CDO High School October 2010

In years past, Tucson has had a few known haunted houses. Last year, Phobia took October by storm and raked in tons of money for not only our own CDO Drama program, but also many other high schools around Tucson. Phobia was held in a vacant Linen’s and Things at the Foothills Mall and consisted of two haunts to choose from. It scared people of all ages and genders and the hopes are only higher for this year. This year, Phobia, now named Tucson Slaughter House is going to be bigger and better than ever before. This year it’s going to be held at the old Farmer John’s Meat Packing Plant, now better known as an old abandoned slaughter house at Grant and I-10. The place has been cleaned up and transformed into 4 different haunts scarier and crazier than last year. It’s grand opening was Friday October 1st, and it goes Thursday’s through Sunday’s. Every Saturday is Teen Night, and will have a clubhouse available to all teenagers. The clubhouse will have a live DJ and is completely free. Not only is this whole venue bigger in size, but it also has a special appearance on Saturday the! Uprising music sensation B.o.B will be doing a concert in the clubhouse! For those who aren’t familiar with the name B.o.B, he’s a relatively new artist who sings popular songs such as, Airplanes, Nothing on You, and Magic. Tickets this year are also cheaper than before, making your experience more enjoyable and more affordable. General admission is 21 dollars for all 4 haunts, this is opposed to 20 dollars for 2 haunts last year. If you want V.I.P access, which includes front of the line access, all 4 haunts, and a T-Shirt costs 50 dollars. On the night of the concert you can buy a ticket for all 4 haunts and a ticket for B.o.B for only 35 dollars! Lastly, if you want a full V.I.P. pass for premium concert seating, and front of the line privileges for all 4 haunts it costs 55 dollars . There’s tons more information on the Slaughter House website. You can find a schedule of events, buy your tickets, look at pictures, and even see the history of the Slaughter House prior to it being shut down. Just go to and get all the Halloween entertainment you need. -Katelyn treichel, eic

B.o.B at the Slaughter house

Dream Team Dreams Big

A good time was had by all at the annual Dream Team Tailgate party. Friday, September 24, about 100 people gathered before the CDO vs. Nogales Football. The attendees noshed on hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, and a great cake made by Ms.Norma. The students were in charge of the menu, cooking, setting up and greeting family and friends. Parents and other friends enjoyed the time to relax and eat good food. An end to a perfect evening, was another win by the CDO Dorados abraham VelaSco, Staff Writer

his year at Canyon Del Oro is the new start of the known Key Club on campus! For those who aren’t aware, it has actually made an amazing tribute to our community by helping out children and promoting fundraisers of all sorts to help raise money to provide more fun events to take place for needy children and more. To get a better insight on the club I interviewed Ariel Kunkel, President of Key Club, to give her thought and detail about the club. Q: So what is key club all about? A: “For the most part, we volunteer to help needy children and hold fundraisers in our community and put all our profit into certain projects such as the Ronald McDonald and the Angola Projects which both help out with children in our society. We try to focus on the less fortunate children to give them some joy and hope. Key club is a really fun way to commit your time to help make a difference and have fun all at once”. Q: What is Key Club planning on doing this year to help our community? A: “For this 2010-2011 school year we plan to follow through with an event called Eliminate which is a fundraiser to raise money for shots in Africa as well as an event called An Evening in Italy. An Evening in Italy is another fundraiser where Italian restaurants donate Italian food for the public. The money that goes into this fundraiser goes to help other projects such as the JCP shopping spree for needy children we do every year”. To conclude Miss Ariel’s key clubbing details, the club meets in G-701 every other Tuesday of every month. If anyone is interested you can go and talk to Mrs. Swiderski of Ms. Bruggeman. -Sarah hale, Staff Writer

Key Club Opens Doors for Students

Hey Baby, You Busy?
October Events Calendar 10/5- ASVAB Test 10/5 Jazz Band Concert 10/7- Ochestra Concert/ Choir Concert 10/8- Homecoming Assembly and Dance FALL BREAK!! Sports Schedules on page 7

