Mark Your Calendars: February 12th

February 12th is an important date to remember for all National Broadcasting Society members. If you have not yet registered for the National Convention in Dallas, this is the deadline for Regular Registration. The cost is $299. That’s $50 to $100 less than Late or On-Site registration. You must also make your convention reservations directly with the hotel by this date.Also, for anyone interested in becoming a member of AERho, this is the deadline for applications. If your chapter wants to become a Model chapter, the reports for Model Chapter and Community Service are due. In addition, all Society Award Nominations must be handed in. As busy as the 12th will be, don’t forget your chapter’s annual report is due February 10th.

Countdown to Dallas


New Year, New Decade, New Campaign
By Ron Means, Chairperson, First Fund Campaign NBS-AERho

The “First Fund Campaign” was reintroduced at the end of 2009. First Fund is a fund-raising effort developed by our NBSAERho leadership to provide an avenue of funding for NBS-AERho’s financial growth to strengthen our organization and expand our services to the students and professionals we serve. We are well into our new fiscal and academic year for NBS-AERho and the First Fund Campaign (FFC) is still in its infancy stage. We must give strong emphasis to the campaign at all levels (national, regional, local chapter, individual member) in order to meet the goals that were set forth for the campaign late last fall. These goals are: Phase One-100% National Leadership Participation; Phase Two-100% Chapter Participation / 100% Membership Participation; Phase ThreeContributions from outside sources. As reported earlier, we have reached our first goal of 100% National Leadership Participation. Each of the National Officers, the Executive Director & his office staff, and

all members of the National Advisory Council have made a personal financial contribution to the campaign. Phase One is complete! This is a great start, and a strong message in their belief in, and support of, NBS-AERho and the FFC. The next phase (two) of our goals is a combined phase: 100% chapter/100% member participation! As explained in the November edition of Signals Online, each local chapter is asked to raise funds for the campaign to send to the National Office. At the same time, each member of NBS-AERho is asked to contribute in some financial way to the local chapter’s fund-raising efforts. This is the most logical way for each chapter and member to contribute at the same time.We are already beginning to receive funds toward the campaign from local chapters. This is a wonderful start! Other chapters are beginning to work on their fund-raising efforts for the campaign as well. Once we are well into phase two of our campaign, we can begin focusing on phase three: contributions from outside the organization. As was explained to the Chapter Advisors and Presidents in a letter they received last November, NBS-AERho has a better opportunity to ask for, and receive, funding from outside sources (foundations, etc.) when we are able to show these other organizations/agencies the enthusiasm and financial commitment our own members have for our society on all levels. (Continued on page 3)

Can’t Get Enough of NBS? Visit our
Simply type “National Broadcasting Society” into the Search box.

Mail: National Broadcasting Society P.O. Box 4206 Chesterfield, MO 63006 Phone: (636) 536-1943 or toll free at 1-To-NBS-AERho Fax: (636) 536-1948 Email: Online:

How to Contact the National Office:

(Continued from page 2) For an outside organization to see the 100% financial commitment from our national leadership along with the commitment of our local chapters and members throughout the country in NBS-AERho, new opportunities for fund-raising will increase and benefit the society as a whole in the long run. I hope this helps to paint the big picture of the importance and urgency of this campaign. Now, we need your chapter and its members to join these other chapters in making your contribution to this important campaign. You should immediately gather your chapter officers together, or form a campaign committee at your local chapter and set a firm short term date for raising funds for the FFC! We must get aggressive and not put this fund-raising effort off any longer. Make plans now! Get started this month with your own creative ways to contribute to the FFC! There are only a few short weeks left until Dallas and it would be great to report that we are well on our way to our local chapter and membership contribution goals! The First Fund Campaign Committee members are fully committed to this campaign and we want to hear from you. We want to hear some of your ideas and suggestions on how you raised funds for this campaign and we are here to help with some of our own. Just contact any of us (Ron Means, rmeans@; Ray Eaton,; Ajit Daniel,; David Guerra, and we’ll be glad to correspond with you and offer our support. Ron Means is the Chairperson for the First Fund Campaign and is the advisor for the Freed-Hardeman Chapter of NBS-AERho. He can be reached

Easy Ways to Make Model Chapter Points
Write a short article telling us about your chapters activities, progress and upcoming events. It will be posted in the next issues of Signals Online and you will get 1 model chapter point. Pictures Encouraged. Email articles or questions to: Deadline is March 23, 2010 Submit your monthly report to the NBS National Office by the 10th of the following month. Email reports to: or fax them to: (636) 536-1948 . Click on “Chapter Materials” at the NBS website to download a monthly report form.



