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Will “Fire & Fury” Take Down The

President and America? Probably Not.

The 2017 Trump

Presidency - #21
January 16, 2018 to January 23, 2018

Here Is The Smoking Gun:

Will “the Memo” shut down the “Witch Hunt”,
and put the FBI & DoJ in Jail?
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Trump Must Be Allowed To
Control U.S. Policy Towards Russia —
We Must Crush Mueller's Russiagate Scam
By Harley Schlanger
Tuesday, January 16, 2018

"We are witnessing a devaluation of

international law, and the diminishing role
of multilateral institutions." The U.S. and its
allies "still want to handle matters solely on
the basis of dictating and putting forward
ultimatums. [they] do not want to hear the
viewpoints of other global policy centers
and, actually, do not want to recognize the
reality of the emerging multipolar world.
The methods they resort to, to contain their
rivals, are for the most part, rather dubious
and unscrupulous. Their range is wide —
President Donald J. Trump holds a video teleconference with
members of the U.S. military | December 24, 2017 (Official White
from deploying a global missile defense
House Photo by Shealah Craighead) system to unilateral sanctions,
extraterritorial use of their legislation and
President Trump has consistently, and repeatedly, declared threats to tackle any international issues in
Robert Mueller's Russiagate to be a total fraud, an attempt accordance with their own scenario
to overturn the will of the nation in the presidential exclusively, stopping at nothing, including
election, and in several aspects outright treasonous. He has the use of brute military force."
also repeated over and over, throughout his campaign and
as President, that having friendly relations with Russia is a These things are true — but, it is most important to
"good thing," and critical for a successful U.S. policy in emphasize that we are at a point in history that this world
the world. crisis can be rectified, that the U.S. can be pulled out from
under the domination of British political influence and
Yet, Russia policy continues to be run by others. President British ideology. Geopolitics can and must be destroyed —
Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov, in protesting various the Darwinian dog-eat-dog mentality of zero-sum conflict
U.S. policies detrimental to Russia and to U.S.-Russian and confrontation — in favor of the win-win concept
relations, almost always say that President Trump is underlying the New Silk Road. This is what Trump
committed to improving relations, but that the effort to embraced on his visit to China in November. This is what
remove him is holding him back. This is true, and must be French President Macron equally embraced on his visit to
quickly reversed. China earlier this month. And this is what Lyndon
LaRouche set in motion fifty years ago, by creating the
new ideas required to lift mankind's thinking to a higher
A review of Lavrov's comments at his year-end press level: to the level of the laws of the physical universe, to
conference today demonstrates the urgency for the success see fifty or a thousand years ahead in order to discover
of the LaRouchePAC campaign to expose and destroy what must be done today.
Robert Mueller's British-directed coup attempt against
Trump and against Russia.
The coup-plotters against Trump are in deep trouble. The
U.S. Congress now has in its hands the documentary proof
Pointing at the U.S. illegal seizure of Russian diplomatic that the entire campaign to demonize Russia and to remove
property in the U.S.; at the threat that the successful Trump from office has been based on lies, on fabrications
collaboration in Syria to defeat ISIS is now being turned by MI6 agent Chrisopher Steele and his accomplices.
into a partition of Syria or full scale regime change; at the Much of it is classified and cannot be released to the public
expansion of NATO military forces to Russia's border; at as yet, but key members of Congress have shown the
unilateral sanctions and unilateral use of military force — courage to make it known that serious crimes have been
Lavrov sounded a stern warning: committed by the FBI, DOJ, and CIA leaders from the

Bush/Obama era, operating today as a criminal cabal There is no time to lose. The New Silk Road is the means
outside of government. to unite the world behind a higher level of thought and
cooperation. It will only work with a parallel campaign to
The effort to save their coup by declaring the President to restructure the bankrupt western financial system, through
be a racist, and a madman, expresses a state of hysteria and Glass-Steagall and the related "Four Laws" presented by
panic by the very people who are responsible for the racist LaRouche. It is in our hands.
and mad policies which have kept the world in poverty and
perpetual warfare for the past two decades.

'Shithole-Gate' Might Lead To
Government Shutdown As Democrats Balk At Deal
By Tyler Durden
Tue, 01/16/2018 - 08:33

The Democrats’ critics on the left are demanding that the other alternative to avert a shutdown. Extending the
minority party use all of its leverage to stymie the Trump deadline would require what is known as a continuing
agenda, even if that means forcing a government resolution.
shutdown. Fortunately, more mainstream party members
can now use Trump's "Shithole"” comment as a pretext to
drop their support for an immigration compromise in the
hope of eventually coaxing Republicans into a better deal.

Meanwhile, the GOP had concluded that

it would be unable to reach a long-term
spending accord by the Friday deadline,

which means that chances of a government shutdown have

increased this week as yet another "stop-gap" deal is the
only option. The government has been operating on short- “There’s a great pushback to another
term spending authorizations since the last two-year CR, but with that being said, I don’t see
budget expired in September. The current short-term that a shutdown’s an option, so
spending bill expires Friday at midnight. obviously a CR is probably the only
thing we’ve got in our tool bag before
the 19th,” he said.

But some lawmakers, tired of perpetual can-kicking, have

said they might not vote for a short-term bill.

“There’s a double chance I might not

vote for it,” Rep. Tom Rooney (R., Fla.),

a member of the House Appropriations Committee, said

Last week, members of a bipartisan senate group that had about his support for a short-term spending bill. Among
been negotiating a DACA compromise for four months other things, he is concerned that disaster-relief money
said they'd reached an agreement in principle. Then the needed by orange growers in his state would be left out.
Washington Post published its story about Trump's
response to leaving measures protecting Haitian and El
Of course, there are several other issues in addition to
Salvadoran immigrants intact.
reauthroizing DACA that could disrupt the negotiations.
There also appears to be some resistance from the White
Congress is also figuring out how to
House. This morning, Trump retweeted a tweet he had sent
pay for a long-term reauthorization of
Monday accusing Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, a member
the Children’s Health Insurance
of the Democrat’s congressional leadership, of lying about
Program and lawmakers in areas
the “shithole” remark, an affront that, Trump suggested,
affected by recent natural disasters are
could preclude a DACA deal, the Washington Post
asking for an increase in relief funding,
which could complicate negotiations over
even a short-term solution.
Should a deal be reached, the most likely outcome would
be another short-term spending stopgap that would expire
Aides to key negotiators from both parties planned to meet
in mid-February. According to WSJ, Freedom Caucus
Tuesday in an effort to rekindle budget talks, setting up a
leader Rep. Mark Meadows suggested that his faction
Wednesday meeting of the leaders themselves. If they
would agree to a short-term compromise if there was no

cannot agree, the government would shut down at from the book, the remark and the porn star to something
midnight Friday for the first time since 2013. politically positive.

Per Politico, Democrats will try to push Republicans into But rest assured: If a shutdown occurs, it probably
some sort of promise on DACA in exchange for wouldn’t last longer than a couple of days. According to
cooperation with spending, but Republicans and Trump Forbes, Trump would then tell Congress that he will accept
could blame them if a deal isn't reached. Despite the a short-term bill because “progress” had been made during
finger-pointing, Politico reckons that Speaker Ryan may weekend negotiations. This, of course, presupposes that
have the most to lose. Democrats and Republicans agree on a deal first.

"A government shutdown would be But unless Trump decided to do

nettlesome for him, to say the least. He and something extraordinary like shutting
his leadership team are seeing projections the air traffic control system, the only
that they could lose something like 40 real direct impact over the weekend
seats - which would cost them their would be on the very few people trying
majority. A shutdown does not do him any to use the suddenly closed national
good. Ryan will need to cobble together parks.
218 Republican votes to proceed without
any Democratic votes. The positive political impact Trump would be seeking
from the shutdown would be immediate, however.
Separately, one Forbes writer argued that Trump needs a
shutdown to reassure his base that he’s still in control of For that reason, if there is a Trump-induced shutdown this
the Republican Party. week, it wouldn't be at all surprising if it only lasted until
next Monday. Trump would then tell Congress he will sign
Given the various firestorms that have occured just this a short-term CR to reopen the government because
past week - the book, the remark about Haiti and African (regardless of whether or not it was true) there was
countries and the hush money paid to a porn star - Trump progress made over the weekend.
may want to reassure his base that he is still very much in
charge by refusing to sign even a simple, clean and short- He would also at least hint that he'll shut the government
term extension of the current continuing resolution. again in the future if that's what it will take to get what he
Even if it doesn't include anything about
immigration, Trump could still demand Meanwhile Republicans are already accusing Democrats
funding for his wall and say he is more of hamstringing the military, but Democrats, like Trump,
than willing to shut down the have an optics problem:
government until he gets it.
Trump would say this shows he is They need to prove to the #resistance
indeed the toughest of negotiators, that that they’re capable of standing up to
he's still determined to protect the U.S. Trump and the Republicans.
and that he's keeping his campaign
promises. Since the start of his administration, they’ve appeared to
be retreating. With the midterm elections coming up later
All of these would be red meat for the Trump base and, in this year, the pressure to change that perception will only
the White House's mind, would move the narrative away intensify.