PictureS courteSy of Pam Duarte

News 02

Primary Election Heats Up
Oh, politics. From Conservative Republicans to Liberal Democrats, it becomes difficult to track all the happenings in each party. Tied in the recent Arizona primaries, Republican Jesse Kelly and Democrat Gabrielle Giffords have been in a head to head battle over a seat in Congress. Not only is this close race heated, but the commercials and other advertisements these opposing politicians are posting about one another are also heated. Sure, it’s common for rivals to bash one another, but politicians seem to have a special knack for it. Will skewing their opponents political views in a public way over radio or television commercials help them get to the top? Who knows. Kelly and Giffords must, because based on the multitude of said advertisements, they would have to believe so. Confused and unsure on which side to believe? Take look at these facts and figures in order to get a clearer idea. Health Care- Jesse Kelly: Opposes Obama’s Health Care Plan introduced earlier this year. Kelly suggests reforming tort laws in order to lower the cost of health care. Gabrielle Giffords: Is against any sort of financial cuts against Medicare, and plans to maintain reimbursement to doctors. Border Control- Jesse Kelly: Along with Giffords, has continuously fought for more border patrol agents. Mr. Kelly supports Senate Bill 1070, and feels the border should be secured now. He is working against providing illegal immigrants with public benefits. Republican Kelly also supports the completion double layer fence along the border. Gabrielle Giffords: As stated above, Giffords and Kelly agree on enlisting more border patrol agents in the effort to keep illegal immigrants out. However, Giffords strongly supports the installation of new technology along the border. This new technology would include surveillance cameras to monitor action along the border, which could prove to be helpful to border patrol agents. Also, she suggests installing communication devices between residents of the area, and border patrol agents. As for SB 1070, Ms. Giffords feels that “Arizona’s immigration law was passed because we were fed up with years of federal inaction and neglect. We are angry and we are frustrated. But we must seize this opportunity and get the job done.” According to http://giffords. Economy- Jesse Kelly: “The big government schemes of taxing and spending thrown upon us by out of touch liberals in Washington has failed. It is time for real business solutions to get the economy moving again and create stable, high paying jobs in both Southern Arizona and throughout the nation.” According to Gabrielle Giffords: Ms. Giffords is promoting that Arizonans and Americans alike should take the initiative and find jobs or career paths suitable to their education and work qualifications. In the past, Giffords has even hosted job expos, who’s goals were to get the unemployed Arizonans back on their feet. madeline dunlap The Democrats and Republicans are at it again, but in the end, it is known that the best will prosper. feature editor

Everyone knows about Chuck E. Cheese, you know, where a kid can be a kid? Although it is a place for kids to be rambunctious as well as win cool toys, some of these toys have been recalled for much more than just a choking hazard. Chuck E. Cheese recently recalled about 1.1 million light up rings, which come in various colors, and 120,000 star glasses that they had been distributing for promotional purposes since 2009. In 2009, when these toys first started being distributed, they seemed innocent enough. But there was a rude awakening when there were two claims of children coming into hazardous contact with the batteries from these toys. In one scenario, a child had a battery shoved up his nostril and in the second scenario; a child had swallowed the battery! These little batteries, which are obviously a choking hazard, seem to be able to cause much more damage than we previously thought. Researchers have discovered that these tiny batteries are not only quite easy to swallow, but ingesting these can cause major damage to the stomach, intestine, and esophagus. Although there have been no reported incidents involving the star glasses, they are still being recalled because, similar to the rings, these star glasses are quite easy to pull apart and smash, which exposes the battery. Chuck E. Cheese is saying that if your child is in possession of one of these two toys, immediately take them away from the children. If you do happen to have one of these toys, you can go to a near by Chuck E. Cheese and return your light up ring for a refund of $1.00 plus four Chuck E. Cheese tokens or you can get a soccer promo cup plus four Chuck E. Cheese tokens. If you have the star glasses, you can return them for a refund of $4.99 or you can get their Flashing Hands prize. It’s nice to know that Chuck E. Cheese cares about the safety of its customers and wants to keep them happy and safe; after all, they are the ones who voluntarily conducted this recall. Although this has come as quite a scare to many families, it’s comforting that Chuck E. Cheese wants to stay true to their slogan, where a kid can be a kid. . . . while still being safe.
karylin veres co-eic