Don’t Just Sit There. PARTICIPATE
By Marilee Morrow VP for Alumni and Professional Services

rules, equipment requirements and categories. Or, e-mail

The Professional Competition/ Exhibition
Please remember to attend the presentations. Thank you to all of you who submitted papers, panel proposals and production entries into the professional competition. The entries are in the hands of the judges, and we should have those results soon. Good luck to everyone! If you didn’t submit this year, please don’t feel as if you shouldn’t attend the exhibition sessions. You belong there! Your attendance shows support for your fellow NBS-AERho professional members. And, in addition to a chance to become acquainted with other professionals, you might even get some motivation to submit your work into next year’s competition. By the way, when you’re at the convention, please offer a special thanks to Dr. Joseph Blaney, Associate Professor in the School of Communication at Illinois State University, for serving as the Chairperson of the Professional Competitions Committee. We all appreciate his time and energy. Marilee Morrow is Vice President for Alumni and Professional Services, as well as an Assistant Professor at Marietta College. She can be reached at (740)376-4828 or Marilee.

The On-The-Spot Production Competition
The national convention is filled with speakers, sessions, workshops and panels – all events that require your attention for you to benefit. But, there is another activity that requires ACTION, the On-The-Spot Production Competition. What is OTS? The On-The-Spot production competition is an opportunity to prove you and your team has what it takes to succeed in a deadlineorientated work environment. Teams of up to five students can compete in one or more categories at the convention: • • • • OTS News Package Competition OTS Feature Package Competition OTS Mini Feature Package Competition OTS Dramatic Segment/Comedy Sketch Competition

When does OTS start? The moment you register on-site at the convention. Simply fill out the team sheet indicating the specific OTS competition(s) you are entering and return it to the registration table. Teams can enter more than one competition. Want more info? Check the Web site for more details on the


NBS Convention Highlights 2004-09: My List of Favorites, A - Z
by Dr. Bruce Mims NBS-AERho President

To kick off this special, National Convention issue of Signals, I’ll pose this important question: Why should you attend the Dallas Convention?

Double Dare and Food Network’s Unwrapped (Los Angeles, 2005) N = Ned Waugaman’s inspirational selfimprovement message The ABCs of Life (Chicago, 2007) The answer is that you don’t know what you’ll O = Omarosa, an Apprentice to The Donald miss if you don’t attend! So I’ve decided to (Los Angeles, 2005) devote this article to recounting my own list of P = Product Evangelist and Musician Jason things that I would have missed if I had failed Levine’s presentations of Adobe mediato attend some of our recent conventions. So, production software (all) here we go with my A-Z list of people, places Q = Quintessential NBC Sports commentator and activities that made NBS Conventions Bob Costas (St. Louis, 2003) between 2004 and 2009 so very special to me: R = Rockefeller Plaza, home of NBC (New A = ABC News Correspondent and PrimeTime York City, 2009) Live co-host Sam Donaldson (Washington, DC, S = Student Production Competition - NBS 2006) Awards Ceremony (all) B = Broadcaster Maggie Rodriguez, CBS The T = Times Square (New York City, 2009) Early Show co-host (New York City, 2009) U = Universal Studios and Universal CityWalk C = CBS The Early Show attendance for LIVE (Los Angeles, 2005) network broadcast (New York City, 2009) V = Valerie Geller, international radio D = Disneyland (2008) and Disney President, consultant and author (New York City, 2009) Bob Iger (Chicago, 2007) W = “Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me” broadcast over E = Empire State Building, New York City with National Public Radio (NPR) (Chicago, 2007) Clear Channel Radio facilities on the 86th floor! X = XM Satellite Radio Headquarters and (New York City, 2009) Studios (Washington, DC, 2006) F = Fantastic restaurants at every convention Y = Yearly recognition of Alpha Epsilon Rho (all) (AERho) initiates (all) G = Graumann’s Chinese Theater, smack-dab Z = zero boredom!! (all!!) in the heart of Hollywood (Los Angeles, 2005) Elsewhere in this issue of Signals Online you’ll H = Hollywood sign (Los Angeles, 2005) find plenty of information about who and what I = Intense activity at the NBS On the Spot we’ve planned for you in Dallas. Check it out. production competitions (all) I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s too much to J = Jeopardy! tapings at Sony Studios (Los miss!! Angeles, 2005) Hope to see you in BIG D! K = Kareer Focus (OK, kut me some slack!!) (all) Bruce Mims is the NBS-AERho President L = Lovely ladies decked out in full ballroom and professor at Southeast Missouri State attire for the awards ceremonies (all) University. He can be reached M = Marc Summers, host of Nickelodeon’s at (573) 651-2126 or


