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*Digimon World Data Squad: FAQ/Walkthrough* by Omni Legacy

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Digimon World Data Squad Walkthrough
Made by Omni Legacy
/Table of Contents.......................................................TBOC/
1.0: Disclaimer/Legal Stuff/E-Mail Policy...............................DSLS/
2.0: Controls...........................................................CTRL/
3.0: Menu...............................................................MENU/
-3.1: Status............................................................STAT/
-3.2: Items.............................................................ITEM/
--3.2.1: Healing
--3.2.2: Map
--3.2.3: Battle
--3.2.4: Important
-3.3: Evolution Map.....................................................EVOL/
-3.4: Encyclopedia......................................................ENPD/
-3.5: Options...........................................................OPTN/
-3.6: Battle Members....................................................BTME/
-3.7: Load/Save.........................................................LDSV/
4.0: Walkthrough........................................................WKTH/
-4.1: Walter Island.....................................................WLIS/
-4.2: Sneyato Forest....................................................SNFT/
-4.3: Rage Cavern.......................................................RGCV/
-4.4: Mirage Museum.....................................................MRMS/
-4.5: Livilus Island....................................................LVIS/
-4.6: Digital Dungeon...................................................DGDN/
-4.7: Sea Precipice Jerapilus...........................................SPJR/
-4.8: Doomsday Forest Ruin..............................................DMFR/
(To Be Continued)
5.0: Extras.............................................................EXTA/
-5.1: Old Man Yushima....................................................KAMM/
--5.1.1: Kamemon
--5.1.2: Gawappamon
--5.1.3: MarineAngemon
-5.2: Darkdramon.........................................................DRKD/
-5.3: BantyoLeomon.......................................................BLEO/
6.0: Update History.....................................................UPDT/
7.0: Credits............................................................CRDT/
1.0: Disclaimer/Legal Stuff/E-Mail Policy (DSLS)
This guide is copyright © 2007 Omni Legacy
This guide is written for use in GameFAQs, NeoSeeker, and CheatCC from a fan
for the fans. If another website wishes to use it, they should e-mail me
first and let me know.
If you wish to e-mail me any other questions you have fill free to do so.
Justbe sure to put Data Squad or something similar in the subject. I won't
check any e-mail from an unknown person otherwise.
2.0: Control (CTRL)
Map Controls
D-Pad/Left Analog Stick: Move Marcus Around
X: Interact with Environment
/\: Opens the Menu
Menu Controls
D-Pad/Left Analog Stick: Move the Courser
X: Accept
O: Cancel
Battle Control
D-Pad/Left Analog Stick: Move the Courser/Change Target
X: Accept
O: Cancel
Status Screen Controls
Up/Down: Change Characters
X: Accept
O: Cancel
/\: Change Page
L2/R2: Change Page
Encyclopedia Controls
Up/Down: Change Characters (List)
L2/R2: Change between ABC/Field/Rank/Number (List)
X: Confirm
Right Analog: Rotate and Zoom Characters (View)
/\: Change Page (View)
O: Cancel
3.0: Menu (MENU)
3.1: Status (STAT)
Here you can view the status of your Digimon team. On the status page of
the status menu you will have the name, level, Rank, HP, Field, and EXP of
the Digimon. Hitting Triangle will allow you to see the parameters of your
Hitting R2 will take you to all the commands the Digimon can use in battle.
Note that not all the commands may be opened at once.
Hitting R2 again will take you to the Ability Screen. This shows special
perks the current Digivolution gives. It ranges from Parameter bonuses
to raising stats at Level up.
Hitting R2 again will show you all the support commands and what they do.
3.2: Items (ITEM)
3.2.1: Healing
The healing items restore your Digimon's HP, return you Digimon back from
a Digitama, or cure their abnormal status.
3.2.2: Map
Map type items are items that can be used on the map. They range from
Chips that permanent ally raise a parameter to drinks that change
friendship. It also contains items that can change the encounter rate. As
well as accessories that does a variety of different things.