ADORBS: Thinkprogress’ Judd Legum Gets A Virtual
WEDGIE For Claiming Media Is Protecting Trump
By Sam J.
Posted At 9:38 Am On January 16, 2018

Members of the media complaining about the current

media having a new set of rules that somehow protect
Trump may be the most hilarious yet dumbest thing we
have seen so far this year, and 2018 has already been
seriously stupid.

If you can read both of Judd’s tweets without either

laughing or mumbling WTF to yourself you’re better than
we are.

Shall we go through a list of scandals in the Obama

administration that had little to no play?

 IRS targeting Conservatives.

 Arresting the producer of a video to blame for
 Being caught on a hot mic telling Putin he’d be
more flexible after the election

If it wasn’t beneficial to Obama the media wasn’t

interested in covering it so PLEASE spare us the preening
about how the media of today is somehow protecting
Trump. All they DO is bitch about the man 24/7.

Maybe that’s because you jagoffs freak out about the

president choosing certain flavors of Starburst, and when
there’s that much noise in the media we stop hearing you?
Just spit-ballin’ here.


Don’t hold your breath.

She quickly became the villain. Way to go, media.



Fitton: Hillary Was Hiding
EVERYTHING On Her ‘Private Server’
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 16, 2018

Some have speculated that the trove of documents could

provide a number of details regarding several scandals

(National Sentinel) Light of Day: The head of a noted

government watchdog group hinted Monday that Hillary
Clinton may have hid emails and other documents on her Last week, the New York Post‘s Paul Sperry noted that
private email server. Clinton’s emails may not actually be missing at all.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, said during a He reported:

YouTube presentation that Clinton was “hiding everything
on her private email server,” which may include tens of In a May interview with FBI agents, an
thousands of emails and documents she claims to have executive with the Denver contractor that
lost. maintained Clinton’s private server
revealed that an underling didn’t bleach-
Some have speculated that the trove of documents could clean all her subpoenaed emails, just ones
provide a number of details regarding several scandals he stored in a data file he used to transfer
involving Clinton and others from the Obama the emails from the server to Clinton’s
administration. aides, who in turn sorted them for delivery
to Congress.
That includes the FBI’s handling of her email investigation The Platte River Networks executive,
to the alleged pay-to-play scheme between her family’s whose name was redacted from the
foundation, State Department agencies, and foreign interview report, said PRN tech Paul
donors. Combetta “created a ‘vehicle’ to transfer
email files from the live mailboxes of
So far, the Trump State Department has been slow to [Clinton Executive Services Corp.] email
release the remainder of Clinton’s emails when she served accounts [and] then later used BleachBit
as secretary of state. Judicial Watch has been attempting to software to shred the ‘vehicle,’ but the
obtain them via Freedom of Information Act requests. email content still existed in the live email
“Fitton’s latest report underscores an Unless one of Clinton’s aides had the
important and unfortunate reality: not capability to log in to the PRN server as an
enough attention is being paid to the administrator and remove a mailbox, her
original Clinton email scandal — the archived mailboxes more than likely still
missing 33,00 emails,” The Gateway Pundit reside somewhere in that system. And they
reported. may also materialize on an internal “shared
drive” that PRN created to control access
Watch: to the Clinton email accounts among PRN
Last week, a federal judge ordered the State Department to scheduled release date is now September 28, 2018, rather
speed up its release of 72,000 pages of Clinton emails. The than 2020.

Japanese Public Broadcaster NHK
Issues False Alarm Over North Korean Missile Launch
By Tyler Durden
Tue, 01/16/2018 - 06:02

It's deja vu, all over again.

Just four days after residents of Hawaii lived through 38

minutes of doomsday hell, after a false public broadcast
alarm announced that a ballistic missile launch was headed
for the island, only to reverse and announce later it was a
mistake, moments ago Japan's National broadcaster NHK’s
app issued a false J-Alert to phones over a North Korean
missile launch at 6:55 p.m. Tuesday evening local time.

The message, received by phone users with the NHK app

installed on their devices, read: "NHK news alert. North
Korea likely to have launched missile. The government
J alert: evacuate inside the building or underground. "

It then promptly corrected the error just 5 minutes later, at

around 7 p.m.

After the false alert, NHK issued an on-air apology on
Tuesday evening local time, saying "the news alert sent
earlier about NK missile was a mistake. No government J
alert was issued."

"Around 6:55pm earlier we reported on the NHK's news

site and NHK's news disaster prevention application
‘Pattern of North Korean missile launch’ but this was
incorrectly issued. J alert has not appeared. I must
sincerely apologize,” the news outlet wrote.

The bizarre coincidence of two false alarms announcing

the start of nuclear war is certainly suspicious.

The false alert came on the same day as the US and

Canada planned to host talks in Vancouver over the crisis
on the Korean Peninsula after a year of missile tests and
threats from the North.

As a reminder, on Saturday, an emergency alert

notification sent out to residents of Hawaii warning of an
incoming "ballistic missile threat" turned out to be a false
alarm. The error was blamed on an employee who "pushed
the wrong button." "BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT
SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL," the emergency alert

The warning went out on television and radio as well as

cell phones, according to Hawaii Gov. David Ige, sparking
panic amongst some residents. A second emergency alert
was sent to phones in Hawaii 38 minutes after the initial
message confirming the false alarm.

They Did WHAT? Mueller, McCabe
And Rosenstein ALL Involved In Cover-Up Of FBI
Investigation Into Uranium One BRIBES
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 16, 2018

“The Russians were compromising Andrew McCabe assigned to the ongoing

American contractors in the nuclear investigation which was hidden from the
industry with kickbacks and extortion Committee on Foreign Investments in the
threats” United States (CFIUS). Had they known,
the committee never would have approved
the Uranium One deal with TENEX’s parent
company, Rosatom.
Four individuals were eventually
prosecuted and given plea
agreements after the Uranium One deal
was approved. The prosecuting DOJ
attorneys? Deputy Attorney General Rod
Photo credit: New York Times Rosenstein and top Mueller investigator in
the Trump-Russia probe, Andrew
Weissman – who praised former acting
(National Sentinel) Scandal: Reports last week note that
Attorney General Sally Yates for defying
Justice Department officials in the District of Maryland
announced that Mark Lambert of Mount Airy, Md., was
indicted on 11 counts related to “bribery, kickbacks, and
money-laundering.” According to John Solomon at The Hill, the Obama DoJ
never called the deal’s secret information, William D.
Campbell, when it was time to charge former Russian
Those charges stemmed from an alleged plot to bribe
uranium industry official Mikerinn.
Vadim Mikerinn, a Russian executive at JSC
Techsnabexport, or TENEX.
“While he was Maryland’s chief federal
prosecutor, Deputy Attorney General Rod
As reported by Zero Hedge:
Rosenstein’s office failed to interview the
undercover informant in the FBI’s Russian
According to the indictment, Lambert and nuclear bribery case before it filed criminal
others at Transport Logistics International charges in the case in 2014, officials told
(TLI) engaged in several counts of The Hill,” reports Solomon.
bribery, kickbacks and money laundering
with Russian nuclear official Vadim Mikerin,
As we have reported, Campbell, who was made to sign an
in order to secure business advantages
“illegal” non-disclosure agreement (NDA) by Obama
with TENEX – a subsidiary of Rosatom, the
Attorney General Loretta Lynch, claimed in November to
Kremlin’s state-owned energy company
have video evidence showing Russian agents with
which bought Uranium One.
briefcases full of bribe money in relation to the Uranium
TLI would have ostensibly transported all of One scandal.
the uranium from the U1 deal, were it not
for an FBI undercover mole buried deep Earlier, The Hill‘s John Solomon and Circa News‘ Sara
within the Russian nuclear industry who Carter noted that Campbell had been deeply embedded in
gathered extensive evidence of corruption. the Russian nuclear industry. While there he was able to
Robert Mueller’s FBI had been gather incriminating evidence of bribery and kickbacks to
investigating the scheme since at least and by U.S. and Russian actors involved in getting the
2008 – with retiring Deputy FBI Director Uranium One deal approved by the Obama administration.
Campbell, who is currently battling cancer, had earlier fear of retribution by U.S. or Russian
been misidentified as a lobbyist. In reality, he is a nuclear officials.
industry consultant.
“I’ve never heard of such a case unless the
victim is dead. I’ve never heard of
“The Russians were compromising prosecutors making a major case and not
American contractors in the nuclear talking to the victim before you made it,
industry with kickbacks and extortion especially when he was available to them
threats, all of which raised legitimate through the FBI,” Alan Dershowitz told The
national security concerns. And none of Hill.
that evidence got aired before the Obama
administration made those decisions,” a Last month, Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered
person who worked on the case told The investigators in the Justice Department to take a fresh look
Hill, speaking on condition of anonymity for at the sale of Uranium One to Russian firm Rosatom.