This is the Year for Model Chapter
By Bill Dorman NBS Past President No matter when the cycle starts for Model chapter, it is a challenge to combine academic calendars with the regular calendar. We are half way through the school year, but it is January and it’s a NEW YEAR! So, first, Happy New Year. I mean that. It is time to get off to a NEW start, and time to check out the requirements for model chapter and start that chart! The next time your exec board meets, log on the NBS website and review the criteria for model chapter. It’s in the CHAPTER section, ( ModelChapterProgram-2009.pdf) REALLY do this. I mean it…I am not just blowing smoke here. Get everyone gathered around the monitor and survey the list of items on the list. As you look it over, you’ll realize that you probably already do a lot of those things. You do have members entering contests, and you get your membership dues in on time, and you have professional speakers at your meetings. And, you could be doing many of the other model chapter point-getters very easily. Maybe it’s time to spice up chapter meetings, reach out to a neighboring chapter, encourage additional Signals articles, or help a chapter reactivate! You probably didn’t’ think about doing that, but hey, why not? It would be a great time to contact a media group and explain that you’re working toward a special chapter award and you need their help. You can make a few small changes that will result in VERY big results. Before you know it, you’ll realize that MANY of these items are already completed. You can begin talking about who among your group can take a leadership role for additional model

chapter categories. And you can expand that circle to involve more members as you work toward that goal. The very famous Alabama football coach, Bear Bryant said “It’s not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference.” This is one of those moments to exercise your leadership and show your initiative. It’s January. The Dallas convention is still a couple months away. It’s a great time to show some initiative toward model chapter. By the time you arrive at the convention, you’ll be well on your way, and when you return from the convention, you’ll have a whole new set of ideas for chapter development, and a renewed sense of commitment to making your chapter stronger. And come December, as you are putting the finishing touches on an incredible productive year, you’ll realize that at the next national convention your chapter is going to receive that incredibly prestigious Model Chapter award! You will join an elite group. And you’ll be able to tell a prospective employer about this incredible leadership campaign you spearheaded, and the very exciting results. So don’t wait. The time to start that model chapter campaign is NOW! Dr. William Dorman is a professor at Millersville University and Past President of the National Broadcasting Society. He can be reached at (717) 872-3236 or Bill.Dorman@

Write a feature article for Signals Online. A feature article may include, but not be limited to the following: a fundraising idea in great detail, thoughts about a piece of technology, specifics about a regional convention. Pictures are strongly encouraged. You can email articles or questions to: Deadline is March 23, 2010

Do you want to earn extra model chapter points?


