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Are The “Alt-Left” & Alt-Right W/Soros Help

& “The Deep State” Going To Destroy

Our President And Country?

The 2017 Trump

Presidency - #19
December 20, 2017 to January 10, 2018

Mueller Has Found Flynn Guilty, Will

This Help The “Psycho Left” Destroy
The Trump Presidency
And United States of America?
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November 2017

Mueller’s Sinister Coup Attempt
The Special Counsel Threatens The Rule Of Law By
Stealing Trump Transition Documents.
Matthew Vadum
December 20, 2017

Trump himself was more restrained in his rhetoric.

He said “a lot of lawyers thought that was pretty sad,” in

reference to the purloining of the transition records by
Mueller’s office.

“Not looking good. It’s not looking good,”

Trump said.
“It’s quite sad to see that,” Trump said. “My
people were very upset.”

The unprecedented theft of thousands of likely privileged “I can’t imagine there’s anything on them,
Trump transition emails by Special Counsel Robert S. because as we said there’s no collusion,”
Mueller’s investigators is yet more proof that the open- he added. “There was no collusion
ended fishing expedition is continuing to move forward whatsoever.”
with its effort to reverse the results of the 2016 election.
Until somebody delivers a coup de grâce to this
News of the misappropriation of the email tranches comes disgraceful coup attempt, the push could last the entirety of
weeks after Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) urged that Mueller Donald Trump’s presidency. The end of the investigation
quit or be fired, saying the independent prosecutor has is nowhere in sight. Although White House lawyers had
“indisputable” conflicts of interest. said Mueller’s probe would conclude by year’s end,
members of the independent prosecutor’s team reportedly
said recently that the investigation will spill over into 2018
“We are at risk of a coup d’état in this – at least.
country if we allow an unaccountable
person with no oversight to undermine the
duly-elected president of the United Commissioned to investigate the Left’s ridiculous Trump-
States,” Gaetz said, echoing earlier Russia electoral collusion conspiracy theory, Mueller, with
remarks by writer Michael Walsh who his scorched-earth, shock-and-awe tactics, remains the
asserts the Left is engaged in a “rolling Left’s best hope to drive the 45th president of the United
coup attempt” against President Trump. States from the White House. Democrats still refuse to
accept that the irretrievably corrupt Democrat Hillary
Clinton was flattened by Republican Trump in the election
Monday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” author Mark
13 months ago. Working with the Deep State, former
Steyn said,
President Obama launched his own insurrection against the
Trump administration even before it came into being.
“I see no reason at all why a guy who is
supposed to be investigating Russian
Although there is still no evidence of wrongdoing by
interference in an election that took place Trump or of an underlying crime, Obama loyalists like
on November the 8th should be able to former attorney general, Eric Holder, are threatening to
seize, effectively, an incoming
lead potentially violent large-scale protests if President
government’s entire confidential
Trump fires the out-of-control special counsel. This is not,
communications between each other in the
as the leftist chant goes, what democracy looks like. These
period after the election took place. That
people are in effect screaming at their own straw man after
seems to be entirely unwarranted by
Democrats spent the last few days whipping up hysteria
that Trump was on the verge of firing Mueller, something
he steadfastly insists he has no intention of doing – even warns that it may be impossible to prosecute any crimes
though he has every reason and every right to give the that may be discovered because the evidence would be
swamp-dweller the boot. tainted.

The president’s lawyers reportedly realized Mueller had “The move was legally unprecedented and
obtained transition team emails from the General Services strategically reckless,” Turley writes. “In a
Administration (GSA), which hosted the 73-day-long gratuitous muscle play, Mueller may have
transition's "" emails, when prosecutors started added a potential complication to the use of
using them as the basis for questions posed to witnesses. evidence that could contaminate much of
According to Axios, “the fight” between Mueller’s office his investigation in any later trial.”
and the White House
All Mueller needed to do was follow the proper protocol
“involves emails from the accounts of 12 and request access to the transition emails through
officials, including members of the political channels and he would likely have gotten much of what he
leadership and foreign-policy team. One of wanted.
the accounts alone includes 7,000 emails.”
“But that is not the Mueller way,” writes
The GSA, among other things, helps to facilitate the former federal prosecutor Andrew C.
peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the McCarthy, “as we saw with the utterly
next. The Presidential Transition Acts of 1963 and 2015 unnecessary pre-dawn raid on the home of
“authorize the Administrator of GSA to provide the [former Trump campaign manager] Paul
President-elect and the Vice-President-elect the services Manafort — busting in with a search
and facilities needed to assume their official duties.” warrant and guns drawn, at the very time
Manafort was cooperating with
Mueller bypassed Trump transition officials and lawyers congressional committees, and when he
by taking it upon himself to seize thousands of emails was represented by well-respected lawyers
owned by the transition authority but held by the GSA. through whom Mueller could have
According to the National Archives “materials that requested production of whatever materials
[presidential transition team] members create or receive he was seeking.”
are not federal or presidential records, but are considered
private materials.” The GSA signs agreements with Mueller’s investigators must have known that Trump’s
transition teams, agreeing to delete “all data on transition entity, Trump for America (TFA), asserted
[computing] devices” used by transition officials. ownership and control of the presidential transition team
(PTT) records, McCarthy suggests.
“When Mueller’s people found out that the transition
records were not yet deleted,” left-wing public interest law The main issue here is not whether Mueller had the legal
professor Jonathan Turley writes, “they demanded their power to request that GSA, the third-party custodian,
surrender despite the fact that Trump officials claimed that voluntarily turn over all the PTT records to the special-
the material held privileged information that belonged to counsel investigation. It is also not whether GSA had the
the transition team and is subject to protection from authority to comply with the request. The real question is
discovery.” why did Mueller choose to proceed in this sneaky manner?

Trump transition lawyers say Richard Beckler, at the time This sneakiness was wholly unnecessary.
GSA general counsel, agreed that the transition records
were the property of the transition and that his agency had By following the correct procedures, McCarthy notes, in
no right to access or control the records. They also say the end “Mueller would have gotten whatever files he was
Beckler assured them that any demands for records from entitled to review, and Trump’s counsel would have been
Mueller’s people would be forwarded to transition permitted to withhold anything that was truly privileged.”
lawyers. GSA now denies Beckler made any such
declaration. He was hospitalized in August and has since But why follow the rules when the mainstream media
died. Trump’s attorneys claim that Mueller’s investigators treats you like a rock star?
took advantage of Beckler’s illness and seized the emails
while he was in the hospital. Mueller’s people say they
followed the rules. Mueller thinks he is above the law. And so far no one has
held him accountable.
But Turley does not seem convinced the GSA had the
authority to hand over the records to a third party and
Witch-Hunt Russiagate
Investigation To Continue Throughout Next Year
By Stephen Lendman - Stephenlendman.Org

On May 17, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein He’s accused of improperly, perhaps illegally, obtaining
appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller as special thousands of Trump transition team emails.
DOJ council in charge of investigating “any links and/or
coordination between” Russia and Trump’s campaign According to counsel for Trump for America (TFA)
team. attorney Kory Langhofer, “career staff at the General
Services Administration (GSA)…unlawfully produced
In over seven months, the probe cost taxpayers over $5 TFA’s private materials, including privileged
million, revealing no improper or illegal connection communications, to the special counsel’s office,” adding:
between Trump, his campaign team and the Kremlin -
because there’s nothing to find, no matter how long the His office “was aware that the GSA did not own or control
witch-hunt scam continues. the records in question,” and had no right to produce them
without TFA’s permission.
There’s plenty to hold Trump accountable for, nothing
about any disturbing relations with Russia. Its communications are private and privileged, Langhofer
maintained. It’s not a federal agency.
Yet according to individuals close to the investigation, it’ll
likely last at least through next year, maybe throughout Yet they’ve been “extensively used” by Mueller, learning
Trump’s entire term. nothing related to his probe.

How many more millions of dollars will Mueller waste on “This morning, we sent a letter to Congress
a probe going nowhere? concerning the unauthorized sharing of
private and transition emails with the
It’s part of the plot to denigrate Trump for the wrong Mueller team,” Langhofer said last
reasons, along with endless Russia bashing - sustaining Saturday.
Russophobic hysteria, duping an uninformed public to
believe most anything they’re told, as long as it’s repeated It states in part that transferring documents is “unlawful
endlessly on television and through print media. conduct that undermines the Presidential Transition Act of
1963, and will impair the ability of future presidential
Mueller represents anti-Trump/anti-Russia dark forces, a transition teams to candidly discuss policy and internal
reliable spear-carrier for deep state interests. matters that benefit the country as a whole.”

As FBI director from September 2001 - September 2013, Trump’s lawyers will meet with Mueller’s team later this
he was part of the 9/11 coverup, a cheerleader for naked week to discuss the status of its probe.
aggression on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.
According to Trump’s legal team, Mueller found no
He enforced post-9/11 police state harshness, presiding evidence of collusion, obstruction or other wrongdoing in
over persecution of Muslims for their faith and ethnicity, TFA or White House documents.
the 2001 anthrax deception, and other disturbing activities
demanding condemnation and accountability not Yet the endless witch-hunt continues. A better use of time
forthcoming. and money would be to investigate the investigator’s
ulterior motives along with Hillary’s wrongdoing.
As special council, his job is denigrating Trump’s
campaign team and the president, along with providing A mountain of damning evidence exists to indict and
ammunition for endless Russia bashing - based on nothing prosecute her for high crimes. Yet no one dares lay a glove
credible. on her.

“Rigged System”: Donald Trump Jr. Exposes The High-
Level Deep State Operation To Take Out His Father
Alex Thomas
December 20th, 2017

month before congressional investigators

and as some on the right, including him,
increasingly attack the Department of
Justice’s special counsel probe, alleging it
is politically compromised.
In his remarks Tuesday, Trump Jr. railed
against special counsel Robert Mueller’s
investigation and attacked the media’s
coverage of the Russia story, saying the
ongoing probe was emblematic of the kind
of “rigged system” the President had railed
against during the campaign.
In a surprising speech to a group of young conservative
activists in Florida, Donald Trump Jr. warned about the
More ridiculous, one of the panelists that CNN interviewed
now admitted conspiracy carried out by the highest levels
after playing a clip of Trump Jr’s comments (who of
of the government to stop his fathers agenda by any means
course was a former Obama official) actually claimed that
discussing documented facts about parts of the FBI’s
political bias somehow helps Russia.
Speaking to a gathering held by the Turning Point USA
Student Action Summit, Trump Jr. noted that his father is
That’s right, according to the likes of CNN, even talking
currently dealing with a rigged system as well as a
about Hillary operatives within the FBI, such as Peter
conspiracy by the deep state to take him out.
Strzok, means that you are working with the Russians!
“There is, and there are, people at the
With that being said, the mainstream medias hold over the
highest levels of government that don’t
minds of the American people continues to slip each day
want to let America be America,” Trump Jr.
and comments such as those by Trump Jr. only further
noted, echoing many voices in the
reveal that startling lengths that the deep state puppets in
alternative media who have discussed this
the media will go to take out a democratically elected
very fact since the moment Trump was
“My father talked about a rigged system Keep in mind that we already know that anti-Trump
throughout the campaign, and people were operatives were working at the HIGHEST LEVELS of
like, ‘Oh, what are you talking about?” he the Federal Bureau of Investigation to hurt Donald Trump.
continued. “But it is. And you’re seeing it.” This is a documented fact and Trump Jr. is only speaking
about what the media itself has reported yet he is one again
CNN was the first to report on the comments and although accused of helping the Russians.
their article wasn’t the usual full-scale anti-Trump
propagandist piece, it did laughably claim that his If you don’t realize at this point that the likes of CNN are
comments were “freewheeling” as if to imply that they working against the American people, one has to wonder
came out of no where and have no basis in reality. what it will take?

Trump Jr.’s freewheeling comments before

the Turning Point USA Student Action
Summit came after he spoke earlier this

Trump The Neo-Con
Dean Henderson

Wolfowitz and Dov Zakheim, PNAC envisioned a

tumbling of menacing Middle East nationalist dominoes
waiting to fall with a little help from the CIA and its NGO

Though their projects in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria have

failed miserably, it appears these Zionist zealots now have
Iran in the imperialist crosshairs. With the former CEO of
the world’s largest oil company now serving as point man
Secretary of State, there is nothing the oil barons and their
banksters would love more than to privatize Iran’s South
Pars gas field – the world’s largest.

But with their old buddy Netanyahu on the ropes in Tel

Aviv over corruption charges and their new Saudi puppet
Prince Mohammad bin Salmon acting like Pol Pot, the old
After months of Russia-phobic threats generated by the
Balfour Declaration/Treaty of Jeddah colonial construct
City of London’s intelligence services, the orange-faced
appears to be fraying.
narcissist who fooled the alt-right into believing that a
Manhattan billionaire casino don could be their populist
savior, has officially enunciated his foreign policy. Houthi rebels continue send rockets towards Riyadh, the
banksters’ ISIS mercenaries have been defeated, and the
Kurds are burning down Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP)
It appears the steady drip of anti-Putin propaganda – led by
offices in Erbil. Turkey and Qatar continue their pivot
Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) of the Schiff banking dynasty –
towards Russia. Hezbollah has never been stronger in
was enough to push Trump into the anti-Russia camp. In a
typically bellicose speech on Monday, the reality TV star
turned President, also had harsh words for China and
especially for Iran. More than anything, Trump’s paranoid ramblings can be
seen as a desperate attempt to divert attention from the
reality on the ground in the Middle East, where nearly a
In a nutshell, Trump’s foreign policy mirrors the one
century of Anglo-American hegemony is coming to a
hatched by the Project for a New American Century
grinding halt, as increasingly united progressive forces
(PNAC) neocons under President George W. Bush.
rout the occupiers in one battle after another.
Loaded with dual Israeli citizens like Richard Perle, Paul

Why Is Eric Holder So Desperate To Prevent Mueller From
Being Fired? Because Holder Is Among Those Who Will Go
To JAIL If The Truth Comes Out
By Ethan Huff
Wednesday, December 20, 2017

on to suggest that, should the President

take action against Mueller in accordance
with his legal purview that “there must be
mass, popular, peaceful support of both.”
“The American people must be seen and
heard – they will ultimately be
determinative,” Mueller concluded in his
second tweet.

While President Trump’s lawyer, Ty Cobb, claims that the

President has no plans to remove Mueller from his post,
Holder is obviously convinced otherwise, as demonstrated
by the nervous breakdown he seems to be having on
Twitter over the prospect of someone else being appointed
Former Attorney General Eric Holder has had a second to the position of special counsel. And a quick look into
meltdown on social media this week as rumors about
Holder’s shady past reveals precisely why.
President Donald Trump’s potential pre-Christmas firing
of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) special counsel
Robert Mueller continue to circulate. Obama hack Eric Holder knows that
prison time awaits, and he’s obviously
The shamed orchestrator of the infamous “Fast and scared
Furious” gun-running scandal has “tweeted” twice now
about how he and a “vast majority of the American Like a stopped up toilet that just won’t flush, Barack
people” simply won’t stand for Mueller’s firing – this, as Obama and his former administration are curiously
Holder himself is in boiling hot water for allegedly having determined to float back to the surface of politics and flood
facilitated government contact with a corporation known the news cycle with endless false accusations against our
as Fusion GPS that we now know was involved in current president. Rather than slide down the political
procuring the now-discredited “Trump Dossier.” pipes into excremental obscurity, this cadre of community-
organizing rabble rousers is desperate to smear its stench
On December 14, Holder tweeted that any wherever anyone might be willing to take a nice, long
attempt by the Republicans in Congress to whiff.
remove Mueller from his post “will not be
tolerated.” Holder went on in this tweet to Why, you might be asking yourself? Because the Obama
say that the “attacks” on Mueller and his clan has a whole lot to hide that, should their buddy
staff are “BS,” adding that they “are Mueller be deposed, would presumably be laid bare for the
blatantly political – designed to hide the entire world to see. Holder, in particular, is quickly
real wrongdoing,” insinuating that President becoming the subject of his own potential criminal
Trump should be the target of any wrongdoing in the Fusion GPS scandal.
A top Department of Justice (DOJ) official by the name of
Three days later, Holder tweeted a second time declaring Bruce Ohr who worked under Holder is being accused of
that firing of Bob Mueller or in any way having maintained communications with Fusion GPS as
part of a criminal conspiracy to discredit and ultimately
“crippling the special counsel’s office” is remove President Trump from office.
Holder’s “ABSOLUTE RED LINE.” He went
Recently appearing on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show on Fox The duo was caught trafficking weapons south of the
News was Congressman Jim Jordan, a Republican from border into Mexico during “Operation Fast and
Ohio, who laid out how the House Judiciary Committee is Furious,” which was a failed attempt to destabilize the
planning to subpoena Ohr along with his wife Nellie Ohr, country in order to push more gun control restrictions on
an employee of Fusion GPS, both of whom are believed to the American public. Holder and Obama knowingly sent
be co-conspirators. thousands of high-powered, semi-automatic rifles directly
into Mexico under the guise of pursuing the drug cartels,
The effort is part of an “ongoing inquiry,” though it was later revealed that the true purpose was to
says Rep. Jordan, “into claims of bias enact stricter firearms legislation.
against President Donald Trump.”
“Fast and Furious was merely a pretext for
If Holder goes to jail, so does Obama imposing stricter gun laws,” The New York
Post had revealed at the time, noting that
Holder is obviously concerned that the potential removal the whole thing backfired with the DOJ lost
of Mueller would eventually lead to his own demise, thus track of the nearly 2,000 firearms that were
why he’s now lashing out with extreme paranoia about the delivered as part of the scheme.
whole thing. But what people need to remember is that any
future takedown of Holder for his crimes would likely drag More than 20 people died or were seriously injured as a
along Obama as well. result, and neither Holder nor Obama has been held
Both Holder and Obama, as you may recall from our
earlier reporting, have an extensive criminal legacy of
engaging in illegal behavior to push their leftist agendas.

UN General Assembly To Vote On Rescinding
Trump's Jerusalem Declaration
By Stephen Lendman - Stephenlendman.Org

On Thursday, General Assembly members will meet in a GA Res. 377 was adopted by a 52 - 5 majority - “no” votes
rare emergency special session (ESS) in the wake of from Soviet Russia and four other Eastern bloc countries.
America’s veto of a SC resolution opposing Trump’s
recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. On December 19, neocon US UN envoy Nikki Haley
outrageously warned its member states, saying:
A draft resolution is expected to be adopted
overwhelmingly - America, Israel, and perhaps a few US Trump “will be watching this vote carefully and has
dominated Pacific island states alone voting against it. requested I report back on those countries who voted
against us.”
Security Council resolutions alone (with 15 members, 5
permanent, 10 rotating) are binding, not GA ones, the body “We will take note of each and every vote on this issue.”
comprised of all UN members states, so resolutions Separately, she tweeted: “The US will be taking names”
adopted represent the majority view of all nations, making during Thursday’s vote.
them significant statements carrying political weight.
Turkey and Yemen requested the ESS on behalf of the
GA Resolution 377, Uniting for Peace (1950) states in Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC).
cases where Security Council members fail to act as
required to maintain international peace and security, the The draft resolution mirrors the Security Council one
General Assembly shall consider the matter immediately, Washington vetoed - reaffirming the illegality of actions
and may issue recommendations it deems necessary. “alter(ing) the character, status or demographic
composition of the Holy City of Jerusalem” - by Trump’s
The GA may meet in emergency special session if it’s not recognition of the city as Israel’s capital.
convened at the time. SC veto power can’t block it. ESS
resolutions can be adopted without consent of any or all of Palestinian ambassador Riyad Mansour said he expected
the five permanent SC members. “overwhelming support” for the measure, adding:

These sessions have been convened 10 times since the UN “The General Assembly will say, without the fear of the
was established, mostly recently in 1997. veto, that the international community is refusing to accept
the unilateral position of the United States.”
The 10th ESS was adjourned and resumed numerous times
since 2000. They differ from special sessions, able to be In the wake of Washington’s SC veto, igniting a firestorm
called within 15 days of a request received by the in Occupied Palestine, Mike Pence postponed his
secretary-general. December 19 visit to Israel until mid-January.

America initiated the Uniting for Peace Resolution in He’s persona non grata in the Occupied Territories,
October 1950 to circumvent Soviet Russia vetoes during America no longer recognized by Palestinian leadership as
US aggression on North Korea, begun in June that year an honest peace broker.
when the USSR was boycotting the Security Council (from
January to August that year), unable to use its veto power It never was before and isn’t now, one-sidedly supporting
in absentia. Israel, partnering in its high crimes.

Natural News Calls For The Arrest And Criminal
Indictment Of Rosie O’Donnell For Attempted
BRIBERY Of U.S. Senators
By JD Heyes
Wednesday, December 20, 2017

No Republicans took her up on the offer; all 51 voted for

the measure. (Related: Rosie O’Donnell’s contribution
to treason.)

That said, she probably committed a felony when she

made her offer.

So, a little statute called “18 U.S. Code § 201 – Bribery of

public officials and witnesses” states:

(a) (1) the term “public official” means

Member of Congress, Delegate, or
Resident Commissioner, either before or
after such official has qualified, or an officer
or employee or person acting for or on
Poor Rosie O’Donnell. The washed-up ‘comedian’ and behalf of the United States, or any
actress is so distraught over Republican control of department, agency or branch of
Congress and Donald J. Trump having beaten the most Government thereof, including the District
corrupt presidential candidate in the history of the of Columbia, in any official function, under
republic (that would be one Hillary Clinton) she has been or by authority of any such department,
reduced to behaving like a Mafia figure. agency, or branch of Government, or a
On the eve of the Senate’s vote to support the Trump-led
tax reform proposal — the first major reform and reduction Naturally, a senator is a “member of Congress.”
of taxes in more than 30 years — O’Donnell took to
Twitter to make this Mafioso-type offer: She offered to There’s more:
pay Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and/or Jeff Flake of
Arizona $2 million each if they would just vote “no” on (b)Whoever—
the bill.
(1) directly or indirectly, corruptly gives,
offers or promises anything of value to any
Wow. Rosie is just like her Democrat friends and
public official or person who has been
soulmates; they really hate it when Republicans try to let
selected to be a public official, or offers or
Americans keep more of their own money rather than
promises any public official or any person
have it confiscated at gunpoint by the IRS so Democrats
who has been selected to be a public
can redistribute it to constituents.
official to give anything of value to any
other person or entity, with intent—
As The Daily Caller notes, O’Donnell was very plain and
open, writing on Twitter, 1. to influence any official act

“so how about this i promise to give 2 Adds

million dollars to senator susan collins and
2 million to senator jeff flake.” Later in her “The General Federal Bribery Statute
tweet, she added, “no s**t 2 million cash punishes the offense of bribery in the
each”. U.S[iii]. According to 18 USCS prec §

201(b), whoever directly or indirectly, So in other words, in her lunacy, O’Donnell
corruptly gives, offers or promises anything stepped in it big time when she very
of value to any public official with intent to publicly offered to bribe two sitting U.S.
influence that person’s official act will be senators. And as such, we are now calling
fined for the offense of bribery.” on the Trump Justice Department to do
its job and prosecute this very obvious
That’s pretty much what O’Donnell did with her stupid, attempt to unduly influence the
ridiculous, ham-handed attempt to “influence” the votes of constitutional processes of our
two sitting U.S. senators. I mean, if I were a prosecutor government.
who was handed this case, the only negotiating I would be
doing with O’Donnell’s lawyers is over the amount of time There should be no excuses. Frankly, I’m surprised the
in prison she’d be spending. president hasn’t picked up the phone to Attorney General
Jeff Sessions yet and ‘requested’ this case be pursued,
Which, according to the statute, can be “a fine of an because if what O’Donnell just did doesn’t qualify as
amount not more than three times the monetary equivalent attempted bribery, then nothing does.
of the thing of value, or imprisonment for not more than
fifteen years, or both,” according to

Jordan: We Know Clinton Campaign
Paid Russia To Influence Election, ‘Most
Of Mueller’s Team Is Anti-Trump’
By Breitbart TV
20 Dec 2017

Mueller’s team opposes Trump and the Clintons paid

Russians to influence the 2016 election.

Jordan said,

“We know, for a fact, the Clinton campaign

paid Russians to do what? To influence the
election. And yet we’ve had this months-
long investigation by Bob Mueller with no
evidence that President Trump worked with
Russians in any way.”

"Of course not!" Republican Rep. Jim

He later added,
Jordan says he has not coordinated with
White House or Fox News about talking
points on Mueller investigation “It’s not the anti-Trump messages that bother me about Peter Strzok. Most of
Mueller’s team is anti-Trump. We know
— Anderson Cooper 360° (@AC360) that. What concerns me is the intent to
December 21, 2017 carry out a plan to disrupt the election.
Because as Mr. Strzok said, we can’t afford
Wednesday, on CNN’s “AC360,” Representative Jim to leave this in we the people’s hands. That
Jordan (R-OH) argued most of Special Counsel Bob is a problem.”

‘We'll Save A Lot’: Trump Threatens
To Stop Aid To UN Members Over Jerusalem Vote
Published Time: 20 Dec, 2017 18:23 Edited Time: 21 Dec, 2017 05:46

On Tuesday, the US envoy to the UN, Nikki Haley, sent a

warning letter to the member states, saying the US
president will take the voting choices on his landmark
Jerusalem decision “personally.”

“The President will be watching this vote

carefully and has requested I report back
on those who voted against us,” Haley
stated in the letter.

US President Donald Trump holds a cabinet meeting at the White

House in Washington on 20 December 2017. © Jonathan Ernst /
Haley voiced a similarly non-subtle warning on Twitter
Reuters earlier:

President Donald Trump has threatened to cut aid to UN “We don't expect those we've helped to
member states who vote against US at the upcoming UN target us,” she stated, threatening that the
General Assembly on the issue of Washington’s Jerusalem US “will be taking names” of those
move. He said the US will save “billions” in the process. “criticizing” Trump's Jerusalem decision
His threats come ahead of the rare emergency special during Thursday's vote.
session of the UNGA scheduled for Thursday. Arab and
Muslim countries requested the meeting after the US The unanimous support for the resolution in the UN
vetoed a UN Security Council resolution to rescind Security Council was an “insult” for the US, Haley said
Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Trump after vetoing the resolution. It “won’t be forgotten,” she
went ahead with his controversial declaration earlier this added. The US was the only state of the 15-member
month despite multiple warnings against doing so, drawing council to oppose the resolution.
international condemnation and stirring protests from
Muslims worldwide. “It’s one more example of the UN doing
more harm than good in addressing the
“They take hundreds of millions of dollars Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” Haley claimed.
and even billions of dollars, and then they
vote against us. Well, we're watching those Trump’s Jerusalem move, however, has already drawn
votes. Let them vote against us. We'll save criticism from a host of countries which said the
a lot. We don't care,” Trump told reporters declaration itself was destructive to the Israeli-Palestinian
at the White House. peace process. Two days after the US decision, Palestinian
President Mahmoud Abbas refused to meet US Vice
President Mike Pence, stating Palestine will seek a new
mediator for the conflict.

The leaders of Muslim countries, who gathered for an

emergency summit of the Organization of Islamic
Cooperation (OIC) in mid-December in Istanbul, stated
that the US decision effectively voided its status as a
mediator in the decades-old conflict, and called for world-
wide recognition of East Jerusalem as the capital of

COURT DOCUMENTS: Ex-British Spy Behind Fusion
GPS Dossier Admits It Contains “Limited Intelligence”
By Joshua Caplan
Thursday, December 21, 2017

Former British spy Christopher Steele, not purport to represent) verified facts, but
who was tasked with compiling the were raw intelligence which had identified a
‘Trump dossier’ for opposition research range of allegations that warranted
firm Fusion GPS, admitted in court that investigation given their potential national
the discredited document contains security implications,” Steele wrote.
“limited intelligence.”
“Such intelligence was not actively sought;
it was merely received.”

Steele’s stunning admission comes after reports that the

wife of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson, Mary Jacoby,
boasted on Facebook about how ‘Russiagate,’ would not
exist if it weren’t for her husband.

Tablet Magazine reports:

In a Facebook post from June 24, 2017,

that Tablet has seen in screenshots,
Jacoby claimed that her husband deserves
the lion’s share of credit for Russiagate.
Washington Times reports: (She has not replied to repeated requests
for comment.) “It’s come to my attention
While Mr. Steele stated matter-of-factly in his dossier that that some people still don’t realize what
collusion between Mr. Trump and the Russian government Glenn’s role was in exposing Putin’s control
took place, he called it only “possible” months later in of Donald Trump,” Jacoby wrote. “Let’s be
court filings. While he confidently referred to “trusted” clear. Glenn conducted the investigation.
sources inside the Kremlin, in court he referred to the Glenn hired Chris Steele. Chris Steele
dossier’s “limited intelligence.” […] worked for Glenn.” This assertion is hardly
a simple assertion of family pride; it goes
In court filings this year, Mr. Steele doesn’t sound as directly to the nature of what became
confident as his dossier. known as the “Steele dossier,” on which
the Russiagate narrative is founded.
He answered questions through his attorney in a libel
complaint brought by a Russian entrepreneur, Aleksej News of the Facebook post comes amid heighten scrutiny
Gubarev. Mr. Steele has accused Mr. Gubarev of being for the opposition research firm. According to Fox
pressured by Russian’s FSB intelligence service to take News reporter Jake Gibson, Attorney General Jeff Sessions
part in hacking against the Democratic Party. has called on a senior Justice Department attorney to look
into appointing a special counsel to investigate recently
demoted official Bruce Ohr’s contacts with Fusion GPS.
In one answer, Mr. Steele refers to the intelligence he
gathered as “limited.” On the charge of collusion by Mr.
Trump and his campaign advisers, he now says there was “Sessions on calls for a special counsel to
only “possible coordination.” look into Sr DOJ Official Bruce Ohr, and
wife Nellie’s contacts with Fusion GPS
during the summer and fall of 2016: I’ve put
Steele also admitted part of “his final
a Senior Attorney, with the resources he
December memo,” was unvetted.
may need, to review cases in our office and
“The contents of the December make a recommendation to me, if things
memorandum did not represent (and did aren’t being pursued that need to be
pursued, if cases may need more Fox News‘ James Rosen and Jake Gibson recently reported
resources to complete in a proper manner, the wife of Justice Department official Bruce G. Ohr
and to recommend to me if the standards worked for the opposition research firm during the 2016
for a special counsel are met, and the presidential election.
recommended one should be established,”
tweeted Fox News reporter Jake Gibson on

Trump’s Labor Board Devastated
Obama’s Pro-Union Legacy In 2017
Tim Pearce - Energy Reporter
4:35 PM 12/21/2017

Business advocates celebrated Miscimarra’s appointment

as chairman back in April. Miscimarra, who believes each
law should be interpreted based on its explicit text, had
opposed many Obama-era rulings since he was nominated
in 2013.

Unions and their supporters were not as receptive to

Miscimarra’s appointment.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) under “The idea that you cannot look at the
President Donald Trump has overturned nearly every developments in the workplace and how it
major pro-union ruling it made under former-President has changed over the past 80 years when
Barack Obama, The Washington Free Beacon reports. it comes to interpreting the law is absurd,”
New York labor rights attorney Joshua
The NLRB was able to reverse many Obama-era rulings Parkhurst told The Washington Examiner.
and restore longstanding precedents with a 3-2 Republican
majority before Chairman Philip Miscimarra’s term ended Trump had asked Miscimarra to agree to serve on the
Friday. The board is now deadlocked at 2-2 until Trump NLRB for another five-year term. Miscimarra turned the
names a new nominee. offer down to spend more time with his family.

“What the board has now done is restore In the days before Miscimarra left, the board reversed two
some of the norms [of labor law]. The decisions that departed from years of precedent. In 2011,
radical changes all occurred over the the NLRB gave unions the authority to organize “micro-
previous eight years,” Rick Grimaldi, a unions” within a company that could hold elections not
member of the Labor Relations Practice open to rest of a companies unionized employees. In 2015,
Group at Fisher Phillips, told The the NLRB voted to hold employers liable for labor
Washington Free Beacon. violations committed by franchisees or subcontractors that
don’t work directly for the company.

GOP Member Of House Judiciary Committee
To Robert Mueller: ‘Put Up Or Shut’ About
Trump-Russia ‘Collusion’ (Video)
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On December 21, 2017

“If there’s not, let’s move on as a country” Moreover, Gaetz and other Republicans have voiced
concerns about the content of those texts, which appeared
to suggest a plot or scheme to keep Trump out of the
White House.

The discussions appeared to have also taken place in the

presence of current FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

“I want to believe the path you threw out for

consideration in Andy’s office — that
there’s no way [Trump] gets elected — but
(National Sentinel) Showtime: A Republican member of I’m afraid we can’t take that risk,” Strzok
the House Judiciary Committee has issued a challenge to wrote in the Aug. 15, 2016 text message.
special counsel Robert Mueller, who is currently “It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely
conducting a lengthy probe of alleged collusion between event you die before you’re 40.”
the campaign of President Donald J. Trump and Russia:
Show us the evidence. Gaetz said that message is “totally unacceptable” while
alleging that the text shows that McCabe, Strzok and other
“It’s time for Bob Mueller to put up or shut FBI officials “hatched a scheme to deprive Donald Trump
up. If there’s evidence of collusion, let’s see of the presidency both before and after his election.”
it,” Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz said in an
interview on Fox News Wednesday. McCabe was interviewed in Tuesday by the House
“If there’s not, let’s move on as a country Intelligence Committee.
and let’s institute reforms at the FBI so that
an egomaniac FBI director like James Gaetz added that Judiciary Committee chairman Bob
Comey cannot depart from the normal Goodlatte has committed to issuing subpoenas to McCabe
standard procedures that guarantees all and Strzok.
Americans equal treatment under the law,”
he continued.

Gaetz has been extremely critical of Mueller’s probe from

the outset, saying that more than anything he sees it as
overtly political and tainted against the president.

For him and other Republicans, the turning point was

learning earlier this month that FBI counterintelligence
agent Peter Strzok, whom Mueller fired over the summer,
had exchanged anti-Trump text messages with his
mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

Can The FBI Get Away With
Getting Trump Team Emails?
By Andrew P. Napolitano, Lew Rockwell
December 21, 2017

Within hours of his victory in last year’s presidential Anyone who has ever used a GSA computer is familiar
election, Donald Trump dispatched his lawyers to establish with the warning that appears on the screen at the time of
a nonprofit corporation to manage his transition from each use. It says that there is no right to privacy in the
private life to the presidency. This was done pursuant to a communications sent or received, as the electronic
federal statute that provides for taxpayer-funded assistance versions of those communications are the property of the
to the newly elected — but not yet inaugurated — federal government. This, no doubt, is the reason Hillary
president. The statutory term for the corporation is the Clinton infamously used her husband’s computer servers
presidential transition team, or PTT. during her four years at the State Department rather than
the government’s.
In addition to paying the PTT’s bills, the General Services We do not know whether Mueller’s FBI agents merely
Administration, which manages all nonmilitary federal requested the electronic data from the GSA or his
property, provided the PTT with government computers, prosecutors obtained a grand jury subpoena. If it was a
software and a computer service provider. During the simple FBI request and if the GSA simply complied, that
course of the PTT’s existence, the folks who worked for it was a lawful acquisition by the FBI of the PTT emails, yet
sent or received tens of thousands of emails. The PTT in that case, the GSA violated its fiduciary duty to inform
ceased to exist upon Trump’s inauguration, and a receiver the PTT of the request before it complied with it.
was hired to wind it down.
If the FBI came calling on the GSA with a grand jury
Last weekend, a lawyer for the receiver revealed a letter he subpoena, that means Mueller’s team must have presented
sent to Congress complaining that special counsel Robert evidence under oath to a grand jury and demonstrated that
Mueller — who is investigating whether there was any the sought-after items would more likely than not be
agreement between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin helpful to the investigation. When a grand jury issues a
that resulted in the now-well-known efforts by Russian subpoena to a custodian of records — no matter who the
intelligence to affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential custodian is — it is the moral and fiduciary duty of the
election — dispatched FBI agents to the GSA looking for custodian, not the government, to inform the owner of the
copies of all the PTT’s emails and that the GSA subpoenaed items that a subpoena has been received.
surrendered them. In some cases, it is also the legal duty of the custodian to
How did this happen? inform the owner, but it apparently was not in this case. As
far as we can tell, there was no written agreement between
When the FBI is looking for documents or tangible things, the GSA and the PTT requiring the GSA to inform the
it has several legal tools available. They range in their PTT of any document requests or subpoenas. Had such a
disruptive nature from a simple request to a grand jury request been revealed, the lawyer for the receiver of the
subpoena to a judicially authorized search warrant. PTT would have had an opportunity to challenge the
government before a judge. Without that notice, there is no
The FBI request is the easiest for the government, and if
FBI agents ask you for something and you give it to them, time for the challenge.
you cannot later be heard to complain that your privacy Until 1986, it was the duty of the government when
rights regarding the things you surrendered were violated. seeking documents or tangible things from a custodian to
If they seize your documents pursuant to a subpoena or a inform the owner, as well as the custodian, of its intent.
warrant, they normally get to use what they have seized. That fair procedure gave the owner of the records time to
challenge the government before a judge. But the
The issue becomes more complex when the FBI comes
calling for documents of yours that are legally in the hands Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (which
of a custodian — such as your physician, lawyer, banker or has nothing whatsoever to do with protecting privacy),
enacted at the dawn of the digital age, did away with that
accountant. In the case of Trump’s PTT and Mueller’s
wish for all PTT emails, the sought-after data — the
electronic copies of all the PTT’s emails — were in
custody of the GSA.
House GOP Holding ‘SECRET TALKS’ As They
Build Criminal Case Against Senior FBI, DoJ Officials
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On December 21, 2017

A group of Republican House members have gathered in about their plans, but they have consulted
secret for weeks with the House’s general counsel.

Those familiar with the chairman’s plans say the goal of

the effort is to point out what several committee
Republicans believe is systemic corruption and an ongoing
conspiracy by upper FBI and DoJ ranks.

The group plans to release a report early next year laying

out their concerns about DoJ and FBI officials tied to the
“Trump-Russia collusion” and Clinton email
investigations. They may also seek a vote in Congress to
declassify portions of their evidence.
(National Sentinel) Swamp Drain: House Republicans for
weeks have publicly discussed theories and scenarios
regarding the actions and motivations of key FBI and In the past, these GOP members have pointed out that
Department of Justice officials who appear to have there doesn’t appear to be any evidence to support
conspired against then-GOP candidate Donald J. Trump. collusion between the president’s transition team and
Russia, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest Clinton
criminally mishandled classified information.
Now, however, a report on Wednesday claimed that
Republicans are holding “secret talks” while building
criminal cases against those key FBI and Justice Yet, under then-FBI Director James Comey and Attorney
Department officials. General Loretta Lynch, no charges were filed against the
Democratic presidential frontrunner last year and in fact, it
appears as though Comey and the DoJ exonerated Clinton
As reported by Politico, a group of Republican House
months before the FBI even interviewed her.
members have gathered in secret for weeks to investigate
potential corruption at the department after being frustrated
by their lack of progress in getting DoJ officials to turn Whatever evidence the secret Nunes-led group produces, it
over documents and other materials to explain how the FBI could be used to discredit special counsel Robert Mueller’s
used the infamous “Trump dossier.” Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

The site noted further: Others believe Mueller is now conducting an impeachment
A subset of the Republican members of the
House intelligence committee, led by “I hate to use the word corrupt, but they’ve
Chairman Devin Nunes of California, has become at least so dirty that who’s
been quietly working parallel to the watching the watchmen? Who’s
committee’s high-profile inquiry into investigating these people?” Nunes said in
Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential a Fox News interview earlier this month.
election. They haven’t informed Democrats “There is no one.”

FINALLY: AG Sessions Orders
FRESH Probe Into Uranium One Deal
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On December 21, 2017

At issue is a 2010 transaction in which the Obama

Administration allowed the sale of U.S. uranium mining The network reported that a senior law enforcement
facilities to Russia’s state atomic energy company official briefed on the initial FBI probe said that
allegations of corruption surrounded the process of the
Obama administration approving the sale, but no charges
were ever filed.

The Clintons have denied any wrongdoing.

However, undercover informant for the FBI who worked

in the Russian nuclear industry and was made to sign an
“illegal” non-disclosure agreement (NDA) by Obama
Attorney General Loretta Lynch claims to have video
evidence showing Russian agents with briefcases full of
(National Sentinel) New Look: Attorney General Jeff bribe money in relation to the Uranium One scandal.
Sessions has ordered Justice Department prosecutors to
being asking FBI agents to explain evidence they The informant, identified as William D. Campbell, was
discovered into a currently dormant criminal probe into the scheduled to testify before Congress at the end of
controversial Uranium One deal that has been tied to Bill November after a non-disclosure agreement he signed,
and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, NBC which carried the threat of prison time if violated, was
News reported. lifted by the Trump Justice Department.

According to multiple law enforcement sources, interviews Republicans in the Senate are probing the Uranium One
with FBI agents are part of the Justice Department’s efforts deal. President Donald J. Trump has also called the deal
to fulfill a pledge that an assistant attorney general gave to corrupt and pushed for an investigation.
Congress in November.
Earlier, The Hill‘s John Solomon and Circa News‘ Sara
The assistant AG promised that the department would Carter noted that Campbell had been deeply embedded in
determine whether a special counsel is warranted to look the Russian nuclear industry. While there he was able to
into the Uranium One deal, according to a senior Justice gather incriminating evidence of bribery and kickbacks to
Department official and by U.S. and Russian actors involved in getting the
Uranium One deal approved by the Obama administration.
NBC News noted further:
NBC Nes noted further that in a letter to Rep. Bob
At issue is a 2010 transaction in which the Goodlatte, R-Va., chairman of the House Judiciary
Obama Administration allowed the sale of Committee, Assistant Attorney General for Legislative
U.S. uranium mining facilities to Russia’s Affairs Stephen Boyd “said Justice Department lawyers
state atomic energy company. Hillary would make recommendations to Sessions about whether
Clinton was secretary of state at the time, an investigation should be opened or expanded, or whether
and the State Department was one of nine a special counsel should be appointed to probe a number of
agencies that agreed to approve the deal issues of concern to Republicans.”
after finding no threat to U.S. national
security. FBI agents who investigated the case have been asked in
recent weeks by Justice Department prosecutors to
describe the results of their efforts. Agents have also been

asked if there was any improper effort to quash In October, The Hill reported further that the FBI turned up
prosecutions of the Clintons or others involved in the evidence of collusion, racketeering, bribery and payoffs
transaction. between Russian nuclear company interests tied to
President Vladimir Putin and the Clinton Foundation back
Bill and Hillary Clinton hid donations from a firm tied to in 2010.
the controversial Uranium One, as indicated in documents
obtained by The Hill. However, the paper noted, the Justice Department under
Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch sat on
the information and did not act on it.

Prosecutors Ask FBI Agents
For Info On Uranium One Deal
By Tom Winter, Pete Williams And Ken Dilanian
December 21, 2017

On the orders of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Justice Hillary Clinton has denied playing any role in the decision
Department prosecutors have begun asking FBI agents to by the State Department to approve the sale, and the State
explain the evidence they found in a now dormant criminal Department official who approved it has said Clinton did
investigation into a controversial uranium deal that critics not intervene in the matter. That hasn't stopped some
have linked to Bill and Hillary Clinton, multiple law Republicans, including President Trump, from calling the
enforcement officials told NBC News. arrangement corrupt — and urging that Clinton be
The interviews with FBI agents are part of the Justice
Department's effort to fulfill a promise an assistant In a letter to Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., chairman of the
attorney general made to Congress last month to examine House Judiciary Committee, Assistant Attorney General
whether a special counsel was warranted to look into what for Legislative Affairs Stephen Boyd said Justice
has become known as the Uranium One deal, a senior Department lawyers would make recommendations to
Justice Department official said. Sessions about whether an investigation should be opened
or expanded, or whether a special counsel should be
At issue is a 2010 transaction in which the Obama appointed to probe a number of issues of concern to
Administration allowed the sale of U.S. uranium mining Republicans.
facilities to Russia's state atomic energy company. Hillary
Clinton was secretary of state at the time, and the State
Department was one of nine agencies that agreed to
approve the deal after finding no threat to U.S. national

In recent weeks, FBI agents who investigated the case

have been asked by Justice Department prosecutors to
describe the results of their probe. The agents also have
been asked if there was any improper effort to squash a
Hillary Clinton speaks in Los Angeles on Dec. 15. Mario Anzuoni / prosecution, the law enforcement sources say.
The senior Justice Department official said the questions
A senior law enforcement official who was briefed on the were part of an effort by the Sessions team to get up to
initial FBI investigation told NBC News there were speed on the controversial case, in the face of allegations
allegations of corruption surrounding the process under from Congressional Republicans that it was mishandled.
which the U.S. government approved the sale. But no
charges were filed. An FBI spokesman declined to comment.

As the New York Times reported in April 2015, some of On June 8, 2010, Uranium One announced it had signed an
the people associated with the deal contributed millions of agreement to sell a majority stake to the mining arm of
dollars to the Clinton Foundation. And Bill Clinton was Rosatom, the Russian nuclear energy agency.
paid $500,000 for a Moscow speech by a Russian
investment bank with links to the transaction.

At the time, Uranium One's two licensed mining On the orders of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Justice
operations in Wyoming amounted to about 20 percent of Department prosecutors have begun asking FBI agents to
all uranium mining production capacity in the U.S, explain the evidence they found in a now dormant criminal
according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. (That investigation into a controversial uranium deal that critics
figure has since decreased.) have linked to Bill and Hillary Clinton, multiple law
enforcement officials told NBC News.

The interviews with FBI agents are part of the Justice

Department's effort to fulfill a promise an assistant
attorney general made to Congress last month to examine
whether a special counsel was warranted to look into what
has become known as the Uranium One deal, a senior
Justice Department official said.

At issue is a 2010 transaction in which the Obama

Administration allowed the sale of U.S. uranium mining
facilities to Russia's state atomic energy company. Hillary
Is President Trump right about Russia, Uranium and Clinton? Clinton was secretary of state at the time, and the State
Department was one of nine agencies that agreed to
Because enriched uranium is a component of nuclear approve the deal after finding no threat to U.S. national
weapons, the deal required a national security review by security.
the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United

As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium

One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, The
New York Times reported, Uranium One's Canadian
chairman, Ian Telfer, used his family foundation to make
four donations totaling $2.35 million to the Clinton
Foundation. Those contributions were not publicly
disclosed by the foundation, the Times reported, despite a
promise to publicly identify all donors. The foundation
later said it made a mistake.

Others associated with Uranium One also donated to the

Clinton Foundation, according to the Times. Ian Telfer, chairman of Goldcorp Inc., speaks during an interview in
Toronto in 2014. Galit Rodan / Bloomberg via Getty Images
Sen John Barrasso, a Republican from Wyoming, raised
objections to the sale, saying it would Clinton has said she was not involved in the deliberations
and played no role in the decision.
"give the Russian government control over
a sizable portion of America's uranium Jose Fernandez, a former assistant secretary of state, told
production capacity." the Times that he represented the department on the
committee, and that

"Mrs. Clinton never intervened with me on

any C.F.I.U.S. matter."

He did not respond to a request for comment by NBC


A spokesman for Hillary Clinton did not answer whether

she was ever briefed on the Uranium One deal.

Congressman questions reviving of Uranium One 6:21 "At every turn this storyline has been
debunked on the merits," said the
spokesman, Nick Merrill. "This latest
iteration is simply more of the right doing
Trump's bidding for him to distract from his
own Russia problems, which are real and a
grave threat to our national security."

Stewart Baker, a former top lawyer in the George W. Bush

administration and an expert in the CFIUS process, said he
doubted that the Uranium One decision ever reached
Clinton's desk.

About the donations, he said,

"Is it possible that the Russians thought

Frank Giustra speaks as former President Bill Clinton looks on
they needed to do this and that it would during a news conference announcing that the Clinton foundation is
help them? Yeah, but that doesn't mean launching a new sustainable development initiative in Latin America
that it actually did." in New York in 2007. Shannon Stapleton / Reuters file

Baker said it was disquieting that the Sessions Justice UrAsia had soon closed deals for uranium mining rights in
Department was re-examining a case that career officials Kazakhstan. In 2006, Giustra donated $31.3 million to the
already concluded warranted no charges. Clinton Foundation.

"You'd like to think that that wouldn't The value of UrAsia shares increased seventyfold between
happen often in a mature democracy," he 2005 and 2007. Uranium One merged with UrAsia in
said. 2007, after which, says Giustra, he sold his shares and left
the company — three years before the controversial sale of
However, he pointed out that Eric Holder, President U.S. uranium mining facilities.
Obama's attorney general, ordered a new investigation into
brutal CIA interrogations after career prosecutors had Giustra has donated more than $100 million to the Clinton
looked but filed no charges in the Bush administration. In Foundation and currently sits on the foundation's board.
the end, Holder's department didn't file charges, either.
In a statement, Giustra said that he had been working on
Frank Giustra and Uranium One the purchase of mining stakes from a private Kazakh
company in early 2005, and the purchase was concluded in
late 2005.
Uranium One became a much bigger player in the uranium
market after it absorbed a company run and co-owned by
Frank Giustra, a Canadian businessman and Bill Clinton "In late 2005, I went to Kazakhstan to finish
associate, in February 2007. the negotiations of the sale," said Giustra.
"Bill Clinton flew to Almaty a few days after
I arrived in the country on another person's
Giustra was the chairman of UrAsia, a company bidding
plane … Bill Clinton had nothing to do with
for uranium rights in Kazakhstan. In 2005, after he had
the purchase of private mining stakes by a
begun negotiating for the rights, he and Bill Clinton
Canadian company."
traveled to Kazakhstan on separate planes and attended a
dinner with the country's president.

WOW! Wife Of Fusion GPS Founder
Glenn Simpson Bragged On Facebook Her Husband
Was Behind ‘Russiagate’
By Joshua Caplan
Thursday, December 21, 2017

The wife of Fusion GPS founder Glenn deserves the lion’s share of credit for Russiagate. (She has
Simpson, Mary Jacoby, is proud of her not replied to repeated requests for comment.)
husband’s work that led to mass Trump-
Russia hysteria. Jacoby is so proud that “It’s come to my attention that some people
she felt the need to boast on Facebook still don’t realize what Glenn’s role was in
about how ‘Russiagate,’ would not exist exposing Putin’s control of Donald Trump,”
if it weren’t for her husband. Jacoby wrote. “Let’s be clear. Glenn
conducted the investigation. Glenn hired
Chris Steele. Chris Steele worked for

This assertion is hardly a simple assertion of family pride;

it goes directly to the nature of what became known as the
“Steele dossier,” on which the Russiagate narrative is

News of the Facebook post comes amid heighten scrutiny

for the opposition research firm. According to Fox
News reporter Jake Gibson, Attorney General Jeff Sessions
has called on a senior Justice Department attorney to look
Tablet Magazine reports: into appointing a special counsel to investigate recently
demoted official Bruce Ohr’s contacts with Fusion GPS.
A Tablet investigation using public sources
to trace the evolution of the now-famous “Sessions on calls for a special counsel to
dossier suggests that central elements of look into Sr DOJ Official Bruce Ohr, and
the Russiagate scandal emerged not from wife Nellie’s contacts with Fusion GPS
the British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s top- during the summer and fall of 2016: I’ve put
secret “sources” in the Russian a Senior Attorney, with the resources he
government—which are unlikely to exist may need, to review cases in our office and
separate from Russian government make a recommendation to me, if things
control—but from a series of stories that aren’t being pursued that need to be
Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson pursued, if cases may need more
and his wife Mary Jacoby co-wrote for The resources to complete in a proper manner,
Wall Street Journal well before Fusion GPS and to recommend to me if the standards
existed, and Donald Trump was simply for a special counsel are met, and the
another loud-mouthed Manhattan real recommended one should be established,”
estate millionaire. Understanding the tweeted Fox News reporter Jake Gibson on
origins of the “Steele dossier” is especially Tuesday.
important because of what it tells us about
the nature and the workings of what its Fox News‘ James Rosen and Jake Gibson recently reported
supporters would hopefully describe as an the wife of Justice Department official Bruce G. Ohr
ongoing campaign to remove the elected worked for the opposition research firm during the 2016
president of the United States. […] presidential election.

In a Facebook post from June 24, 2017, that Tablet has Fox News reports:
seen in screenshots, Jacoby claimed that her husband
Contacted by Fox News, investigators for In a statement to Fox News, a Justice Department
the House Permanent Select Committee on spokesperson said,
Intelligence (HPSCI) confirmed that Nellie
H. Ohr, wife of the demoted official, Bruce “It is unusual for anyone to wear two hats
G. Ohr, worked for the opposition research as he has done recently. This person is
firm last year. The precise nature of Mrs. going to go back to a single focus—director
Ohr’s duties – including whether she of our organized crime and drug
worked on the dossier – remains unclear enforcement unit. As you know, combatting
but a review of her published works transnational criminal organizations and
available online reveals Mrs. Ohr has drug trafficking is a top priority for the
written extensively on Russia-related Attorney General.”
subjects. HPSCI staff confirmed to Fox
News that she was paid by Fusion GPS
through the summer and fall of 2016.

