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Announcem supply

ent (D) energy

CyboEnergy,Inc. (Ranco Cordova, (E) power
CA) is pleased to announced that diffusion
our company has been awarded U.S
patent 8,786,133 entitled ‟‟ Smart and Scalable
Power Inverters‟‟. CyboEnergy has
implemented technology in its award-
winning CyboInverter off- grid
solar power systems. For more
information, please visit our
website or contact us.

16. What is the objective of the text?

(A) to inform the U.S patent
(B) to describe the
implementation of the tech-
(C) to announce ‟‟ Smart and Scalable
(D) to explain the U.S
(E) to advertise
CyboEnergy Inc

17. Why has the company been

(A) it successfully used
alternative energy re- source
(B) it successfully implemented
the new tech-
(C) it successfully improved the
technology of
power inverters
(D) it successfully modified the
energy systems
(E) it successfully changed
power systems

18. CyboInverter is the

equipment for .... (A)
energy saving
(B) alternative
(C) power
Dear day‟s newspaper?
Sir/Madam (A) to present information based
I am writing to complain about on fact
an article in last Monday newspaper, (B) to conduct more research
”Schools fail low income children”. As the (C) to fixed information given
head teacher of one of the largest (D) to explain more about that
juniors high schools in the city, i school
fell strongly that the article does (E) to be responsible for the report
not describe our school.
My school has children from
many diferent eco- nomic
background, but a large
percentage come from lower-
income families. Nevertheless,
our test show that the children
do well and benefit from the
excellent works our teacher do.
Last year our school moved from
24th to 5th place ac- cording to
the oficial assessment by the
state government. This is clearly not the
“failure” that the article suggest.
I would strongly recommend that
more careful research should be
conducted in the future so that
your newspaper will more
realistically de- scribe the true
situation in our schools.

19. The letters shows Mr. Gonzales‟s

disagreement with the newspaper‟s claim
that ....
(A) children from low-income
families do not perform well
in the official assessment
(B) the poor students in her
school fair in the national
(C) her school only admit
students from eco- nomically
advantaged families
(D) many of her students fail
because of their
parent‟s low-income
(E) low-income children are not as
good as high
-income children

20. What is expected by Joan

Gonzales from Mon-
Please do o (A) it alerts the power
the n you that the button
following e food is (E) press
steps: ; ready the timer
(5) (B) it button
(1) Plug
the Finally, alert
electroni take out s you
c cord of the food that
the and enjoy the
microwa it; food
ve into (6) Don‟t is
the forget to wash read
socket; hand after y to
(2) After cleaning proc
that, put the ess
the food microw (C) it alerts
into the ave. you that the
microwave; 21. What is heating is
(3) Don‟t the text on progress
forget to press about? (D) it alerts
start button to you that
heat (A) the this is
the food; steps to the time
(4) Wait cook in a to enjoy
for the microwave your
beep (B) the
sounds, it steps to use
(E) it alerts
indicates a
you that
that microwave
t (C) the
h steps to
e heat food in
is com-
h microwave
e (D) the
23. What will
a steps to
you do after
t operate a
putting the
i microwave
food into
n (E) the the
g steps to microwave?
defrost food
in a (A) wait for
p the beep
r microwave
o (B) connect
c 22.
to the
e Wha
s t
cord into
s does
i beep (C) take out
s sign the food
al and enjoy it
d you? (D) press
Inde one love). e
pend 24. Who n
In medan, enjoyed
ence North t
freedom in s
Day Sumatra; the this
Cele residents of independen
brat Aurvillage (
ce day
e held their C
P flags-raising )
e ceremony.
A t
a The local
) h
c governments
e paid e
f attention to
Usmarlin, a l
u y
participant o
l o
who said that c
l u
the condition a
y n
of the river l
N had become
a matter of g
a b
great o
t o
concern v
i y
because of e
pollution r
n a
from both n
w n
factories and m
i d
domestic e
waste. n
e g t
Meanwhile i s
1,000 flags, , 2,343 r
one love. a prisoners in l
young boy (
South D
and girl Sulawesi (
banded )
received B
together to sentence )
secure a t
reductions h
flagpole to due to the A
the ground in e
independenc u
mt. Merapi e day r
valley in 2
celebration, v ,
yogyakarta on 92 of whom i
Sunday. The 3
were l 4
pole was one released l
of 1,000 flags 3
from a
erected in the prisoners. g p
valley during e
The r
a flag-raising
Jakar i
ceremony r
ta s
entitled, e
Post, o
“Seribu s
Augu n
Bendera Satu i
st 18 e
Cinta” (a d
2014. r
tousands flag,
(E) the 92