Chuck E. Cheese Toy Scare

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Palantir Staff


What Happened to Real Music?
Candy: sweet, decaying, without substance, guilty pleasure. Similar to candy, music nowadays shares these characteristics. Where has depth and originality gone? Pop artists in this day and age’s version of “singing” is whining and auto tuning their voices. They possibly do this to sound appealing to their tone deaf consumers, which primarily are teenagers. What does it even take to be famous these days? Think about it, do we as listeners hear these artists’ natural voices? How much of it is saturated by computer programs used by producers? It’s hard to tell, that’s for sure. Most importantly though, what about unknown musicians who are naturally talented without the help of modern technology? The pop music industry has definitely gone down hill. As far as I’m concerned, there hasn’t been any legendary pop music in the 2000’s decade. Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, even Madonna have made names for themselves by producing original, fresh and note-worthy tunes. Those pop stars didn’t need mixing machines in order to sound good, unlike the pop musicians nowadays. Those artists had talent and determination to be new, to distinguish themselves from the rest. Don’t get me wrong, pop stars you hear on the radio today are determined, but not to be different, to blend in with all the other sounds that are popular. It truly is a shame that this generation won’t have a memorable sound. So, wake up out of that “Teenage Dream” and treat yourself to some quality music. -Madeline Dunlap, Feature Editor

Opinion 03
In May, all teachers were stoked about Proposition 100, which raised our taxes to 9% in order to keep some of the jobs of teachers, firefighters, and police. Now there’s Prop 200, which is supposed to hire enough police officers so that there is 2.4 of them for every 1,000 Tucson citizens when there is currently 1.9. Firefighters will also be required to arrive at the danger scenes in four minutes or less. This proposition is called the Public Safety First Initiative, and the polling will take place on November 3rd. So then, if Prop 100 was already supposed to make our city safer, then why has the government created another proposition that’s for the same job positions (except teachers)? Why are they trying to create more expenses when our economy is already in deficit? In my opinion, Prop 200 is unnecessary and I am going to vote "NO". According to the Arizona daily Star, Arizona represents 19% of all prosecutions filed in America! And yet, we only count for 2% of the population! This was discovered by the Transactional Research Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University, who said that there were 109,532 prosecutions made in America during the first eight months of this current fiscal year, while a whopping 20,818 of them were filed in Arizona. Four out of five prosecutions here involved immigration. However, Tucson Weekly claims that crime is actually on the decline. For example, the Tucson Police Department measured that crimes classified as violent have dropped by a third from 1995 to 2008. Burglary calls have also declined 38% since 1997. Prop 200 will end up costing around $157 million over the next five years. The city of Tucson will have to cut back on repairs and recreation, as said by Brandon Patrick, chairman of "Don’t Handcuff Tucson". Departments have already been cut by 7.1%, and taxes will be climbing even higher. Keep in mind that by voting "NO" on Prop 200, you are not necessarily compromising your safety. I think that we should focus on clearing our deficit instead of spending more, so that we don’t dig ourselves into an even bigger hole.
-Sophia Natania Elice Rubin, Op./Ed. Editor

Is Prop 200 the Best Idea?

How Old is too Old?

You all know that Halloween is coming up, and you are probably thinking of what cute or scary costume you are going to wear. But what you may not know is that most adults think that high school is too old to be trick or treating. Sure, the candy and showing off your costume is fun but don't you think it would be more fun for a little kid instead of you? In my opinion, I agree with the adults. We are too old to be trick or treating. We don't enjoy candy or going out at night as much as a toddler would. Most of us go out after the sun goes down anyway so its no big deal. But for a little kid, they might go to bed before the sun even goes down, so for them its a huge treat to go out in the dark. Also, the older you get the less candy you get, which is no fun. Most adults say that 12 and over is too old to be trick or treating, that its selfish and dumb for adolescents to be trick or treating. Instead of asking for candy we should be giving it out or going to parties and stuff like that. Though there shouldn't be an age limit to dressing up, but to trick or treating, there might be. And maybe the only exception to this would be if an older sibling or babysitter took a little kid trick or treating. Maybe this year you will do your parents a favor and pass out candy while they sleep, instead of going trick or treating. -Erica Eller, Staff Writer