Report: DOJ Prosecutors Probe FBI Agents About
Uranium One Deal, Clinton Connections
By Tyler O'Neil
December 21, 2017

(and with it, 20 percent of U.S. uranium). At the same

time, Russians paid former president Bill Clinton $500,000
for a speech in Moscow hosted by Sberbank, a Russian
bank promoting Uranium One stock at the time, and
Hillary Clinton approved the deal in her role as secretary
of State.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions gestures as he testifies on

Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, June 13, 2017,
before the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing about his
role in the firing of James Comey, his Russian contacts
during the campaign and his decision to recuse from an
investigation into possible ties between Moscow and To make matters worse, the FBI had already reportedly
associates of President Donald Trump. (AP gathered evidence of Russian corruption in the U.S.
Photo/Jacquelyn Martin) uranium industry but kept it secret right when it would
have mattered most.
Prosecutors with the Department of Justice (DOJ) have
begun asking FBI agents to explain newly uncovered At the time, Uranium One had two licensed mining
evidence surrounding the 2010 Uranium One deal and operations in Wyoming amounting to about 20 percent of
alleged corruption with Bill and Hillary Clinton. all U.S. uranium mining. Because enriched uranium is a
key component of nuclear weapons, the deal required
New documents released by an anonymous informant in national security review from the Committee on Foreign
October brought the case back into the spotlight, Investments in the United States (CFIUS), on which
suggesting that any Clinton-Russia collusion is worse than Hillary Clinton was one of nine members.
the alleged Trump-Russia collusion driving the
investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. At the time, the U.S. ambassador to Kazakhstan warned
Clinton's State Department that Rosatom was acting on
An assistant attorney general made a promise to Congress behalf of Russia's military intelligence agency, the GRU,
last month to investigate whether a special counsel was to acquire uranium mines after Russia felt "squeezed" by
warranted to look into the case, a senior DOJ official told having their uranium imports limited by other countries.
NBC News. Sources have confirmed that the investigation
is underway. As the Russians took Uranium One, the firm's Canadian
chairman Ian Telfer gave four donations totaling $2.35
President Donald Trump has drawn attention to the case. million to the Clinton Foundation between 2009 and 2013.
"Uranium deal to Russia, with Clinton help and Obama The Clinton Foundation did not publicly disclose these
Administration knowledge, is the biggest story that Fake funds, The New York Times reported in 2015. Others
Media doesn't want to follow!" the president tweeted in associated with Uranium One also gave to the Clinton
October. Foundation.

In 2010, the Obama administration approved a A key Clinton Foundation player also helped Uranium
controversial deal giving Russian company Rosatom One grow in the years before the 2010 deal. Frank Giustra,
partial control of Canadian mining company Uranium One who has donated more than $100 million to the Clinton
Foundation and now sits on the foundation's board, served "Is it possible that the Russians thought
as chairman of UrAsia, a company bidding for uranium they needed to do this and that it would
rights in Kazakhstan. help them? Yeah, but that doesn't mean
that it actually did," Baker said. He noted
In 2005, Giustra and Bill Clinton attended a dinner with that Eric Holder, attorney general under
the country's president. UrAsia closed deals for uranium President Obama, ordered a new
mining rights in Kazakhstan later that year, and Giustra investigation into CIA interrogations carried
donated $31.3 million to the Clinton Foundation in 2006. out under President Bush after prosecutors
had filed no charges against the Bush
UrAsia shares skyrocketed seventyfold between 2005 and
2007, and merged with Uranium One in 2007. Giustra said
he sold his shares and left UrAsia shortly after it merged Interestingly, the FBI rushed to arrest a Russian spy ring
with Uranium One. getting close to Hillary Clinton at the time of the Uranium
One deal.
"In late 2005, I went to Kazakhstan to finish
the negotiations of the sale," Giustra said. The Mueller investigation is arguably a case of "lawfare"
"Bill Clinton flew to Almaty a few days later against the Trump administration, similar to the Obama
I arrived in the country on another person's investigation into the Bush CIA and similar to the pending
plane ... Bill Clinton had nothing to do with Uranium One investigation into Hillary Clinton. Political
the purchase of private mining stakes by a opponents often engage in legal investigations as an
Canadian company." attempt to discredit their political enemies.

Defenders of the Uranium One deal argue that the The Clinton camp's response to Uranium One
Russians don't have a license to export the uranium out of investigations — that this is a "debunked" story distracting
the U.S., and that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission from real matters of national security — mimics the Trump
found no risk to national security. Clinton herself said she deflections on the Mueller investigation well.
was not involved in the deliberations and played no role in
the decision. It may be that analysts on the Right rush to connect the
breadcrumbs in Uranium One in much the same way as
"Mrs. Clinton never intervened with me on analysts on the Left rush to connect the breadcrumbs in
any C.F.I.U.S. matter," Jose Fernandez, a Trump-Russia. The evidence for bribery in the case of
former assistant secretary of state, told the Uranium One seems much more firmly established than
Times in 2015. the evidence for treason in Trump-Russia, however.

Hillary Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill insisted that any Interestingly, Mueller was at the helm of the FBI during
corruption associated with the Uranium One deal is a the Uranium One deal, and may have been involved in
"debunked" story. hiding and downplaying the Russia uranium scandals at
the time. PJ Media's Roger Simon has called for Mueller to
recuse himself from the Trump-Russia investigation for
"At every turn this storyline has been
this reason.
debunked on the merits," Merrill told NB
News. "This latest iteration is simply more
of the right doing Trump's bidding for him to In any case, if Mueller is going to drag out the Trump-
distract from his own Russia problems, Russia investigation, why should Sessions' DOJ not
which are real and a grave threat to our investigate Uranium One? Clinton's Russia connections
national security." are at least as bad as Trump's alleged collusion. Shouldn't
the public be allowed to learn more?
Stewart Baker, a former lawyer in the George W. Bush
administration and a CFIUS expert, said he doubted that
the Uranium One deal ever reached Clinton's desk.

After Calling Tax Plan ‘Fantasy,’
NBC Dismisses Proof It Was Wrong
By Kyle Drennen
December 21, 2017 1:00 PM EST

After NBC’s Today co-host Savannah Guthrie accused bill was already having the positive economic impact that
House Speaker Paul Ryan of “living in a fantasy world” on Republicans promised:
Wednesday for predicting that tax reform legislation would
encourage businesses to raise wages for their employees, Listen, they’re doing something, but
on Thursday, the network morning show tried its best to they’re literally doing the least they can
deny the reality that several major companies announced do....But we have to take a step back,
that they would be doing exactly that. this is day one. And from a PR
perspective, you’re darn right those
During a report on reaction to the major Republican companies should have done
legislative accomplishment, correspondent Kristen Welker something. They, without a doubt, have
noted: a relationship with the White House.
They know that there were protesters in
“Republicans are betting the benefits to Washington, that people are going, “Hold
business will trickle down and boost on a second, my taxes are gonna go up
individuals and the economy.” and corporations are gonna get billions of
dollars less they have to pay? What are
you going to do for me?” So this is a great
She then acknowledged:
gesture on the part of these companies,
but thus far, it’s a gesture.
“AT&T and NBC’s parent company,
Comcast, announcing employee bonuses,
After Ruhle dismissed the significant business moves as
something the legislation doesn’t require.”
merely “PR,” Guthrie chimed in with her own conspiracy
theory about why at least one of the companies was really
being so generous:

“And not to be a cynic, but, for example,

AT&T does have a merger pending,
correct, before the Justice

Ruhle agreed:

“That’s not being cynical. They’ve got a

Faced with the fact that even the owner of her network was
proving the GOP right, Guthrie seemed admit, at least
The Department of Justice has gotten in the mix.” She
initially, that her grilling of Ryan might have been unfair:
went on to claim that all of the corporations, including
Comcast, were really just trying to return favors to the
“So, we were just talking about this Trump administration:
yesterday with Speaker Paul Ryan,
would corporations really take this
Comcast has benefitted. Just last week,
money they’re getting and plow it back
you asked me, who benefits from the net
into the economy? And on the first day,
neutrality? Big media companies. So
it seems some have done that very
Comcast is doing something. Boeing, huge
contracts with the government. And Wells
Fargo, Fifth Third Bank, they certainly like
However, left-wing MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle was that the CFPB now has Mick Mulvaney in
there to immediately shoot down any notion that the tax charge. This is a relationship.
“It’s a very positive move, it’s a great PR replied: “Well, that – there’s a lot of
move. It’s not long term, yet,” Ruhle skepticism around that....the big criticism is
concluded. that companies will use this money to
reinvest by buying back their stock and by
Thursday’s CBS This Morning was similarly sour on the paying dividends.”
idea that Republican predictions had cone true.
At one point in the discussion, Gallagher tried to use the
“So we saw essentially yesterday, after same talking point against AT&T that Guthrie had pushed
the Democrats called the President’s tax on the Today show:
plan and the Republicans’ tax plan sort
of a ‘fantasy,’ we saw all these “But you know, AT&T is an interesting
companies come out and say, ‘Well, we example. It’s locked in a fight over whether
are gonna give people money, we are it will be allowed to acquire Time Warner.
gonna do more hiring,’” co-host Norah So this – look, this is a big deal and AT&T
O’Donnell confessed. She then turned to also said it’s gonna invest a billion dollars
political analyst Dan Senor and skeptically here in the U.S. next year, in addition to the
asked: “Will they actually follow through bonuses.”
on those promises?”
However, O’Donnell fact-checked that claim:
Like Ruhle on NBC, Senor promptly threw cold water on
the idea: “And in fairness to Randall Stephenson, the
CEO of AT&T, I was with him before they
Well, I think the news you saw overnight with these tried to block that deal and he was already
companies announcing these end-of-year bonuses, it’s a talking about reinvesting in workers before
little bit of – you know, that.”

it’s kind of some gimmicks here. I mean, Perhaps AT&T was simply following through on
I don’t think we should overstate the something that it had already promised to do if tax reform
significance. passed.

It’s good, it’s positive. But we shouldn’t overstate the ABC’s Good Morning America was the only network
significance. morning show to unequivocally report the business
bonuses as good news.
At the top of the 8 a.m. ET hour, Fortune magazine’s
Senior Editor at Large Leigh Gallagher joined the program “President Trump praising AT&T for
and advanced the narrative that the employee bonuses promising to share the wealth from the
were just PR: corporate tax cut with their workers, and
other companies are doing the same,” fill-in
So I think this really speaks to – you know, co-host Amy Robach announced.
there’s been an enormous amount of public
disaffection with this bill. Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis explained:
There’s an incredible feeling that it favors
businesses and it favors the wealthy, which “Yes, a number of companies have rushed
it can almost see that these to announce special bonuses and wage
companies are sort of writing the tweets hikes in the aftermath of the tax bill...”
for the President because this is sort of a
line straight to his heart. They are showing Robach wrapped up the segment by emphasizing:
right away that, look, this is for – you
know, the tax cut is passed on one day, “Alright, this all sounds like very good
day two it rains money for American news.”
Jarvis added:
Fill-in co-host Anthony Mason fretted:
“For a lot of people.”
“What’s the likelihood then, that once you
get past this initial PR phase that this will
be a pattern of behavior?” Gallagher
Apparently, simply admitting that the Republican tax plan in charge. This is a relationship. It’s a very positive move, it’s a
was having a positive impact was far too difficult for NBC great PR move. It’s not long term, yet.
and CBS to handle.
Here are excerpts of the December 21 coverage from both
CBS This Morning
Today 7:07 AM ET
7:10 AM ET

NORAH O’DONNELL: So we saw essentially yesterday, after the

GUTHRIE: We want to focus in on corporate America’s response Democrats called the President’s tax plan and the Republicans’
and those surprise bonuses for hundreds of thousands of tax plan sort of a “fantasy,” we saw all these companies come out
workers. NBC’s Stephanie Ruhle is here with us. She covers and say, “Well, we are gonna give people money, we are gonna
business. So, we were just talking about this yesterday with do more hiring.” Will they actually follow through on those
Speaker Paul Ryan, would corporations really take this money promises?
they’re getting and plow it back into the economy? And on the
first day, it seems some have done that very thing. DAN SENOR: Well, I think the news you saw overnight with
these companies announcing these end-of-year bonuses, it’s a
[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: Tax Bill & Big Bonuses; What’s little bit of – you know, it’s kind of some gimmicks here. I mean, I
Behind Corporations’ $1,000 Offers?] don’t think we should overstate the significance. It’s good, it’s
positive. But we shouldn’t overstate the significance.
STEPHANIE RUHLE: Listen, they’re doing something, but they’re
literally doing the least they can do. Now, it’s a positive for The real question is, will a large chunk of the country receive
anyone at AT&T or Comcast or Boeing or Wells Fargo. It’s great some kind of tax relief, A. And, B, will companies really start
to get that $1,000. It is great to see minimum wage get pushed investing in the growth of their companies, capital infrastructure,
up and people get $15 an hour. But we have to take a step back, hiring more people? We will know that very quickly.
this is day one. And from a PR perspective, you’re darn right
those companies should have done something. They, without a (...)
doubt, have a relationship with the White House. They know that
there were protesters in Washington, that people are going, “Hold 8:04 AM ET
on a second, my taxes are gonna go up and corporations are
gonna get billions of dollars less they have to pay? What are you
going to do for me?” So this is a great gesture on the part of NORAH O’DONNELL: Let’s break it down and go through it. So,
these companies, but thus far, it’s a gesture. some companies have already made commitments, essentially,
to give back. Boeing announcing $300 million for things like gift
matching, workplace development. AT&T, Comcast talking about
GUTHRIE: And not to be a cynic, but, for example, AT&T does bonuses. How does that work out, that reinvestment in
have a merger pending, correct, before the Justice Department? employees?

RUHLE: That’s not being cynical. They’ve got a merger. We LEIGH GALLAGHER [FORTUNE SENIOR EDITOR AT LARGE]:
know that the President has an issue with CNN. The Department Well, it’s interesting. So I think this really speaks to – you know,
of Justice has gotten in the mix. Comcast has benefitted. Just there’s been an enormous amount of public disaffection with this
last week, you asked me, who benefits from the net neutrality? bill. There’s an incredible feeling that it favors businesses and it
Big media companies. So Comcast is doing something. Boeing, favors the wealthy, which it does. But you know, AT&T is an
huge contracts with the government. And Wells Fargo, Fifth Third interesting example. It’s locked in a fight over whether it will be
Bank, they certainly like that the CFPB now has Mick Mulvaney allowed to acquire Time Warner. So this – look, this is a big deal

and AT&T also said it’s gonna invest a billion dollars here in the GALLAGHER: They’re not. No, no, no, they’re not. And –
U.S. next year, in addition to the bonuses.
MASON: What’s the likelihood then, that once you get past this
O’DONNELL: And in fairness to Randall Stephenson, the CEO of initial PR phase that this will be a pattern of behavior?
AT&T, I was with him before they tried to block that deal and he
was already talking about reinvesting in workers before that. GALLAGHER: Well, that – there’s a lot of skepticism around that.
But I will say also those companies, it’s not just bonuses, some of
GALLAGHER: Exactly. But you know, you can almost see that them are raising the minimum wage. So that is a significant –
these companies are sort of writing the tweets for the President
because this is sort of a line straight to his heart. They are KING: Wells Fargo.
showing right away that, look, this is for – you know, the tax cut is
passed on one day, day two it rains money for American workers.
GALLAGHER: Yeah. And so – but the big criticism is that
companies will use this money to reinvest by buying back their
GAYLE KING: But companies are under no obligation to do that, stock and by paying dividends. And we’re sort of in an era of
though. financial engineering and capital finds the way that it’s – you
know, flows to the way it’s most useful.
MASON: Correct.

James Woods SLAMS “Pompous Blowhard”
#Nevertrumper Bill Kristol For Attacking
Trump’s Tax Bill
By Cristina Laila
Thursday, December 21, 2017

#NeverTrumper elitist blowhards like “Only an elitist cupcake like you would think
Bill Kristol are miserable over Trump’s having a bonus is “creepy.” Try actually
successful tax bill. It only further proves working for a living, you pompous
they are on the wrong side of history. blowhard. It would amaze you how
important a salary and bonus can be.”
Bill Kristol’s “inner Socialist” slipped out again. He
attacked the positive response many corporations had
yesterday announcing bonuses to employees and increases
in capital spending.

According to Bill Kristol, it’s “creepy” for a corporation to

give bonuses to employees in response to tax cuts.

Patriotic actor James Woods moved in for the kill shot.

Bill Kristol tweeted,

“Isn’t there something creepy about

corporations giving cash bonuses to
employees explicitly because of the
passage of certain legislation or because of
specific regulatory actions? Doesn’t it have
something of a Road to Corporatist
Serfdom feel to it?”

James Woods responded in his usual snarky fashion utterly

destroying the RINO hack,

According to Bill Kristol, innovation, increases in capital to $15, and distribute one-time bonus of
spending and giving bonuses to hard working employees $1,000 to more than 13,500 employees.”
when a corporation has access to more money is “creepy”.
More winning! Comcast announced it
Let that sink in.
will invest a whopping $50 billion into
infrastructure projects over the next five
A quick recap of just a few of the corporations positively years due to the Republicans’ tax plan.
responding to Trump’s tax bill: The media giant will also give $1000
bonuses to more than 100,000
AT&T quickly responded to this employees.
historical tax cut and announced
Wednesday it will be issuing over A $1,000 bonus can be life-changing for many people who
200,000 U.S. employees a special $1,000 live on tight budgets. Only an elitist far removed from the
bonus and will also increase US capital reality of many struggling Americans would act like Bill
spending by $1 billion. Kristol.
Also, thanks to Republicans passing
historic tax reform, Boeing has Strange, Bill Kristol has never said it’s
announced a new $300 million “creepy” that the U.S. government
investment initiative. rewards illegal aliens by giving them
free everything, yet hard working,
There’s more… Fifth Third
employed Americans receiving a bonus
Bancorp announced it will “raise its
from their employer is “creepy”. That’s
minimum hourly wage for all employees
all you need to know about the mindset
of a #NeverTrumper.

'My God, Is That SNL?' CNN's Lemon Laughs At
Supposedly Extreme GOP Praise For Trump
By Tim Graham
December 21, 2017 4:25 PM EST

Republicans celebrated a big win on Wednesday, and CNN (Laughs) -- what is going on here?! By the
Tonight anchor Don Lemon responded by mocking it as a way, you gentlemen look so handsome.
“festival of flattery” for an egotistical president. Lemon You're such fantastic historians. I am just
pretended that this kind of gushing over a president has honored to be on television with you.
never been done in modern times, as if Lemon’s never
watched network TV coverage of the Obamas, or the Isn't that fairly typical praise when major legislation
Clintons, or the Kennedys. passes? Did Lemon forget Joe Biden saying Obamacare
was a "big f---ing deal"? The Democrats had T-shirts

This is the same Don Lemon who at this time three years
ago proclaimed of the Obamas, "They are America's first
couple, the closest thing that we have to royalty." New
York Times columnist Charles Blow shot back, "You're
going to get in so much trouble for calling the Obamas
royals." At the time, our Scott Whitlock pointed out that
when Chelsea Clinton had a baby earlier in 2014, they
gushed about the Clintons as royalty and a dynasty.

DON LEMON: There was a festival of Lemon could just focus on his own network. CNN's David
flattery on the White House lawn today to Gergen oozed over Obama's 2008 convention speech:
celebrate the passage of the Republican
tax cut bill. “In many ways, it was less a speech than a
symphony....It was a masterpiece." In
2011, CNN's Piers Morgan told Obama
Something this big, something this
aide David Axelrod, "I always feel he's got
generational, something this profound
so many pluses, doesn't he? In a sense,
could not have been done without exquisite
he's personable, he's handsome, he can be
presidential leadership. Mr. President,
funny. You know, abroad he has this great
thank you for getting us over the finish line.
image for America. A lot of things are just
REP. DIANE BLACK: Thank you, President perfect about Barack Obama." Four years
Trump, for allowing us to have you as our ago, CNN's Piers Morgan pondered a
president and to make America great presidential run by lumpy Chris Christie
again. "after the perfect Barack Obama -- who’s a
SEN. ORRIN HATCH: You're one heck of a perfect physical specimen to many people's
leader, and we're all benefiting from it. This eyes."
bill could not have passed without you.
Brinkley said Trump has a 35 percent approval rating and
hasn’t done anything notable this year, “But it's worth
President Donald Trump delivered a great
high-fiving. It is an historic victory. But I think the
victory for the American people.
exaggeration of having to kiss the ring of Donald Trump,
LEMON: My God. Is that SNL? Is that real?
Complimenting President Trump has it almost seems like a scene out of The
become something of a ritual at the White Godfather we just saw, not what you
House, but have other presidents expected would expect from the president of a
such praise? Let's discuss now with CNN democracy.”
presidential historians Timothy Naftali and
Douglas Brinkley. I mean, listen, you
Timothy Naftali compared it to Nixon, not the Democrats:
“I haven't heard this kind of sycophancy MARGARET HOOVER: No, exactly. Look, this is sad.
since I listened to the Nixon tapes, This is really, really sad.
where Henry Kissinger is telling the
president what a remarkable human being LEMON: It is embarrassing, isn't it?
he is.”
HOOVER: It’s really sad. And, you know there was a time
Naftali added Trump was insecure: where conservatives like me who really supported people
like Paul Ryan and the center-right and believed that they
“I think one of the lessons that Congress were getting, they were supporting President Trump in
learned was that this president is insecure, order to deliver on their principles, right? And so in order
and that if you want to work with this to get the kind of tax reform done that we talked about for
president, you have to make him feel great 30 years, you know, they had to cooperate with the
about himself. And they didn't do it in the Republican President in order to be -- so it was actually
health care debate. And they decided to do harder for them to be with Trump in order to deliver. And
it over tax cuts.” then they didn’t!

Lemon was so amazed by these pretty standard clips of So this just undermines [underlines?]
praise at a victory celebration that he reprised his the fact that they totally sold out their
amazement in the 11 pm hour with the husband-and-wife principles.
CNN analysts John Avlon and Margaret Hoover. He
laughed out loud when the clip package ended. LEMON: Why would they do that?

HOOVER: Because they lost all hope. (LAUGHTER)

LEMON: All right. Stop it. When people do that [praise

you effusively], don't you say ‘Come on, stop it, this is a
team effort, and it took all of us. We all got it done.

HOOVER: This President demands something very

different from the people.

AVLON: It’s just creepy to see senior

Senators like Orrin Hatch give the
President a tongue bath on national
JOHN AVLON: I mean, come on. This sort of Dear television, it is odd. It is just weird.
Leader genuflection -- like, the cabinet meeting, The
Washington Post calculated that Vice President Pence
praised him once every twelve seconds for three minutes. HOOVER: I don't even know what that is. (LAUGHTER)
That is not normal human behavior, folks. That is a
hostage video. I mean what’s going on? Avlon has presided over some creepy conversations at The
Daily Beast, like the one where two colleagues said they
DON LEMON: Come on, conservative Margaret Hoover. wouldn't donate their heart to evil supervillain Dick

"A Stunning Rebuke":
128 Nations Support UN Call For Trump To Withdraw
Jerusalem Decision
By Tyler Durden
Dec 21, 2017 12:57 PM

One day after Trump escalated his war of words with the
UN, threatening to cut off foreign financial aid over As reported yesterday, in the runup to the General
today's UN vote on the president's decision to recognize Assembly vote, Trump and US Ambassador to the UN,
Jerusalem the capital of Israel, the United Nations on Nikki Haley, warned countries against opposing the Trump
Thursday delivered what has been dubbed a "stunning administration's Jerusalem decision.
rebuke" of the US President's Jerusalem decision, voting
overwhelmingly to condemn the move and calling on the
Haley went so far as sending a letter to
U.S. to withdraw the decision.
members of the international body this
week, warning that Trump had
instructed her to take names, i.e., list
the countries that voted in favor of the
resolution. The president followed up on
that warning on Wednesday, suggesting at
a Cabinet meeting that the U.S. could cut
off foreign aid for countries that
opposed the U.S. in the vote.
"They take hundreds of millions of dollars
and even billions of dollars, and then they
vote against us," Trump said. "Well, we're
watching those votes. Let them vote
The final vote was a landslide against Israel, with some against us, we’ll save a lot. We don't care."
128 nations voting in favor of the resolution. Nine
countries opposed the resolution while 35 abstained. The threat did little to stop the countries
from voting to blast Trump's decision.
Only Israel, Honduras, Togo, U.S., Palau, Marshall
Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Guatemala voted against
Jerusalem resolution. Two-thirds of UN member states
including Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium,
Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Spain and Greece
voted in favor of the resolution. Canada abstained.

While the resolution – a formal statement of a U.N.

opinion – is not legally binding, it is represents a symbolic
and diplomatic condemnation of Trump's decision and
exerts political pressure on him to reverse the move...
which Trump of course won't do.

The General Assembly vote came days after the U.S.

vetoed a similar resolution in the U.N. Security Council.
The panel's other 14 members voted in favor of that
measure – a move that Haley called an "insult" to the
U.S. Shortly after the Security Council vote, Arab and
Muslim leaders at U.N. called for an emergency special
session of the General Assembly to discuss the U.S.'s
Jerusalem decision.

In a defiant speech ahead of the General Assembly vote on Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move
Thursday, Riyad Al Maliki, the Palestinian foreign affairs its embassy there.
minister, cast the Trump administration’s Jerusalem
“America will put our embassy in
decision as an affront on regional peace and security that
Jerusalem. That is what the American
has isolated the U.S. from the international community.
people want us to do, and it is the right
thing to do,” she said ahead of the vote.
“Does the United States not wonder “No vote in the United Nations will make
why it stands isolated in this any difference on that. But this vote will
position?” he asked. make a difference in how Americans view
the U.N.”
Turkey, which has led the Muslim opposition to the US
Jerusalem declaration, was among the first to speak at the Haley reminded UN members of the US’ generous
meeting. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu contributions to the organization and said that the United
stressed that only a two-state solution and sticking to the States expects its will to be respected in return.
1967 borders can be a foundation for a lasting peace
between Israel and Palestine. The minister said that since “When we make a generous contributions
Jerusalem is the cradle for the “three monotheistic to the UN, we also have a legitimate
religions,” all of humanity should come together to expectation that our goodwill is recognized
preserve the status quo. and respected,” Haley said, adding that the
vote will be “remembered” by the US and
“The recent decision of a UN member “make a difference on how the Americans
state to recognize Jerusalem as the look at the UN.”
capital of Israel violates the
international law, including all relevant Ahead of the vote, Israeli PM Netanyahu called the UN a
UN resolutions. This decision is an
outrageous assault on all universal
values,” Cavusoglu said. "house of lies."
"The State of Israel rejects outright this
The US threats were also condemned by Turkey, with the vote, even before it passes," he said at a
country’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stating that ceremony in southern Israel. "The attitude
Trump “cannot buy Turkey's democratic will.” to Israel of many nations in the world, in
all the continents, is changing outside
“I hope and expect the United States won't of the UN walls, and will eventually filter
get the result it expects from there (the UN into the UN as well -- the house of lies,"
General Assembly) and the world will give he said.
a very good lesson to the United States,” "Jerusalem is our capital, we will continue
Erdogan said during a speech in Ankara on to build in it and embassies of countries,
Thursday ahead of the meeting. led by the US, will move to Jerusalem,"
Netanyahu said, thanking Trump and US
A spokesman for Palestine president Mahmud Abbas ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley for
triumphantly declared that the "standing by Israel and the truth."

"UN Vote is a victory for Palestine." Israeli envoy to the UN Danny Danon stated that Israel
considers Jerusalem its capital, dating back to Biblical
*** times, and the US decision only outlines the obvious.
Danon went further and accused the UN of “double
standards” and an “unbreakable bond of hypocrisy” with
Despite being isolated by virtually the entire international Palestine and prejudice against Israel.
community, in her blunt response,
“Those who support today’s resolution are
Haley warned the international body that like puppets. You’re puppets pulled by the
the U.S. would remember the vote as a strings of your Palestinian puppet masters.
betrayal by the U.N., and that the vote You’re like marionettes forced to dance,
would do nothing to affect the Trump while the Palestinian leadership looks on
administration’s decision to recognize with glee,” Danon told the gathering.

“WORSE Than Watergate!”: Rand Paul Calls For “High
Ranking” Obama Officials To Be Investigated For
“Colluding” Against Trump
By Joshua Caplan
Thursday, December 21, 2017

Senator Rand Paul is calling for a full

investigation into alleged collusion Paul was referring to last week’s bombshell that top DOJ
between Obama administration officials official Bruce Ohr not only met with key players in the
in an effort to prevent President creation of the infamous “Trump dossier,” but his wife
Trump’s election. Nellie Ohr worked for Fusion GPS, the opposition research
firm that commissioned the unproven document. […]

“Time to investigate high ranking Obama government

officials who might have colluded to prevent the election
of @realDonaldTrump! This could be WORSE than
Watergate!” tweeted Rand Paul on Thursday.

“You have the Department of Justice,

where you have a high-ranking official
whose wife works for the group doing
opposition research on Trump being paid
for by the Democrat National Committee,
that sounds like a lot of high-ranking people
colluding to try to prevent Donald Trump
from being president,” Paul told Fox News
BizPac Review reports: host Bill Hemmer.

With tax reform a done-deal and the wind “You know, we’ve had this investigation
at his back, Senator Rand Paul came out about Russian collusion, maybe we need
swinging against the Obama an investigation about high-ranking Obama
administration. officials colluding to try to prevent Trump
from being president,” Paul added.
Paul said he wants answers as to why
Mueller’s investigation into alleged Trump- “That’s more serious than even Watergate.”
Russia collusion appears so obviously
partisan […]

Tom Brokaw: Conservative Media
On A ‘Jihad’ Against FBI, Mueller
By Chris Reeves
December 21, 2017 4:38 PM EST

On Thursday’s Morning Joe, the show’s liberal pundits very long time and your president with a 33% approval
continued their smear campaign targeting congressional rating. Uh, but Michael Schmidt, I'm a little confused. I'm
lawmakers and journalists who have been trying to reveal just a dumb country lawyer, but I thought this FBI, uh, was
the full extent of political bias within the FBI that may the same FBI we heard last week had warned Donald
have adversely affected its investigations of Hillary Trump during the campaign about the Russians trying to
Clinton and Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential interfere with this campaign.
campaign. Working with the knowledge that there is now
an official congressional investigation into the FBI and MICHAEL SCHMIDT: Yeah. I think that you
DOJ’s conduct last year, co-host Joe Scarborough and his can’t underestimate the impact that these
guest panelists went into overdrive to paint any disclosures about Pete Strzok, the top
questioning of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his counterintelligence agent at the FBI with
investigative team’s professionalism as an illegitimate, these text messages he was exchanging, it
desperate, and futile attempt to save Trump’s presidency. has really given the Republicans a
Former veteran NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw had talking point to attack the FBI in a way
some especially harsh words for Fox News’s recent that they didn't have before. And it has
coverage of FBI corruption, really become the rallying cry and I think
has encouraged them, enthused them, that
claiming that the network “is on a jihad maybe there is a way that they can
right now” against Mueller and his undercut Mueller by continuing to attack
agents. this.
SCARBOROUGH: But, but, but Michael,
For his part, Scarborough was satisfied with a slightly less help me out here. Help me out here. It
theological analogy to attack congressional Republicans, seems to me that they're just throwing
who he compared to “monkeys throwing poo against the whatever they can like monkeys
wall” for openly doubting Mueller’s handling of his throwing poo against the wall. Last
investigation into alleged Trump-Russia collusion: week, it was Textgate scandal. And then
we found out actually that those texts were
improperly released. And actually, they
were attacking Bernie Sanders and
Hillary Clinton as well. That's okay, so
they move on to something else. Like,
what exactly is the scandal? They're,
they’re just making things up every

Scarborough did not elaborate on what he meant by: “[W]e

found out actually that those texts [...] were attacking
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton as well,” but he
appeared to be conflating Strzok’s anti-Trump, anti-
6:35 AM EST Sanders, and pro-Clinton texts, which have been the big
story for the past couple of weeks, with another story about
New York FBI agents disparaging both Clinton and
JOE SCARBOROUGH: Alright, so listen, let me, let me
Trump. As Vanity Fair has reported [emphasis mine]:
just tell you, Republicans, children, um, you're, you’re
out of your league. You’re playing way out of your
league. Bob Mueller is several steps ahead of you. And As the biggest of the bureau’s outposts,
you will destroy your majority for years to come. If you handling many of its headline cases, New
want to do it, your business. I think Americans would York is particularly possessive of its
probably be comforted with you out of power for a investigations. There’s no evidence,

however, that its agents dragged their feet outright disinformation about criticisms of Mueller and the
on reviewing Weiner’s laptop in order to FBI:
force Comey to act—or of its bias toward
either of the 2016 presidential 7:16 AM
candidates. The New York field office
held Clinton and Trump in nearly equal
SCARBOROUGH: Yeah, Jeremy Peters, talk about the
disdain. “In 2016, the New York agents
discomfort on the Hill that some senior Republicans have
thought Hillary is corrupt and Trump is
at some of the more junior members attacking the men and
crazy—he’s in New York and they know
women at the FBI and going after an American war hero,
him well,” a top veteran of the city’s office
um, Bob Mueller. Um, talk about the discomfort that some
said. “So in the primary there was a
Republicans are feeling.
majority of agents for Bernie Sanders.”
PETERS: Well, what they'll say to you
Given the fact that Peter Strzok, the lead investigator of
privately, Joe, is the same thing they said
Hillary Clinton’s alleged mishandling of classified
after Trump's attacks on Judge Curiel, that
information as Secretary of State, hated Trump, hated
this is an unwarranted and, really,
Sanders, and wanted Clinton to win the election, it stands
constitutionally dangerous attack by
to reason that this political bias could have tainted Strzok’s
somebody on an independent branch of
judgement. According to reporting by CNN, there is
government, an independent entity in
already concrete evidence to suggest that Strzok’s feelings
the government. It’s, and it’s -- and it
were not properly kept separate from his investigation
violates the separations that are
[emphasis mine]:
supposed to exist. You know, to Susan’s
point about Mueller and how he doesn't
A former top counterintelligence expert at the FBI, now at care, that may be true, but you know who
the center of a political uproar for exchanging private else doesn't care? Donald Trump. And
messages that appeared to mock President Donald Trump, Donald Trump is living in a world right
changed a key phrase in former FBI Director James now that is fed by the conservative
Comey's description of how former secretary of state media hysteria over Bob Mueller and his
Hillary Clinton handled classified information, according alleged ties to Democrats, the attorneys
to US officials familiar with the matter. who work for him who donated to
Democrats. This has been a narrative
Electronic records show Peter Strzok, who led the that has built up on a single cable news
investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server as network and in the conservative radio
the No. 2 official in the counterintelligence division, sphere over the last several months, that
is: This man cannot be trusted. He is
changed Comey's earlier draft language politically tainted and therefore unable to
describing Clinton's actions as "grossly objectively investigate the President, that
negligent" to "extremely careless," the this is a witch hunt. And that -- and Donald
sources said. Trump marinates in that all day long. He
hears it on Hannity. He hears it on Laura
Ingraham. He -- in, in, in Breitbart. I mean,
it is, it -- inescapable for him. And it's hard
for me to imagine that eventually that
The shift from "grossly negligent" to "extremely careless," doesn't affect his thinking and his
which may appear pedestrian at first glance, reflected a judgment.
decision by the FBI that could have had potentially
significant legal implications,
Peters committed at least three major errors of fact that I
can pick out.
as the federal law governing the
mishandling of classified material
First, neither the FBI nor the Justice Department are
establishes criminal penalties for "gross
independent branches or entities within the federal
government. Both the FBI and the Justice Department are
constitutionally subordinate to the President because they
Hey Joe, if you’re curious about what exactly the scandal fall under his executive authority to oversee federal law
is, you don’t have to tune in to watch monkeys flinging enforcement. Because of the President’s decision to fire
poop at anybody. You can just watch CNN. James Comey earlier this year, some legal commentators
have suggested changing this aspect of the structure of the
Thursday’s Morning Joe did not get any better when New executive branch.
York Times reporter Jeremy Peters came on to spread
Second, “conservative media” have not been the only ones Mueller's reputation across the board
to scrutinize Mueller and the FBI’s conduct. Fox News and has [sic] enormous amount of integrity.
Breitbart have certainly focused on stories about FBI
corruption more than other news establishments, but the BRZEZINSKI: The President just tweeted, Tom – I just want your
L.A. Times, New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters, reaction here – “Was @foxandfriends just named the most
Business Insider, and many more politically diverse outlets influential show in news? You deserve it - three great people!
have contributed important reporting as well. The many Fake News Hate Shows” could “study your formula for
success!” Tom?
Third, Mueller’s ties to Democrats are not “alleged.” The
Special Counsel’s own office has provided information to BROKAW: Well, he watches Fox News
reporters confirming that most of Mueller’s legal team because it reinforces what he believes.
have made political contributions to Democratic And, Fox News, after Shepard Smith in
candidates, including “three [who] gave a total of $18,100 the late afternoon, is on a jihad right
to either [Hillary Clinton’s] 2016 campaign or her 2008 now on the whole question about
run for the presidential nomination.” whether there's a fairness about this or
If there is really nothing to be worried about regarding
allegations of political bias at the FBI or among Mueller’s the transfer of uranium, for example, to, um, Ira-, to Iran. Shep
legal team, why did Peters have to repeatedly lie about Smith has gone in some detail to say: It did not happen. She
easily verifiable facts? didn't have the authority to do that. That ends at 4:30 or 5:00 or
whenever he gets off the air, and then from then on,-
Near the end of the second hour of Joe’s broadcast,
Brokaw finally came on to discuss the issues of the day BRZEZINSKI: What happens?
with Mika Brzezinski, which included his designation of
Fox News as a jihadi network: BROKAW: -the whole assault is on the
institutions. I mean, Newt Gingrich,
looking into the,-

BRZEZINSKI: [interjecting] Through Fox?

BROKAW: -looking -- Newt Gingrich was looking into the camera

and saying the FBI is a corrupt organization. Right? Three
months earlier, he had said Bob Mueller is one of the great
distinguished public servants that we have.

So, we're at, you know, we’re at war here

and it's gonna be sorted out in the final
7:51 AM
Amazingly enough, today was not the first instance of
BROKAW: Uh, John, it's very hard for me to predict what either Brokaw flippantly comparing conservative media to
party would do under almost any circumstance these days jihadis. Back in 2003, speaking before the National Press
because there's very little history. Club, Brokaw complained that watchdog groups like
NewsBusters were “suffocating discourse” and
I would say that the FBI in the judgment “encouraging a kind of e-mail or telephonic jihad [...]
of most people in this country still is under the guise of promoting fair press coverage.”
one of our most valued institutions and

Trump Threatens Aid Cuts To UN
Members Who Vote Against Him On Jerusalem
Written By Jason Ditz
December 21, 2017 At 5:37 Am

While the administration seems to be betting this will lead

to massive capitulation worldwide, it’s still virtually
certain that the resolution will pass by a wide margin.
Voting for the US, and by extension, Israel, is unthinkable
across the Muslim world, and it’s also hard to imagine that
any of the Security Council nations, who already voted
against the US, would willingly change course now, when
it would be so transparently a reaction to US threats.

But if Trump doesn’t get his way, that too raises an

interesting question. For instance, if the vote was 191-2 or
some other overwhelming defeat for the US, as some have
(ANTIWAR.COM) — The global backlash against predicted, it’s going to be awfully hard for President
President Trump’s recent declaration that Jerusalem is the Trump to make good on his threats, since it would mean
capital city of Israel is setting the stage for a major effectively ending American foreign aid to everyone but
showdown at the UN General Assembly on Thursday, a Israel.
vote which is expected to be overwhelming opposed to
Trump’s statement.
That’s not likely to sit well with many of the longer-
serving US officials, who see foreign aid as “buying
US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley had been making influence” abroad. It’s also hard to imagine, having
vague warnings of punishment for nations that resist the ignored US law on not giving military funding to juntas,
US on the matter, and President Trump is said to like that that the US will suddenly defund all the world’s juntas at
idea so much that he’s now overtly threatening to cut off once over Jerusalem.
foreign aid to any nation that dares vote against him at the
General Assembly.

FBI Fires Suspected Leaker
And Comey Ally James Baker
By Tyler Durden
Dec 22, 2017 9:31 AM

Just hours after FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

delivered private testimony to the House Intelligence The revelation comes as the Trump administration has
Committee, his boss, FBI Director Christopher Wray, ramped up efforts to contain leaks both within the White
announced that the bureau’s top lawyer would be leaving House and within its own national security apparatus.
his post, an attempt to bring in “new blood” to an agency
whose reputation has been hopelessly compromised by The news of the staff shakeup comes as Trump and his
revelations that agents’ partisan bias may have influenced political allies have promised to “rebuild” the FBI to make
two high-profile investigations involving President Donald it “bigger and better than ever” following its “disgraceful”
Trump and his former campaign rival, former Secretary of conduct over the Trump probe.
State Hillary Clinton.
Baker played a key role in the agency’s
As the Washington Post reported, the FBI’s top lawyer, handling of major cases and policy
James Baker, is being reassigned. WaPo says Baker’s debates in recent years, including the
removal is part of Wray’s effort to assemble his own team FBI’s unsuccessful battle with Apple
of senior advisers while he tries to defuse allegations of over the growing use of encryption in
partisanship that have plagued the bureau in recent months. cellphones.

James Baker

Wray has, of course, resisted Congress’s push to learn

But reports published over the summer said Baker was more about senior agent Peter Strzok, who was a key
“the top suspect” in an interagency leak investigation, as player in both the Clinton investigation and the Trump
we reported back in July probe. Strzok was exposed last month for exchanging anti-
Trump texts with FBI attorney Lisa Page, with whom he
Three sources, with knowledge of the investigation, was having an affair.

told Circa that Baker is the top suspect Strzok played important roles with both
in an ongoing leak investigation, investigations. Later, it was revealed
that his edits to Clinton’s exoneration
but Circa has not been able to confirm the details of what letter went further than had been
national security information or material was allegedly previously disclosed.
According to WaPo,
A federal law enforcement official with
knowledge of ongoing internal Baker told colleagues he will be taking
investigations in the bureau told Circa, on other duties at the FBI.
"the bureau is scouring for leakers and Unsurprisingly, the Jeff Bezos-owned
there's been a lot of investigations."
paper describes Baker as “one of the It's notable that Baker’s departure comes six months after
most trusted, longest-serving national the leaking scandal, and just days after AG Jeff Sessions
security officials in the US. He has reportedly asked DOJ prosecutors to begin asking FBI
served as the head of the FBI’s Office of agents about the details of the Uranium One investigation.
General Counsel for several years." A sign that the bureau is finally moving to address
concerns expressed by Republican lawmakers about bias
Of course, WaPo says Baker’s reassignment has nothing to that may have favored Clinton.
do with the leak investigation, which ended without any
publicly disclosed findings. It’s also unclear what, exactly, Baker’s head is the third to roll in the “housecleaning” that
Baker was suspected of leaking. saw the FBI sanction Strzok and Bruce Ohr, a senior DOJ
official who reportedly concealed his wife’s ties to
Baker is reportedly a very close to opposition research firm Fusion GPS – the firm that
former FBI director James B. Comey, supervised the creation of the infamous “Trump dossier."
who asked Baker to be his general
counsel. The two men were colleagues at It was also revealed recently that Baker’s name is on a list
the Justice Department and when they of DOJ officials who are expected to receive a subpoena to
were out of government at Bridgewater testify before the House Intelligence Committee. Strzok
Associates, an investment management and Ohr’s names are also on that list.
If that’s any indication of what’s to come, we doubt this
will be the last time we hear Baker’s name.

GOP Lawmaker: No Question There Was “An
Orchestrated Plan” Hatched By FBI, Doj To Keep Trump
OUT Of Oval Office
By JD Heyes
Saturday, December 23, 2017

As time goes on and we learn ever more about the Russia collusion,” Jordan, along with Rep. Trey Gowdy,
shenanigans that took place during last year’s presidential R-S.C.,
election cycle, it’s becoming clear to thinking people
everywhere: There definitely was “collusion” but none of “presented scores of examples where bias
it was conducted by the Trump campaign. against President Donald J. Trump obviously
exists within the group of investigators and
In fact, the most damning evidence of collusion can be prosecutors Mueller has assembled for his
found not with Russia per se, but within our own probe, but well before it began, extending into
government, or, more specifically, within the confines of last year’s high-profile criminal investigation of
Barack Obama’s government. Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified
information and surveillance of the Trump
That’s the conclusion of Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who has campaign,” reported.
been hot on the trails of DC Swamp creatures whom he
believes actively plotted against President Donald J. “The reason we have special counsel is
Trump and in favor of the most despicable criminal never because of a conflict of interest,” Gowdy said.
to be charged, Hillary “Rotten” Clinton. “We don’t like conflicts of interest because it
undermines people’s confidence in both the
During an appearance on Fox News’ Fox & Friends process and the result.
morning show earlier this week, Jordan said that he
believes there were ranking figures within the FBI and “And then, lo and behold, those that are
Department of Justice who “were putting together a plan to supposed to make sure there are no conflicts of
stop Donald Trump from being the next president of the interest seem to have a bit of their own,” Gowdy
United States.” noted further.

“I think it’s amazing in spite of the fact that the In his Fox & Friends interview, Jordan discussed other
Democrats were against him, the Republican evidence of a conspiracy, especially surrounding the FBI’s
establishment was against him, the mainstream use of the never-confirmed but widely-debunked “Trump
press was against him. and now I believe the dossier.” (Related: Expert: Bogus Trump ‘dossier’ was
FBI and the Justice Department were against NOT ‘just opposition research’ but used by FBI to launch
him, the American people still said that’s the ‘collusion’ probes)
guy we want to be the next president,” he said,
as reported by Breitbart News. “…[E]verything points to — from what we
learned several weeks ago that they paid to the
As reported by, Jordan and other GOP dossier to the fact that I believe that fake
lawmakers are starting to put together the extent of dossier was used as the basis to get Warren to
outright, blatant corruption within Obama’s highly now what we learn about Peter Strzok and
politicized FBI and Justice Department following months’ Bruce Ohr and the FBI and the Justice
worth of damning reports. Department, respectively,” he said, continuing,
“Everything points to the fact that there was an
During a recent appearance by Deputy Attorney General orchestrated plan to try to prevent Donald
Rod Rosenstein before the House Judiciary Committee to Trump from becoming the President of the
answer questions regarding special counsel Robert United States.”
Mueller’s ongoing (and bogus) investigation into “Trump-

Then Jordan noted something that should be obvious to for a fact the Clinton campaign paid Russians.
everyone with the exception of Left-wing Democrats and They paid Christopher Steele through the law
hacks: No evidence whatsoever of Trump-Russia firm, though Fusion GPS they paid Christopher
“collusion” has yet to be found, and it would have been by Steele who actually paid Russians for this false,
now, given all the leaking by the Deep State to harm fake dossier information.”
Jordan added that he wants key figures in this scandal
“To date, there’s not one bit of evidence that subpoenaed so that they are forced to explain, under oath,
Donald Trump worked with the Russians to what they did last year.
influence the election,” he said. “But we know

Sen. Rand Paul Declares Obama Officials’ Effort To Derail
Trump Campaign “WORSE Than Watergate”
By JD Heyes
Sunday, December 24, 2017

As reported by BizPac Review, with the Republican tax

reform plan done Paul came out swinging on behalf of the
president, who we all know was wronged in so many ways
by one of the most corrupt White House administrations in
recent memory.

For one, Paul says he wants answers into why special

counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into alleged Trump-Russia
collusion is so blatantly partisan. (Related: SWAMP:
Trump lawyer alleges Mueller engaged in “unlawful
conduct” in obtaining transition documents.)

“You have the Department of Justice, where

you have a high-ranking official whose wife
The junior senator from Kentucky has had enough. works for the group doing opposition research
on Trump being paid for by the Democrat
GOP Sen. Rand Paul, once a fierce competitor of President National Committee, that sounds like a lot of
Donald J. Trump in their mutual bid for the White House, high-ranking people colluding to try to prevent
says it’s become obvious that there were Deep State forces Donald Trump from being president,” Paul said
loyal to the Obama political machine within the in an interview with Fox News’ Bill Hemmer.
Department of Justice and FBI who conspired to keep the
billionaire real estate mogul-turned-politician out of the That was a reference to last week’s bombshell that top DoJ
Oval Office. official Bruce Ohr had not only met with principals who
created the infamous “Trump dossier,” but also that his
And for that, they should be investigated and if (actually wife Nellie worked for the same firm — Fusion GPS —
when) they are found guilty of said conspiracy, punished. during the campaign last year and as the dossier was
being created by former British spy Christopher Steele.
What’s more, Paul justified his call for a new investigation
by comparing it to one of the most heinous political crimes “You know, we’ve had this investigation about
in U.S. history. Russian collusion, maybe we need an
investigation about high-ranking Obama officials
“Time to investigate high ranking Obama colluding to try to prevent Trump from being
government officials who might have colluded to president,” Paul said.
prevent the election of @realDonaldTrump! This
could be WORSE than Watergate!” tweeted “This is more serious than even Watergate,” he
Rand Paul on Thursday. added.

No doubt about that.

That top-ranking officials within the FBI and

Justice Department — the two federal entities
Americans have to be able to trust to
unbiasedly mete out justice and enforce federal
law — would conspire against a U.S.
presidential candidate is just plain
Fox News’ Judge Janine Pirro made that same claim in “The stench coming out of the FBI and Justice
recent days, calling on Congress and the Trump Justice Department is like that of a Third World country
Department to step up pressure on those responsible for the where money and boys and clubs decide
anti-Trump collusion and hold them to account. elections,” she said. “It’s time to take them out
in cuffs.”
“There is a cleansing needed in our FBI and
department of justice– it needs to be cleansed
of individuals who should not just be fired. But
who need to be taken out in cuffs,” she said
during her program “Justice” last week.

“There have been times in our history where

corruption and lawlessness were so pervasive,
that examples had to be made,” Pirro said.
“This is one of those times.”

She said examples of those who should be targeted

include, but are not limited to, Deputy FBI Director
Andrew McCabe, former FBI Director James Comey, and
even Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“I for one am tired of investigations, politicians

posturing,” Pirro said. “Something more has to
be done.”

Trump Slams FBI,
Clinton For 'Garbage' Dossier
By Josh Delk
12/26/17 09:01 AM EST

President Trump on Tuesday lashed out at the FBI and the it alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Moscow
Clinton campaign on the Russia dossier compiled against that eventually became the focus of the project.
him and his 2016 campaign.
Some Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee,
"WOW, @foxandfriends 'Dossier is bogus. Clinton which has investigated witnesses in connection with the
dossier, have begun to probe into the FBI's and Justice
Campaign, DNC funded Dossier. FBI CANNOT (after all
Department's handling of the look into the claims included
of this time) VERIFY CLAIMS IN DOSSIER OF in the document.
they used this Crooked Hillary pile of garbage as the basis BuzzFeed News published the controversial dossier in
for going after the Trump Campaign!" Trump tweeted, the January, which includes many salacious claims that have
latest in his ongoing smear on the FBI. not been verified.

Trump has also targeted the FBI in recent weeks for what
many Republican lawmakers believe was a biased and
politically motivated approach to its investigation of
collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

The Justice Department allowed the House Intelligence

Committee earlier this month to interview an FBI
employee thought to be an informant to the dossier's
leading researcher, amid calls from Trump attorneys for a
second special counsel to investigate links between the
bureau and the private company that commissioned the
dossier research.
The dossier, a compilation of opposition research against
the 2016 Trump campaign, was partly funded by Clinton's The Intelligence Committee has attempted to slap
contempt citations on the department and the FBI for its
campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).
investigation into claims of Russian collusion in the
It included several incendiary claims against Trump and dossier.
his campaign that have loomed over his presidency.
FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who is facing new
While the research for the dossier was originally aimed at criticisms from Trump for his role in the FBI's probe,
finding information on the entire field of GOP candidates, testified before the committee last week.

Trump Slams "Crooked Hillary
Pile Of Garbage"-Funded "Bogus" Dossier
By Tyler Durden
Dec 26, 2017 6:59 PM

Having taken a shot at The FBI on Christmas Eve Eve... (2) In June of this year, former FBI director James Comey
testified that the dossier was “salacious and unverified.”
While still director, Comey had described the dossier the
same way when he briefed President-elect Trump on it in
January 2017. If the dossier was still unverified as late as
mid 2017, its allegations could not possibly have been
verified months earlier, in the late summer or early
autumn of 2016, when it appears that the FBI and DOJ
used them in an application to the FISA court.

President Trump took to Twitter early on this Boxing Day

with a very direct shot across the bow of all his DC-swamp (3) The dossier appears to contain misinformation.
adversaries... Knowing he was a spy-for-hire trusted by Americans,
Steele’s Russian-regime sources had reason to believe that
misinformation could be passed into the stream of U.S.
intelligence and that it would be acted on — and leaked —
as if it were true, to America’s detriment. This would sow
discord in our political system. If the FBI and DOJ relied
on the dossier, it likely means they were played by the
Putin regime.

Manifestly, the DOJ and FBI were favorably disposed

toward Steele and Fusion GPS. I suspect that these good,
productive prior relationships with the dossier’s source led
the investigators to be less exacting about corroborating
the dossier’s claims.

As a reminder, we know three things for sure: But that is just the beginning of the bias story.

