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Writing Quiz #3/3/18

1. When he asked for audience participation, my sister

and ____ (me, I) volunteered to go to the stage.
2. When coins fell out of his sleeve, the audience
laughed even harder than ____ (we, us).
3. When one is fired from a job, she collects
4. Each horse in the procession followed their rider down
to the creek.
5. A backpack which Belinda takes to school was stolen.
6. I like Mariah and he the best of all my classmates.
7. Nancy Atkins, Along with her friend sluggo, expect to
be in charge of sets.
8. The school paper reports that a committee of students
and teachers are going to decide who get a role in the
9. Here’s the costumes that were used last year.
10. On second thought, either Brian or you are going to
be the male lead in the play.
11. Although James Patterson and David Baluchi write
thrilling books, Patterson is the best story teller.
12. Ross is lot more Rich than his brother.
13. (The Library has a collection of rare books).write the
plural form of the nouns.
Most________ have___________ of rare books.
14. The advices he gave me were helpful.
15. You can choose either movies to watch.
16. Torsha a fan of celebrity gossip loves watching The
Wendy Williams Show.
17. Nate who works as a software engineer majored in
computer science.
18. During spring break my days will consist of eating,
watching Netflix and sleeping.
19. Participation in sports teaches many values,
including, perseverance, teamwork, and dedication.
20. I enjoy reading the books of acclaimed writer,
Malcolm Gladwell.