2017: The Year The News Media
Went To War Against A President
By Rich Noyes And Mike Ciandella
January 16, 2018 6:00 AM EST

approximately 34 percent of all evening news airtime

(excluding commercials), meaning that one out of every
three minutes of broadcast evening news coverage
was devoted to the Trump story last year.

In contrast, MRC analysis of these same newscasts in 2015

and 2016 found that airtime devoted to President Obama
and his administration amounted to approximately ten
percent of overall evening news coverage in those years, or
less than one-third the level of Trump’s coverage.

 Coverage of Trump Has Been Incessantly Negative:

The first year of the Trump administration was as turbulent Reviewing all of this coverage, our analysts catalogued
for the news media as it was for politics, with many 5,883 evaluative statements about the President or his
journalists dropping any pretense of professionalism to administration from either reporters, anchors or non-
become strident opponents of the President. As a proxy for partisan sources such as experts or voters. Only about
the larger establishment media, the Media Research Center 10 percent of those comments (617) were positive,
analyzed every moment of coverage of President Trump compared with 5,266 (90%) which were negative — an
last year on the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts, unparalleled level of media hostility for a President in
usually seen by more than 25 million people each night. his first year in office.
The major findings:

 The Trump presidency was the biggest story of the

year, accounting for one out of every three minutes of
evening news airtime — nearly 100 hours in total.
 The tone of coverage has been incessantly hostile,
especially for a new President in his honeymoon year:
90% negative, vs. just 10% positive (These
percentages do not include neutral statements).
 More than two-fifths of evening news coverage of the
President (43%) focused on controversies, not policies,
with the Russia investigation alone accounting for one-
fifth of all Trump coverage (1,234 minutes).
 Despite their massive coverage of Russia, the
networks had almost no airtime for questions about There were only three months in 2017 when Trump’s level
how the investigation began, or whether special of good press rose above 10 percent on the evening news:
counsel Robert Mueller’s current investigation is
biased. January, when TV coverage of his
inauguration included a few stories about
Now the details of our year-long study: the positive reaction among Trump voters;
April, when the network coverage
 The Trump Presidency Was by Far the Biggest mentioned supportive reaction to the cruise
Story of 2017: From Inauguration Day (January 20) missile strikes against Syria; and in
through the end of 2017 (December 31), the three December, when Congress finally passed a
evening newscasts aired 3,430 stories that talked major tax reform package, a Trump
about either President Trump or his administration, legislative success. Even in those months,
totaling 99 hours, 3 minutes of airtime. This amounts to however, the balance of TV’s coverage of

Trump was still hugely negative — 85
percent negative in January, 82 percent in
April, and 85 percent in December.

The media’s negative approach has been essentially

consistent regardless of which issues or controversies were
prevalent in the news. For example, network TV coverage
was no more hostile in August (91% negative), when
Trump came under intense criticism for his reaction to the
violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, related to a white
supremacist march, than it was in most other months.
And, for those who might wonder, the remaining airtime
Rather, the evening newscasts have provided extremely not spent discussing controversies or policy issues (about 9
heavy coverage of some stories (Russia, the travel ban, and hours, 17 minutes) consisted of other administration news
myriad personal controversies) where they evidently (various nominations and appointments, presidential travel,
believed heavy criticism is justified, while they barely ceremonial functions, etc.).
mention other topics where the administration has a
positive story to tell. (Tomorrow, we will report on six of  Lots of “Collusion” Coverage, Little Scrutiny of
Trump’s accomplishments that were essentially ignored by Mueller: Throughout 2017 — even before the
the networks.) appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel —
the networks were obsessed with the investigation into
 A Huge Percentage of Network News Coverage whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia’s
Focused on Controversies, Not Policy: More than efforts to affect the 2016 presidential election. As noted
two-fifths of evening news coverage of the Trump above, one-fifth of all Trump coverage on the evening
administration (43%, or 42 hours, 37 minutes) centered newscasts last year was about the Russia probe,
on various controversies associated with the President making it more prominent than the effort to repeal
and his top aides. The Russia investigation was the ObamaCare, tax reform, immigration, or any of the
networks’ favorite topic, with an astonishing 20 hours, other Trump controversies that TV found so worthy of
34 minutes of coverage, or more than one-fifth of all coverage.
Trump coverage last year.
Yet very little of the airtime devoted to the Russia
Discussion of all public policy issues combined amounted investigation was spent looking into how the inquiry into
to 46 hours, 58 minutes of coverage, or roughly 47 percent Team Trump first began, or whether Mueller’s current
of all Trump coverage. The five most-frequently covered investigation is biased. Suggestions that Obama
policy issues: the effort to repeal and replace ObamaCare administration officials had improperly “unmasked”
(475 minutes); the nuclear showdown with North Korea Trump officials caught up in foreign surveillance garnered
(364 minutes); immigration policy, including ramped-up just 20 minutes of evening news coverage, or less than two
deportations and a potential border wall (258 minutes); the percent of the Russia total. Evening news coverage of the
temporary travel ban and the ensuing court fight (251 uncorroborated anti-Trump dossier, which we eventually
minutes); and the ultimately successful push for learned was financed by the Clinton campaign’s lawyer,
comprehensive tax reform (222 minutes). amounted to a mere 15 minutes of airtime.

Besides Russia, the networks spent more than 100 minutes

on two other controversies: the President’s reaction to the
white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, and the furor
over his allegation in a tweet that President Obama had
wiretapped Trump Tower. No other controversy achieved
that much airtime; our analysts found that the networks
While the media subjected Clinton-era independent
typically obsessed about one controversy at a time, and
counsel Ken Starr to harsh scrutiny, any doubts raised
then dropped it when a new one became available.
about Mueller and his team have been given little airtime.
The three evening newscasts spent a combined 11 minutes
(less than 1% of their Russia coverage) on the biased anti- A month later, a Politico/Morning Consult poll found
Trump text messages exchanged between an FBI agent and that
an FBI lawyer, both of whom had worked on the
investigation. Criticism that the Mueller team had “more than three-quarters of Republican
improperly obtained e-mails written by Trump officials voters, 76 percent, think the news media
during the transition period was given barely five minutes invent stories about Trump and his
of airtime, (or less than 0.5% of the total Russia coverage). administration.”
That number swells to 85 percent when just
Trump supporters are asked the question.

The media reaction to Trump’s first year has been so What seems to be happening is that many in the media,
extreme, the public itself has become polarized over the including the broadcast networks, have chosen to morph
coverage. In September, into anti-Trump activists. As a result, they provide massive
attention to stories that they think make him look bad, give
Gallup discovered that record numbers of little airtime to more positive aspects of his administration,
Democrats are reporting “trust and and punish him with massively negative spin.
confidence in the mass media to report the
news ‘fully, accurately and fairly,’” The polls suggest anti-Trump Democrats love that kind of
news, pro-Trump Republicans hate it — while the national
with 72 percent of Democrats saying they trusted the press media are cementing their reputation as biased partisans.
in 2017, compared to just 51 percent who said that a year Their hostility against the White House is now so obvious,
ago. nobody could possibly take them seriously if they ever
again claim to be fair and non-partisan professionals.

Bannon Is Subpoenaed
In Mueller’s Russia Investigation
JAN. 16, 2018

On Tuesday, Mr. Bannon testified behind closed doors

before the House Intelligence Committee, which is also
investigating Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election and
ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. Mr. Bannon
did not address reporters before entering the proceeding on
Tuesday, and a spokesman for Mr. Mueller and a senior
White House lawyer did not respond to messages seeking