(1) The Steele dossier was a Clinton campaign product. At a high level, the DOJ and FBI were in the tank for
If it was used by the FBI and the Obama Justice Hillary Clinton. In July 2016, shortly before Steele’s
Department to obtain a FISA warrant, that would mean reports started floating in, the FBI and DOJ announced that
law-enforcement agencies controlled by a Democratic no charges would be brought against Mrs. Clinton despite
president fed the FISA court political campaign material damning evidence that she mishandled classified
produced by the Democratic candidate whom the president information, destroyed government files, obstructed
had endorsed to succeed him. Partisan claims of egregious congressional investigations, and lied to investigators. The
scheming with an adversarial foreign power would have irregularities in the Clinton-emails investigation are legion:
been presented to the court with the FBI’s imprimatur, as if President Obama making it clear in public statements that
they were drawn from refined U.S. intelligence reporting. he did not want Clinton charged; the FBI, shortly
The objective would have been to spy on the opposition afterwards, drafting an exoneration of Clinton months
Republican campaign. before the investigation ended and central witnesses,
including Clinton herself, were interviewed; investigators
failing to use the grand jury to compel the production of
key evidence; the DOJ restricting FBI agents in their lines
of inquiry and examination of evidence; the granting of sheer contempt for Trump. This concatenation led the FBI
immunity to suspects who in any other case would be and DOJ to believe Steele — to want to believe his
pressured to plead guilty and cooperate against more- melodramatic account of Trump-Russia corruption. For the
culpable suspects; the distorting of criminal statutes to faithful, it was a story too good to check.
avoid applying them to Clinton; the sulfurous tarmac
meeting between Attorney General Lynch and former The DOJ and FBI, having dropped a criminal
President Clinton shortly before Mrs. Clinton was given a investigation that undeniably established Hillary
peremptory interview — right before then–FBI director Clinton’s national-security recklessness, managed
Comey announced that she would not be charged. simultaneously to convince themselves that Donald
Trump was too much of a national-security risk to be
The blatant preference for Clinton over Trump president.
smacked of politics and self-interest. Deputy FBI
director McCabe’s wife had run for the Virginia state * * *
legislature as a Democrat, and her (unsuccessful)
campaign was lavishly funded by groups tied to Clinton
As we previously concluded, while there is a dearth of
insider Terry McAuliffe. Agent Strzok told FBI lawyer
evidence to date that the Trump campaign colluded in
Page that Trump was an “idiot” and that “Hillary should
Russia’s cyberespionage attack on the 2016 election,
win 100 million to 0.” Page agreed that Trump was “a
there is abundant evidence that the Obama
loathsome human.” A Clinton win would likely mean
administration colluded with the Clinton campaign to
Lynch — originally raised to prominence when President
use the Steele dossier as a vehicle for court-authorized
Bill Clinton appointed her to a coveted U.S. attorney slot
monitoring of the Trump campaign — and to fuel a pre-
— would remain attorney general. Yates would be waiting
election media narrative that U.S. intelligence agencies
in the wings.
believed Trump was scheming with Russia to lift sanctions
if he were elected president. Congress should continue
The prior relationships of trust with the source; the pressing for answers, and President Trump should order
investment in Clinton; the certitude that Clinton would win the Justice Department and FBI to cooperate rather than —
and deserved to win, signified by the mulish determination what’s the word? — resist.
that she not be charged in the emails investigation; the

DEEP STATE: Rep. Matt Gaetz Says Email Evidence
PROVES Hillary Got “Special” Treatment From
The FBI To Avoid Prosecution
By JD Heyes
Tuesday, December 26, 2017

investigation and that she received special

treatment as a consequence of her candidacy
for president,” he added.

“That shouldn’t happen. The law should apply

equally to all Americans whether they’re political
candidates or not. And so, we need to institute
reforms through the Judiciary Committee for
more oversight, for more transparency so that
this never happens again.” (Related: Gaetz: FBI
Dep. Dir. McCabe emails indicate Hillary Clinton
got SPECIAL treatment by allies within Bureau.)
A Florida Republican says that the House Judiciary
Committee, of which he is a member, now has email Gaetz is only the latest Republican lawmaker to come out
evidence of bias and collusion within the wholly and essentially blame elements within the FBI and Obama
discredited FBI that the so-called “criminal investigation” Department of Justice for being completely in the tank for
into Hillary Clinton’s obvious and arrogant mishandling of Hillary last year. They have cited evidence indicating that
classified info via her unsecured private email server was the so-called “Trump dossier,” which was paid for by the
tanked on purpose to avoid indicting her. Clinton campaign and the Democratic National
Committee, and commissioned by a pro-Democrat
Rep. Matt Gaetz told Fox News’ America’s Newsroom on ‘opposition research’ firm, was weaponized as legitimate
Friday that the committee has obtained email evidence that ‘evidence’ to obtain FISA court warrants so pro-Hillary
FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe indicated that agents and investigators could spy on her rival.
Clinton would get “HQ special” — “headquarters special”
— treatment, Breitbart News reported. As for Gaetz, he said last month that “we now have
evidence” of FBI malfeasance in the investigation of
The fiery Gaetz, who has been like a hound dog tracking Clinton.
down every lead and example of bureau-wide bias in favor
of Clinton and against President Donald J. Trump during “We now have evidence that the FBI’s
last year’s campaign, said that the circumstances investigation of Hillary Clinton did not follow
surrounding the FBI’s alleged ‘investigation’ were marred normal and standard procedures,” he said, as
by “extreme pro-Hillary Clinton bias.” (Related: Discover reported by The National Sentinel. “The current
the truth at deputy director of the FBI Andrew McCabe sent
emails just weeks before the
“The Judiciary Committee is engaged in an presidential election saying that the Hillary
investigation, particularly as it relates to the Clinton investigation would be special — that it
handling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal would be handled by a small team
and any potential investigations of the Clinton at headquarters, that it would be given special
Foundation and the handling of bribes or other status.”
types of improper payments,” Gaetz told the
network. In his Fox interview Friday, the Florida Republican said
the committee’s next move will be to find out if there was
“I can certainly say that my impression after a departure at the FBI from standard policies and
these interviews is that there was extreme pro- “procedures.”
Hillary Clinton bias that benefitted her in this

“[O]ur view is we need to find out if whether or Wouldn’t that be a major departure from the lopsided, one-
not the procedures were departed from,” he sided “justice” meted out (or not) during the corrupt
noted. “And we have email evidence from Clinton and Obama years?
Andrew McCabe indicating that Hillary Clinton
was going to get an ‘HQ Special,’ a Watch McCabe’s interview here:
headquarters special.

“That meant that the normal processes of the

Washington field office weren’t followed and he
had a special. And he had a very small group of
people that had a pro-Hillary Clinton bias who
had a direct role in changing that investigation
from one that likely should have been criminal
to one where she was able to walk,” Gaetz

“And so I think that we’ve gotta ensure that that

never happens again, that the same processes
that would apply to any American would also
apply to people who were running for president
of the United States.”

A 25 Point Blueprint
For A Pro-Trump Congress
By Michael Snyder
December 26, 2017

In 2016 the Trump movement took the White House, and hold them accountable, and that means every
now in 2018 we can take control of Congress. The ‘Republican in name only’ needs to go.
mainstream media and the Democrats are eagerly
#4 100% Pro-Life – No money for Planned
anticipating a massive anti-Trump backlash in November
Parenthood ever. Nearly 60 million babies have
2018, but I say that the mid-term elections will be a golden
been murdered since 1973, and I am making an
opportunity to give President Trump dozens of new allies
unbreakable pledge to vote against any bill that
in Congress. The Make America Great Again agenda is a
funds Planned Parenthood 100% of the time.
winning agenda, and if we are able to mobilize pro-Trump
forces all over the nation we can pull off another miracle #5 100% Pro-Gun – The Constitution says that
next November. But first, we have got to win the the right of the people to keep and bear arms
Republican primaries that will start happening early next shall not be infringed. I believe that every
year, because otherwise we won’t even have any pro- American has a constitutional right to carry a
Trump candidates to vote for in the mid-term elections. gun, and I will never back down from defending
the Second Amendment even a single inch.
We have identified several dozen major pro-Trump
candidates all over the nation, and you can find that list on #6 Abolish The IRS & The Income Tax – We
Facebook right here. If you know of another pro-Trump didn’t have an income tax from 1872 to 1913,
candidate that should be added to that list, please let me and that was the greatest period of economic
know. growth in U.S. history. As we fight a long-term
battle to abolish the income tax, in the short-
The mainstream media would like us to believe that
term we can at least go to a flat tax or a fair tax,
Trump’s support is falling, but the truth is that he has very
both of which would be far superior to what we
high approval ratings among Republicans from coast to
have now.
coast. If we can get the voters to understand who the pro-
Trump candidates are, we should be able to win primary #7 Abolish The Federal Reserve – Since the
after primary all over the nation. Fed was created in 1913, we have had 18
recessions, the value of the U.S. dollar has
In the end, it isn’t that complicated. We just need to take
fallen by about 98 percent, and the U.S.
our pro-Trump message and share it everywhere that we
national debt has gotten more than 6000 times
possibly can. The following are 25 basic pro-Trump
larger. Abolishing this debt-based system is one
principles that I am running on, and I believe that they
of the keys to a bright economic future for
could be used as a blueprint for pro-Trump candidates
across the country…
#8 Cut Red Tape – As President Trump has
#1 A Pro-Trump Conservative – Donald
proposed, two existing government regulations
Trump helped restore my faith in America by
should be eliminated for every new regulation
winning the 2016 election, and I will fight like
that is enacted.
mad to implement his agenda if I am elected to
Congress. #9 Getting Federal Bureaucrats Off Our
Backs – I will work very hard to get federal
#2 It’s Time To Drain The Swamp – The same
control freaks off of the backs of our farmers,
rules that apply to the rest of us should also
our loggers, our miners, our ranchers and our
apply to Congress, and all federal officials
small business owners.
should be banned from working as lobbyists for
at least ten years after they leave government #10 Local Control Of Education – It is time to
service. get the federal government out of the education
business. I want to abolish Common Core and
#3 Every RINO Must Go – Way too many
the Department of Education, and I want control
Republicans have been fighting Trump’s
over education to be as close to the local level
agenda and acting like Democrats. It is time to
as possible.
#11 Shut Down Big Brother Spying – #20 Energy Independence – The United
Government agencies have been conducting States has abundant reserves of oil, natural gas
unconstitutional surveillance of American and clean coal, and we need to take the
citizens for decades, and that needs to stop regulatory shackles off of the energy industry so
now. that we can start moving toward energy
#12 True Limited Government – President
Trump has proposed shutting down more than #21 Resisting The Globalists – We must
60 different government programs and reduce the power and influence of the United
agencies. That would be a good start. Instead Nations, and we must strongly fight all attempts
of asking which government agencies we by the globalists to erode American sovereignty.
should close, we should be asking which
#22 Supporting States Rights – It is almost as
government agencies really need to remain
if the 10th Amendment doesn’t even exist
today. If I am elected, this is what his message
#13 100% Repeal Of Obamacare – Rapidly to the feds will be: ‘Hand over the keys and get
rising health insurance premiums are financially out of Idaho’.
crippling Idaho families. Republicans in
#23 Removing The Wolves – Under Bill
Congress have fumbled the ball, and we must
Clinton, Canadian gray wolves were brought to
repeal Obamacare immediately.
Idaho. These wolves travel in packs and are
#14 Build The Wall – We need to make sure killing machines. I am 100% committed to
that everyone comes into this country through removing these wolves from our state.
the front door. We must end illegal immigration,
#24 Holding Judges Accountable – Federal
and so I support President Trump’s call to build
judges that disregard the U.S. Constitution and
a wall on the southern border.
that choose to legislate from the bench should
#15 End Sanctuary Cities – President Trump be subject to impeachment.
has proposed cutting off all federal funding for
#25 An Unashamed Christian – Like President
so-called “sanctuary cities”, and I will fight very
Trump, I am not ashamed to say that I am a
hard to get this done.
Bible-believing Christian, and if we truly want to
#16 Supporting Our Veterans – My father is a make America great again we need to return to
vet, and I will work passionately to make sure the values and principles that this nation was
that our veterans receive the respect, care and founded upon.
support that they deserve.
If you believe in what we are trying to do, we would love
#17 Fighting Islamic Terror – I fully support to get you involved in our campaign. We need many more
President Trump’s fight against ISIS, and I will volunteers, many more contributors and many more people
push for legislation that would give local sharing the material that we post on our official campaign
communities all over America the option to say Facebook page.
no to refugees from terrorist hotbeds.
We are just a small part of a national movement that is
#18 Stopping Reckless Government beginning to emerge. It began with Donald Trump’s
Spending – We are 20 trillion dollars in debt victory back in November, and it has continued in races all
and we continue to steal more than 100 million over the nation.
dollars from future generations every single
I believe that we truly can take our government back, but it
hour of every single day.
is going to take a total team effort, and we need your help.
#19 Bringing Jobs Back To America – The
In 2016 we witnessed the biggest political miracle in
U.S. has lost more than 70,000 factories since
American history, and some would say that taking control
China joined the WTO in 2001. Our formerly
of Congress would be an even bigger miracle, but if we all
great manufacturing cities now look like war
work together I believe that anything is possible.
zones, and we desperately need to start making
things in this country once again. We shocked the world in 2016, and I encourage you to
come join us as we shock it again in 2018.

Did the FBI Conspire to Stop Trump?
By Patrick J. Buchanan
Tuesday - December 26, 2017 at 11:20 pm

The original question the FBI investigation of the Trump His preemption of Justice Department authority was
campaign was to answer was a simple one: Did he do it? astonishing.

Did Trump, or officials with his knowledge, collude with Second, while Comey said in his statement that Hillary had
Vladimir Putin’s Russia to hack the emails of John Podesta been “extremely careless” with security secrets, in his first
and the DNC, and leak the contents to damage Hillary draft, Clinton was declared guilty of “gross negligence” —
Clinton and elect Donald Trump? the precise language in the statute to justify indictment.

A year and a half into the investigation, and, still, no Who talked Comey into softening the language to look less
“collusion” has been found. Yet the investigation goes on, than criminal? One man was FBI Deputy Director Andrew
at the demand of the never-Trump media and Beltway McCabe, whose wife, Jill, a Virginia state senate
establishment. candidate, received a munificent PAC contribution of
$474,000 from Clinton family friend and big bundler Terry
Hence, and understandably, suspicions have arisen. McAuliffe.

Are the investigators after the truth, or are they after Also urging Comey to soften the fatal phrase “gross
Trump? negligence” was key FBI agent Peter Strzok. In text
messages to his FBI lover Lisa Page, Strzok repeatedly
vented his detestation of the “idiot” Trump.
Set aside the Trump-Putin conspiracy theory momentarily,
and consider a rival explanation for what is going down
here: After one meeting with “Andy” (McCabe), Strzok told
Page an “insurance policy” was needed to keep Trump out
of the White House.
That, from the outset, Director James Comey and an FBI
camarilla were determined to stop Trump and elect Hillary
Clinton. Having failed, they conspired to break Trump’s Also, it appears Comey began drafting his exoneration
presidency, overturn his mandate and bring him down. statement of Hillary before the FBI had even interviewed
her. And when the FBI did, Hillary was permitted to have
her lawyers present.
Essential to any such project was first to block any
indictment of Hillary for transmitting national security
secrets over her private email server. That first objective One need not be a conspiracy nut to conclude the fix was
was achieved 18 months ago. in, and a pass for Hillary wired from the get-go. Comey,
McCabe, Strzok were not going to recommend an
indictment that would blow Hillary out of the water and let
On July 5, 2016, Comey stepped before a stunned press
the Trump Tower crowd waltz into the White House.
corps to declare that, given the evidence gathered by the
FBI, “no reasonable prosecutor” would indict Clinton.
Therefore, that was the course he, Comey, was Yet, if Special Counsel Robert Mueller cannot find any
recommending. Trump collusion with the Kremlin to tilt the outcome of
the 2016 election, his investigators might have another
look at the Clinton campaign.
Attorney General Loretta Lynch, compromised by her
infamous 35-minute tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton —
to discuss golf and grandkids — seconded Comey’s For there a Russian connection has been established.
Kremlin agents fabricated, faked, forged, or found the dirt
And so Hillary walked. Why is this suspicious? on Trump that was passed to ex-British MI6 spy
Christopher Steele, and wound up in his “dirty dossier”
First, whether or not to indict was a decision that belonged that was distributed to the mainstream media and the FBI
to torpedo Trump.
to the Department of Justice, not Jim Comey or the FBI.

And who hired Steele to tie Trump to Russia?

Fusion GPS, the oppo research outfit into which the DNC Has the Mueller probe been so contaminated by anti-
and Clinton campaign pumped millions through law firm Trump bias and reliance on Kremlin fabrications that any
Perkins Coie. indictment it brings will be suspect in the eyes of the
American people?
Let’s review the bidding.
Director Comey has been fired. FBI No. 2 McCabe is now
The “dirty dossier,” a mixture of fabrications, falsehoods being retired under a cloud. Mueller’s top FBI investigator,
and half-truths, created to destroy Trump and make Hillary Peter Strzok, and lover Lisa, have been discharged. And
president, was the product of a British spy’s collusion with Mueller is left to rely upon a passel of prosecutors whose
Kremlin agents. common denominator appears to be that they loathe Trump
and made contributions to Hillary.
In Dec. 26’s Washington Times, Rowan Scarborough
writes that the FBI relied on this Kremlin-Steele dossier of Attorney General Bobby Kennedy had his “Get Hoffa
allegations and lies to base their decision “to open a Squad” to take down Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa. J.
counterintelligence investigation (of Trump).” And press Edgar Hoover had his vendetta against Dr. Martin Luther
reports “cite the document’s disinformation in requests for King.
court-approved wiretaps.”
Is history repeating itself — with the designated target of
If this is true, a critical questions arises: an elite FBI cabal being the President of the United States?

The UN Tried To Mess With Trump,
But They Ended Up With A $285 Million
Budget Reduction Instead
By Michael Snyder
December 26, 2017

of this year’s budget negotiations, you can be

sure we’ll continue to look at ways to increase
the UN’s efficiency‎ while protecting our
interests,” said Ambassador Haley.

What makes this deal even more interesting is the fact that
it came just after the UN General Assembly voted 128 to 9
against Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the
capital of Israel.

Is there a possibility that the two decisions are connected?

Even if they aren’t, the fact that the budget reduction deal
happened so quickly after the anti-Israel vote sends a very
When are people going to learn that you don’t mess with strong message.
Trump? Over the past several decades, the United Nations
has grown into a vast bureaucratic monstrosity that is Meanwhile, what we do know is that President Trump has
completely out of control, but previous administrations publicly warned the nations that voted against his
have just kept feeding the beast. Thankfully, we now have recognition of Jerusalem that they could see their financial
a president that is not afraid to stand up to the globalists, aid reduced…
and the $285 million budget reduction that Trump and his
team just negotiated is the largest budget reduction in UN U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday threatened to
history. Those that have not read “The Art of the Deal” cut off financial aid to countries that vote in favor of a
yet may want to do so, because this is Trump at his best. draft United Nations resolution calling for the United
The following is the statement that UN Ambassador Nikki States to withdraw its decision to recognize Jerusalem as
Haley put out about this stunning budget reduction… Israel’s capital.

Today, the United Nations agreed on a budget for the “They take hundreds of millions of dollars and
2018-2019 fiscal year. Among a host of other successes, even billions of dollars, and then they vote
the United States negotiated a reduction of over $285 against us. Well, we’re watching those votes.
million off the 2016-2017 final budget. In addition to these Let them vote against us. We’ll save a lot. We
significant cost savings, we reduced the UN’s bloated don’t care,” Trump told reporters at the White
management and support functions, bolstered support for House.
key U.S. priorities throughout the world, and instilled more
discipline and accountability throughout the UN system.
Considering the fact that we are 20 trillion dollars in debt,
we could definitely cut back on financial aid to countries
“The inefficiency and overspending of the that want to go against us.
United Nations are well known. We will no
longer let the generosity of the American people
And personally, I would very much be in favor of reducing
be taken advantage of or remain unchecked.
funding to the United Nations a whole lot more. The UN
This historic reduction in spending – in addition
is an anti-American institution that has been promoting the
to many other moves toward a more efficient
agenda of the globalists for as long as it has existed, and
and accountable UN – is a big step in the right
once I get to Washington I am going to do all that I can to
direction. While we are pleased with the results
help Trump put America first.
The UN needs to be defanged, declawed and made as definitely a good first step in the right direction.
powerless as possible, and this huge budget reduction is

ISIS Supporters Publish Image
Depicting Beheaded Barron Trump
By Bridget Johnson
December 26, 2017

overlooking Times Square with a box of dynamite at his


Another poster from ISIS supporters circulated this week

shows an armed jihadist overlooking a Christmas display
as the Statue of Liberty looms overhead. "Make your
motto 'I will not survive if they cross worshipper
survived,'" jihadists were advised.

"And for you Crusaders, we swear by Allah the

(ISIS supporters' propaganda image) Almighty you will see the strength of the
Caliphate Soldiers, and the battles will be in
ISIS supporters circulated a gruesome Christmastime your homeland, we will break your cross and
poster depicting the beheading of Barron Trump, showing destroy your thrones and we will shed your
a masked jihadist standing over an adult body in an orange blood," the text adds. "And the news is what
jumpsuit with the 11-year-old's head photoshopped into the you see not what you hear."
terrorist's hand.
Last week, ISIS supporters encouraged lone jihadists to try
PJM is not reproducing an image of the poster here methods such as making a terrorist attack look like a
because of the disturbing content. It's similar to an image random murder or cooking up poisons to use on victims in
released last month depicting a beheaded Pope Francis. a new suggestion list.

"Soon we will cut the head of america's mule The "hints" list, posted on Telegram, shows the Eiffel
son," says the text on the Barron image. Tower and Big Ben in the background, with blood
dripping from the top of the image. It was distributed in
Arabic, French and English, with the English translation
A message posted last month on a pro-ISIS Telegram
not clean.
channel by an ISIS supporter called on fellow followers
to "handle the son of the mule of America" and included a
photo of the president's son and a snapshot of a Google Lone jihadists were urged to have "total emmersion [sp] in
map showing the location of Barron's school. the community," while "choosing easy targets to deal with"
in an operation that "must be secret & unseen."
ISIS supporters have been on a holiday threat spree, taking
the terror group's PR into their own hands with a flurry of The list suggests "attacking an isolated victim and make it
propaganda posters encouraging lone jihadists to attack, look like a Homiside [sp]." This method was mentioned in
including a new one reiterating previous calls to "put terror the October 2016 issue of ISIS' Rumiyah magazine
in their hearts by running them over or stabbing them or focusing on knife attacks, when terrorists were advised to
burning structures and forests." target someone walking home from a night out or working
the night shift, "or someone walking alone in a public park
or rural forested area, or someone by himself in an alley
A Modesto, Calif., tow-truck driver arrested and charged
close to a night club or another place of debauchery, or
last week with hatching a holiday plot to attack San
even someone out for a walk in a quiet neighborhood."
Francisco's Pier 39 apparently paid attention to ISIS
supporters' propaganda posters. Everitt Aaron
Jameson loved with a heart, said the criminal complaint, a Also suggested was "burning markets, churches &
recent poster from ISIS supporters showing Santa factories at night time." In the January issue of Rumiyah,
ISIS claimed a November 2016 fire at a furniture factory
in Losino-Petrovsky, Russia. That article included a large
photo of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, along with its poisons from the available materials." An official
address and the caption, "A popular Crusader gathering ISIS guide distributed in November 2016 advised jihadists
place waiting to be burned down." Jihadists were advised to explore the wide range of toxic plants that are
to time their arson "preferably in the later part of night to "accessible to everyone."
the early hours of morning when people are generally
asleep." While most attack threats or encouragement over the
holiday season has come from ISIS supporters, the Islamic
The "hints" list continues to suggest "putting iron pieces in State's official al-Naba newsletter notably highlighted an
the railroads to take the train off course" (a train Australian New Year's Eve terror plot, saying that the
derailment tool that's essentially a concrete and rebar track would-be attacker would have caused "catastrophic"
clamp was detailed by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula casualties in "one of the most important centers where
in the August issueof Inspire magazine) or "making lethal Christians meet" to ring in the holiday.

Trump RIPS ‘Garbage’ Golden Showers ‘Dossier,’
Says Its ‘FBI Tainted’ And ‘Hillary’ Product
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On December 26, 2017

While the FBI won’t repudiate the dossier, it also won’t CANNOT (after all of this time) VERIFY
substantiate the salacious claims it makes CLAIMS IN DOSSIER OF RUSSIA/TRUMP

“And they used this Crooked Hillary pile of

garbage as the basis for going after the Trump
Campaign!” he added.

The tweets came as Republicans in Congress are also

turning up pressure on certain FBI and Department of
Justice figures who they believe have a distinct anti-Trump
bias and may have utilized the thus-far unproven dossier as
justification to obtain FISA court warrants to spy on the
(National Sentinel) Growing Ire: President Donald J.
president’s 2016 campaign.
Trump tore into the infamous “Trump dossier” in an early-
morning tweet on Tuesday, calling it a “tainted” document
While the FBI won’t repudiate the dossier, it also won’t
that the FBI must not use as a basis for investigation.
substantiate the salacious claims it makes or claim that
Trump and Russia colluded in last year’s election.
Calling the document “bogus,” the president railed against
it as little more than a “pile of garbage” while referencing
The “major core charges of election collusion” cannot be
the fact that it was paid for by the Hillary Clinton
verified, the FBI has noted, adding that its “back is against
campaign and the Democratic National Committee.
the wall” following congressional testimony last week by
Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who is now said to be
“WOW, @foxandfriends “Dossier is bogus. retiring soon.
Clinton Campaign, DNC funded Dossier. FBI

Robert Mueller May Indict Paul Manafort Again
The Charges Against The Former Trump Campaign Boss Appear To
Have Been Only An Opening Salvo In A Legal Barrage On The
President’s Confidants, Informed Observers Say.
Betsy Woodruff
12.26.17 7:58 PM ET

Turley, a professor at George Washington

University’s law school.

“There was much in the narrative of the

indictment that referenced crimes not charged,”
he added. “Prosecutors will often issue a
superseding indictment as the grand jury
continues its work. There’s also a tactical
reason for this, that superseding indictments
tend to grind defendants a bit more over time.”

From its inception, two things about special counsel A superseding indictment would essentially replace the
Robert Mueller’s investigation were clear: first, the White
current indictment of Manafort. And in that current
House’s biggest concern was that Mueller would follow
indictment, Mueller’s team hinted there was more to come.
the money; and second, Mueller is following the money.
In particular, they hinted at potential tax charges for
Manafort’s foreign financial transactions. Federal
It’s been seven months since Deputy Attorney General prosecutors can bring charges against any American who
Rod Rosenstein ordered Bob Mueller to take over the has money in a foreign bank account and doesn’t check a
FBI’s counterintelligence probe into possible links box on their tax forms disclosing it. The Manafort/Gates
between the Kremlin and people associated with the indictment describes financial behavior that may be liable
Trump campaign. Trump’s lawyers have long said they for that kind of prosecution. And that’s an indicator that
expected the probe to stay focused and end quickly. Mueller’s team may be preparing to formally charge both
Instead, Mueller has assembled a team of prosecutors with men with violating tax laws.
expertise in handling financial investigations and white-
collar crime, and obtained guilty pleas for crimes that
A former prosecutor from the Justice Department’s tax
weren’t committed during the election year.
division said Mueller handed down what’s known as a
“speaking indictment”—in other words, an indictment that
And, most importantly, he’s sent a thinly veiled warning to contains more information than necessary.
the White House: No one’s finances are off limits. If 2017
had the president’s inner circle sweating, 2018 could feel
“It’s a way of dirtying up a defendant without
like a sauna.
having to actually prove the conduct,” he said. “I
think, in fairness to them, they probably rushed
And no one may feel more heat than Paul Manafort. In it because they didn’t want to wait for the tax
Washington legal circles, there’s a broad expectation that division approval on those tax counts. That, I
Mueller will file what’s called a superseding indictment of assume, would be working its way through the
Manafort and Rick Gates, his erstwhile business partner— system.”
and alleged partner in crime. Gates and Manafort both
pleaded not guilty when Mueller’s team filed their Anytime federal prosecutors want to charge someone with
indictment on Oct. 30. Legal experts say there may be breaking tax law, they must get approval from the Justice
more charges to come. Department’s Tax Division. That approval process can be
time-consuming, and the would-be defendant’s attorneys
“I would expect a superseding indictment to often can petition Tax Division lawyers against authorizing
come down relatively soon,” said Jonathan the charges. Following the money, it turns out, can be
(PDF)—while the multibillion-dollar scheme was
unfolding. In fact, those lawyers admitted their traders in
Moscow went “to significant lengths” to make the scheme
work. They even admitted that one of their Moscow
supervisors appeared to have taken bribes related to the
scheme that were worth up to $2.3 million. It was
“Superseding indictments are frequently underway from 2011 to early 2015.
brought in financial investigations due to
defendant recalcitrance to cooperate and also Jared Kushner and Trump himself have had significant
because they take so long to be put together,” dealings with the bank, which also helped the hedge fund
said Martin Sheil, a retired supervisory special of billionaire Trump patron Robert Mercer trim billions
agent for the IRS’ criminal investigations unit. from its tax bill. The bank has long interested
congressional investigators looking into potential
Mueller has been working with IRS criminal investigators, connections between Trump World and the Kremlin. And
as The Daily Beast first reported in August. Those agents if reports about Mueller’s subpoena of the bank are
specialize solely in financial crimes with a tax nexus; their correct—and the White House says emphatically that they
cooperation was an early indicator that money mattered to are not—then Mueller’s money trail may be making a pit
Mueller. stop in Germany.

And Manafort and Gates may not be the only Trump

campaign alums with headache-generating finances. On
Dec. 1, retired Gen. Michael Flynn—the president’s
former national security adviser—pleaded guilty to lying
to the FBI about his communications with Russian
government officials. Court documents indicate that Flynn
has agreed to help Mueller’s team with their investigation
in exchange for leniency.
Besides that, Mueller’s probe is causing bipartisan anxiety
Sheil noted that if Flynn isn’t as cooperative as Mueller in Washington. The indictment of Manafort and Gates
expects, then his financial dealings could be easy fodder mentioned two lobbying firms—referring to them only as
for Mueller. “Company A” and “Company B”—which are widely
assumed to be the Podesta Group and Mercury LLC.
“Flynn did not disclose payments received from Within hours of the indictment’s release, Tony Podesta
Russia in 2015 nor Turkey in 2016 on his resigned from his firm. He’d previously drawn criticism
Security Disclosure forms,” Sheil said. “What is for helping Manafort push Kremlin-friendly talking points
the likelihood he reported these sums on his tax to Capitol Hill offices.
“The Manafort and Gates indictment left a
Additional trouble for Team Trump could arise out of the number of torpedoes in the water,” said Turley.
blizzard of subpoenas that reportedly went out to Deutsche “We’re just waiting to see who they hit. One of
Bank in the last few weeks. the most likely targets is Tony Podesta.”

The German mega-bank is likely accustomed to hot water. The only person in a position to constrain Mueller and his
In January of 2017, they agreed to pay $425 million to the deputies is Rosenstein, who has been overseeing all
New York Department of Financial Services to settle Trump/Russia matters since Attorney General Jeff
allegations that they let Russian traders engage in what Sessions’ recusal. A former Justice Department official
those regulators called “a money-laundering scheme.” In who worked under now-Deputy Attorney General Rod
that particular scheme, Russians moved $10 billion to the Rosenstein told The Daily Beast that he’s unlikely to rein
United States. in Mueller at all.

It’s an eye-popping concession, but one that largely got “As long as Rod is supervising, he is never
lost in the noise of Trump’s inauguration and the political going to put Mueller under any kind of pinch,”
implications of Russian efforts to intervene in the 2016 he said. “That’s just the way Rod operates.”
elections. But it points to close ties between the bank and
Kremlin elites. The bank’s lawyers signed court It means that as long as Rosenstein stays in place, Mueller
documents admitting they were “on clear notice” about will likely be able to follow that money trail wherever it
their insufficient safeguards against unlawful activity leads.

Analysis: The Quiet Probe Into Clinton Email Investigation
Could Be A Landmine For Robert Mueller
Kevin Johnson, USA TODAY
Published 5:00 A.M. ET Dec. 26, 2017 | Updated 5:32 A.M. ET Dec. 26, 2017

A new report says the investigation into Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., told
Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. Rosenstein at a Dec. 13 hearing. The deputy
presidential election has cost millions. attorney general cited the probe multiple times
Video provided by Newsy Newslook as the reason for declining to respond to
lawmakers' questions about how the texts might
WASHINGTON — In early January, news that the Justice
affect Mueller's probe.
Department’s inspector general launched an investigation
into the government's disputed handling of the Hillary "It is very encouraging to us that (Horowitz) is
Clinton email inquiry was quickly overtaken by the chaotic doing what I think is good, unbiased work," the
run-up to President Trump’s inauguration. chairman said.
Nearly a year later, Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s Once it's completed, the inspector general’s review also
wide-ranging review of the FBI and Justice’s work in the threatens to give opponents fodder to unleash fresh
politically-charged Clinton case now looms as a potential criticism of the FBI – which Trump has singled out in
landmine for Russia special counsel Robert Mueller. scathing rebukes since Mueller's indictment of former
national security adviser Michael Flynn earlier this
For months, Horowitz’s investigation — which has
month. Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and
amassed interviews with former Attorney General Loretta
pledged to cooperate with the special counsel, was the
Lynch, former FBI Director James Comey and other key
fourth Trump campaign official to be charged in the
officials — had been grinding on in near anonymity. That
investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016
is, until earlier this month when the inspector general
acknowledged that Mueller was alerted to a cache of text
messages exchanged between two FBI officials on his staff Chris Swecker, a former FBI assistant director, said the
that disparaged Trump. text communications unearthed by Horowitz have handed
leverage to attorneys representing current and possible
The communications, involving senior counter-intelligence
future defendants in the Mueller investigation, either in
agent Peter Strzok and bureau lawyer Lisa Page, were
possible plea negotiations or at trial.
gathered in the course of Horowitz’s internal review of the
Clinton case, which Strzok also helped oversee. "Two star witnesses have been created for the
Horowitz’s investigation is not examining Mueller’s defense," Swecker said, referring to Strzok and
operation. But the disclosures already have provided a Page whose communications could be
hammer to Trump loyalists who are escalating their introduced as evidence of an investigation
criticisms of the legitimacy of the special counsel’s biased against Trump.
Strzok was removed from the Russia investigation this
Earlier this month, FBI Director Christopher Wray and summer immediately after Mueller was informed of the
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein only highlighted communications in which the agent described Trump as an
the potential gravity of the inspector general's work when "idiot" while expressing a clear preference for
they repeatedly urged Republican House committee Clinton. Page, meanwhile, had completed her temporary
members during separate hearings to withhold judgment assignment to the Russia inquiry and had returned to
about allegations of bias within the FBI until the internal bureau headquarters when the texts were discovered.
Justice probe is completed.
Swecker said Mueller acted appropriately in dismissing
Justice officials have indicated that a report is likely in the Strzok, but fears that the damage has already been done.
next few months.
"I never heard anything related to politics come
"The inspector general's investigation is very out of (Mueller's) mouth," Swecker said,
important," House Judiciary Committee referring to his experience working closely with

the special counsel when he served as FBI at the scene of the 2010 slaying of border patrol agent
director. Brian Terry.
"But none of this is good for Mueller or his A separate 2015 report authored by Horowitz's staff found
reputation for fairness," Swecker said. "Who that U.S. Drug Enforcement Agents posted in Colombia
knows what else the IG (inspector general) had engaged in sex parties involving prostitutes who were
has." supplied by local drug cartels. The review concluded that
some of the 10 agents involved admitted attending the
Mounting questions about the FBI's continuing credibility
parties where a local Colombian police offer often stood
– including Trump's jab that the bureau's reputation was in
guard, protecting the agents' firearms and other property.
"tatters" – have landed hard at the agency. The FBI was
sent reeling in May when Trump abruptly Less than a month after Horowitz's report, then-DEA chief
dismissed Comey for his handling of the Russia inquiry. Michele Leonhart announced her retirement from the
Wray, who took over in September, has publicly defended
the bureau's reputation in the wake of Trump's attacks. He In the review of the Clinton email investigation, authorities
was joined late Tuesday by the FBI Agents Association, are examining whether the Justice Department and FBI
whose members issued a rare, collective defense of their followed established "policies and procedures'' when then-
own. FBI Director Comey publicly announced that the bureau
would not recommend criminal charges against Clinton
"Attacks on our character and demeaning
related to her use of a private email server while she was
comments about the FBI will not deter agents
secretary of State.
from continuing to do what we have always
done – dedicate our lives to protecting the The inspector general is not evaluating the merits of the
American people," the group said in a written now-closed criminal inquiry or challenge the conclusions
statement. not to prosecute Clinton. Rather, it will focus on Justice
and FBI policies that guided the probe.
Pat Cotter, a former federal prosecutor, said the specter of
Horowitz's inquiry should have "zero effect on how Former Justice inspector general Michael Bromwich said
Mueller and his team do their jobs." that the office has a long established record as "a reliable
and independent voice" that has held some of the most
"But this is a political event, too," Cotter added.
powerful institutions to account.
"To the extent that this (agents' conduct) will
be used to discredit, distract or obfuscate the The disclosures of the agents' text messages, he said,
Mueller investigation, maybe it will work.''
"has certainly re-focused the spotlight on
For Horowitz, the Clinton email inquiry may be the most investigation that many people may have
consequential investigation he has launched since his forgotten about but remains an important piece
installment as Justice's watchdog in 2012. But the former of work that needs to be completed."
public corruption unit chief in the Manhattan U.S.
More than once, Bromwich found himself at the center of a
attorney's office has not shied from controversy in the past
firestorm while inspector general. In 1997, Bromwich
five years.
authored a damning review of the FBI's crime laboratory
Months after taking office, Horowitz issued a scathing on the eve of the federal trial of Oklahoma City bomber
account of a botched gun-trafficking operation that Timothy McVeigh. While McVeigh was ultimately
allowed an estimated 2,000 firearms to fall into the hands convicted and executed, the lab had been heavily involved
of Mexican drug cartel enforcers. in examining evidence in that case.
The inspector general's review of the so-called "Fast and "Michael (Horowitz) is a very solid guy with
Furious" operation managed by the Bureau of Alcohol exactly the right background for the job. It's a
Tobacco Firearms and Explosives recommended 14 job that doesn't make you many friends,"
federal law enforcement officials for discipline, resulting Bromwich said. "And I don't think a lot of people
in a dramatic shakeup in leadership at the ATF. The will be happy when it's over. But I think he is
operation was halted when two of the weapons were found going to call it as he sees it."

Carl Bernstein: FBI Isn't Tainted,
Trump's Presidency Is
By John Bowden
12/26/17 10:04 PM EST

as the FBI. Trump, Bernstein said, should welcome moves

from special counsel Robert Mueller's team if he really
believes he will be exonerated in the end.

"If the president is as confident as he says, if

this investigation is going to end very soon with
him being exonerated, he ought to welcome all
of this instead of attacking constantly,"
Bernstein said. "He’s doing a grave disservice
to our democracy."

Trump tweeted on Tuesday morning that the FBI was

Veteran journalist Carl Bernstein tore into President "tainted." His comment came after he sharply criticized
Trump on Tuesday over the latter's attacks on the FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on Saturday over
FBI, saying it's Trump's presidency whose integrity has reports that McCabe will possibly retire in March.
been compromised, not the law enforcement agency's.
"How can FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe,
In an interview with CNN's Jim Sciutto, the legendary the man in charge, along with leakin’ James
Watergate reporter accused Trump of acting Comey, of the Phony Hillary
contemptuously toward the FBI and other "instruments" of Clinton investigation (including her 33,000
American democracy. illegally deleted emails) be given $700,000 for
wife’s campaign by Clinton Puppets during
“The key word … that he keeps using is investigation?" the president tweeted.
‘tainted.’ There’s really only one institution that
has really been tainted through these months "FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is racing
and that is the Trump presidency," Bernstein the clock to retire with full benefits. 90 days to
said. "It’s tainted by the president’s lies, by his go?!!!" Trump added in another tweet.
disrespect for American institutions operating
under the law with traditional American McCabe has been the target of Republican criticism over a
democracy and the instruments thereof." campaign donation his wife received from Virginia Gov.
Terry McAuliffe (D), a top ally of the Clintons, a year
“He’s contemptuous of those instruments,” before the investigation he managed into her private email
Bernstein added. server cleared former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of
Bernstein accused the president of doing a "grave
disservice" to the country by undermining institutions such

Director Ridley Scott Offers
Strong Defense Of Trump Tax Reform
He Proved That He Is Not At All Interested In Conforming To
Hollywood’s Obnoxious Politics
John Nolte
December 27, 2017

Well, let’s take the tax bill. People say (Republicans) are
doing it for the wealthy class. What they forget is if you
get a clever, un-selfish business person — I don’t care if
it’s a corner store or a big business — who’s suddenly
saving 15 percent, they’ll put it back in this business. Then
you’re going to get growth and therefore (people) will get

He added that “My concern is with the elderly, the infirm,

and the youth who need to have chances and shots for
every level, and equality in education. But you have to use
it. You have to get your (expletive) head down and use it.”
While most of Hollywood and the media
have been lying about the massive tax
reform passed by the House and Senate last
week, legendary film director Ridley Scott
proved that he has a much better grasp of
how an economy works than most actors
and journalists. He also proved that he is
not at all interested in conforming to
Hollywood’s obnoxious politics.

Ridley Scott directing Thelma & Louise (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios

Inc., 1991)

While out doing publicity for his latest movie, All the
Money in the World, the 80-year-old behind such iconic
films as Blade Runner, Alien, Gladiator, The Martian,
Anthony Hopkins and Ridley Scott in Hannibal (2001)
Thelma and Louise, and Black Rain, was not even asked
about President Trump or taxes. Answering a question
about the “value of human life, class struggles and the role The reporter then seemed eager to challenge Scott’s belief
of wealth in society” and how it pertains to the “this that after you are given equal opportunity, it is all up to
moment in America,” Scott volunteered this defense: you. “I’m sure you benefited from some help early on in

your career,” the reporter assumes. Scott is having none of is, after all, the director who stood up today’s Social
it: Justice Warrior mob when complaints arose about a lack of
racial diversity in his biblical epic Exodus: Gods and
I’m a natural-born hunter because that’s who I am. No one Kings.
taught me that. I started from scratch. I arrived in
Hollywood with a wristwatch and stayed at the YMCA. “I can’t mount a film of this budget, where I have to rely
You have to learn the curve. But don’t (expletive) moan on tax rebates in Spain, and say that my lead actor is
about it. It’s about doing. There’s always a way in. I used Mohammad so-and-so from such-and-such,” Scott said.
to lay concrete on runways for an Irish company when I “I’m just not going to get it financed. So the question
was a student. I packed drywall. My parents didn’t have doesn’t even come up.”
the money to help me out. But they were very supportive
of anything I wanted to do. “The question never came up” is my favorite part. Scott
was not even interested in paying lip service to the mob.

Scott is also, obviously, correct about taxes. Employees are

already seeing the trickle-down effect of these cuts in the
form of raises and Christmas bonuses. This even includes
the lying media that lies about how tax cuts work, and
ignores how much more we all benefit with that money in
the hands of those who earned as opposed to wasteful,
heartless, unelected federal bureaucrats.

Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Williams, and Ridley Scott attend the

premiere of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s “All The Money In The
World” at Samuel Goldwyn Theater on December 18, 2017 in Beverly
Hills, California. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Over at his HiT site, film writer and critic Christian Toto
says we should not be surprised by Scott’s answer. Scott

CNN ‘Legal’ Correspondent Tells Viewers
A Huge LIE About Republicans And The ‘Trump Dossier’
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On December 27, 2017

CNN has repeatedly misinformed its viewers GPS, the firm behind the dossier, which CNN failed to
disclose, The Daily Caller reported.

“Look, the fact is that the dossier was compiled

as part of opposition research, first paid for by
Republicans who were opposed to Donald
Trump and then later on by Democrats and the
Clinton camp, people associated with the
Clinton campaign who wanted to try to bring
him down,” Perez said.

The “fact” cited by Perez — that anti-Trump Republicans

(National Sentinel) Fake News: On Tuesday CNN legal originally funded the dossier — has been ruled “false” by
analyst Evan Perez gave viewers a widely-debunked view fact-checkers.
of the infamous “dossier” alleging “collusion” between
President Donald J. Trump’s campaign and the Russian GOP donor Paul Singer initially hired Fusion GPS through
government. the Washington Free Beacon to conduct opposition
research on Trump and other candidates during the 2016
During one segment on Tuesday, Perez falsely claimed Republican primaries. However, that research was not
that anti-Trump Republicans at first funded the dossier, related to the dossier.
much of which remains unsubstantiated and which has
essentially been repudiated by author and former British Nevertheless, CNN has repeatedly misinformed its viewers
spy Christopher Steele. with the claim that the dossier was initially a GOP effort.

The legal analyst was responding to a tweet from Trump Perez’s error on Tuesday is at least the third time that the
earlier in which he called the dossier a “pile of network has falselytold its audience that Republicans
garbage.” Perez has close ties to the cofounders of Fusion originally funded the dossier, The Daily Caller noted.

Report: Mueller May Indict Paul Manafort AGAIN
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On December 27, 2017

“I would expect a superseding indictment to reason for this, that superseding indictments
come down relatively soon” tend to grind defendants a bit more over time.”

A superseding indictment essentially replaces the initial

indictment, say legal experts. And in the initial indictment
of Manafort and Gates, Mueller’s team hinted they could
file additional charges in the future.

That now appears more likely:

Federal prosecutors can bring charges against

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort talks with ABC any American who has money in a foreign bank
News' George Stephanopoulos at the GOP convention in August account and doesn’t check a box on their tax
forms disclosing it. The Manafort/Gates
indictment describes financial behavior that may
(National Sentinel) Swamp Thing: In the seven months be liable for that kind of prosecution. And that’s
since Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed an indicator that Mueller’s team may be
Robert Mueller as a special counsel to look into alleged preparing to formally charge both men with
collusion between Team Trump and Russia, he’s found violating tax laws.
nothing to substantiate the claim.
But Mueller isn’t playing by the normal rules, say critics,
Rather, Mueller has expanded his limitless probe to all and that’s thanks in large part to the limitless mandate he
things Team Trump and Russia, including the financial was given by Rosenstein.
dealings of then-GOP candidate Donald J. Trump’s
campaign associates.
For example, a former prosecutor from the Justice
Department’s tax division said Mueller handed down
One of Trump’s associates who has been charged with what’s known as a “speaking indictment,” or one that
financial crimes thus far is former campaign manager Paul contains more information that necessary.
Manafort, along with his erstwhile business partner Rick
Gates, both of whom have pleaded not guilty.
“It’s a way of dirtying up a defendant without
having to actually prove the conduct,” he said. “I
However, Mueller may not be done with his charges think, in fairness to them, they probably rushed
against Manafort, at least. He could file what is called a it because they didn’t want to wait for the tax
superseding indictment of both men, according to The division approval on those tax counts. That, I
Daily Beast. assume, would be working its way through the
“I would expect a superseding indictment to
come down relatively soon,” said Jonathan A growing number of congressional Republicans,
Turley, a professor at George Washington convinced that Mueller’s probe is what Trump says it is —
University’s law school. a “witch hunt” — are said to be planning a comprehensive
report that seeks to build criminal cases against senior FBI
“There was much in the narrative of the and Justice Department figures who appear to have plotted
indictment that referenced crimes not charged,” to keep Trump out of office.
he told the news site. “Prosecutors will often
issue a superseding indictment as the grand One of the names mentioned is FBI counterintelligence
jury continues its work. There’s also a tactical investigator Peter Strzok, whom Mueller had on his team

until anti-Trump texts and details of an “insurance policy” This would come as Republican supporters of President
to prevent Trump from taking office were discovered. Donald J. Trump in Congress have stepped up efforts to
discredit special counsel Robert Mueller’s “collusion”
As noted by Newsmax, the report would highlight the probe amid allegations of anti-Trump bias on his
conduct of some FBI officials into last year’s investigation prosecutorial and investigative team.
of suspected Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential
election, people familiar with the plans have said. Trump’s lawyers have doubled down on an earlier
prediction that the portion of Mueller’s investigation
having to do with their client will soon come to an end.

Mueller Witch Hunt Sets Sights On New Target:
The Republican National Committee
By Joshua Caplan
December 27, 2017

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s ever- The left claimed that 3,000 ads costing $100,000 that were
expanding Russia probe is now neither favorable or unfavorable for either candidate
investigating the Republican National flipped the 2016 election.
Committee’s joint data sharing agreement
with the Trump campaign. We know for certain that this was all another fake news

Russia Today reported in October that half of the

Facebook ads ran after the election and 25% of the ads
never ran at all.

Mark Penn, former chief strategist on Bill Clinton’s 1996

presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate
campaign, and Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign,
admitted it’s impossible Russian Facebook ads won
Donald Trump the White House. Penn uses basic math to
dispel the notion that $100,000 of Russian ads would have
had any impact of the election outcome.
Business Insider reports:
WSJ reports:
Two sources told Yahoo News that Mueller’s
team is examining whether the joint RNC-
Hillary Clinton’s total campaign budget,
Trump campaign data operation — which was
including associated committees, was $1.4
directed on Trump’s side by Brad Parscale and
billion. Mr. Trump and his allies had about $1
managed by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner
billion. Even a full $100,000 of Russian ads
— “was related to the activities of Russian trolls
would have erased just 0.025% of Hillary’s
and bots aimed at influencing the American
financial advantage. In the last week of the
campaign alone, Mrs. Clinton’s super PAC
dumped $6 million in ads into Florida,
The FBI has been scrutinizing Kushner’s contacts in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
December 2016 with the Russian ambassador to the US
and the CEO of a sanctioned Russian bank.
I have 40 years of experience in politics, and
this Russian ad buy, mostly after the
The special counsel’s office declined to comment on its election anyway, simply does not add up to
ongoing investigation. Multiple requests to various current a carefully targeted campaign to move
and former RNC officials on Wednesday went voters.
unanswered. A source close to one of the Trump
campaign’s data firms said they were “unaware of anyone
It takes tens of millions of dollars to deliver meaningful
being questioned.”
messages to the contested portion of the electorate.
Converting someone who voted for the other party last
In September Facebook announced it would turn over time is an enormously difficult task. Swing voters in states
3,000 Russian-linked ads to GOP-led congressional like Ohio or Florida are typically barraged with 50% or
committees. more of a campaign’s budget. Try watching TV in those
states the week before an election and you will see how
jammed the airwaves are.

New Jerusalem Train Station
To Be Named After President Trump
By Joshua Caplan
December 27, 2017

Israel will name a new train station after Trump told reporters,
President Trump announced the U.S.
embassy in Tel Aviv will move “They take hundreds of millions of dollars and
to Jerusalem. even billions of dollars, and then they vote
against us. Well, we’re watching those votes.
Let them vote against us. We’ll save a lot.”

The Trump administration issued a statement Sunday

evening announcing the United States has made a
‘significant reduction,’ in its United Nations budget.

“Ambassador Haley on the United States

Negotiating a Significant Reduction in the
UN Budget”

Today, the United Nations agreed on a budget for the

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump gives a thumbs 2018-2019 fiscal year.
up as he speaks at his New York presidential primary night rally in
Manhattan, New York, U.S., April 19, 2016. REUTERS/Shannon
Stapleton (TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) – RTX2AQX6 Among a host of other successes, the United
States negotiated a reduction of over $285
Daily Caller reports: million off the 2016-2017 final budget.

Israel’s transportation minister is planning to In addition to these significant cost savings, we reduced
name a train station in Jerusalem after the UN’s bloated management and support functions,
President Donald Trump as a gesture for bolstered support for key U.S. priorities throughout the
recognizing the holy city as the capital of Israel. world, and instilled more discipline and accountability
throughout the UN system.
The nation’s transportation minister Israel
Katz said Wednesday that the station, if “The inefficiency and overspending of the
approved and built, will be a thank you to Trump United Nations are well known. We will no
for his “courageous and historic decision to longer let the generosity of the American people
recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the state be taken advantage of or remain unchecked.
of Israel.” This historic reduction in spending – in addition
to many other moves toward a more efficient
and accountable UN – is a big step in the right
The train station would sit in close proximity to the
direction. While we are pleased with the results
Western Wall, a holy site for worshipers of Judaism and a
of this year’s budget negotiations, you can be
tourist attraction that brings in roughly 11 million visitors a
sure we’ll continue to look at ways to increase
the UN’s efficiency‎ while protecting our
interests,” wrote Ambassador Nikki Haley.
The announcement comes after the United Nations defied
President Trump, voting 128 to 9 against his decision to
Meanwhile, “God Bless Trump” signs are posted on street
declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the US
corners and billboards in Israel.
embassy to the Holy City.

President Trump warned countries that voted against the

United States at the UN that he may cut off their foreign

REPORT: MORE Top FBI Agents Who Worked On
Clinton Email Probe Rumored To Be Leaving
By Joshua Caplan
December 27, 2017

Perceived political bias in the Clinton email

investigation demonstrated by former FBI
Director James Comey, his #2 Andrew
McCabe and disgraced bureau agent Peter
Strzok, have wrought immense damage to
the federal law enforcement agency. The fall
out prompted by Strzok’s anti-Trump text
messages and the FBI’s role in the dubious
Fusion GPS dossier has led to big-fish, such
as McCabe and James Baker, to either plot
early retirement or be reassigned.

President Trump blasted Andrew McCabe for his overt

corruption and accused him of racing the clock to retire
with full benefits with only 90 days to go.

With Comey and McCabe out, Baker reassigned, and more

According to reporter Sharyl Attkisson, the exodus may
FBI officials gone, a self-drainage of the Swamp appears
not be over just yet.
to be in motion.

“8 high ranking DOJ/FBI officials have been

Second, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin
removed, reassigned or are rumored to be
Nunes is seriously considering compiling a ‘warts and all,’
leaving incl. top agents who worked on 2 high-
report detailing alleged corruption at the FBI. It’s plausible
profile probes: Clinton mishandling of classified
the agents rumored to be heading for the door will be
info, and Trump-Russia collusion
included in Nunes’ report and rather than face political
investigation,”Attkisson tweeted on Tuesday.
headwinds, they’ll resign instead.