3.2.3: Battle
These are special items that can only be used by using the item command in
battle. They cause a wide variety of effects. Mostimportantly they raise
the characters parameters for a set number of turns in battle as well as
lower the enemy's parameters. They also change the field of your Digimon.
They can cause damage or abnormal status effects to the enemy. Mastering
the Battle Items will make the fighting a lot easier.
3.2.4: Important
Important Items for the most part allow different digivolutions. There
are important items that allow access to deeper parts of a certain dungeon
and there is one that gives 10% Discount on items.
3.3: Evolution Map (EVOL)
Here you will see your Digimon's evolution paths as a galaxy. Selecting a
Galaxy will take you that specific Digimon's path. Selecting a Digimon from
there and hitting R2 a couple of times will show you what you need to unlock
3.4: Encyclopedia (ENPD)
Here you will see a list of all the Digimon you have encounter in battle or
have as Digivolutions. You can change the list to have them listed
alphabetically, by their field, by their rank, or by their number.
3.5: Option (OPTN)
Here you can change the Message Speed and the Sound Setting.
3.6: Battle Members (BTME)
Here you can change who is in your current party.
3.7: Load/Save (LDSV)
Here you can Load and Save your game. Note you can only
Save when you are at DATS or in the vicinity of a Save Point.
4.0: Walkthrough (WKTH)
Please note that all the enemies listed here may not appear during the first
visit to the area.
4.1: Walter Island (WLIS)
Enemy Digimon
Tyromon (BOSS01)
Creepymon (BOSS02)

From where you start head north and open your first chest. From there head
east out of the cove. There you will be attack by Otamamon. Here the DATS
operators will teach you how to battle. After the fight and the following
scenes, head east staying along the beach and head up the hill to a Shrine
and open a second chest. You will more thanlikely be attacked by DemiDevimon
and Impmon along the way. Use these fights to gain some much needed
Head back down the hill and north to the Save Point. Save the
game if you wish. When you are done head southwest a little ways and you will
find another chest. Go back to the save point. If you are comfortable with
your level head on in.
When you head in, you will view more scenes and
then fight:

/BOSS 01 - Tyromon/
First thing, Tyromon will probably be faster than your Agumon and attack
first. Don't worry about the damage he does, because when your turn comes
you can Digisoul Charge and Digivolve in GeoGreymon. Digisoul Charge
completely heals the Digimon. Now it is just a matter of defeating him. It is
a straightforward battle. Use any HP Charges you picked up along the way if
you need to. After the fight the sky will get dark and you will be
attacked by:

/BOSS 02 - Creepymon/
This is a fight you can't win.
After that fight Marcus and Agumon will be throw back. Marcus looses his
Digivice. Creepymon takes a look at it and screams and runs off. Yoshino
shows up and takes you back to DATS. After Marcus has a few choice words
to say about Creepymon.
/DATS Headquarters/
Commander Sampson will be giving a lecture. Marcus becomes bored and
promptly gets scolded by Commander Sampson. Commander Sampson will ask
Marcus a question he doesn't know. Then ask Yoshino, who does know.
He proceeds to give you the next mission and assigns Marcus and Yoshino
to assist Thomas who is already there. Once again Marcus as a few choice
words to say on the subject.
Now you have four options: Map Select, Talk, Shopping, and Open Menu. Map
Select is how you visit areas. Talk allows you to talk to the people at DATS.
Shopping lets you buy the items they have at DATS. Open menu has the same
effect as hitting Triangle on the map. Examining the Lalamon Galaxy shows
that she needs to have used Guard at least two times, defeat at least
5 Digimon, and be at least LV05 to Digivolve into SunFlowmon.
When you are done open the [Map Select] menu. You will see two dots with a
NEW over top of one. Instead of heading straight there let's head back to
Walter Island. Going back to where you fought Tyromon you will see a chest.