What Does Dallas Have to Offer?
by Paula Briggs, National Advisory Council member Hello all! In 6 weeks we will be in Dallas for our National Convention! I was able to check out some of the amenities the city has to offer during our mid-winter conference in Dallas. If you like horses, Dallas has ranches where you can go horseback riding or you can enjoy water sports at beautiful Lake Arlington. Downtown is peppered with museums and serves as the home for the the art district. Dallas has a diverse night life as well. Venues provide music ranging from country/western, salsa n merengue to smooth jazz. I spoke with a young man from Dallas on the plane ride home and he recommends some night spots called “Purgatory” or “Lizard Lounge.” He highly recommends a club in Fort Worth called “Billy Bobs.” He says there’s a bull riding pen in the club. Did I mention that the bull is live? He also told me that celebrities frequent the club. I noted that there are an exciting variety of restaurants near our hotel. If you like experiencing different types of food, you can sample authentic Mexican dishes, good old-fashioned Southern cuisine, Thai food, whatever you can imagine. My plane buddy also recommends the following steak eateries: Salt Grass Steakhouse and Texas Landing Cattle. Google/bing them. There’s so much to do, so get your plans together now. You owe it to yourself to come and participate in a wonderful convention filled with outstanding speakers and software demo sessions. Now’s the time. Decide what life-experience you want to have. I’ll be looking for you in March! Paula Briggs is a National Advisory Council member as well as the advisor to the Norfolk University chapter of the National Broadcasting Society.

SAC Mixer

by Gina Grosso National VP for Student Services

Dallas is right around the corner, and there are so many things to get ready for! One is the Student Advisory Council mixer. Every year the SAC hosts a mixer at the start of the convention giving NBS members the chance to mingle and get to know one another. And what better way is there to get to know one another than a night of dancing and fun? We are currently in the works of finding a DJ to bring to Dallas with us, so you know it is going to be good. Also, if any one has any ideas for themes or already has song requests lined up please email me with them at or even better; post them on the Facebook wall! You can find the group by searching for the “The Official National Broadcasting Society” in Facebook’s search engine. Now I know this year has been a little slow for the SAC, and we’re looking to change that for next year. We will also be hosting a series of SAC meetings to get every one excited about the upcoming year. During the time of the convention we will also be taking applications for any NBS Member interested in becoming a part of the SAC. I can’t wait for Dallas. Rider University’s chapter is almost all set to board the plane. All they need to do is pack, and wait for the date, which reminds me. When you’re packing remember not to bring solely business clothes because they may be a little uncomfortable to dance in at the mixer. I’ll see you at the DJ booth NBS! Gina Grosso is the National Vice President for Student Services. She is a student at Rider University and can be reached at


by Carolyn Cefalo National VP for Honor Society Service and President of AERho Please take note of the headline. This the the date your application for Alpha Epsilon Rho must be in the National Office for you to receive your pin, certificate and honor cords at the convention. At last year’s convention and again at the beginning of this school year, I tried to encourage you to set your sights for the year on this date. It would be the length of time you had to achieve the necessary grades and academic recognition for qualification to AERho membership. I am hoping many of you did, because it will be my pleasure to hear your name called as a new inductee, at this year’s convention in Dallas. If you are not quite ready or have not met all the requirements for membership, don’t get discouraged. Sometimes it takes a bit to overcome those first semester freshman grades, but it can be done and you should not lose sight of the goal.

AERho Deadline: February 12th!!!

What are the qualifications you ask? Well you need a minimum GPA of 3.25 in just your electronic media classes as well as an overall GPA of 3.25. These grades must be certified by your faculty advisor or a sealed transcript must be sent to the national office from your school. You must also be recommended and those persons qualified to recommend are on the application form. So take a moment and take a look at the application on line. Just go to the NBS-AERho web site and click on the AERho button for more information. Also don’t hesitate to E-mail me with questions about any of this. Remember, being inducted into AERho says to the professional community that you were in the top 10% of students studying Electronic Media. It says you have the ability to achieve success in business because you have already demonstrated that in college. Don’t underestimate the persuasive power of this achievement. The applications are online... Check them out today!! Remember, the 2010 AERho application deadline is February 12th. (The next initiation period is February 2011.) See you in Dallas. Carolyn Cefalo is the AERho President. She can be reached at interviews while you are in Dallas. Dallas has numerous local newspapers, magazines, television stations and radio stations that serve the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex as a whole, which is the 5th-largest media market in the United States. Area television stations affiliated with the major broadcasting networks include KDFW 4 (Fox), KXAS 5 (NBC), WFAA 8 (ABC) (owned by Belo), KTVT 11 (CBS), KERA 13 (PBS), KUVN 23 (UNI), KDFI 27 (MNTV), KDAF 33 (The CW) and KXTX 39 (TMD). KTXA-21 is an independent station formerly affiliated with the now-defunct UPN network. (Continued on page 9)