25. What is the

main idea of a
paragraph two?
(A) Aurvillage
held their
in North
(B) Aurvillage
their river
by holding
(C) the bad
condition of
their river had
(D) the flag-
is needed
the river
(E) The
atten- tion
from a
t when
holding a
Chinese Chinese domestic and japanese
Group group is internatio militarism
Demands demanding nal media during the
That that Japan‟s outlet, country‟s
Japanese emperor suggesting agression
Emp return a that part against
eror 1300- of intent is China in
Retu years-old to same the 20th
rn artifact Japan for century.
Ancie that was its actions
nt allegedly during the
Artif looted by first half
act japanese of the 20th
soldiers in century.
y the From
1930’s. Xinhua‟s
According report, it is
to a
n unclear the
k extent to
i which the
t chinese
artifact in
question is
P nt is
a involved in
n China
d Federation
orginally from
a of
F eastern Demandin
e China”. The g
b request Compensa
r was made tion from
u in a letter Japan
a addressed (CFDC) is
r to emperor a civic
y Akihido of group that
Japan by asked the
1 China japanese
3 federation imperial
, of family for
demanding the return
2 Compensa of a looted
0 tion from Chinese
1 japan relic. “The
6 (CFDC) via group
Japan’s seek”
Adding compensat
to growing ion for
in China.
list of personal,
diplomatic material
disputes and
has been
between spiritual
China and damage
y report by
Japan, a caused by
both china‟s
26. What can be nt C
inferred from the )
text? 27. “.... a Chinese
(A) China and group is n
Japan had demanding that e
a great Japan‟s g
relation- emperor l
ship return a e
during the 1,300 years- c
first half old artifact t
of the that was e
20 th allegedly d
century looted by
(B) China Japanese (
Federation of soldiers in D
Demanding the )
Com- 1
pensation 9 b
(CFDC) 3 o
has asked 0 r
Japan to s r
. o
re- turn ”
the w
artifact ( e
without p d
any a
condition r (
(C) Japan a E
was ruled g )
by China r
a t
in the 20th
p a
cen- tury h
(D) CFDC k
wanted the 1 e
Japan ) n
emperor to
mit their underlined
aggression word is
to China in closest in
the 20th
century meaning to
(E) CFDC .... (A)
may have stolen
sent a (
letter B
directly to
the Japan d
emperor a
without a
involving g
their d
governme (
W Whitout with before
e having to go 2014.
b there, you‟ll be , which set Camping
c able to watch up four is allowed,
a mature high but on a
m bears definition reservatio
s compete cameras in n system
M for salmon Katmai, that goes
a at brook spokesman online jan
k falls and Jason 5.
e other sites Damata “It takes a
Al and cubs told to lot of time, a
a tumbling Associated lot of effort
s over each Press. and a lot of
k other as Three of money and
a they play. them are at the
B Starting existing webcams
e Tuesday, a viewing will make
ar live web stands it
A stream where bear accessible
c ( fans come to anyone
c .bfPAs8) to watch with
e will allow animals. access to a
s the public The computer,
s to log on cameras a
i and see the provide smartphon
b brown access to a e, a tablet
l bears in national device,”
e park that is Wood said.
Mark natural dificult to 28. What is
Thiessen, habitat. reach and the text
Associated “I think its expensive about?
Press, an unparalleled for most
(A) a video
Anchorage, opportunity tourist. Its
display of
Alaska, Sci- for people about 275
Katmai‟s bears
Tech Tue, to get that miles
for com-
July 24, from row southwest
2012, 6:15 seat of the of
PM lives of the anchorage,
bears at Brooks but no
A new hones
Camp”. said roads lead
video (B) the
Roy Wood, to Katmai. life of
initiative is A trip there
bringing the chief of Alaskan
interpretati involved bears in
famed brown
on for multiple their
bears of
Katmai airplanes natural
Alaska‟s Katmai
National and a lot of habitat
National Park
Park and advanced (C) how to
directly to
Preserve. planning; protect the
The it‟s hard to get endangered
project is a a lodge Alaskan‟s
partnership reservation at bears
Brooks Camp (D) the
