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Conversion of

Internal Combustion Engine

Vehicles to Battery Electric Vehicles
Citroen C1, Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 107
Reasons for Conversion

• Substantial (long term-)increase of fuel prices

• Environmental aspect (Kyoto protocol)
• Low maintenance & vehicle operating costs
• Zero emmision @ tail pipe, no nano partical emmisions
• EV’s are far more efficient then ICE’s
• EV’s can help balance the Grid Power
Removal ICE related Components

• Engine
• Starter motor
• Gear shifter
• Clutch & flywheel
• Alternator
• Fuel tank & lines
• Air filter
• Exhaust system; pipes, mufler, lambda sensor, catalytic converter
• Mechanical pumps & belts
After removal of ICEV Parts
Installment of EV Parts

• Adapter plate & coupling for HP Version (between motor & transmission)
• Liquid cooled AC Induction motor & controller / inverter
• Batteries & Battery Management System (charging, cell balancing,
temperature control & alarm, over charge & over discharge)
• Fluid (Immersion-)Heater / Ceramic Heater
• Vacuum pump (to supply vacuum to the brake booster)
• Circulation pumps (for cabin heating, E-motor & inverter cooling)
• Battery Monitoring; CAN Display / E-Meters (SOH, SOC, A, V, Ah, ...)
• Battery charger (on board, 1-phase, optional 3-phase)
• DC-DC Converter (high Voltage input Switched Power Supply)
• Potentiometer or Hall sensor box (signal from gas throttle to inverter)
• Relays, main contacter, emergency disconnects, ground fault interupter
• Aluminium wheels and low rolling resistance tires
Drive line
HP Version; 30-60 kW AC Induction Motor& existing gearbox
Drive line
MP Version; 15-30 kW AC-Motor & fixed gear/differen.
currently built in

Li-Po Batteries

HP Version;
Stack of 80 Pouch type cells in series
Pack Voltage 300Vdc Nom.
Li-Ion Batteries

MP Version
80 cells of LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Pack Voltage 265Vdc Nom.
Li-Ion Battery Pack

MP Version; Rear & Front Module; Prototype

BMS (Battery Management System)

HP Version;
V-Clampers; cell balancing, temperature control & alarm, over charge &
over discharge detection. Output signals to Inverter & Charger

Layout PCB In house development

HP Version;
9 x Cell V-Clampers; prototype

PCB & Electronic Components


MP, V-Clamper for every cell

Temperature Control
High Temp. Control (Ramp-up Blowers; medium to high Power)

Dangerous Temp. Buzzer Alarm

& output signal to Inverter &/
Battery Charger
DC-DC Converter

Alternative for 12V Car Generator

1) 400W version
2) 600W version

max. 400 Vdc Input

13.8 Vdc Output
(adjustable to 10-15VDC)
fully isolated

In house development
Performance MP Version
No gears
Mid console:
• Battery Monitor
• Selector Fwd, Rev & Neutral
• Emergency switch

Near future Currently

Performance & Charging

• Range 75 km (with 10 kWh Battery)

• Max. speed 130 km/h
• Single phase charging time 4 hours
• 3000 km driven; Cells remain balanced
Additional Services

• Elecric Motor Development (15-25 kW range)

• Solar Charging Station
• Reselling e-Vehicles (e-Cars, e.Bikes, e-Scooters, Segway, etc...)
• Sales areas Germany, Benelux & Northern France
• Supply of EV Parts to other Conversion builders, such as Karabag
• Web shop for EV’s & EV Parts;
Solar Charging Station