as determined by the state and Diocese. I have a high commitment to looking and behaving as
a professional. It is my job to constantly challenge
myself to do more and develop these kids for jobs that
might not yet exist…