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Our product is … Our product is a pill for learning languages. The pill is used to encode
(general millions of words from the preference language. To see the results
description-use the pill requires a 15 minutes time lapse, in order to learn the
passive voice) preference language. The pill was made in a special lab by different
scientist that involve unusual chemicals that reacts with the human
brain. The pill has been
Its name is …
(Be original!) WORD-CONNECTION

The way this The pill is made in order that when you consume it (Only with water),
product works is the pill decomposes and the chemicals that compounds it travel
(by)… through the blood, and gets directly to the brain, specifically to the
left hemisphere, which controls the ability of learning languages.
The pill takes 15 minutes to take effect, so after this time lapse you
will be able to talk fluently in the language you had choose.
In first place, business people, because they could contact and meet
Some people that people easily with other businesspersons and create successful
could benefit contracts. In the other hand for the students, because it could help
from this product to study in other countries.
are…. In conclusion, this pill could be use by anyone who has the resources
to afford it.
It would help people to avoid language classes and invest better the
It helps people to time. In addition, this pill will give a native level of the language
avoid/solve… chosen.
Finally, it would help people to communicate easily in any part of the
world, giving a better travelling experience.
The benefits are: In first place, it will be able to break the language
It’s beneficial barriers; In second place, for people who buy it, it will be an
because … investment for the future, which at the end will be cheaper than
traditional languages courses.
It is an original The pill has not been created, because it is a very difficult project to
product develop, that is why this company is pioneer in giving the solution
because… for this universal communication problem.
Its price is … It depends on language, the effect last 1 week and the cost of each
pill is for example in English $ 150 dollars .
My product can Original, practical, good profits, chemical safe, affordable,
be described with innovative, complex, helpful, practical, quick effect.
the following
B1+ Adjectives:

Product by: Isabella Cubides Gonzales, Mateo Gaviria Santana, Andrés Felipe
Romero, Mariana Sainea Gutiérrez.