The reporter did not elaborate on the rumbling, but with all
As of late, we have watched Republican lawmakers point a
that has occurred, it would not be surprising to see more
lot of fingers and toss out a bunch of theories as to who
top FBI officials leave.
should be held responsible for sourcing, procuring and
disseminating the discredited ‘Trump dossier.’ A new
The timing of Attkisson’s tweet is interesting for two report reveals lawmakers are secretly building a criminal
reasons. First, McCabe is set to retire early next year after case against top Justice Department and FBI officials for
a barrage of attacks for his corruption. mishandling “the contents of a dossier that describes
alleged ties between President Donald Trump and Russia.”
McCabe’s retirement announcement comes on the heels of
a major shake up at the FBI; Wray just removed Comey
“confidant” and suspected leaker James Baker from his top
post as general counsel.
New Trump Executive Order Targets Clinton-Linked
Individuals, Lobbyists And Perhaps Uranium One
By Tyler Durden
Dec 27, 2017 7:41 AM

The Trump Administration quietly issued an Executive Moreover, the Treasury Department sanctioned an
Order (EO) last Thursday which allows for the freezing of additional 39 people, for a total of 52 under the new order
US-housed assets belonging to foreign individuals or - including the son of Russia's prosecutor general.
entities deemed "serious human rights abusers," along
with government officials and executives of foreign The Order reads:
corporations (current or former) found to have engaged in
corruption - which includes the misappropriation of state
I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United
assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain,
States of America, find that the prevalence and
and corruption related to government contracts or the
severity of human rights abuse and
extraction of natural resources.
corruption that have their source, in whole or
in substantial part, outside the United States,
Furthermore, anyone in the United States such as those committed or directed by
who aids or participates in said corruption persons listed in the Annex to this
or human rights abuses by foreign parties is order, have reached such scope and gravity
subject to frozen assets - along with any that they threaten the stability of
U.S. corporation who employs foreigners international political and economic
deemed to have engaged in corruption on systems.
behalf of the company.
Last Week's Executive Order could have
serious implications for D.C. lobbyists who
provide "goods and services" (e.g. lobbying
services) to despots, corrupt foreign politicians
or foreign organizations engaging in the crimes
described in the EO. "Virtually every lobbyist
in DC has got to be in a cold sweat over the
scope of this EO," said an attorney consulted
in the matter who wishes to remain

And because the phrase "person" means "an

individual or entity" in the order - any US
In fact, anyone in the world who has "materially organization which merely employs a
assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, foreigner engaging in the listed offenses is
material or technological support for, or also subject to frozen assets. "Consider, what
goods or services" to foreigners targeted by would happen if Apple, say employed a foreign
the Executive Order is subject to frozen national who bribed a PRC official for
assets. government approvals? How about a
hypothetical case of a company like
The EO, based on the 2016 Global Human Rights Northrop or Boeing where an employee, or
Accountability Act, immediately added 13 foreign consultant, who is a foreign national bribes
individuals to a list of "Specially Designated Nationals" a Saudi official to direct government
(SDN) maintained by the Office of Foreign Assets Control purchases of airplanes and military
(OFAC) – equipment? At least some or all of their assets
could be frozen."
several of whom have ties to the Clintons,
the Clinton Foundation, or Clinton
associates (details below).

In a report by Tucker Carlson, a former long-time
executive of now-defunct D.C. lobbying firm, The Podesta
Group - who has been interviewed extensively by FBI
special counsel Robert Mueller,

claims that Tony Podesta was "basically part

of the Clinton Foundation," frequently
meeting with the charity to discuss the
Now consider that if reports from The Hill are accurate - Uranium One deal.
an FBI mole deep within the Russian uranium industry
uncovered evidence that Meanwhile, Tony's DNC operative brother John Podesta
reportedly recommended that the Podesta Group hire
“Russian nuclear officials had routed David Adams - Hillary Clinton's chief adviser at the State
millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to Department, giving them a "direct liaison" between the
benefit former President Bill Clinton’s group's Russian clients and Hillary Clinton's State
charitable foundation during the time Department.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on
a government body that provided a
favorable decision to Moscow (the Uranium
One approval)” –

a deal which would eventually grant the Kremlin control

over 20 percent of America’s uranium supply right around
the time Bill Clinton also collected $500,000 for a
Moscow speech, as detailed by author Peter Schweitzer’s
book Clinton Cash and the New York Times in 2015.

“The Russians were compromising

American contractors in the nuclear
industry with kickbacks and extortion Hypothetically, if the Uranium One deal is
threats, deemed corrupt by the Trump administration,
and "Russian nuclear officials" indeed routed
all of which raised legitimate national security concerns. millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation,
And none of that evidence got aired before the Obama and Tony Podesta lobbied on behalf of the deal
administration made those decisions,” a person who for the Clinton Foundation - it stands to reason
worked on the case told The Hill, speaking on condition of that this Executive Order could freeze the
anonymity for fear of retribution by U.S. or Russian US-housed assets of quite a few individuals.
officials. –The Hill Of note, assets can be frozen with no prior
warning, as trump has declared a national
The same FBI informant claims to have video emergency due to the "scope and gravity" of
evidence showing Russian agents with the threat posed by said individuals.
briefcases full of bribe money related to the
controversial Uranium One deal: To simplify this complicated legal document a bit, keep in

Section 1. (a)(i-ii) outlines all foreigners the

Executive Order applies to:

Section 1. (a)(iii) defines U.S. Citizens who have assisted foreigners in any of the crimes described above:

Note: The above section (iii)(A)(3) means any expropriate businesses, monopolize markets, solicit bribes,
foreign person engaging in "serious human and administer extortion rackets.
rights abuses" or listed forms of corruption
In early 2016, Amsterdam-based telecom giant
on behalf of a U.S. entity. Also of note -
VimpelCom (now VEON) admitted to a conspiracy in
Attorney General Jeff Sessions rolled back a
which they paid millions in bribes to Karimova for entry
series of Obama-era curbs on civil-asset
into the Uzbek telecom market. In a series of related cases,
forfeiture over the summer, strengthening the
the U.S. Justice Department has sought the forfeiture of
federal government's ability to seize cash
$850 million in bribe money from various bank accounts
and property from Americans without
across Europe. In July, Uzbek officials arrested Karimova
criminal charges. That said, this Executive
for fraud, money laundering, bribery, and embezzlement
Order only freezes assets, it does not allow the
and a variety of other claims.
government to take custody of them.
In 2009, a WikiLeaks cable notes that
In regards to the 13 listed individuals targeted Karimova set her sights on Bill Clinton to
by this order - several of whom have ties to gain access to then-Secretary of State,
the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation or Hillary Clinton.
Clinton associates - we find the following:


Goulnara Islamovna Karimova, 45, daughter of former

Uzbekistan leader Islam Karimov, headed a powerful
organized crime syndicate that leveraged state actors to
(WikiLeaks, 7/31/2009) In 2001 Gertler gave $20m in cash to DRC President
Joseph Kabila to use to buy weapons and fund his war
Three years later, Karimova co-sponsored a against rebels to consolidate his grip on power. In
2012 Clinton Foundation fundraiser in exchange, Gertler’s company IDI was granted a monopoly
Monaco. Hillary Clinton's State Department on the DRC diamond trade, worth hundreds of millions a
was asked to weigh in on Bill Clinton's year. In 2013, Gertler sold the DRC rights to mine oil for
contacts with Karimova. $150 million, a 300x increase on an asset he purchased
from President Kabila 7 years prior for just $500,000.
Pictured below with Bill Clinton at an AIDS charity
event in Cannes, France. In 2012, Kabila offered Bill Clinton $650k for
a speech in the DRC - for which Clinton
sought State Department approval –

only to have his speaking agency recommend against the

appearance which would require photos with the dictator.

Goulnara Karimova and Bill Clinton

--- Gertler's family foundation is also linked to John McCain

- sharing a seat on the board of directors of "Operation
Dan Gertler is an Israeli billionaire mining Smile" with Cindy McCain for a period of time.
magnate revealed by the Paradise Papers to be chief
negotiator between the Democratic Republic of the Congo ---
(DRC) and his primary business partner - mining company
Glencore, founded by Marc Rich – Yahya Jammeh is the former President of Gambia who
came to power in 1994 and stepped down in 2017. He has
who was pardoned for corruption by Bill a long history of serious human rights abuses and
Clinton on his last day in office after his wife corruption - creating a terror and assassination squad
gave $450,000 to the Clinton Library called the Junglers that answered directly to him.

Glencore immediately cut ties with Gertler following

Trump's Executive Order.

Yahya and Zeinab Jammeh with Barack and Michelle Obama, 2014

Dan Gertler Jammeh was installed as President during a

1994 CIA-led coup in Gambia authorized by
the Clinton administration, and in 2014, the - a meeting many believe was one of several schemes used
Obama administration effectively sidelined by the Obama administration to justify wiretapping the
an attempted coup. Indeed, Jammeh appears Trump campaign. Of note - Donald Trump Jr. reportedly
to have been a friend to both the Clinton and shut down the Trump tower meeting when Natalia
the Obama Administrations. Veselnitskaya began discussing lifting sanctions under the
Magnitsky act - the very legislation Trump's Executive
--- Order is now leveraging against Artem Chayka.

Angel Rondon Rijo; Dominican Republic - Sanctioned for ---

funneling a $92 million bribe from Brazilian conglomerate
Odebrecht to Dominican Republic officials as kickbacks. Mukhtar Hamid Shah; Pakistan - surgeon
specializing in kidney transplants, believed to
Odebrecht Donated $50-$100k to the Clinton be involved in kidnapping, wrongful
Foundation. confinement, and the removal of and
tracking in human organs from Pakistani

Benjamin Bol Mel; Sudan - Financial Advisor to South
Sudanese President Salva Kiir and president of ABMC
construction company accused of corruption. Hillary The rest of the 13 individuals have engaged in a variety
Clinton pushed for a waiver from the Obama Admin on the of corruption and human rights abuses ranging from a
prohibition of military aid due to the use of child soldiers Serbian arms dealer believed to be linked to a $95 million
in South Sudan. deal with Yemen, to government officials who ordered
journalists murdered, to several instances of serious human
rights violations. (h/t @HNIJohnMiller)

Artem Yuryevich Chayka; Russia - Son of Russia's One wonders if perhaps the purpose of this Executive
Order addressing serious human rights abusers and
Prosecutor General, Yuri Chayka (Chaika) - used father's
corruption - a national emergency, was intended to ensure
connections to win state owned contracts.
the much talked about swamp renovation comes in ahead
of schedule and under budget. We'll know for sure if
Curiously, Russian Attorney Natalia Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin starts freezing bank
Veselnitskaya met with Yuri Chayka before accounts after the holidays.
her involvement in the infamous Trump Tower
meeting arranged by Fusion
GPS associate Rob Goldstone

Dennis Kucinich To Dems:
Focus On Jobs Not ‘Process Of Impeachment’ [VIDEO]
Nick Givas - Media Reporter
11:59 AM 12/27/2017

Former Ohio Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich

cautioned his party against impeaching President Donald
Trump Wednesday on Fox News, and said they should “That will get people excited about voting
shift focus to job creation and improving the country’s Democrat instead of focusing on … this process
economic conditions. of impeachment which could be quite
problematic legislatively,” he added.
“Instead of focusing on replacing President
Trump and bringing in a President Pence, we Kucinich said it would be a mistake for Democrats to
ought to be focusing on the things that attract continue with the same narrative that cost them the 2016
people to the Democratic party: Jobs, wages, presidential election, because it wouldn’t win back
health care, education, retirement Democratic defectors who voted for Trump.
security,” Kucinich said during an interview on
“America’s Newsroom.”
“We have to be careful that we’re not trying to
recreate the 2016 election,” he said. “We want
WATCH: to bring Democrats back who may have voted
for Donald Trump.”

Trump Executive Order Targets
Deep State & Opens Door To Full Disclosure
Written By Dr. Michael Salla
December 27, 2017

international political and economic

systems…The United States seeks to impose
tangible and significant consequences on those
who commit serious human rights abuse or
engage in corruption, as well as to protect the
financial system of the United States from
abuse by these same persons.

I therefore determine that serious human rights

abuse and corruption around the world
constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat
to the national security, foreign policy, and
economy of the United States, and I hereby
Something very profound happened in the U.S. on declare a national emergency to deal with that
December 21 with the passage of President Donald threat.
Trump’s “Executive Order Blocking the Property of
Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Its annex identifies key individuals and organizations,
Corruption”. The order declared a state of national several of whom are clearly associated with Russia. The
emergency concerning human rights and corruption, and Executive Order is linked to the Global Magnitsky Human
named specific individuals and organizations that would Rights Accountability Act that emerged from the murder
have their bank accounts and assets frozen regardless of of a prominent dissident exposing human rights abuses and
where in the world the abuses had occurred. corruption in Russia.

While the mainstream media has largely ignored Trump’s This linkage can easily lead readers into falsely believing
Executive Order, the alternative media has been paying that the Executive Order is solely intended to target corrupt
close attention. Many have noted the Executive Order is Russian officials, and corruption and human rights abuses
far more significant than what it appears to be on the by countries in Russia’s sphere of influence.
surface. Rather than just freezing the financial resources of
foreign citizens linked to the Russian sphere of influence,
Yet, as a number of alternative media sources point out,
as it superficially appears to do, it is really targeted at
Trump’s Executive Order goes well beyond the Russian
members of the “Deep State” (aka Cabal or Illuminati)
sphere of influence. It is really targeting the Deep State,
that have been involved in human trafficking, pedophilia
and fulfilling his 2016 campaign pledge to “drain the
and systemic corruption all over the planet.
swamp” .
The language of the Executive Order is very open ended in
For example, Jim Stone, a freelance journalist, writes:
terms of how international corruption and human rights
abuses threaten US national security:
The executive order is presented as a national
emergency up front, right in the beginning. At
I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United
first it reads like he’s going after foreigners
States of America, find that the prevalence and
which are named directly in an annex at the
severity of human rights abuse and corruption
end. That’s not what this is. The first part of the
that have their source, in whole or in substantial
order only cements the second part of the
part, outside the United States, such as those
order, to prevent American criminals from
committed or directed by persons listed in the
running away to foreign countries and being
Annex to this order, have reached such scope
supported by foreigners.
and gravity that they threaten the stability of
To sum this up:

No swamp critter can accept help from another

swamp critter in getting away … Child
traffickers and other human rights abuses are
covered, the stealing of and misuse of
government funds is covered, all items are
covered for foreigners and U.S. citizens, any
foreigners who have assets in the U.S. that
have done anything against the U.S. for the
purpose of supporting the American swamp will
have those assets seized, anyone in violation of
anything in this executive order will have their
assets seized… .

An anonymous whistleblower using the pseudonym The next day, the Washington Post reported on a
MegaAnon says that the Executive Order has led to many recommendation by the Intelligence Community and
powerful members of the Deep State waking up with no Pentagon in October 2016 to sack Rogers. President
financial resources. Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper,
and the Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, reportedly
were dissatisfied with Rogers performance, including his
Guess what? The Swamp’s financials FROZE visit to Trump:
OVER while they all slept last night, y’all.
It’s gonna be a LOOOOOONG Christmas break
for them… they were all broke before sunrise … In a move apparently unprecedented for a
military officer, Rogers, without notifying
superiors, traveled to New York to meet with
This covers kids/humans, drugs, arms/guns,
Trump on Thursday at Trump Tower.
WMD’s/chemicals/Uranium, organs, etc.
That caused consternation at senior levels of the
Now if you want to know who in our swamp woke up with
administration, according to the officials, who spoke on
frozen accounts, foundations, “charities”, side businesses
the condition of anonymity to discuss internal personnel
and shell orgs/LLC’s, etc. dig into the annex list…

The Executive Order and the language it uses really does

CIA Director John Brennon was a key player in the effort
mark a momentous event. Quite simply, it marks a transfer
to remove Rogers as illustrated by the Washington Post
of political power from the Deep State to the U.S. military
story which is the traditional official news outlet
in terms of who is really in control of the U.S. Republic.
promoting CIA interests. To his credit, President Obama
did not take action against Rogers.
It’s no secret that Donald Trump has surrounded himself
with senior military officers who share his desire to “drain
Now more than a year after these back stage
the swamp”. His Chief of Staff, John Kelly, is a retired
maneuverings, Rogers remains at the helm of the NSA
four star USMC general; his Secretary of Defense, James
closely monitoring the global activities of the Deep State
Mattis, is also a retired four star USMC general; his
and advising Trump and his National Security team.
National Security Advisor, James McMaster, is an active
duty three star US Army general; his head of the National
Security Agency, Mike Rogers, is an active duty four star This has been especially significant when it came to the
Navy Admiral; the head of the Secret Service, Randolph Central Intelligence Agency which has long been the key
Alles is a retired two star Marine General; and the list goes U.S. institution in funding and enforcing the will of the
on. Deep State.

The role of Admiral Mike Rogers is particularly significant In particular, the CIA’s Clandestine Services and
since he broke ranks with the US intelligence community Counterintelligence divisions were instrumental in creating
back in late 2016 to warn Trump about a Deep State effort an unofficial “black budget” for funding highly classified
to undermine and even prevent him from coming into projects and operations ever since the CIA’s creation in
power by spying on his transition team. While Trump was 1947.
President-elect, Rogers traveled to Trump Tower on
November 17, 2016 to warn him of the Deep State plans. These two branches of the CIA have long been the secret
enforcers of Deep State as best illustrated in the Kennedy
Assassination. James Jesus Angleton, chief of the CIA’s
Counterintelligence office, played a direct role, while and other public places in the city. The information
Richard Helms (Deputy Director of Plans) provided covert received from the CIA was enough to locate and detain
support for the operation. the criminals.

The Russian President asked the US President to convey

his appreciation to the Central Intelligence Agency director
and the operatives of US intelligence services who
received this information.

It is unprecedented for a Russian Head of State to publicly

thank the CIA. The underlying message was clear, the CIA
was now under the control of White Hats in the U.S.
national security system and Putin was very grateful.

What we are witnessing with Trump’s December 21

Executive Order is the final act of a well thought out plan
to sideline the Deep State, “drain the swamp” , and
reinstate direct Presidential authority over the U.S. national
Trump’s elevation of former congressman, Mike Pompeo, security system. Effectively, we are witnessing a handover
to become CIA Director was intended to bring the CIA of real power from the Deep State to the U.S. military via
under direct Presidential authority. Pompeo was, however, Donald Trump as Commander in Chief.
effectively sidelined from exercizing any real power over
the CIA’s covert operations. It was Pompeo’s more
balanced approach to US-Russia relations that earned him What is particularly noteworthy in the Executive Order is
the enmity of shadowy CIA groups. that this transfer of power is being done quietly behind the
scenes with little mainstream attention. Key figures in the
Deep State are finding their global financial resources
The situation dramatically changed on Saturday November frozen, and are being secretly detained via sealed
18, when a number of USMC helicopters flew over the indictments that now have worldwide impact due to
CIA’s Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. A former FBI Trump’s Executive Order.
agent, Hal Turner confirmed through credible sources that
the helicopters had “buzzed” the CIA HQ for roughly 30
minutes. By late November, there were over four thousand sealed
federal indictments being tracked by alternative news
journalists such as Hal Turner. Many of these are being
The intent was clear, the USMC was threatening the CIA’s enforced by Special Operations Command personnel that
clandestine services division to get on board with the are going around the planet arresting key Deep State
Trump administration or else. This is not the first time that figures.
the CIA has been intimidated by a US President
threatening to unleash the US military against it.
All this leads to the question, what does all this mean for a
seven decades-long suppression of the truth regarding
In 1958, President Eisenhower threatened the CIA’s Area extraterrestrial life and technology, the existence of a
51 facilities in Nevada with invasion by the US First Army breakaway German colony in Antarctica, and the existence
stationed at Colorado if the CIA did not fully disclose all of multiple secret space programs?
its classified programs there. In a May 2013 video
interview, a former CIA operative revealed what he heard
Eisenhower tell his boss to relay to the mysterious MJ-12
Committee in charge of the Area 51 facility, for which the
CIA provided operational security.

The clearest sign that the CIA is now firmly under

Trump’s control is President Putin thanking President
Trump and Pompeo for thwarting a planned terrorist attack
against a prominent St Petersberg cathedral. A December
17 Kremlin Press Release stated:

Vladimir Putin thanked Donald Trump for the information

passed on by the United States’ Central Intelligence The way in which the Executive Order has been crafted for
Agency (CIA) that helped detain the terrorists who plotted a specific target, and quietly enforced is that the U.S.
to set off explosions at Kazan Cathedral in St Petersburg military is wanting to keep much of what is occurring off

the public radar. The primary reason for doing so is clearly disclosures that will occur throughout the remainder of the
to minimize disruption to the U.S. political system while Trump administration will promote US national security
the transfer of power takes place. interests largely defined through a military mindset.

Once the transfer process is complete, we can expect some

of the sealed indictments being publicly revealed, and
Trump publicly declaring victory in his effort to “drain the
swamp”. We can expect a lot of unexpected retirements by
indicted individuals who are currently making plea deals to
escape imprisonment. Individuals involved in the most
egregious human rights abuses such as child trafficking,
will very likely be publicly exposed and tried.

As the transfer of power process moves forward, we can

expect that more of the truth about secret space programs,
Antarctica and extraterrestrial life will be disclosed. Based
on how the U.S. military is dealing with key figures from
the Deep State, it can be predicted that disclosure will take
place in a gradual manner that does not disrupt the social
President Eisenhower’s greatest lament over the way
fabric of US and stability of the global community.
classified projects involving advanced technologies were
being managed in the U.S. was that excessive secrecy cut
Disclosure is inevitable, but with the U.S. military now out the best people from the decision making process.
increasingly in charge of the American end of the process, Only full disclosure will prevent a similar problem from
disclosure is likely to happen in a series of gradual steps arising in the future where a new Deep State emerges, one
that culminate in sweeping changes all across the planet as dominated by military interests, with control over
advanced technologies involving zero-point energy, advanced technologies, which it uses to dominate the rest
antigravity propulsion and holographic healing are of humanity.
strategically released.
Full disclosure is essential for humanity transitioning from
While removal of the Deep State and its corrosive global an insular planet dominated either by criminal syndicates
influence through human rights abuses and corruption is a or a military mindset, into to a more informed peaceful
welcome development, the outsized behind-the-scenes planetary society worthy of becoming a full member of a
influence of the U.S. military in the Trump administration galactic community.
is a cause for concern in the long term. Predictably,

Proof: The Entire Trump-Russia Probe
Is A Complete SHAM, Robert Mueller Isn’t Even
Investigating Ties To Russia!
Alex Thomas
December 27, 2017

Woodruff reports:

It’s been seven months since Deputy Attorney

General Rod Rosenstein ordered Bob
Mueller to take over the FBI’s
counterintelligence probe into possible links
between the Kremlin and people associated
with the Trump campaign. Trump’s lawyers
have long said they expected the probe to stay
focused and end quickly.

Instead, Mueller has assembled a team of

prosecutors with expertise in handling
financial investigations and white-collar
Another day, another piece of evidence that crime, and obtained guilty pleas for crimes
points to the now transparently obvious fact that that weren’t committed during the election
the FBI’s counterintelligence probe being led by year.
deep state operative and Clinton supporter
Robert Mueller is nothing more than a complete And, most importantly, he’s sent a thinly veiled
sham that isn’t even actually investi- warning to the White House: No one’s finances
gating whether or not Trump colluded with are off limits. If 2017 had the president’s inner
Russia to win the election. circle sweating, 2018 could feel like a sauna.

That’s right, the supposedly extremely important probe So there you have it. This is not about Russia hacking the
into Russian attempts at fixing the U.S. election isn’t US election but rather about attempting to tie up former
actually looking into connections between Trump Trump associates with charges that have nothing to do
campaign officials and Russia (because there are none) but with the election or even Trump in general with the hope
rather they are using a form of financial terrorism to that they will eventually turn on the president.
bankrupt Trump associates with white-collar crime
investigations that have absolutely no connection to the Woodruff also noted in her report that Mueller is
2016 election, much less Russia. attempting to “grind” Manafort down in order to turn him.
This is clear cut corruption at its finest folks.
This is not up for debate as this shocking fact has now
been openly admitted in the mainstream media through an And no one may feel more heat than Paul
article by The Daily Beast’s Betsy Woodruff, a reporter Manafort. In Washington legal circles, there’s a
who in the past has had key information leaked to her with broad expectation that Mueller will file what’s
the specific aim of taking out a democratically elected called a superseding indictment of Manafort and
president. Rick Gates, his erstwhile business partner—and
alleged partner in crime. Gates and Manafort
The article details the fact that Mueller is likely to indict both pleaded not guilty when Mueller’s team
short-lived Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort once filed their indictment on Oct. 30. Legal experts
again and of course his supposed crimes have literally say there may be more charges to come.
nothing to do with Russia.
“I would expect a superseding indictment to
In other words, this is a clear cut operation to take out come down relatively soon,” said Jonathan
President Trump by any means necessary.

Turley, a professor at George Washington Federal prosecutors can bring charges against
University’s law school. any American who has money in a foreign bank
account and doesn’t check a box on their tax
“There was much in the narrative of the forms disclosing it. The Manafort/Gates
indictment that referenced crimes not charged,” indictment describes financial behavior that may
he added. “Prosecutors will often issue a be liable for that kind of prosecution. And that’s
superseding indictment as the grand jury an indicator that Mueller’s team may be
continues its work. There’s also a tactical preparing to formally charge both men with
reason for this, that superseding indictments violating tax laws.
tend to grind defendants a bit more over time.”
The proof is in the pudding and the mainstream has now
A superseding indictment would essentially openly admitted that the Mueller probe isn’t even looking
replace the current indictment of Manafort. And into connections between Trump and Russia.
in that current indictment, Mueller’s team hinted
there was more to come. In particular, they At this point it would be the height of insanity for Trump
hinted at potential tax charges for Manafort’s to allow Robert Mueller to continue this deep state
foreign financial transactions. operation against him.

WATCH: CNN Legal Analyst Slams Mueller's
Investigation, Backs Trump Criticisms
Of Embattled Agency
Byryan Saavedra
December 28, 2017

Dozens of the text messages from Strzok showed a strong

antipathy for Trump, but none was more damaging than
one he sent regarding the FBI’s "insurance policy":

I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration

in [deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe’s] office that
there's no way he gets elected -- but I'm afraid we can't
take that risk. It's like an insurance policy in the unlikely
event you die before you're 40…

Callan went on to highlight the role some of these same

agents had in the criminal investigation into Hillary
Clinton’s use of a private email server despite having
CNN legal analyst Paul Callan said recently that his views major conflicts of interest.
on President Donald Trump’s attack on the FBI regarding
the Mueller investigation have changed after he started WATCH:
researching what was going on.

Callan joined CNN host Poppy Harlow to discuss the

recent revelations about the blatant anti-Trump bias at the
FBI which was exposed when text messages from FBI
agent Peter Strzok were made public.

"Originally, I was angered at the president's attacks on the

FBI, I thought they were unjustified," Callan said. "But
when I started to delve into the facts, boy there's some
really disturbing stuff here."

James Woods DEMOLISHES Elizabeth Warren’s
‘Science’ Soapbox With HEAP BIG Mic Drop
By Doug P.
Posted At 11:11 Pm On December 29, 2017

As Twitchy previously reported, Sen. Elizabeth Warren

was in a mood to lecture about “science” after President
Trump’s tweet mocking global warming alarmists during a
seriously snowy and cold late December:


With the exception of those first seven words (which are

totally believable considering the source), Warren’s tweet
was effectively shredded, and James Woods dropped the
mic that totally demolished Warren’s “science” soapbox:

Big time.

“Classified, Confidential, And Heavily Redacted”:
2,800 Huma Abedin Emails Found On Anthony Weiner’s
Laptop Have Been Released
Alex Thomas
December 29th, 2017

The fact that Clinton and Abedin previously

exchanged classified emails gave federal
prosecutors probable cause to justify their
review of Weiner’s laptop in fall 2015, according
to a search warrant application released in
December 2016.


Though neither Abedin nor Weiner was

identified by name in the search warrant
documentation, and the court ordered the
materials redacted, the affidavit in support of
the warrant makes clear that the FBI argued
that there was further probable cause to search
Weiner’s hard drive in light of the fact that
Abedin and Clinton previously exchanged
The State Department has released over 2,000 emails
classified emails.
belonging to top Hillary Clinton operative Huma Abedin
that were found on her disgraced former husband Anthony
Weiner’s laptop and a number of the documents contained Yes, you read that correctly. CNN and the Clinton shills in
classified, confidential, and heavily redacted information. the FBI expect the American people to believe that Abedin
wasn’t aware that taking classified material home was
Although media reports on the emails have so far varied, it
has been confirmed that there were indeed classified
documents on the laptop in question and that the FBI Interestingly, Abedin made a trip to Clinton’s Manhattan
KNEW this fact but refused to charge Abedin or Clinton office just hours before the release of the emails in a move
with any crime. that many believe was connected to the email release itself.

A CNN report on the emails attempted to downplay The Daily Mail noted:
Abedin’s knowledge of the classified material but
nonetheless confirmed that certain emails should not have Huma Abedin was spotted heading into
been on the laptop in the first place. the Hillary Clinton offices in midtown Manhattan
on Friday just a few hours before the release of
The emails weren’t marked as classified, 2,800 of her emails.
though the FBI later found classified information
contained in some emails recovered from The longtime aide to Hillary Clinton was joined
Weiner’s laptop. by her son Jordan, who she has been raising as
a single mother ever since her husband
CNN has previously reported it was likely that Anthony Wiener entered a correctional facility in
some of the emails stored on Weiner’s laptop Pennsylvania earlier this year.
contained classified information, and fired FBI
Director Comey testified that there is no Abedin submitted her divorce papers on the
indication Abedin “had a sense that what she same day Weiner appeared in court to enter his
was doing was in violation of the law.” guilty plea back in May.

Weiner was sentenced to 21 months behind The charges against Weiner arose after
bars and ordered to pay $10,000 after entering revealed in September of last
a guilty plea to a single charge of transferring year that he had been sexting a 15-year-old
obscene material to a minor. high school student from North Carolina for
The emails contained on Weiner’s laptop included national
security discussions, with classified information, that In the wake of that revelation he had his laptop
would have gotten any other person arrested and charged seized, and emails found on the device led to a
by the FBI immediately. second FBI probe into Clinton’s email server,
which she later claimed cost her the election.
The Daily Mail report continued:
It is those emails that have now been released
The emails date from 2010, 2011 and 2012 and by the State Department.
concern discussions with Middle East leaders
including some from Israel, the United Arab All in all this is simply more proof that high-level Clinton
Emirates, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. operatives within the FBI not only allowed Clinton to get
away with the email scandal, they also let Abedin off the
Large portions, including entire pages, were hook as well.
redacted before the documents’ release.

Deep State Takedown In Progress:
Is Trump About To Start Arresting Top Democrats And
Bringing Them To Justice?
Michael Snyder
December 29, 2017

There are persistent rumors that the really juicy stuff on his
laptop contains evidence of sexual misconduct by top
Democrats that would far surpass anything that has come
out about members of Congress so far.

We are potentially talking about the type of stuff that could

send people to prison for life, and we need to keep
demanding for that material to be released to the public as
soon as possible. I understand that there are ongoing
investigations that cannot be compromised, but there is no
excuse for things to drag on for this long.

But without a doubt, there could potentially be some

When Donald Trump gets hit, he always hits back even gamechanging material in the docs that we will get to see
harder. So when the deep state decided to conduct a legal tomorrow. The following is what Judicial
witch hunt against President Trump and his family, they Watch previously had to say about these documents…
should have expected that Trump would return the favor.
“This is a disturbing development. Our
In recent days, there have been all sorts of rumblings about experience with Abedin’s emails suggest these
sealed indictments, pending arrests and a “deep state Weiner laptop documents will include classified
takedown”. Many believe that we are on the verge of and other sensitive materials,” said Judicial
seeing some of the most prominent Democrats in the entire Watch President Tom Fitton. “When will the
nation being arrested and thrown in prison. Justice Department do a serious investigation of
Hillary Clinton’s and Huma Abedin’s obvious
We shall see how all of this plays out, but in this article I violations of law?”
am going to focus on the things that have been confirmed
so far. Judicial Watch previously released 20 productions of
documents in this case that show examples of mishandling
First of all, let’s talk about the documents that are going to of classified information and instances of pay to play
be released on Friday. According to Judicial Watch between the Clinton State Department and the Clinton
President Tom Fitton, the State Department is scheduled to Foundation.
release 2,800 government documents which were found on
Anthony Weiner’s laptop… Also, at least 627 emails were not part of the 55,000 pages
of emails that Clinton turned over, and further contradict a
.@StateDept will publish releasable portions of 2800 statement by Clinton that, “as far as she knew,” all of her
government docs that @FBI found on Anthony Weiner government emails had been turned over to department.
laptop tomorrow (Dec. 29th). Again, thanks
to @JudicialWatch lawsuits. Based on just the evidence that we have so far, Hillary
Will @RealDonaldTrump DOJ finally take action on Clinton should clearly be going to prison, and let us hope
Clinton/Abedin misdeeds? that this latest development will move things in the right
direction over at the Department of Justice.
Remember, this is just a portion of the documents that
were found on his laptop, and the really juicy stuff is Meanwhile, one of the other pieces of the puzzle that has
almost certainly not going to be found in these government been confirmed is a very curious executive order that was
docs. just issued by President Trump. The following comes
from Zero Hedge…

The Trump Administration quietly issued an Executive benefit former President Bill Clinton’s
Order (EO) last Thursday which allows for the freezing of charitable foundation during the time
US-housed assets belonging to foreign individuals or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on
entities deemed “serious human rights abusers,” along a government body that provided a
with government officials and executives of foreign favorable decision to Moscow (the Uranium
corporations (current or former) found to have engaged in One approval)”
corruption – which includes the misappropriation of state
assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain, – a deal which would eventually grant the Kremlin control
and corruption related to government contracts or the over 20 percent of America’s uranium supply right around
extraction of natural resources. the time Bill Clinton also collected $500,000 for a
Moscow speech, as detailed by author Peter Schweitzer’s
Furthermore, anyone in the United States book Clinton Cash and the New York Times in 2015.
who aids or participates in said corruption
or human rights abuses by foreign parties is A very dangerous game is being played behind the scenes,
subject to frozen assets – along with any and I believe that Trump is going to come out the big
U.S. corporation who employs foreigners winner in the end.
deemed to have engaged in corruption on
behalf of the company. Many on the left had been anticipating that 2018 would be
the year when Donald Trump is finally taken down, but
Many believe that this executive order is directly related to they will be bitterly disappointed when some of their most
ongoing investigations into corruption within the cherished heroes end up in shackles instead.
Democratic Party.
If the elite had not gone after Trump so brutally earlier this
More specifically, the wording of this executive order year, perhaps he would have been willing to let some
definitely sounds like it could have been written with Bill things slide. But once Robert Mueller was appointed as
Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Tony Podesta and Uranium One special counsel and given an unlimited amount of time,
in mind. Here is more from Zero Hedge… money and resources to dig up dirt on Trump, it was
inevitable that Trump would try to find a way to strike
Now consider that if reports from The Hill are accurate – back even harder.
an FBI mole deep within the Russian uranium industry
uncovered evidence that We have never seen anything quite like this in the history
of American politics, and I have a feeling that 2018 is
“Russian nuclear officials had routed going to be one of the most “interesting” years ever.
millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to

Fake News: Mainstream Media Claims That White House
Intern Is Racist For Using ‘OK’ Hand Gesture
Alex Thomas
December 29th, 2017

It is the same sign that white nationalist Richard

Spencer gave on the steps of the Trump
International Hotel on election night and that
right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos
posed with in front of the White House.

It was also seen at the Unite the Right rally in

Charlottesville, Virginia, in August – the same
day an alleged Nazi sympathizer accelerated
his car into anti-protesters, killing one and
injuring several others.

All those surrounding Breuer on the right side of

the picture are using their left hands to give
their thumbs-up, with him standing out by using
his right hand.

The gesture – which only makes sense if made

with the right hand, although there are
examples of people making it with their left
hand – is said to depict the letter ‘W’ with the
outstretched middle, ring and little fingers, and a
Another day, another piece of evidence that points to the ‘P’ with the circle made by the thumb and
stunning fact that the mainstream media is willing to forefinger stretching down to the wrist. Together
spread complete disinformation on a daily basis in their ‘WP’ stands for White Power.
desperate, never ending attempt to hurt President Trump.
As Paul Joseph Watson rightfully noted, the hand gesture
The latest example comes in the form of a pathetic hit has nothing to do with racism even if actual white
piece in The Daily Mail that claims that former White supremacists have used it in the past.
House Intern Jack Breuer used a racist hand gesture in a
November photo op with the president and fellow interns. Unfortunately for the Daily Mail, allegations that
the hand symbol, which actually represents
The problem? Breuer isn’t actually a white supremacist “OK,” equates to white supremacy were
and was flashing the ‘OK’ hand gesture that the president debunked by none other than the ADL in May of
and others have used in the past. Keep in mind that the this year.
ADL itself has already confirmed this is NOT a racist hand
symbol. “Has the simple thumb-and-forefinger ‘OK’ hand
gesture become a white supremacist hand
The Daily Mail report breathlessly reads: sign? Well, no, it hasn’t, but you are likely to
hear just the opposite from social media, thanks
to the latest hoax from members of notorious
A former White House intern is coming under
website 4chan,” the ADL said.
fire after flashing a known ‘white power’ sign
during a photo-op with President Donald Trump.
Breuer, who released a statement on Twitter
Thursday evening, also called the allegations

Despite the fact that the claims in the Daily Mail article
have been fully debunked, the news outlet has so far
refused to correct or take down the fake news report,
instead spreading it to tens of thousands of readers, many
who are only too happy to believe literally anything
negative about the Trump White House.

As Trump himself has noted many times, the establishment

media readily spreads fake news on a daily basis and the
vast majority are openly working against him.

This is simply one more example.

GOP Lawmaker Finally Says What Needed To Be Said:
Purge Fed Agencies Of “Deep State” BIAS
By JD Heyes
Friday, December 29, 2017

Mueller’s continuing, bogus probe into Team Trump

“collusion” with Russia during the 2016 election.

Mueller did reassign Strzok when the texts were

discovered by the Department of Justice’s inspector
general; as a gag, perhaps, Strzok — who, again, is having
an extra-marital relationship at work — was reassigned to
work in human resources. (Related: Trump “dossier”
creator Christopher Steele BACKING OFF claims prez is
linked to RUSSIA as he faces libel lawsuit.)

But, aside from that, Republicans see a larger pattern of

It’s time Congress and the Trump administration took up abuse against conservatives by federal officials in the FBI,
the mantle of real reform and drained the swamp for real. Department of Justice, the IRS and elsewhere. They also
point to former FBI Director James Comey’s incredibly
biased “investigation” into Clinton’s emails, in which he
Rep. Francis Rooney, R-Fla., said on Tuesday that in order
exonerated her (when really that was the attorney general’s
for the White House and members of Congress to be
job). Comey made the decision to let her off the hook
certain that all bias — Left or Right — was removed from
months in advance, according to memos and other
some federal agencies, a purge of existing personnel
documents congressional investigators have obtained.
needed to happen, and soon, or else the country would
continue to suffer through the “Deep State” bias shown to
President Donald J. Trump and his administration over the Other lawmakers and former Justice Department officials
past year, the Washington Times reports. also believe that Congress and the Executive Branch
(paging Attorney General Jeff Sessions) should begin a
purge of top and ranking officials who have long since
“I would like to see the directors of those agencies purge it
devolved into little more than Deep State operatives and
and say, ‘look, we’ve got a lot of great agents, a lot of
great lawyers here,’ those are the people that I want the
American people to see and know the good works being
done, not these people who are kind of the deep state,” Someone who feels strongly about this is former U.S.
Rooney said on MSNBC, where no doubt he was mocked attorney, Joe diGenova, who recently told Fox News’
behind his back. Tucker Carlson that the ongoing probe into alleged
“collusion” between Trump and Russia is putting the
nation into a “constitutional crisis.”
And okay, it really isn’t Right-wing bias that needs to be
purged because there isn’t any; it’s all Left-leaning, pro-
Democrat bias that must be purged, and quickly. “What you have now unfolding inside the FBI and
Department of Justice under [former President] Obama
was a brazen plot to do two things: To exonerate Hillary
Case in point: Rooney made his comments in the context
Clinton because of an animus for Donald Trump, and then
of an ongoing situation at the FBI where one agent, Peter
if she lost to frame the incoming president for either a
Strzok, has been found to have demonstrated clear bias
criminal act or impeachment,” diGenova said.
against the president in text and email messages he sent to
his mistress, FBI lawyer, Lisa Page.
“This is one of the most disgusting performances by the
senior officials at the FBI and the Department of Justice
In addition to being lead investigator into Hillary Clinton’s
that every one of these agents should be fired and the
obvious criminal mishandling of classified emails, Strzok
people who are still in the Justice Department be fired,” he
was also a principal figure in special counsel Robert
said. That includes empaneling a “federal grand jury to
investigate the conduct of [FBI Deputy Director Andrew]
McCabe and [FBI agent Peter] Strzok and [FBI lawyer [DoJ official Bruce] Ohr and everybody in the Obama
Lisa] Page and [former FBI Director James] Comey and Justice Department that even touched this.”

CNN’s ‘Media’ Guy Brian Stelter
Is Angry At Fox News For Reporting…The Truth
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On December 29, 2017

“This is a prime example of how ‘Fox & Friends’ But according to Stelter, it was a “disservice” to viewers of
does a disservice to viewers” Fox & Friends for the show to share that information.

“This is a prime example of how ‘Fox & Friends’

does a disservice to viewers,” Stelter tweeted.

(National Sentinel) Head-Scratcher: The media

correspondent for CNN, Brian Stelter, is calling out Fox
News‘ “Fox & Friends” morning show because the hosts However, according to a Dec. 28, 2009 poll by Rasmussen
reported an accurate polling statistic comparing Presidents Reports, the same firm that released Trump’s latest
Donald J. Trump and Barack Obama. approval ratings, had Obama at 47 percent favorable; just a
day later, on Dec. 29, Obama’s rating fell to 46 percent
On Thursday The National Sentinel reported that Trump’s
favorable and 53 percent unfavorable, the same as
approval rating had popped to 46 percent, while his
disapproval had fallen to 53 percent. Trump’s.

“So Brian Stelter is apparently angry that Fox News

“Fox & Friends” shared this fact on air Friday morning,
leading the president to tweet out his satisfaction about the reported poll numbers that are factually accurate because
polls. they happen to be favorable to the president. Very
unbiased,” The Daily Caller observed.

“The Most Polite Obliteration Of A Man
That I Have Ever Witnessed” – Watch As Russian
Collusion Narrative Is Absolutely Pummeled
Mac Slavo
December 29th, 2017

If you’ve attempted to have any meaningful conversation The entire interview followed this basic script. Harding
with a liberal Hillary Clinton supporter in recent months, makes an unfounded claim, Maté holds him to the fact that
there’s a near 100% chance that they’ve channeled the it’s unfounded, Harding sputters a bit and tries to zoom
Trump-Russia-Collusion narrative as the reason behind the things out and point to a bigger-picture analysis of broader
President’s 2016 sweeping victory. That and accusations trends to distract from the fact that he’d just made an
of racism have been the only argument that they really individual claim that was baseless, then winds up implying
have against the President. that Maté is only skeptical of the claims because he hasn’t
lived in Russia as Harding has.
Most have already dismissed the accusations of racism –
arguments like only white racists go to farmer’s markets – Source: Caitlin Johnstone via
as nothing more than ad hominem attacks in lieu of any
fact-based evidence to support their arguments. You just have to see it to really appreciate it:

The Russian narrative, is therefore, the real fallback.

But as we and others have repeatedly noted over the last

eighteen months, there is absolutely no factual evidence to
support any of the thousands of reports out there, most of
which are based on a single original factually-challenged
news story often shilled in establishment mouthpieces like
Beelzebezos’ Washington Post.

As you’ll see in the Real News interview below, the

world’s foremost Russian Collusionist and author of the
aptly, even if inaccurately, titled book Collusion: Secret
Meetings, Dirty Money, and How Russia Helped Donald In short, the Russian collusion narrative exists only in the
Trump Win, author Luke Harding gets absolutely minds of those desperately clinging to any reason for
pummeled when faced with real facts and analysis. Trump’s election other than the actual reason – a rebuttal
by a fed up U.S. populace to the greed, political
That’s really all Harding brought to the machinations and socialist ideals of establishment
debate. politicians on both sides of the aisle.

A bunch of individually weak arguments, the fact that he Call it racism, collusion or just plain crazy.
speaks Russian and has lived in Moscow, and the We’re fine with that. The more you squirm,
occasional straw man where he tries to imply that Maté is the more you’re triggered, the more you
claiming that Vladimir Putin is an innocent girl scout. scream in pain, the more we know we’re
Meanwhile Maté just kept patiently dragging the debate doing something right.
back on track over and over again in the most polite
obliteration of a man that I have ever witnessed.

Nevertrumper Bret Stephens Whines: Trump’s Policy
Victories Don’t Matter Because He’s A Bully
By Breitbart News
30 Dec 2017

Tax cuts. Deregulation. More for the military; less for the
United Nations. The Islamic State crushed in its heartland.
Assad hit with cruise missiles. Troops to Afghanistan.
Arms for Ukraine. A tougher approach to North Korea.
Jerusalem recognized as Israel’s capital. The Iran deal
decertified. Title IX kangaroo courts on campus
condemned. Yes to Keystone. No to Paris. Wall Street
roaring and consumer confidence high.

And, of course, Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. What,

for a conservative, is there to dislike about this policy
record as the Trump administration rounds out its first year
in office?

That’s the question I keep hearing from old friends on the

Bret Stephens writes in the New York Times right who voted with misgiving for Donald Trump last
that even though he is happy with the policy year and now find reasons to like him. I admit it gives me
achievements of the Trump Administration pause. I agree with every one of the policy decisions
in its first year, he will never support Donald mentioned above. But I still wish Hillary Clinton were
Trump because he is offended by the president.
president’s personality:
Read the rest of the story at the New York Times.

New Lawsuit Seeks To Force
Disclosure Of Trump’s Secret Kill List
Written By Derrick Broze
December 30, 2017 At 11:38 Am

The memo, titled “Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration

Pilot Program,” allows certain communities to be exempt
from current safety rules as they test drone
operations. Under the Trump administration the use of
drone bombings are increasing and airstrikes have already
increased. Also, in an apparent effort to fight illegal
immigration, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection will
be using drones to conduct aerial surveillance on American
citizens on the border. These actions have led privacy
groups to ask the U.S. Senate if images gathered by the
CBP’s drones will be connected to the agencies facial
recognition database.
The Trump admin is now facing legal
challenges demanding the release of details As the ACLU notes:
related to the secret kill list and rules which
allow for the assassination of American the Trump administration is killing people in
citizens. multiple countries, with strikes taking place
at a virtually unprecedented rate—in some
(AP) — On December 22 the American Civil Liberties countries, the number has doubled or
Union filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration in tripled in Trump’s first year in office.
an attempt to force the release of newly established rules
related to the U.S. military’s secret program of killing. The The American public is generally aware of conflicts taking
program was established during the Obama Administration place in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, but remain largely
and now expanded under Donald Trump. Recent reports ignorant to the military operations taking place in Somalia,
from the New York Times (1, 2) allude to the fact that the Pakistan, Nigeria, and across the African continent. These
Trump administration is loosening the already flimsy operations have lead to an increase in civilian deaths.
protections established by the Obama admin. These Another point that can not be ignored is the fact that the
protections were reportedly put in place to minimize injury U.S. government is bombing people in nations which are
and deaths of civilians. majority Muslim. These are the same countries subject to
the so-called “Muslim ban.” This means there are likely
The ACLU states that two recent articles from the New people who have become refugees in an effort to escape
York Times and The Atlantic spurred on the lawsuit. the U.S.-led wars on their homeland and then they are
The New York Times investigation reviewed U.S. airstrikes turned away or treated like criminals.
from the beginning of the fight against the Islamic State in
Iraq in 2014 to December 2016. The report found that the “At the same time, it (the Trump admin)
U.S. military killed civilians 31 times more than it refuses to officially disclose critically
admitted. The second piece was a response to the Times‘ important information about where it is
investigation by Robert Malley and Stephen Pomper, conducting strikes, against whom, and with
former national security officials in the Obama years. The what consequences,” the ACLU writes.
men admit that the Obama administration continued the
global War on Terror by keeping the infrastructure in
place. The men also note that protections for civilians were Throughout the Obama administration the ACLU fought
inadequate, as were promises of transparency and legal battles over the release of Obama-era documents
reparations for victims. related to the secret kill list. The Presidential Policy
Guidance (PPG), sometimes known as “the Playbook” or
disposition matrix, guided the Obama Administration’s
In October, Activist Post reported that a newly signed decisions on the U.S. government’s drone assassination
Presidential Memorandum would normalize the use of program. The PPG was originally released in May 2013,
drones in American life.
but the full content of the document has remained a secret. The kill list has been the subject of legal battles for
The public has only seen a “fact sheet” which describes the years. New York Times journalist Charlie Savage sued the
document. Obama admin an attempt to reveal the government’s legal
justifications for assassinating terror suspects without a
In February 2016, U.S. District Judge Colleen trial. Specifically, Savage sued the Obama administration
McMahon ordered the Obama Administration to hand over in an attempt to obtain details about the murder of al-
the PPG and other documents related to the targeted drone Qaeda affiliated cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki. Al-Awlaki was
assassination program for the court’s review and possible born in New Mexico and eventually found himself on the
release to the public. The three documents relate to the law U.S. government’s radar under suspicion of terrorism.
and policy that govern the controversial program. The
ACLU has also been fighting to uncover new information On September 30, 2011, drones sent by the CIA and Joint
related to the so-called Presidential Kill List, also known Special Operations Command flew into Yemen and
as the disposition matrix. bombed al-Awlaki and al-Qaeda propagandist Samir Khan.
The case drew public criticism not only because al-Awlaki
The Washington Post first reported on the disposition was an American citizen, but because several weeks after
matrix in 2012: his death, another American drone killed al-Awlaki’s 16-
year-old son, Abdulrahman. He was also a U.S. citizen
living in Yemen.
Over the past two years, the Obama administration has
been secretly developing a new blueprint for pursuing
terrorists, a next-generation targeting list called the In their latest rebuke of the Trump admin, the ACLU takes
‘disposition matrix.’ a surprisingly strong stance against former President
Barack Obama by acknowledging the role the Nobel Peace
Prize winner played in establishing these dangerous
The matrix contains the names of terrorism suspects
arrayed against an accounting of the resources being programs. “He committed this country to ever more
militaristic responses in ever more countries, regardless of
marshaled to track them down, including sealed
whatever reluctance he might have felt,” the ACLU writes.
indictments and clandestine operations. U.S. officials said
“Wrongful killings and civilian deaths were the inevitable
the database is designed to go beyond existing kill lists,
mapping plans for the ‘disposition’ of suspects beyond the
reach of American drones.
Normalizing the use of drones – both at home and abroad –
is just beginning to coalesce into the new standard for
Although the matrix is a work in progress, the effort to
American warfare and daily life. What can we do about
create it reflects a reality setting in among the nation’s
this illegal, immoral, and dangerous warfare taken by the
counterterrorism ranks: The United States’ conventional
wars are winding down, but the government expects to U.S government? Is there any way for the people to
continue adding names to kill or capture lists for years. reverse the course?

Top 10 Stories Of 2017 Showing America's Winning As
Liberals, Media And NeverTrumpers Lose Their Minds
By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine
December 30, 2017

We're heading into the end of 2017 and we have seen some To me watching the fall of Kathy Griffin, after acting like
incredible things happen over the course of the year, so some ISIS wannabe, holding a mock head of a bloody
many that a dozen or more "Top Ten" lists could be President Trump, makes the list because she is
created, and are being created, but most of what I am representative of the far left progressive liberals.
seeing in those lists does not delve into how it benefits the Everything offends them, yet they believe they can be as
country. offensive as they want with no ramifications. They do
something stupid, suffer for it, then scream about how they
For example, Time Magazine has a list of the top ten viral are the victim when public backlash hits them. They
moments in 2017, highlighting everything from Beyonce's apologize and then take their apology back, proving they
pregnancy to the NFL Kneelers, one of which never even never meant it in the first place.
made my radar and the other is number 10 on my list, but
for a whole different reason, one TIME doesn't even bother
to enlighten their readers about.



According to TIME "the most striking responses took

place on the field where many players, some complete
teams and even owners, made a show of peacefully
demonstrating or protesting by either kneeling, linking
arms, or raising their fists. Not all players and owners
kneeled for the same reasons as Kaepernick, but after the
President’s divisive statements, many were compelled to
demonstrate to support for freedom of speech."

What TIME ignored completely in order to attack Months later and she is still whining that she can't get a gig
President Trump's statements showing his disdain for in the U.S.
players that chose to protest during the national anthem, is
how many around the nation agreed with the President. Kathy Griffin is on this list as the poster child for liberal
Americans from all over the country started burning their stupidity throughout 2017.
NFL jerseys and other merchandise, video after video of
them doing so was uploaded and shared, many going viral. 8. SUPREME COURT BACKS TRUMP AGAINST
NFL television ratings hit new lows each and every week LOWER COURTS' ACTIVISM
of the season. Images were shared of stadiums across the
country with more empty seats than people attending. From President Trump's initial travel pause EO to his
Video and audio of those attending booing the NFL rescinding DACA, lower courts have attempted judicial
kneelers. activism rather than following the law and over the course
of the last year, the Supreme Court has sided with the
Absolutely no mention at all from TIME about the true President in a manner consistent with the law, especially
"viral" events surrounding the issue, which was that noting at times when the lower courts decisions were
patriots all across America united to protest the NFL "seriously flawed."
In June the Supreme Court allowed the majority of
9. KATHY GRIFFIN'S FALL President Trump's travel ban to go into effect after lower
courts blocked it. Lower courts attempted again to
intercede, and by December the Supreme Court allowed Reagan’s,” Hayward wrote in a column for the Los
full enforcement of the travel ban in a 7-2 decision. In Angeles Times last month.
early December the Supreme Court also blocked a
California courts attempt at overreach with document “While the Congress controlled by his adopted party
demands regarding DACA. remains gridlocked, Trump is rolling back regulations and
a number of the Obama administration’s most
There are other examples but the point here is that the controversial achievements, including the internal
Supreme Court is rebuking and appears to be reprimanding structure of Obamacare and the Clean Power Plan. His
lower courts in their attempt to usurp the legal rights of a foreign policy resets look increasingly sure-footed. His
president, especially in regards to national security issues. judicial nominees are uniformly conservative,” Hayward
Related: SCOTUS Keeps Rebuking Lower Courts That
Rule Against Trump “It is inconceivable that any of the other leading
Republican candidates from the 2016 cycle would have
governed as boldly as Trump has.”