bears of 29. It‟s proudly stated to .... Christoper
Katmai in the text that .... ( Latham
National (A) a new A Scholes in
Park in video can be ) 1872. His
Alaska used with a system, the
(E) computer f standard
webcams (B) the project i keyboard
with the is partnership g system, is
newest with h still used
technology t on
and Katmai typewiter
(C) we can use ( today. He
the new video B arrangemen
to shoot bears ) t the letters
without in such way
going to k that as
their i many bars
habitat l of possible
(D) Katmai l hit the
National Park inked
has made a ( ribbon from
video of C opposite
the ) direction.
ir this resulted
bea h in far less
rs u jaming than
in g what had
nat (D) defeat occurred
ure (E) defend with the
env alphabetical
iro When the models.
nm typewriter (Quoted
ent was first from:
(E) webcam invited, its Longman
enable us to keys were Introduct
see bears life arranged ory
in nature
alphabeticall Course,
y. This made 2
computers 0
the keys easy
or a 1
to find.
smartphone 4
however this
s )
also caused
30. “.... to watch
the bars of
mature bear 31. In Scholes
the mechine
compete for
to jam, or get system, the
at Brook Falls.” stuck. order of the
(paragraph 2) To solved letters ....
The underline this problem,
(A) is in the
works is the a new letter
arrangement alphabetical
most closely
associ- ated was order
intoduced by (B) enables
more bars to hit
the ribbon from
(C) caused the
bars of the
machine to jam
(D) was the
same as original
(E) was the
same as that
introduced in
32. We know (B) the Snakes are A snake‟s
from the arrangemen not slimy. diet usually
t of the They are consist of
second letters covered in frog,s lizards,
paragraph (C) the scales mice, and
that .... (A) bars that hit which are other
the Scholes the ribbon just bumps snakes.
(D) the on the The
system is ribbon that skin. Their anaconda
still used carries the skin is can eat
now link hard and small
(B) C.L. (E) the glossy to crocodiles
Scholes is standard reduce and even
the inventor keyboard
of the type- friction as bears.
writer system the snake Many
(C) the slithers snakes
Scholes S along the protect
system n ground. themselve
arranged the a Snakes s with
letters al- k often sun their
phabetic bathe on fangs.
ally rock in the Some
(D) the s
warm snakes
original Snakes weather. are
arrangement are this is protected
of the reptiles becaus by scaring
letters (cold- snake are their
alphabeti blooded cold- enemiees
cal creatures). bloded, away like
(E) the They they need the Cobra.
arrangement belong to sun‟s warmth The flying
of the letters the same to heat their snakes
in the group as bodies up. glide
Scholes Most
lizard (the away from
system snakes live
scaled danger.
is not in the
group, Their ribs
better country.
Squamata) spread
than Some types
but from a apart and
the of snakes
sub-group the skin
origina live in
of their stretches
l one trees, some
own out. Its
(Serpentes live in technique
). water, but is just like
Snakes most live the sugar
to the
original have two on the gliders.
system of legs but ground in
the type- along time deserted
writer was ago they rabbit
made by had claws burrows,
Scholes in .... to help in thick,
them long grass,
(A) the
slither and in old
quality of
along. logs.
the keyboard
34. Since the (B) they use roam. They
their fangs
snakes are (C) they scare also do not
their enemies have
(D) they freedom to
blooded live with
stretch out
they .... (A) their skin their own
like sucking (E) they eat kind.
the other We should
the cool
animal ban the use
blood of animals
(B) avoid sun- in circus and
bathing to their
skins Circuses their
(C) never sun Should Not confinement
bathe in the Use Animals there.
warm weather Animals
(D) live on the 37. Why does
should not
ground in the writer
be used in
deserted consider
burrows (E) circus. The
environtment circus
require the sun‟s inappro-
warmth to heat where they
perform and priate place
their to live for
bodies their living
conditions animals?
35. We are usually (A) it resembles
