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MATH TEST 25 Minutes—20 Questions NO-CALCULATOR SECTION Turn to Section 3 of your answer sheet to answer the questions in this section. Directions: For this section, solve each problem and decide which is the best of the choices given. Fillin the corresponding oval on the answer sheet. You may use any available space for scratch work. Notes: Calculator use is NOT permitted. All numbers used are real numbers. 3. All figures used are necessary to solving the problems that they accompany. All figures are drawn to scale EXCEPT when its stated that a specific figure is not drawn to scale 4. Unless stated otherwise, the domain of any function fis assumed to be the set of all real numbers. x for which f(x) is a real number. Information: 2 Ye io 4s Te z Special Right Triangles Aslw 7 1a \ V=Iwh v-Aarh v=tlwh The sum of the degree measures of the angles in a triangle is 180. ‘The number of degrees of arc in a circle is 360 ‘The number of radians of arc in a circle is 2m. Ina certain board game, where playing involves a specific number of cards and a specific number of players, three cards are removed from the deck and kept in an envelope, while the rest ofthe cards are distributed equally among the players. The scenario can be represented by the equation given above, What does the variable c represent in this A) The number of players 8) The number of cards left over we number of cards in the deck D) The number of cards dealt to each player A hospital hosts an annual charity drive in which volunteers sell first aid kits to raise money for the pediatric ward, The hospital ordered too many kits last year, soit already has some to start this year’s drive with, The project manager estimates, based on last year’s sales, thatthe hospital needs to order an additional 50 boxes of kits. The function K(b) = 126 + 32, where bis the number of boxes ‘ordered, represents the number of kits the hospital will have after the order arrives. When the project manager places the order, she is told that the com- pany has changed the number of kits per box to 8 How many more boxes will she need to order to end up with the same number of kts that she had originally planned for? A) 25 BR) 2 QO 7 D) 200 , FC LN If ACAT shown above is similarto ADOG and the ratio ofthe length of TC to GD i827, which of the following ratios mus also be equal to 272 a) CADE BY méC:m2D C) area of ACAT: area of ADOG D) perimeter of ACAT: perimeter of ADOG Which ofthe fllowing expressions is equivalent to foxy a) at? By ary? O ayy D) 4x'y'Ve y Sich { hs ot has Pe ‘What is the solution to the system of equations shown in the graph? A) (1, 1.5) B) (12,2) © 03,25) D) 4,2.75) [conto THE NEKTPAGE ‘ ‘The value of 7x? + 3 ishhow much more than the value of 7x" ~ 97 A 6 B) 12 © m-6 D) +12 y Fol Th FE ‘Vadim graphs the equation y= 32° + 8 which is shown in the figure above, He realizes, however, that he miscalculated and should have graphed y= Lx? + 8 How will this affect his graph? A) It-will change the y-intercept. B) It will make the parabola open in the opposite direction. ©) twill make the parabola cross the x-axis closer to the origin, D) It will make the parabola cross the x-axis farther from the origin, ‘Which value of x makes the equation 4. = 2 = Struct 1 at a 8) 7 183 om 7 Db) 3 farmer packs his eggs in standard 12-hole as and then packs the cartons in large ship: ping boxes. The number of boxes needed, b, to transport c cartons of eggs ean be found using the function b(c) = ©. Ifthe carton packing = packing ‘machine can pack a maximum of 4,000 cartons per day, and it does not pack partial boxes, what is the ‘range of the function in this context? A) All integers from 0 to 100 B) All integers from 0 to 4,000 CC) Allintegers greater than or equal to 40 D) All integers greater than or equal to 100 were egg y = Sa +8 nest Ine shown above A) (3,4) » 0m €) The raph wl ver inet D) ts or pose determine wh the othe penne dee nt ton he coordinate plane.