Facebook Versus Myspace
Remember just a few years ago when the hottest networking site was MySpace? MySpace was the best thing to ever hit the internet. . . until Facebook. Facebook seemingly skyrocketed into some sort of phenomena that everyone had joined. The question that has come to my attention is whether Facebook is truly better than MySpace. Or perhaps the human race is just too engulfed in being apart of the newest things that come along. Facebook and MySpace offer essentially the same goal: to produce a networking site that allows people all over the world to connect with one another. This common idea offers great opportunities to connect with your peers. Although they have the same ideas in mind, the finished product that each site came up with was very diverse. In 2005, MySpace was dominated by the teens, which would include those in high school as well as middle school. Facebook was dominated, and originally created for College students. There is definitely and extreme difference in age and maturity level, so the pages were very different. MySpace allowed people to be creative and show their personality. People could show their creativity through the choice of their backgrounds which a range from pink all the way to sparkly dinosaurs. You could add various “stickers” and “quotes” all over your page that described who you were. Although this was a great way to express yourself, pages began to become very cluttered and it was all just a bit too much. This is probably why Facebook’s cleaner and ‘put together’ approach enticed many older college kids. The beauty of every page looking almost identical is the fact that you know where everything is, it’s easy to navigate, and you’re eyes don’t hurt from watching sparkly circles spin about on a page. Every since Facebook suddenly became popular, many tens say that MySpace is too “middle school” and “childish”. I believe that these statements show that teens around the world want to be more mature, and Facebook provides this for them. But don’t’ get me wrong, MySpace still has great things to offer on their site. For instance, you can put music by your favorite artists on your page which is actually quite convenient. It also offers great opportunities to talk about yourself, for instance they have an “about you” box as well as a “favorite music and books” box. The benefit of MySpace is that you can allow yourself to be yourself in many ways. But if I had to choose between these two competing sites, I would choose Facebook, for the sole reason of the ‘clean’ approach. But I definitely wouldn’t knock down MySpace, it still offers essentially the same things as Facebook, so you still get the same opportunities. Although Facebook is the champion in my book, MySpace is still great. -Katelyn Treichel, Editor in Chief


Feature 04
Obama: President, Father, Author
President Obama has amazed us once again. Our 44th President came out with a new book that will be hitting shelves worldwide in November. This book, as he told, was inspired by spending quality time with his two girls, Sasha and Malia, hence the title of his book, Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters. This will be the author’s first children’s book. The two he previously wrote, Dreams From My Father and The Audacity of Hope, were written for more mature readers.This book is also a tribute to 13 groundbreaking Americans, and throughout it, Obama explains the reason why he chose those heroes. He saw the heroes in his own two daughters, and children around the whole world. Illustrations in the book are symbols of the 13 people he chose and a look at the importance and promise of childhood. This book also talks about the way we pursue ourselves into the world and what learn from our potential. Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters proceeds will go to charity. People will be waiting to read what seems to be a great book. coming out on shelves November 16th. Lexi epperson, staff Writer

Nightfall: 20 Years of Fright
Nightfall, one of Tucson’s most prized Halloween traditions is back for the 20th year. Starting October 1st, Nightfall will be open Wednesday- Sunday nights until October 31st. $25 for adults and $20 for children (4-11), Old Tucson’s Nightfall will be open from 6pm- 12am on Fridays and Saturday and 6pm- 10pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. After nineteen years of ruling Old Tucson’s haunted town, Dr. Hyde has become bored of his typical methods of torture, so this year he will make the final judgement- shall everyone will live or die. Some of the attractions at Nightfall this year include live shows, haunted train rides and houses, to talking gargoyles. Classics such as Dr. Hyde’s Science Show, Dante’s Inferno and the Gouillard Gargoyles will be around for another go. However, new terrors are creeping in to take over Nightfall such as Death Row (a maximum security prison where the only escape is through Death Row), Iron Door Mine (a closed mine still occupied with miners, waiting for those who enter), Mad Science (two competitive scientists that worked together to make a unique creaton, and are ready to show the world) Hollywood Horror Train (passengers are taken back to see some of the most terrifying horror movies of all time), and Magic of the Macabre with Illusionist Aaron Radatz. For directions, more information, and promotions, check out Nightfall’s official website at http://www.nightfallaz. com/, or look up “Nightfall at Old Tucson” on Facebook. Be sure to remember that outside food or beverage, touching the actors, abusive actions or language is not permitted. There are no refunds, re-entries, or rain-checks, so pick a good night to go. Nightfall is only a month long so get to Old Tucson Studios soon... If you dare. M adeLine d unLap , f eature e ditor