You may also notice that a new Digimon called Airdramon has taken up residence
here. It's a WG and a champion, so take advantage of it.
4.2: Sneyato Forest (SNFT)
Enemy Digimon
Bakemon (BOSS03)
Myotismon (BOSS04)
As soon as you enter you will see a scene where Yoshino has Lalamon realize.
Marcus says he does not need Thomas' help and runs off. Yoshino says her
catchphrase, ?This is the worst.?
Now when you are back in control head north to see the save point and a
[Purple Barrier]. There is a chest above the save point that is a little
hidden behind trees. Another chest is below it. There is a third chest
to the south of this one. You have to walk around some plants to get to it.
From that chest head straight across and into another area.
Here is the crazy stalker puppy called Salamon. She is collecting Digitama
from you. Digitama are the eggs you get for defeating enemy Digimon. She
gives you prizes after you bring her so many. Besides giving her eggs, she
will tell you important facts about the team. Like how many steps you've
taken or how many chests you have opened.
When you are done playing with Salamon exit and take the path just to the
north of where you left. You will see a [Red Barrier] to the south. Ignore
that for nowand head to the north and touch the red sphere. That will open the
[Red Barrier] exposing the treasure for the taking. After you loot the
treasure head out the north exit.
Here you will see Kamemon Tamer Yushima standing in front of another opened
[Red Barrier]. Go inside and touch the red sphere. That'll open the
[Purple Barrier], but now you are trapped. Touch the blue sphere to open the
[Blue Barrier], but close the [Purple Barrier]. Exit out the back and loot
the three treasure chests near it. Now circle around to the first red sphere
and activate it. That'll open the [Purple Gate] but close all the others.
That's okay cause you don't need in there anymore.
Go back to the save point and save the game. Go through the [Purple Gate] and
view Thomas confronting a Bakemon. He says he can handle it himself, but
Yoshino says they are suppose to work together.
/BOSS 03 ? Bakemon/
This fight is not all that difficult, since you have a third member now.
After the fight Marcus starts boasting. It was too soon as Bakemon evolves
into Myotismon.
/BOSS 04 ? Myotismon/
This fight is more difficult then what you've had to deal with. But a
mysterious voice tells you how to beat him though. Use a VB Enhance on
your strongest fighter. And you know what, since he digivolved why don't we?
When Gaomon's turn comes Digisoul charge him into GaoGamon. Again,if you need
to use any HP Charge or have Lalamon Heal if your HP gets to low.
/DATS Headquarters/
Back at DATS you meet the mysterious stranger, Tsukasa Kagura. He and Thomas
go way back. Also Kagura's sister is missing and believes ithas something to
do with four other missing children and the digital world. They detect a huge
data signiture and track it to Rage Cavern.
There is no new treasure in Sneyato Forest, but stronger Digimon have made
residence there. It's up to you to go back or not. When ever youare done
shopping and/or training head to the new location.
4.3: Rage Cavern (RGCN)
Enemy Digimon
Gabumon (Black)
Belphemon (BOSS05)
Kamemon (OPTIONAL)
After some scenes telling how Digivolution may act strange, go left and enter
down to the first door fora chest. Leave and go left and followthe door to
the north. Keep going north for another door and another chest. Exit and
follow the path east and south for a teleporter. We are going to ignore the
teleporter for now. At the divergence go east and follow through to another
door. Go south and east for another chest past a door. Exit and go back to
the teleporter and enter it.
On the second floor go straight for a chest. Go back and go north for a scene.
After the scene continue north and exit the cave. Following the path you will
run into Old Man Yushima again. You might want to avoid talking with him at
this point. He wants you to fight his Kamemon and you will most likely lose
at the point in the game. Continue up the path for a chest. Keep going east
and enter another cave. The middle door is the only one with treasure. There
is also a chest at the very end of the path.