By Scott Alboum National Vice President For Communication As the National Convention approaches you might want to start making plans to communicate with electronic media professionals while you are in Dallas. You’ll have to chance to meet many of these people during the convention. However, you may also be able to spend more one on one time with these professionals by setting up informational

KIT Over Holiday Break

Sixty-three (63) radio stations operate within range of Dallas. The City of Dallas operates WRR 101.1 FM, the area’s main classical music station, from city offices in Fair Park.[68] Its original sister station, licensed as WRR-AM in 1921, is the oldest commercially-operated radio station in Texas and the second-oldest in the United States, after KDKA (AM) in Pittsburgh. Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation (HBC), the largest company in the Spanish language radio station business, is based in Dallas.[70] In 2003, HBC was acquired by Univision and became Univision Radio Inc., but the radio company remains headquartered in the city. So if you are interested in finding out more about these stations take the first step and contact one of them! Let them know that you are an electronic media student and that you’ll be in Dallas. You will never know what will happen unless you try. Who knows maybe you’ll end up making some great contacts? See you in Dallas! Scott Alboum is the NBS Vice President for Communication, as well as an Adjunct Professor and the Video Technologies Coordinator at Rider University. He can be reached at (609) 896- 5000 ext. 7152 or

NBS-AERho Calendar

2/10: Annual Chapter Report Deadline 2/12 Deadlines: - AERho Applications - Model Chapter & Community Service Reports - Society Award Nominations - Regular Convention Registration - Convention Hotel Reservations due 2/13: Student Dues Spring Deadline

2/26: Late Convention Registration Deadline 2/28: Email deadline for chapter proxy requests 3/9-3/14: 68th National Convention in Dallas 4/30: Chapter Graduation Registration Deadline 7/1: Student Dues Summer Deadline


One Man Band

by Megan McNulty Public Information Officer, Winona State University As the modern world continues to develop and change, so does technology. The constant introduction of new fangled electronics and Internet programs require those of us in the Mass Communications community to be eager to learn. As new technologies are developed and improved, the different forms of media are required to grow and change along side them. Those with careers in communications must learn to transmit their messages through multiple media outlets. Corporations and businesses are no longer looking to hire someone who can simply write, or operate a camera, but rather a person who has knowledge in television, radio, camera operating, writing and the Web. New technologies are allowing professionals in the field to shoot their own stories, edit them, write them, and afterwards- stream them online.

As technologies become more advanced, students eager to enter the communications job market must understand that businesses aren’t looking for journalists or reporters, but more importantly, a multimedia specialist. In the current job market you can truly set yourself apart from others by having knowledge and skills in the many areas of mass communication. Through school and educational organizations, current students have endless opportunities to expand their knowledge and portfolio for their future and professional careers. It’s important to take advantage of as many learning experiences as possible in order to become the most marketable candidate for a position. Experience and practice throughout the course of college, add depth to skill sets for future professionals. The more you can offer an employer, the more an employer may offer you. Megan McNulty is the Public Information Officer for the Winona State University chapter of the National Broadcasting Society. She can be reached at 920-246-2048 or

We have recently completely changed the format and layout of Signals and we want to know what you think. If you have any comments or opinions, please send an email to Thank you for your time! Nicole Lawrence and Scott Alboum, Producers and Editors of Signals Online

We want your feedback!