New Fall Shows
This fall, numerous shows are beginning to air, as well as starting new seasons. There are 23 shows that have just premiered and over 35 shows are starting a new season. More popular shows such as The Simpson's are now at their 22nd season, and Dancing with the Stars at season 11. Fall is a perfect time to premiere new shows, because it’s shortly after school starts and the start of the next school year. Here is a listing and a brief summary for the more popular shows being continued this month. Dancing with the Stars: on ABC- Celebrities are paired with professional dancers in a dance competition, with one pair eliminated each week. They do a variety of dancing styles so there’s always something for everyone. Biggest Loser: on NBC- Overweight people compete to drop pounds, as their chosen trainers helps them to lose weight. At the end of each episode, there's a weigh-in that helps determine who is eliminated. Hell’s Kitchen: on Fox- Restaurateurs compete at a chance to have their own eatery. This show is on fire as these chefs cook off and always seem to be in the middle of a heated battle. The Simpsons: on Fox- Has been aired since December 17, 1989. You can’t really describe specifics on this show, but you can say it’s about a goofy family which random events occur in each episode. New shows coming out this fall are: Secret Millionaire: on ABC- Millionaires work anonymously, acting as if they aren’t millionaires working at ordinary work places. Law & Order: Los Angeles on NBC- The police investigate crimes in Los Angeles and prosecutors try the suspects in this drama-action series. Undercovers: on NBC- A married pair of retired spies return to the world of espionage, this time as partners, while also running a catering company in this action-adventure series. My Generation: on ABC- A drama about a group of former high school classmates, who see each other a decade after graduation and are revisited by a documentary crew who first filmed them back when they were eager to graduate. There will be more shows premiering this spring, and even more shows coming out this month. Be on the lookout for those great and magnificent shows coming out! There might be one that will soon be your favorite show. J osh h aLe , s taff W riter

photo by:

Feature 05

New Teachers At CDO
Unfortunately many teachers were laid off last year due to budget cuts. We had to wave goodbye to many wonderful teachers; however, we got some new great ones out of the deal! Mrs. Quinn 1) How do you like CDO so far? Kids are great, but I’m still adjusting to the schedule. 2) What was your first impression of CDO? The math department is great. 3) What do you teach? Algebra Two and Advanced Algebra Two/Trigonometry. 4) Where did you graduate? U of A 5) Where are you from? Jacksonville, Florida 6) What is your favorite thin about teaching? I love when I see the kids having a “light bulb moment” when they’re like, “Oh I get it!” 7) How was high school different when you were a teenager? We weren’t allowed to wear shorts, there was no air conditioning, and there were hardly any sports for girls. 8) When did you graduate high school? 1988 Miss Robinson 1) It’s a great school, I like it a lot! 2) It seems like a fun place. 3) French One, French Two, and French Three 4) North Park University, in Chicago, Illinois 5) I was born in Colorado, I’ve also lived in Michigan, Minnesota, France, and Arizona. 6) Getting to know my students and speaking French all day! 7) Not everyone had cellphones, so we weren’t all texting eachother! 8) 2004

Oracle & Magee

w w w. m a m a s f a m o u s . c o m

since 1980

Speedway & Swan

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20 oz. Soft Drink
with the purchase of a Slice of Pizza!
Coupon CDO2


Not valid with other offers. Valid Monday-Thursday. Must present coupon to cashier.

DINE-IN & CARRY-OUT ONLY Now repeat after me, Mama’s Pizzaaah...

-sophia natania elice rubin, op/ed editor

Costume Ideas What’s Hot This Year!

Restaurant Reviews!