Trump haters at the NYT and HuffPost decry that Trump

is "winning" and even CNN somehow managed not to
choke while declaring Trump is keeping his promises,
stating "A politician who actually does what he told voters
he would do seems almost unfathomable in Washington, a
town of broken promises."

Related: Hell freezes over: Media start admitting that

Trump's first year isn't a flop



NeverTrumpers and the media are being forced to admit he Even among Trump haters, we are now seeing RINOs
is 1) Keeping his promises and 2) Winning - The bonus being called out for becoming "Trump-obsessed zealots
here is that during this last year we have seen RINOs who add nothing to our discourse." That is what Charles
(Republicans In Name Only) expose themselves for what Cooke over at National Review said about the so-called
they truly are. "conservative" Jennifer Rubin from Washington Post.

National Review became known before the 2016 Cooke highlights multiple instances where President
presidential election as virulently anti-Trump, yet by the Trump has done something that aligned 100 percent with
years end, we now see that same publication, while still what Rubin had previously been in support of, to her now
snarky about the president, admit that "he is compiling a opposing it for no other reason that it was Trump that did
solid record of accomplishment." While naming just a it, his examples show the overwhelming hatred being
handful of those accomplishments, the writer, Rich Lowry, spewed from Rubin with no thought to her previous
also admits "It’s hard to see how a conventional positions.
Republican president would have done much better, except
if he had managed to get Obamacare repealed, which was The illustrations are endless. In two years, Rubin has gone
always going to be a dicey proposition given the narrow from arguing that the “ludicrous,” “absurd” Iran deal
Republican majority in the Senate." “has to go” — and, indeed, that John Kasich was a fool
for contending otherwise – to praising those who believe it
High praise from a publication that "synonymous with the must remain in place as “reasonable” “experts,” and
Never Trump movement," as The Daily Caller states. predicting that even to decertify would put “American
credibility” at “risk.” In 2015, she wrote that “if you
UC Berkeley professor Steven F. Hayward was among the examine the Iran deal in any detail, you will be horrified
conservatives featured in National Review’s “Against as to what is in there.” In 2017, she characterizes this
Trump” issue. But his stance on Trump appears to have position as the “emotional” “temper tantrum” of an
softened since then. “unhinged president.” A similar metamorphosis has
sullied her views on tax cuts, welfare, energy, and gun
“In assessing Trump’s accomplishments, let’s not get too control (before, after), as well as her attitude toward Jews
distracted by his unconventional conduct. This hitherto and anti-intellectuals, which once led her to defend Sarah
ideologically unmoored man has set in motion an Palin, but which now leads her to condemn Trump on
administration arguably more conservative than Ronald almost all of the grounds she once dismissed.

That brutal takedown of Rubin was headlined "Jennifer The media who openly admits they think they have the
Rubin Is Everything She Hates about Trump right to "control exactly what the public thinks," to
Worshippers." politicians that once elected do not even attempt to keep
their campaign promises, thinking they somehow know
While this may seem just to be a difference between two what is best for their voters instead of listening to said
"conservative" Never Trumpers, in the world of political voters, to celebrities that can no longer even attempt to
writers, this most definitely started an internal war between claim a moral high ground, have all seen their influence
Trump enemies. David Frum from the Atlantic decided to greatly diminished in 2017.
stand up for Rubin, other National Review writers weighed
Related: After Weinstein: More than 100 high-powered
in, other sites like MediaIte reported on this internal battle
men accused of sexual misconduct
of the NeverTrumpers. PowerLine, known for excellent
political analysis also noted it. 4. PRESIDENT TRUMP'S TWITTER HABIT
As the Never Trumpers "crash and burn," while liberals I know, right about now many ANP readers are face-
attempt to spin it as a GOP "civil war," we note that they palming me over this making the list, and everyone is
were a small segment of the GOP party, with some willing entitled to their own opinion... including me!
to look at presidential actions and be objective in their
Many see President Trump's Twitter activity as a fault or
analysis even while disliking the "man" behind the
in a negative light, but I look at how one tweet from the
presidency, while others have totally exposed themselves
president can send liberals and the media into complete
as nothing more than hacks, willing to betray their own
meltdown mode, dominating headlines for a day,
principles just so they can oppose anything president
sometimes two and in some cases a whole week, as a great
Trump does.
thing. As liberals "scream at the sky" over something the
Weeding out people like Rubin, Bill Kristol, David Frum, president said, and as the media goes on all day rampages
and others who are blinded to everything but their own over white box trucks, President Trump is busy
hatred, is a major win for conservatives across the board. accomplishing many of the things he said he would, and
the media's slight mention of them before going off on
their unhinged tangents over his tweets, is why so much
has been done without major opposition.
The #MeToo movement is also listed on the TIME's list of
Politico highlights "138 things Trump did this year while
viral things in 2017, but it makes my list for a very
you weren't looking," which is a tad misleading since the
different reason.
things listed are not things done while "we" weren't
Celebrities that attempt to use their "fame" to control the looking, they were done while the media was distracted by
public, thinking because people like their acting, or other things President Trump said, did or, yes... tweeted.
singing, and are entertained by them, they somehow have
The Washington Examiner has compiled a list of 81 major
the right to tell others what to do, who to vote for, push
achievements, and 11 Obama legacy items that have been
gun control (while they act in some of the most violent
movies), and generally act like they are morally superior to
everyone else just because they get huge paychecks, have Real Clear Politics highlights Trump's 2017 Top 10
literally been roiled by the fall of Harvey Weinstein for Achievements, compiled by Steve Cortes, a contributor to
sexually assaulting women for decades, and the subsequent RealClearPolitics and Fox News, is the national
#MeToo movement. spokesman for the Hispanic 100, an organization that
promotes Latino leadership by advancing free enterprise
Not only have dozens of actors been embroiled in sex
scandals, but the women who have been in the
entertainment industry for decades are being called out for Some of the items were highly publicized, others I would
being silent about it for so many years. On one hand actors bet not many people even knew of because the media,
and actresses, one after another, claim that "everybody meant to inform them, was too busy chasing their tails
knew," yet the main chorus is "but not me, 'I' didn't every time President Trump says "Boo" or better yet,
personally know." Right everyone "else" knew. Ok, "covfefe" on Twitter.
As a side bonus, President Trump often gives us hints of
Media personalities and politicians have all become something big that is coming, as he did before the Uranium
engulfed in the #MeToo movement, and while I am on One story broke, as he did months before it became
record as thinking the movement has dishonestly and national news that Trump Tower was under surveillance
destructively conflated typical flirting behaviors with by the Obama administration, and a number of other
actual rape and assault, the benefit to the country in the things.
movement, aside from removing those that actually
Best for me....... is watching how easy it is to troll the
committed crimes from the public sphere, is has knocked
media. He says jump and all of a sudden they race to see
them all off their high horses.
who can jump the highest.

3. MAINSTREAM MEDIA IMPLODES ANP readers have seen us document every one of CNN's
lies, rants, manufactured outrages, and fake news stories
Much like the NeverTrumpers, the mainstream media is in
during 2017, so 'nuff said.
the midst of totally imploding. The MSM has abandoned
even the pretense of objectivity, and all regard for facts 1. LIBERAL MELTDOWNS
and truth during the Trump presidency, going as far as
The very short video below from January 20, 2016 takes
blatantly becoming part of the opposition party. The sheer
the top spot, because it was 100 predictive of the year-
number of actual "fake news," mistakes,
long constant meltdown of liberals with Trump
misrepresentations, and outright lies that have later had to
Derangement Syndrome. Throughout the year, what you
be corrected, edited, while changing entire articles and
see below is what the country and the world has witnessed
headlines, in some cases leading to forced resignations and
liberals doing in 2017.
suspensions, has been overwhelming.
This article would be multiple pages long if I tried to list
each example, but in June 2017, the Intercept did compile
a good list which provides ample evidence that the media
has become completely reckless in their mindless Trump
hatred and rage. Since June, things have only gotten worse.
While conservatives have long said the mainstream media
has a liberal bias, news outlets claimed that was some type
of "conspiracy" theory, yet now, even the majority of the
public sees it, with many even now saying the MSM has
become the "enemy of the people," in polling conducted.
Interesting, while 60 percent of "Trump Approvers" think
the media is the enemy of the people, even 15 percent of
"Trump Disapprovers" agree with that statement.
Seeing the media expose themselves to the general public
most definitely has been one of the best things to happen to For anybody that thinks I am exaggerating in any way,
America in 2017. please remember that in November 2017, liberals planned
a "scream helplessly at the sky" event to protest an election
Related: that was held a whole year before.
Media Rages In 2017 - MSM Suffers Humiliating Year Of
Manufactured Outrage, Fake News And Mortifying
In 2017, the media flunked the Trump challenge
MRC’s Tim Graham Slams Liberal Media’s Anger With
Trump Supporters
The Year of Media Freakouts

So, liberal meltdowns and the way they, including the

liberal media, completely lost their minds in 2017, simply
had to top the list.

Nunes Bombshell—Closing In On
The Beast, Establishment Screams Like Stuck Pigs
By Harley Schlanger, Larouche PAC
December 30, 2017

The House Intelligence Committee has given the FBI and DOJ flatly denied that any basic FBI
Department of Justice until January 3, 2018 to produce investigatory documents, such as FD-302
their files on Christopher Steele and the use of his dirty interview summaries regarding the Steele
British intelligence authored dossier in the Russiagate hoax dossier existed.
against President Trump. It is believed that these
documents will not only implicate top officials of the FBI Then, in early December, shortly before Nunes was to
and DOJ in a British instigated conspiracy against Donald meet with Rosenstein, numerous FD-302s were discovered
Trump. They will lead to full exposure of Barack Obama to exist. According to Nunes’ letter,
and all of his intelligence chiefs as part of this conspiracy.
“As it turns out, not only did documents exist
As the House Intelligence Committee closes in, the that were directly responsive to the Committee’s
screams and whines of the U.S. political establishment subpoenas, but they involved senior DOJ and
have reached a fevered pitch. Saying that Robert Mueller FBI officials who were swiftly reassigned when
and the FBI are corrupt is obstruction of justice! They rant. their roles in matters under the Committee’s
The last few days news feeds from the Resist! Insurrection investigation were brought to light.”
crowd included Clinton and Washington D.C. superlawyer
David Kendall imploring, “Leave Robert Mueller alone” In addition, the Justice Department has refused to produce
and Obama CIA chief John Brennan and fired FBI any FBI documents concerning meetings between FBI
Director James Comey tweeting in support of officials and FBI confidential human sources concerning
compromised “friends’ at the FBI and Department of the Steele dossier. The House Committee is now
Justice. Both Brennan and Obama’s former DNI James challenging that refusal.
Clapper have been wildly claiming and waving their hands
to anyone who will pay attention that Vladimir Putin is
somehow “playing” Donald Trump. Nunes also demands interview dates for former DOJ
Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr (who held
unauthorized meetings with Christopher Steele and whose
In his December 28th letter to Deputy Attorney General wife worked for Steele’s U.S. business partner, Fusion
Rod Rosenstein, House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes GPS, on the Steele Trump/Russia project), FBI lovebirds,
revealed who is actually obstructing justice. According to Peter Strzok and Lisa Page (both deeply involved in the
Nunes, the FBI and Justice Department played a three card dodgy dossier as resistance fighters against Trump),
monte game with documents concerning the use and former FBI attorney and James Comey confidante James
payment for the dodgy British Intelligence dossier Baker, and FBI attorney Sally Moyer and Director for
requested by subpoena from the FBI by the House last Congressional Affairs Greg Brewer. It would seem that all
August. In response to the August subpoena, of these people are deeply implicated in the documents
which the FBI explicitly denied even existed.

PATHETIC: Even After Deadly Train Crash In
Washington, Chuck Schumer HOLDS UP
Trump’s Railroad Admin Pick (Video)
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On December 30, 2017

“The time for playing political games with this He also took to the floor of the Senate to denounce the
agency should be over” New York Democrat.
(National Sentinel) Hold-up: Democrats in the Senate “[Schumer] said that the Department of
have been using the arcane confirmation process to hold up Transportation is not pushing federal PTC hard
a number of President Donald J. Trump’s nominations for enough,” Thune said. “Well, if you truly believe
federal posts, including his pick to head up the Federal that DOT needs to do more, why is he, along
Railroad Administration, Ronald Batory. with a few of his colleagues, standing in the way
of Mr. Batory’s nomination?”
Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is blocking Batory’s
confirmation over his demand that Trump and Republicans “When finally confirmed [Batory] will play a
agree to spend billions of federal dollars for a major tunnel significant role in successful Positive Train
project between New York and New Jersey. Control implementation,” he said.
Schumer’s action comes despite a major “The time for playing political games with this
Amtrak derailment in Washington state earlier agency should be over,” Thune said just before
this month in which three people were killed. Schumer blocked the nomination.
In 2015, an Amtrak derailment near “I’m beyond words to explain why we are
Philadelphia in 2015 killed seven and injured objecting to someone who is unanimously
several hundred people. approved out of the committee to run an
incredibly important safety agency,” Thune said
Batory is an experienced and respected former railroad
after the objection. “I hope this is the last time.”
executive, having spent four decades in the industry.
The Trump administration was equally dismissive of
He was unanimously approved by members of the Senate
Commerce Committee in early August, however, Schumer
has been blocking the process of bringing Batory to the “Sadly, just days after a deadly derailment Sen.
full Senate for confirmation vote. Schumer has yet again chosen to prioritize
politics over safety,” one unnamed staffer told
The latest action by Schumer came late Thursday
the Free Beacon.
afternoon, when he objected to a motion by Sen. John
Thune (R., S.D.) for unanimous consent to have a vote on
Batory’s nomination, the Washington Free Beacon
There was some speculation that Schumer would drop his
objections following the derailment in Washington state,
but the senior New York senator has continued his
Thune told reporters he was “deeply frustrated”
that a “non-controversial, highly qualified
nominee has been languishing in the Senate for
over four months due to objections by a handful
of Democrats over a parochial issue entirely
unrelated to the qualifications.”
Barbra Streisand Has Found A Reason
To Impeach Trump! (Who Wants To Tell Her?)
By Doug P.
Posted At 1:11 Pm On December 30, 2017

Trump-triggered singer Barbra Streisand has found a

reason to impeach President Trump. The charge?

At least that tweet didn’t contain the word “Russia.”

#BabySteps For some reason Streisand would like Mike Pence to be

president (she does realize Hillary’s nowhere to be found
in the chain of succession, right?).

Expert: James Comey LIED To Congress,
As Weiner-Abedin CLASSIFIED Emails Prove
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On December 30, 2017

“This is a major victory” Watch’s litigation and so this really cries out for
a legitimate investigation being done,” he told

“Your earlier clip with Mr. Comey talking about

intent is a fraud,” he continued. “There’s no
requirement for proving intent under that
particular citation I gave you a moment ago.
Intent is irrelevant. The fact that the loss or the
mishandling of the national defense information
occurred – that’s the crime.”

(National Sentinel) Under Oath: Former FBI Director He continued,

James Comey was not truthful with Congress when he
testified earlier this year when he discussed classified “Frankly, these documents conform the
emails that bureau investigators found on a laptop in 2016 foundation for an indictment of Comey and
belonging to former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, said Chris [Peter] Strzok, the investigator who is at the
Farrell, the Director of Investigations and Research at center of this entire nightmare of a security
Judicial Watch. problem.”

During an appearance on Fox Business‘ “Lou Dobbs Earlier in the day, Bernard Kerik, New York City’s former
Tonight,” Farrell noted that at least five of the emails police commissioner, tweeted essentially the same thing.
turned over to his organization on Friday by the State
Department in response to a FOIA lawsuit contained
“The possession, transmission, and failing to
classified information. At the time they were discovered,
secure these documents are all federal crimes
Weiner was married to Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary
that do not require intent. Why hasn’t someone
Clinton when she served as President Obama’s secretary of
been prosecuted? Any member of the @FBI,
@TheJusticeDept or #DOD would’ve been
prosecuted in a second for a violation that
At the time of the emails, Abedin was married to Weiner, a substantial,” he wrote.
onetime Democratic congressman who began a 21-month
prison sentence last month after being convicted of sexting
a 15-year-old girl.

Fox News reported Friday that Comey said during a

congressional hearing earlier this year that he believed
Abedin regularly forwarded emails to Weiner for him to
print out so she could give them to Clinton.

Farrell insisted that Comey’s testimony to Congress was

Comey famously claimed in a July 2016 press conference
“I know that people have been jailed for a and later to Congress that Clinton had been “extremely
fraction, a tiny fraction, of what has now been careless” in her handling of classified email, which is not a
made public and documented through Judicial legally actionable term.
The former FBI director had initially written in his Judicial Watch has forced the State Department
statement that her behavior was “grossly negligent,” which to finally allow Americans to see these public
is a legally actionable term. However, Strzok later changed documents.”
that portion of his statement to “extremely careless.”
Fitton added,
Critics of the widening classified email scandal say the
latest findings among documents released by the State “That these government docs were on
Department indicate that criminal charges not only should Anthony Weiner’s laptop dramatically
have been recommended a year ago, but that they should illustrates the need for the Justice
still be filed. Department to finally do a serious
investigation of Hillary Clinton’s and Huma
“This is a major victory,” Judicial Watch Abedin’s obvious violations of law.”
President Tom Fitton said in a Friday statement.
“After years of hard work in federal court,

THUD: Eric Holder Saws Off Same Branch
He’s Sitting On During ‘Rule Of Law’ Lecture To Trump
By Doug P.
Posted At 2:06 Pm On December 30, 2017

Every now and then we can count on former Attorney

General Eric Holder to demonstrate an extreme lack of
self-awareness to take a swipe at Trump, and this is one of
those weeks:

Holder’s apparently referencing the same Trump interview

with the New York Times that caused Obama-appointed
former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara to fantasize about the
president being read his Miranda rights. Self-awareness
isn’t a big thing with officials from the previous

What Special Counsel Has Offered
Publicly Signals Long Year Ahead In Russia Probe
By Mike Levine
Dec 30, 2017, 7:02 AM ET

crimes involving their now-defunct international

consulting business.

FBI Director Robert Mueller testifies before a Senate Judiciary

Committee hearing in Washington, D.C., June 19, 2013 .

As 2017 — the year of the Donald Trump presidency,

further Russian interference in American politics, and the
special counsel investigation into it all — comes to a close,
there is continued speculation about where Robert
Mueller's sprawling probe now stands. Shawn Thew/EPA. Former Trump Campaign Manager Paul
Manafort walks to a car after a bond hearing at the E. Barrett
Prettyman Federal Courthouse in Washington, Nov. 6, 2017
In an interview with The New York Times published
Thursday, Trump insisted it has already "been proven that Mueller became special counsel seven months ago, and he
there [was] no collusion" between his associates and began using the grand jury in Washington shortly
Russian operatives during the 2016 presidential campaign. thereafter. Such grand juries often last for up to 18 months,
and they can be extended for six months at a time.
However, the status of Mueller's probe has remained
elusive as so much of what his investigators are up to is
done in secrecy and behind closed doors.

One thing is clear: Their work is far from finished, and it's
going to stretch well into the new year.

And the little that has happened in public view offers

significant clues about what's happening out of public

Most notably, the federal grand jury in Washington that

has already indicted two key Trump associates is
continuing to meet and hear more evidence from
prosecutors. The grand jurors' identities are unknown, but
their faces are recognizable to the reporters and producers Charles Dharapak/AP - Robert Mueller is seated before President
who have been standing inside the courthouse each week. Barack Obama and FBI Director James Comey at an installation
Just a week ago, one of Mueller’s top prosecutors, Jeannie ceremony at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C., Oct. 28, 2013.
Rhee, was spotted at the courthouse by ABC News.
Meanwhile, Trump's former national security adviser Mike
In October, the grand jury in Washington indicted Trump's Flynn is currently working with Mueller's team after
former campaign chair Paul Manafort and Manafort's pleading guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with
former business partner and Trump campaign aide Rick Russian operatives last year.
Gates for alleged money laundering and other financial

According to the plea agreement filed with prosecutors Another Trump associate, former campaign adviser
four weeks ago, Flynn has agreed to "cooperate fully" with George Papadopoulos, has also pleaded guilty to lying to
Mueller’s investigation – the FBI about his own contacts with Russians, and he has
been working with Mueller's team for months.
– and that cooperation could include "answering
questions; providing sworn written statements; In Trump's interview with The New York Times, the
taking government-administered polygraph president said he thinks Mueller is "going to be fair" to
examination(s); and participating in covert law him.
enforcement activities."

Flynn also agreed to testify "fully, completely, and

truthfully" before any grand juries or trials, and to
"promptly" turn over "any and all evidence of crimes" that
he knows about, according to the agreement.

Flynn's next court appearance isn’t scheduled for another

month, when federal authorities are expected to lay out
how helpful he has been to them so far.

Carlos Barria/Retuers
White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn
speaks at the White House in Washington, Feb. 1, 2017. A spokesman for Mueller declined to comment for this

How The Russia Inquiry Began:
A Campaign Aide, Drinks And Talk Of Political Dirt
DEC. 30, 2017

a tale of the Trump campaign in miniature. He was brash,

boastful and underqualified, yet he exceeded expectations.
And, like the campaign itself, he proved to be a tantalizing
target for a Russian influence operation.

While some of Mr. Trump’s advisers have derided him as

an insignificant campaign volunteer or a “coffee boy,”
interviews and new documents show that he stayed
influential throughout the campaign. Two months before
the election, for instance, he helped arrange a New York
meeting between Mr. Trump and President Abdel Fattah
el-Sisi of Egypt.

George Papadopoulos was working as an energy consultant in The information that Mr. Papadopoulos gave to the
London when the Trump campaign named him a foreign policy
adviser in early March 2016. Credit via Agence France-Presse —
Australians answers one of the lingering mysteries of the
Getty Images past year: What so alarmed American officials to provoke
the F.B.I. to open a counterintelligence investigation into
WASHINGTON — During a night of heavy drinking at an the Trump campaign months before the presidential
upscale London bar in May 2016, George Papadopoulos, a election?
young foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign,
made a startling revelation to Australia’s top diplomat in It was not, as Mr. Trump and other politicians have
Britain: Russia had political dirt on Hillary Clinton. alleged, a dossier compiled by a former British spy hired
by a rival campaign. Instead, it was firsthand information
About three weeks earlier, Mr. Papadopoulos had been from one of America’s closest intelligence allies.
told that Moscow had thousands of emails that would
embarrass Mrs. Clinton, apparently stolen in an effort to Interviews and previously undisclosed documents show
try to damage her campaign. that Mr. Papadopoulos played a critical role in this drama
and reveal a Russian operation that was more aggressive
Exactly how much Mr. Papadopoulos said that night at the and widespread than previously known. They add to an
Kensington Wine Rooms with the Australian, Alexander emerging portrait, gradually filled in over the past year in
Downer, is unclear. But two months later, when leaked revelations by federal investigators, journalists and
Democratic emails began appearing online, Australian lawmakers, of Russians with government contacts trying to
officials passed the information about Mr. Papadopoulos to establish secret channels at various levels of the Trump
their American counterparts, according to four current and campaign.
former American and foreign officials with direct
knowledge of the Australians’ role. The F.B.I. investigation, which was taken over seven
months ago by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III,
The hacking and the revelation that a member of the has cast a shadow over Mr. Trump’s first year in office —
Trump campaign may have had inside information about it even as he and his aides repeatedly played down the
were driving factors that led the F.B.I. to open an Russian efforts and falsely denied campaign contacts with
investigation in July 2016 into Russia’s attempts to disrupt Russians.
the election and whether any of President Trump’s
associates conspired. They have also insisted that Mr. Papadopoulos was a low-
level figure. But spies frequently target peripheral players
If Mr. Papadopoulos, who pleaded guilty to lying to the as a way to gain insight and leverage.
F.B.I. and is now a cooperating witness, was the
improbable match that set off a blaze that has consumed F.B.I. officials disagreed in 2016 about how aggressively
the first year of the Trump administration, his saga is also and publicly to pursue the Russia inquiry before the
election. But there was little debate about what seemed to In response to questions, Mr. Papadopoulos’s lawyers
be afoot. John O. Brennan, who retired this year after four declined to provide a statement.
years as C.I.A. director, told Congress in May that he had
been concerned about multiple contacts between Russian Before the end of the month, Mr. Mifsud had arranged a
officials and Trump advisers. meeting at a London cafe between Mr. Papadopoulos and
Olga Polonskaya, a young woman from St. Petersburg
Russia, he said, had tried to “suborn” members of the whom he falsely described as Mr. Putin’s niece. Although
Trump campaign. Ms. Polonskaya told The Times in a text message that her
English skills are poor, her emails to Mr. Papadopoulos
‘The Signal to Meet’ were largely fluent. “We are all very excited by the
possibility of a good relationship with Mr. Trump,” Ms.
Polonskaya wrote in one message.
Mr. Papadopoulos, then an ambitious 28-year-old from
Chicago, was working as an energy consultant in London
More important, Mr. Mifsud connected Mr. Papadopoulos
when the Trump campaign, desperate to create a foreign
to Ivan Timofeev, a program director for the prestigious
policy team, named him as an adviser in early March 2016.
Valdai Discussion Club, a gathering of academics that
His political experience was limited to two months on Ben
meets annually with Mr. Putin. The two men corresponded
Carson’s presidential campaign before it collapsed.
for months about how to connect the Russian government
and the campaign. Records suggest that Mr. Timofeev,
Mr. Papadopoulos had no experience on Russia issues. But who has been described by Mr. Mueller’s team as an
during his job interview with Sam Clovis, a top early intermediary for the Russian Foreign Ministry, discussed
campaign aide, he saw an opening. He was told that the matter with the ministry’s former leader, Igor S.
improving relations with Russia was one of Mr. Trump’s Ivanov, who is widely viewed in the United States as one
top foreign policy goals, according to court papers, an of Russia’s elder statesmen.
account Mr. Clovis has denied.
When Mr. Trump’s foreign policy team gathered for the
Traveling in Italy that March, Mr. Papadopoulos met first time at the end of March in Washington, Mr.
Joseph Mifsud, a Maltese professor at a now-defunct Papadopoulos said he had the contacts to set up a meeting
London academy who had valuable contacts with the between Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin. Mr. Trump listened
Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mr. Mifsud showed intently but apparently deferred to Jeff Sessions, then a
little interest in Mr. Papadopoulos at first. senator from Alabama and head of the campaign’s foreign
policy team, according to participants in the meeting.
But when he found out he was a Trump campaign adviser,
he latched onto him, according to court records and emails Mr. Sessions, now the attorney general, initially did not
obtained by The New York Times. Their joint goal was to reveal that discussion to Congress, because, he has said, he
arrange a meeting between Mr. Trump and President did not recall it. More recently, he said he pushed back
Vladimir V. Putin of Russia in Moscow, or between their against Mr. Papadopoulos’s proposal, at least partly
respective aides. because he did not want someone so unqualified to
represent the campaign on such a sensitive matter.

If the campaign wanted Mr. Papadopoulos to stand down,

previously undisclosed emails obtained by The Times
show that he either did not get the message or failed to
heed it. He continued for months to try to arrange some
kind of meeting with Russian representatives, keeping
senior campaign advisers abreast of his efforts. Mr. Clovis
ultimately encouraged him and another foreign policy
adviser to travel to Moscow, but neither went because the
campaign would not cover the cost.

Mr. Papadopoulos was trusted enough to edit the outline of

Mr. Trump’s first major foreign policy speech on April 27,
Sam Clovis, a former co-chairman of Mr. Trump’s presidential
an address in which the candidate said it was possible to
campaign, denies that he told Mr. Papadopoulos that improving
relations with Russia was one of Mr. Trump’s top foreign policy goals improve relations with Russia. Mr. Papadopoulos flagged
during Mr. Papadopoulos’s interview for a job with the campaign. the speech to his newfound Russia contacts, telling Mr.
Credit Win Mcnamee/Getty Images Timofeev that it should be taken as “the signal to meet.”

“That is a statesman speech,” Mr. Mifsud with an Israeli Embassy official who introduced Mr.
agreed. Ms. Polonskaya wrote that she was Papadopoulos to another Australian diplomat in London.
pleased that Mr. Trump’s “position toward
Russia is much softer” than that of other It is also not clear why, after getting the information in
candidates. May, the Australian government waited two months to
pass it to the F.B.I. In a statement, the Australian Embassy
Stephen Miller, then a senior policy adviser to the in Washington declined to provide details about the
campaign and now a top White House aide, was eager for meeting or confirm that it occurred.
Mr. Papadopoulos to serve as a surrogate, someone who
could publicize Mr. Trump’s foreign policy views without “As a matter of principle and practice, the
officially speaking for the campaign. But Mr. Australian government does not comment on
Papadopoulos’s first public attempt to do so was a disaster. matters relevant to active investigations,” the
statement said. The F.B.I. declined to comment.
In a May 4, 2016, interview with The Times of London,
Mr. Papadopoulos called on Prime Minister David
Cameron to apologize to Mr. Trump for criticizing his
remarks on Muslims as “stupid” and divisive. “Say sorry
to Trump or risk special relationship, Cameron told,” the
headline read. Mr. Clovis, the national campaign co-
chairman, severely reprimanded Mr. Papadopoulos for
failing to clear his explosive comments with the campaign
in advance.

From then on, Mr. Papadopoulos was more careful with

the press — though he never regained the full trust of Mr.
Clovis or several other campaign officials.

Mr. Mifsud proposed to Mr. Papadopoulos that he, too, A House Judiciary Committee session last month at which Attorney
General Jeff Sessions testified. Mr. Sessions was head of the Trump
serve as a campaign surrogate. He could write op-eds campaign’s foreign policy team. Credit Al Drago for The New York
under the guise of a “neutral” observer, he wrote in a Times
previously undisclosed email, and follow Mr. Trump to his
rallies as an accredited journalist while receiving briefings A Secretive Investigation
from the inside the campaign.
Once the information Mr. Papadopoulos had disclosed to
In late April, at a London hotel, Mr. Mifsud told Mr. the Australian diplomat reached the F.B.I., the bureau
Papadopoulos that he had just learned from high-level opened an investigation that became one of its most
Russian officials in Moscow that the Russians had “dirt” closely guarded secrets. Senior agents did not discuss it at
on Mrs. Clinton in the form of “thousands of emails,” the daily morning briefing, a classified setting where
according to court documents. Although Russian hackers officials normally speak freely about highly sensitive
had been mining data from the Democratic National operations.
Committee’s computers for months, that information was
not yet public. Even the committee itself did not know.
Besides the information from the Australians, the
investigation was also propelled by intelligence from other
Whether Mr. Papadopoulos shared that information with friendly governments, including the British and Dutch. A
anyone else in the campaign is one of many unanswered trip to Moscow by another adviser, Carter Page, also raised
questions. He was mostly in contact with the campaign concerns at the F.B.I.
over emails. The day after Mr. Mifsud’s revelation about
the hacked emails, he told Mr. Miller in an email only that
With so many strands coming in — about Mr.
he had “interesting messages coming in from Moscow”
Papadopoulos, Mr. Page, the hackers and more — F.B.I.
about a possible trip. The emails obtained by The Times
agents debated how aggressively to investigate the
show no evidence that Mr. Papadopoulos discussed the
campaign’s Russia ties, according to current and former
stolen messages with the campaign.
officials familiar with the debate. Issuing subpoenas or
questioning people, for example, could cause the
Not long after, however, he opened up to Mr. Downer, the investigation to burst into public view in the final months
Australian diplomat, about his contacts with the Russians. of a presidential campaign.
It is unclear whether Mr. Downer was fishing for that
information that night in May 2016. The meeting at the bar
It could also tip off the Russian government, which might
came about because of a series of connections, beginning
try to cover its tracks. Some officials argued against taking
such disruptive steps, especially since the F.B.I. would not Papadopoulos out of the blue over LinkedIn during the
be able to unravel the case before the election. summer of 2016, the two met repeatedly in Manhattan.

Others believed that the possibility of a compromised Mr. Millian has bragged of his ties to Mr. Trump — boasts
presidential campaign was so serious that it warranted the that the president’s advisers have said are overstated. He
most thorough, aggressive tactics. Even if the odds against headed an obscure organization called the Russian-
a Trump presidency were long, these agents argued, it was American Chamber of Commerce, some of whose board
prudent to take every precaution. members and clients are difficult to confirm. Congress is
investigating where he fits into the swirl of contacts with
That included questioning Christopher Steele, the former the Trump campaign, although he has said he is unfairly
British spy who was compiling the dossier alleging a far- being scrutinized only because of his support for Mr.
ranging Russian conspiracy to elect Mr. Trump. A team of Trump.
F.B.I. agents traveled to Europe to interview Mr. Steele in
early October 2016. Mr. Steele had shown some of his Mr. Millian proposed that he and Mr. Papadopoulos form
findings to an F.B.I. agent in Rome three months earlier, an energy-related business that would be financed by
but that information was not part of the justification to start Russian billionaires “who are not under sanctions” and
an counterintelligence inquiry, American officials said. would “open all doors for us” at “any level all the way to
the top.”
Ultimately, the F.B.I. and Justice Department decided to
keep the investigation quiet, a decision that Democrats in One billionaire, he said, wanted to explore the idea of
particular have criticized. And agents did not interview opening a Trump-branded hotel in Moscow.
Mr. Papadopoulos until late January.
“I know the president will distance himself from
Opening Doors, to the Top business, but his children might be interested,”
he wrote.
He was hardly central to the daily running of the Trump
campaign, yet Mr. Papadopoulos continuously found ways Nothing came of his proposals, partly because Mr.
to make himself useful to senior Trump advisers. In Papadopoulos was hoping that Michael T. Flynn, then Mr.
September 2016, with the United Nations General Trump’s pick to be national security adviser, might give
Assembly approaching and stories circulating that Mrs. him the energy portfolio at the National Security Council.
Clinton was going to meet with Mr. Sisi, the Egyptian
president, Mr. Papadopoulos sent a message to Stephen K. The pair exchanged New Year’s greetings in the final
Bannon, the campaign’s chief executive, offering to broker hours of 2016.
a similar meeting for Mr. Trump.
“Happy New Year, sir,” Mr. Papadopoulos
After days of scheduling discussions, the meeting was set wrote.
and Mr. Papadopoulos sent a list of talking points to Mr.
Bannon, according to people familiar with those “Thank you and same to you, George. Happy
interactions. Asked about his contacts with Mr. New Year!” Mr. Flynn responded, ahead of a
Papadopoulos, Mr. Bannon declined to comment. year that seemed to hold great promise.

Mr. Trump’s improbable victory raised Mr. But 2017 did not unfold that way. Within months, Mr.
Papadopoulos’s hopes that he might ascend to a top White Flynn was fired, and both men were charged with lying to
House job. The election win also prompted a business the F.B.I. And both became important witnesses in the
proposal from Sergei Millian, a naturalized American investigation Mr. Papadopoulos had played a critical role
citizen born in Belarus. After he had contacted Mr. in starting.

Midas Touch: Trump’s DC Hotel
Was Supposed To LOSE Money, But…
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On December 31, 2017

“Even the critics of the Washington property As reported by The Daily Caller, there have been frequent
acknowledged that it actually turned out better protests at the hotel as well, which should have further
than maybe expected” dampened profits.

But the hotel, which is a refurbishment and reconstruction

of an old Post Office close to the White House, has
become a hot gathering spot for Trump supporters, fans,
tourists, and conservative groups.

Axios noted that the hotel was expected to lose $2 million

in its first year, but instead it has produced nearly the same
amount in profits. One potential reason is that room rates
were increased following Trump’s inauguration.

(National Sentinel) Great, Still: When then-GOP

“Even the critics of the Washington property
candidate Donald J. Trump opened Trump International
acknowledged that it actually turned out better
Hotel in Washington., D.C. — “on time and under
than maybe expected — one of the better of the
budget,” he said last year — it wasn’t slated to turn a profit
Trump properties, if not among the best,” Bjorn
for perhaps as much as two years.
Hanson, a professor of tourism and hospitality
at New York University, told The Daily Beast.
But instead, the property has raked in a tidy $2 million in
just four months’ time, surprising most observers who note
such luxury properties take a long time to become viable.

The Probe With NO END: Mueller’s ‘Collusion’
Investigation Will Last WELL INTO 2018
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On December 31, 2017

“It’s time for Bob Mueller to put up or shut up” But, as critics of the probe note, none of the indictments
have had anything at all to do with alleged collusion
between the president’s campaign and the Russian
government, which was the original mandate of the special

The lack of evidence after more than a year of

investigating those allegations — by congressional
committees, the FBI, and Mueller’s special counsel — is
frustrating some members of Congress.

“It’s time for Bob Mueller to put up or shut up. If

(National Sentinel) Witch Hunt: Special counsel Robert there’s evidence of collusion, let’s see it,”
Mueller’s probe into alleged collusion between the Trump Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz, a member of the
campaign and Russia is expected to extend well into next House Judiciary Committee, said in an interview
year, according to sources familiar with the investigation. on Fox News earlier this month.

As reported by ABC News, despite predictions by lawyers “If there’s not, let’s move on as a country and
for President Donald J. Trump that Mueller’s probe will let’s institute reforms at the FBI so that an
wrap up sooner rather than later, sources believe that isn’t egomaniac FBI director like James Comey
the case at all. cannot depart from the normal standard
procedures that guarantees all Americans equal
“Most notably, the federal grand jury in treatment under the law,” he continued.
Washington that has already indicted two key
Trump associates is continuing to meet and Trump and others have complained that the ongoing
hear more evidence from prosecutors,” the Russia collusion probe is harming the administration’s
network reported. ability to improve relations with a strategic, nuclear-armed
great power.
“The grand jurors’ identities are unknown, but
their faces are recognizable to the reporters and
producers who have been standing inside the
courthouse each week. Just a week ago, one of
Mueller’s top prosecutors, Jeannie Rhee, was
spotted at the courthouse by ABC News,” the
report continued.

Special counsel grand juries often last up to 18 months and

can be extended further in six-month increments if

Former national security advisor Michael Flynn, former

campaign manager Paul Manafort, and campaign associate
George Papadopoulos have all been indicted by Mueller.

Cops LOVE Trump: Law Enforcement Leaders Say Prez’s
Support For Thin Blue Line Is SAVING Police Lives
By JD Heyes
Sunday, December 31, 2017

and Loretta Lynch — implemented policies that amounted

to a federal takeover of local police departments, and all
based on the manufactured premise that ‘local cops’ were
inherently biased/bigoted/racists. (Related: Has “ethical
policing” become an oxymoron? Maybe it’s time to hit
the reset button with these 9 principles from the 1800s.)

Worse, 90 percent of American police officers didn’t even

feel safe.

Now, however, there’s a new president living at 1600

Pennsylvania Ave., and he’s made it plain that he is an ally
of the men and women who form the thin blue line:
Donald J. Trump.

For eight long years, police officers around the country As reported by the Washington Times:
suffered through one indignity after another under
President Obama and his cop-hating Justice Department. Top law enforcement leaders say they have had
no bigger advocate this year than President
The disrespect began within weeks of Obama taking Trump, and they are hopeful he has set the
office, when he took the side of a black friend and stage for fewer dangerous confrontations
colleague, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, over the between officers and the public, better-
word of a white police sergeant. It was the first time, as equipped departments and, ultimately,
president, that Obama played the race card. reductions in crime.

“I don’t know – not having been there and not Indeed, the paper noted, “early signs” are very positive.
seeing all the facts – what role race played in For one, officer deaths are down this year, which includes
that, but I think it’s fair to say, number one, any fatal shootings of cops. Also, early reports from major
of us would be pretty angry; number two that cities point to reductions in crime increases that have been
the Cambridge police acted stupidly in reported in the past two years.
arresting somebody when there was already
proof that they were in their own home,” Obama While police officials say they are still concerned about
pontificated. how to handle the ongoing opioid epidemic and how to
balance the administration’s policies of universal
As if that weren’t bad enough, Obama added this enforcement of federal immigration statutes without
unsubstantiated claim: alienating immigrant communities, they are hopeful that a
Trump presidency overall will be good for local law
“Separate and apart from this incident is that
there’s a long history in this country of African-
American and Latinos being stopped by law Even as he has offered some criticism for federal law
enforcement disproportionately. That’s just a enforcement and some within the intelligence community,
fact.” Trump has generally praised the work of local police, and
they have noticed. The morale boost was much needed and
From there it only got worse. By the time Obama left
office, he had — through his attorneys general Eric Holder

“Arguably the most significant thing a president “We were frustrated toward the end of the
can do is use the bully pulpit to reflect his Obama administration with the Justice
support for law enforcement,” National Fraternal Department and some of their decisions with
Order of Police Executive Director Jim Pasco regard to consent decrees and how they were
told the Times. dealing with individual police departments they
are reviewing or investigating,” Chief Tom
“To this point in his presidency, he has certainly Manger, head of the Montgomery County Police
gone out of his way to do that. That resonates Department in Maryland and president of the
within the profession, and it’s received very Major Cities Chiefs Association, told the Times.
favorably,” he added.
He added there was still some federal oversight, but it is
Police officials say one of the biggest positives so far is far less combative.
Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ ending of the
Obama-era policy of federalizing local police through There are many things that Trump still must address as he
court-approved consent decrees, which were used to continues to undo the damage Barack Hussein Obama did
politicize local police policies and bring them more in line to our country. But as his improved relationship with
with Obama’s Left-wing views. America’s police officers demonstrates, he is making good
progress already.

Dem Rep Cohen: ‘Trump Is The Most Despicable Human
Being To Ever Reside At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave’
By Pam Key
31 Dec 2017

— Steve Cohen (@RepCohen) December

31, 2017

He continued,

“A narcissistic sociopath doesn’t change. It

endangers the country and war like wag
the dog is something he could get into to
improve the ratings for the ’18 elections
where they are in desperate shape. They’ll
do anything to improve ratings.”

Sunday on MSNBC while defending his tweet about He added,

President Donald Trump, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) said
Trump was the “most despicable human being to ever “I think you have to show, and I hope I can
reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.” show, what type of person he is. He’s
never with his son. I think one of his ex-
He golfs when he could be reading or be in wives wrote he never was with his children
church or be with his family. Never see him until they were adults. This is an unusual
with Barron. You’d think he’d be golfing human being. Barron looks like a nice kid,
with Dad occasionally but narcissists only but he spends no quality time at all with his
engage in activities where they are the father. He claims he has the Christian
show. No movies, sports viewing either just evangelical support which is amazing
Fox! He will start a war! because he doesn’t go to church.”

Ouch! James Comey Gets ZINGED After Ringing In New
Year With Not-So-Veiled Swipe At Trump
By Doug P.
Posted At 10:01 Pm On December 31, 2017

As you’re well aware, since he joined Twitter, former FBI LOL. Comey’s tweet had a distinct BACKFIRE feel to it.
Director James Comey has demonstrated an affinity for
subtweeting President Trump, and this New Year’s Eve is
no exception:

Comey really teed this one up nicely. Instapundit leads off

the zinging:


Yeahhh, well, maybe something like that.

That’s anybody’s guess.

Bernstein: Trump Trying To
Undermine Media's Credibility
Says Broad Attacks On Press Are To Detriment Of Country
By Pam Key
31 Dec 2017
attempting to “undermine the credibility of the press as a
national institution.”

Bernstein said, “Nixon and Watergate tried to make the

conduct of the press the issue instead of the conduct of the
president and the men around him. Donald Trump has
gone even farther. He’s tried to undermine the credibility
of the press as a national institution to the detriment of the
country by these broad attacks on the press.”

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” veteran journalist

Carl Bernstein said President Donald Trump was

House Permanent Select Committee Intel Chair Devin
Nunes Goes After DOJ And FBI For Not Producing
Subpoenaed Documents Or Witnesses
By Shepard Ambellas -
December 31, 2017

“promptly produce to the committee — no later

than January 3, 2017 — All outstanding records
identified as responsive to the August 24

Additionally, Nunes has requested that by the

same deadline the following officials must
confirm interview, sometime in January:

 Former DOJ Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce

Featured Image: Screen capture CNN/YouTube
 FBI Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Peter Strzok;
‘This behavior that can no longer be  FBI Attorney James Baker;
tolerated’  FBI Attorney Lisa Page;
 FBI Attorney Sally Moyer and;
 FBI Assistant Director for Congressional Affairs Greg
WASHINGTON (INTELLIHUB) — House Permanent Brower
Select Committee Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes sent
a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Friday
The chairman also made clear that all of this is “part of a
in response to The Department of Justice and Federal
broader pattern of behavior that can no longer be
Bureau of Investigation’s “failure to produce” key
documents and witnesses that were subpoenaed over four
months ago which relate to the Trump/Steele dossier.

Chairman Nunes is extremely frustrated with the way

things are being handled in the D.C. swamp and has
instructed the DOJ and FBI

Tissue? President Trump’s New Years Wishes For ‘Even
The Fake Media’ Triggers Whiners GALORE
By Sam J.
Posted At 6:13 Pm On December 31, 2017

President Trump wished his friends, supporters, enemies,

haters and even the very dishonest fake news media a
Happy New Year …

Oops, ‘scuse us, we just threw up in our mouths a little.

Which of course triggered the biggest batch of stupid
we’ve seen in a long while:

Russia! Bots! ELEVENTY!

2017 will surely go down as the dumbest year, yet.
How festive.

Someone needs a nap. Good luck with that, tater.

For goodness sake. Wow, things just got real up in here.

Just a thought, maybe if people stopped being so outraged

by these tweets he’d send less of them?
How rude.
But hey, what do we know?

No one really believes your MOM.

Despicable. Disgrace.
Wait, that doesn’t work.
Pretty sure that means Trump’s tweet did EXACTLY
what he wanted it to, then. Our bad.

Because Obama worked SO HARD to unify us all, right? *you’re*

What did he say about bringing a knife to a gunfight?
Man, Twitter will verify anybody.


That’s hilarious.
Who is this guy again?
Say what you will about the president, but the man
KNOWS how to get a reaction.
Happy New Year, Mr. President.

Damn, these people are so mean.


Former Joint Chiefs Chair Says He Hopes TRUMP Backs
Iranian Protestors More Than OBAMA Did
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 1, 2018

“We chose to not be as supportive as we could “We chose to not be as supportive as we could
have been then” have been then,” Mullen said. “And I hope we
can be right now so that Iran can continue to
evolve. They have an incredibly young
population. They look to a future that they
cannot see. They’ve been promised change
and a healthier economy.

“Protests represent the inability to deliver that

so far. I think support of them seems …
absolutely the right thing to do,” he added.

As the protests picked up steam over the weekend, Trump

(National Sentinel) Revolutionary: Former chairman of tweeted out his support for them, adding that the “U.S. is
the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen has said he watching” for any human rights abuses.
hopes that President Donald J. Trump lends more support
to Iranians currently protesting the authoritarian theocratic
regime than his former boss, President Barack Obama, did. Led primarily by college students, security forces for the
Iranian government have already killed two protesters
while officials have shut down social media networks that
Mullen said on ABC’s “This Week” that Obama should have helped facilitate the spread of the protests to cities
have backed Iranian protesters in 2009 more than he did. around the country, the Washington Examiner reported.
Now that protests are once again roiling the country,
Trump should throw his support behind them, he said.

David Brock And Clinton Pal Funneled
$700K To Fund Trump Sexual Harassment Accusers
By Tyler Durden
Mon, 01/01/2018 - 17:50

Weeks after The Hill revealed a $750,000 scheme by groups, gave $500,000 to Ms. Bloom’s firm for
California woman's rights attorney Lisa Bloom to the last-ditch effort.
compensate women accusing Donald Trump of sexual
misconduct - one of whom had her mortgage paid off after Democrats familiar with the financial arrangements told
Trump ignored her pleas to become his makeup-artist the NYT that Bloom's firm kept the money from
during the campaign - the New York Times claims in a Brock's American Bridge, while refunding the money from
bombshell report that DNC operative and Media Matters Buell - a longtime friend
founder David Brock, along with major Hillary Clinton
friend and donor, Susie Tompkins Buell,
and financial supporter of Hillary Clinton.

steered $700,000 towards Bloom's efforts to Of note, Brock previously sat on the board of Hillary
smear Trump with sexual misconduct claims Clinton super PAC Priorities USA Action, and his group
right before the 2016 election. "Correct the Record" sunk over $1 million into a digital
task force called "Barrier Breakers 2016," which had a
mandate to

"engage in online messaging for both

Secretary Clinton and to push back against
attackers on social media (The Atlantic)."

Meanwhile, Brock's Correct The Record defended

coordinating with the Clinton campaign and contributing
$6 million to fund Hillary.

"Correct the Record is a $6 million Washington

D.C.-based political committee that spends
(left) Jill Harth, Lisa Bloom and Gloria Allred, Katie Johnson (right) millions on opposition research, message
David Brock development, surrogate training and booking,
professional video production, and press
As the NYT notes, several donors reached out to Ms. outreach for the benefit of the Clinton
Bloom “asking how they could help." campaign—and by its own admission, does so
in full coordination with the Clinton campaign,"
the Campaign Legal Center said in the
She told them that she was working with “a
complaint. -Free Beacon
few other women” who might "find the
courage to speak out" against Mr. Trump if
the donors would provide funds for security, The Trump accusers include makeup-artist Jill Harth and
relocation and possibly a safe house." Katie Johnson. Harth - who allowed a Lisa Bloom donor to
pay off her mortgage before she accused President Trump
of sexual assault,
Ms. Bloom would not identify the donors.
approached the Trump campaign about
But two Democrats familiar with the
doing Donald Trump's makeup,
arrangements said a nonprofit group
founded by Mr. Brock, American Bridge 21st
Century Foundation, gave $200,000, while was rejected, and later cropped up as an accuser shortly
the fashion entrepreneur Susie Tompkins before the 2016 election. Another Trump accuser, Katie
Buell, a major donor to Mr. Brock’s suite of Johnson fabricated a story of Trump raping her when she
was 13 at one of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's
notorious 'sex parties.' Johnson, another client of Lisa Brock claimed in legal papers that he sold a Rehoboth
Bloom, withdrew her case against Trump days before the Beach, Del., home he once shared with Grey in order to
election, while the Daily Mail reported that she made it all meet Grey’s demands, which he called "blackmail" in the
up. lawsuit. -Fox News

Brock is no stranger to meddling in Trump's affairs to try Ironically, Brock used to be a GOP political operative -
and influence the 2016 election - having spearheaded an having spearheaded 1993 sexual harassment allegations
army of Correct the Record "nerd virgins" who were against President Bill Clinton by former Arkansas
"crammed into a newsroom-style bullpen in the back employee,
corner of the offices of American Bridge 21st Century" to
attack then-candidate Donald Trump while vehemently Paula Jones - who was paid $850,000 by the
defending Hillary Clinton. Various Brock-linked anti- Clintons to drop her lawsuit.
Trump groups Media Matters, ShareBlue, American
Bridge and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in So just to be clear, Clinton operative David Brock and
Washington (CREW)
Hillary Clinton pal Susie Tompkins Buell steered
$700,000 into a scheme to compensate Trump accusers
set a $40 million budget to fight Trump at right before the 2016 election. Which is yet another answer
the beginning of 2017. to the recurring question of just who tried to influence the
Brock is also no stranger to funneling money to
people - once having paid $850,000 to a
former domestic partner of over 10 years
after he began dating D.C. pizza restaurant
impresario James Alefantis.

Brock's scorned partner, William Grey, threatened to

expose damaging information involving Media
Matters donors.

In an acrimonious lawsuit settled at the end of last year,

Brock accused William Grey of making

repeated threats to expose him to the "scorn
or ridicule of his employees, donors and the
press in demanding money and property."
James Alefantis and David Brock (

As The Dossier Scandal Looms,
The New York Times Struggles To Save Its Collusion Tale
By Andrew C. McCarthy
January 1, 2018 5:28 PM

Well, it turns out the Page angle and thus the collusion
narrative itself is beset by an Obama-administration
scandal: Slowly but surely, it has emerged that the Justice
Department and FBI very likely targeted Page because of
the Steele dossier, a Clinton-campaign opposition-research
screed disguised as intelligence reporting. Increasingly, it
appears that the Bureau failed to verify Steele’s allegations
before the DOJ used some of them to bolster an
application for a spying warrant from the FISA court (i.e.,
the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court).

