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Cloud Mynds

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Service Offerings

P3M Consulting QA & Testing Services Data Sciences Digital Channels Web & Mobility Solutions IT Staffing

Portfolio Business
Manual Automated Digital Channels Web & Mobile Apps
Management Intelligence Contract Staffing
Management Development
Performance & Load
Program Migration &

Sales Channels Integration

Search Engine Consulting
Cloud Applications Enterprise Data Permanent Staffing

Social Media Consulting

Management Re-engineering
Mobile Applications
Applications Recruitment Process
Project Management
Accessibility Testing Data Analysis & Outsourcing (RPO)
Data Visualisation
Integration Testing Systems Integration
& Performance

Business Transformation
Digital Transformation

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P3M Consulting

Portfolio Program Project

Management Management Management - Enterprise Products
Implementations & Upgrades
(PfM) (PgM) (PjM)
Bridging the gap between - Cloud Platform & Services
‘Strategy’ and - Business Transformations Implementations
‘Implementation’ by managing - Digital Transformations - Mobility
one or more project portfolios
- Platform Integration
- Custom S/W Development

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QA & Testing

Testing Test
S/W Testing
- - Manual/Automated Process Resources - Supplement your capabilities
- - Cloud or on premise Management - Test Plan & Test Cases Augmentation
- Onsite and offshore test
- Test Execution Governance resources
- Enterprise, Web/mobile apps
- End to end testing process - Round the clock testing for
- Functional & Integration
management and delivery faster turn around
- Load/Perf, Security/Pen Test
- Integral part of the program
- Outcome ownership

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Data Science

Business Enterprise Data Analysis

Intelligence Data - Strategic Management of
& Data
- Architecture Design - Multi-Source Data Integration
Consulting Management Data Visualisation
- Implementation & Migration - Intuitive Dashboards
- Multi-User Capabilities
- Governance & Performance - Agile Development
- Better Reporting
Management - SMEs to Large Enterprises
- Improved CRM
- Dashboard Design - Project Delivery Expertise
- Better Forecasting

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Digital Channels

Search Social Sales

Engine - Digital Marketing Strategy Media - Social Strategy
Consulting - SEM: Search Engine Consulting - Social Communications
- Social Listening Coming Soon!
- SEO: Search Engine
Optimisation - Social Media Content
- Bespoke Solutions tailored to - Campaigns for Brand
client’s needs Awareness

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Web & Mobility

Web &
Mobile Apps Migration &
Integration &
Development Re- - Integrate new apps with
- Convert Visual ideas to Reality Performance legacy environment
& engineering
- Creative Designs (web/mobile) - On premise to Cloud Engineering - Best leverage what you
Management migration (IaaS/SaaS)
- Comprehensive Web Solutions already have
for your business growth - Business Process Re- - Protect your IT investments
- e2e Mobility solutions for engineering
- Reduce your Costs
enterprises and start ups
- Gain Operational efficiencies

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IT Staffing

Contract Permanent Process
Staffing Staffing Outsourcing Right candidates through a
Provide flexibility in-terms of We assist to attract and create (RPO) well standardized recruiting
skill set selection, adjusting on direct access to top-notch, process while saving cost and
variable project durations and fully-screened and ideally time without hustling of
reducing the other overheads qualified candidates in every recruitment delays, salary
pertaining to hire. industry and at every level. negotiations, and other
unpredictable scenarios.

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Working Models
Flexible Engagement Models
Dedicated Virtual
Resources Fixed Time and
Price Material

Client Benefits
 Significant cost savings
 Faster turn around
 Readily Available, Rightly Skilled & Experienced Resources
 Process-Oriented design/development/QA
 Reduced Time-to-market with cost effectiveness
 Scalability for different project sizes

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JAIDEEP +1 408 400 7009 (USA) +91 9711866441 (INDIA) - Email -
LISA +44 2032390131 ( UK )– Email –

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