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DLP No.: 3 Grade / Year 11 Duration : 60 mins
Learning Area: Empowerment Technologies Quarter: 1 Code: CS_ICT11/12-ICTPT-
Competency: The learners: uses common productivity tools effectively by maximizing advanced application techniques.
Key Concept/s Advanced tools and techniques found in common productivity and software applications in developing ICT content.
KNOWLED Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different presentation tool.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES SKILLS Plan a presentation about the students’ business venture/plan using a specific presentation tool.
ATTITUDES Display cooperation in making the group’s presentation.
VALUES Display the value of cleanliness and orderliness in the comlab during and after the making of the presentation. (Makakaliksan)
Resources Needed Powerpoint presentation, CG, handouts, PC, LCD projector
Content: Creating an Effective Presentation using different presentation tools.

(6 minutes)Pre-test – 10 items
True or False
(9 minutes)Group research. Divide the class into 4 groups.
The teacher will now say “It is now time for your group to present the result of your small business venture in class. What
better way to present it but with the use of a presentation tool. I have here 4 rolled papers, which has the name of the
presentation tool which you will be using to make your presentation. I also have another set of papers here which has the
ACTIVITY numbers 1-4 for the draw lots of whose to present their output first. What you need to do is to turn on your computers
and research on the advantages and disadvantages of the presentation that you are assigned to. I will give you 5 minutes
to finish the research and another 1 minute to present your findings to the group. Write your findings on the manila
papers that will be provided to you.”
Presentation of the findings.
(5 minutes)The teacher shows a presentation using PowerPoint with unreadable texts because of wrong contrasting of
colors of the background and the text.
What do you see class?
What have you observe?
Did you find a hard time reading the texts?
Why do you think?
The teacher now elicits students’ ideas about the font style, color contrasting, and etc. by showing some samples of the
said problems.
ABSTRACTION (10 minutes)After hearing the different ideas of the students regarding the problems they see on the presentation
presented by the teacher, it is now time to introduce the tips in creating an effective presentation using a PPT.
Answering of the pre-test to see if the students got it right.
Can you apply the tips on your presentation?
The teacher now introduces the rubric to be used to measure the students’ performance and output. The performance
will be graded individually while the output will be graded by group.
(5 minutes)Students are given 5 minutes to meet with their group and discuss their plans on what they want to do with
APPLICATION their presentation and who to do what task (research of pictures, making tables, making animation, etc) making sure
everybody in the group has something to do.
The students are now given 25 minutes to start with their presentation making.
Reinforcing the day’s
Enriching the day’s
Enhancing the day’s
Preparing for the new Next meeting, you will be going directly to your work stations to finish your presentation.
lesson Individual performance will be assessed as you continue doing your output.
CONCLUDING ACTIVITY Don’t forget to shut down your computers and do the after care.