A Secret Service agent stands nearby as Donald Trump speaks at a Thanks to the persistence of the House Intelligence
campaign stop in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., April 2016. (Reuters photo: Committee led by Chairman Devin Nunes (R., Calif.), the
Eduardo Munoz)
dossier story won’t go away. Thus, Democrats and their
media friends have been moving the goal posts in an effort
The totality of the evidence undermines the Times’
to save their collusion narrative. First, we were led to
collusion narrative. ‘ Trump Adviser’s Visit to Moscow
believe the dossier was no big deal because the FBI would
Got the F.B.I.’s Attention.” That was the page-one
surely have corroborated any information before the DOJ
headline the New York Times ran on April 20, 2017, above
fed it to a federal judge in a warrant application. Then,
its breathless report that “a catalyst for the F.B.I.
when the Clinton campaign’s role in commissioning the
investigation into connections between Russia and
dossier came to light, we were told it was impertinent to
President Trump’s campaign” was a June 2016 visit to
ask about what the FBI did, if anything, to corroborate it
Moscow by Carter Page.
since this could imperil intelligence methods and sources
— and, besides, such questions were just a distraction from
It was due to the Moscow trip by Page, dubbed a “foreign the all-important Mueller investigation (which the dossier
policy adviser” to the campaign, that “the F.B.I. obtained a had a hand in instigating and which, to date, has turned up
warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court” no evidence of a Trump-Russia conspiracy).
in September — i.e., during the stretch run of the
presidential campaign.
Lately, the story has morphed into this: Well, even if the
dossier was used, it was only used a little — there simply
You’re to be forgiven if you’re feeling dizzy. It may not be must have been lots of other evidence that Trump was in
too much New Year’s reverie; it may be that you’re reeling cahoots with Putin. But that’s not going to fly: Putting
over the Times’ holiday-weekend volte-face: “How the aside the dearth of collusion evidence after well over a
Russia Inquiry Began: A Campaign Aide, Drinks and Talk year of aggressive investigation, the dossier is partisan
of Political Dirt.” propaganda. If it was not adequately corroborated by the
FBI, and if the Justice Department, without disclosing its
Seven months after throwing Carter Page as fuel on the provenance to the court, nevertheless relied on any part of
collusion fire lit by then-FBI director James Comey’s it in a FISA application, that is a major problem.
stunning public disclosure that the Bureau was
investigating possible Trump campaign “coordination” in So now, a new strategy to prop up the collusion tale: Never
Russia’s election meddling, the Gray Lady now says: mind Page — lookee over here at Papadopoulos!
Never mind. We’re onto Collusion 2.0, in which it is
George Papadopoulos — then a 28-year-old whose idea of
But that’s not what they were saying in April, when the
résumé enhancement was to feign participation in the
collusion narrative and Democratic calls for a special
Model U.N. — who triggered the FBI’s massive probe by .
prosecutor were in full bloom.
. . wait for it . . . a night of boozy blather in London.
Back then, no fewer than six of the Times’ top reporters,
What’s going on here?
along with a researcher, worked their anonymous “current

and former law enforcement and intelligence officials” in Russia investigation, we learned that the dossier was
order to generate the Page blockbuster. With these leaks, actually an opposition-research project paid for by the
the paper confidently reported: “From the Russia trip of Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National
the once-obscure Mr. Page grew a wide-ranging Committee. We further learned that at Fusion GPS, the
investigation, now accompanied by two congressional research firm that retained Steele for the project, Steele
inquiries, that has cast a shadow over the early months of collaborated on it with Nellie Ohr, the wife of top Justice
the Trump administration” [emphasis added]. Department official Bruce Ohr — and that Bruce Ohr had
personally been briefed on the project by Steele and a
Oh sure, the Times acknowledged that there might have Fusion GPS executive.
been a couple of other factors involved. “Paul Manafort,
then [i.e., during Page’s trip] Mr. Trump’s campaign It is an explosive problem, this use of the dossier by the
manager, was already under criminal investigation in Obama Justice Department and the FBI in an application to
connection with payments from a pro-Russian political the FISA court for authority to spy on Trump’s associates.
party in Ukraine.” And “WikiLeaks and two websites later Politically, it suggests that the collusion narrative peddled
identified as Russian intelligence fronts had begun by Democrats and the media since Trump’s victory in the
releasing emails obtained when Democratic Party servers November election was substantially driven by partisan
were hacked.” propaganda. Legally, it raises the distinct possibilities that
(a) the FBI did not adequately verify the claims in the
But the trigger for the investigation — the “catalyst” — dossier before using them in an application to the secret
was Page. federal court; and (b) the Justice Department of the then-
incumbent Democratic administration did not disclose to
Somehow, despite all that journalistic leg-work and all the court that the dossier was produced by the Democratic
those insider sources, the name George Papadopoulos does presidential campaign for use against the rival Republican
not appear in the Times’ story. candidate.

Now, however, we’re supposed to forget about Page. When it emerged in October that the dossier was a
According to the new bombshell dropped on New Year’s Democratic-party campaign product, Representative Trey
Eve by six Times reporters, it was “the hacking” coupled Gowdy (R., S.C.) recounted that, for months, the Justice
with “the revelation that a member of the Trump Department and FBI had stonewalled House demands that
campaign” — Papadopoulos — “may have had inside they fess up about whether dossier allegations were used in
information about it” that were “driving factors that led the applying for the FISA-court warrant to surveil Page. But
F.B.I. to open an investigation in July 2016 into Russia’s though the DOJ and the Bureau have struggled to lock the
attempts to disrupt the election and whether any of barn, the horse left long ago. Shortly before the Times ran
President Trump’s associates conspired.” its Page extravaganza last April, CNN confirmed that the
dossier had indeed been used to obtain the FISA warrant
It seems like only yesterday — or, to be more precise, only — the network relying on unnamed “US officials briefed
late October, when he pled guilty to a count of lying to the on the [Russia] investigation.”
FBI in the Mueller probe — that Mr. Papadopoulos was
even more obscure than the “once-obscure Mr. Page.” I won’t hazard a guess on which of CNN’s anonymous
Now, though, he has been elevated to “the improbable sources are also the Times’ anonymous sources. But it is
match that set off a blaze that has consumed the first year safe to say the intelligence community, still suffused with
of the Trump administration.” Obama holdovers, has been undone by its own illegal
leaking. Back in April, they leaked because they figured it
But hey, if you’re willing to hang in there through the first would wound President Trump: After all, if the dossier had
36 paragraphs of the Times’ nearly 3,000-word been used to obtain a FISA warrant, that must mean that
Papadopoulos report, you’ll find the fleeting observation the dossier’s sensational allegations of a traitorous Trump-
that “A trip to Moscow by another adviser, Carter Page, Russia conspiracy were true. That is, the leakers assumed,
also raised concerns at the F.B.I.” just as many of us familiar with the FISA process assumed,
that the Justice Department would never put information in
You don’t say! a FISA warrant application unless the FBI had first
corroborated it.
Page and the Dossier Problem Again, until this weekend,
Page was the eye of the collusion storm. And as I outlined Subsequently, however, former FBI director James Comey
in a column last weekend, a significant part of what got the told a Senate committee that the dossier remained
FBI and the Obama Justice Department stirred up about “salacious and unverified.” Obviously, if the FBI had not
Page’s July 2016 trip to Moscow was the Steele dossier — verified the dossier by the time Comey testified in June
the anti-Trump reports compiled by former British spy 2017, then the Bureau cannot possibly have verified the
Christopher Steele. Alas, six months after the Times’ dossier when DOJ sought the FISA warrant nine months
planted its feet on Page as the linchpin of the Trump- earlier, in September 2016.

Then in October, it emerged that the Clinton campaign In the Times’ new version of events, it was not the dossier
paid for the dossier. More recently, we learned that anti- that “so alarmed American officials to provoke the F.B.I.
Trump bias ran rampant in the upper ranks of the Bureau to open a counterintelligence investigation into the Trump
and the Justice Department — to the point that a top FBI campaign months before the presidential election.” That,
counterintelligence agent spoke of the Bureau’s need for according to the Times, is a false claim that “Mr. Trump
an “insurance policy” against the risk of a Trump and other politicians have alleged.” Somehow, the paper
presidency. Right before Christmas, reporting from Fox omits the inconvenient details that it was the Times that
News strongly suggested that the FBI, though apparently led the charge in claiming that it was Page’s trip to
aware that the dossier was a partisan campaign project, had Moscow that provoked the investigation, and that it was
verified none of its sensational claims. Finally, in a Fox the dossier that so alarmed the FBI about that trip.
News interview on Sunday, Senator Lindsey Graham (R.,
S.C.), who has inspected relevant classified documents, In what we might think of as the latest “Russian Reset,”
indicated that the Justice Department used the dossier in its the Times now says the investigation was instigated by
application without disclosing its partisan political genesis “firsthand information from one of America’s closest
to the FISA court (see Paul Mirengoff’s Powerline post intelligence allies” — Australia. Turns out Papadopoulos
with embedded video). was out drinking in London with Alexander Downer,
“Australia’s top diplomat in Britain.” Tongue loosened, the
All of this comes back to Carter Page, heretofore the “young foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign”
anchor of the media’s collusion narrative. The link made a “startling revelation” to Downer: He had learned
between Page and the dossier is manifest. As I outlined in that “Russia had political dirt on Hillary Clinton.”
last weekend’s column, the FBI began receiving the
dossier’s explosive reports shortly after Page’s Russia trip. Because of the “Statement of the Offense” that Special
Steele’s reports, based on anonymous Russian sources, Counsel Mueller filed with the court when Papadopoulos
alleged that (a) there was an explicit Trump-Russia pled guilty, the Times and the rest of us now know that a
conspiracy to interfere in the 2016 election, (b) the few weeks earlier (on April 26), Papadopoulos was told by
conspiracy included Russian hacking of Democratic email a Maltese academic who purported to have Kremlin ties
accounts in which Trump campaign officials, including that Russia had “thousands of emails” that could damage
Page, were complicit, and (c) Page met with two top Hillary Clinton. We also know that in July, hacked
Kremlin operatives on the Moscow trip — operatives who Democratic-party emails began being published.
discussed with him a quid pro quo arrangement to drop
sanctions against Russia, floated the possibility of With that established, we’re now told that when the emails
providing the Trump campaign with “kompromat” were leaked, Australian officials put two and two together,
(compromising information) on Hillary Clinton, and figuring these emails might be what Papadopoulos was
warned that Trump better be careful because the Putin talking about “that night at the Kensington Wine Room.”
regime had a kompromat file on him, too. The Aussies thus tipped off their American counterparts to
the barroom conversation between Papadopoulos and
It has become increasingly clear that Steele’s claims about Downer. That, not the dossier explicitly alleging a Trump-
Page are, at best, highly dubious; more likely, they are Russia conspiracy, is what provoked the investigation. You
untrue. Aside from the fact that Comey has been can take it to the bank. After all, the Times has gotten this
dismissive of the dossier as “unverified,” Page has revisionist history from “four American and foreign
vigorously and plausibly denied its allegations about him. officials with direct knowledge of the Australians’ role” —
The Annapolis grad and former naval-intelligence officer i.e., from the same sort of unidentified, unaccountable
insists he is not even acquainted with the Russian officials sources that brought you the Page-centric version of events
with whom he supposedly had traitorous meetings. that has now been discarded.
Moreover, if the Russian regime truly wanted to make
insidious proposals to Trump, it had emissaries far better To say this story has holes in it does not do justice to the
positioned to approach him; it strains credulity to believe craters on display. To begin with, the Times admits that
the Kremlin would turn to Page — barely known to Trump “exactly how much Mr. Papadopoulos said” to Downer “is
and, years earlier, derided as an “idiot” by a Russian unclear.” What we are dealing with here is sheer
intelligence operative who tried to recruit him. supposition. And, it appears, flawed supposition.

Papadopoulos and the New ‘Russian Reset’ As I pointed out after Papadopoulos pled guilty, he was
told that the Russians had “emails of Clinton.” But the
So now, with the Page foundation of the collusion hacked emails that were published were not Clinton’s
narrative collapsing, and with the heat on over the Obama emails; they were those of the DNC and John Podesta —
administration’s use of the dossier, it is apparently exceedingly few of which Clinton was even included on,
Papadopoulos to the rescue. much less participated in. Given the amount of
misinformation the credulous Papadopoulos was given
(one of his interlocutors falsely posed as Putin’s niece), the

likelihood is that he was being toyed with: Remember, been integral to a Trump-Russia plot. Anonymous
there was much speculation at the time, including by intelligence and law-enforcement officials have been
Trump himself, that the Russians (and other foreign leaking collusion information to the Times and other
intelligence services) might have hacked former secretary media outlets since before Trump won the November 2016
Clinton’s unsecure private server and obtained the 30,000- election — that’s why we’ve spent the last year-plus
plus emails that she refused to surrender to the State hearing all about Page, Manafort, Flynn, et al. If
Department; it is probable that these were the emails Papadopoulos had really been the impetus for the
Papadopoulos’s dubious Russian connections purported to investigation way back in July 2016, what are the chances
be dangling. that we would never have heard his name mentioned until
after his guilty plea was announced 15 months later? What
There is no evidence that Papadopoulos or the Trump are the chances that we’d only now be learning that he was
campaign was ever shown or given any of the emails the the real stimulus for the investigation? I’d put it at less
Kremlin purportedly had. The evidence, in fact, than none.
undermines the collusion narrative: If the Trump campaign
had to learn, through Papadopoulos, that Russia There’s another interesting word that does not appear in
supposedly had thousands of emails damaging to Clinton, the Times’ extensive Papadopoulos report: surveillance.
that would necessarily mean the Trump campaign had Despite being “so alarmed” by young Papadopoulos’s
nothing to do with Russia’s acquisition of the emails. This, barroom braggadocio with the Australian diplomat, and his
no doubt, is why Mueller permitted Papadopoulos to plead claimed Russia connections, there is no indication that the
guilty to a mere process crime — lying in an FBI Obama Justice Department and FBI ever sought a FISA-
interview. If there were evidence of an actual collusion court warrant to spy on him.
conspiracy, Papadopoulos would have been pressured to
admit guilt to it. He wasn’t. No, the FISA warrant was sought for Carter Page, after his
trip to Moscow. The trip the Times used to say incited the
Even a cursory FBI investigation of Papadopoulos would Trump-Russia probe.
have illustrated how implausible it was that he could have

Trump: ‘No More’ Aid To Pakistan,
‘They Have Given Us Nothing But Lies And Deceit’
By John Hayward
1 Jan 2018

access to a captured terrorist from the hostage-taking

Haqqani network.

In August, President Trump said the “next pillar”

of his strategy for battling terrorism would
involve a “change in our approach to Pakistan.”

Trump accused Pakistan of giving

“safe haven to agents of chaos, violence, and


“We can no longer be silent about Pakistan’s

safe havens for terrorist organizations, the
Taliban and other groups that pose a threat to
the region and beyond,” the president said.
President Donald Trump lashed out at
”These killers need to know they have nowhere
Pakistan on Twitter just a few minutes past
to hide – that no place is beyond the reach of
7:00 a.m. Eastern time on New Year’s Day,
American arms.
expressing frustration at Islamabad’s
inadequate efforts against terrorism and
implying that U.S. foreign aid will be The Trump administration withheld $50 million in military
terminated as a result. aid to Pakistan over the summer because it felt Islamabad
was not doing enough to bring down the Taliban and the
Haqqani Network. There was some criticism at the time
that despite his strong complaints about Pakistan refusing
to help fight the Taliban or even actively colluding with it,
Trump was dealing more harshly with Egypt over human
rights violations by its government.

The Pakistani military rescued a Canadian-American

family held hostage for years by the Haqqanis in October.
Concerns have been raised that even this rescue might
have been the result of a deal between the Pakistanis and
the militant network, which has long been suspected of
enjoying special favors and protection from elements of
It is not yet clear whether the “no more” exclamation the Pakistani security apparatus. The prisoner Pakistan
means the complete or partial termination, or temporary refused to allow the United States to interview was tied to
suspension, of American aid to Pakistan. the kidnapping of this Canadian-American family.

If the complete termination of U.S. foreign aid does indeed On Thursday, Pakistani military spokesman
become official policy, it would be a far more dramatic Major-General Asif Ghafoor warned the United
step than withholding all or part of America’s $255 million States against taking “unilateral” military action
in military assistance to Pakistan, a measure reportedly on its soil and denied his country was not doing
under consideration by the administration over the past enough to fight the Taliban and its allies,
few days after Pakistan refused to allow U.S. interrogators promising that the results of Pakistan’s

counterterrorism operations would be “seen in “If there are any facilitators and abetters inside
subsequent years and months.” Pakistan that can only be addressed if the 2.7
million Afghan refugees are sent back to
After making this declaration, Ghafoor implied Pakistan Afghanistan,” he said.
could actually do more, once its concerns about Afghan
refugees are addressed.

Obama Elitist Hacks Get DESTROYED On Twitter After
Telling Trump To “Stay Quiet” On Iranian Protests
By Jim Hoft
January 1, 2018

As previously reported— After several days the protesters called out to President
The Barack Obama administration actively
assisted the evil Khamenei Regime to crush “Obama, Obama, Are you with the regime or
the 2009 Green Rebellion with us?”

In 2009 tens of thousands of brave Iranian democracy But Obama did nothing — Instead he
protesters rose up against the brutal Khamenei regime after worked with the evil regime to quash the
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was announced the rebellion.
winner in a disputed national election.
This past week protesters took to the streets again in Iran
to protest the evil, corrupt regime.
Barack Obama, Ambassador Susan Rice and former
Secretary of State John Kerry are telling President Trump
to be quiet.
The Iranians are furious with these latest comments from
Obama and his lackeys.

Today former Ambassador Susan Rice told

President Trump to “be quiet” on the Iranian

Iranian human rights activist Banafsheh Zand tore into

The protests quickly turned bloody when Iranian hardliners Rice.
started firing on the protesters.
One beautiful young protester was shot in the neck by the

Her name was Neda Soltani or Neda Agha Soltan — she was shot in the
neck during a protest in Tehran on June 20, 2009. (AFP)

. More…

And activist Imperator Rex tore into John

Kerry and Ben Rhodes after their pompous
tweets on the Iranian rebellion.

The Iranians have heard enough from
Barack Obama and his lackeys.

Obama – You be quiet!

Dem: Trump ‘Most Despicable
Human Being’ To Serve As President
The Tennessee Democrat Had Sponsored Five Articles Of
Impeachment Against Trump In November, Which Failed Miserably
By Brandon Carter
January 1, 2018

the ratings for the [2018] elections, where they

[Republicans] are in desperate shape.”

Cohen remarks followed a tweet Sunday in which he said

Trump could start a war.

The Tennessee Democrat, a fierce critic of Trump,

sponsored five articles of impeachment against Trump in

Joined by five other House Democrats, Cohen introduced

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) slammed the articles accusing Trump of being a danger to the
President Trump in an interview Sunday, country, obstructing justice in his firing of former FBI
calling him “the most despicable human Director James Comey and violating the foreign
being ever” to serve as president. emoluments clause of the Constitution.

“Donald Trump is the most despicable human “Given the magnitude of the constitutional crisis,
being to ever reside in 1600 Pennsylvania there’s no reason for delay,” Cohen said at the
Avenue,” Cohen said on MSNBC. time.

Cohen had previously announced in August he would

introduce articles of impeachment against Trump based on
his comments following the deadly violence at a white
supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va.

“Instead of unequivocally condemning hateful

actions by neo-Nazis, white nationalists and
Klansmen following a national tragedy, the
president said 'there were very fine people on
both sides.' There are no good Nazis. There are
no good Klansmen,” Cohen said in a statement
at the time.

“A narcissistic sociopath doesn’t change,” he The majority of the Democratic caucus, including House
continued. “It endangers the country. And
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), have not supported
war…is something he could get into to improve
attempts to impeach Trump.

Carl Bernstein: Trump’s Attorneys
Are Lying To Him So He Doesn’t Fire Mueller
By Colin Kalmbacher
11:55 Am, January 1st, 2018

him covering up events, but not necessarily criminally

covering up events. And where this is going definitively
we don’t know.”

Bernstein continued, citing his own anonymous sources

within the White House. He said:

But there are many times he has expressed, I am told by

people in the White House, the desire to fire Mueller, the
desire to pardon people under investigation–including his
family. And one of the things that’s going on now is his
lawyers are telling him what he wants to hear; and that’s
Esteemed Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein says what I’m told by lawyers in the White House. They’re
President Donald Trump‘s attorneys are soft-peddling the telling him what he wants to hear to keep him from acting
gravity of the Russia probe and telling the mercurial precipitously and to go off and fire Mueller in a rage–or
president what he wants to hear in order to keep him from fire Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, in a
acting in a rash way–like firing special counsel Robert rage. They have an out of control client. The president of
Mueller. the United States, in their view, is out of control a good
deal of the time, especially when it comes to this
Bernstein was discussing the issue with Dana Bash during investigation.
an appearance on CNN‘s State of the Union. Bash asked
the storied newsman the following question, “Carl, Bob Bash then swung back to Bob Woodward, Bernstein’s
mentioned the famous–infamous–Saturday Night longtime friend and writing partner, playing a clip of
Massacre, when Archibald Cox, the special counsel, was Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) explaining her belief
fired in 1973. Do you trust that the administration is not that Mueller’s investigation is well-positioned to issue
going to do this? They assure that the president won’t go obstruction of justice charges against Trump soon.
that far–that he won’t fire Bob Mueller–do you believe it?”
Bash asked both Woodward and Bernstein whether
To which Bernstein replied, “There is no reason to believe Feinstein’s read on the investigation was correct. Both of
almost anything Donald Trump says because what we the legendary journalists pumped the brakes on Feinstein’s
know is that the president of the United States and his read–saying it was simply too soon to tell.
presidency is characterized, above all else, by the lying of
the president of the United States. That doesn’t mean that [image via screengrab/CNN]
lying by the president is a crime, it does mean that we see

We've Been Fooled For 15 Years,
But No More: Donald Trump's Tweet To Pakistan
ET Online And Agencie
Updated: Jan 01, 2018, 08.20 PM IST

After recent reports that the Donald Trump administration "We make massive payments every year to
was considering cutting off aid to Pakistan, US President Pakistan. They have to help," he said in
Donald Trump slammed the country, saying that the US unveiling his national security strategy.
had "foolishly" given Pakistan $33 billion in aid in the last
15 years. And last week, Vice President Mike Pence told American
troops during a visit to Afghanistan:
Trump said that the US had only gotten lies and deceit in
return for the monetary aid it had provided. Trump also
"President Trump has put Pakistan on notice."
said that US operations in Afghanistan were being
hindered by the "safe haven" that Pakistan was providing
to terrorists. "For too long Pakistan has provided safe haven
to the Taliban and many terrorist organisations,
.. but those days are over," Pence told American
troops at the Bagram airbase in Afghanistan
where he made an unannounced trip on
December 21.

"President Trump has put Pakistan on notice,"

he had said.

Afghanistan's Ambassador to the US Hamdullah Mohib

welcomed Trump's tweet.

"A promising message to Afghans who have

suffered at the hands of terrorists based in
Earlier this month, Trump had already hinted that he may Pakistan for far too long," Mohib tweeted.
cut off the aid for good.

CRIMINAL: Top Hillary Aide Huma Abedin Forwarded
State Dept. Passwords To Yahoo Email Acct. Before It
Was HACKED By Russians And Others
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 2, 2018

CNN/Money reported in October that all Yahoo email Sushchin was also employed by Russian investment bank
accounts had been hacked in August 2013 Renaissance Capital, the institution that paid former
President Bill Clinton a half-million dollars for a single
speech in Moscow in June 2010, when his wife was
Obama’s secretary of state.

Abedin, Clinton’s deputy chief of staff at State, regularly

forwarded work emails to her personal address, government officials

“She would use these accounts if her

(State) account was down or if she needed
(National Sentinel) Criminal Negligence: Hillary
to print an email or document. Abedin
Clinton’s former top aide at the State Department, Huma
further explained that it was difficult to print
Abedin, forwarded government email account passwords
from the DoS system so she routinely
to her private unsecured Yahoo account before it was
forwarded emails to her non-DoS accounts
eventually hacked by foreign powers including Russia.
so she could more easily print,” noted an
FBI report.
As reported by The Daily Caller‘s Luke Rosiak, an
analysis of Abedin’s emails released by the State
She sent passwords for her government laptop to her
Department to government watchdog Judicial Watch last
Yahoo account on Aug. 24, 2009, according to an email
week found that Abedin regularly used her personal email
released by the State Department in September 2017.
provider to conduct sensitive State Department work.

CNN/Money reported in October that all Yahoo email

accounts had been hacked in August 2013. Yahoo was also
hit by another hack in 2014 believed to be separate from
the 2013 hack and thought to have affected 500 million
users, the network added.

“This guarantees that an account with high-

level correspondence in Clinton’s State
Department was impacted by one or more
of a series of breaches — at least one of
which was perpetrated by a ‘state-
sponsored actor,'” Rosiak reported.

U.S. officials later charged Russian intelligence agent Igor

Sushchin with hacking the 500 million accounts, he added.
The 2014 hack allowed Sushchin and his associated to gain The Daily Caller noted further:
access to accounts in subsequent years — 2015 and 2016
— by using fake cookies. Long-time Clinton confidante Sid Blumenthal sent Clinton
an email in July 2009 with the subject line:
“Important. Not for circulation. You only. online. Five days later, Rosiak reported, Abedin forwarded
Sid.” The email began “CONFIDENTIAL… sensitive email to her Yahoo account.
Re: Moscow Summit.” Abedin forwarded
the email to her Yahoo address, potentially It seems clear that the Justice Department and FBI knew
making it visible to hackers. that Abedin and Clinton were essentially trafficking in
sensitive materials via unsecured channels, but no charges
That email was deemed by government investigators as too were ever filed.
sensitive to release to the public under Freedom of
Information Act guidelines, so it was heavily redacted Clinton said on Oct. 9, 2016, at the second presidential
before being turned over to Judicial Watch. debate with then-GOP nominee Donald J. Trump,

The released copy says “After a year-long investigation, there is no

evidence that anyone hacked the server I
“Classified by DAS/ A/GIS, DoS on was using and there is no evidence that
10/30/2015 Class: Confidential.” The anyone can point to at all, anyone who
unredacted portion reads: “I have heard says otherwise has no basis, that any
authoritatively from Bill Drozdiak, who is in classified materials ended up in the wrong
Berlin…. We should expect that the hands. I take classified materials very
Germans and Russians will now cut their seriously and always have.”
own separate deals on energy, regional
security, etc.” But that is not consistent with FBI findings. Abedin’s use
of her private Yahoo account fits with the bureau’s
In March 2009, Clinton forwarded an email to Abedin assessment that her account, and those of others involved,
from Denis McDonough, a foreign policy advisor to were indeed compromised.
Obama’s campaign and later his chief of staff, marked
“Ambassadors.” It, too, was heavily redacted before being “We do assess that hostile actors gained
released to Judicial Watch. access to the private email accounts of
individuals with whom Secretary Clinton
As Abedin continued to use her Yahoo account to conduct
was in regular contact from her private
sensitive work, media reports noted how poor Yahoo’s
email security was. A July 2012 CNN article reported that account,” then-FBI director Jim Comey
credentials to 450,000 Yahoo accounts had been posted said in 2016.

“Justice” For Trump? DoJ, FBI Staffers
And Agents Gave Money To Hillary Clinton EVERY
DAY Of Her 2016 Campaign
By JD Heyes
Tuesday, January 02, 2018

to influence the government. Beginning

June 1, 2016, she made a small
contribution to Hillary Clinton every few
days — right through the November 8

She made average contributions of $15.90, which in sum

amounted to $1,177 — a fraction of the $1.2 billion
Clinton raised and spent. However, Berthrong

“was not unique among DoJ and FBI

employees in making dozens of small
Supporters of President Donald J. Trump, most of whom donations throughout the campaign,”
have long been convinced that there was no “collusion” Lifezette noted.
between his presidential campaign and “the Russians,”
regularly chafe at the fact that his own Justice Department A supervisory administrative officer in the FBI’s
appointed special counsel Robert Mueller to ‘investigate’ Washington field office, Lafayette Anderson, clicked the
the allegation. “donate” button 113 times beginning April 1, 2016, the site
reported. She contributed a total of $1,414. She often gave
What’s worse than Mueller’s appointment, they say, is two, and sometimes three, donations a day.
who he’s hiring to conduct the probe: As of August, the
long-time Deep State operative had hired eight confirmed They were far from the only ones: A total of 268 current
Democratic donors to conduct an investigation into a and former Department of Justice and FBI employees who
Republican president, and one who many in Washington are living in working just in the D.C. area made thousands
believe isn’t even legitimate to begin with. of contributions to Clinton during the campaign cycle. In
all, their donations total a combined $243,020, or just more
“I can say that the people that have been than half of the $416,375 she received from DoJ/FBI
hired are all Hillary Clinton supporters. employees nationwide. (Related: Mueller’s ‘pit bull’
Some of them worked for Hillary Clinton. I attorney literally attended Hillary Clinton’s election
mean the whole thing is ridiculous if you night party.)
want to know the truth, from that
standpoint,” Trump told Fox News in June, How did Trump’s donations stack up to those figures?
as reported by The Daily Caller. They were a shadow of what Clinton was getting from
Justice Department workers, agents, lawyers, and
Turns out the president’s concerns are not at all ill-placed. prosecutors. Just 61 DoJ/FBI employees gave to Trump for
That’s because, as Lifezette reports, the Department of a total of just $20,252. Trump, by comparison, spent
Justice and FBI swamps are full of Hillary donors. roughly half of Clinton’s $1.2 billion total to win the
November 2016 contest.
In fact, there are so many of them that a DoJ or FBI
employee or agent donated to her campaign every single Granted, the Clinton and Trump donors who gave
day of her failed 2016 campaign: represent less than 3 percent of the 113,000 people
employed by the Justice Department and FBI. However,
Lifezette noted, the actual donor total will never be known
Sherri Berthrong retired as a lawyer after
because they aren’t required to disclose who they work for.
37 years at the Department of Justice
(DOJ) in 2015, but that didn’t end her ability
That said, think of the disparate figures in this way: Not how is President Trump supposed to get a
every voter is polled on important questions of the day, fair shake from a lion’s den of political
just a fraction of the country is, and the ‘overall’ findings opposition?
of the poll are then extrapolated from that small
percentage. Here’s another thought. As president, Trump makes
policies that the federal bureaucracy — these two agencies
If we extrapolate the small number of donors who gave to included — are expected to carry out. Do you think there
both candidates, we can deduce, logically, that both the is going to be more or less slow-walking or ignoring of
FBI and the Department of Justice are replete with Trump’s policies at DoJ and the FBI, given the radical
Democratic voters, donors, and supporters. difference in political donations?

And while Americans are obviously free to vote for and

support whomever they choose,

ABC Spends Last Day Of 2017 Wailing
About Trump’s Threat To First Amendment
By Scott Whitlock
January 2, 2018 1:27 PM EST

ABC on Sunday spent the final day of 2017 whining about authority. The First Amendment, that democracy rests on a
the term “fake news” and insisting that Donald Trump is a free press. And it is just — he’s just made it easy now to
threat to the First Amendment. With no mention of the damp down one of the pillars of democracy.
network’s demonstrably fake reporting, This Week guest
host Martha Raddatz complained, “There was an attack Over on CNN, Sunday, Brian Stelter wondered, “What is
on the media, on the First Amendment that we have not fake news?” Guest John Avlon, unsurprisingly, blamed
seen before, really, in this country... and the profound others for being partisan:
effect that can have. This is a President, as you know well,
who likes attention from the media. On the other hand, he
Hyper-partisan news sites that have explicit agendas that
calls us fake news.”
go well beyond The National Reviews and Weekly
Standards or Mother Jones that have a forthright
USA Today’s Susan Page responded by lamenting, “Well, philosophy. These are places that are viewing political
I’m very concerned as a citizen that a lot of Americans no debate as a form of war and sometimes they function as
longer trust the mainstream news media to be telling them propagandists and there are no rules in this. They are ugly
the truth.” Again, there was no mention of the fact that and they will unleash forces against critics in any way,
ABC had to suspend correspondent Brian Ross for shape or form.
incorrectly reporting that candidate Donald Trump
instructed Michael Flynn to make contact with Russian For more examples of fake news in 2017, go here.
A partial transcript of the ABC segment is below:

Ross is now barred from reporting on Trump. (This is the

same guy who falsely linked a mass killer to the Tea This Week
Party.) Instead of showing any sort of humility over the 1/2/18
profession's botched reporting, fellow panelist Mary 9:41am
Jordan of the Washington Post blamed Trump for tearing
down “one of the pillars of democracy.” RADDATZ: And Susan, I want to — I want to expand to the First
Amendment. I -- I sort of don’t like to talk about the media and —
I think the global effect of the president of the United and it’s all about us. But there was an attack on the media, on
States talking about fake news of -- when stories that he the First Amendment that we have not seen before, really, in this
doesn’t like is dangerous. There are 262 journalists in jail country. And -- and the profound effect that can have. This is a
around the world now by despots and authoritarian figures. President, as you know well, who likes attention from the media.
The crime, for some, fake news. So when in Egypt and On the other hand, he calls us fake news. What do you think the
China and Myanmar and in other countries, leaders don’t lasting effect of this is?
like stories about corruption, about extrajudicial killings,
what do they do? They jail them. We used to be the moral

PAGE: Well, I’m very concerned as a citizen that a lot of MARY JORDAN (national correspondent, Washington Post): I
Americans no longer trust the mainstream news media to be think the global effect of the president of the United States talking
telling them the truth. Because we can disagree on what policies about fake news of -- when stories that he doesn’t like is
make sense, but we need to agree on what we think is actually dangerous. There are 262 journalists in jail around the world now
happening. And I also think something to watch in 2018 are by despots and authoritarian figures. The crime, for some, fake
Justice Department investigations into leaks and whether that news. So when in Egypt and China and Myanmar and in other
goes further than just rhetoric in terms of having a chilling effect countries, leaders don’t like stories about corruption, about
on journalism’s ability to hold to accountable people in power. extrajudicial killings, what do they do? They jail them. We used to
be the moral authority. The First Amendment, that democracy
RADDATZ: And Mary, you’ve spent a good deal of time -- one rests on a free press. And it is just — he’s just made it easy now
second, Perry. You’ve spent a good deal of time traveling around to damp down one of the pillars of democracy.
the world, being based around the world. The rest of the world
viewing fake news.

Wikileaks Smacks Down Former Hillary Clinton Advisor
‘Russia Was Not A Wikileaks Source’; ‘Deal With It’
By Cristina Laila
January 2, 2018

Tanden also tweeted,

Former Hillary Clinton advisor Neera
Tanden took to her Twitter account to “One good thing about 2017 is we learned in
cry once again about the Trump-Russia detail of the collusion between the Trump
hoax. campaign and Russia. The question before us
now is criminal conspiracy.”
Donald Trump won the presidential election
over a year ago and these mentally
deranged liberals just can’t accept it so they
keep pushing the big lie.

Of course both tweets by Tanden are full of lies, but when

has the truth ever mattered the Democrats?

The FBI STILL hasn’t inspected the DNC’s servers to see

if they were hacked at all and by whom. Why? What are
the Democrats hiding? The truth.
Tanden got a surprise because WikiLeaks absolutely
destroyed her with a wicked comeback.
Wikileaks Task Force smacked down Tanden in a tweet
that went viral.”1. It was DNC & MSM who promoted
WikiLeaks Task Force was created to correct Trump as “pied piper” GOP candidate. Own it. 2. Russia
misinformation about WikiLeaks and they wasted no time was not @wikileaks source. Deal with it. 3. Your giant
scolding Hillary Clinton’s former advisor after she spread #nothingburger is still not a logical argument. Stop it.”
lies about WikiLeaks and Russia.

Former Hillary Clinton advisor Neera Tanden tweeted


“Would Trump have won without Russia’s help?

Wikileaks was THE negative drumbeat of the
last month against Hillary. We don’t really know
but seems legit answer to say no.”

Founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange has repeatedly

denied Russia as a source.

Sean Hannity spoke with founder and editor-in-chief of

WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, on his radio show is
December of 2016 to clear up the source of the DNC hack.

When Hannity asked him if the Russian government was “Brazile writes that she was haunted by the still-
the source of the hack, Assange said the following: unsolved murder of DNC data staffer Seth Rich
and feared for her own life, shutting the blinds
Julian Assange: “Our source is not the to her office window so snipers could not see
Russian government.“ her and installing surveillance cameras at her
home,” writes Philip Rucker of the Washington
Sean Hannity: “So in other words, let me be
clear, Russia did not give you the Podesta
documents or anything from the DNC?” If Seth Rich’s murder was just a random
mugging in the middle of the nightas the
Democrats and media suggest — Why was
Julian Assange: “That’s correct.”
Donna Brazile in fear for her life?
WikiLeaks has an 11 year flawless history of
releasing authentic information.

For the record, Assange made a similar

statement back on November 3rd in 2016
before the election.

But the mainstream media refuses to listen to him!

Another unsolved mystery–the death of former DNC

staffer Seth Rich.

On July 10, 2016, 27 year-old DNC staffer Seth Conrad The Russian collusion hoax was completely fabricated by
Rich was murdered in Washington DC about a block from Hillary Clinton and her cronies. Her dirtiest political trick
his apartment. The killer or killers took nothing from their to date is the multi-million garbage dossier which was used
victim, leaving behind his wallet, watch and phone. by the FBI and most likely prompted a FISA warrant to
spy on her political opponent.
Shortly after Rich’s murder, Hillary’s campaign chairman
John Podesta’s DNC emails were scattered throughout the Since she lost the presidential election, the dossier was
internet via WikiLeaks. then used to prompt a Special Counsel to investigate
Donald Trump for a crime that has yet to be named.
Eyebrows were raised once again when former interim
Chairwoman of the DNC Donna Brazile said Seth Rich’s
murder haunted her.

Wikileaks Denies Russia As Source
In Response To Head Of John Podesta Think Tank
By Tyler Durden
Tue, 01/02/2018 - 17:40

Wikileaks has once again denied that Russia was their

source of leaked emails published during the 2016
election. In a Monday reply to Neera Tanden, former
Hillary Clinton advisor and President of the Center for
American Progress - a liberal think tank founded by John
Podesta, the WikiLeaks Task Force tweeted "2. Russia was
not @wikileaks source. Deal with it."

The WikiLeaks Task Force twitter account is

described as an "Official @WikiLeaks support
account," which exists to "Correct
misinformation about #WikiLeaks, amplify
our publications."

While Julian Assange has previously denied Russia as While the US intelligence community is apparently
their source, sticking to the Russia narrative, President Trump
definitively hedged his opinion on WikiLeaks' source. At a
this is the first explicit admission by the July 2017 press conference before a scheduled meeting
organization in print regarding Kremlin with Vladimir Putin, President Trump fielded questions
involvement in leaked emails published about whether he accepts the U.S. intelligence
during the 2016 US presidential election. community’s verdict that Russia interfered in the 2016
election in a bid to help him defeat Democratic rival
Hillary Clinton.
HANNITY: Can you say to the American
people, unequivocally, that you did not get this
information about the DNC, John Podesta's Trump responded that others might have been culpable, in
emails, can you tell the American people 1,000 addition from Russia.
percent that you did not get it from Russia or
anybody associated with Russia? "I think it was Russia and I think it could
have been other people and other
JULIAN ASSANGE: Yes. We can say, we have countries,” Mr. Trump said. “A lot of people
said, repeatedly that over the last two months interfered. I think it’s been happening for a
that our source is not the Russian government long time.”
and it is not a state party.

Trump also said the U.S. intelligence community has made Her application to renew an expired visa has
mistakes in the past and its judgment is open to question. been stuck in mysterious bureaucratic limbo
As he has done in the past when discussing Russian since 2014.
In an age when British popstars with any sort of US
he mentioned the U.S. invasion of Iraq in fanbase are routinely granted permission to work in
2003. America, her two-year hobbling seems unconventional.

Intelligence assessments claiming that Iraq possessed “Obviously what’s happening to me is very
weapons of mass destruction turned out to be inaccurate. deliberate,” she says. “I don’t know who’s
doing it, it’s like fucking playing Cluedo.”
“I remember listening about Iraq,” Trump
said. He added: “Nobody really knows. In general, though, she does not pitch her suspicions
Nobody really knows for sure.” small.

The WikiLeaks Task Force tweet comes on the heels of a “On paper I’ve supported WikiLeaks and
cryptic 3AM (London time) tweet by Julian Assange stuff. And now Hillary Clinton is running for
containing a 60-character code and an embedded link to president. And until that’s solved I might
the MIA music video "Paper Planes." have a problem, because anyone who ever
associated with that website is going to get
fucked up. Even if you delivered [WikiLeaks]
their takeaway, you are going to be on a list.
Do you know what I mean?”

I ask her if she ever worries she’s paranoid and she replies,
smartly, that in the aftermath of Edward Snowden’s
revelations about the NSA it’s wrong “to even use the
word ‘paranoia’ as if it’s a weird condition. Because it’s
common as a fucking cold now. Everyone has to have an
element of paranoia"

The Russia denial also follows several weeks of unsettling

activity involving WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. In mid-
December, Three hooded figures dressed in black broke
into the Madrid office of WikiLeaks lawyer Baltasar
Garzon in a dawn raid.

The intruders covered security cameras with

Several people speculated that the tweet signaled an
imminent new WikiLeaks document release, while others and there were no signs that anything was taken - however
suggested Assange was highlighting Maya Arulpragasam, police are analyzing Garzon's computer equipment to
MIA, for a reason. As The Guardian pointed out last fall, determine whether or not any files were taken or copied.
Arulpragasam has her own "Visa" issues with the United
States after her renewal application got mysteriously "They have not taken what they have been
delayed back in 2014 and has been stuck in limbo ever looking for,"
Garzon told El Periodico, and told Ser magazine that
a fact which she attributed to having his clients’ security “has not been affected,” and that the
"supported Wikileaks and stuff." people "acted very quickly."

There is a song on the new album called “Visa” that takes Hours after the break-in, Julian Assange
aim at American immigration policy, something tweeted a Jimmy Dore video which contains a
Arulpragasam unwillingly knows a lot about. clip of Assange strongly hinting that
murdered DNC IT staffer Seth Rich was their

two weeks after the US Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden
sent a cable detailing their concerns.

Meanwhile, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher travelled to

London in August with journalist Charles Johnson for a
meeting with Assange, where Rohrabacher said

the WikiLeaks founder offered "firsthand"

information proving that the Trump
campaign did not collude with Russia, and
which would refute the Russian hacking

After President Trump denied knowledge of the potential

deal, Rohrabacher raged at Trump's Chief of Staff, John
Seth Rich Kelly, for constructing a "wall" around President Trump
The next week, Julian Assange's twitter account was
mysteriously deactivated for several hours. "people who do not want to expose this
And as we reported yesterday, a document found on
convicted pedophile Anthony Weiner's laptop confirms the Perhaps Trump will take a blowtorch to the hornet's nest
the Obama administration was implicated in a plot to and pardon Assange in exchange for proof Russia wasn't
silence Julian Assange before the 2010 Swedish election - WikiLeaks' source, per the deal Rep. Rohrabacher brought
as an arrest warrant was issued for the WikiLeaks founder back from the Ecuadorian Embassy's longest-term resident.

With Hillary Clinton While She Was At State Dept.
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 2, 2018

“The players in the WikiLeaks email are The link in the tweet goes to a State Department site that
interesting” includes a full PDF file of the cable, which is here.

“The players in the WikiLeaks email are

interesting. Scott Shane is the national
security reporter for the Times. And the
recipient of his email, Philip Crowley, was
at the time the United States Assistant
Secretary of State for Public Affairs under
Clinton’s State Department,” The Daily
Wire reported.

(National Sentinel) Deep State: Whistleblower web site Political observers said that the tip-off was meant to give
WikiLeaks overnight tweeted what appears to be Clinton and the State Department time to come up with
irrefutable proof that at least one correspondent at The responses to stories that put her and the agency in a bad
New York Times was colluding with then-Secretary of light.
State Hillary Clinton to update her in advance about stories
the paper was preparing to run.
“Or, in another possible scenario, the
heads up could give the State Department
The tweet comes after the Times on Monday published time to create a diversion for the same day,
what critics say was another “hit piece” on Republicans thus overriding a damaging story with other
headlined, “Republican Attacks on Mueller and F.B.I. news its friends in the mainstream media
Open New Rift in GOP.” would happily cover instead,” The Daily
Wire noted further.

Late last week the State Department released 2,800 emails

sought in a FOIA lawsuit by government watchdog
Judicial Watch that came from a laptop computer
belonging to former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, the
estranged husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

At least five of those emails contained classified

information marked “confidential.” The Daily Mail noted
that the confidential classification level is given to
information in which unauthorized disclosure “reasonably
could be expected to cause damage to national security.”

‘This Is Your Brain On Drugs.’ Chelsea Handler’s Dig At
Trump’s Brain Mind-Blowingly BACKFIRES
By Sam J.
Posted At 12:23 Pm On January 2, 2018

There are a few things Chelsea Handler should avoid while

making digs at Trump or anyone else for that matter.
Oh, the irony of Handler accusing anyone else of having
‘sh*t for brains.’
That’s too much to ask of any president.

And whatever could Trump have tweeted that so enraged

Put down the Twitter, Chelsea.

She seriously set herself up for this.

You know, those ones?

Suggesting she read a book?! Oppressor!

Maybe that will be her next show, “Crazy old woman yells
at a wall.
Would look a lot like her Twitter feed.

And to think, she supposedly gave up her show to be a

political activist.
We’re starting to think she chose poorly.

Trump To DOJ: ‘JAIL!’ To Abedin, Comey;
Calls On ‘DEEP STATE’ Justice Dept. To ACT
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 2, 2018

Trump appeared to be suggesting that a double standard Fox News reported further:
was being employed against the sailor and Hillary Clinton,
Abedin and others The president’s tweet comes after the State
Department, in a Friday news dump,
released a batch of emails from Abedin’s
account that were discovered by the FBI on
a laptop belonging to her estranged
husband, Anthony Weiner. At least four of
the documents were marked “classified.”

As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, the group Judicial

Watch had filed suit to obtain the documents from the
State Department. The group’s president, Tom Fitton,
speculated in October that the laptop likely contained
(National Sentinel) Justice Deserved: President Donald J.
classified information.
Trump on Tuesday slammed “Crooked Hillary” aide Huma
Abedin and appeared to call on the “Deep State” Justice
Department to act following new revelations she may have At least five emails determined to be classified were found
mishandled classified emails. among 2,800 documents stored on a laptop belonging to
Anthony Weiner, whose then-wife Huma Abedin was
deputy chief of staff to then-Secretary of State Hillary
“Crooked Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma
Abedin, has been accused of disregarding
basic security protocols. She put Classified
The State Department released its documents Friday
Passwords into the hands of foreign afternoon. They included eight pages that were classified
agents. Remember sailors pictures on the at the “confidential level,” the third-most sensitive level
submarine? Jail!” Trump tweeted early established by the U.S. government.
Tuesday. “Deep State Justice Dept must
finally act? Also on Comey & others.” In addition, Abedin forwarded classified emails to her
Yahoo account, reports noted Tuesday. All Yahoo
accounts were hacked in 2013 by Russian state actors,
according to a CNN/Money report.

Comey exonerated Clinton in July 2016 despite the fact

that FBI agents had discovered evidence she mishandled
classified information. He reopened the case in late
October after agents found classified emails on a laptop
belonging to Abedin’s now-estranged husband, former
U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Comey told lawmakers during a congressional hearing

The president was making a reference to U.S. Navy sailor earlier this year that he believed Abedin forwarded emails
Kristian Saucier who was jailed after taking unauthorized
to Weiner for him to print out so that she could give them
cell phone photos inside a nuclear submarine. Trump
appeared to be suggesting that a double standard was being to Clinton.
employed against the sailor and Hillary Clinton, Abedin
and others involved in mishandling classified data.
Boom! POTUS Trump Tweets Rocket Man Kim Jong Un:
“I Too Have A Nuclear Button, But It Is Much Bigger…
And My Button Works!”
By Jim Hoft
January 2, 2018

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the

“Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Will someone
from his depleted and food starved regime please inform
him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much
bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button

On Monday North Korean communist tyrant Kim Jong

Un declared North Korea a “nuclear power”.

Little Rocket Man added that he has a “nuclear button on

his desk.”

On Tuesday President Donald Trump responded to

little rocket man.

NY Times In Full COVER-UP Mode To Help DEMS Save
Their ‘Trump-Russia Collusion’ Narrative As House Closes
In On FBI’s Improper Use Of ‘Dossier’
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 2, 2018

“[N]ow, with the Page foundation of the campaign of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National
collusion narrative collapsing, and with the Committee.
heat on over the Obama administration’s
use of the dossier, it is apparently Republicans in Congress, and in particular House
Papadopoulos to the rescue” Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes of
California, increasing believe that the FBI used the dossier
as a quasi-intelligence document to obtain the FISA
warrant without ever the dossier’s salacious claims of

“[I]t turns out the Page angle and thus the

collusion narrative itself is beset by an
Obama-administration scandal: Slowly but
surely, it has emerged that the Justice
Department and FBI very likely targeted
(National Sentinel) Deep State Corruption: A report over Page because of the Steele dossier, a
the New Year’s holiday weekend by The New York Times Clinton-campaign opposition-research
claiming that a once-minor figure in the presidential screed disguised as intelligence reporting,”
campaign of President Donald J. Trump is really McCarthy wrote.
responsible for the FBI’s counterintelligence probe of
Team Trump is getting pushback from a former Justice “Increasingly, it appears that the Bureau
Dept. prosecutor who says the story sounds like political failed to verify Steele’s allegations before
cover for Democrats. the DOJ used some of them to bolster an
application for a spying warrant from the
FISA court.”
Andrew McCarthy, writing in National Review Online,
said that the paper is attempting to save the “Trump-Russia
collusion” narrative with “Collusion 2.0,” “in which it is He’s not the only one who thinks so. House Judiciary
George Papadopoulos — then a 28-year-old whose idea of Committee member Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said the
résumé enhancement was to feign participation in the same thing last month.
Model U.N. — who triggered the FBI’s massive probe
by . . . wait for it . . . a night of boozy blather in London.” “The easiest way to clear it up is tell us
what’s in that application and who took it
The Times initially claimed in an April 2017 piece that there,” Jordan said in an interview following
former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page triggered the the committee’s attempt to get an answer
FBI’s counterintelligence probe after a June 2016 visit to to that question from senior FBI and Justice
Moscow. The FBI reportedly obtained a warrant from the Department officials.
secretive FISA court in order to launch surveillance of the
entire Trump campaign a few months before the It is due to the persistence of Nunes and Republicans that
November 2016 election. the dossier story won’t go away, McCarthy said,
prompting the need for Democrats and their allies in the
But, as McCarthy noted in his column, the change of media to craft another version of the Trump-Russia
narrative appears to be linked to ongoing revelations collusion narrative, to deflect attention away from the
surrounding the now-infamous “Trump dossier,” a piece of possible misuse of the document.
opposition research commissioned by a Democrat-leaning
firm, Fusion GPS, and paid for in large part by the McCarthy noted further:
First, we were led to believe the dossier George Papadopoulos” never appeared in the report about
was no big deal because the FBI would Page.
surely have corroborated any information
before the DOJ fed it to a federal judge in a “It is an explosive problem, this use of the
warrant application. Then, when the Clinton dossier by the Obama Justice Department
campaign’s role in commissioning the and the FBI in an application to the FISA
dossier came to light, we were told it was court for authority to spy on Trump’s
impertinent to ask about what the FBI did, if associates. Politically, it suggests that the
anything, to corroborate it since this could collusion narrative peddled by Democrats
imperil intelligence methods and sources and the media since Trump’s victory in the
— and, besides, such questions were just a November election was substantially driven
distraction from the all-important Mueller by partisan propaganda,” wrote McCarthy.
investigation (which the dossier had a hand
in instigating and which, to date, has turned
He also said there were legal implications for the misuse of
up no evidence of a Trump-Russia the dossier.
Lately, the story has morphed into this: “Legally, it raises the distinct possibilities
Well, even if the dossier was used, it was that (a) the FBI did not adequately verify
only used a little — there simply must have the claims in the dossier before using them
been lots of other evidence that Trump was in an application to the secret federal court;
in cahoots with Putin. But that’s not going and (b) the Justice Department of the then-
to fly: Putting aside the dearth of collusion incumbent Democratic administration did
evidence after well over a year of not disclose to the court that the dossier
aggressive investigation, the dossier is was produced by the Democratic
partisan propaganda. If it was not presidential campaign for use against the
adequately corroborated by the FBI, and if rival Republican candidate,” he wrote.
the Justice Department, without disclosing
its provenance to the court, nevertheless
CNN reported in April 2017 that the FBI did indeed use the
relied on any part of it in a FISA
dossier to obtain the FISA warrant.
application, that is a major problem.
“[N]ow, with the Page foundation of the
The Times assigned a half-dozen top reporters and a
collusion narrative collapsing, and with the
researcher to the Page story, the former federal prosecutor
heat on over the Obama administration’s
noted, which meant the paper gave the story top priority.
use of the dossier, it is apparently
He noted further that despite the effort the paper put into
Papadopoulos to the rescue,” McCarthy
the story, which allegedly included information gleaned
from several insider sources, “the name

WOW! Devin Nunes May Interview
Robert Mueller Over Clinton-Uranium One Scandal
By Joshua Caplan
January 2, 2018

During his remarks at David Horowitz’s month later, on May 17th, Rosenstein appointed a special
Restoration Weekend 2017 back in counsel and appointed his old friend from the Federal
November, Intelligence Chairman Devin Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Robert Mueller.
Nunes dropped a bomb that few, if any,
Prior to the Obama administration approving the very
caught in the media.
controversial deal in 2010 giving Russia 20% of America’s
The California Congressman told the audience that he Uranium, the FBI had evidence that Russian nuclear
will interview Robert Mueller if the special counsel was industry officials were involved in bribery, kickbacks,
involved in the Clinton-Uranium One deal. extortion and money laundering in order to benefit
Vladimir Putin.
The FBI approved the deal anyway.
And previously Rep. Louie Gohmert dropped the bomb
that Rosenstein and Mueller were the ones who allowed
the Uranium One deal to go forward.
Here is Louie from After the Bell.
Rep. Gohmert: One of the things that was most shocking
was that a guy named Rosenstein, if that name sounds
familiar, since he appointed Mueller (to lead Special
Counsel on Trump) he was the guy that actually helped
When asked by an audience member what his thoughts sign documents that got the whole thing, the original
were on Mueller’s alleged role in the Clinton-Uranium cover-up done by sealing documents back early in the
One deal, Nunes had this to say: Obama administration so that Hillary could go through and
NUNES: Trey Gowdy, rightfully so, wants to methodically make mega-millions…
go through this, so the answer to Mueller, if he has …The blockbuster line now here is that he (Mueller) and
involvement in it, we’re going to interview him. I mean, Rosenstein had to be involved in him being the Special
that’s the bottom line. Counsel now because now we know he needed to cover
up the fact that him and Rosenstein covered up the first
Via After the Bell:

What’s interesting about Nunes’ statement is that Mueller

appears to have approved the deal, says
Congressman Louie Gohmert.
On April 25th, 2017, Rod Rosenstein was confirmed to
be deputy attorney general by a vote of 94-6 in the Senate
and on April 26th he was sworn in. Then less than a

Trump Suggests Cutting Aid To Palestine
After 'Taking Jerusalem Off The Table'
Published Time: 2 Jan, 2018 22:58 Edited Time: 3 Jan, 2018 08:24

Trump's tweets came just hours after US ambassador to the

UN, Nikki Haley, announced presidential intentions to
punish the Palestinians over their refusal to hold
negotiations with Israel.

