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iT IGNAL Ui . E. T. Paull’s Compositions AN2 ARRANGEMENTS. Bright, Brilliant and Harmonious. Beautiful, Stirring and Melodious. Embellished with the Handsomest, most Striking and Characteristic Title Pages ever seen on Music. t EACH PIECE MAGNIFICENTLY LITHOGRAPHED IN FIVE COLORS. KT. Paull is recognized throughout the entire country’ as being one of the jreatest March rites ofthe present ‘ime, "He has been given the sobriquet «The New March King,” ty tho two lading musical journals of the United States, Tam New Yor Musica Coven Taps Exrea and Tir Musto Tuabes. His compositions give ‘universal satisfaction. All of his marches are wonderfully strting, bright, catehy, and inepiring throughout. One of ‘the chief characteristics of Mr. Pauls compositions is that they lay well under the fingers and are comparatively eagy toplay. Every Piano Player Should Have Complete Copies of The Following Magnificent Marches and Two-Steps. Nothing Better Published. \ BEN HUR CHARIOT RACE,.... Price 60e, | No. 13. THE ROMANY RYE, (Intermezzo) Price se, CHARGE OF THE LIGHT AA. WARMING UR IN DIXIE, (Cake Walk) 80 BRIGADE; 0 15, STRANGERS STORY WALZ... Price Soe, -- AMERICA FOREVER MARCH. se te wimeees Wail wane hae DAWN OF THE CENTURY W'CH ICH PALACE MARCH. Following Arranged by B. 'T. PAULL: “ 6, N.¥, & CONEY ISLAND CYCLE, 1.17, THE MIDNIGHT FIRE ALARM Price 500. “9. WEILL STAND BY THE FLAG. . SIGNAL FROM MARS, “ s, THE STORM KING MARCH, ARIZONA MARCH ‘THE CIRCUS PARADE MARCH “90, THE MIDNIGHT FLYER MARCH BURNING OF ROME =“ JOLLY BLACKSMITHS = « PAUL REVERE'S RIDE « ‘THE HURRICANE MARCH SILVER SLEIGH BELLS << 28, THE MASQUERADE « ‘The above name pieces represent The Latest, The Greatest ant The Best lst of march compositions, of the present time, All purehasers of music will ind every pie to be the best that ean can be had, Any Single Copy Will Be Supplied at Malt Price, 25 Cents Postpaid. FOR SALE BY ALL MUSIC DEALERS. Special Notice : 1 for ny reason your Musle Dealer cannot supply you with any ofthe plows named above, ‘than write direct to the Publishers, for complete catalogues, and the special prices that will be given on same, which ‘ll bo sont free, postpaid, to any one by addressing The Publishers: E. T. PAULL MUSIC CO., 243 West 420d Street, New York. A SIGNAL FROM MARS. MARCH AND TWO STEP. By RAYMOND TAYLOR. Arranged by Ei