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The Cells Rubric

Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1

Appearance Project stands out Appearance is neat, Labels are hard to Appears hastily
from the rest, shows labels are typed or read, project is not built, lack of effort
evidence of neatly written, neatly done, more is evident.
considerable effort project is organized, effort needed
and shows evidence
of good effort.
Creativity Cell model uses Good, creative use Minimal creativity Lacks creativity,
materials not often of materials that are is used; project is a copied from
seen in most often used by other poster or other 2-D diagram in book.
projects. students model.
Cell Type Cell model clearly Cell model Model is a replica of
represents a either represents a plant or a generalized cell.
an animal or a plant animal cell.
Details All organelles & Most organelles & More detail needed Parts of cell are
cell parts are cell parts are to recognize cell generalized “blobs”
accurately detailed accurately detailed parts. Some are not of color. Numbers
and clearly and clearly recognizable. of organelles are
represented. Actual recognizable. Actual Numbers of NOT representative
numbers of numbers of organelles are of an actual cell.
organelles are organelles are somewhat
represented. represented. representative of an
actual cell.
Labeled 11+ organelles are 8-10 organelles are 5-7 organelles are <5 organelles are
Organelles correctly located correctly located correctly located labeled OR there are
and labeled on the and labeled on the and labeled on the errors with
model. model. model. organelle
Functions of Functions of all Functions of all Functions of some Functions are not
Organelles (on organelles are organelles are organelles are clearly explained or
back of label) correctly described correctly summarized with contain errors.
in detail. summarized. minor errors.

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