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Shailender Kumar,
Vice President,Omaxe Construction Ltd.

Haryana is on the threshold of development as regard the Township Development is

concerned. As always Haryana stood for Green revolution, now it transeles rapidly to
commercialized and industrialized hub-centeres of urbanized population.

Today, ‘Gurgaon’ stands as a ‘role model’ of any city development. Gurgaon – originally
“Guru-Gram’ named after Duru Dronachanya in Mabharat time, during last decade, it has
gone through major changes and has now developed into an ideal modern township.


To its advantage of being situated in New Delhi vicinity, Gurgaon falls under National
Capital Region. Its boundaries touching Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi make
Gurgaon to an important strategically located place. Further, it is connected to the Delhi-
Jaipur-Ahmedabad broad gauge rail link and also National Highway No.8 along with IGI
Airport; about 30 Kms. from the centre of New Delhi, Gurgaon is most important of all
Haryana Towns.

(Refer Gurgaon – Locational Map)


Till independence, Gurgaon was fairy backward small hamlet, having habitation of few
hundreds only. Way back to 1971, its population was merely 57,085. it then grew to
approximate 2,57,000.


Gurgaon is one the fastest developing city in Northern India and its proximity to New
Delhi helps.

Initially considered a Satellite city to Metro New Delhi. The habitation begun living in
Ansal’s in Palam Vihar, having regular inferior-rated basic infrastructure of access roads,
power and water; which has been developed, later.
Earlier established MARUTI UDYOG gave- Gurgaon planners a feel to consider the
town development, a prelude for making it an Industrial – hub-centre. Keeping the pace
with time, it undertook considerable development work to ensure that the industries
coming up in Grugaon have a smooth sailing run.

Later, DLF’s Qutub-Enclave and AA’s Garden City etc. provided a pollution free, quality
living, which was accelerated for the availability of cheaper (comparing South Delhi
rates) land, followed by Unitech Southcity and henceforth.

In the meanwhile, HUDA made all the provision available for a new modern town with
seed of its conceptualization set in nature. Gurgaon city layout (Sector wise) is enclosed
for further elaboration, which is ready in thought is modern and the ambience is natural
(Ref.Gurgaon Map). Maruti Industries taking as an anchor- lead to Industrial
Development of Gurgaon which has given schematic- development of all kind industries
spreading beyond its geographic end upto Mansear or Rajasthan’s & Bhiwani.


Gurgaon’s Planners have also been conceptualized as a catalyst for promoting the pace of
industrialization, promoting the pace of industrialization here. Promotion of large and
medium sector projects has been among one of its prime objects.

Keeping the growth and understanding the need the developer (DLF, Unitech, Ansal &
Others) made Grugaon transforming into a destination of their offices of all corpoerate
and MNC’s from the crowding & expensive Connaught Place or other New Delhi
Commercial Complexes. In this context DLF’s Corporate Park Gateway Tower,
Unitech’s Signature Tower, Millennium Tower, Global Business Park, Unitech Business
Park are a few to name; which have provided the clients - with all international standards
amenities and facilities. Now, many other players are also in the trade i.e., MGF Tower,
Sahara Mall, JMD’s Royal Court, Vatika’s First Indian Place, Vipul Orchid Tower etc.
etc. The Gurgaon portion of Maharauli-Gurgaon Road is going to be a glittering streach
with best of acrhitectured commercial complexes.

Most of the ‘Corporate offices’ are shifting from down-town New Delhi to Gurgaon in
these commercially built-up complexes. MNC’s are also opting in these complexes, as
they find adequate HOUSING facilities with international standard & availability of
choices in Gurgaon.

If Chennai’s Tidal – Park is pioneering for feeding maximum to the event of success as
Cyber city; Gurgaon goes for multiple development of DLF’s, Unitech’s and other’s
Cyber Parks. This would facilitate the clients their needs to maximize the all-fold
concentration in this region for housing cyber activities – IT industries and software

In all these planned development, the role of Haryana Urban Development Authority
(HUDA) is most significant Gurgaon is a naturally planned town. HUDA have realized
the potential of Gurgaon – as earlier small township, growing into a metro mega city and
visualized it as a commercially and technically savy city to establish foundation for social
commercial and industrial success, HUDA has realized that the success of town lies in the
satisfaction of its people and believe in bringing them together. Keeping them in mind,
HUDA has developed crèche building, schools, colleges, dispensary, hospital, community
building, police station, fire station, milk booth, bus shelters, telephone exchanges,
stadium, club, old age homes, golf course etc. etc.

Amongst other most important Infrastructure Facilities, is the ‘ACCESS- ROADS’.

Although Gurgaon as being old existing city – basic of infrastructure was available.
HUDA made their up-gradation developing to their excellence more feeding today major
demands of growth achieved. HUDA aims at making the township of Gurgaon more
easily accessible by providing long and wide roads, which are well lit. The light-post
have been fixed at regular intervals. Consideration of a circular road is also under
consideration. Rightly, Gurgaon roads are leading towards success.

Considering “Water –inevitable source of life” – HUDA truly realizing the importance of
water in all aspects of life. Consequently, a 70 km. Water channel from Sonepat to
Gurgaon has been constructed which is designed to supply 100 MGD treated water
capable of serving upto 16 lacs of people.

