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NAME: ___________________________________ Date: ____________________________

I. Complete the sentences with can or can’t and one of the verbs.
Ex: Andres can’t go swimming, and he’s afraid of the water.

Drive Draw Sing Speak Go Take Play

1. Tomofumi _______________ to the movies tonight. He has to do homework.

2. Josef _______________ . He passed his driving test.
3. I _______________ . I am very artistic.
4. Lina ___________ the guitar, but she _______________well. Her voice is beautiful!
5. A: _______________ you _____________ French? B: No, I can’t.

II. Read about how Oscar spends his free time. Then mark each sentence true (T) or false (F).
On Saturday mornings I go to the store to buy a newspaper. When I get home I make breakfast, and
then I sit down and read the paper while I eat. Usually at about 11 o’clock, I go to the supermarket.
That takes about an hour, so after that I have lunch. In the afternoon, I sometimes listen to the radio
or watch TV. Other times, I go for a walk or read a book. In the evening, I always call my sister and
we talk about our day.

1. Oscar reads the paper in the morning. _____

2. He goes to the supermarket at about 11:00. _____
3. He doesn’t have lunch after he goes to the supermarket. _____
4. He always reads in the afternoon. _____
5. The writer sometimes calls his sister. _____

III. Make questions with can. Wh questions or Yes-No Questions. Use Who, Where, What, How,

Example: A: What can you do? B:I can play the piano?

1. A: _________________________________________________? B: I can meet Jenny on Friday.

2. A:_________________________________________________? B: Maria can speak French and Italian.
3. A:_________________________________________________? B: We can go by bus.
4. A:_________________________________________________? B: No, I can’t swim.
5. A: _________________________________________________? B: We can meet in front of the bank.

IV. Write negative forms of the sentences.

1. I get up at five o’clock. ___________________________________________________________

2. Mike plays the piano. ___________________________________________________________
3. Monica paints pictures. ___________________________________________________________
4. Juan has to go work today. _______________________________________________________________
5. Martha and I like jazz. _____________________________________________________________________

V. Listening. Listen to the conversations. Circle the correct answers.

Conversation 1 Conversation 2

1. Jack _____with his friends on weekends. 2. Beth listens to jazz ____.

a. goes to the gym. a. CDs.

b. goes jogging. b. on the radio.
c. eats lunch. c. to relax.

Conversation 3 Conversation4
3. Adam is good at_____ things. 4. Alice doesn’t ___ jewelry.

a. fixing. a. collect.
b. learning. b. wear.
c. making. c. buy.