Mr. Mueller issued the subpoena after Mr. Bannon was

quoted in a new book criticizing Mr. Trump, saying that
Donald Trump Jr.’s 2016 meeting with Russians was
“treasonous” and predicting that the special counsel
Stephen K. Bannon arrived to testify before the House Intelligence investigation would ultimately center on money
Committee during a closed-door session on Tuesday. Credit Joshua laundering.
After excerpts from the book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the
WASHINGTON — Stephen K. Bannon, President Trump White House,” were published this month, Mr.
Trump’s former chief strategist, was subpoenaed last week Trump derided Mr. Bannon publicly and threatened to sue
by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, to testify him for defamation. Mr. Bannon was soon ousted as the
before a grand jury as part of the investigation into executive chairman of the hard-right website Breitbart
possible links between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russia, News.
according to a person with direct knowledge of the matter.
Some legal experts said the subpoena could be a sign that
The move marked the first time Mr. Mueller is known to the investigation was intensifying, while others said it may
have used a grand jury subpoena to seek information from simply have been a negotiating tactic to persuade Mr.
a member of Mr. Trump’s inner circle. The special Bannon to cooperate with the investigation. The experts
counsel’s office has used subpoenas before to seek also said it could be a signal to Mr. Bannon, who has tried
information on Mr. Trump’s associates and their possible to publicly patch up his falling-out with the president, that
ties to Russia or other foreign governments. despite Mr. Trump’s legal threats, Mr. Bannon must be
completely forthcoming with investigators.
The subpoena could be a negotiating tactic. Mr. Mueller is
likely to allow Mr. Bannon to forgo the grand jury Prosecutors generally prefer to interview witnesses before
appearance if he agrees to instead be questioned by a grand jury when they believe they have information that
investigators in the less formal setting of the special the witnesses do not know or when they think they might
counsel’s offices about ties between Mr. Trump’s catch the witnesses in a lie. It is much easier for a witness
associates and Russia and about the president’s conduct in to stop the questioning or sidestep questions in an
office, according to the person, who would not be named interview than during grand jury testimony, which is
discussing the case. But it was not clear why Mr. Mueller transcribed, and witnesses are required to answer every
treated Mr. Bannon differently than the dozen question.
administration officials who were interviewed in the final
months of last year and were never served with a “By forcing someone to testify through a
subpoena. subpoena, you are providing the witness
with cover because they can say, ‘I had no
The subpoena is a sign that Bannon is not personally the choice — I had to go in and testify about
focus of the investigation. Justice Department rules allow everything I knew,’” said Solomon L.
prosecutors to subpoena to the targets of investigations Wisenberg, a prosecutor for the
only in rare circumstances.
independent counsel that investigated Bill and saying he had “cried when he got fired and begged for
Clinton when he was president. his job.”

Significant grand jury activity may undermine the case that “Now Sloppy Steve has been dumped like
White House officials have made for months: that they a dog by almost everyone,” Mr. Trump
believe the inquiry is coming to an end and are convinced wrote. “Too bad!”
that the president will be cleared. Mr. Mueller has told Mr.
Trump’s lawyers that he will probably want to question the
president before the investigation concludes, but no
interview has been scheduled.

Mr. Bannon has limited firsthand knowledge about two

key issues within Mr. Mueller’s purview — the president’s
firing of James B. Comey as F.B.I. director, a decision
made without Mr. Bannon present, and the drafting of a
misleading statement about the subject of the June 2016
meeting with Russians, in which they promised damaging
information about Hillary Clinton. Stephen Bannon, President Trump’s former chief strategist, was
ousted from his post as executive chairman at Breitbart News, the
right-wing website he used as a mouthpiece.By CHRIS CIRILLO on
But even Mr. Bannon’s secondhand knowledge could be Publish Date January 5, 2018. Photo by Lexey Swall for The New
used to draw a contrast with statements from people with York Times.
firsthand knowledge whom Mr. Mueller has already
interviewed. And Mr. Bannon was directly involved in a Days after the excerpts were published, a statement was
number of other major moments, including the decision- issued in Mr. Bannon’s name in which he tried to back
making around the firing of Michael T. Flynn, the away from his assertions in the book. He said that his
president’s first national security adviser, who was reference to treason was aimed at Mr. Manafort, not the
dismissed after he lied to Vice President Mike Pence about president’s son. Mr. Bannon did not apologize, however,
phone calls with the Russian ambassador during the and though he had approved the statement, an associate
presidential transition. sent it to reporters without his knowledge.

Mr. Bannon also helped run the transition after Chris The president appeared to ease his anger toward Mr.
Christie, the outgoing governor of New Jersey, was fired Bannon at the end of last week. When asked in an
as head of that team. And Mr. Bannon was the chief interview with The Wall Street Journal whether his break
executive of the Trump campaign in October 2016 when with Mr. Bannon was “permanent,” the president replied,
WikiLeaks began releasing thousands of stolen personal
emails from the hacked account of Mrs. Clinton’s
campaign chairman, John D. Podesta. “I don’t know what the word ‘permanent’
In “Fire and Fury,” Mr. Bannon was quoted by the
author, Michael Wolff, as suggesting that Donald Trump People close to Mr. Bannon took the president’s comments
Jr.; the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared as a signal that Mr. Trump was aware that his fired
Kushner; and Paul Manafort, his campaign chairman at the strategist would soon be contacted by investigators.
time, were “treasonous” and “unpatriotic” for attending the
meeting with Russians at Trump Tower. Mr. Bannon said Mr. Trump has a history of reaching out to people he has
that he believed there was “zero” chance that the younger fired, including those under investigation, directly or
Mr. Trump did not take them to meet his father, who has indirectly, as he did with Mr. Flynn after he was dismissed
said he knew nothing about the meeting. and before he struck a plea deal with Mr. Mueller’s
“The three senior guys in the campaign
thought it was a good idea to meet with a Mr. Bannon has hired William A. Burck of the
foreign government inside Trump Tower in Washington office of the Quinn Emanuel Urquhart &
the conference room on the 25th floor — Sullivan law firm to represent him in the defamation
with no lawyers,” Mr. Bannon said in the threats from Mr. Trump and the congressional inquiries.
book. Mr. Burck also represents several current and former
administration officials who have been interviewed as
Mr. Trump erupted in anger after the excerpts were witnesses by Mr. Mueller’s investigators. Among them are
published, calling Mr. Bannon “Sloppy Steve” on Twitter the White House counsel, Donald F. McGahn II, and the
former White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus.

But He’s Crazy! Liberal Media Embarrass
Themselves, Demand Doctor Insist Trump’s Mentally Ill
By Curtis Houck
January 16, 2018 5:33 PM EST

For almost an hour on Tuesday, the White House press

corps stooped to a new low of embarrassment and Dr. Jackson hit back, noting that Trump’s cognitive test
clownishly liberal behavior, lobbing over a dozen was the same one that’s often used at Walter Reed (the
questions at Navy Rear Admiral Dr. Ronny Jackson to Montreal Cognitive Assessment) and since
insinuate that President Trump must be mentally ill to the
point of Alzheimer’s Disease. This was all despite “the President got 30 out of 30 on that
Jackson’s insistence that he’s in great health. exam, I think that, you know, there's no
indication that he has any kind of
Whether it was Bloomberg, CBS News Radio, CNN, or The cognitive issues.”
Washington Post, the long knives were out as the liberal
media engaged in their own Pickett’s Charge to save their CBS News Radio correspondent Steven Portnoy brought up
narrative that Trump’s mentally ill and thus must be the 25th Amendment, gushing over how
removed via Congress or the 25th Amendment.
“[a] lot of people in the country have
been talking about it” and after explaining
it in some detail, asked about what point
from a “philosophical” standpoint would
he “advise the cabinet that the president
is unable to discharge his duties.”

Ridiculous figure and CNN chief White House

correspondent Jim Acosta then arrived on scene:

JIM ACOSTA: Just to make sure we're

clear on this. When you analyzed his
cognitive ability or his neurological
NBC’s Hallie Jackson started the crazy train with the functions, that's not the same thing as a
second question, asking Dr. Jackson to repeat the results psychiatric exam or psychological exam?
about “the President’s mental fitness” and alluded to JACKSON: It is not. No. It’s a screening
Trump’s tweet about him being “a stable genius.” assessment for cognitive impairment.

Bloomberg’s Shannon Pettypiece brought up the media- Roughly five minutes after The Washington Post’s Ashley
obsession over Trump supposedly slurring his words, but Parker inquired about the particular test that Trump took,
ABC’s Cecilia Vega spoke moments later with this CBS’s Margaret Brennan trampled on Ronald Reagan’s
bewildering question: memory by hinting that he had Alzheimer’s while
President and was missed. And thus, White House
Could you just elaborate in layman's terms, physicians might not be trustworthy:
if possible, and you’ve done a great job at
that, what you ruled out in these cognitive Doctor, when you say given the President's
tests? You know, there have been reports age, he is somewhere where President
the president has forgotten names, that Reagan was at this time in presidency. Can
he’s repeating himself. Are you ruling out you say, given the scrutiny of what was
things like early onset Alzheimer's? Are you overlooked at the time with President
looking at dementia-like symptoms? Reagan in terms of Alzheimer's and things
he was then-known to suffer from at a later
date, Can you say whether the test that's
you ran would exclude any of those things?

