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“The right books will always keep you company”

Company Information
Owner: Forsythe Jones, III
Main Location: Asean Avenue Corner Roxas Boulevard, Entertainment City, Manila,
Contact Number: T + (632) 695 1237, F + (632) 697 1937
Email Addres:
Official Website:
Working Days: Monday to Friday
Working Hours: 8AM to 5PM

Who we are
Established in 2022, Doyle: Prints and Papers, Inc. opened its first branch in Rockwell
and has grown to over 16 branches nationwide. Doyle: Prints and Papers, Inc. is widely
known for its all-inclusive selection of books encompassing every interest, making its
ambiance a full-suite haven for bibliophiles, tinkerers, and readers alike.
Local bookstore with topnotch titles
Doyle: Prints and Papers, Inc. has continuously captured the allegiance of bibliophiles or
book lovers of all ages through offering over a hundred thousand titles, not just in the local
but also includes those which are very much appreciated worldwide. From graphic novels
to books on design, anyone who walks in a Doyle: Prints and Papers, Inc. branch will
surely find a story to share and fall in love with.
It’s more than just books
In 2024, Doyle: Prints and Papers, Inc. has widen to offer one-of-a-kind items to
completely twinset the likes of its readers. At the same year, they opened the first book-
fandom thrift shop in the Philippines, and continues to offer high-quality books, novelty
notebooks, graphic novel, comics, Blu-ray DVDs, and other collectibles, within an
affordable price but as original and unique as the main branch offers.
The Doyle: Prints and Papers, Inc. Mission and Vision
To provide excellent products and pleasant ambiance to satisfy and enchant all our

Our nation will be a globally comprehensive group comprising better thinkers, and readers
each with the best version of themselves.
The History of Doyle: Prints and Papers, Inc.
Doyle: Prints and Papers, Inc. is an all-language bookstore in the heart of Metro Manila,
on the avenues of Aseana, opposite City of Dreams Manila. Since opening in 2022, it has
become a rendezvous place for bibliophiles, thinkers, and readers alike, becoming a
center avenue literary bookstore.
The bookstore was founded by Forsythe Jones, III or better known as Mr. Jughead on
June 17, 2022, at Golden Acres Rd, just across SM North EDSA, where various schools,
colleges, and universities can be found. Constructed in contemporary period, the first-
built building was originally a literature training center. Forsythe like to pretend he was the
sole surviving Victorian era writer, saying, “When you have eliminated the impossible,
whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”
When the bookstore first opened, it was called Holmes’s Haul. Forsythe changed it to the
present name on May 22, 2024 – on the one-hundred and sixty-five anniversary of Sir
Arthur Conan Doyle’s birth – in honor of a Victorian Era writer and physician he admires.
From the very first day the bookstore opened at Golden Acres Rd, writers, artists,
intellectuals, students, and other bibliophiles were invited to sleep among the store’s
shelves and piles of books, on small beds, to help recreating the bookstore. Since then,
almost a hundred young and young-at-heart writers and such have stayed in the
Three things were asked of each of the guests: read a book a day, help at the shop for
few hours a day, and produce a one-page autobiography. Most of these autobiographies
have been collected and now helps form an impressive archive, capturing today’s
After many deliberations and workshops spent by the guests with Forsythe, they have
then decided to have built their main and wider branch and office – The Doyle: Prints and
Papers, Inc. at the present time. From Holmes’s Haul, it has already become legal by
processing their related papers for the bookstore to be known as an incorporated one.
They have decided to have built their main office and branch at the Entertainment City for
it is just near the great companies and workplace in Metro Manila, such as Dreamplay,
City of Dreams, DFA, Mall of Asia, Solaire Resort and Casino.
On April 1, 2025, various branches were started to be built across schools, colleges, and
universities, for such students’ demands are starting to grow. Branches were built along
Taft Avenue, since this is the road for many universities including University of the
Philippines, College of Public Health, and Philippine Christian University.
On the same year, Forsythe decided to open more branches at different cities and
provinces in the country, including Mandaluyong, Cebu, Pasay, Muntinlupa, Taguig,
Makati, Cainta, Dasmariñas, Las Piñas, Marikina, Bacolod, Davao, Angeles, Pasig,
Zamboaga City, each could be found at Shopper’s Mall.
The bookstore’s latest projects include a Doyle: Prints and Papers, Inc. publishing arm
and an ongoing search for potential writers that could, at the future, help them to grow
more the business.
Doyle: Prints and Papers, Inc. hopes to continuously provide services to the nation, which
will, then, help them become the best version of themselves.
The Products and Services of Doyle: Prints and Papers, Inc.
1. Books
2. Ebooks
3. School & Office
4. Teen Picks
5. Arts & Crafts
6. Gift Guides
7. Stationeries
8. Brands
9. Electronic Supplies
10. Book Fandom Merchandise
1. Workshops and Trainings
2. Book Launching
3. Book Signing
4. Free Delivery
5. Cash-on-delivery
6. Discount cards
7. Email and Text Notifications
8. Photocopying
9. Gift-wrapping
10. Season Sale