Go back to where you saw the scene. This time head east through the door and
go north on the path. Follow the path to a door with another chest inside.
Exit and follow the path south and exit the cave. Go north and save and heal
up at the save point. Keep going North and prepare to fight:
/BOSS 05 ? Belphemon/
I don't know why it is you can fight a Belphemon at this point, yet still keep
getting killed by the turtle who serves tea to the PawnChessmon. That being
said, this fight is still a lot more difficult than the last one. I recommend
having Lalamon use a VB Enhance on Agumon and have Gaomon enhance his speed.
Use Agumon's strongest attack and heal until he falls.
With the fight finished a little boy pops out of Belphemon's data. He's
having a really lazy dream. Made me a little tired. The little boy is
also carrying the [Code Key of Sloth]. Just then it gets stolen by a Biyomon
who is partners with a Private Investigator who appears to have ahistory with
Yoshino. His name is Kosaburo Katsura and he throws down a smoke bomb and
escapes. As soon as he disapears Kagura prepares forevac. Then you see
Creepymon standing at the door to the dark area and being approached by a
mysterious stranger.
/DATS Headquarters/
A flashback sequence tells the story of Nitta, who left DATS after injuring
a human with his Digimon partner. Yoshino reveals more about Kosaburo.
Another huge data signal is found and tracked to next area. Commander Samspon
issues Keenan Crier to come with you on the mission.
Back in control, there are two treasure chests behind where Belphemon use to.
And again, stronger Digimon have made residence there.
4.4: Mirage Museum (MRMS)
Enemy Digimon:
Barbamon (BOSS06)
/Floor 1/
After veiwing some scenes walk foward, up the oragami floor and take note of
the green wall to the right. Continue foward through the teleporter.
/Floor 2/
Skip the first door. Go through the second door and activate the green device
in the middle to open the green wall. Go through the last door for a chest.
/Floor 1/
Go back to the first floor and walk through the newly opened green door.
Follow the path and skip the door on the right. Follow it all the way to the
end for another chest. Go back and enter the nearby teleporter.
/Floor 2/
At the fourway intersection go right to view a scene of an unknown island.
Follow the path and go up another oragami floor. Go past the Blue Wall
and go south for two chests. Onecontains an [Important Item]. Exit and
go right. Examine the device to open the blue walls and close the green
walls. Exit and go through the blue wall. Save the game and enter the door.
Prepare to fight:
/BOSS 06 - Barbamon/
It's not too much of increase in difficulty from Belphemon. Use a VB Enhance
on your strongest character and heal when needed.
After the fight is over, another of the missing children pop out. And has you
may have guessed, he's very greedy. Marcus becomes annoyed just by listening
to the kid. After the [Cardkey of Greed] is obtained it gets stolen by Kagura
/DATS Headquarters/
Back at DATS they analyze the message. It turns out to be a SOS Message from
Renamon. You see another flashback of Yuma being called "Monster Girl" by the
little kids.
Before heading off to Livilus Island, head back to Mirage Museum for more
treasure in Barbamon's room.
4.5: Livilus Island (LVIS)
Enemy Digimon:
Agumon (Black)
Darkdramon (OPTIONAL)
Lilithmon (BOSS07)
Garurumon (Black)
Birdramon (BOSS08)
Welcome to Livilus Island. The smallest map on the game. Also one of the
best places to hunt DR Digimon. Breathe a sigh of releif because now you
can finally get RiseGreymon and/or Candlemon. This is also a decent place
for WG Digimon.
When you first arrive follow the path until you see a scene with Renamon. She
collapses and says Lilithmon was too strong to take on herself. When the
scene is finishes you'll see a barrier with chest behind it, as well as root
you can climb up. Go through the nearby door and enter Red/Blue/Green on the
block puzzles.
When you exit go right and south to see Pandamon staring off into space. He
is decent Digimon and he's selling better stuff than what they have at DATS.
