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Memorandum RECEIVED JIL 10 1989 July 5, 1989 Jerry Bartos Council neaber Landscaping on Quiney Lene Side of Dallas North follvay Along The City of Dallas landscape project currently undervay on i sige of Dallas North Tollway extends from the 4c of Horthaven Roed co the south side of Forest ‘on the veet side of Quincy Lane adjacent to the Tollway. ‘This project 18 scheduled to be completed by Suly 17, 1989. The Texas Turnpike Authority has recently completed lengacaping project on the east tide of the Tollway from Forest Lene to neat Harvest Hill. This project $+ on Tollvay right-of-way aad does sot include work on Quincy _-Tke Turnpike Authority te also currently agreement vith the State Department of Highways tation for a noise impact study in ther. Section has experience in perforsing such studies aad also the necessary sound measuring equipment. The agreeneat | for Enis atedy is expected to be approved vithin the next Wich the sctusl on-eite investigation oval. The resuite of the Bob pfoagece asbtheane City Manager ne ions Rt Yo Ane oS Tei Fala”