As for ‘Sewerage - which is the hygiene of Life’ HUDA has also designed a 4 zone
Sewerage system to ensure hygine of community. The waste is carried through proper
channels and disposed in an appropriate engineered manner. It also provides an efficient
drainage system to stop the rain water from collecting in the town.

It may be well said that in Gurgaon, HUDA makes the ‘Infrastructure Facilities on a Firm

As already known Haryana as a state and Gurgaon in particular is a front runner in the
GREEN REVOLUTION. Despite being a commercial township, it has not forgotten the
importance of nature. Accordingly, several provisions have been made to develop parks,
open spaces and green belts. A park has been already developed in Sector 29, which is
fully decorated with water bodies i.e. foundation etc.

For all round development of Gurgaon, HUDA has not ingnored the rural population
along with urban lot. The water supply, sewerage, storm water, roads, streets, bricks on
edge of paving and electrification etc. are planned for the village: Jharsa, Khandsa,
Sukhranli, Sarhole, Dundahera, Mulahera, Carterpuri, Gurgaon gillage, Kadipur, Kanhari,
Basai, Islampur & Dhanwapur.

Progress – at Glance
The following land mark progress has been set forth:
Water Supply : 37 Kms.
T.W. : 18 Nos.
Under Ground Tanks : 3 Nos.
Sewerage : 80.26 Km.
Storm Water : 15 Kms.
Open Channel : 77 Kms.
Road : 28 Kms.
Brick Paving : 60950 Sq.mts.

Now Gurgaon has become one of the most important corporate & industrial hubs of the
country. To match with any international city of its kind, HUDA’s following projects will
boast of their standards on their completion.

1. Master Roads & Junction

Leaving apart NH-8 which falls under National Highway Authority of India;
HUDA has undertaken the re-carpeting work of all the master roads (which has
been constructed before 1995). First 60m wide road leading to sector 55/56 from
NH-8 upto DLF Golf course – work completed upto 90%.

Estimated cost : 170 crore

Mehrauli Road (approx 5 km. has been improved for eight lane road)
Estimated cost : 495 crore.

Beautification of Rajiv Chowk, Jhesa Chowk etc. completed.

2. Engineering facilitation: Sewage Treatment Plant

STP has been constructed near village Dhanwapur capacity of 68 MLD.
Estimated cost – Rs.1100 Lacs.

Facilitation – Convenience

1. Auditorium – cum – Convention Centre

Situated in Sector 29 – Area carried out – 8.5 Acre. Seating capacity of 1200
persons fully air-conditioned.

Additional conference hall of 65 persons capacity

Estimated cost : 1391 lacs.

2. Open Air Theater

Situated in Sector – 29.
Seating capacity : 200 persons
Estimated cost : 82.90 lacs
Recreational, Sports & Leisure

1. Club Building :
Area covered - 2 acres
Plinth area : 685 sq.mtrs.
Estimated cost : 127.75 lacs

2. Leisure Valley Park

Situated in sector 29
Area covered – 25 acres
Features: Decorated water bodies, rose garden ornamental trees, lights &
shopping complex with restaurant – completed.

In extension programme to add Musical Fountain

Estimated cost : 150 lacs
Central Plaza
Estimated cost : 200 lacs.

Sports Complex

Situated in sector 38.

Area covered – 46.25 acres.

a. Cricket Stadium (capacity 25,000 persons)

b. Athletic Stadium (capacity 5,000 persons)
c. Indoor Stadium (capacity 2500 person)
d. Swimming pool (capacity 2500 persons)
+ Hand Ball, Volley Ball, Basket Ball courts,
+ Provision of Hostel & Commercial complex
Estimated cost : 900 lacs.

Development of Ch. Devilal Smriti Park

Situated in Sector – 22
Total area of the park : 30 acres
Estimated cost : 105 lacs.


Situated in Sector – 43

1. Senior Secondary School

Area : 5 Acres
Plinth Area : 2440 sq.mts.
Estimated cost : 110.20 lacs
2. College Building
Situated in Sector 9
Plinth Area : 3717
Estimated cost : 198.8 lacs


1. Mini Secretariat
Building comprising of seven storeyes & double storeys block.
Estimated cost : 1300 Lacs.

2. Rest House Building

Situated in Sector 15 (I)

Area : 1960 sq.mts.
Plinth area : 405
Estimated cost : 64.65 lacs.

3. Modern Joint Complex

Situated in village Bhondri
Area : 86.00 Acres
Estimated cost : 3995 lacs

4. Police Station

Situated in Sector - 56
Area : 2.00 Acres
Estimated cost : 51.54 lacs.

5. Health Care

1. Medicity
Situated in Sector 38
Area : 45 Acres
2. Hospital Building
Situated in Sector 10
Capacity : 250 bedded.

In Gurgaon, Real Estate is looming with new buildings coming up faster, adding up
featuristic and quality development. The Capital (New Delhi) based-offices as being
relocated from congested and contaminated down-town area of Connaught Place, Nehru
Place or Cama Place. Actively amongst participating Real Estate developers naming of
afew DLF, UNITECH, Ansal Essel etc. Omaxe is also creating world class
neighbourhood in Gurgaon, along with other Omaxe’s commitments (in Uttar Pradesh,
Maharashtra & Punjab).
Now Gurgaon has become one of the most significant corporate and industrial with
excelling in the IT Industry and Software development. Supporting by creation of world-
class habitational recreational and commercial facilities superior and controlled

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