When you are done shopping head through the newly opened barrier and open the
chest. Head back and climb up the near by root. Save at the save point and
head up the stairs. After viewing another scene prepare to fight:
/BOSS 07 - Lilithmon/
This is the easiest of the Demon Lord fights. I had two ultimates by this
point. You most likely do not have to use a VB Enhance during the fight. You
may have to heal, but over all it is an easy fight.
After the fight view witness to more scenes, this time as Yuma pops out. The
reunion with Renamon is interupted by Kasaboru. This time Gaomon goes all Pow!
Right in the kisser! To Biyomon. A little annoyed Kagura digivolves Biyomon
and plans to take the [Cardkey of Lust] by force. Renamon uses her energy to
heal you.
/BOSS 08 - Birdramon/
This is only a champion digimon and is not all that difficult either.
With Kagura defeated and Yuma rescued you head back to DATS HQ.
/DATS Headquarters/
Back at DATS Yuma is promised that they will take care of Renamon. They give
the [Cardkey of Lust] to Kagura. Another Mao Digimon signiture as been read
in Digital Dungeon. Before you head off, you see another scene with Kagura
talking to a mysterious person. Giving him the [Cardkey of Sloth] and the
[Cardkey of Greed] the relationship between those two or ended. He his
attacked by Creepymon.
4.6: Digital Dungeon (DGDN)
Enemy Digimon:
Beelzemon (BOSS09)
/Basement 1/
From where you start follow the path all the way to the end for a chest. Go
back and enter the door on the right. Keep going through the room. Follow
the path to the left all the way to the end and enter the door and grab the
chest. Go back and take the path leading up. Skip both of the doors and
follow the path to the end for a chest. Go back and enter the closest door.
Enter the teleporter.
/Basement 2/
Take the left path to the bottom and enter the door for a chest. Leave and
head right and up. Go to the path leading right. Keep following the path to
the next room. Skip past the door and open the chest in corner. Follow the
path and head right to the teleporter.
/Basement 3/
Go through the door and activate the [Green Switch] in the back. The puzzle
is the same as in [Mirage Museum]. Opening the Green Door closes the Blue
Doors. Go through the newly opened doors and save if you wish. Continue
into the next room. Take the path going up and enter the door for two chests
and Yushima. Continue to the left and activate the [Blue Switch]. Go back
and continue following the path. Go through the door and do NOT activate the
[Green Switch]. Skip it and go get the chest in the back room. Leave the
room and take the right path heading up. Grab the chest on the right and
continue going north. This time I really recomend saving the game. The
upcoming boss is kind of hard. Follow the path and veiw some scenes. Get
ready to fight:
/BOSS 09 - Beelzemon/
Yay it's Beelzemon, the anti-hero of Tamers. Like I said, he's the hardest
of the storyline bosses you've faced so far. If you're using a VB Digimon
like AngeWomon, protect her. Beelzemon has a lot of strength and speed to
boot. Throw VB Enchant on your strongest character(s) as well as NSo Resist
on any VB Digimon you are using.
When Beelzemon finally falls another kids pops out. He's carrying the
[Cardkey of Gluttony] and he was having the best dream ever. He wakes up and
tries to eat Agumon. The group has a nice long discussion while Agumon is
chased the hungry little boy. After more chatting they head back to DATS.
/DATS Headquarters/
They hand over the [Cardkey of Gluttony] to Kagura. Another Mao Digimon
Signiture has been detected. And as always stronger Digimon has taken up
residence in Digital Dungeon as well as two unopened chest in Beelzemon's room.
4.7: Sea Precipice Jerapilus (SPJP)
Enemy Digimon:
Greymon (Blue)
Otamamon (Red)
Leviamon (BOSS10)
DemiDevimon x2 (BOSS11)
Devimon x2 (BOSS11)
/Floor 1/
If this looks familar to you were paying attention. If not, this is where
Creepymon attacked Kagura. Now from where you start take the first left and
grab a chest. Go back and up the red path. Follow it and activate the red
switch. Go back down the newly moved red path. Go up the elevator.
