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Job Description Metallurgical Advisor

Doc No.: RRE-ADV-006 Date: 11-Nov-2017 Rev No.: 01 Page 1 of 2

POSITION : Metallurgical Advisor

REPORTING TO : Deputy Section Manager of Reliability Engineering
DIVISION : Maintenance Division

A. Requirements

Educational Level : University Graduated

Work Experience : Min 10 years experiences in petroleum / petrochemical plant or equivalent
Specialty/Qualification : A bachelor’s degree in mechanical or equivalent
Passionate dedication to maintaining safe operations enforcing strict conformance
with all government regulations, and applicable company procedures and policies.
Strong decision making abilities under pressure and innovative to generate new
Basic knowledge in refinery processes.
Must have participated in field problems troubleshooting in oil and gas related
Must have a thorough knowledge of engineering practices, international standards,
and economic principles related to incumbent's field.
Write reports and design packages to enable implementation of engineering
Skills : - Knowledgeable with international standards, petroleum / petrochemical plant
materials and equipment.
- Experience of maintenance mechanical control and planning.
- Report writing and presentation skills
- English skills IELTS 5.0
- Competency in Microsoft applications including Word, Excel and Outlook
Competency : Competency Common In particular
Achievement orientation * x
Challenge * x
Inter-personnel * x
Professional skill, Knowledge * x
Decision-making, Judgment * x
Planning, Creativity * x
Negotiation * x
Leadership* x
Development others * x
* Definition is described in “Competency reference of NSRP Performance Appraisal for Local hired”.

B. Purpose
Metallurgical Advisor is responsible to assist Metallurgical Leader any metallurgical issue in the refinery
to meet the maintenance plan of Maintenance Division in accordance with established operating
procedures and written and oral instruction from Deputy Section Manager of Reliability and Engineering
C. Responsibility
During EPC phase, Advisor should work for the following job together with other maintenance
management team.
1) CMMS Workflow development
2) Develop Tier 3 and 4 procedures
Job Description Metallurgical Advisor

Doc No.: RRE-ADV-006 Date: 11-Nov-2017 Rev No.: 01 Page 2 of 2

3) Survey daily maintenance company

4) Maintenance Machine shop design and operation
5) Warehouse work design
6) Attend and train new employees
7) Participate in Construction Work Quality and Safety Assurance

After the Mechanical Completion,

1) Responsible to provide support services to Maintenance Division and to advice the less
experienced engineer in the divisions.
2) The advisors work very close with the engineering staff to convey their advice to all relative staff.
3) Advice for resolving problems in corrosion control and materials performance affecting the
refinery process and utilities units.
4) Assist to interface with refinery personnel and assist to provide expert advice and front line
technical support for maintenance and operation on all corrosion control activities throughout the refinery.
5) Assist to monitor corrosion within the refinery units and provide recommendations periodically
to minimize/control the corrosion rate.
6) Assist to evaluate the effectiveness of the corrosion inhibitors in the refinery and assist the
refinery in benchmarking the corrosion control practices with other practices used in the industry.
7) Assist to perform corrosion failure investigations and special corrosion related studies.
8) Assist to review corrosion mitigation and monitor activities in the field to identify needed system
modifications or procedural changes.
9) Assist to initiate and conduct special studies to minimize/control the corrosion in the refinery
units to improve the facilities operation.
10) Guide, direct and motivate the less experienced engineers and operators including setting
education and training and assessing their performance in association with their superior and the Human
Resources Section.
D. Accountability, Duty
- To achieve the followings through the above responsibility
- Maintain safe and stable operation
- Keep required quality of product
- Plant productivity improvement
* Specific numerical goals will be defined every year.

E. Latitude for Actions or Decisions

To be confirmed
F. Supervisory Responsibility
Direct Supervises:
Total Staff Supervised:
G. Agreement
Agreed by Job Holder:

Agreed by Manager:

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