The history of Halloween is one of the most intriguing of all the holidays. Oddly enough, the word Halloween was originated in the Catholic Church, and was initially known as All Saints Day, or All Hallows Eve. It’s October in 2010 and you know that means, it’s time for some candy! You can’t just show up to your neighbor’s house in those lame clothes of yours, you have to dress up! This year especially, because there are so many new fashions and cool ideas. Some of the best ideas this year are... 1. (Lady Gaga) A great idea for this year, because last year it was only a vague idea in the back peoples’ minds. Only the die-hard Lady Gaga fans will have the guts to try this amazing look for Halloween. A lot of people this year are going to try out the meat suit as seen on MTV Music Awards. 2.(Avatar) Last December this movie came out, and awed many. A bunch of blue people are going to be walking around this Halloween. Not to be mistaken as smurfs, these big, blue giants are going to be a little smaller, but will make you look like Jake Sulley from the movie. 3.(Vampire) After the Twilight Saga and True Blood Series, vampires are in high demand. They differ a little though from previous years, before being scary and frightening, now cute and attractive. 4.(Jersey Shore) What a TV show take over! A lot of people want to be pumped like Mike “The Situation”, gelled like DJ Pauly D, or poofed and tanned like “Snooki”. 5.(1980’s comeback) Here's a classic idea! Throw on big hair, leggings, bright neon colors, lace gloves, or some acid washed denim from the Micheal Jackson, and Material Girls era. 6.(Movie Inspired) Other than Avatar, there has been some movies that were instant classics, and instant costumes. Iron Man 2 (Iron Man suit), Toy Story 3 (Woody and Buzz), Alice In Wonderland (Alice, or the Mad Hatter). These six costumes are some new styles at Party City, located at the Foothills Mall. Need directions? The address is 7401 N La Cholla Blvd Ste 199. Questions or comments for Party City? Contact them at (520) 616-2800. Or you could just rock the classic, beat up, dusty, old, used, smelly costume from last year. The choice is yours. -steve shouse, staff writer

Fine Cuisine. That is what we all look forward to when we go out to eat. Now, by “going out to eat” I do not mean heading over to McDonalds or Taco Bell for grease- covered, processed food. I mean actually going out to a nice restaurant and enjoying some “real” food for once. When I go out to eat, I look forward to actually having to wait a little bit for my food, because to me, that represents something actually being made. With this thought in mind, I have taken it upon myself to scope out the best restaurants on this side of Tucson. Not to worry, I kept in mind that most people, myself included, do not wallets overflowing with cash. So, as well as searching for tasty food, I also looked for a decent price range. After a noteworthy meal, and an exceptional price, San Carlos Grill located in Oro Valley Marketplace fit the criteria of inexpensive and delicious. Going into the restaurant, I assumed it was going to be just another Mexican restaurant with nothing special or unique about it. I was proven wrong. As well as an extensive menu, they also had delicious chips and salsa. Isn’t all salsa the same? I found out that all salsas are definitely not the same. It can be too spicy or too mild, yet their salsa had just enough spice and “zang” to it that my family and I couldn’t get enough. Then, the real test came. The meal. I had ordered the cheese enchiladas, and was expecting something plain, however, as the first bite hit my tongue, I was extremely happy. It had flavor and quality that I thoroughly enjoyed. My plate was clear by the end of the course. I was pleasantly surprised with the delectable taste of the meal that I had devoured. Now, I know that food isn’t the only component to a wonderful restaurant, the service and price are comparable to the wonderful dishes. Not only was my server personable and on top of things, but the price was reasonable as well. The whole dinner was wonderful and I couldn’t have asked for anything better, but San Carlos Grill amazed me once again. Along with our check, there were fortune cookies, in the shape of. . .tacos! I had never seen anything like it. I snatched up my fortune taco and read the fortune, it said, “The blow warns (you’ll know it when it hits you in the head)”. I take that as the delicious smell outside of a restaurant warns you of the delightful food that awaits you inside, (you’ll know it when the food hits your mouth.) All in all, I would recommend the San Carlos Grill for any occasion, it was simply wonderful. So stay tuned my readers, until next month when I review another restaurant, for that could be your next favorite place to eat.

-karylin veres, co editor in chief

They have the coordination of the dance team plus the flexibility of cheer. They are. . .Pom Line. You see them at the pep rallies and you first thought may possibly be, “what a nice dance team!” But they are so much more than that. Pom Line is essentially a group of girls who not only dance to music, but add in kicks, splits, and other flexible moves. Although they look very professional and seem as though they’ve all taken dance in the past, you may be surprised to know that, “Out of all 13 group members, nine of them are new and only about half have had out of school dance training.” Says Annie Grant, a first year Pom Line member. The fact that most of these students have never had out of school dace training and are performing like professionals shows just how much work and effort they put into their dances. They practice three times a week and they also have optional Monday practices, this is their time to help them look so “put together.” Pom Line is obviously seeing many changes this year, with the loss of many seniors, and with the gain of many new members but these changes aren’t stopping them from kicking butt and taking names and the perfect venue for doing this would be at competitions. “We are having two competitions in November. The USA competition is on November 3rd and the ASA competition is on November 13th.” Says Grant. “It really is a great team, and one of the really great things about Pom Line is that we have various dancing styles.” Grant commented. Plan on seeing Pom Line perform this Friday, October 8th, at the pep rally and don’t forget that they perform at all the football and basketball games. So wish our CDO Pom Line good luck, they’re sure to be amazing this year! karylin veres, co eic