And what the possibility of overlooking CECILIA VEGA: Could you just elaborate in layman's terms, if
something like that would be? You know, possible, and you’ve done a great job at that, what you ruled out
how can you tell the American people that in these cognitive tests? You know, there have been reports the
this time you're certain? president has forgotten names, that he’s repeating himself. Are
you ruling out things like early onset Alzheimer's? Are you
Portnoy returned and this left the calm Jackson perturbed: looking at dementia-like symptoms? And then a second question,
a lot of doctors at the back end of a physical like to give their
patients tips before they walk out the door, things that they
PORTNOY: What is your take of all the
should change in terms of lifestyle or behavior. What did you tell
doctors and clinicians all across the country
this president outside of diet that he might want to change?
who have said, in this President, they see
symptoms of this, that and the other?
JACKSON: Symptoms in what way?
PORTNOY: Symptoms of dementia,
symptoms of —
JACKSON: I would say that, you know, the
American Psychiatric Association has said
so, too. You know, I would think that, you
know, the people shouldn't be making the
assessments about the President unless
they've had the opportunity to get to know
him and examine him and, you know, in my
opinion, that's just tabloid psychiatry and I
just don’t — you know, I'm not going to DR. RANDY JACKSON: Yes, so I think that cognitive test, you
address it or fall into responding to those know, it’s well respected. It is a test that is used throughout the
questions or accusations. United States. Lots and lots of institutions use that test. It is the
one that they use at Walter Reed for the patients they feel they
Near the end, an unidentified reporter seemed to lobby for need to do cognitive screens on. So, it’s a universally-accepted
there to be (if there wasn’t already) a White House test. Like I said, it is a little more extensive than some of the
psychologist should be around for the sake of Trump while shorter ones that are in some of the guidelines, but yea, it
CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta fretted that the Montreal screens for all those things. Any time of cognitive issues,
Cognitive Assessment was insufficient for spotting Alzheimer's and all those other things. So, you know, the fact the
dementia or mental illnesses in someone “who’s already President got 30 out of 30 on that exam, I think that, you know,
highly functioning.” there's no indication that he has any kind of cognitive issues. On
a day-to-day basis, like I said before, it’s been my experience
Here’s the relevant transcript from January 16's White that the President, you know, is very sharp. Very articulate when
House Press Briefing: he speaks to me and, you know, I've never known him to repeat
himself around me. He says what he’s got to say and he speaks
his mind. And I found no reason whatsoever to think that the
White House Press Briefing President has — yeah, I found no reason to think that the
January 16, 2018 president has any issues whatsoever with his thought process.
3:44 p.m. Eastern
HALLIE JACKSON: Two questions for you. Number one, there
have been some questions as part of your exam, I’m wondering if
you’ve talked to the President about this, whether the President’s STEVEN PORTNOY: If I might ask a question and pause on the
mental fitness. He has pushed back on that, calling himself a philosophy on the fitness of a president, the 25th amendment. A
stable genius. Can you establish the President’s mental fitness lot of people in the country have been talking about it. It basically
for us? contemplates that a group of Senate-confirmed laymen will weigh
on whether the President is able to discharge the duties of the
office. You, as the President’s physician, have certainly given this
(....) some thought over the year that you’ve been on your role. On
what base I would you, this is a philosophical question, advise
SHANNON PETTYPIECE: Yes, there was an incident recently the cabinet that the president is unable to discharge his duties?
where the President appeared to slur his words while giving an How does that bar get met?
address. Did you look into what the cause of that might have
been at all? (....)


JIM ACOSTA: Just to make sure we're clear on this. When you overlooking something like that would be? You know, how can
analyzed his cognitive ability or his neurological functions, that's you tell the American people that this time you're certain?
not the same thing as a psychiatric exam or psychological
exam? JACKSON: I can say that that test, you know, and I don't know
President Reagan's actual medical condition and I don't know
JACKSON: It is not. No. It’s a screening assessment for cognitive what his condition was like toward the end of his presidency. I've
impairment. read things and sustain documentaries and stuff like everybody
here. But let's just assume that he did have some, you know,
(....) evidence of cognitive impairment toward the end of his
presidency. I think that I can reliably say, and I think that the folks
in the mental health community out there would back me up on
ASHLEY PARKER: You mentioned that you gave the President
the fact that if he had some type of mental, cognitive issue, that
will a cognitive test. Was that the mini-mental state examination
this test is sensitive enough it would pick up on it. He would not
or [INAUDIBLE]? Or if not, could you tell us what specific
have gotten 30 out of 30 on the test. So, I’m very confident at this
cognitive test you gave him.
particular stage that he has nothing like that going on. And, like I
said, my personal experience, is that he has absolutely no, you
JACKSON: It was. It was the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, know, cognitive or mental issues whatsoever. That he is very
sometimes we refer to it as the MOCA and you can find it online. sharp.

(....) (....)

ACOSTA: One follow-up question. There isn't anything that's part PORTNOY: What is your take of all the doctors and clinicians all
of the President's health records or his overall physical fitness or across the country who have said, in this President, they see
any medications that he's taking that you're not permitted to tell symptoms of this, that and the other?
us? Is there anything you're keeping from us for privacy
JACKSON: Symptoms in what way?
JACKSON: I can promise there is nothing that I am withholding
PORTNOY: Symptoms of dementia, symptoms of —
from you and I can tell you that, you know, I've done the last four
or five of these. I've been involved in probably the last six or
seven of these and this is hands down more information that’s
been put forth by any other assessment to date. I was, Friday
was good day for me. Friday made today exceptionally easy for
me. So, when we left Friday, it was good for me. It made this
much, much easier for me today. So no, I'm not withholding
anything and I have reviewed the President's past medical
records to the extent they've been made available to me and
there is nothing at all concerning to me.

JACKSON: I would say that, you know, the American Psychiatric

Association has said so, too. You know, I would think that, you
know, the people shouldn't be making the assessments about the
President unless they've had the opportunity to get to know him
and examine him and, you know, in my opinion, that's just tabloid
psychiatry and I just don’t — you know, I'm not going to address
it or fall into responding to those questions or accusations.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Doctor, when you say given the
President's age, he is somewhere where President Reagan was UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER #1: Give us an idea of what
at this time in presidency. Can you say, given the scrutiny of what the cognitive exam involved in that half-hour and does that rule
was overlooked at the time with president Reagan in terms of out any further psychological exams?
Alzheimer's and things he was then-known to suffer from at a
later date, Can you say whether the test that's you ran would (....)
exclude any of those things? And what the possibility of

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER #2: You mentioned a whole (....)
bunch of doctors that participated in Friday's exam. And there are
other questions today about the President's emotional health. Is SANJAY GUPTA: Just one more question about the Montreal
there anyone on the President's medical team such as a exam and other sort mini-mental status exam. They're pretty
psychiatrist or a psychologist whose job it is to monitor the good, but they're not really sensitive for someone who’s already
President's emotional state or watch for potential psychiatric highly functioning. They're not good at finding early stages of
problems or indicators of those? dementia. If the President is worried about it, would you
recommend more extensive exams?

'I Have No Concerns About His Cognitive Ability':
White House Doctor Says Trump In Excellent Health
Erik Rosales

"We picked one of the ones that was a little

more involved. It was longer. It was the
more difficult one of all of them. It took
significantly longer to complete. The
president did exceedingly well on it. That
was not driven at all by any concerns I had.
It was driven by the president's wishes and
he did well on it."

WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump's physician

has declared that the commander-in-chief is in "excellent

"I have no concerns about his cognitive

ability," White House Physician Rear Trump weighs 239 pounds, the White House physician
Admiral Dr. Ronny Jackson told reporters said, standing at 6 feet 3 inches, Trump falls just within the
on Tuesday. "overweight" range on the body mass index.

Dr. Jackson says President Trump should lose some weight The doctor also said Trump showed
through a regimen that includes improving his diet and "excellent cardiac results ... from a stress
getting more exercise during the nearly one-hour news test" performed on the president last week.
The president's blood pressure was 122/75.
"Absolutely, he's fit for duty, I think he will
remain fit for duty for the remainder of his "He would benefit from a diet that is lower
term," the doctor said. in fat and carbohydrates," Jackson told the
assembled media representatives.
Dr. Jackson, who also served as White House doctor for
President Barack Obama, told reporters Trump scored The president himself decided what to make public, in
30/30 on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, which accordance with medical privacy rules.
according to its website is a
The doctor said Trump's test results showed:
"cognitive screening test designed to assist
health professionals in the detection of mild  cholesterol (HDL 63, LDL 94, triglycerides 61)
cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's  blood pressure (116/70)
disease."  blood sugar (99)
 normal results from liver, thyroid, heart and colon
Jackson explained the reason for the cognitive test saying, exams
He also said Trump took Crestor, a cholesterol-lowering The doctor said a recent incident in which Trump slurred
statin; a low dose of aspirin to prevent heart attacks; and some words while making public remarks may have been
antibiotics to treat skin rosacea. the result of Sudafed that the doctor had given the
president to take on the previous day.
The doctor also mentioned that in addition to taking Advil
and Crestor, Trump also takes Propecia, a drug used to Dr. Jackson said because the president does not drink or
stem hair loss. smoke, it has made a healthy difference in his life.

"The president does take Ambien a sleep Trump's physician performed the yearly physical Friday at
aid... on overseas travel," Dr. Jackson said. the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in

This Is WHY Trump’s Travel Bans Are VITAL To
Protecting Americans (And Why Judges Who
Block Them Should Be Impeached)
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 16, 2018

“This report is a clear reminder of why we the United States to protect its citizens from terrorist
cannot continue to rely on immigration attacks, including those committed by foreign nationals,”
policy based on pre-9/11 thinking” and directed a series of actions to enhance the security of
the American people.