inapproriate. the animal‟s
know natural habitat
Tigers, for
from the example, (B) it is the
text that which place where
naturally live the animals
snakes ...
in are tortured
. (A) do (C) it is the
not have must place to get
claws perform public
(B) do not like tricks on a amusement
sunlight narrow (D) it
(C) have two stage and provides
legs and claws spend their animals bad
(D) use their lifetime in food
legs to climb the (E) it costs
small cage.
tree animal ill
(E) use their condition
the living
claws to slither
condition of
along the
the circus
animal are
poor. They
36. How do
live in a
flying cramped
snakes condition
protect most of the
time. They
(A) they fly need more
away space to
3 (E) animals s have strong
8 receive ill y views and
feel that
. treatment in
( ads are
a circus nothing
more than
c 39. “They live in a ) useless
c cramped junk mail,
o condition most p while other
r of their o people feel
d time”. o it is
i (paragraph 3) r important
n The source of
a information
g underlined
n .
word is
t closest in d There
meaning to are some
.... s reasons
why we
t ( p
should have
h A a advertisem
e ) c ent in
i newspaper
t c o and
e l u megazines.
x e s One reason
t a (D) small is ads give
n and us
. crowded information
(E) large about what
. a
and quite is available.
. n Looking at
. d ads we can
(A) Tigers A find out
are the n d what is on
most e v sale and
suitable a e what is
animals to t r new in the
per- form t market.
tricks ( i This is an
(B) Tigers s easy way of
e shopping.
are the ) Another
smartest m
reason is
animal d e that
(C) the i n advertisem
highlight of r t ent
the circus is t s promotes
on the y business.
There are
animals many When shop
(D) the a reasons for owners
animals n both sides of compete
are the the q u e s t i o against
main n, “shoul each other
performer d we h ave the buyer
m saves
s in the p r i n t e d
e money,
circus advertisement?”.
s Many people more
people come 40. Why does the the ads
to their shops writer present become the
and they sell source of
two sides of
more goods. information
opinion of
On the advertisemen
other hand, 42. “Ads us up a lot
some people space and a lot of
argue that (A) S/he wants
effort has to
ads should not to take side be made to
be put in (B) S/he wants make the ads
newspapers to be in the
and eye-catching”.
afirmative side
megazines for (C) S/he uses The
these various opinions to underlined
emphasize word is
Firstly, ads
cost the her own
closest in
shopekeepers stance
(D) S/he wants meaning to
a lot of
money to the readers .... (A)
print onto know the newsworthy
paper. Also some opinion (B) subtle
people don‟t like about the (C) plain
finding junk issue (D) impressive
mail in their (E) S/he
letter boxes. (E) delicate
wants to
Ads also
people to buy readers to
items they don‟t understan
need and can‟t d her
really afford. stance
Ads use up a
lot of space 41. The writer
and a lot of influences the
effort has to readers by
be made to
make the ads
eye- catching.
saying that ....
After (A) the ads are
looking at only garbage
both sides of (B) the ads
issue, i think contain
we should not unimporta
have nt
s because
they cost a lot informatio
of money and n
take up a lot (C) the ads
of room in the promote
papers. I don‟t unnecessary
think i find some service
of them products (D)
interesting. I the ads
inform us tips
because its of easy
junk mail. shopping (E)
Tapeworms infected immune infection-
may be with the system‟s free,
good for rats alarm, leading suggestin
your brain tapeworm to a potentially g that the
Hymenole overactive worms
Tapewor response had
ms get a in the somehow
bad brain that protected
and those
reputation. can include the rats
they are swelling against
varacious and memory
guts. To
parasites confusion. loss after
test the
that the
potential Just as
burrows infection.
protection the
into gut ofered by researcher
walls and 43. What is
H. s
devour the text
Diminuta, predicted,
nutrients about?