/Floor 2/
Follow the path and deactivate the red switch. Go back to the moved red path
and go down for a chest. Go back and head up the red path. Follow and you'll
see old man Yushima. Activate the Blue Switch to the top and grab the chest
to the left. Go down the newly activated blue path. Follow it to a save
point and elevator.
/Floor 3/
It gets kind of confusing, so pay close attention. Head left and skip the
red switch for now. At the entersection head right for a chest and go down
the red path. Once again skip the blue switch and head right for a chest and
an elevator.
/Floor 4/
Grab the two chests on the left and right. Go back down the elevator.
/Floor 3/
Go back to the Blue Switch and leave it alone. Head left for a chest and
follow the path back to the red switch and activate it. Keep heading left,
going back to the elevator.
/Floor 2/
Head back to Old Man Yushima and take the lower right path. Follow it to the
activated Red Path. There is a chest on both the upper and right platforms.
Head back to the elevator.
/Floor 3/
Head back to the blue switch and deactivate it. Head back to the elevator.
The deactivated blue path creates a shortcut for you to use.
/Floor 2/
I recommend saving this time. Continue up the path and head up the new blue
path. Grab the nearby chest and head up the elevator.
/Floor 3/
Follow the path and activate the Blue Switch. Head back left and up elevator.
/Floor 4/
Take the left path for a chest and take the right path for another chest.
Head back down.
/Floor 3/
Back at the blue switch head down for another chest. Head back and go right
and up that elevator.
/Floor 4/
Heal and save at this point. Head north to fight:
/BOSS 10 - Leviamon/
Not nearly as strong or fast as Beelzemon. But he does excel in resistence,
so prepare for a long fight. Throw VB Enchant on your strongest Digimon(s),
as well as Attack Up H to speed things along. Throw any items that lower
resistance aswell. Not being too strong or fast this fight isn't all that
difficult, it can just be a little long.
After the fight the last of the missing children pop out. She's carrying the
[Cardkey of Envy]. Envy is a very hard emotion to over come and that's why
Leviamon had so much resistance apparently. Then Kosabaru shows up and
congradulates you on a job well done. However, then Kagura shows up. After
some scenes it becomes apparent that Kosaboru is the mastermind. With the
cardkeys in his hands he will awaken the Cho Moa Digimon. He uses the evil
digimon to attack you.
/BOSS 11 - 2x DemiDevimon and 2x Devimon/
This fight isn't tough at all. It's barely a step above the random encounters
you faced to get here. They are NSo Digimon, so if you want added security
use VB Enchant.
After more scenes and some earthquakes you a sent straight too:
4.8: Doomsday Forest Ruin (DMFR)
Enemy Digimon:
After more scenes and commenting on how the forest looks you are back in
control. On a personal note it reminds me of .Hack and on another personal
note watch out for Etemon. His battle music will make your ears bleed. Okay,
from where you start head right and cross the bridge for a chest. Head back
and go up across another bridge and head left. Follow the path for a chest.
Take note of the deactivated teleporter. Head back and go up. Follow the
path to the right and enter a cave for a chest. Head out of the cave and go
back and head right. Go up the rock path and follow it. Go right for a chest.
Turn around follow the path left and travel down the cliff. Go through the
teleporter to activate it. Go through it again to be at the bottom of the
cliff. This time jump on the log and get off at the second stop for two
chests. Jump back on the log and get off at the bridge. Go through the
teleporter again. Jump on the log and get off at the first stop. Talk
to old man Yushima and get the chest in the back. Activate the sign to
change to river flow. Get back on the log and get off at the water fall
for a chest. Get back on the log and follow it to the next bridge. Go
right for a chest. Go back left for another sign that changes the river flow
back. Go north and head left at the save point for another chest. Heal and
save here. Head up the path and prepare to fight:
BOSS 11 - Creepymon
Marcus finally gets his round 2 with this guy. After fighting super strong
Beelzemon and super resisten Leviamon, this guy isn't so tough. It's still
a good idea to throw VB Enchant on your strongest Digimon, as he's not cake
walk either.
