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Are you worried about

moisture, paint peel,
afflorescence (salt) &
wall heating ?

20 Microns was founded in 1987 in the bustling industrial city of Vadodara to manufacture White Minerals of
supreme quality. Ever since then, it sustained efforts towards excellence and innovation has made it a prominent
name in the industrial arena.

20 Microns is India’s largest producer of white minerals offering innovative products in the field of
Functional fillers, Extenders and Speciality chemicals. Based on a profound understanding of
diverse industrial requirements, the company has empowered its clients with customized
products based on their specific requirements. Our exceptional product quality is
equally matched with our excellence in problem solving capabilities and technical
customer service.

Owing to well-equipped laboratories and the most advanced control

instruments, 20 Microns produces minerals of highest standard
of quality and consistency. A dedicated R&D center is the
focal point of innovations that leads to formation of
advanced quality products. Experienced and
competent Chemists, Geologists and
Engineers make up the workforce at
the R&D center and Quality
control laboratory.

20 MCC stands for more than just a 20 Microns Construction Chemicals. We stand for
simplifying waterproofing and making homes leakproof. We stand for exceptional
product quality. More than anything, as a division of 20 Microns Limited, we stand for
excellence in problem solving and providing technical customer service.

Roof waterproofing is very critical as it is always exposed to harsh weather conditions,

climatic changes and rains. The terrace surface tends to accumulate rain water which in
due course starts seeping inside the slab.

Walls are built with masonry to fill the spaces in the RCC frame containing slabs, beams
and columns. This itself leads to seepage from external walls to the interiors. Cracks in
plasters also leads to water seepage. In order to keep your homes beautiful for a
longer period of time, you need more than just a paint job. If not taken care, a variety of
factors can play havoc with the beauty of your walls. Some of the common problems
include water seepage, cracks, mold growth & more.

Bathrooms & Kitchen are one of the most critical areas of a home as there is constant
sources of water. The lack of adequate waterproofing in these areas can lead to variety
of problem like damp patches or paint peeling on adjacent walls or ceilings below. The
ingress of water within the structure of the house can further deteriorate the health of
the entire building. A bathroom or kitchen if not waterproofed can ruin interiors, hassle
residents, and incur significant repair costs in the future.

Foundation is the key to a strong sustainable structure. Due to the capillary movement
of water, the water rises from the earth to the plinth. As it passes through the
foundation it rises higher and reaches the steel bars & walls. This leads to failure of the
whole structure, unable to take the load over time. To stop this moisture absorption
use the products mentioned in solution.
Micronsil 30 C + is a waterproofing mineral admixture for basement, water tank
toilet & swimming pool work application.

Application Areas
Used in concrete mixture, plaster mixture & masonry work for terrace,
water tank, basement, bathroom & swimmingpool.

Ÿ No curing process required, saves on cost of water, power & labour.
Ÿ Reduces temperature up to 3⁰C.
Ÿ Provides moisture free roof, walls, plaster & mortar.
Ÿ No additional cement required for polishing.
Ÿ Reduces load of slab and terrace.
Ÿ 30 % cost saving compared to other waterproofing products.
Ÿ 10 % saving on re-bounce material.
Ÿ Very useful to immediately control the water leakage.
Ÿ Environment friendly.

Ÿ For any kind of construction work, Micronsil 30C+ has single ratio of
Ÿ Dry mix & add 25 kg Micronsil 30C+ with 50 kg cement bag. i.e. 50 %
of the cement.
Ÿ Be it a Plaster, RCC, Foundation, Mortar, Slab, Roofing.

Quick fact
Waterproofing is always
in top 10 defects list in
construction, not any more.
Micronsil 30 C is a waterproofing mineral admixture is used in home & office for plaster
& masonry work. It is suitable for surface like Bricks, Stone, Blocks etc.

Application Areas
Used in IPS, PCC, Plaster Mixture & Masonry work for terrace, walls,
water tank, basement, bathroom & kitchen in short for entire house.

Ÿ No curing process required, saves on cost of water, power & labour.
Ÿ Reduces temperature of walls & ceiling up to 3⁰C.
Ÿ Provides moisture free roof, walls, plaster & mortar.
Ÿ No additional cement required for polishing.
Ÿ Reduces load of slab and terrace.
Ÿ 30 % cost saving compared to other waterproofing products.
Ÿ 10 % saving on re-bounce material.
Ÿ Very useful to immediately control the water leakage.
Ÿ Environment friendly.

Ÿ For any kind of construction work, Micronsil 30C has single ratio of
Ÿ Dry mix & add 15 kg Micronsil 30C with 50 kg cement bag. i.e. 30 %
of the cement.