“My top priority as Secretary of Homeland

Security is to ensure the safety and
security of the American people,” said DHS
Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.
“This report is a clear reminder of why we
cannot continue to rely on immigration
policy based on pre-9/11 thinking that
(National Sentinel) National Security: The Departments leaves us woefully vulnerable to foreign-
of Justice and Homeland Security have compiled data on born terrorists, and why we must examine
federal arrests for alleged, actual or attempted acts of our visa laws and continue to intensify
terrorism within the United States and found a shocking screening and vetting of individuals
statistic. traveling to the United States to prevent
terrorists, criminals, and other dangerous
individuals from reaching our country,” she
Between Sept. 11, 2001 and Dec. 31, 2016, 73 percent of
terrorist offenders were foreign-born, a new report notes.

She said legislation is needed to correct current vetting and

Of the 549 people convicted of international terrorism-
immigration deficiencies or
related charges between Sept. 11, 2001 and and the end of
last year, 402, or three-of-four, were not born in the United
States. “DHS will continue to see thousands of
terrorists a year attempt to enter the United
States, and while we must be right every
Many came from terrorist-infested or terrorism-sponsoring
time, the terrorists only need to be lucky
countries, some of which included countries contained in
President Donald J. Trump’s travel bans that were blocked
by federal courts.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions also sounded an alarm bell.
“Over the same period, U.S. Immigration
and Customs Enforcement removed “This report reveals an indisputable
approximately 1,716 aliens with national sobering reality—our immigration system
security concerns. Further, in 2017 alone has undermined our national security and
DHS had 2,554 encounters with individuals public safety,” he said.
on the terrorist watch list (also known as “And the information in this report is only
the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database) the tip of the iceberg: we currently have
traveling to the United States,” the report terrorism-related investigations against
says. thousands of people in the United States,
including hundreds of people who came
The report was mandated by Executive Order 13780, here as refugees,” Sessions added.
Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into
the United States, which declared that “it is the policy of
“Our law enforcement professionals do the use of diversity visas and chain
amazing work, but it is simply not migration, and enforcing our nation’s laws.”
reasonable to keep asking them to risk
their lives to enforce the law while we admit The report also noted that from October 1, 2011, to
thousands every year without sufficient September 30, 2017, a total of 355,345 non-U.S. citizen
knowledge about their backgrounds.” offenders, were administratively arrested after previously
being convicted of an aggravated felony, as defined in 8
He also praised Trump’s immigration priorities of U.S.C. § 1101(a)(43), or two or more crimes each
punishable by more than one year (felony offenses).
“securing our porous borders, moving to a
merit-based immigration system that ends

Globalist Traitor Jeff Flake Plans To Deliver Speech
Designed To PROTECT The Corrupt Mainstream
Media And Their Deep State Masters
Alex Thomas
January 16, 2018

In fact, the media watchdog group NewsBusters just

released a new report that conclusively proves that the very
media Flake is defending has straight up went to the war
with the democratically elected president.

The same media outlets Flake is supporting are the actual

people attempting to overthrow American democracy.

The first year of the Trump administration

was as turbulent for the news media as it
was for politics, with many journalists
dropping any pretense of professionalism
to become strident opponents of the
In a move transparently designed to protect both the President.
corrupt mainstream media and their deep state masters,
Republican Sen. Jeff Flake is planning to deliver a speech […]
Wednesday in which he will ludicrously compare
President Donald Trump to Joseph Stalin.
 The Trump presidency was the biggest story of the
year, accounting for one out of every three minutes of
That’s right, a so-called conservative, who is in reality a evening news airtime — nearly 100 hours in total.
globalist traitor, is set to compare the President of the  The tone of coverage has been incessantly hostile,
United States to a mass murderer simply due to Trump’s especially for a new President in his honeymoon year:
rightful attacks on an establishment media that has 90% negative, vs. just 10% positive (These
openly declared war on him. percentages do not include neutral statements).
 More than two-fifths of evening news coverage of the
“When a figure in power reflexively calls President (43%) focused on controversies, not policies,
any press that doesn’t suit him ‘fake news,’ with the Russia investigation alone accounting for one-
it is that person who should be the figure of fifth of all Trump coverage (1,234 minutes).
suspicion, not the press,” Flake will say,  Despite their massive coverage of Russia, the
according to multiple media outlets who networks had almost no airtime for questions about
had a draft of his speech leaked to them in how the investigation began, or whether special
anticipation. counsel Robert Mueller’s current investigation is
Keep in mind that it is an absolute FACT that 99% of the
mainstream media is openly at war with the president each Amazingly, the fact that Flake is already openly working
and every day. In return, Trump has rightfully labeled against a president from his own party is not good enough
them the enemy of the people. for the deep state puppets in the media who are now
openly calling for Flake to literally drop his conservative
The sheer amount of hypocrisy it takes to compare Donald principles altogether and straight up work with Democrats
Trump to Stalin due to his attacks on the deep state to obstruct Trump on the policy level.
controlled media when these same media outlets are
openly working against Trump’s EVERY move is truly A piece in the admittedly anti-Trump liberal outlet Slate
unbelievable. lays out a series of suggestions for Jeff Flake which reads
like a literal list of deep state demands that stand in stark
contrast to what the American people actually voted for.
Take notice that it also demands specific protections for members of the executive branch;
the deep state lackeys in the DOJ and the FBI itself! acceptance of 2016’s election results, and
a promise to not try and restrict the
A small list of things they could demand, franchise.
none of which are an affront to small-c
conservative principles: a bill protecting Yes, you read that right. The mainstream media is now
Robert Mueller’s investigation; actual demanding that the president cease criticizing them
oversight of Trump’s business dealings and completely, that he totally ignore the Clinton operatives
Emoluments Clause issues; a new look at within the federal government and in fact move to protect
the president’s power over nuclear them, and that his power over nuclear weapons be stripped.
weapons; promises from Trump to refrain
from attacking ethnic and racial minorities Yet Trump and his supporters are ones that are similar to
and the media; promises from Trump to Joseph Stalin? Who in the hell does Jeff Flake think he is
cease attacking the Justice Department’s kidding?
integrity; ethics compliance among

President Nobama
By Victor Davis Hanson
January 16, 2018 4:00 AM

In short Trump’s very essence wars with everything that

long ago was proven to be noble, just, and correct by
Vanity Fair, NPR, The New Yorker, Google, the Upper
West Side, and The Daily Show. There is not even a
smidgeon of a concession that some of Trump’s policies
might offer tens of thousands of forgotten inner-city youth
good jobs or revitalize a dead and written-off town in the
Midwest, or make the petroleum of the war-torn Persian
Gulf strategically irrelevant to an oil-rich United States.

Yet one way of understanding Trump — particularly the

momentum of his first year — is through recollection of
the last eight years of the Obama administration. In
reductionist terms, Trump is the un-Obama. Surprisingly,
Trump is commonsensically undoing, piece that is saying quite a lot more than simple reductive
by piece, the main components of Obama’s negativism. Republicans have not seriously attempted to
legacy. roll back the administrative state since Reagan. On key
issues of climate change, entitlements, illegal immigration,
Donald Trump continues to baffle. Never Trump government spending, and globalization, it was sometimes
Republicans still struggle to square the circle of quietly hard to distinguish a Bush initiative from a Clinton policy
agreeing so far with most of his policies, as they loudly or a McCain bill from a Biden proposal. There was often a
insist that his record is already nullified by its supposedly reluctant acceptance of the seemingly inevitable march to
odious author. Or surely it soon will be discredited by the the European-style socialist administrative state.
next Trumpian outrage. Or his successes belong to
congressional and Cabinet members, while his failures are Of course, there were sometimes differences between the
all his own. Rarely do they seriously reflect on what two parties, such as the George W. Bush’s tax cuts or the
otherwise over the last year might have been the trajectory Republicans’ opposition to Obamacare. Yet for the most
of a Clinton administration. part, since 1989, we’ve had lots of rhetoric but otherwise
no serious effort to prune back the autonomous
Contrary to popular supposition, the Left loathes Trump bureaucracy that grew ever larger. Few Republicans in the
not just for what he has done. (It is often too consumed executive branch sought to reduce government
with fury to calibrate carefully the particulars of the Trump employment, deregulate, sanction radical expansion of
agenda.) Rather, it despises him mostly for what he fossil-fuel production, question the economic effects of
superficially represents. globalization on Americans between the coasts, address
deindustrialization, recalibrate the tax code, rein in the
To many progressives and indeed elites of all persuasions, EPA, secure the border, reduce illegal immigration, or
Trump is also the Prince of Anti-culture: question transnational organizations. To do all that would
require a president to be largely hated by the Left,
 mindlessly naïve American boosterism; demonized by the media, and caricatured in popular
 conspicuous, 1950s-style unapologetic consumption; culture — and few were willing to endure the
 repetitive and limited vocabulary; fast-food culinary commensurate ostracism.
 Queens accent; Trump has done all that in a manner perhaps more
 herky-jerky mannerisms; Reaganesque than Reagan himself. In part, he has been
able to make such moves because of the Republican
 ostentatious dress;
majority (though thin) in Congress and also because of, not
 bulging appearance;
despite, his politically incorrect bluntness, his in-your-face
 poorly disguised facial expressions;
talk, innate cunning, reality-TV celebrity status,
 embracing rather than sneering at middle-class animalistic energy, and his cynical appraisal that tangible
appetites; success wins more support than ideology. And, yes, in part
 a lack of subtlety, nuance, and ambiguity.

the wheeler-dealer Manhattan billionaire developed real The same about-face is true on the foreign-policy front, as
sympathy for the forgotten losers of globalization. the ancient practice of deterrence replaced the modern
therapeutic mindset. Obama blurred, deliberately so, the
lines between allies and hostiles. America experienced the
worst of both worlds: We were rarely respected by our
friends, even more rarely feared by our enemies; loud
rhetorical muscularity was backed up only by “strategic
patience” and “leading from behind.”

