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Final Cut Pro Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts


Action Shortcut

Import Footage Command + I

Set In Point “I”

Set Out Point “O"

Insert Shot at End of Project “E"

Insert Shot at Playhead (creates splice) “W" This is a free PDF Guide
which I have decided to make
Insert Shot as B Roll “Q" free to the public.
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Action Shortcut

Close/Open Library Window Control + Command + 1

Close/Open Inspector Command + 4

Expand Inspector Full Control + Command + 4


Close/Open Effects Window Command + 5

Zoom Into Timeline Command “+”

Zoom Out of Timeline Command “-“

Color Correction Command + 6

Open/Close Transitions Comand + Shift + 5

View to Fit (Preview Window) Shift + Z

Making Edits Basic Moves
Action Shortcut Action Shortcut

Splice Shot Command + B Play/Pause Spacebar

Trim to the left Option + [ Move 1 Frame Left Left Arrow

Trim to the right Option + ] Move 1 Frame Right Right Arrow

Splice at Playhead Command + B

Blade (manual) “B”

Delete Shot Delete

Replace Shot with Gap fn + Delete

Useful Miscellaneous Shortcuts

Action Shortcut

Mark Clip (reference) M

Duplicate Title Option and drag title to side

Copy Clip Properties Command + C

Paste Clip Properties Command + Option + V

Paste SOME Properties Command + Shift + V

Turn Audio Skimming On/Off Command + S

Turn On/Off Snapping N

Turn Skimming On/Off S

1. Keyframe Basics:˝
2. Position playhead where you want the transition to begin.˝
3. Click on the clip so it is selected˝
4. Add a keyframe via the inspector˝
5. Move the playhead to where the transition will end. ˝
6. Add a keyframe.˝
7. Make adjustment (example in class: lower volume)