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ISSUE-5 NOVEMBER-2018 _ dm a) Oa a ESD Dal Vee) Contents REEL TALK Yeena Fisher 20 TSN Tiara PCO FCM eT COMMUNITY CARE 22 SULTS) Yvonne Thomas Duhon Pca ne) BEHIND THE LENS ihe 2 Anand Murthy iT} HORIZON ETO TR MES Tac & Pastor Yvette Bannister Miyy tw ita 6 Lost Mountain Lodge , Usa fa TTC LUST TEINS LeN TSUN HEALTH & FITNESS CaN eC 28 Stomach Pain iV) a SPORTS TIME PAU 30 Nazmus Shakib Shovon ees Pont rag PUD anIn i} CHASING DREAMS Arppan Thejas Productions een eT CONCEPT & LAYOUT ad Editor’s Desk “UP WORDS?” is a magazine dedicated to the inspiring journeys of people from all walks of life living in all areas of the world, Each cover story in the magazine focuses on people who, often against great odds, inspire hope in others through their story or journey. The cover story is complemented by various sections such as entrepreneurship, education, art, music, folk world, lifestyle, sports and spirituality- all of which highlight positivity. Our world is filled with so much negativity and violence. And because of that individuals from all walks of life tend to forget that what gets us through the dark days are stories of hope. “UP WORDS" stories of hope are those that say to the reader, “look what he or she has done; I too can do that.” “UP WORDS" also intends to differentiate itself from others by researching and telling the inspirational stories of the ordinary individual. The ordinary individuals’ stories tend to be neglected; yet they comprise the majority of the population across the globe, “UP WORDS” seeks to spotlight them, for they are the ones who will light the flames of tomorrow's generation. UP WORDS” has something for everyone, young and old, male, female and individuals from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. It seeks to build bridges of understanding, facilitate dialogue across society's divisions and build peace for tomorrow's generation. ‘The magazine believes that life's limitations can inspire us to strive for heights we may not have reached otherwit Abhijit Ganguly Editor ‘Arlene R. Major aka Lady Blue was raised inthe miliary, and served in the Army Natonal Guard in Washington, DC. She alto has management and medical adminisiration experience as wel Arlene found ‘hal times of tal ofered the bet ground for nspration! She went onto complete her medical certficaton 88a medical administrator and curently serves as a dispatcher for aw enforcement. No stranger to the ‘Lady Bive grew up in performing ats and has performed in several musicals around Calforia and fas aiso sang with 3 lac! Band in Carma, New Mexico as well the chureh choir. Wrtng has always been a par oer lf Engish was a favorite subject and her teachers helped Rer to ealze she had a it ‘After going through a rough time inher le, Arene decided o return to wring and let teach and touch ‘hose who needed an up in heir spink, She started wring blogs for World Prayerin 2010 shorly after her father pateed away and has been going song ever sine, Domestic Vilonce aso isa topic that she takes very seriously. As a domestic violence survivor, sho found srengt to share her story wih others and host her st event tiled 60 Shades of luo... CColobration of Life! This event showcased speakers, vendors and hosted fiends and survivor in tho Balimore area. This event has been revamped and is going int ts 3d year herein Balimore._Lady Bue alo has had radio appearances with Must Be the Music, Charm Cy Direct Radia Show, For The Love of my People, Inspired by Purpose, and Melon's Mailers. She has been featured inthe November 2018 issue ofthe Boi! Magazine andthe Apri 2015 ius of Trendsetiorz Da Online Magazine Business Eaiion in Atanta, Pink Peal Proverbs 31 Woman nowaieler and the RepYoGrindBiog magazine. Besides the wobste, Lady Blue also has an inspirational page on Facebook appropratly ted! oy Doss Come inthe Morning. In March of 2016, Lady Bue joined and became ofthe host ofthe Lady Blue Radio Show tha airs every Thursday ftom 8-11 am bringing you the postive to Spark your day, Abhijit Ganguly speaks with Lady Blue. ‘What triggered the 50 Shades of Blue movement 50 Shades of Blue came about from a vision on my 50th birthday. I was at a milestone in my life and wanted to do something to give back. I could hear my father telling me tobe eretive and talk about what you know. My family (aunt and cousin tobe specific) continued to encourage me fevwrite and it bltettmedl Uh sorvived domestic vinlenee And attempted sexual assault soit was only right tat |help ‘Survivors and victims alike with healing and forgiveness and more. ‘What has the response looked like from both women, and men about 50 Shades of Blue ? ‘Women are all for it and consistently tell me that ts needed, They tell me that tis hard a times and they never ‘know where to go and ry to get just the basic information. Tmeet women daily who tell me that they either just got out ‘of violent relationship, know someone who isin one or that they just want to lear more in order to help. Men are coming around, [have men in my group who give other ‘WWW.LADYBLUEI.COM Pee eS The Lacy elas Fe hate Sys te ‘men the outlet they need to just be themselves, Violence to ‘men ison another level. Society has placed a stigma on how a male should and shouldn't act as well as that of @ female and it continues to bog down the true nature ofthe act and how it should be handled. Females as well as ‘males ean be vietms and abusers, Is there anyone in particular that you admire most or consider a mentor role model ? don't have a single person in specific that I admire more han another admire many of the men and women and children tht stand and speak up and stay inthe fight. 1 hope to one day meet Steve Harvey and Ellen Degeneres and to put my eause out there so that my vision in not just, hheard but seea. Ido truly admire Tyler Pery. [admire ‘Tyler because he came thru abuse and homelessness and {0k those hardships and lessons and made something of thom, I admire him because he teaches and he leans and that is something that should be done by all whether you have millions oF not When onlforlahont wa questions and issues drive you the most? ‘When I write or share a story, want it tobe the words of vem eka