Seize the Opportunity
By Kim Landis Millersville University Secretary

We may not be the biggest chapter, or even be the most organized. But one thing that the Millersville chapter does have is a lot of motivation. As you all are well aware, the national NBS convention is being held in Dallas, Texas. Not exactly a hop, skip and a jump from our campus. However, our members have recognized the convention in Dallas as an opportunity to gain valuable experience for our futures in broadcasting. Keeping this in mind, we have been working very hard to fundraise, fundraise, fundraise! This past semester, we continued with some previous activities, revamped old ideas and created new ones. We were fortunate enough to work once again with our local pizza shop to aid in our fundraising efforts. We worked weekends delivering pizzas to on-campus students and to families throughout the community. It wasn’t always easy. Some of us were asked to work late into the morning, while others were forced to battle their way through freak snowstorms. In the end though, those weekends were successful and we look forward to participating again in the future months. One of our largest fundraisers to date was a new idea called Dollar Dog Night. The idea was based off of a similar activity held at a local stadium where hot dogs were sold to college students for only $1. We, too, sold hot dogs for $1 at our fundraiser, but also offered Millersville students a chance to watch our area baseball team, the Philadelphia Phillies, on a movie screen on our campus quad during the MLB playoffs. The fundraiser was a success, despite inclement weather moving the activity inside our student memorial center.

It was so successful that we held another Dollar Dog Night only several weeks later. All the hard work invested in the past semester has paid off. Over the course of only four months, we have raised more money for our organization than the past three years combined. We hope to continue this record in the coming months. And our biggest fundraiser of the year, Miss Millersville, is still to come. Miss Millersville is an event meant to showcase organizations on campus by having one female represent her organization in a relaxed, Miss America-style of competition. The girls are asked to showcase their talents and their most creative beachwear, for example, while three professional judges rate each category. However, Miss Millersville is about much more than a friendly competition. Miss Millersville has always done well to promote our organization as well as raise money and awareness for other organizations on campus. In fact, the top three winners of the event are given a percentage of the total prize money for their organization. Our school motto here at Millersville is “seize the opportunity.” Our desire to become future broadcasters, whether in front or behind the scenes, is what has motivated the Millersville Chapter to seize the opportunity Dallas has presented us. Sure, conditions along the way haven’t always been ideal, but in the end, the experiences we will gain in Dallas are going to be worth far more than any amount we could ever make in fundraising. They are priceless. Kim Landis is the Secretary for the Millersville Chapter of the National Broadcasting Society.


Dallas Convention Planning
by Jim Wilson NBS-AERho Executive Director I was in Dallas recently, making plans for the NBS-AERho National Convention, March 9-14. I’ve met quite a few alumni members of the organization. They are eager to help us produce the most effective convention in our history. Many of them have told me how important the national convention was to their future and they would like to give back to the organization. There has been strong local support for tours of media facilities. We have already confirmed tours of TM Productions and Citadel Media (owner of ABC Radio networks and many syndicated radio programs). We anticipate tours of stations, video production houses and other media entities as well as several entities of interest in the Dallas area. We have a number of people willing to serve as panelists and speakers but they will be unable to give us a final commitment until we get closer to the convention. We do not pay speakers, so the responsibilities of their jobs will impact our scheduling. We do have a rough schedule coming together and we anticipate developing another ten sessions between now and the convention. We have support for the following panels sessions, the titles may be tweaked but anticipate the following: • Radio in the 21th Century • The Immediate Future of News Reporting • What Convergence Means to the College Student • Audio Production Art and Science • Sports and Entertainment Marketing • The Internet Media: Will It Be Profitable and Will There Be Paid Media Jobs • Taking Video Production from the Campus to the Professional Environment • How New Research Technology is

Impacting Programming Decisions • Where is the Future in Sports Broadcasting? • Sales = Income = the Direction of Media and Media Employment • Video Production for New Distribution Systems • How Will Public Broadcasting Survive? • 100,000 Communications Students Won’t Get a Job in Traditional Media – How to Beat the Odds • Promoting Media Promotions • What I Wish I Knew Before Graduating (Early Professionals Share Experiences) The current schedule is the preliminary timeline. We will make changes and identify meeting times as we approach the convention. Check the website for updates. Tuesday, March 9 • Early on-site registration will be available • Students may tour Dallas on their own – tour information will be available Wednesday, March 10 • Registration available most of the day • Media Tours (9:00 am- 5:00 pm) – online registration will be conducted in February: depending on interest we will have mixed media tours, radio tours, television tours, Dallas area tours, and special interest tours (some tours will require admission fees) (Continued on page 12)

