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INSTRUCTIONS and PARTS NO. 618 6” ATLAS BACK GEARED SCREW CUTTING LATHE NO. 12A, 16A ARMATURE LATHE JULY, 1976 CLAUSING CORPORATION KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN 49007 NO. 124, 16h, ARMATURE bATHE 68 JULY, 1976 618 ATLAS 6 BACK GEARED SCREW CUTTING LATHE and 12A, 16A ARMATURE LATHE INSTRUCTIONS FOR ORDERING REPAIR PARTS IT 1S IMPORTANT TO FURNISH THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IN ADDITION TO QUANTITY REQUIRED: |. PART NUMBER 2. PART NAME 3. MODEL and SERIAL NUMBER ¢f machine too|-you'll find both on the metal plate otteched to machine. ORDER REPAIR PARTS FROM. GLAUSING SERVICE CENTER 811 EISENHOWER DRIVE, SOUTH GOSHEN, INDIANA 46526 TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR LATHE PARTS UNIT ASSEMBLIES reli Screeners seit wad CARRIAGE on: HEADSTOCK . LEAD SCREW, CHANGE GEARS, GEAR GUARD and LATHE BED ; 7 COUNTERSHAFT ond TAILSTOCK. ... Saeie COUNTERSHAFT RACKET NO. 6L-1 SIX INCH LATHE MOUNTING JAN, 1969 FILE NO. 6L-1 MOUNTING HOLES TN LATHE LEG Fie MOUNTING LATHE Place lathe of beneh ia approximately. position shown in fagure 1. Hench top should be at least 20 by 34 inch es. Froat edges of legs should be about 14" iow froat ff bench top. Mark positions of four holes in lathe legs faad drill heles to accommodate lta as desiied Next, bolt lathe to beach top and level bed by carefully following instructions contained ia bullerin'*PROPERLY LEVEL THE LATHE BED", This is a most important step and should aot be alighted. ROCKER LEVER (ln belt tension position) BELT TENSION SCREMS SOUNTERSHAFT SRACKET SPINDLE BELT Figure? MOUNTING COUNTERSHAFT “The four holes for the countershalt bracker may oow be Jocared and drilled by following the dimensions in figure 1. Whis countershale bele tension screws (refer to figuce 2), in about the midway position, place spindle belt an famullest step of coustershafe pulley aad Inegest cep of spindle pulley. Bolt countershaft bracket lightly £0 beneh, Pat cocker Levet in teasion position, thar is, so that the hele tension sczews (refer to figure 2) zest op the smaller ‘of the two flat xpots on rosker shaft, Naw move eouneer- shaft bracket oa i slotted holes so thar countersbalt spindle is parallel with lathe spindle. More beacket away from Tathe-vocil belt is tight and tighcen the four mounting bolts, With bele tension sccews, adjuse belr #0 that with a moderate amount of pressure belt cen be de- mepanedl nner dati conren stack ain ealeetapetley tightening lockauts on belt tension screws. MOUNTING MOTOR Before mounting mocor, make al} electrical connections ‘tide poltey 9a mosor shaft so chae small step ie toward motor. Place motor ia position shows fa figuce 2, wich belt on small step of motor pulley sad on large step of ‘couoreeshafe pulley. Be swe rockershaft is still in cen- ‘sion position and pall motor as close (0 counrersbatt Tracket ns bele will sllov, line op belt and’ bolt motor 1m bene, Cheek tension and alignment of both halts, then tighten all mounting sstews of bolts sesursly. Printed in USA,