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Please write at least 150 words on the following topic:

“Quality of Indonesian Education“

(Describe your educational background, the good & bad of your past education, the differences of
education in the past & present, how to improve Indonesian education, etc.)

In 2006 I entered elementary school. I did not enter kindergarten because I studied at home which is
called homeschooling). At the first level of my education, everything looked interesting and the lessons
were fun. Teachers at that time taught with a system that can help students understand problems both
outside of school and be solved in a fun way. As an example of natural science lessons (IPA), teachers
conveyed how nature works with a reciprocal process and let students imagine the themes and examples
that were given to them. Mathematics on the other hand is so fun to learn.
Entering the next level, middle school in 2012. At that time I started to think about the differences in each
of the ways of the teachers teach. There are several teachers who teach with methods that some students
cannot adapt to. This is where I find some subjects to be less fun. Mathematics for example, most
teachers emphasize students to really find exact numbers. And they don't give application about what
they teach. The problem is the learning method, this is where some students find themselves 'stupid'
because the teacher believes the smartest and the most genius are those who know Mathematics.
Obviously it's wrong! But it is already embedded in the education system in Indonesia. As a result, schools
actually become a burden and bring forth to only 20% of successful students. In a sense, only for those
who know Mathematics. The rest actually lack confidence and label themselves as 'stupid' because they
don't know Mathematics, even though in fact they are geniuses in other fields.

And in 2014 I entered high school. This is where I found more basic things in Indonesia's education. Even
worse. Knowing the fact that the school only sharpens the left brain side of students and makes students
like robots that only lead to one aspect, academic. Without morals. To be honest, here lies the failure. Fish
cannot be forced to climb trees. Each individual is different and has the best aspects of their own. Why is
art only considered a insignificant lesson? music is just for fun and drawing is only for children. This is it!
The system creates an imbalance and poisones our thoughts that are initially fresh and ready to deal with
the world.

And now, as a student. I will repair the damaged system in this country. A system that damages students'
minds and is a major obstacle to this country is not progressing. By starting to balance some of the
neglected lessons. The right and left brains of humans must work in balance to overcome the existing
world problems.

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