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Steel elements that are used for
workers to reach high levels in a
building, such as ceilings, high walls

It is a curved beam whose radius of
curvature is very large in relation to
the width of the section.

a building material that is a powder made of
a mixture of calcined limestone and clay;
used with water and sand or gravel to make
concrete and mortar

Vert ical st ruct ural element ,
used t o support slabs and
raised element s,

aluminum a silvery ductile

metallic element

cable very st rong t hick rope made of

t wist ed hemp or st eel wire

cast iron an alloy of iron containing so much carbon

that it is brittle and so cannot be wrought
but must be shaped by casting

compressor a mechanical device

that compresses gasses
Es t u diar es t e s et on lin e en : h t t ps ://www.memoriz arjet as /mat erials -10180646

a st rong hard building
mat erial made wit h gravel and

a hand t ool consist ing of a
rot at ing shaft wit h parallel

device t hat removes
somet hing from what passes
t hrough it

iron a heavy ductile magnetic

metallic element

iron having a low carbon content

wrought iron that is tough and malleable and
so can be forged and welded

valve a mechanical device for

cont rolling t he flow of a fluid

truss a rigid framework of beams

that supports a structure