On the supposedly friendly side, Europe assumed that the

United States would fawn after the virtue-signaling Paris
Climate Accord. The Palestinians concluded that there was
no shelf life on victimhood and that America simply would
not, could not, dare not move its embassy to Jerusalem as
the Congress had chronically showboated it would. NATO
just knew that endless subsidies were its birthright and
prior commitments were debatable. The West apparently
lapped up Obama’s Cairo speech:
Even his critics sometimes concede that his economic and
foreign-policy agendas are bringing dividends. In some But when even the European Renaissance
sense, it is not so much because of innovative policy, but and Enlightenment were seen as
rather that he is simply bullying his way back to basics derivatives of Islam, there is not much left
we’ve forgotten over the past decades. to boast about.

The wonder was never how to grow the economy at 3 On the unfriendly side, China sensed there was little
percent (all presidents prior to 2009 had at one time or danger in turning the Spratley Islands into an armed valve
another done just that), but rather, contrary to “expert” of the South China Sea. Russia understood that America
economic opinion, how to discover ways to prevent that was obsequiously “flexible” and ready to push a red plastic
organic occurrence. reset button in times of crisis.

Obama was the first modern president who apparently ISIS assumed that American lawyers were vetoing air-
figured out how. It took the efforts of a 24/7 strike targets. Iran guessed rightly that the Obama
redistributionist agenda of tax increases, federalizing administration would concede a lot to strike a legacy deal
health care, massive new debt, layers of more regulation, on nonproliferation. It was unsure only about whether the
zero-interest rates, neo-socialist regulatory appointments, Obama administration’s eagerness to dissimulate about the
expansionary eligibility for entitlements, and constant anti- disadvantageous details were due to a sincere desire to
free-market jawboning that created a psychological empower revolutionary, Shiite Iran as an antipode to Israel
atmosphere conducive to real retrenchment, mental and the Sunni oil monarchies, or arising from a reckless
holding patterns, and legitimate fears over discernable need to leave some sort of foreign-policy signature. Kim
success. Obama weaponized federal agencies including the Jung-un concluded that the eight years of the Obama
IRS, DOJ, and EPA in such a manner as to worry anyone administration provided a rare golden moment to vastly
successful, prominent, and conservative enough to come expand its nuclear and missile capability — and then
under the federal radar of a vindictive Lois Lerner, Eric announce it as an irrevocable fait accompli after Obama
Holder, or a FISA court. left office.

Trump has sought to undo all that, point by point. The Again, the common denominator was that the Obama
initial result so far is not rocket science, but rather a administration, in quite radical fashion, had sought a
natural expression of what happens when millions of therapeutic inversion of foreign policy — in a way few
Americans believe they have greater freedom and safety to other major nations had previously envisioned.
profit and innovate, and trust they will not be punished,
materially or psychologically, for the ensuing successful Trump’s appointees almost immediately began undoing all
results. The radical upsurge in business and consumer that. There were no more effective avatars of old-style
confidence is not revolutionary but almost natural. The deterrence than James Mattis and H. R. McMaster. Neither
Left and Never Trump Right claim that Trump is Stalin, was political. Both long ago embraced a realist appraisal of
Hitler, or Mussolini. In fact, for the first time in eight human nature, predicated on two ancient ideas: We all are
years, it is highly unlikely that the FBI, IRS, CIA, DOJ, more likely to behave when we accept that the alternative
and other alphabet-soup agencies see their tasks as going is far more dangerous to ourselves, and the world is better
after the president’s perceived opponents. off when everyone knows the laws in the arena. Just as
Obama’s pseudo–red lines in Syria signaled to the Iranians

or North Koreans that there were few lines of any sort Open borders, illegal immigration, and sanctuary cities are
anywhere; so too the destruction of ISIS suggested to the norms of very few sovereign states. They are
others that there might be far fewer restrictions on an aberrations that are unsustainable whether the practitioner
American secretary of defense anywhere. is Canada, Mexico, or the United States. Calling a small
pond or large puddle on a farm’s low spot an “inland
waterway” subject to federal regulation is deranged;
undoing that was not radical, but commonsensical.

Trump sought to revive the cultural atmosphere prior to

Obama’s assertion that he would fundamentally transform
what had already been a great country. In 2008, it would
have been inconceivable that NFL multimillionaires would
refuse to stand for the National Anthem — much less in
suicidal fashion insult their paying fans by insinuating that
they deserved such a snub because they were racists and
xenophobes. It was Byzantine that a country would enter
an iconoclastic frenzy in the dead of night, smashing and
defacing statues without legislative or popular democratic

The Un-Obama agenda was not simply reflexive or easy

— given that Obama was the apotheosis of a decades-long
progressive dream. After all, in year one, Trump has been
demonized in a manner unprecedented in post-war
America, given the astonishing statistic that 90 percent of
all media coverage of his person and policies has been
negative. Obama was a representation of a progressive
view of the Constitution that about a quarter of the
population holds, but in Obama, that view found a rare
megaphone for an otherwise hard sell.

One would have thought that all Republican presidents and

presidential candidate would be something like the
On the cultural side, the Trump team figuratively paused, antitheses to progressivism. In truth, few really were. So
examined its inheritance from the prior administration, and given the lateness of the national hour, a President
apparently concluded something like “this is unhinged.” Nobama could prove to be quite a change.
Then it proceeded, to the degree possible, to undo it.

CNN Panel Doubts Presidential Doctor,
Claim He's Just A 'Trump Fanboy'
By Nicholas Fondacaro
January 17, 2018 12:26 AM EST

“He seemed like a Trump fanboy if you

think about it yeah,” Bruni added. “When
he said 239 pounds -- I know I'm being a
'girther,' but, come on,” Lemon piled on.
They failed to mention that Dr. Jackson
was President Obama’s doctor as well.

So-called “girtherism,” as Lemon admitted to believing,

was an online conspiracy theory that had begun to circulate
in left-wing echo chambers and claimed the doctor was a
dirty liar and President Trump was actually tubbier than
the medial report said.
CNN is the self-proclaimed arbiter of truth with their so-
called “#FactsFirst” campaign. But after Presidential
Physician and Navy Rear Admiral Dr. Ronny Jackson
announced that President Trump was in both excellent
mental and physical health, the anti-Trump news network
had their conspiracy theories in a death grip. And during
Tuesday’s CNN Tonight, host Don Lemon and his panel of
liberal journalists cast doubt on Dr. Jackson’s finding and
essentially claimed he was lying for Trump.

After playing clips of Dr. Jackson telling the White House

press corps that the President was in good health minus the
need to lose a few pounds (as with most Americans), the
camera cut back to Lemon as he was laughing at the It also seemed to be gaining steam among
doctor. the liberal media, seeing as NBC’s Ken
Dilanian took to Twitter to openly
“Sorry. Clean bill of health. Incredible challenge the President to publically
genes, right,” he mocked. step on a scale. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes
found it humorous. And The New York
New York Times columnist Frank Bruni was the first to Times reporter Maggie Haberman
speak up as he delivered a backhanded compliment about seemed to think the lie was to keep
how, for once, President Trump and White House were Trump from being labeled obese, which the
being transparent about something. press would’ve had a field day with no
Bruni then claimed that he thought the doctor was lying to
the press. The last liberal journalist to knock the President around
was CNN’s Dana Bash who cryptically sneered about how
“telling” it was that Trump had asked for a cognitive exam
“And so, do I believe every single
to be conducted.
number there? Not exactly,” he chided.
Lemon responded by trying to walk back
his childish laughing, explaining: “I was “And I just thought it was very, very
just chuckling at how energetic he was, telling that he explicitly said that he
not what he was saying about the wasn't going to do what he called a
president.” cognitive test, but the president wanted
him to do the test and then go out and

report on it. That is so, so telling,” she and answered questions for an hour today, that surprised me,
said. and I think that surprised you, Dana. That's a good thing. And
so, do I believe every single number there? Not exactly.
These are the people who shout “facts first,” yet their
shows are filled with speculation, gossip, and conspiracy LEMON: I was just chuckling at how energetic he was, not what
theories. This is CNN. he was saying about the president. But I mean –

Transcript below: BRUNI: He seemed like a Trump fanboy if you think about it
CNN Tonight
January 16, 2018 LEMON: When he said 239 pounds -- I know I'm being a
10:34:01 PM Eastern girther, but, come on.