the team when rats
like a infected with (A) rats
nightmarish both worms with
version of groups of were worms
the very rodents reintroduc proved to
hungry with a one- ed to the be good
caterpillar. two scary for
But not all punch: a shock box, human‟s
tape mild case they froze brain
worms are of in fear, (B) H.
bad. In Escherichi indicating Diminuta
fact, one a coli they had a full and LPS all
type shortly memory of injected to
appears to after birth the previous all rats
protect day‟s shock.
to (C) the
againts But the
stimulate study
memory wromless
an focused
loss in rats. rats
immune r e on how
The paused
sponse, to treat
discovery, only half
and an rats
researchers as much,
i n j e c t i with
say, could suggesting
o n o f worms
lead to new their
lipopolysac (D) the
treatment memories
charide scary
for some of the box
(LPS) after shock box
neurologica they had were considered
l diseases in been incomplete. to be
humans, like The “wormy”
“wormed” as effective
Alzheimer‟s. adults. LPS rats froze as (E)
In the is a much as tapewo
study, noninfectio the double rms
researchers us control could
devided 30 component group that be used
rats into of bacteria was both to
main that trips worm-free protect
groups: the and against
memory 44. How did the t
loss rats with h f
worm react e r
when they y o
put into the z
scary shock w e
box at the e n
second time? r
e 45. Which of the
followings is
s related to the
c text?
t a (A)
h r Lipopolys
e e accharide
y d (LPS) is
g ( to the
o D rats
t ) shortly
a t birth
s h (B) the rats
l e are infected
e y Escherichia
e coli (E. coli)
g after being
a adults
( v (C) the
B e discovery is
) expected to be
r able to treat
t e people
h a who suffer
e c Alzheimer
y t (D) the worms
i function to lose
o „the rats‟
i n memory
e after the
d ( infections
E (E) the
s ) worms
o could
o t also cure
n h patients
e e with the
r y psycholo
( w disturban
C e ce
) r
e 46. Rearange
the following k - 2
sentences into i ( )
the correct -
n 1
and (
meaningful g ) 1
paragraph! . - )
(1) The ( -
tunnel was T (
full of 5
vehicles h ) )
when the e -
accident ( (
happened. c E
(2) As a result )
of the lost o )
wheel, the lorry r (B) (3)-(1)-(2)- (
hit r ( 3
the tunnel‟s wall. e )
(3) Shortly -
c )
after 6 (
p.m, a t 1
lorry going )
through 3
o ) -
the tunnel (
lost a r -
( 4
wheel. d )
(4) It finally 5
e ) -
collided with (
r -
ten cars. 2
(5) The (
2 )
accident caused i
) -
no casualties s
- (
but many
( 5
. 1 )
. )
o -
p (
. 4
e )
A (
w D
) )
( (
3 3
p -
- (
( 4
2 )
i -
c (
47. Rearrange the following 49. ....
sentences into the correct and (A) to
meaningful procedure! (B) at
(1) Wrap the casualty in a sheet (C) on
which has been dampened with (D)
cold water. into
(2) Move the casualty to a cool (E)
place, loosen or remove any with
tight or heavy clothing.
(3) Make sure the sheet stays wet 50. ....
and fan the casualty to keep (A)
them cool. pointed
(4) Check the casualty‟s temperature (B)
regurarly. asked (C)
(5) Once it has fallen to a safer shouted
level (under (D)
400C), remove the wet sheet sorted (E)
and stop the cooling process. turned
(A) (4)-(5)-(1)-
(3)-(2) (B) (4)-
(C) (2)-(1)-(4)-
(5)-(3) (D) (2)-
(E) (2)-(3)-(4)-

One day, young hunter saw a

magnificent deer and chased it
through the woods. After a long
pursuit, he arrived at a little
house hidden in the midle of the
forest and there the deer
tranformed into a/an (48) ...
“You‟ve fallen into my trap,” said the
witch, pointing a gnarled finger at him.
“Now i am going to change you into an
Terrified, the young hunter
turned to escape, then the witch
changed into a black raven,
which flew at the hunter to
touch him and complete the evil
But before the raven could
reach him, a butterfly landed (49) ...
the young man‟s shoulder and that
was enough to break the witch‟s
spell. The butterfly changed herself into
a beautiful hunter with drawn
bow and arrow (50) ... at the

48. ....
old (B)
(C) passionate
(D) wise
(E) considerate