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ood's ckett Park, Brentw t Cro Have some fun a aseball, playing tennis, b 164-acre park, by ore. trail and much m re hiking on the natu

-foot he 29,000-square T ett Park or arena at Crock indo tors and seats 195 specta s, indirect asts high ceiling bo specially lighting, netting modate esigned to accom d nd a different sports a ith glass recessed court w k hockey sher boards (thin da spectators arena), allowing -personal an up-close-and he 60w of the action. T vie g floor by 30-yard playin hich helps imics real turf, w m outdoor ers develop their play playing skills.

ounty's e of Williamson C It's on Park & den gems. Bowie hid iew has re Center in Fairv Natu st, lakes and 722 acres of fore n idyllic ils that provide a tra siasts of setting for enthu ck riding, icycling, horseba b g and g, running, walkin fishin r children roller blading. Fo n on-site d their parents, a an und offers treehouse playgro rificing fun. afety without sac s ulti-level playground has m The mazes, n structures with woode mps, ecting tunnels, ra interconn here is es and ladders. T bridg area as well also a small tyke rea. hair-accessible a as a wheelc

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unty offers in Williamson Co ne course to a The golf club sce ging from a par-3 , ran Palmer. Here many links to like igned by Arnold nue des eir tees: championship ve eep golfers on th ptions to k are some of the o b, Franklin rossing golf clu forrest c par 72 Public, 18 holes, ntwood Athletic club, Bre nashville golf & , par 72 Private, 18 holes Franklin t Legends club, vanderbil nd par 71 courses, par 72 a ole Private, two 18-h Franklin at Aspen grove, e the Little cours 9 holes, par 3 Franklin ls country club, 8-hole temple Hil played in three 1 rses can be Three 9-hole cou combinations ntwood ountry club, Bre Brentwood c ship course 8-hole champion Private, 1 rentwood overnors club, B the g , par 72 Private, 18 holes Franklin aven golf club, westh , par 72 Private, 18 holes

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good son County have Dogs in William se days. In ag their tails the reason to w pened city of Franklin o April 2010, the The Park at al dog facility in a K-9 Korr re, fencedarm. The half-ac Harlinsdale F and play ows dogs to run in K-9 Korral all ommodate ash, and can acc without a le me. 25-30 dogs at a ti me to County is also ho Williamson ated behind ’s Bark Park, situ Maggie anaged igh School and m Franklin H Control. n County Animal by Williamso arts – is split into two p The dog facility r dogs, and ark Park for large Maggie’s B ies and Around for pupp Rascal’s Run 30 pounds. t weigh less than dogs tha e to Spring pring Hill is hom And finally, S e Evans Park located insid Hill Bark the Maury rk is situated on Park. The pa ng Hill the city, but Spri County side of on and Maury in both Williams residents use it. es are welcome to counti


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