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City of Miami APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT 44 SW 2nd Ave,, 7 Floor Mize, Florida 39130 ‘Pease ic your work experience siarig we the aarse aecloyer, mob a tepersie erty foreach positon hell £9 tat yout petiods of nen-employmert grealt Bu 3 mara. Resumes may not be ‘As requested ty Union membar employees, review records of pertsrmance of union mernber emgioyees, Incuding perioemance ‘vaiuaton, vairing. eouNEesng, comenaations and Gecipine; suggests develaomental training, counseing and reviews Gisopine of tunion member employees as necesary io assist in eflectivy solving grievances, complaints and or appeals before the Givi serves board = aceordanes wth contractual agreement win the Cty of Miami and the City Acrninsiratire Policy (APM). Meets with officers fw Human Resources, EOOP, and rescective departments to help reduce conflict the workplace and to addross matiors concerning union mentbéet. As union president | evrenty supervss 7 employees who are the oficers o! the unien meaning 3 ‘exeeutve board mombers, secretary easurer. recording secretary . and vice prnsident of he urign. There duties wary as every ‘Gitlcore haa a Sttarent Cutas and respons abllies - Duties involve Migetng weekly wth the union attorney to discuss pending manent Capo Mami ‘Mating Adaress of Employer Cay: ol Tip Code: 4444'S 2 Avenue Loud FL 134 Phone Number: Vis PerWeek: | Staring Salary: — ‘Dates! (905 _) 329-4000 [is Sgt $2201 | emt 11a re 94 lage 260 CooetPustion Tie Goce Compliance Dues Response (er cade compance win appacebie state an local laws, codes, ordinances, and other Issue warnings, etien notces cf viclabon, and ticats on a case by case bess based on Flarida Statutes 162. FoRw Gales of Cada Complance’s procedures for proper notification, naceasary re-rapactons and other tasks fngpropriately rotly abaged vclalors when potertal City code viciaions are substantiated, propose how ts correct the vialaven an etre both private and puble prove-ty and arange for required re-inepectons ts varty coos comptance. As part ofthe acpea! [rocess, sppee at hearing boards and Special Master hearings us deterred by the City, Prepare and main records, reports, feectonic and witlen cartescondence concerning inspections and enforcement tasks Deing parform at spectic sas where a code vilabon(s) may have eccured. Agpropdately nolty alleged violators when potential CAy code vilatons are substantiated. propose how to corect the volaan on tier om pv rel pubic propery and arrange tor requredreinapectons overt code camlance. As patel the appeat | | process, appear at neering ooarce and Special Masie: hearings as determined bythe Cy. Prepare and maintain recor, reports. ‘loctroni and wrtien correspondence concoming inspections and enforcement tasks being perform at spetiic Stas where 2 code ‘Veuatlons} may have occured As necessary conduct fold research and thwv oar ctpartments complies information and data to Is entered into a software called the more system. In addition the duties were to enter any overtime ocurred for the ‘above locations, in addition when required the duties were to utilize the Fire net system to answer any emails, process payout of vacation hours, answer al payroll related matters. type letters when required for the service to the above locations, the duties also involved doing research when thera was d'screaancies in pay periods. In addi ‘on when required to do fling of time cards on a daily base obtain hours of time used when personel called out for \vacetion or sick time usage and performed ail ether Payroll related matters when required.