Kickin’ it with Pom

SportS 06 The Girls Golf
This year Girls Golf at CDO has grown since last year and with a solid team this year, there’s nothing but high expectations for our girls. Last year there was only 5 girls on the team and this year the team has 12 golfers. Among the new faces, is a new coach, and although she’s new to coaching CDO girls’ golf, she isn’t new to coaching here at CDO. Coach Fowler is the golf coach and is doing great leading the team. A familiar name on campus, Coach Fowler is also the head coach of the varsity softball team. I had a chance to talk to junior Lauren Walters who expressed how good their team is this year. “We’re doing great this year, a lot better than previous years” The team has already competed in a number of matches and as a team, they have already qualified for state. Lauren hopes to get more individual players to take to state so they have a bigger group to take. When asked about the strength of their team compared to last year, she says, “We get stronger every year no matter what happens!” The team has a ton of new golfers like Mattie Fowler, Sammi Noland, Kayla Henry, Megan Zeeb, Rachel Gilbreath, Sarah Battaglia and Alice Agren, and they all seem to be contributing. Along with the new faces there are some returning golfers such as Lauren Walters, Lora Batterton, Libby Morcom, Alexis Trujio, and Madeline Skitski. “We are all key players because we help each other out” says Walters when asked about the promising athletes. They are all pulling together as a great golf team, and even though they seem to be new, they certainly aren’t inexperienced. Lauren put emphasis on the love she has for golf, and wants more people on campus to realize the skill of the game. “Golf is a sport not just a hobby.” So get out on the green and support your Canyon Del Oro Dorados! kateyln treichel, eic

U of A Vs. AsU
University of Arizona is ranked 9th in the nation in football with a 4-0 record, they are really playing well. ASU on the other hand is struggling, their record is 2-2. They started off looking good when winning two games in a row until they lost their last two games against Wisconsin, and Oregon. They did put up a great fight against Wisconsin in losing 20-19 by a blocked field goal. The next week they tried to rebound against Oregon at home but came up short, it was a very highs coring game to say the least. The final score ended up being 31-42. The Sun Devils have defeated Portland State and NAU while both are division two teams. University of Arizona has beat Toledo in a very one sided game 2-41 at Toledo. They then had the first home game the next week against the Citadel which was also one sided, in which the final score was 52-6. The next game was at Arizona against 9th ranked Iowa. It was a pretty good game in the fourth quarter, the Iowa Hawkeyes caught up and tied the game but the Wildcats came out on top with a touchdown at the end of the game. They ended the game with a score of 34-27. The last game was at Arizona again against California Bears and was a very low scoring game, there was only one touchdown the whole game and it was at the end of the fourth quarter by Nick Foles who threw a touchdown pass to number 82, Juron Criner, and the Wildcars won 10-9. Arizona has gotten the best of ASU with a record of 46-36-1 in football. Both U of A and ASU have a very interesting season ahead of them in football, but football is not the only sport played. The U of A has won more championships combined than ASU including a basketball championship and 25 consecutive appearances in the NCAA basketball tournament. Although the U of A is dominating, there is still no doubt that ASU is still doing a great job in terms of sports. Both teams have so much to offer, so now the choice is up to you, who is your favorite? ASU or U of A? steve shouse, staff Writer

JV Volleyball looking to improve
We are already well aware of the fact that CDO dominates in terms of sports. We have several sports groups that are doing wonderfully this year, such as our football team, our golf team, and it even includes the JV Volleyball team. The JV Volleyball team is working harder than ever this year, and if you aren’t sure about what’s going on with their team this year, don’t worry, I’ve got it covered. “So far, out of the nine games played, we have won three games. We won against Marana, Nogales, and Palo Verde.” Says Emilirose Robinson, who is a setter for the JV Volleyball team at CDO. Robinson had nothing but wonderful things to say about her team and how they’re doing. “Our team is really great this year, all we have to do is focus, but we have a good combination of players.” Surprisingly, out of all their players, only four are new to the team this year, the others are returning players from last year. “One of the really great things about having the same people on our team as last year is that we already know how each player works and how they are on the court. This allows us more of an opportunity to keep building our team from where we left off last year.” Robinson also commented that the new players caught on quite quickly and are fitting in perfectly with the team. With a team just like a family, it’s evident that they work really well together while also giving each other support on the court. We can expect this team to only escalate from here, and I know I’m not the only one who believes that the CDO JV Volleyball team is going to go far.