Entrance to Citadel Media

(Continued from page 11) • • • Software Demonstrations (1:00 pm-5:00 pm) – see the latest in media production Opening Session with featured speaker (7:00 pm-8:30 pm) National Mixer (9:00 pm-11:00 pm) – meet and network with future media professionals

Deadlines to Consider
by Joe Chuk, VP for Chapter Development

Thursday, March 11 • Breakfast with Featured Speaker (8:00am- 9:30 am) • Sessions and Business Meeting I (9:45 am -3:45 pm) – Topics and times TBA • Career Focus (4:00 pm-6:00 pm) • Professional Paper and/or Production Showcase • Free time to explore the Dallas scene (6:00 pm) Friday, March 12 • Business Meeting II (8:00 am-9:15 am) – At least one voting delegate required from each chapter • Sessions (9:30 am – 3:45 pm) – Topics and times TBA • Regional Meeting (4:00 pm – 5:30 pm) • Free time to explore the Dallas scene (6:00 pm - ) Saturday, March 13 • Advisors Breakfast (8:30 am-9:30 am) • Career Building Workshop (9:00 am11:30 am) – resume writing, career gameplanning, employment interviewing skills, demo disk critiques • Professional Sessions (9:30 am-11:30 am) • Chapter Development Session (11:45 am12:45 pm) • Business Meeting III (1:00 pm-2:15 pm) Only if needed • National Awards Reception and Show (4:00 pm-7:30 pm) Sunday, March 14 • Students may tour Dallas on their own – tour information will be available

In only a few weeks, we’ll be gathering for the national convention in Dallas. There’s probably no other single experience that has as much of an impact on the members of an NBS-Aerho chapter as taking part in a national convention. If your chapter hasn’t yet made plans to send a delegation to Dallas, there’s still time to take advantage of the regular registration rate. That rate is good through February 12 – after that, it’ll cost at least $50.00 more. February 12 is also the deadline for hotel reservations, so make sure your delegation is registered and has hotel accommodations by then. If your chapter isn’t able to send anyone to the convention this year, it’s important to have your chapter represented by a proxy at the business meetings. Send a request to the NBS-AERho national office by February 28. There are a couple of other deadlines to keep in mind. February 10 is the day your chapter’s Annual Report is due. Along with being an important convention deadline, February 12 is also the day when several submissions are due – Society Award nominations, the Community Service Report, and reports to apply for the Model Chapter Award and the new Motivated Chapter Award. Make sure that your chapter gets full recognition at the convention for your activities. The new Motivated Chapter designation specifically targets chapter activities from the fall semester through the submission deadline, so it’s a great way to show how active your chapter has been since the start of the school year. Check the “Chapter Materials” and “Conventions” links on the NBS-AERho Web site for all the details. I’ll see you in Dallas! Joe Chuk is the Vice President for Chapter Development. He can be reached at chuk@


Getting Involved Early

by Kevin Rafferty, Freshman at Rider University The fall semester of 2009 begins and I had no idea what to expect. I was a freshman coming into Rider University for my first semester. I walked into the studio shortly after arriving and I don’t think I have left for more than an hour since. In one semester I have learned more than ever before, and have also shared much knowledge I already knew with other students. The staff and students of the Rider University Network and NBS chapter made my first semester exciting and rewarding. Barely a week after stepping foot into the studio I was extremely involved with Riders News Show, and in even less time it took for me to get involved I was co producing. But No, the fun didn’t stop there. I was helping with The Rider Sports Report and many other TV ventures from documentaries to important interviews. My mom always told me to get involved early

and it will make all the difference, she was right! Working in television is my dream and I realized the Rider University Network and NBS is my first step to making that happen. I put in hours of time in order to put together just about six submissions for Dallas, and in the process have worked with some fantastic people. When I came back for my second semester of college, I didn’t say I was going back to college, I said I was going back home. In less than a semester the Rider University TV studio has really become my home away from home. There have been times where I have spent all day and all night working there, yet I don’t think I would have it any other way. This first year has been amazing thus far and I can’t wait to see what is to come. Every chapter should welcome each student with open arms like Rider University did for me because large contributions can come from anywhere. I can’t wait until Dallas, it is truly and honor and a great experience to be going as only a freshman, and that is thanks to the staff and students of The Rider University. Kevin Rafferty is a Freshman at Rider University and can be reached at raffertyk@