"The President has basically said that he

doesn’t want to give any additional
funding... until the Palestinians are
agreeing to come back to the negotiating
table,” Haley said on Tuesday in New York.
"We're trying to move for a peace process,
© Mohamad Torokman / Reuters but if that doesn't happen, the president is
not going to continue to fund that situation."
US President Donald Trump has suggested the US should
halt aid to the Palestinian Authority, accusing the
Since the 1993 Oslo Accords, the US has been among the
Palestinians of being “no longer willing to talk peace” with major donors to the Palestinian Authority (PA), created to
Israel. manage limited self-governance in parts of the West Bank
and the Gaza Strip. The goal of the aid was to stimulate
After announcing that the US would halt aid to Pakistan economic growth in Palestinian territories and build public
because Islamabad is “not doing enough” to combat support for negotiations with Israel.
terrorism, Trump followed up with tweets that the US is
getting “no appreciation or respect” from the Palestinians In 2011, when Washington threatened to cut off the aid
though it sends “hundreds of millions of dollars” a year. because the PA was negotiating a unity government with
Hamas ‒ considered a terrorist group by both the US and
“They don’t even want to negotiate a long Israel ‒ the PA said it was willing to give up the funding.
overdue peace treaty with Israel,” Trump
wrote. “Palestinians need American money, but if
“We have taken Jerusalem, the toughest they use it as a way of pressuring us, we
part of the negotiation, off the table,” he are ready to relinquish that aid,” a
added. “But with the Palestinians no longer spokesman for PA President Mahmoud
willing to talk peace, why should we make Abbas said at the time.
any of these massive future payments to
them?” Last month, Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as
Israel’s capital and ordered the US embassy to relocate
there. Congress passed a law in 1995 ordering the
embassy’s relocation, but every president since has signed
a waiver delaying its implementation.

Jerusalem was divided between Israel and Jordan under the

1949 armistice, and has been entirely controlled by Israel
since June 1967. The UN has not recognized Israel’s
annexation of the city, and the Palestinians continue to
claim the eastern half of Jerusalem as the capital of their
future state.

‘Constitutional Crisis’: Deep State Versus Donald Trump,
Administration Over Transgender Individuals In Military
By Matthew Boyle
2 Jan 2018

Perhaps most importantly, it sets up a potential

constitutional crisis, George Rasley of Richard Viguerie’s
ConservativeHQ told Breitbart News.

“The judge’s order directing President

Trump to enlist transgenders into the
military is a constitutional crisis of the first
order,” Rasley said in an email. “From
usurping the administration’s immigration
powers to the powers of the commander in
chief, federal judges have attempted coup
after coup against Donald Trump. If the
President and his lawyers do not fight back
more aggressively there will be no
presidential power that these left wing
judges will not attempt the seize for
The left and media are presenting a themselves.”
decision by elements of the Trump
administration to not pursue an Shocking many conservatives and Trump supporters, the
immediate stay in court as a win by Department of Justice—and Department of Defense—did
LGBTQ forces seeking to force not seek a stay from the U.S. Supreme Court, which will
President Donald Trump, America’s likely eventually hear the case, and perhaps grant a stay
Commander-in-Chief, to accept nullifying the lower court’s block while the legal process
transgender recruits into the U.S. plays itself out. That decision appears to be a questionable
military. one, and many conservatives and Trump supporters are
baffled at why the Trump administration’s DOJ would not
But it might not be as big a win as they would have hoped step forward and press this issue right this second.
for, as conservative forces rally behind the president with a
variety of plans to crush the short-term leftist victory— Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness said
though it does remain to be seen if the administration’s in a lengthy statement issued Tuesday:
various departments responsible, primarily Justice and
Defense, will follow through on efforts to get Trump
Under Article III of the U.S. Constitution,
another win.
the federal courts have no authority to
make policy regarding the military. The
As of Jan. 2, thanks to lower court rulings blocking Department of Justice (DoJ) should have
implementation of President Trump’s directive to the protected the constitutional rights of
Department of Defense, transgender individuals can President Donald J. Trump by filing an
legally enlist in the U.S. military. That is in direct emergency appeal with the Supreme Court
contravention of an order the Commander-in-Chief handed immediately after the District of Columbia
down to Defense Secretary James Mattis back in August, and Fourth Circuit Courts of Appeals
one that has been challenged in court and blocked by a denied requests for stays of lower court
district judge by a preliminary injunction while the case is preliminary injunctions. The issue is not the
ongoing. On appeal, two U.S. courts of appeals—the military transgender policy alone, but who
Fourth Circuit and the D.C. Circuit—upheld two lower gets to decide what the policy will be. By
courts’ preliminary injunctions, blocking Trump’s failing to petition the Supreme Court to stay
transgender ban on military enlistment. the lower court orders, the DoJ has tacitly

conceded that federal judges can make In other words:
military policy and establish medical
standards for enlistments. According to DOJ lawyers are just like the lawyers for
Reuters, a Justice Department official who their clients, trying to formulate a legal
requested anonymity noted that the strategy that they think will win their clients’
Defense Department has set up a ‘study’ to case. But, by no means has the DOJ
review the issue. Rather than litigate this abandoned the case—and it is still fighting
interim appeal before that occurs, the to defend the legality of the president’s
administration has decided to wait for the directive.
DoD’s study and continue to defend the
president’s lawful authority in district court
Sources close to the matter and with direct knowledge tell
in the meantime. This is a lame excuse, Breitbart News that the issue came up at a National
making as much sense as the 2016 Trump
Security Council principals meeting on Tuesday—and the
Campaign allowing the Federal Election
senior-most officials in the Trump administration are
Commission to declare Hillary Clinton the
seeking a pathway forward to dealing with this matter.
winner of the presidential race early on
Sources close to the process have told Breitbart News that
Election Night, relying on vote counts
there may be a better option on the table for the president
coming in later to undo that result. The
if he wants to succeed here, and it involves a strategy laid
DoJ’s reported strategy might be plausible
out for him by several top conservative leaders.
IF the Defense Department ‘study’ in
question were truly fact-based and
objective, and IF the DoD had taken steps A letter sent to President Trump signed by various military
to provide conditional enlistment contracts and law enforcement conservative leaders, including
with transgender personnel who are President Ronald Reagan’s Attorney General Ed Meese,
recruited under the force of federal court lays out a new pathway forward for President Trump to
orders. Neither expectation has been met. block transgender individuals from serving in the military.

Chris Hull, an executive vice president of the Center for Meese and the other conservative leaders wrote to
Security Policy who previously served as chief of staff to President Trump before the New Year:
Rep. Steve King (R-IA), is similarly upset.
As you know, several district judges have
“These individuals suffer from a serious recently ordered the Department of
mental illness with suicide rates of up to Defense to begin enlisting individuals who
40%, which is eight times as high as the identify as transgender into the military on
rate among schizophrenics, who are barred January 2, 2018. These orders are not only
from military service,” Hull told Breitbart at odds with your directive of August 25,
News. “We already have a problem with 2017 to the Secretary of Defense and, with
suicide in the military without actively respect to the Coast Guard, to the
recruiting those among the most likely to Secretary of Homeland Security precluding
die at their own hands.” such a change in policy. It is also a judicial
intrusion upon your exclusive authority as
Commander-in-Chief pursuant to Article II
But, per the Department of Justice, they are following the
of the Constitution and a dangerous affront
instructions of the Department of Defense and the White
to your responsibility to determine the
House. The Pentagon is, per the DOJ, working on a new
make-up and disposition of the nation’s
study on the matter—and things are on hold until then and
armed forces. Unfortunately, this is not the
until the next stages of litigation.
only example of unacceptable
infringements on your presidential powers.
“The Department of Defense has Courts have been eager to strike down
announced that it will be releasing an your immigration-related executive orders
independent study of these issues in the with politically-motivated rulings. Moreover,
coming weeks,” DOJ spokeswoman Sarah as Bloomberg reported yesterday in a news
Isgur Flores told Breitbart News. “So rather report headlined, ‘Washington Bureaucrats
than litigate this interim appeal before that Are Quietly Working to Undermine Trump’s
occurs, the administration has decided to Agenda,’ others in the government have
wait for DOD’s study and will continue to been emboldened to subvert your
defend the President’s and Secretary of administration and policies. We believe
Defense’s lawful authority in district court in strongly that your decision to prevent
the meantime.” additional enlistments of individuals who
identify as transgender in the U.S. armed
forces is fully justified in light of the grave will make its way through the court system—from the
harm such a policy change would portend district court level all the way up through the appeals court
for the readiness, morale, unit cohesion to the Supreme Court if necessary. Their enlistment
and funding challenges facing our military. contracts would include specific provisions that they may
In addition, it would be a most dangerous not avail themselves of sex-change surgeries or other
precedent to have the judiciary interjecting expensive medical options at taxpayer expense during this
itself into your exclusive, constitutional time, and that they will immediately be discharged from
command authority and responsibility to the military if and when the administration prevails in
create a right to serve where there is none court. Doing it this way, as well, allows time for the
– let alone extending that right to people Department of Justice to build its case out with evidence at
whose medical condition and requirements the district court level—evidence that will eventually be
are, as a practical matter, incompatible with considered in the very likely event that the U.S. Supreme
military service and a burden on an already Court eventually considers this case.
stressed military budget.
This order will likely be challenged as well. But by
They continued in the letter to President Trump by noting resetting the clock this way, a Supreme Court decision on
that there is a different pathway forward for him that the president’s policy would likely not come down before
would take the power away from activist judges attempting 2019, when it is very possible that the court will have one
to nullify his presidency, and allow him to move forward or two more conservative Justices in place of the
with implementation of his ban on transgender individuals potentially retiring Anthony Kennedy and the aging Ruth
enlisting in the U.S. military. The conservative leaders Bader Ginsburg.
wrote to President Trump:
In other words, Trump could sign a new order immediately
To allow this court order to stand, moreover, would be to with language close to what Meese and company are
invite the judiciary to trespass further on your executive suggesting very soon. Then, the same judges at both the
authority and the chain of command. Predictably, it would district court and appeals courts levels that blocked
also empower government employees to ignore Trump’s directive from implementation would predictably
presidential direction – with profound and adverse block this one. The new order would replace the old one—
implications for the Republic. In the interest of avoiding and this new one would become the focus of the court
such intolerable consequences and preventing avoidable case.
harm from being inflicted on the armed forces with the
initiation of enlistments of individuals who identify as Solicitor General Noel Francisco, the Justice Department
transgender, we recommend that you immediately issue a official responsible for preparing the DOJ’s legal strategy
new directive to the Secretaries of Defense and Homeland here, would then ask the Supreme Court for a stay on the
Security along the lines of the attached. It simply preserves lower court order blocking implementation—and by the
your authority and responsibility to establish accession time those actions have passed, no transgender individuals
standards for military service, pending the outcome of or at least very few would have gotten into the military and
ongoing litigation. the case would not be on the Supreme Court docket until
2019 rather than this year, in 2018.
In addition to Meese, the other signers of the letter include
retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin, Center for Again, it all remains to be seen what President Trump, the
Security Policy President Frank Gaffney, Retired U.S. Air DOJ, and the Department of Defense do here in the end.
Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, Retired U.S. Navy The DOJ and White House have not responded to specific
Admiral James Lyons, and Elaine Donnelly from the requests for comment about this letter and plan. But the
Center for Military Readiness. fact that Meese, a former U.S. Attorney General for
President Reagan, is signed onto this letter lends
Taking this new action would supersede the old executive significant credibility to the idea that President Trump—
action. The draft text, also obtained by Breitbart News, who sources say has read their letter and is considering
would allow transgender individuals to serve in the their ideas—may move forward with such a strategy.
military only during the timeframe in which this court case

Witness: Russia Probe Grand Jury Looks Like ‘Bernie
Sanders Rally’ – Or A ‘Black Lives Matter Rally’
By Cristina Laila
January 2, 2018

“That room isn’t a room where POTUS gets a

According to a witness, the Russia witch hunt fair shake.”
Grand Jury room looks like a Bernie Sanders
rally or a Black Lives Matter rally in Berkeley. Not only is the Grand Jury completely bias and full of
liberal hacks who most likely hate President Trump,
11 out of 20 jurors are black; the only white male in the Mueller’s entire team of lawyers are Hillary/Obama
room was a prosecutor (Mueller was not present). donors.

It is way past time for the unconstitutional witch hunt to be

shut down.

We reported in August that Mueller’s entire team was full

of Trump haters. Here is a summary of the Mueller team –
(Strzok’s mistress Lisa Page has since been removed)

 Robert Mueller – Special Counsel Team leader. —

Best friend to fired leaker James Comey a key
witness in the case and cohort at the FBI in
assisting Mueller to enable the Clintons to get away
with their many crimes.
 Rush Atkinson, an attorney on detail from the Criminal
Division’s Fraud Section at the Department of Justice
— Donated $200 to Clinton in 2016
Page Six reported:  Peter Carr – DOJ spokesman under Barack Obama.
 Andrew Goldstein, a public corruption prosecutor on
“The grand jury room looks like a Bernie detail from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern
Sandersrally,” my source said. “Maybe they District of New York — Worked under Trump-basher
found these jurors in central casting, or at Preet Bharara in the liberal New York southern
a Black Lives Matterrally in Berkeley [Calif.]” district.
 Adam Jed, an appellate attorney on detail from DOJ’s
Civil Division. — Defended Obamacare at the DOJ.
Of the 20 jurors, 11 are African-Americans and
 Lisa Page, an attorney on detail from the FBI’s Office
two were wearing “peace T-shirts,” the witness
of the General Counsel and a former trial attorney with
said. “There was only one white male in the
the Criminal Division’s Organized Crime and Gang
room, and he was a prosecutor.” Mueller was
Section – Investigated Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry
not present
Firtash, a one-time business partner of former
Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, at the
[…] DOJ.
 Elizabeth Prelogar, an appellate attorney on detail
Sol Wachtler, the former chief judge in New York, once from the Office of the Solicitor General. -Fluent in
called for abolishing grand juries because they are so Russian; former law clerk to Justices Ruth Bader
easily manipulated that they would “indict a ham Ginsburg and Elena Kagan.
sandwich.”  James Quarles, a former partner at WilmerHale and a
former assistant special prosecutor for the Watergate
My source said, Special Prosecution Force. –Former assistant
special prosecutor on the Watergate Special
Prosecution Force.

 Jeannie Rhee, a former partner at WilmerHale who served as an assistant U.S. attorney in the Eastern
has served in the Office of Legal Counsel at DOJ and District of Virginia. — Worked with Robert Mueller at
as an assistant U.S. attorney for the District of the WilmerHale firm.
Columbia. — Rhee is a Clinton Foundation  Aaron Zelinsky, an attorney on detail from the U.S.
Lawyer and former Deputy Assistant Attorney Attorney’s Office in the District of Maryland. —
General in the Office of Legal Counsel under Worked under Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein in
Barack Obama. Maryland.
 Brandon Van Grack, an attorney on detail from the  Zainab Ahmad, a top national security prosecutor on
Justice Department’s National Security Division. detail from U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District
— Led a grand jury inquiry in Northern Virginia of New York.
scrutinizing former Trump associate Michael  Michael Dreeben, an appellate attorney on detail from
Flynn’s foreign lobbying. the Office of the Solicitor General, described by former
 Andrew Weissmann, who is on detail from the colleagues as one of the brightest criminal law experts
Criminal Division’s Fraud Section and who has served of the past two generations.
as general counsel at the FBI and as an assistant U.S.
attorney for the Eastern District of New York. — SHUT IT DOWN.
Weissmann donated $2,300 to the Obama Victory
Fund in 2008, $2,000 to the DNC in 2006 and at
least $2,300 to the Clinton campaign in 2007. The Mueller ‘Russia’ investigation was built
on a foundation of lies and cost taxpayers
 Aaron Zebley, a former partner at WilmerHale who
$6.7 million within the first 5 months!
has previously served with Mueller at the FBI and has

President Donald Trump Recognized
As ‘Pro-Life Person Of The Year’ For 2017
By Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.
3 Jan 2018

Newman said that President Trump has had the courage to

keep promises made during the campaign that provide
greater protections for the pre-born and deny Federal funds
to those who commit abortions.

In explaining why its award went to Mr. Trump, Operation

Rescue highlighted eight specific accomplishments it
attributes to his presidency.

These achievements include naming Justice Neil Gorsuch

to the U.S. Supreme Court, denying public money to
abortion providers around the world, the Department of
Justice investigation into Planned Parenthood’s illegal sale
of baby parts, support for pro-life legislation, support for
the defunding of Planned Parenthood, his naming of pro-
life people to his administration, specific HHS pro-life
policies, and protections for conscientious objectors to the
One of the most prominent pro-life Obamacare HHS mandate.
groups in America has given its annual
award to President Donald Trump, “We are proud of President Trump and his bold
declaring him the 2017 “Pro-Life Person willingness to advance the cause of life,” Newman said.
of the Year.” “There are more battles ahead, but under the Trump
administration, we can now finally see progress within our
“Since Trump took office, he has accomplished more for government toward restoring the sanctity of life and the
the pro-life agenda than any other president,” according to protections of personhood to the pre-born.”
Operation Rescue, one of the most visible and effective
pro-life activist groups in the country. The National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL)
lashed out at Operation Rescue for its decision, calling it
Operation Rescue gives its annual Malachi Award “to “an anti-choice extremist group with ties to domestic
recognize individuals who sacrificially work to advance terrorism,” thereby signaling that the award had hit home.
the cause of protecting the pre-born,” their website states.
NARAL went on to describe pro-life Americans who work
The group’s president, Troy Newman, had high praise for for the protection of the unborn as Trump’s “extremist,
Mr. Trump, announcing that he “has proven to be the most fringe base.”
pro-life president we have had in modern history and has
backed up his pro-life rhetoric with action like no other
before him.”

POTUS Trump’s Assistant Trolls CNN’s Brian Stelter For
Reporting Trump’s ‘Nuclear Button’ Tweet
For ‘Twitter Violation’
By Cristina Laila
Wednesday, January 3, 2018
On Monday North Korean communist
tyrant Kim Jong Un declared North
Korea a “nuclear power”.
Little Rocket Man added that he has a
“nuclear button on his desk.”
On Tuesday President Donald Trump
responded to little rocket man.

Stelter called Trump’s behavior “madness” and tattled on

POTUS Trump to Twitter’s president.

“North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just

stated that the “Nuclear Button is on his
desk at all times.” Will someone from his
depleted and food starved regime please
inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button,
but it is a much bigger & more powerful one
than his, and my Button works!”

President Trump’s assistant and Director of Social Media,

Dan Scavino trolled the heck outta Brian Stelter.

CNN’s Brian Stelter got triggered over President Trump’s “Carry on w/your night @BrianStelter.
tweet. While you would love nothing more than to
see a Twitter ToS Violation for handle:
@realDonaldTrump, you and all of your
liberal friends have NOTHING. Keep calling

Twitter�Stop trying to be the NEWS. Just And another one from Scavino…BOOM!
report the NEWS & try keeping it REAL!”

Stelter responded,
CNN, where lighting bongs, pushing botched Trump-
Russia collusion stories and tattling on the president for his
“Thanks Dan. I reached out to a Twitter
tweets is considered news.
spokesman, and he had no immediate
comment. More TK.”

‘This Is FAKE NEWS’: CNN Runs Globalist Sponsored
Propaganda Piece That Claims That The Deep State Is
NOT Real, No Conspiracy Against Trump
Alex Thomas
January 3rd, 2018

Robert Mueller aren’t personal friends and the Clinton

campaign never paid for RUSSIAN SOURCES to provide
disinformation on Trump.

The CNN propaganda piece reads:

President Donald Trump on Tuesday

escalated an extraordinary confrontation
with his own Justice Department,
suggesting it was part of a shady
government “deep state” conspiracy
Over the last two years elements of the deep state, along against him.
with their mainstream media allies, have waged a The explosive charge follows Trump’s
seemingly endless war on all things Donald Trump that, at repeated attacks on the FBI and agents
this point, simply cannot be denied. working with special counsel Robert
Mueller on the investigation into whether
From claiming that he had no chance of winning, to lying there was collusion between members of
about his beliefs, all the way to the sham Russia his presidential campaign and a Russian
investigation, it has become transparently clear that election meddling operation in 2016.
ingrained elements within the federal government, His assault, delivered via a tweet,
including the intelligence community, have worked against suggested that Trump is again chafing
Trump from the beginning and actually increased their against conventions that presidents
attacks after his stunning election victory. normally observe to maintain the
independence of judicial authorities and to
At each step, liberal news outlet CNN has been at the avoid the perception of political interference
forefront of this unprecedented attempt to take out the in the Justice Department and the FBI.
democratically elected president and long ago confirmed
the belief already held by many that they were specifically
out to get Donald Trump and his tens of millions of Tuesday’s outburst by the President also
supporters. sheds new light into his apparent belief in,
or willingness to perpetrate, the idea for
Now, in what can only be described as one of the most political reasons that there is a “deep state”
blatant propaganda pieces of all time, two CNN — a secret cabal of government and
“reporters” have outed themselves as nothing more than intelligence officials conspiring against him
deep state establishment puppets after publishing a “news” and his presidency.
report that not only claims that the deep state isn’t real but
also laughably implies that there has been no conspiracy to As I’ve been apt to say lately, you truly can’t make this
hurt President Trump whatsoever. stuff up folks! Keep in mind that it is a confirmed reality
that the deep state is real, a fact known LONG BEFORE
That’s right, according to CNN, high-level FBI officials Trump ever got into office or was a victim of an attack by
didn’t let Hillary Clinton off the hook. High-level FBI their puppets.
agents weren’t openly supporting Clinton while at the
same time setting up an “insurance policy” in the event Not happy to spread obvious disinformation in just one
that Donald Trump won the election. James Comey and piece, CNN also published another piece of transparent

garbage, this time by their publicly anti-Trump Editor Let’s be clear about all of this: The
Chris Cillizza in which he also laughably implies that the President of the United States is saying
deep state simply cannot be real. that the former FBI director, who he fired
and who could, as we speak, potentially be
“Deep State Justice Dept must finally act,” playing a central role in the special counsel
Trump tweets, suggesting that Abedin investigation into Russia’s attempted
belongs in jail and former FBI Director interference in the 2016 presidential
James Comey and “others” might too. election, is being protected by a secret
quasi-government that really controls
The idea of the “deep state” has long been things.
central to the beliefs of people like Breitbart
executive Steve Bannon and others in the
Cillizza also whines about the fact that the deep state and
conservative media.
elements of the FBI are finally being publicly exposed as if
Its basic tenet is that there is a sort of this is somehow a bad thing for the American people when
extra-judicial government being run in the in reality it actually only hurts the very people that Cillizza
shadows of the public-facing government serves.
— a so-called “deep state” that has as its
prime objective to maintain the status quo. What’s even more frightening than the
The “deep state” isn’t really partisan, it’s assumptions made in those presidential
more an agreement by the establishment to tweets is that plenty of people are changing
keep its hold on power for as long as their views of the FBI due to Trump’s
humanly possible. assault on the bureau and its one-time
CNN’s editor then goes on to list Trump’s supposed
crimes in which he literally lays out exactly what we In 2014, Gallup polling showed that 62% of
KNOW to be happening in reality and then claims that Republicans thought the FBI was doing an
only your crazy uncle at Thanksgiving would believe it. “excellent” or “good” job. In new Gallup
polling, that number among Republicans
has dipped to 49% — even as
Make no mistake, this is purposeful propaganda at its Republicans’ trust in other government
finest and is designed to LIE directly to the American agencies has soared since 2014.
people while covering up for those that truly run the world.
It’s almost impossible to accurately
describe how abnormal this sort of
Consider what’s being alleged here: That
behavior is from a president. In the past,
the Justice Department is refusing to
presidents went out of their way to build up
prosecute criminals — including the former
trust in the agencies and departments of
director of the FBI! — because the deep
the federal government, believing that
state is protecting those people.
strength in institutions — particularly those
That sounds a little off, right? Like, if your tasked with law enforcement — was
uncle spent 15 minutes at Christmas dinner critically important to a functioning and
bending your ear with that exact theory, healthy democracy.
you would ask your mom afterward: “What
is the deal with Uncle Harold?” Consider this. Elements of the intelligence community,
Now, consider the source: This is the with the help of news outlets like CNN, are actively trying
President of the United States we are to take out their political opponent in Donald Trump while
talking about. The most powerful person in at the same time attacking him for publicly fighting back.
the country — and maybe the world. The
person who chose the man — Jeff Truly unbelievable!
Sessions — who runs the Justice

Trump Homeland Chief Pushes For Border Wall: ‘First
And Foremost’ Before Any DACA Amnesty
By Matthew Boyle
2 Jan 2018

“Nielsen, who visited prototypes of Trump’s

proposed border wall in San Diego, said
the president would request $1.6 billion
next year for the barrier, in addition to $1.6
billion he is seeking this year to build or
replace 74 miles (118 kilometers) in
California and Texas,” the AP wrote.

That $3.2 billion is not enough for the full wall—which is

estimated at over $20 billion in cost in total—but Nielsen
said it would be a “down payment” to get the wall started.

“It’s all a down payment,” she said. “This is

not going to get us the whole wall we need
but it’s a start.”
In an interview with the Associated
Press, Secretary of Homeland Security
Nielsen also said any DACA deal would focus only on the
Kirstjen Nielsen said that President
Donald Trump’s planned wall along the recipients of the unlawful DACA program, not generally
on so-called DREAMers.
U.S. border with Mexico is “first and
foremost” before any deal for amnesty
for the recipients of Deferred Action for “Nielsen said she believed any permanent
Childhood Arrivals (DACA). protection for DACA recipients should be
limited to the hundreds of thousands who
The AP reported after interviewing Nielsen: qualified during the three years it was in
effect, not anyone who would meet the
criteria if it were still in place. She said it
The secretary said she was hopeful the should include permission to work,” the AP
White House and Congress can reach a reported.
deal that includes border and immigration
enforcement measures. She said building a
wall along the Mexico border was ‘first and The headline and lede of the AP article, however, centered
on whether any legislative DACA deal would contain
foremost,’ and the administration wanted to
end ‘loopholes’ on issues that include citizenship—not just legal status—for the recipients. The
handling asylum claims and local police AP wrote:
working with immigration authorities.
The Trump administration would consider
While the AP put a headline and lede on its piece that immigration legislation that includes a
focused on what Trump is willing to do with so-called pathway to citizenship for hundreds of
DREAMers who are recipients of the illegally granted thousands of young people, the U.S.
DACA temporary executive amnesty that Trump’s Homeland Security secretary said
predecessor, former President Barack Obama unlawfully Tuesday, while emphasizing no decision on
bestowed upon several hundred thousand illegal aliens, the that issue has been made and a border
interview focused more on Trump’s efforts for a border wall remains the priority. Congress is
wall. considering three options, including
citizenship or permanent legal status for
people who were temporarily shielded from
deportation, Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said
in an interview. Details on qualifying for been any decision from the White House,”
citizenship, including on how many years to Nielsen said.
wait and other requirements, would have to
be addressed. This month, Democrats are angling to push through some
kind of a legislative DACA deal attached to the
But Nielsen did not say, when asked if President Trump government funding bill that runs out on Jan. 19. The
would back citizenship for the DACA recipients via a Democrats in Congress hope to use the leverage they have
legislative deal, if the president supports that. in the funding fight for some kind of DACA deal,
something that is setting an existential battle for the soul of
“I think he’s open to hearing about the President Trump’s presidency. It remains to be seen how
different possibilities and what it means that will shake out.
but, to my knowledge, there certainly hasn’t

Trump Versus The FBI
By Binoy Kampmark
January 2, 2018

The attempt to tease, weave and develop a narrative Australian ex-officials were by no means the only ones
against President Donald J. Trump over a Russian involved in providing succour to the anti-Trump effort. A
connection began almost immediately after his victory in picture was being painted by other sources – British and
November last year. This was meant to be institutional Dutch, for instance – pointing to the Kremlin as central to
oversight and probing, but in another sense, it was also the Democratic email hacks. The FBI probe, in time,
intended to be an establishment’s cry of hope to haul the would become the full-fledged investigation led by a
untenable and inconceivable before some process. No one former director of the organisation, Robert Mueller.
could still fathom that Trump had actually won on his
merits (or demerits). There had to be some other reason. This provides the broader context for the Trump assault on
all manner of instruments in the Republic. Earlier in
Central to the Trump-Bannon approach to US politics has December, Twitter was again ablaze with the president’s
been the fist of defiance against those entities of fury. The blasts centred on the guilty plea by former
establishment fame. There is the Central Intelligence national security advisor Michael Flynn. He had, in fact,
Agency, which Trump scorned; there is the FBI, which had conversations with the former Russian ambassador.
Trump is at war with. Then there is the Department of
Justice, which he regards as singularly unjust. Trump’s approach was two-fold: claim that Flynn’s actions
had been initially, at least, lawful, while the conduct of the
The FBI investigation into Trumpland and its reputed FBI and Department of Justice had been uneven and
nexus with Russia remains both bane and opportunity for arbitrary. “So General Flynn lies to the FBI and his life is
Trump. As long as it continues, it affords Trump destroyed, while Crooked Hillary Clinton, on that now
ammunition for populist broadsides and claims that such infamous FBI holiday ‘interrogation’ with no swearing in
entities are sworn to destroy him. and no recording, lies many times… and nothing happens
to her?”
To watch this story unfold is to remember how a soap
opera can best anything done in celluloid. The New York He then reserved a salvo for the DOJ. “Many people in our
Times has given us a New Year’s Eve treat, claiming that Country are asking what the ‘Justice’ Department is going
former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos spilt to do about the fact that totally Crooked Hillary, AFTER
the beans to former Australian foreign minister Alexander receiving a subpoena from the United States Congress,
Downer at London’s Kensington Wine Rooms in May deleted and ‘acid washed’ 33,000 Emails? No justice!”
The persistent inability to understand Trumpland as a
The two men had, apparently, been doing what any decent series of bullying an exploitative transactions blunts the
being does at such a London venue: drink. Papadopoulos’ value of the FBI investigation. Whatever it purports to be,
tongue started to wag as the imbibing continued. There it smacks of desperation, an effort in search of an
was a Russian connection. There was dirt to be had, explanation rather than a resolution. The Trump Teflon
featuring Hillary Clinton. remains in place, immoveable.

Downer, however hazed, archived the discussion. He More to the point, Trump is certainly right in questioning
could make a name for himself with this decent brown the historic inability of the FBI to be a credible instrument
nosing opportunity. Australia, Washington’s ally with an of justice, even if history is not his strong suit. The Bureau
enthusiastic puppy dog manner, wanted to help, to tip off under J. Edgar Hoover was a monster of surveillance, its
US authorities that a great Satan, Russia, might be reputation, despite being in deserved tatters, defended by
involved. So commenced the long road to the fall of one president after the other.
Trump’s former aide, who conceded, in time, to have lied
to the FBI. Trump’s response was to degrade As for bias, Trump is certainly right on the score that
Papadopoulos as a “low-level volunteer” and “liar”, giving certain FBI officials, foremost amongst them lawyer Lisa
him the kiss of unimportance.
Page and FBI special agent Peter Strzok, were hewn from. That it stemmed from Russian sources gave
demonstrably favourable to Clinton over him. fever to those still gripped by Cold War nostalgia.

The Trump campaign, keen to find chinks in the Clinton In the new year, the antics will continue and Trump will,
camp, was always going to be indiscriminate and as he has all year, continue to receive blows with a certain
characterised by ruthlessness: the provenance of the nonchalance. He will also retaliate in kind. The
information was hardly going to matter. Be it a hack, a establishment forces have been busy on various fronts, but
disclosure; be it legitimately or illegitimately obtained, the Trump machine, authoritarian, unreflective, but
information in this context proved to be advertising power. resolute, continues to function with indignant disdain. As
long as that lasts, he will thrive.
To that end, anything against Hillary would have been
treated as rich mineral, whatever quarry it might have been

Trump's 'Lock Her Up' For Huma Called 'Political'
Activists Overlook Alleged Illegalities In Their Opposition To President
January 3, 2018

That, claimed Robert McCar, the government affairs chief

for CAIR, is just wrong.

“Calling for the imprisonment of political

rivals is a clear attempt by President Trump
to further politicize the Department of
Justice. Every American who values the
constitutional guarantee of due process
Hillary Clinton with top aide Huma Abedin. should be outraged by the president’s
After eight years of a politicized Washington “swamp,”
where the IRS under Barack Obama openly targeted The president’s tweet, however, highlighted a double
conservatives and Christians, where Islamists were invited standard for punishments when it comes to handling
to set policy for the nation’s law enforcers, where the classified materials, as U.S. Navy Petty Officer Kristian
president himself actively ridiculed police officers trying Saucier was charged and convicted of a felony for taking
to protect the public, now there’s a claim that the pictures of a confidential propulsion system as a keepsake
Department of Justice is being politicized. of his service. He was ultimately sent to prison.

The claim comes from an official with the Council on Saucier himself noted Hillary Clinton stored information
American-Islamic Relations, which calls itself a Muslim of a far more classified status on an unsecure server, and
civil-rights organization. yet she was not charged for her negligence.

The move was prompted by President Trump’s call for the Saucier claimed this is evidence of how powerful people
law to be enforced regarding Huma Abedin, a Muslim who are exempt from the same laws which were used against
was a top aide to Hillary Clinton while she was U.S. him.
secretary of state.
Trump’s use of the term “Deep State” reflects an
Trump’s social-media statement, noting Abedin allegedly awareness of this network of mutual protection which
jeopardized classified information by putting it on a laptop seemingly covers government insiders.
belonging to her now-ex-husband Anthony Weiner,
suggests that the law be followed for all. His suggestion to the Justice Department to investigate and
possibly jail Abedin is also a way for the president to take
Crooked Hillary Clinton’s top aid, Huma the offensive in some of the legal battles which have been
Abedin, has been accused of disregarding hampering his presidency, and strike back against
basic security protocols. She put Classified adversaries such as former FBI Director James Comey.
Passwords into the hands of foreign
agents. Remember sailors pictures on Comey testified in a May Senate hearing Abedin had
submarine? Jail! Deep State Justice Dept forwarded hundreds of thousands of emails to her husband
must finally act? Also on Comey & others Anthony Weiner so they could be printed out. Some of the
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) emails, recently released thanks to a lawsuit filed by
January 2, 2018 Judicial Watch, were marked classified.

Trump’s statement Tuesday morning to call for Hillary President Trump’s action shows the commander-in-chief
Clinton’s close aide Huma Abedin to be jailed. evidently agrees with Judicial Watch president Tom
Fitton’s recent plea for a “serious investigation of Hillary
Clinton’s and Huma Abedin’s obvious violations of law.”

As WND recently reported, the politics have permeated the in which donations to the Clinton Foundation led to
case. influence over policy.

For example, the decision by former director James Comey Abedin did not only enable foreign adversaries to obtain
not to charge Abedin or Hillary Clinton with a crime was American secrets but could possibly pose a security threat
heavily influenced by FBI agent Peter Strzok, a vocal herself, reports suggest.
opponent of President Trump who until recently was
serving as part of Robert Mueller’s team in the “Russian For several years, Abedin edited the journal for the
collusion” investigation. Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA), an
organization established by the government of Saudi
Abedin also made misleading statements about the Arabia. Abedin’s mother, an Islamist activist and
mishandling of national secrets, but unlike former National academic, was even permitted to edit the content of a
Security Adviser Michael Flynn, faced no consequences. speech which was to be given in Saudi Arabia by then-
secretary of state Hillary Clinton.
The Daily Caller reported Tuesday Huma Abedin sent
sensitive State Department emails, including the passwords Other members of Abedin’s family have also been
to government systems and the PIN number to access a prosecuted by the Justice Department for conspiracy, wire
secure State Department website, to her personal Yahoo fraud and securities fraud.
However, President Trump evidently believes the Justice
In 2013, Yahoo was hacked, and the Department, or at least a significant part of it, has allowed
company stated “all Yahoo user accounts Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin to escape any
were affected.” consequences for their crimes.

Among the information sent to an unsecured account was White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders
the name and email address of the person who obtains the stated Tuesday President Trump “obviously” does not
classified Presidential Daily Brief. Other emails contained believe the “entire” Justice Department is part of the
classified information regarding American counter-drug “Deep State,” but that there are fundamental issues about
operations in Mexico, notes about a possible confrontation the rule of law involved.
between the Obama administration and Israeli Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and correspondence related “The facts of the case are very disturbing
to the peace process in Northern Ireland. and I think the president wants to make
clear that he doesn’t feel that anyone
Besides possibly criminal conduct in mishandling should be above the law,” Sanders told
classified information, new records obtained by Judicial reporters.
Watch show Abedin removed five boxes of “physical
Sign the precedent-setting petition
files” out of the State Department, including records
supporting Trump’s call for an
described as “Muslim Engagement Documents.”
independent prosecutor to investigate
Hillary Clinton!
Hillary Clinton was also allowed to remove personal
correspondence and certain binders which may contain
evidence related to accusations of a a pay-to-play scheme

Bannon: Trump Tower Meeting
With Russians Was ‘Treasonous’
Jack Crowe - Political Reporter
9:44 AM 01/03/2018

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made to the Trump

campaign by an intermediary, on behalf of the Russian
government. Trump Jr., who replied “I love it,” when
contacted with the offer of damaging information,
immediately downplayed the incident in the wake of The
NYT report, maintaining no consequential information was

Bannon added that if the meeting had to take place, it

should have been

“in a Holiday Inn in Manchester, New

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon called
Hampshire, with your lawyers who meet
the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between a number of
with these people.”
high-ranking Trump campaign officials and a Kremlin-
connected attorney “treasonous” and “unpatriotic,” in an
interview included in an upcoming book on the Trump Citing recent reports indicating Special Counsel Robert
White House. Mueller subpoenaed Deutsche Bank for the financial
records of individuals close to Trump, Bannon stressed
that the investigation would focus heavily on financial
Bannon, who was dismissed from his role seven months
after Trump took office, told author Michael Wolff the
meeting between Donald Trump Jr., former campaign
chairman Paul Manafort, White House advisor Jared “You realise where this is going,” Bannon
Kushner and Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya was told Wolff. “This is all about money
at the very least ill advised. laundering. Mueller chose [senior
prosecutor Andrew] Weissmann first and
he is a money-laundering guy. Their path to
“The three senior guys in the campaign
fucking Trump goes right through Paul
thought it was a good idea to meet with a
Manafort, Don Jr and Jared Kushner … It’s
foreign government inside Trump Tower in
as plain as a hair on your face.”
the conference room on the 25th floor –
with no lawyers. They didn’t have any
lawyers,” Bannon told Wolff in an interview Deutsche Bank, which has lent hundreds of millions to
for his upcoming book, “Fire and Fury: Kushner’s real estate company, has come under scrutiny
Inside the Trump White House,” obtained for continuing to lend to the Trump Organization after
by The Guardian. other banks stopped due to credit issues.

“Even if you thought that this was not

“It goes through Deutsche Bank and all the
treasonous, or unpatriotic, or bad shit, and I
Kushner shit. The Kushner shit is greasy.
happen to think it’s all of that, you should
They’re going to go right through that.
have called the FBI immediately.”
They’re going to roll those two guys up and
say play me or trade me,” Bannon said.
The Trump Tower meeting, which was first exposed by
The New York Times in July 2017, was prompted by an
offer of “incriminating” information related to former

Probe Uncovers "Laws Broken,
False Statements" In FBI Handling Of Clinton Emails
By Tyler Durden
Wed, 01/03/2018 - 08:32

In what could be a major black eye for the deep state and key witness in the case, the investigators
yet another nail in the Clinton legacy coffin, said.

The Hill's John Solomon reports that The name of the witness is redacted from the FBI
Republicans on key congressional documents but lawmakers said he was an employee of a
committees say they have uncovered computer firm that helped maintain her personal server
new irregularities and contradictions after she left office as America’s top diplomat and who
inside the FBI’s probe of Hillary belatedly admitted he had permanently erased an archive
Clinton’s email server. of her messages in 2015 after they had been subpoenaed
"This was an effort to pre-bake the cake, by Congress.
pre-bake the outcome,” said Rep. Matt
Gaetz (R-Fla.), a House Judiciary The investigators also confirmed that the
Committee member who attended the FBI began drafting a statement
McCabe briefing before the holidays. exonerating Clinton of any crimes while
evidence responsive to subpoenas was
“Hillary Clinton obviously benefited still outstanding and before agents had
from people taking actions to ensure interviewed more than a dozen key
she wasn’t held accountable.” witnesses.
Those witnesses included Clinton and the
computer firm employee who permanently
erased her email archives just days after
the emails were subpoenaed by
Congress, the investigators said.
Notably, lawmakers on the House Judiciary
Committee who attended a Dec. 21 closed-
door briefing by FBI Deputy Director
Andrew McCabe say the bureau official
confirmed that the investigation and
charging decisions were controlled by a
In what appears to be clear evidence confirming previous small group in Washington
fears of favoritism and prejudice within the FBI, headquarters rather the normal process
lawmakers and investigators told Solomon at The Hill that, of allowing field offices to investigate
for the first time, possible criminality in their localities.
The top Democrat on the panel even
investigators say they have secured acknowledged the FBI’s handling of the
written evidence that the FBI believed case was unique, but, of course, Rep.
there was evidence that some laws were Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y) argued Republicans
broken when the former secretary of State are politicizing their own panel’s work.
and her top aides transmitted classified
information through her insecure private Rep. Gaetz said he has growing questions about the role
email server. the Obama Justice Department played in the case.
That evidence includes passages in FBI
documents stating the “sheer volume” “I think we have more questions than
of classified information that flowed answers based on what we’ve learned,”
through Clinton’s insecure emails was Gaetz said.
proof of criminality as well as an
admission of false statements by one
A House GOP lawmaker told The Hill his The deletion occurred on the same day Clinton’s former
staff also has identified at least a dozen chief of staff and her lawyer had a call with the computer
interviews that were conducted after the firm that handled the erasure using an anti-recovery
drafting effort began, including of some software called BleachBit, Grassley said.
figures who would have key information
about intent or possible destruction of “You have a conference call with
evidence. Secretary Clinton’s attorneys on March
31, 2015, and on that very same day her
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley's emails are deleted by someone who was
(R-Iowa) staff has a higher number: 17 witnesses including on that conference call using special
Clinton were interviewed after the decision was already BleachBit software,” Grassley said. “The
made. emails were State Department records
under subpoena by Congress.
“Making a conclusion before you “What did the FBI do to investigate this
interview key fact witnesses and the apparent obstruction?” Grassley asked.
subject herself violates the very premise “According to affidavits filed in federal court
of good investigation. — absolutely nothing. The FBI focused
only on the handling of classified
You don't lock into a theory until you have the facts. Here information.”
the evidence that isn't public yet shows they locked into
As The Hill notes, both parties are likely
the theory and then edited out the facts that contradicted
to learn more in the first quarter of 2018
it,” the GOP lawmaker said, speaking only on condition of when the Justice Department inspector
anonymity because the documents are not yet authorized
general is expected to release initial
for release. findings in what has become a wide-
ranging probe into the FBI’s handling of the
The longtime Senate chairman went to Clinton email case as well as whether
the Senate floor before the holidays to agents and supervisors had political
raise another concern: connections, ethical conflicts or biases that
The FBI did not pursue criminal charges affected their work.
when Clinton’s email archives were
permanently deleted from her private While the resistance tries to switch the narrative to
server days after a subpoena for them was Papadopoulos, and away from Page and the Trump
issued by a congressional committee Dossier,
investigating the 2012 attack on the U.S.
diplomatic compound in Benghazi. it is becoming clearer and clearer where
the real corruption was all the time.

NUNES: House Intel Chair Says He’ll Pull MUELLER
In For Interview Over Uranium One SCANDAL (Video)
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 3, 2018

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered Justice

Department prosecutors to begin asking FBI agents to In closing Nunes said there was “much more to come” on
explain evidence they discovered the issue of Uranium One that he couldn’t discuss.

Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, has said he believes that

Mueller signed off on the deal, which allowed Russia to
obtain 20 percent of all strategic U.S. uranium.

“One of the things that was most shocking

was that a guy named Rosenstein, if that
name sounds familiar, since he appointed
Mueller (to lead Special Counsel on Trump)
(National Sentinel) Wide Net: House Intelligence he was the guy that actually helped sign
Committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., told an documents that got the whole thing, the
audience in Washington, D.C., Tuesday that if he finds original cover-up done by sealing
evidence special counsel Robert Mueller was involved in documents back early in the Obama
the Uranium One scandal, he’ll seek to interview him. administration so that Hillary could go
through and make mega-millions,” he said.
During remarks in November at David Horowitz’s
Restoration Weekend 2017 that were largely unnoticed by “The blockbuster line now here is that he
most media outlets, Nunes pledged to interview Mueller if (Mueller) and Rosenstein had to be
it turns out he had a role the deal, which has turned into involved in him being the Special Counsel
another Obama-era scandal. now because now we know he needed to
cover up the fact that him and Rosenstein
covered up the first investigation,” he
“Trey Gowdy, rightfully so, wants to continued.
methodically go through this, so the answer
to Mueller, if he has involvement in it, we’re
going to interview him. I mean, that’s the Watch:
bottom line,” Nunes said in response to a
question about his thoughts as to whether
he believes Mueller was involved.

Here is video of Nunes’ response:

Bill and Hillary Clinton, via their foundation, were also

part of the scandal.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered Justice

Department prosecutors to begin asking FBI agents to

explain evidence they discovered into a currently dormant to fulfill a pledge that an assistant attorney general gave to
criminal probe into the controversial Uranium One deal Congress in November.
that has been tied to Bill and Hillary Clinton and the
Clinton Foundation. The assistant AG promised that the department would
determine whether a special counsel is warranted to look
According to multiple law enforcement sources, interviews into the Uranium One deal, according to a senior Justice
with FBI agents are part of the Justice Department’s efforts Department official.

FINALLY: House Will Expand Its Russia Probe
To Include Improper Use Of BOGUS
“Trump Dossier” By FBI
By JD Heyes
Wednesday, January 03, 2018

During the first part of 2018, Republicans on the panel are

expected to complete the starting-point probe into alleged
Russian hacking of Democratic entities and whether aides
to Trump assisted in that effort. For the record, WikiLeaks
founder Julian Assange has said repeatedly that hacked
Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign
documents his organization received did not come from
Russia or any “state” actor.

Already Democrats on the panel, who have been doing

their level best to thwart Nunes’ investigation, are
protesting the likely move to wind it down and refocus it
For months supporters and backers of President Donald J. on suspected Deep State corruption. The Times reported
Trump have chafed at the notion that the apparatuses of that Ranking Member Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., is
government could be used against him over pushing an extended list of witnesses he wants majority
unsubstantiated claims that his campaign “colluded” with Republicans to call. Critics of the move suspect all he’s
Russians in order to beat the most corrupt presidential trying to do is push the probe beyond the 2018 elections.
contender in U.S. history.
That’s because in recent weeks more Democrats, including
They chafed because after more than a year’s worth of Schiff, have resigned to the fact there they won’t find any
allegations — from Democrats and their sycophantic allies evidence of Trump-Russia “collusion” because there isn’t
in the “establishment” media — no evidence whatsoever any. (Related: Expert: Bogus Trump ‘dossier’ was
has been produced indicating there is even a shred of NOT ‘just opposition research’ but used by FBI to
evidence the narrative is true. And yet the ‘investigations’ launch ‘collusion’ probes.)
In the meantime, Nunes has constructed a separate
Finally, however, a House panel seems ready to come to investigation of the FBI and Department of Justice
the president’s defense. hierarchy after several GOP lawmakers expressed their
belief that the real collusion exists among those officials,
former President Obama’s administration and the Clinton
As reported by the Washington Times, the House
campaign — in a bid to subvert Trump’s candidacy.
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is expanding
its 2016 election probe to include how and why elements
within Obama’s Department of Justice and FBI used the Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, a member of the House Judiciary
bogus “Trump dossier” to ensnare the president and his Committee, which is conducting a separate investigation of
campaign staffers. the Election 2016 shenanigans, has come out and said
directly he believes the dossier was misused by elements
within the FBI to obtain a secretive FISA court order to put
The committee’s chairman, Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif.,
Team Trump under surveillance during the campaign. If
has accused the Justice Department and the FBI of
true, that would represent an unprecedented politicization
misleading him with “a pattern of behavior that can no
and abuse of U.S. intelligence and law enforcement assets.
longer be tolerated.” He has said that initially, the DoJ
claimed it did not have any documents related to the
dossier but then, when pressured, suddenly produced “Let’s remember a couple of things about
“numerous” such documents. the dossier,” Jordan told Fox Business’ Lou

Dobbs last month.

“The Democratic National Committee and document — that it became the basis for a
the Clinton campaign, which we now know warrant to spy on Americans.”
were one and the same, paid the law firm
who paid Fusion GPS who paid He added:
Christopher Steele who then paid Russians
to put together a report that we call a
“The easiest way to clear it up is tell us
dossier full of all kinds of fake news,
what’s in that application and who took it
National Enquirer garbage and it’s been
reported that this dossier was all dressed
up by the FBI, taken to the FISA court and
presented as a legitimate intelligence That appears to be on Nunes’ radar now. It’s about time.

Trump Irritates Leftists With Twitter (Again)
Mac Slavo
January 3rd, 2018

Mere minutes later, Trump alerted the public that he would

be announcing “THE MOST DISHONEST &
Monday at 5:00 o’clock.” He also exhorted everyone
to tune into Fox News host Sean Hannity’s show at 9 pm
ET, just in case you think CNN isn’t going to take home
the gold in this category.

It’s becoming rather easy to upset a leftist. All president

Donald Trump has to do is post to his Twitter account and
the liberals become rabid.

On New Year’s Eve, North Korean leader Kim Jong

Un warned his enemies

“that the whole territory of the U.S. is within

the range of our nuclear strike and a
nuclear button is always on the desk of my
Those who have come to the conclusion that the
office, and this is just a reality, not a threat.”
mainstream media is nothing more than a propaganda
mouthpiece of the communist deep state elitists will more
It shouldn’t be the “big news story” of the day, buy than likely thoroughly enjoy that segment.
apparently Trump’s Twitter response to Kim Jong-Un
about whose nuclear button is bigger is a front page story.
Kim Jong-Un doesn’t even have a Twitter account, but the
I guess this is what happens when the mainstream media
left acts like he’s going to send a nuke over Trump
loses all sense of dignity and integrity and sells their souls
responding on social media.
to communism.

In response, President Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday

night that he is in possession of a “much bigger & more
powerful one than his, and my Button works!”, thus
proving the U.S. still has capabilities the likes of which
Kim will never achieve.

If we all have to watch the world burn because of the

elitists who won’t let go of their grip on power, we might
For those not overly sensitive and easily offended, the can
as well have a little laugh about it.
be taken as a bit of humor – which (let’s face it) we can all
use nowadays. But a quick scan of the comments on that
Tweet will give anyone a good laugh.

Report: Bannon Says Mueller Investigation Will Target
Kushner, Manafort’s ‘Greasy’ Money Laundering Deals
BY Breitbart News
3 Jan 2018

White House hopes for a quick end to the Mueller

investigation are gravely misplaced.

“You realise where this is going,” he is

quoted as saying. “This is all about money
laundering. Mueller chose [senior
prosecutor Andrew] Weissmann first and
he is a money-laundering guy. Their path to
fucking Trump goes right through Paul
Manafort, Don Jr and Jared Kushner … It’s
as plain as a hair on your face.”

