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Essay on „Islam: Empire of Faith”

,,Islam: Empire of Faith” is a documentary about the history of Islam.

In the first part of the series it is presented the life of Muhammed who was
able to build a powerful empire, based on religion.

Muhammed was born in 570 in the Arabian Peninsula and he was

forced to deal with the hard life in the desert, a desolated space where the
tribes fought wars to have the necessary resources to survive (water,comercial
routes and their own lands). Being an orphan at the age of six, he lived with
his uncle, the leader of an powerful tribe, who taught Muhammed how to
survive in that world where even a prophet had to know how to use a weapon
to protect himself.

Living in Mecca, a commercial centre where people from all around

the world would come to trade, sell goods or tell their stories. Muhammmed
became a merchant and at the age of 25 while leading a caravan to Syria. His
talents were seen by the owner of the shipment, an old rich widow named
Hadija. Later, the woman liked him so much that she proposed
marriage.Thanks to his wife, Muhammed had the opportunity to meet people
from all around the world.

Muhammed had very good communication skills because he was able

to solve a dispute between the leaders of the tribes. After this event,
Muhammed became known as ,,El-Amin’’.

Muhammed manifested an interest in religion. The moment when he

became a prophet was when he met an angel in a cave who made him
understand that there is only a God and Muhammed transmitted this idea to
his people. This concept helped especially the poor and helpless people.

In Iathrib, the conflicts were so bloody that they needed a peacemaker

and the chosen was Muhammed. He agreed to come but in exchange those
people had to provide shelter for the Prophet and his people. They established
a bigger community. For years Muhammed tried to spread his ideas in Mecca
without starting a war.

For three years Muhammed’s army survived against a powerful

enemies in three bloody fights. The muslims were helped by the people of the
desert who joined the fight. The army of Muhammed grew and advanced to
the walls of Mecca. Muhammed had conquered Mecca and the people of the
city were afraid of the fact that their lives would be in danger. When
Muhammed had entered in Mecca he destroyed the statues of the gods
worshipped by the tribes. The muslims went to Siria, Liban, Egypt and Africa
to spread Muhammed’s ideology. In about 200 years the empire expanded to
Spain and China. It became bigger than the Roman Empire. The regime was
not a rough one because they could keep their administrative structures and
the christians could pray in the same building as the muslims.