1. Hear about latest developments in the industry from more than 100 electronic media professionals 2. Participate in small group sessions at Career Focus, ask professionals those questions you wouldn’t ask in class 3. Have your demo media critiqued by a professional 4. Attend demonstrations of the latest media software 5. Choose from more that 15 different panel presentations on different aspects of the industry 6. Tour national and regional media facilities 7. Hear well-known featured speakers on focused topics 8. Meet and network with future media professionals from all over the country 9. Attend the national awards ceremony 10. Meet a cowboy, an urban cowboy, or a Dallas Cowboy

Top 10 Reasons to Attend the NBS-AERho National Convention in Dallas


Region Postings
Region 1
by Ray Eaton Region 2 Director During the NEB/NAC/Regional Directors meeting in January, we toured the hotel. Everyone in our group was excited and cannot wait for you to experience it. When you first walk into the spacious lobby, you don’t have to be smart to know this is not your average Holiday Inn. There is even a full-service Starbucks in the lobby! The Malachite Ballroom, the location for the award show, is a three-level auditorium. It will provide a great view for all to witness the ceremonies on Saturday evening. Many of the breakout rooms for our sessions were recently remodeled and refurbished. The large open-air glass enclosed area for our kick-off session on Wednesday will amaze you. And the guest rooms are not too shabby either! I have been to many national conventions lately and I can truly say these accommodations are among the best. But don’t just take my word for it. Go to the hotel’s website at www.intercontinental. com and check it out. Oh, did I mention there was a Starbucks? Make your reservations and pack your bags. See you Dallas!

Region 3

by Jay Cofield, Ph.D. Region 3 Director The Region 3 Production Competition was a success, and it was online. For the first time in NBS history, the competition moved to the Internet. Entries were uploaded to YouTube, links emailed, and scored online by industry pro’s in the Southeast. Students liked the convenience of YouTube, judges liked being able to watch online (everyone understood that YouTube isn’t “Broadcast Quality” but that didn’t seem to be a problem), and I liked everything about being online except for YouTube changing their privacy settings after the entry sheets went out. Thanks, YouTube! Other than that little glitch, it was modern and “hip.” If you’d like to view the winning entries, please go to com/watch?v=lDQIV0Y8OGw and look under the Favorites column.


Chapter Postings

Texas Sets High Standards

West Texas A&M University What a great finish to the 2009 fall semester! West Texas A&M University held its new member initiation and welcomed 30 members to the chapter! PASO (Panhandle Aids Support Organization) was a hit! Every member signed up to for a work day and show night was a blast it was a great experience for everyone as NBS gave back to the community once again. The trip to Austin for Regional Convention brought home over 15 places to enter at Nationals, 12 out of which placed 1st! Dr.

Browning, along with NBS vice president Trav Ruiz, has prepared an alumni panel that will be very versatile and interesting for the chapter. WT broadcasting is taking technology to a whole new level, the upgraded one that is. With our new high definition studio, News One has a new room and a new lay out. We are experimenting with the new HD flip cameras. News One will be ready for its first official show of the semester in February. With all these new and great things happening with our department, we are excited for nationals and hope to send many members to the convention in Dallas! We are looking forward to a great semester this spring 2009!

UNA: Starting the Semester Strong
University of North Alabama We are just getting started this year at UNA and we are so excited. Our first official meeting will be held next week and we will start a membership drive that week as well. Our school’s radio station is still going strong and

we can’t wait to see where it goes! We have high expectations for this year and are ready to work hard and have fun!

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