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OPERATION MANUAL CHD H234 Series About This Manual Introduction About This Manual ‘This manual is intended for those who operate the H234-E or H234-C Model Printing ress manufactured by HAMADA Printing Press Co., Ltd, Itis written assuming the reader has at least basic knowledge of printing practices and operating printing presses. ‘The H234-E and H234-C models are, for the most part, identical except for the dampening systems: the H1234-E uses a Molleton dampening system and the H234-C uses a Crestline dampening system, When a description in this manual applies to both models, we simply specify H234; when a description applies toa specific model, we specify which model it applies to. ‘Use this manual as a reference to set up a printing job; to make minor adjustments to get the best printing results; for doing regular maintenance; and very importantly, to lear how to operate the press safely. Each chapter inthis manual is briefly described below. Introduction This is the chapter you are reading now. It describes the contents of this manual and safety information. Be sure to read the safety information before installing, operating, or doing maintenance on the press! CHAPTER 1 Before Using the Press This chapter describes how to properly set up your printing press before use. Proper set-up is an important stepto safe, quality printing, so be sure to read and understand this chapter thoroughly before using your press. CHAPTER 2 Components and Operation This chapter provides the name, location, and function of the main components and operation panels of the your printing press. It also describes the operation procedures to follow when using the the press to print job. CHAPTER 3 Setting Up the Press to Run a Job This chapter describes, hhow to set and adjust each component of the printing press fora particular job. Itcovers the adjustments required for each section of the press, including: the feed unit, register units, ‘main unit, paper delivery, inking unit, etc, Refer to this section when you are setting up for ‘anew job, or when you need to make adjustments during a job. CHAPTER 4 Maintenance of Each Unit This chapter describes how to inspect, maintain, and make adjustments to many of the components in your printing press. It also provides inspection, maintenance, and lubrication schedules, and explains how t0 adjust the pressure between the rollers and cylinders. Refer to this chapter to familiarize yourself with the maintenance methods and schedules, and also when you need details of ‘making en adjustment, CHAPTER 5 Troubleshooting — While setting up or operating your press, you ‘may sometimes experience problems getting the desired results. This chapter describes ‘most of the common problems you will encounter, and their probable causes and solutions. If you cannot solve your problem after following the instructions, contact your HAMADA, representative for assistance, CHAPTER 6 Reference Section This chapter provides basic printing reference ‘information, and technical specifications of your printing press, Introduction IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Most accidents that occur during printing operations, maintenance, or repair are caused by ignoring safety warnings or kntown hazards. Accidents can be prevented by keeping yout self aware of these hazards. In other words, you must pay attention to where and how an accident may occur. You also need to acquire specific knowledge and skills, and use costect, tools to do operations properly. Be sure to read and understand all the safety warnin; carefully before attempting 10 operate the machine, do maintenance, or repair the machine. Specific safety warnings are described inthis chapter of the manual. Safety precautions are also described in the individual sections when known hazards are presen’. Accidents resulting in damage to the machine, serious injury, or death may occur uniess you heed these warnings! Itis nearly impossible (or us to predict every possible danger one may encounter when. using or maintaining a printing machine. Therefore, the descriptions in this manual do not address every possible area an accident may occur, or describe every dangerous situation. However, by following our recommended procedures, the safety of the operatac as well as the people around the machine is assured. Pay the closest attention to safe operations to prevent accidents that may result in injury, death, or damage to the machine.