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TANGANYIKA No. 27 oF 1962 I ASSERT~ Ban Governor-General Ma Jucy, 1962 An Act to apply a sum of twenty-eight million, three hundred and fifty thousand, one hundred and forty-nine pounds out of the Consolidated Fund to the service of the year ending on the thirtieth day of June, one thousand nine hundred and sixty-three, and to appropriate the supply granted for such year and to authorize the reallocation of certain appropriations U3ru Jury, 1962] Enactep by the Parliament of Tanganyika. 1—(1) This Act may be cited as the Appropriation Act, 1962. Short ite @) The expressions used in this Act shall have the meanings respectively ascribed thereto in the Exchequer and Audit Ordinance, ow. ss 2 The Treasury may issue out of the Consolidated Fund and apply Isvs of towards the supply granted for the service of the year ending on the sua" thirtieth day of June, 1963, the sum of twenty-eight million, three Consotdated hundred and fifty thousand, one hundred and forty-nine pounds. und 3. The sum granted by section 2 shall be appropriated to the purposes Apery and in the amounts specified in the second and third columns of the {toh Schedule to this Act. ” 4, In addition to the sums granted out of the Consolidated Fund under Approprae section 2, there may be applied out of any moneys directed, under tomieid section 9 of the Exchequer and Audit Ordinance, 1961, to be applied as appropriations-in-aid, the amounts respectively set forth in the fourth column of the Schedule to this Act. 5.—(I) The Minister may at any time or times not later than the Powe ofthe thirtieth day of June, 1963, borrow within or outside Tanganyika or Minister to partly within and partly outside Tanganyika any sum or. sums. not exceeding in the whole twenty-eight million, three hundred and fifty thousand, one hundred and forty-nine pounds, by way of loan, advance, the issue of bills or bank overdraft and on such terms and conditions as the Minister may deem expedient, and may charge any such loan or advance on any of the assets of Tanganyika (including securities forming part of the Consolidated Fund). 2 No. 27 Appropriation 1962 @) Any money borrowed under this section shall be placed to the ‘redit of the exchequer account and shall form part of the Consolidated Fund, and be available in any manner in which such Fund is available... @) Any money borrowed under this section shall be subject to repay- ‘ment not later than the thirtieth day of June, 1963, and any sum required for the repayment of any money so borrowed, and of any interest pay- able thereon sball be charged on and paid out ofthe Consolidated Fund. Power of 6.—(1) Where the Minister is satisfied that itis necessary in the public Minister © interest that provision should be made for defraying the expenditure of train, | any Ministry or department of the Government in excess of any sum SRproprited voted therefor or for any service for which no sum is voted, and that it would be detrimental to the public interest to postpone such expenditure until provision can be made for it by the Legislature in due course, he may, notwithstanding the provisions of sections 3 and 4, authorize’ the application of any surplus arising on any. vote in the Schedule hereto (Gther than the votes for peasions, gratulties or other retiring benefits, ‘widows and orphans pensions, or for meeting or servicing the public debt) for or towards such excess or service. @) Where the Minister authorizes the application of any surplus under this section, he shall cause to be laid before the National Assembly not later than at the meeting next after the date of such authorization a supplementary estimate or a statement of excess, as the case may be, in accordance with the provisions of subsection (3) of section 68 of the . Constitution, ‘THE SCHEDULE, Fore Ferrer Now Ambit Supply altonvinaid The salevies and expenses of the Judiciary and othe "he administration of ‘Nisan’ Count Appeal 10486 711m 2. The sles and experes ofthe National Ase, ‘Regan Sane e Cormonweat Petar ‘AsSeation and the: Eclor Commision rosin 4.6 salves and expenses of the Exchequer and Ai * DSarament : : ss7e 11.00 The slaies and expenses Of the Jul, Poti and © Pabst Coens, coi rte emer nae 5. Toe aves and expenses of the Local’ Goverment Spice Commision 14218 1.000 The mig and expen of he Prine Minna Otis Sane? Ss aN 21,601 95,000 17. The salares and expenses ofthe Exteral Aloe Oficcy Beas mates pe Rtn Navy me 82734 3150 1629291141655, No, 27 Appropriation 1962 Vou * Apropr. Not Ambit Supply aitonstwaid 1 2 3 4 £ £ 2 Te at ces lt ee Sarin Siesta arte beat sim a Bee a meme te as neo sision sr 1. The salaries and exg .of the Office of the Minister . ee ee ees Ee saree re ase mise 1 Tey, nar gf te Mey immo Liwsne"ubory aa” amie te im sue aso 13, ‘The salaries and expenses of the Minisry of Agriculture, ‘cluding Agcultupal Research and various Subventons 1,714,157 984,052 14. The salaries and expanses of the Ofc of the Minister for Commerce and iodunty (nctudn.arous Stbventons), the Commerge and indusey Drision, the Mines Divison (inchiding Prospector" Course) and the Groton Butve Dian Gnclading sem Reomeisane San) ene 268,009 79,381 15 Be gn wo fe oh Me Beart orm cit Ota ets ‘Edneation, Probation, Antiques ed as = . sna one Ss erm aye Myo Rte ab ars as Eee sto wu 1 Tho sarin and expenses of the Miniary of Lot Goremment, snd Admiteion, acudng che Town Bimape , Datoa Reponal” Admit," he Maumbe Adminisrtive Contre, the Mune Tocal Government Training Cents, Township Admin firaion and Gran to Seinancrig Local Authories 1,883,693 22,365. 18, The lacs apd cxpeata ofthe Mini of Cox tive and ‘Community Development, in Sas a os en oo Byrom ate oe Mie Mie) ny © Bp eirmod nee om. By pghgeet event of Nini 815. The development expenditure of the Ministry of Home ‘Afi ” MAT $20. The development, expendinue of the Mins of Coznmiications, Power and Works, including works On ‘hall of other’ Ministre. 25, The development expeniiure of the Ministry of sono