After you defeat him. No kid pops and there's another earthquake. A gate
opens and he escapes to the real world.
/DATS Headquarters/
The evil Digimon attack! They are quickly taken care of by Renamon though.
And don't worry about Miki or Megumi they were safely hiding. After some
argueing Yuma and Renamon join the team.
5.0: Extras (EXTA)
5.1: Old Man Yushima (KAMM)
You see this old man from time to time. Occasionally he'll help you out with
the puzzles of the area. However and more importantly, he'll challange Marcus
to a fight.
5.1.1: Kamemon
Location: Rage Cavern 2FL
Requirement: None
Kamemon is difficult fight when it first becomes open and even after Biyomon
joins the team it is still a difficult fight. However, like all fights in the
game, it can be simplified by use of items. Kamemon is a DS Digimon. To make
the fight simpler, use WG Enhance on your strongest member. If Kamemon is
dealing too much damage use DS Resist and lower his speed. For a turtle he
is pretty agile.
5.1.2: Gawappamon
Location: Sea Precipice Jerapilus 2FL
Requirement: Beaten Kamemon
Like Old Man Yushima told you. Gawappamon is stronger than Kamemon. However,
that's mostly all that has changed. It is still a Kamemon with improved
stats. Same strategy applies that you used to beat Kamemon, but with a
stronger team. So, unless you put this off til the end game, do not rush
here straight from the Kamemon fight.
5.2.3: MarineAngemon
Location: Doomsday Forest Ruin
Requirement: Beaten Creepymon (1st), Fishing String
Not really for the Kamemon line, but it is triggered by Old Man Yushima. When
you first get there he's looking for fishing string. Head back to DATS and
talk to Commander Sampson. He goes off an a tangent about the environment.
It's pretty entertaining. Take the string back to Old Man Yushima. He goes
fishing and Marcus' ADD kicks in. After some scenes you start a fight with
This fight is easier than Gawappamon. She is a DS Digimon and a DS Resist is
good and throw a WG Enchant on your strongest Digimon. She's still tougher
than a normal boss.
5.2: Darkdramon (DRKD)
Location: Livilus Island
Requirement: Input Red/Yellow/Green at Block Puzzle
This fight is the most difficult one yet. He is a Metal Empire so correct
your strategy. I highly recommend you wait until have some Megas so you can
survive his assalts if you're feeling lucky you could always throw a ME Resist.
Use JT Enchant to attack his weakness.
5.3: BantyoLeomon (BLEO)
Location: Doomsday Forest Ruin
Requirement: Beaten Creepymon (1st)
BantyLeomon is a tougher than Darkdramon and therefore the hardest fight yet.
But he can be taken out with a good strategy. He's a NSp and can be taken out
by a DR Digimon. Throw NSp Resist to help cut damage he deals.
6.0 Update History (UPDT)
0.10: 10/3/07
-Added Disclaimer/Controls/Menu/Walkthrough/Update History/Credits Sections
-Added Walter Island/Sneyato Forest/Rage Cavern Walkthrough
0.25: 10/10/07
-Added Extras Section
-Added Mirage Museum/Livilus Island Walkthrough
-Added Kamemon/Darkdramon Extras
-Updated Websites
0.40: 10/21/07
-Added Digital Dungeon/Sea Precipice Jerapilus/Doomsday Forest Ruin Walkthrough
-Added Gawappamon/MarineAngemon/BantyoLeomon Extras
-Corrected DarkDramon Strategy
7.0 Credits and Special Thanks
Namco Bandai for making this awesome Digimon RPG.
Jun for pointing out a correction on Darkdramon.
CjayC for making GameFAQs.
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