SportS 07 NFL Breakdown by Division
For the 2010-2011 NFL season their are some big changes from last year. Many big players have changed teams including some veterans such as Donovan McNabb ,Terrell Owens, and Anquan Boldin. there were also some big stars that found a new home including Brandon Marshall, Karlos Dansby, Santonio Holmes, and La’dainian Tomlinson. You cannot forget the 2010 draft with talented young players such as Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, Dez Bryant, Colt McCoy, and C.J. Spiller. The broncos surprised many by taking Tebow in the first round, Colt McCoy went in the third round to the browns and has contributed in a good way so far. NFL Breakdown as of October 1, 2010 AFC North; the Steelers are leading the pact above Ravens ,and Bengals.The Steelers are also undefeated without the help of their star player Ben Roethlisberger who will be able to play again on October 17th against Cleveland browns. AFC East; The Miami Dolphins with addition of Brandon Marshall look good along with the New England Patriots who are always a threat and for the jets this could possibly the year where they can go to Superbowl falling short last year to the colts in the AFC championship game, watch this division closely its shaping out to be one of the most competitive divisions so far. AFC South; Houston Texans in a surprising win beat the Indianapolis colts opening weekend. A Colts team who was undefeated last year until the super bowl and with Tennessee Titans thrown in their with the mix this is a really tough division. AFC West; The Kansas City Chiefs look like a completely different team from last year to this year. Having won only won two games last year and kicking off this year going 3-0 are leading the division in front of (in order) the San Diego Chargers, the Denver Broncos and the Oakland Raiders.

Sports Schedules
Varsity Football
10/08- vs. Catalina Foothills 10/15- vs. Flowing Wells 10/22- @ Pueblo 11/12-@ Sabino

Boys Golf Ranch 10/08-09- @ Dobson
10/19- @ Vista Grande 10/21-@ Marana

NFC North; The Chicago bears who have went 3-0 are leading the packers, Lions and vikings who surprisingly coming off of a NFC Invitational championship win started off 0-2 but have gotten back on track 10/14-@ Sahuaro with a win. not to many changes in this division but all have im10/15-16- Dorado Invitational proved from last season. NFC East; The Philladelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, New York Jets,and Dallas Cowboys all good teams this year great big changes especially with the veteran Donovan McNabb changing from one the Eagles to the Redskins. Philadelphia is leading the pact with quarterback’s Kevin Kolb, and Micheal Vick and the Dallas Cowboys are on the bottom. NFC South; The Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are tied leading the division while the Carolina Panthers are 0-4.

10/08-09- Invitational 10/12- vs. Sabino 10/14- @ Pueblo 10/19- vs. Catalina Foothills 10/20- @ Flowing Wells 10/21- @Vista Grande 10/26-@Sabino 10/27- vs. Pueblo 10/28- @ Catalina Foothills

Girls Golf

10/18- vs. Rincon 10/20@ Sahuaro 10/21- @ Vista Grande 10/25- @ Marana

Cross Country
10/06- @ Vista Grande 10/20- vs. Sahuarita 10/20- Sectional

Swimming and Diving
10/28-30- Sectionals

NFC West; The Seattle Seahawks and home team Cardinals are tied for first. St. Louis with new quarterback still learning and trying to keep up. the rams have only won one game but look a lot better than last year. While the San Fransisco 49ers are in last having yet 10/07- @ Salpoint 10/09- @ Marana Invitational to win a game -Steve ShouSe, Staff Writier

Lil’ Dorados
What Is Your Favorite Pet?
Zia K.- I like zebras because they have stripes. Sebastion K.- A Hamster Ally M.- Barbies

What’s Your Favorite Toy
Charlie C.- I like coloring.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?
Ally M.- A mom Sebastian K.- A dinosaur

Charlie C .

SebaStian K.

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