Last month it was reported that federal prosecutors had

subpoenaed records from Deutsche Bank, the German
financial institution that has lent hundreds of millions of
dollars to the Kushner property empire. Bannon continues:
Former Trump Chief Strategist Steve
Bannon says the Mueller
“It goes through Deutsche Bank and all the
investigation is targeting the alleged
Kushner shit. The Kushner shit is greasy.
“greasy” money laundering of Trump
They’re going to go right through that.
associates like Jared Kushner and Paul
They’re going to roll those two guys up and
Manafort as a path to attack President
say play me or trade me.”
Trump, according to a new book by
Michael Wolff called Fire and Fury:
Inside the Trump White House. Scorning apparent White House insouciance, Bannon
reaches for a hurricane metaphor:
David Smith reports in the Guardian:
“They’re sitting on a beach trying to stop a
Category Five.”
Bannon has criticised Trump’s decision to fire Comey. In
Wolff’s book, obtained by the Guardian ahead of
publication from a bookseller in New England, he suggests

The Deep State’s Plan ‘C’:
Murder Donald Trump
Mac Slavo
January 3rd, 2018

government out of the bedroom, out of the

boardroom, that believed in peace through
strength, not, you know, neocons cruising
the globe looking for expensive wars to
profiteer in and stick our nose in.” –New

Roger Stone isn’t the first person to see Trump as a target

of the deep state. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has said
he feels that the deep state isn’t afraid to nuke a city in the
United States in order to kill Trump and blame North
Korea for the result.
Longtime Donald Trump advisor and confidante Roger
Stone is warning once again about the deep state. This
time, he said that the deep state’s “plan C” is to simply “He’s a shock to the system,” said Stone, a
murder the president, since plans A and B won’t work out. legendary political operative who, in
addition to his longtime relationship with
Trump, has served as a senior campaign
With trust in the mainstream media at an all-time low, the aide to Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan,
global elitists are on the verge of losing their grip on Senator Bob Dole, and others. According to
humanity’s throat. And Roger Stone says emphatically that Stone, Donald Trump’s election
they plan to go down swinging. According to New represented the “hostile takeover of the old
American, the Deep State’s “Plan A,” is the Republican Party, which we now hope to
imploding “investigation” into alleged “Russian remake in his image as a party that stands
collusion” by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, said Stone. for economic nationalism, that stands for
If and when that fails, which Stone suggested was likely putting American interests ahead of
and soon, the establishment would move to “Plan B.” In globalist interests, and re-affirms our
essence, Plan B would involve trying to get a majority of sovereign rights as Americans.”
Trump’s cabinet to declare him unfit for office. This would
allow Trump to be removed under the U.S. Constitution’s “Now, I think the establishment, at this
25th Amendment. This scheme is also going to most likely time, when the president has just passed
fail, Stone said. his tax cut, has cut these regulations — so
you see a record stock market, you see
Last but not least, though, Stone unemployment at all time lows, you see a
warned of “Plan C,” which is killing the booming housing market — it’s easy to
president. misread the deep enmity and hatred that
the globalists and the Insiders have for
In a wide-ranging interview with The New this president, and to underestimate
American magazine at his Florida studio, Stone offered their resolve to remove him.”
insight into Trump — and into his enemies [the deep state]
and their tactics. Stone believes the Deep State would, in fact, attempt to
murder the president when Plan A and B fail, which seems
“It’s easy to forget that the shocking the likely scenario.
upset that Donald Trump pulled off has
never been forgotten or acknowledged
by the globalist cabal that has really “Having written books on the Kennedy
infected both of our major parties,” he assassination, having highlighted the
explained. “I say that as someone who is a attempted assassination of President
sentimental Republican, but a Republican Ronald Reagan by people deeply
in the mold of Barry Goldwater who wanted associated with the Bush family, I think the

establishment has Plan A, Plan B, and Plan learn is that she was in the country thanks
C,” he said. “Plan A is very clearly a take- to the Obama FBI, without a visa, and she
down by the illegitimate Special Counsel was popping up and being photographed at
Robert Mueller, who was appointed not by Hillary rallies and in John McCain’s office.
Jeff Sessions, not at the direction of the She’s a Quisling! It’s a setup! She’s a spy.
president, but by this fellow Rosenstein, She delivered nothing. It’s an attempt to
who is a close associate of Mueller and entrap Donny Jr. in a meeting that’s
[disgraced former FBI boss James] Comey, perfectly innocuous and perfectly legal.”
and who is a globalist Bush insider, a
liberal Republican, who somehow got the But the deep state’s Plan B is to invoke the 25th
number two position in the Trump Justice Amendment.
Department,” Stone warned, saying the
establishment was now hoping Trump
“So we’ll see an uptick in all of this ‘Trump
would fire Mueller to regain the upper hand.
is mentally imbalanced, Trump is insane,
Trump must be removed,’” Stone warned.
The other thing that is becoming more and more apparent, “Now you have to examine the extent to
Stone said, is that which they can whip up that hysteria as a
backdrop because, without that hysteria,
“neither Mr. Mueller nor the House nor the such a political move on the president will
Senate Intelligence committees nor the fail.” And once Plan B fails, the globalists
Judiciary committees in those bodies have will move on to Plan C, which is simply an
been able to find any evidence of Russian assassination.
“We know Plan C. We saw it in the case
“Sorry, but Don Jr.’s meeting with a of President John F. Kennedy, who had
Russian lawyer that provided nothing is crossed the Central Intelligence Agency
perfectly legal and proper,” Stone said. and the Deep State over both the Cuban
“There’s nothing wrong with it. She Missile Crisis and the Bay of Pigs, both,
produced no evidence, but what we did I think, central,” he said.

Hannity Sez ‘People Like Hillary Clinton Should Be
Nervous – People Will Be Going To Jail’ As GOP
Lawmakers Find NEW ‘Irregularities’ And
‘Contradictions’ In FBI’s EMAIL Investigation (Video)
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 3, 2018

“The evidence includes passages in FBI

documents stating the ‘sheer volume’ of While the name of the witness has been redacted from the
classified information that flowed through FBI documents, The Hill noted further that lawmakers
Clinton’s insecure emails was proof of have said he was an employee with a computer firm that
criminality” helped maintain Clinton’s private email server after she
left the Obama administration.

Also, lawmakers said the witness admitted belatedly that

he had permanently erased an archive of her messages in
2015 after they had already been subpoenaed by Congress.

In addition, the congressional investigators confirmed that

the FBI had started drafting a statement letting Clinton off
the hook for any crimes even while evidence that pertained
Huma Abedin, aide to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham, left, goes
over notes with Clinton, during her visit to the newly opened
to subpoenas remained outstanding and before agents had
University Teaching Hospital Pediatric Centre of Excellence, in talked to more than a dozen key witnesses.
Lusaka, Zambia, Saturday, June 11, 2011. Clinton is on the first leg
or a three-nation tour of Africa. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, Pool)
Those witnesses included Clinton and the computer firm
employee who permanently erased her email archives just
(National Sentinel) Criminal Probes: Republican days after the emails were subpoenaed by Congress,
lawmakers on key committees say they have uncovered investigators told The Hill.
new evidence of irregularities and contradictions involving
the FBI’s criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email
Some Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee,
scandal, in which she improperly handled classified data.
which deposed current FBI Deputy Director Andrew
McCabe in December, said they are now convinced there
As reported by The Hill, for the first time congressional was a plot to exonerate Clinton no matter how much
investigators say they have obtained written evidence that illegality agents uncovered.
the FBI believed there were indications and additional
evidence some laws were violated when the former
“This was an effort to pre-bake the cake,
secretary of state for President Obama and her top aides
pre-bake the outcome,” said Rep. Matt
sent classified information through her unsecured private
Gaetz of Florida, a House Judiciary
email server.
Committee member who attended the
McCabe briefing before the holidays.
“That evidence includes passages in FBI “Hillary Clinton obviously benefited from
documents stating the ‘sheer volume’ of people taking actions to ensure she wasn’t
classified information that flowed through held accountable.
Clinton’s insecure emails was proof of
criminality as well as an admission of false “I think we have more questions than
statements by one key witness in the case, answers based on what we’ve learned,”
the investigators said,” as quoted by The Gaetz added.
Lawmakers are expected to learn much more about the
FBI’s actions and those of its top leaders, including fired
FBI Director James Comey, during their investigation of Meanwhile, Fox News host Sean Hannity discussed the
Clinton, in the first half of this year. possibility that Clinton and others including her top aide
Huma Abedin should be worried.
The Justice Department’s inspector general
“is expected to release initial findings in “This year is going to be massive in terms
what has become a wide-ranging probe of news especially about the corrupt media.
into the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email And they are very, very nervous, rightly so,
case as well as whether agents and people like Hillary Clinton. They should be
supervisors had political connections, nervous. People will be going to jail. I
ethical conflicts or biases that affected their promise you,” he said.
work,” The Hill reported.
Comey said during his July 2016 press conference
exonerating Clinton that the agency found she had
mishandled classified information, which is normally a
felony. He also noted that agents had found at least 110
emails that were marked “top secret” or “secret” at the
time she transmitted or received them.

GOP congressional investigators told The Hill multiple

drafts of Comey’s statement eventually exonerating
Clinton also included specific language acknowledging
there was

“evidence of potential violations of the

statutes regarding the handling of classified

James Comey Calls For Leaders
To Protect Justice Department, FBI (From Trump)
© AFP 2017/ Nicholas Kamm - US
22:01 03.01.2018(Updated 22:12 03.01.2018)

In a tweet, Trump alleged that Abedin "has been accused

of disregarding basic security protocols" and had "put
classified passwords into the hands of foreign agents."

Former FBI Director James Comey has called for

Washington leaders to defend the Department of Justice
(DOJ) and the FBI, calling them “essential to our liberty.”
His tweet comes one day after US President Donald
Trump, who fired Comey from the FBI in May, referred to This is the second time Trump has referred to the Justice
the Justice Department as part of the “deep state.” Department as a "deep state" apparatus, implying that the
DOJ is operating independently and not responding to his
"Where are the voices of all the leaders leadership as chief executive.
who know an independent Department
of Justice and FBI are essential to our In November, Trump claimed that the House
liberty? 'You are not only responsible of Representatives was investigating whether the DOJ and
for what you say, but also for what you do FBI should be held in contempt of court "for withholding
not say.' — Martin Luther," Comey tweeted key documents and an FBI witness which could shed light
on Wednesday morning. on surveillance of associates of Donald Trump." No, I
don't know why he referred to himself in the third person

The tweet seems to be a response to Trump's latest public

criticism of the Justice Department, urging them to "act"
against Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton,
including during the latter's tenure as secretary of state.
Abedin has been under scrutiny recently after classified Trump has taken a negative stance toward the DOJ
State Department files were discovered on the laptop in recent tweets, implying that the department is
of her ex-husband, former representative Anthony Weiner deliberately ignoring crimes by Clinton. Comey has also
(D-NY). come under fire from Trump in recent months, saying,
among other accusations, that he had left the reputation
of the bureau "in tatters."
Trump fired Comey for focusing too much on the probe
into alleged Russian interference into the 2016 presidential
election and not enough on leaks of classified information
from executive branch officials to the press.

"FBI Director Comey was the best thing

that ever happened to Hillary Clinton in that
he gave her a free pass for many bad
deeds! The phony…" Trump tweeted
on May 2, a week before he fired Comey.

The above tweets refer to the FBI's 2015 and 2016

investigation of Hillary Clinton's use of a private email The Times also reported that Comey privately testified
server while she was secretary of state. In July 2016, to the Senate Intelligence Committee that Trump had
Comey testified that the FBI recommends no charges be asked for him to pledge loyalty in January 2017 — which
filed against Clinton, as her behavior was "extremely Comey refused to do. Comey also testified that Trump
careless" but not criminal. pressured him in February to end the FBI investigation
into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.
In May 2017, Trump fired Comey, publicly stating that it
was due to dissatisfaction with Comey's performance. The Trump has denied both claims and referred to Comey as a
New York Times reported shortly after the dismissal that "leaker" for revealing their private, off-the-record

Trump UNLOADS On Former
Advisor Steve Bannon: ‘He LOST His Mind’
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 3, 2018

talented field ever assembled in the

Republican party,” he added.
“Steve had very little to do with our
historic victory” He noted that Bannon did not deserve any credit for the
president’s victory.

“Now that he is on his own, Steve is

learning that winning isn’t as easy as I
make it look,” Trump said.
“Steve had very little to do with our historic
victory, which was delivered by the
forgotten men and women of this country.
Yet Steve had everything to do with the
(National Sentinel) Break-up: President Donald J. Trump loss of a Senate seat in Alabama held for
took aim at his one-time senior presidential advisor Steve more than thirty years by Republicans.
Bannon on Wednesday after publication of comments Steve doesn’t represent my base—he’s
critical of Trump and his family were published by The only in it for himself,” he continued.
Trump also accused Bannon of being one of the infamous
The excerpts were included in an upcoming book administration leakers of information to the media, which
by Michael Wolff, in which Bannon slams the Trump’s plague the White House early on.
son, Don Jr., and son-in-law Jared Kushner as behaving in
a “treasonous” manner, among other things. “Steve pretends to be at war with the
media, which he calls the opposition party,
The Breitbart News chief also slams campaign chairman yet he spent his time at the White House
Paul Manafort and calls their infamous meeting with a leaking false information to the media to
Russian lawyer during the campaign “treasonous” and make himself seem far more important than
“unpatriotic.” he was,” he said. “It is the only thing he
does well.”
“Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me
or my Presidency,” Trump said in a He added,
statement Wednesday.
“When he was fired, he not only lost his “Steve was rarely in a one-on-one meeting
job, he lost his mind. Steve was a staffer with me and only pretends to have had
who worked for me after I had already won influence to fool a few people with no
the nomination by defeating seventeen access and no clue, whom he helped write
candidates, often described as the most phony books.”

Breitbart Readers Side With Trump
Over War Of Words With Bannon
“I Voted For Trump…I Didn’t Vote For Bannon”
Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars.Com
January 3, 2018

appeared to side with Donald Trump in favor of the

executive chairman of Breitbart News.

“I voted for Trump…I didn’t vote for

Bannon. I’ll stick with Trump, thanks,” was
the top rated comment on an article about
Bannon’s comments.
“The meeting was NOT “treasonous” stupid
maybe, but NOT treasonous! Trump Jr.
and Jared had NO idea that they were
BEING SET UP by the Clinton camp, which readers have clearly they were,” commented another
overwhelmingly sided with Donald user.
Trump over his war of words with
“The fact that Bannon blew any credibility
former White House senior counselor
he had by backing Moore just to spite
Steve Bannon.
McConnell, says a lot too. Bannon
personally lost us that seat in the senate,”
The President lashed out at Bannon in a long press release, added another.
alleging that Bannon “lost his mind” when he left the
White House.
In addition a Twitter poll asking who Americans would
vote for in a hypothetical Bannon vs Trump 2020
“Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me presidential match up overwhelmingly finds they would
or my Presidency. When he was fired, he back Trump by a margin of more than six to one.
not only lost his job, he lost his mind. Steve
was a staffer who worked for me after I had
already won the nomination by defeating
seventeen candidates, often described as
the most talented field ever assembled in
the Republican party,” said Trump.

Trump was responding to a claim attributed to Bannon in a

new book in which Bannon supposedly said that Donald
Trump Jr.’s decision to meet with a Russian lawyer before
the election was “treasonous” and “unpatriotic”.

“Even if you thought that this was not

treasonous, or unpatriotic, or bad shit, and I
happen to think it’s all of that, you should
have called the FBI immediately,” Bannon
is reported to have told author Michael
Donald Trump Jr. also slammed Bannon in a series of
The war of words exploded onto the pages of Bannon’s tweets, including one in which he asserted,
own, but the vast majority of readers

“Andrew Breitbart would be ashamed of the “Wow, Just looked at the comments section
division and lies Steve Bannon is on Breitbart. Wow. When Bannon has lost
spreading!” Breitbart, he’s left with . . . umm, nothing.”

Don Jr. also took note of the tone of the Breitbart

comments, remarking,

‘View’ Hosts Mock ‘Insane’ ‘Paranoid’ Trump For
Tweeting Liberals In DoL May Be 'Deep State'
By Kristine Marsh
January 3, 2018 2:24 Pm Est

Referring to Eric Trump’s tweets, host Joy Behar wondered aloud

if the Russians were involved.

“Maybe the Russians are planting this stuff! How

does he know? Ask Jared!” she snarked.

While the rest of the panel scoffed at the “conspiracy theory,”

host Meghan McCain pointed out that the idea wasn’t a loony
fringe idea.

“It's worth noting that 48% of Americans think

the deep state exists, according to an ABC/This
Wednesday on ABC’s The View, the largely liberal panel mocked Network poll,” she began.
the idea that officials appointed by President Obama, still “That’s ridiculous!” Hostin exclaimed. McCain
working in the federal government, could have an agenda against then explained that a little less than half of
President Trump. Republicans and Democrats believe in the
“deep state,” saying it runs the gamut including
Host Whoopi Goldberg led the discussion by laughing at the idea, ideas like “Area 51.”
cracking up as she described Trump’s tweets about the “deep
state”: Instead of addressing the question of where all these unflattering
“leaks” from anonymous sources within the administration were
Both the current guy in the White House and coming from since President Trump took office, Whoopi
his son have been tweeting about the so somehow equated this commonplace idea to fake internet
called “deep state” which is a conspiracy conspiracies like “PizzaGate”:
theory which government employees
[giggles] loyal to Obama and Hillary are Let me tell you the danger of that. You've
working behind the scenes to derail [giggles] remember PizzaGate? Where they put out this
his presidency. Now does this seem a little insanity that there was some sort of -- thing
odd? happening, selling of children out of a pizza joint
in Washington. According to them I guess she
Gathering her composure, she continued reading the actual [Hillary] was sitting there with Bill and counting
dictionary definition: the kids. Someone got shot because of this
insanity. Do you understand that? When you
It's been around a long time, this theory of the have insane theories like this, people get
deep state. Based on what the Oxford hurt.
Dictionary says, which is it's “a body of people,
typically influential members of government She went on to rant about how “dangerous” it was for President
agencies or the military believed to be involved Trump to be espousing such ideas as the “deep state,” saying it
with the secret manipulation or control of was a marker of “insanity”:
government policy.
What makes it particularly scary it used to be
By this point, the rest of the panel kept up the mockery. thought of as insanity. It's now being
thought of as fact. I want to point out there was
“Is this like Scandal?” co-host Sunny Hostin no one running children through this pizza store.
joked. They put this information out there, no fact
checking, nothing and someone got shot.
“If this was real, do you think he would still Someone was shot because a man decided
be a sitting president?” Whoopi continued he believed it. He drove from where he lived
scoffing. to the pizza shot with his gun.

Hostin picked up on that theme, calling Trump “paranoid” to Speaking of conspiracy theories, the hosts at The View have
believe anyone within the government could be trying to expressed their own over the years.
sabotage his presidency:
Longtime former host Rosie O’Donnell repeatedly suggested on
I wonder if the president really believes this. I've been joking the show that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were staged by the U.S.
about it. This is the first I'm hearing about this deep state. If Whoopi Goldberg herself has espoused her own conspiracy
you're playing to the conspiracy theorists in your base or 46% of theories. In the last year alone, she suggested that the Taliban
Americans, that makes sense. “started” like Trump, and that “antifa” was a fake group “made
up” by the right.
If you're the President of the United States
and you are paranoid enough to believe
there's some conspiracy against your
presidency and you have nuclear warheads
at your disposal, shouldn't we all be a little
bit concerned about this?
“This is no joke. People getting hurt,” Whoopi
shook her head before cutting to commercial

Later in the show, Whoopi offered a correction, acknowledging

no person was actually shot in the PizzaGate shooting incident.

BUSTED: Billionaire Trump Ally Says
Quotes Bashing Prez Attributed To Him Are FALSE
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 3, 2018

Barrack reportedly turned down a high-level position in

the Trump administration

(National Sentinel) Misquote: A billionaire close

confidant of President Donald J. Trump was quoted as
disparaging the commander-in-chief in a new book by
author Michael Wolff, but has told The New York Times he
never said it.

Wolff, in his upcoming, highly anticipated book, “Fire

and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,”
said Thomas Barrack Jr. had some hard words for the
president, as reported by The Guardian on Wednesday.
Barrack and Trump are reportedly very loyal friends,
“Trump is not spared,” the news site
having a relationship that dates back decades in the real
reported. “Wolff writes that Thomas
estate business.
Barrack Jr, a billionaire who is one of the
president’s oldest associates, allegedly told
a friend: Indeed, the billionaire real estate mogul spoke at the 2016
Republican National Convention and became a member of
‘He’s not only crazy, he’s stupid.'” Trump’s inauguration committee.

But the Times’ Maggie Habberman reported that Barrack Barrack reportedly turned down a high-level position in
told her the quote is “totally false.” the Trump administration, telling the President he could
help him from outside Washington with “no skin in the
“Barrack said he spoke to Wolffe once, game.”
says he never said the quote attributed to
him to Wolffe or anyone. ‘Totally false,’ Upon publication of this story, Wolff had not yet
Barrack said by phone just now. Tom responded to Barrack’s statements.
Barrack adds, ‘It’s clear to anyone who
knows me that those aren’t my words and
In October, the Washington Post reported that Barrack has
inconsistent with anything I’ve ever said.’
“remained unfailingly loyal” to Trump, and sees him as a
He says Wolffe never ran that quote by him
“shrewd politician.”
to ask if it was accurate,” tweeted

Atlantic Magazine Editor Wants
Trump's Brain Examined By Committee
By P.J. Gladnick
January 3, 2018 2:36 PM EST

Because President Donald Trump has been spotted holding D.C., Trump reached under his podium
water bottles a few times with both hands, a committee and grabbed a glass with both hands.
should be formed to examine his brain in order to make This time he kept them on the glass the
recommendations about his removal from office via the entire time he drank, and as he put the
25th Amendment. Such is the fantasy of one James glass down. This drew even more
Hamblin, a senior editor at Atlantic magazine who, attention. The gesture was like that of an
perhaps, should have his brain examined for proposing extremely cold person cradling a mug of
such a nutty idea. cocoa. Some viewers likened him to a child
just learning to handle a cup.
Hamblin even analyzed Trump's speech patterns when he
was interviewed years ago by Larry King and Oprah to Aha! Solid evidence for his removal from office in contrast
make the determination for brain analysis by committee. to the fact-free Russia collusion theory.
This bizarre proposal comes as no real surprise since
several months ago Hamblin proposed that we give up beef Then there was an incident of slurred speech. Announcing
for beans in order to reduce climate change. Hamblin's the relocation of the American embassy in Israel from Tel
latest idea is equally as full of flatulence as we shall see in Aviv to Jerusalem—a dramatic foreign-policy move—
Is Something Neurologically Wrong With Donald Trump? Trump became difficult to understand at a phonetic level,
which did little to reassure many observers of the
Trump’s grandiosity and impulsivity has made him a soundness of his decision.
constant subject of speculation among those concerned
with his mental health. But after more than a year of Just one incident of slurred speech is enough to go through
talking to doctors and researchers about whether and how the emotions of examining his brain before 25
the cognitive sciences could offer a lens to explain Amendmenting him out of office.
Trump’s behavior,
Though these moments could be inconsequential, they call
I’ve come to believe there should be a attention to the alarming absence of a system to evaluate
role for professional evaluation beyond elected officials’ fitness for office—to reassure concerned
speculating from afar. citizens that the “leader of the free world” is not
cognitively impaired, and on a path of continuous decline.
I’m not alone. Viewers of Trump’s recent speeches have
begun noticing minor abnormalities in his movements. Especially if such a leader is a Republican.

In November, he used his free hand to After age 40, the brain decreases in volume by about 5
steady a small Fiji bottle as he brought percent every decade.
it to his mouth. Onlookers described the
movement as “awkward” and made The most noticeable loss is in the
jokes about hand size. frontal lobes. These control motor
functioning of the sort that would direct
Some called out Trump for doing the exact thing he had a hand to a cup and a cup to the mouth
mocked Senator Marco Rubio for during the presidential in one fluid motion—in most cases
primary—conspicuously drinking water during a speech. without even looking at the cup.

Case closed! Immediate removal from office via 25th You cannot be president if you are unable to take a drink
Amendment due to awkward water bottle handling. from a water bottle in one fuid motion. Oh, and also if you
are a Republican.
Then in December, speaking about his
national-security plan in Washington,

Hamblin then analyzes Trump's speech patterns from thirty consisting of nonpartisan medical and
years ago during interviews with Larry King and Oprah in psychological experts—could exist in a
comparison with today and concludes possible capacity similar to the Congressional
dementia...or even Alzheimer's: Budget Office. It could regularly assess
the president’s neurologic status and give a
Though it is not possible to diagnose a battery of cognitive tests to assess
person with dementia based on speech judgment, recall, decision-making,
patterns alone, these are the sorts of attention—the sorts of tests that might help
changes that appear in early stages of a school system assess whether a child is
Alzheimer’s. Trump has likened himself to suited to a particular grade level or
Ronald Reagan, and the changes in classroom—and make the results
Trump’s speech evoke those seen in the available.
late president. Reagan announced his
Alzheimer’s diagnosis in 1994, but there Such a panel need not have the power to unseat a
was evidence of linguistic change over the president, to undo a democratic election, no matter the
course of his presidency that experts have severity of illness. Even if every member deemed a
argued was indicative of early decline. His president so impaired as to be unfit to execute the duties of
grammar worsened, and his sentences the office, the role of the committee would end with the
were more often incomplete. He came to issuing of that statement. Acting on that information—or
rely ever more on vague and simple words: ignoring or disparaging it—would be up to the people and
indefinite nouns and “low imageability” their elected officials.
verbs like have, go, and get.
And we pretty much already know how such a committee
Finally, Hamblin's solution to the water bottle handling loaded with Trump deranged loons would rule.
and linguistic change problem--- A presidential fitness
committee run like the Congressional Budget Office: Much more interesting than examining Trump's brain
would be to place electrodes all over the head of one James
A presidential-fitness committee—of the Hamblin and analyze the jump in brain waves whenever
sort that Carter and others propose, the name of Trump is mentioned.

Was Huma Abedin The Ultimate Spy, One Of The Greatest
Traitors To America In US History? It's Time To Take
Down 'The Enemies Of America Within', President Trump!
By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
January 3, 2018

Known as a trusted adviser to Hillary, particularly on the

Middle East, prior to the Democratic primaries in 2007 she
was labeled as 'Hillary Clinton's Secret Weapon' after
having taking over the position as Hillary's top aide and
personal advisor prior to her 2000 NY Senate run, later to
be appointed 'deputy chief of staff' to Hillary at the US
State Department in 2009.

And as we've learned in story after story that have come

out this week as also heard in the first two videos below
from Sean Hannity and Fox News, with classified
documents found on her husband Anthony Weiner's
laptop, people like Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton
While President Donald Trump took to twitter on Tuesday should be very worried that they'll soon be going to prison
to urge the 'deep state justice department' to act against for jeopardizing US national security. Are US military
Huma Abedin as Susan Duclos reported in this ANP story, secrets now in the hands of radical Islamists or Iran or
evidence is emerging that Huma may have been the even China or Russia because of them?
'ultimate spy' in the drive of radical Islam to destroy
America as we detail within this ANP story, a true 'enemy
of America within'...Hillary Clinton's bedroom.

Born in 1976 to Syed Zainul Abedin (1928–93) and Saleha

Mahmood Abedin in Michigan, at the age of two her
family moved to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where Huma lived
until returning to the US for college at the age of 18.
Within 2 years, she was working at the White House as an
intern for then first-lady Hillary Clinton.

As Wikipedia reports about her family,

both of her parents were educators. Her Back on October 25th of 2016 we published a story on
father, born in New Delhi (India) on April 2, ANP titled "Anonymous Exposes 'The Grand Jihad To
1928, was an Islamic and Middle Eastern Overthrow America' - Calls Hillary Clinton 'The Root Of
scholar of Indian descent, who received his All Evil' And Uncovers 'The Sleeper' Within" and as we
PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, reported in that story, we were likely watching the
and then in 1978 founded the Institute of 'ultimate infiltration' of a US presidential candidate, and
Muslim Minority Affairs, an organization therefore America, with the infiltration of Hillary by Huma
devoted to the study of Muslim Abedin.
communities in non-Muslim societies
around the world. In 1979, he founded the We have decided to republish an extended excerpt of that
Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, which story as part of the next few sections of this story to help
his wife took over after his death; his tell this tale that must be told. Please keep in mind that
daughter Huma was listed as an associate while the source story was written prior to the election, the
editor from 1996–2008. truth within it remains the same.:

We've all seen the scenario played out to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them. Once
in Hollywood movies and real-world again, from that October of 2016 story referencing the
leaders of nations going back millenia final video below.:
know the dangers all too well. A
mysterious woman or man suddenly We have proof that her mother supports
captures the attention of a country's both the death penalty for those who
leader or other high-placed insider - choose to leave Islam as well as the
covertly to gather top secret subordination of women. Huma and her
information, assassinate the target or mother both worked for the same
completely infiltrate their regime. As radical Islamic journal.
many know, the Russians are famous
for their notorious female spies Proving to us beyond any doubt the
throughout history. strong ties between Abedin, Hillary
Clinton and 'the grand jihad' to
As we enter the stretch run of the 2016 overthrow America, we see the ties
election, we are once again witnessing exposed before our very eyes of a long-
such an 'infiltration' of a political figure held plan to replace our political system
though as it's not the Russians who are here in America with a repressive form
doing the infiltrating this time. As we of Sharia law with Hillary Clinton and
also learn, this 'infiltration' has grave her top aide Abedin leading the way.
consequences for Christians and every
person across America and those who Also showing to us the undeniable ties
love freedom across the world. between Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin,
Abdullah Omar Naseef and the nation of
Who is Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's Saudi Arabia as the main players in this
#1 aide and sidekick for the past 20 drama that the MSM is hoping you never
years and why should we as American find out about, we also see the proof of
citizens even care? As we learn in the ties between these main players and
final video below from Anonymous, numerous organizations that all share
Huma Abedin has absolutely undeniable the same goals and have told us
ties to both terrorists and those who repeatedly in plain English they want to
funded the 9/11 attacks upon destroy Western civilization and replace
America. (ANP: We have again it with repressive Sharia law.
embedded that video as the final one

As we learned in this 2013 story from the National

Review, Huma worked for many years at a journal that
promotes Islamic-supremacist ideology that was founded
by a top al-Qaeda financier, Abdullah Omar Naseef.
Naseef ran the Rabita Trust, a formally designated foreign
terrorist organization under American law. Ms. Abedin and
Why should Americans care about who the mother of Naseef overlapped at the Journal of Muslim Minority
Huma Abedin is? As we also reported in that October Affairs (JMMA) for at least seven years. Throughout that
story, during the Obama administration, we witnessed a time (1996–2003), Ms. Abedin ALSO worked for Hillary
'stealth' jihad to overthrow America and while we were Clinton in various capacities.
called 'conspiracy theorists' for even suggesting such a
thing, remember that the Islamic principal of taqqiya You read that correctly. As Anonymous also tells us in that
permits Muslims to lie to advance the cause of Islam - in final video below, during the same time period as the 9/11
some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order attacks upon America, Huma Abedin was working for both

Hillary Clinton AND those funding the terrorists
responsible for attacking America.

Even this NY Post story from back on August 21st, 2016

told us Huma worked at a radical Muslim journal for 10
years and even ripped apart a 1995 proclamation made by
Hillary that 'woman's rights are human rights'. From their
One of Clinton’s biggest
accomplishments listed on her
campaign website is her support for the
UN women’s conference in Bejing in As we also asked back in October of 2016, Abedin began
1995, when she famously declared, working for Clinton in the US State Department after only
“Women’s rights are human rights.” Her being here for 2 years in this country.
speech has emerged as a focal point of
her campaign, featured prominently in Was she trained to infiltrate America
last month’s Morgan Freeman-narrated knowing Clinton's alleged proclivity for
convention video introducing her as the lesbian women? If male leaders can be
Democratic nominee. seduced by spies who don't have their best
However, soon after that “historic and interests at heart, there is no doubt in our
transformational” 1995 event, as Clinton mind that female "leaders" can be as well.
recently described it, her top aide Huma
Abedin published articles in a Saudi We continued:
journal taking Clinton’s feminist
platform apart, piece by piece. At the Knowing the Clinton's sordid history, did
time, Abedin was assistant editor of the those seeking to overthrow America realize
Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs that Hillary was 'ripe for the picking'? The
working under her mother, who remains final video below provides absolute proof
editor-in-chief. She was also working in that Hillary has been infiltrated by someone
the White House as an intern for then- with strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood
first lady Clinton. and those who seek to overthrow our form
of government in the West.
Headlined “Women’s Rights Are Islamic
Rights,” a 1996 article argues that single
moms, working moms and gay couples And why has Huma refused to deny her terror ties?
with children should not be recognized
as families. It also states that more As we're told in the final video, the Institute
revealing dress ushered in by women’s of Muslim Minority Affairs is funded by the
liberation “directly translates into same person who funded those who
unwanted results of sexual promiscuity attacked America on 9/11 and who also
and irresponsibility and indirectly funds the Muslim World League. While the
promote violence against women.” In ties exposed here begin twisted like
other words, sexually liberated women spaghetti, Anonymous does an outstanding
are just asking to be raped. job untangling the terror mess and proves
to us a deep well of treason exists that is
now bubbling up to the surface with the
intention of taking down America and the

And while America has thankfully dodged that bullet for at

least another 3 years and hopefully 7 with President Trump
possibly doing the impossible, taking down Hillary Clinton
and the 'deep state', as ANP writer William B. Stoecker
recently wrote in this story on ANP, we need to stay awake
and aware about what's happening here in America.

With the 'globalist deep state' still attempting to take down

President Trump and the 1st Amendment here in America,
working to permanently silence those within the
independent media who speak out loudly against them,
how quickly might things change should Hillary not be
held accountable for her actions but run again for President
in 2020 and win? While the worst nightmare for millions,
should such a thing happen, like Barack Obama sealing his
records in his first executive order, the chance for
Americans and the world to ever learn the truth about
Hillary and Huma will forever be lost.

Why hasn't there been a serious investigation into Huma

asks Fox News in the 3rd video below? Between Barack
Obama in the Oval office, Iran-born Valerie Jarrett as one
of his chief advisers, the Muslim Brotherhood in the White
House during Obama's term in office and Huma Abedin
into 'all things Hillary', it's easy to understand why there
hadn't been a serious investigation up to this point. Yet
with all things seemingly now changing before our eyes,
it's time to take them all down, President Trump!

The first video below is a brief excerpt from the 2nd,

Hannity's full show Tuesday night.

“Deep State” DoJ, FBI, Won’t Answer Congress’ Questions
But Will LEAK To The Traitorous “Mainstream” Media
By JD Heyes
Wednesday, January 03, 2018

The Times essentially reported that Papadopoulos got too

drunk one evening at a swanky London wine bar and
revealed to an Australian diplomat that the Russians have
“political dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

When you think about it, whether Papadopoulos knew that

for certain or not, it makes perfect sense, given that she and
hubby Bill were involved in the Uranium One scandal,
used an unsecured email server that was likely hacked (by
Russia and others), and had an aide who similarly
compromised national security information.

Republicans in Congress have had it with senior staffers But I digress. The Times’ claims unraveled within hours of
and officials at the Department of Justice and the FBI, and publication. And besides, the paper reported in April that
are preparing to lower the boom on them as investigations former Trump campaign aide Carter Page was the one who
are set to refocus on how they sought to undermine really triggered the collusion investigation (though he
President Donald J. Trump’s 2016 campaign. wasn’t, either). (Related: PROOF that Hillary Clinton
got special treatment by the FBI, which exonerated her
even though she committed serious crimes.)
But in the meantime, GOP members of Congress are
taking both agencies to task in public, questioning not only
their loyalty to the country but also whether or not they are How do we know? Because the Deep State
violating laws through continuous leaking to ‘friendly’ let it slip months ago in a leak to CNN that
mainstream media outlets. the Feds used the dossier to get the FISA
warrant. Oops.
On Tuesday, Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., a frequent critic
of senior FBI and DoJ officials who have been As for what specific role the dossier played in getting the
stonewalling congressional committees seeking FISA warrant, DeSantis told Fox News,
information about their anti-Trump efforts, appeared on
Fox News to decry their refusal to answer questions about “I asked Deputy Attorney General Rod
the famed “Trump dossier,” but have no problem leaking Rosenstein that very question under oath in
select details to outlets like The New York Times. front of the Judiciary Committee and he
hemmed and hawed and would not answer
DeSantis, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, the question. So it’s a little odd to me when
along with GOP Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Trey the DOJ will not answer that but yet there
Gowdy, has been attempting to get to the bottom of are some people either in the FBI and DOJ
whether or not the FBI used the bogus dossier as a who has no problem leaking that to The
legitimate “intelligence” document it then took to the New York Times.”
secretive FISA court in order to get a warrant to spy on the “That attempt strikes me as an attempt on
Trump campaign. some people in the agency to deflect from
the dossier,” he added, as reported by The
The Florida lawmaker tore into a New York Times piece Gateway Pundit.
published earlier this week claiming that Trump campaign
volunteer George Papadopoulos is the one who sparked the Rosenstein was appointed to his post by Obama.
Russian collusion investigation. Rosenstein also happens to be the DoJ official who
authorized a special counsel to investigate alleged Trump-
Russia collusion, then named Deep State operative Robert
Mueller to head it up.
In December, under questioning from DeSantis and other initiation of the investigation,” the deputy
GOP lawmakers on the Judiciary Committee, Rosenstein AG responded.
smugly refused to answer direct questions regarding the
dossier. When DeSantis pressed, Rosenstein suggested that only
the House Intelligence Committee has oversight in the
“The Russia investigation. Who started it? matter. That set the congressman off.
Who was the agent? Was it [anti-Trump
FBI counterintelligence agent Peter] Strzok “That’s not true! We have oversight over
who started it? Who opened the case?” your department and the FBI and whether
“That matter is under review by the public funds were spent on a dossier —
Intelligence Committee and there is nothing that’s not something that is classified! We
that I can talk about publicly regarding the have every right to that information. You
should provide it,” he said.

Where Are George Soros, Hillary Clinton And Tony
Podesta? Also, Surge Of Politicians Now
Wearing 'Medical Boots'
By Susan Duclos - All News Pipeline
January 3, 2018

that started with the fall of Democratic mega-donor

Harvey Weinstein, are just the "tip of the iceberg" which
will lead into massive crackdowns and major exposure into
the rampant problem of pedophilia and child trafficking,
and how that all ties in with the timing of President
Trump's December 21, 2017 executive order titled
"Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons
Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or

As ANP detailed on December 22, 2017, that executive

order did not only specify foreign actors but also anyone
within our government, presently or former officials, that
I have seen a lot of chatter on the Q-Anon and MegaAnon are complicit or had been directly engaged in
postings at 4chan and 8chan, and have been asked why
don't we follow the goings on, the "clues," offered, and "(1) corruption, including the
write about it. While it is true we haven't detailed their misappropriation of state assets, the
daily and weekly chatter, and won't, that does not mean we expropriation of private assets for personal
are ignoring it either. Since mid-2017, we have carefully gain, corruption related to government
watched, tallied the predictions, balanced the ones that contracts or the extraction of natural
came true out with those that haven't, along with those that resources, or bribery; or (2) the transfer or
could possibly still happen. the facilitation of the transfer of the
proceeds of corruption."
See, anyone can anonymously claim they are a secret
Intelligence sources offering tidbits and puzzle pieces for That EO also announced that anyone caught up within
everyone else to put together, that doesn't mean they are, those parameters, could have their assets seized
but it doesn't mean they aren't either, so unless something immediately and without warning.
can be confirmed, verified or debunked, we simply
continue to observe, research and wait. Corsi believes that many things we have seen and reported
on, are indicators that the stage is being set for something
Some things have caught my interest, and that of author, huge. Listen below.
and political commentator Jerome Corsi. Specific postings
that fit in with the major news events we are witnessing, WHERE ARE THEY NOW?
from President Trump's Executive order that could literally
bring down high profile figures like the Clintons, as certain That Dec. 21, 2017 executive order could potentially cover
individuals names in the annex of the EO are connected in a whole lot of household names, including people like
one way or another with the Clintons or the Clinton Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Podesta's both John and Tony,
Foundation, or how that EO could apply to people like and the man behind many color revolutions, George Soros.
billionaire troublemaker George Soros, and other
individuals. (More on that EO to catch up in a prior ANP Tony Podesta: Which brings us to the
article from December 22, 2017) headlined question of where certain
individuals are right now, as we have noted
Below Corsi details some of his observations which lead many are asking where Tony Podesta has
him to believe another "shoe is about to drop," as he been since he stepped down from the
highlights his belief that all the sexual assault allegations company he founded, The Podesta Group,
on the same day that special Counsel Excellent question, what has happened to Tony Podesta? A
Robert Mueller charged former Trump man known for his creepy "child art," and to which his
campaign manager Paul Manafort. company was named in the Manafort indictment as
"company B," as one of the firms solicited to lobby on
behalf of the Ukranian government.

So, Podesta steps down from his position at Podesta group,

the groups then announces their closure, to reopen as
another entity, then he goes off the radar.

A search using a variety of search engines brings up a

number of "claims" about Tony Podesta being in Gitmo,
arrested, turning states witness and being in protective
custody, none of which confirmed and nothing more than
rumor, but absolutely nothing offering direct witness
sightings, when looking in "news" or just on the "web"
option itself.

George Soros: Another person that seems

Quick note and update on Manafort: On January 3, 2018, to have been strangely quiet lately is
Manafort issued a lawsuit against Department of Justice, George Soros. Liberal billionaire, and the
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and special money man behind many of the instances
counsel Robert Mueller - see more here) of anti-Trump protests and rioting within the
U.S. over the past year, has oddly gone
One of the people asking about Podesta just happens to be quiet on his social media Twitter account.
the President of the United States, Donald Trump, in an
interview published by the NYT on December 28, 2017, The last tweet from Soros or whoever runs his Twitter
via the Daily Caller: account was on November 26, 2017. Prior to that his
account tweeted out messages regularly every month.
President Donald Trump believes special Some months a dozen, some more, some a few less, but
counsel Robert Mueller will treat him fairly active every month recently except in December and early
in his ongoing investigation, but he is January.
curious why charges have not yet been
filed against democratic lobbyist Tony Like with Podesta, there are hyperbolic "claims" around
Podesta. the internet that Soros had a heart attack on Christmas Eve,
but nothing in any news agency, or even Hungary news,
“Whatever happened to Podesta?,” the nor any announcements from any of Soros' businesses,
president asked during a wide-ranging New which is where a press release would generally be
York Times interview published Thursday. generated should something have happened to him health-
“[T]hey closed their firm, they left in wise.
disgrace, the whole thing, and now you
never heard of anything.” It was reported in October 2017 that Soros had transferred
the bulk of his wealth, some $18 billion to his Open
Trump referenced the apparent scrutiny the Society Foundations. Is it possible Soros and/or his
Podesta Group is under by Mueller’s team advisors saw the writing on the wall, or were maybe tipped
for lobbying work it did in the U.S. on behalf off, and transferred the bulk of his billions to the society to
of former Ukranian leader Viktor prevent the U.S. government from freezing or seizing his
Yanukovych. The lobbying reportedly assets as part of the upcoming EO?
resembles the same activity former Trump
campaign chairman Paul Manafort was
indicted for by the special counsel. Hillary Clinton: While Hillary Clinton's
Twitter page has been active, there is no
The Podesta Group, once headed by way of knowing if she still has staff manage
brother of former Clinton campaign her social media as she used to end her
chairman John Podesta, is likely to close personal tweets with "-H" and none of them
by the end of this year. His brother, Tony this past year has included it.
Podesta, stepped down from his position at
the firm in late October. We haven't seen any public appearances from Clinton
since mid-December, where it was noted that she is still
wearing a "medical boot." Clinton started wearing that Then Congresswoman Jackie Speier, the woman that
boot in October when she apparently took a spill, which at claimed that President Trump was going to fire Robert
first it was reported she hurt her ankle, then she stated she Mueller on December 22, 2017 (which never happened),
had broken a toe. That "accident" coincidentally happened and who also happens to be one of the lawmakers on
a day before the huge Uranium One scandal broke out after the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
a blockbuster report at The Hill. Clinton had canceled that employed Imran Awan who has been federally
appearances on her book tour at the time. indicted for federal bank fraud and conspiracy.

(Note- Reports from January 3, 2017, indicate there was a

fire at the Clintons' Chappaqua, New York Home, but no
injuries have been reported)



While Clinton's use of the medical boot for two months

from just a broken toe has been the topic of articles, such
as this one from Daily Mail, we are noting a number of
other politicians seem to be having problems with their
leg/foot. That or they have very strange ideas of what is
considered a fashion accessory.

On November 2, 2017, Representative Jackie Walorski,

a House Ways and Means member, was also pictured
wearing a medical boot, when going to speak to the press
after a meeting with President Trump.

John McCain, the Senator from Arizona that arranged to

have "unverified" Kremlin sourced Trump dossier, that
Hillary Clinton and the DNC helped fund, delivered to the
FBI, is sporting a medical boot on his right foot, after a
minor tear in his right Achilles tendon. (Although he has
moved it to the left on at least one occasion.)
There is a significant amount of chatter across the internet
with people speculating these boots are being worn to hide
ankle monitors because these people are in legal trouble.
This rumor cannot be confirmed and anything other than
providing us all with newly taken pictures of both their
legs and feet without socks or boots (Think they would do
it if we asked? No? Me either), means it won't be
debunked any time soon.

There is one rumor I can debunk. Images are being shared

of Chelsea Clinton in a medical boot as well. Those images
are real, but they were taken back in 2012.

BOTTOM LINE actions during the Clinton investigation, and the DOJ now
ordering their prosecutors to also review the Clinton
There is a lot going on in January, with the president evidence and the reasons former FBI director James
highlighting Huma Abedin's crimes, and others, while Comey let Hillary Clinton off regarding her emails and
calling out the "Deep State Justice Department," and private server usage....... so it appears Corsi may be
investigations ongoing in both houses of Congress correct, it does seem as if the stage is being set to see
regarding Uranium One, the FBI and DOJ under Obama, another shoe, or perhaps a closet full of them, drop.
along with the ongoing OIG review of the FBI and DOJ

“The 25th Amendment Needs To Be Enforced”: Green Day
Frontman Billy Joe Armstrong Tells His Fans That Support
Trump To “F**K OFF” While Calling For
His Impeachment
Alex Thomas
January 3rd, 2018

it takes to ignore the actual facts surrounding the rogue

nuclear nation.

One user detailed these facts and was viciously attacked by

Armstrong in another post that made clear that the Green
Day singer has indeed lost his mind.

The concerned fan(former?) wrote,

“I love how no one loses their shit about

how Kim Jong
In the never ending saga that is the establishments attack 1) Literally made the same threat hours
on all things Donald Trump, more and more rich before Trump
musicians have publicly aligned themselves against the
president with unhinged rants that not only attack Trump 2) Is the reason all those innocent people
but also the tens of the millions of Americans who voted are starving
for him. 3) Threatens the rest of the world
4) Has active death camps. But no by all
In other words, Trump Derangement Syndrome is means Trump’s the real villain here you
especially strong with rich liberals who are falling over guys.”
themselves to attack the president as if it is somehow
courageous to literally join with the establishment.
Armstrong responded,

The latest example comes in the form of an Instagram rant

“Go fuck yourself you fucking keyboard
in which Green Day frontman Billy Joe Armstrong had a
coward. You don’t know what the fuck
mini meltdown over the presidents latest tweet about North
you’re talking about. No one is coming for
Korea, eventually going on to attack his own fans who
you you paranoid fool. This is your
support the president while joining with the deep state
president making threats of mass
echo chamber in calling for the use of the 25th
destruction. Wake up or get the fuck off my
Amendment to remove him from office.

“This isn’t funny. This is our president

Eventually Armstrong took it one step further, responding
acting like a madman drunk on power
to another comment by telling all the people who support
THREATENING to kill innocent starving
his band that also happen to support the president to “f**k
people by way of nuclear war. The 25th
off” and to stop listening. (very rich for a privileged
amendment needs to be enforced. This
musician to say.)
man is sick and unfit for office. I don’t care
if your liberal or conservative.. this has to
stop . Please share #impeachtrump.” “Well then go fuck yourself you stupid piece
of shit. If that’s the way you feel about
mass destruction and murder then fuck off.
As Paul Joseph Watson rightfully noted, many Americans
Stay the fuck off my Instagram and don’t
responded to Armstrong’s call for Trump to be impeached
come back. Don’t listen to my fucking
with anger while also pointing out the stunning hypocrisy
records. I have no problem telling ignorant mainstream media, which doesn’t seem to
fucks like you to go to hell. That goes for get anywhere near as irate about the fact
any other stupid fucks that thinks this that Kim Jong-un routinely threatens the
behavior should be normalized. Get the world with nuclear holocaust and presides
fuck out!” over a brutal regime that imprisons
hundreds of thousands of its own people in
As Watson wrote, political death camps.”

“Armstrong’s response to Trump’s tweet Another day, another rich liberal melting down over
mirrored the hysterical reaction of the Donald Trump.

Trump Follows Infowars’ Lead
With ‘Fake News Awards’ Ceremony
Infowars Had Held A Fake News Awards Ceremony In November
Infowars.Com - January 3, 2018

follow Infowars’ lead and once again announce a more

official Fake News Awards to be held Monday.
“I will be announcing THE MOST
5:00 o’clock,” Trump tweeted Tuesday.
“Subjects will cover Dishonesty & and Bad
Reporting in various categories from the
President Donald Trump announced he Fake News Media. Stay Tuned!”
would hold the “most dishonest and
corrupt media” awards ceremony on
Monday, January 3.

Trump floated the idea of holding such an awards

ceremony last November.

“We should have a contest as to which of

the Networks, plus CNN and not including
Fox, is the most dishonest, corrupt, and/or
distorted in its political coverage of your A list of Winners from the Infowars Fake News Awards
favorite President (me). They are all bad. Ceremony can be viewed below:
Winner to receive Fake News Trophy!” he
Fake News Anchor: Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough
Fake News Entertainer: Stephen Colbert
Fake News Publication: NY Times
Fake News Network: CNN
Fake News Reporter: Jim Acosta
Fake News Politician: Hillary Clinton
Fake News Story: Trump-Russia collusion

Infowars answered the president’s call and held a Fake

News Awards ceremony later that same night, with
winners in several categories including Fake Publication,
Anchor, Entertainer, and Reporter.

The following December, the mainstream media faked

several “bombshell” stories surrounding Trump and the
phony Russia-Gate investigation, prompting Trump to

If The Trump Administration DOESN’T Indict Hillary
Clinton, James Comey, Then The Rule Of Law
In America Is DEAD
By JD Heyes
Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Just days before he won his first presidential election, “That evidence includes passages in FBI
then-Sen. Barack Obama said he was just “days away” documents stating the ‘sheer volume’ of
from fundamentally transforming America. classified information that flowed through
Clinton’s insecure emails was proof of
Talking heads, politicos and pundits on the Right parsed criminality as well as an admission of false
his words in an attempt to figure out just what he meant. statements by one key witness in the case,
Eight years later, his meaning became clear: Obama sought the investigators said,” as quoted by The
to fundamentally transform America’s institutions, culture, Hill.
and justice system, and many believe he succeeded beyond
even his wildest dreams. Then, of course, there is former FBI Director Comey,
whom we now know planned to exonerate Clinton from
Particularly hard hit was the American justice system. those crimes long before he announced that he would
Obama, we now know, politicized every aspect of it by during a highly irregular July 2016 press conference.
putting in place rank partisans who, in carrying out the
former president’s political objectives, ignored and buried In making that statement to the press, Comey laid out the
substantial violations of law that undoubtedly harmed U.S. bureau’s case against Clinton:
national security in ways we may never be able to fully
gauge. From the group of 30,000 e-mails returned
to the State Department, 110 e-mails in 52
The best walking, talking examples of this are Hillary e-mail chains have been determined by the
Clinton and James Comey. owning agency to contain classified
information at the time they were sent or
Clinton, during her tenure as Obama’s first secretary of received. Eight of those chains contained
state, not only used her position to pad her and her information that was Top Secret at the time
husband’s pocketbooks through their financial vehicle, the they were sent; 36 chains contained Secret
Clinton Foundation, but in her quest for secrecy, she information at the time; and eight contained
installed a private, unsecured email server in her New Confidential information, which is the
York home and used it to conduct official business. lowest level of classification.

In the course of conducting that business, she handled The former FBI director would then go to make some
scores of classified and confidential information that she incredible claims:
was never held accountable for, despite the fact that the
FBI had discovered evidence she violated several statutes  That Clinton and her aides were not guilty of “gross
pertaining to the handling of classified information. negligence” in mishandling the sensitive information,
only of being “extremely careless.” We now know that
As reported by The Hill, for the first time congressional initially, Comey wrote “gross negligence” in an early
investigators say they have obtained written evidence that draft, but that it was changed to “extremely careless” by
the FBI believed there were indications and additional FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok. This is
evidence some laws were violated when the former important because “gross negligence” is language
secretary of state for President Obama and her top aides taken directly from the statutes governing the handling
sent classified information through her unsecured private of classified documents and therefore is legally
email server. (Related: Hannity sez ‘People like Hillary actionable.
Clinton should be nervous – People will be going to jail’  Comey said “no reasonable prosecutor” would elect to
as GOP lawmakers find NEW ‘irregularities’ and prosecute Clinton. That’s not his decision to make, it’s
‘contradictions’ in FBI’s EMAIL investigation (Video))
the attorney general’s decision (in this case another Barack Obama’s corruption of the Justice Department and
Obama sycophant, Loretta Lynch). FBI couldn’t be plainer. Now just imagine how much he’s
 He also said the FBI did not find “evidence” that Clinton “fundamentally transformed” other institutions of
“intended” to mishandle classified information. Intent government.
doesn’t matter, and in fact, the statutes state clearly
that intent makes no difference (hence the “gross If the Trump administration doesn’t act
negligence” language). against Clinton, Comey, and anyone else
responsible for serial violations of U.S. law,
After admitting that Clinton did indeed then we are no longer a nation of laws and
mishandle dozens of pieces of classified therefore no one should be prosecuted
information, he still didn’t recommend she for anything.
be charged.

Grassley: James Comey May Have
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 4, 2018

Grassley asked Rosenstein to clarify whether the DOJ or ignored the same security protocol that he
FBI have determined whether any of the memos that publicly criticized Hillary Clinton for in the
Comey sent to Richman contained classified information waning days of the 2016 presidential
election,” The Hill reported.

The paper also noted that Comey testified the previous

month before the House Intelligence Committee that he
shared at least one of them with Richman. “He asked that
lawyer to leak information from one memo to the news
media in hopes of increasing pressure to get a special
prosecutor named in the Russia case after Comey was fired
as FBI director,” The Hill noted further.
(National Sentinel) Illegal: The chairman of the Senate
Judiciary Committee said in a letter to Deputy Attorney “If it’s true that Professor Richman had four
General Rod Rosenstein on Wednesday that former FBI of the seven memos, then in light of the
Directory James Comey may have illegally leaked a fact that four of the seven memos the
classified memo to a friend. Committee reviewed are classified, it would
appear that at least one memo the former
In his letter, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, demanded FBI director gave Professor Richman
answers from Rosenstein regarding the handling of memos contained classified information,” Grassley
that Comey wrote following his conversations with writes.
President Donald J. Trump, The Daily Caller reported.
He asserted in his letter that the Justice Department and
The Judiciary chairman said that he and his staff have FBI have so far failed to provide crucial details about the
recently reviewed seven memos Comey wrote following memos and how they were handled.
his meetings with the president. Of those, four contained
information that was classified as “Secret” or Grassley said during a recent review of the memos that
“Confidential.” was held in a secure facility, FBI personnel “refused” to
answer questions about the chain of custody of the memos,
Grassley also noted that past media reports claimed that when they were deemed classified, and who made the
Comey gave at least four memos to his friend, Columbia classified determinations.
law professor Daniel Richman.
The Daily Caller reported further:
During congressional testimony last year, Comey told a
House panel he hoped that leaking the memos would lead In his letter, Grassley asked Rosenstein to
to a special counsel appointment aimed at investigating clarify whether the DOJ or FBI have
Trump’s campaign. Shortly thereafter, Rosenstein determined whether any of the memos that
appointed former FBI director and Comey friend Robert Comey sent to Richman contained
Mueller. classified information and which of the