Quick fact
Waterproofing is a low
cost option against the
damage water leakage can do.
Nanosil is a silicon based penetrating waterproofing agent. It is inspired from nature, any surface
treated with Nanosil works like a lotus leaf repelling water from the applied surface. Cement
structure is porous & can absorb water up to 11 liters/ sq.m. Concrete block can absorb up to 22
liters in 6 hours during 32km/hr wind driven rain. This absorbed water causes structural and
aesthetic damage.

Application Areas
On Cement plaster (external & internal), Brick walls, Stones / Concrete wall & foundation to
prevent underneath ground moisture, used in construction materials, Fiber cement sheet,
Pavement blocks & coping. Also used on painted surfaces to protect moss and dusting. Apply
on internal & external painted surfaces. Can also be applied as a preliminary coating on plaster
surface using Micronsil 30c.

Benefits Procedure
Ÿ Ready to use, brush or spray applied. Ÿ Clean the surface dry and dust free.
Ÿ Effective protection even in heavy rain. Ÿ Removes oil &grease from the surface.
Ÿ UV resistant. Ÿ Do not apply to the wet surfaces.
Ÿ Does not affect the appearance of base Ÿ Apply evenly by brush, rollers or airless
substrate. spray.
Ÿ Alkali resistant. Ÿ For airless spray pressure should be
Ÿ Improved thermal insulation. 0.07-0.1 N/mm square.
Ÿ Allows substrate to breathe. Ÿ Do not spray on windy days and in
Ÿ Solvent free & low VOC. direct sunlight.
Ÿ Prevents Painted surface from algae & dirt Ÿ Do not buff after application.

Quick fact
If not waterproofed, wet walls
during rainfall can create Mold
which can cause health problems like
watery eyes, sore throat, skin irritations
respiratory problems & nasal congestion.
Cracksil is a cement based polymer modified powder material for filling cracks in plastered
surface. It is composed of cement, selected aggregates, polymer & additives.

Application Areas
Used in Wall / Terrace internal and external cracks.

Ÿ Very Strong adhesion to common building substrates.
Ÿ Easy to use - It is a do it yourself product & requires only onsite addition of water.
Ÿ Non-sagging - Can be used for horizontal, vertical & overhead applications.
Ÿ Cost saver - As surface leveler before painting it reduces paint consumption and increases the life
of the paint making it economical.
Ÿ It is ideal to fill up to 5 mm wider static cracks.
Ÿ Non-shrink even after curing, prevents from cohesive & adhesive failure on exposure.
Ÿ Single application (does not require second time application, as required in other sealants).
Ÿ No sanding required & Prevents staining.
Ÿ Easily paintable after 5 to 6 hours of application.

Ÿ Clean the surface to remove any dust, dirt, spillovers of oil, grease or loose particles.
Ÿ Remove the existing POP or the Putty to expose the plaster surface.
Ÿ Widen the crack to at least 3 mm width and moisten the crack with Nanosil or water.
Ÿ Mixing ratio of Cracksil powder to Nanosil or water varies with respect to area of application.
Ÿ For surface leveling - the ratio is 2 parts of powder to 1 part of Nanosil or water
which will yield to smooth buttery consistency.
Ÿ For filling deep holes and cracks - reduce the Nanosil or water
quantity to get a thicker pasty consistency. Quick fact
Ÿ Apply cracksil in the crack with a putty blade or spatula Cracked walls can diminish the
effectively making sure that it is totally filled up. the resale value as much as 25 %
Ÿ Allow it to cure. so repairing & waterproofing it
is very cost effective.
Metakrete is a BIS certified mineral based product used for precast structures. It is thermally
structured, Ultrafine Pozzolan which replaces industrial by-products such as Silicafume /

Application Areas
Ÿ High performance, high strength, Lightweight concrete.
Ÿ Industrial-commercial floor, Marine concrete, Precast concrete.
Ÿ Shotcreting, Mortars, Stuccos, Pool plaster etc.
Ÿ Fiber cement & Ferro cement products.
Ÿ Glass fiber reinforced concrete.
Ÿ Increases compressive & Flexural Strength.
Ÿ Providing resistance to chemical attack.
Ÿ Reducing permeability substantially.
Ÿ Preventing alkali-Silica reaction.
Ÿ Reduces efflorescence & shrinkage.

Add 4 kg. Metakrete (8%) with 50 kg. cement bag. Ideal for beam
column & slabs.

Quick fact
Quick fact
With huge investment
Waterproofing is and so much
a low
at stakecost
it becomes
option against thewaterproof
necessary to
& make strong concrete waterbodies
damage water leakage can do
like bridge , dams etc

Get a complete relief from water leakages

in bathroom, toilet, terrace,
water tank & basement.