DON LEMON: So we heard today from a doctor who recently BRUNI: We rightly complain all the time about this
examined the President and he said the President is in excellent administration's lack of responsiveness to us. That guy came out
health. Watch this. here for an hour today, he answered a lot of questions, let's give
credit where it's due.
DANA BASH: And I just thought it was very, very telling that he
Dr. RONNY JACKSON: If the president had a healthier diet over explicitly said that he wasn't going to do what he called a
the last 20 years, he might live to be 200 years, I don't know. He cognitive test, but the president wanted him to do the test and
has incredible genes I just assume. then go out and report on it. That is so, so telling.

I was not going to do a cognitive exam. I had no intention of RYAN. That’s right. That’s right. That’s right.
doing one. The reason that we did the cognitive assessment is
plain and simple: Because the president asked me to do it. LEMON: Thanks, everyone. I appreciate it.

His overall health is excellent. Are there a few things he could do

to make himself a little healthier? With the diet and exercise,

I would say he sleeps four to five hours a night. And he's

probably been that way his whole life. That's probably one of the
reasons he's been successful.

LEMON: [Laughing] Sorry. Clean bill of health. Incredible

genes, right?

FRANK BRUNI: Apparently. Listen, I want to -- let's take it at face

value. And we spend so much time criticizing the president, as
we should, that's our job. I want to say, the fact that he came out

Media Again Betray Public Trust With
Wild Conspiracy Theories About Trump’s Mental Health
By John Nolte
17 Jan 2018

“[A] president … with a staff that

questioned his ‘fitness for office’ and his
mental stability.”

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough:

“I’ve written twice in my column a quote

about one of the people closest to Donald
Trump during the campaign saying he’s got
early stage of dementia.”

NYT/CNN’s Maggie Haberman:


Trump’s perfect score on a mental CBS News:

acuity test once again exposes the
media as wild conspiracy theorists and “Author Michael Wolff, whose bestselling
flat-out liars. book portrays Mr. Trump as lacking the
mental capacity for the presidency,
New York Times: maintains that even among those in the
White House, there are questions.”
‘Is Mr. Trump Nuts?’
Obviously, this is just the tip of the 24/7 cable
USA Today: news/Sunday show/.com iceberg. The left-wing CNN has
been trolling Trump over this issue for months, and turned
it up to 11 this last week.
“Battles over Trump’s mental health and
‘fitness’ for office sidetrack his policy
agenda” But what was the rationale for all this irresponsible, norm-
defying, anti-science speculation? A book written by
author Michael Wolff that even venomous Trump-haters
Washington Post:
like NBC’s Katy Tur has had to admit is “fake but true.”
Hell, the author himself cannot even claim he told the
“Wolff’s book has thrust the topic [of truth.
Trump’s mental stability] to the forefront of
public debate[.]”
But now that Trump’s doctor, who was also the White
House doctor for Barack Obama and George W. Bush, has
CNN’s Jake Tapper: announced that the president got a perfect score on a
widely respected and difficult mental acuity test — a 30
“[T]he president’s mental fitness has come out of 30 — what we have here is yet another instance
under discussion quite a bit the last two where the entire mainstream media has egg all over their
weeks. Do you think a president’s mental face after betraying the American people with lies and
health should be tested?” conspiracy theories.

NBC’s Chuck Todd:  Trump will never run for president.

 Trump will never release his financial disclosure forms.
 Trump can’t win the Republican nomination. people some of their money back;
 Trump can’t win the presidency. nominating qualified judges; trying
 Trump can’t win Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, or Michigan. something different with the North Koreans
 Trump will crash the stock market. and Palestinians; decimating ISIS; fighting
 Trump will put all American Muslims on a list. for the American worker; loosening
 Trump will launch mass deportations. regulations that strangled our economy for
 Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital eight years; making wars unnecessary in
of Israel will blow up the Middle East the Middle East with the rapid expansion of
domestic energy exploration.
 Trump will not be able to work with congress to pass
his agenda.
 Trump colluded with the Russians.  Going back to the media, though, have you noticed
 Trump lied about Obama spying on him. that no one is ever fired or reprimanded for getting
 Trump only wants to be popular so he will do what the it 100% wrong?
polls tell him.  If NBC News was a real news outlet, wouldn’t Joe
 Trump is mentally ill. and Mika be shown the door?
 If CNN was a real news outlet, would they not be
looking for a replacement for Dr. Sanjay Gupta?
Again and again and again, our media is caught red-
handed lying to the public, wildly misleading them with
narratives built on hate, conspiracy theories, ignorance, The reason there is no accountability for getting it exactly
and a provincial herd mentality. wrong is simple… There is no journalism anymore. All of
these outlets are left-wing propagandists (numbers do not
lie) desperate to overturn an election, even if it means
Trump’s mental acuity is 30/30. The truth is that he is
using unrelenting lies to stage a coup.
driving our media insane, and what really drives them off
the deep end is the sanity of his policies:
No matter how embarrassed, how
wrong, or how exposed as liars, they
Border enforcement; standing up for the
never quit — which, by the way, is the
National Anthem against millionaire NFL
textbook definition of insanity.
crybabies; not taking any crap from anyone
(especially the media); giving the American

Sarah Huckabee Sanders DESTROYS
Chuck Schumer, Press, Over ‘OUTRAGEOUS’
Claims That Prez Is A ‘Racist’
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 17, 2018

“I think that it is an outrageous claim” “Look, I think that it is an outrageous

claim,” Sanders shot back. “Frankly, I think
if the critics of the president were who he
said he was, why did NBC give him a show
for a decade on TV?”
“Why did Chuck Schumer and all his
colleagues come and beg Donald Trump
for money?” she continued, referencing
their successful attempts to convince
Trump to financially support their
campaigns in the past.
(National Sentinel) Hitting Back: White House Press
Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was clearly agitated on “If they are who they want to try to portray
Tuesday over the establishment media’s continued him as, why did they want to be with him
accusations that President Donald J. Trump is racist. for years and years in various activities,
whether it was events and fundraisers and
In addition, Sanders took a swipe at Democrats including other things?” Sanders continued. “I think
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York for it’s just an outrageous and ludicrous
making s similar unsubstantiated claim. excuse.”

During the daily press conference on Tuesday, Fox News She noted further,
reporter John Roberts questioned Sanders saying,
“It’s a sad day for our country. They’re
“(Schumer) said last night ‘Mr. President willing to throw away the progress and
show you’re not a racist, cut a deal on negotiations and not make big steps that
DACA.’” we need to happen, whether it’s funding
our military, supporting our government or
making a deal on DACA, which they say is
Roberts noted that Schumer is clearly trying to use
a huge priority, something they want to do.”
Trump’s alleged remarks about African countries being
“sh–holes” — which the president and others have refuted
— as a point of leverage. Trump has blamed Democrats for refusing to work with
him and Republicans to come up with a viable immigration
bill compromise regarding so-called “Dreamers.”

Watch: CNN’s Sanjay Gupta Diagnoses
Donald Trump With Heart Disease
By Jeff Poor
17 Jan 2018

try and be predictive and be proactive,”

Gupta said. “And if the number gets up
over a hundred, that is concerning to a lot
of doctors. It’s concerning because you
start to say if you do nothing different, if
things don’t change, you can start to
predict the likelihood that some sort of
heart event, some sort of cardiac event —
a heart attack or something like that —
within a certain number of years.”
“And you see the trajectory of President
Trump’s numbers — no doubt, and I think
Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the Dr. Jackson alluded to this because of his
network’s chief medical correspondent, proclaimed that diet and because of his lack of exercise,
based on President Donald Trump’s coronary calcium that would be part of the reason those
scores going back to the previous decade, Trump has heart numbers have likely gone up,” he added.
disease. “And they have continued to go up despite
the fact that he’s been on medication. So
Gupta’s diagnosis came a day after Trump’s doctor, Navy the president has heart disease. Those
Rear Adm. Dr. Ronny Jackson, offered his assessment of numbers qualify him for having heart
Trump’s health at a White House press briefing. disease. And it clearly needs a plan to
prevent some kind of heart problem down
the road.”
“When you look at the findings you just put
up there, Alisyn — this coronary calcium
score is a score a lot of cardiologists use to

D’OH! Newsweek’s Swing At Trump
Hits HILLARY Right Between The Eyes
By Doug P
Posted At 9:58 Am On January 17, 2018

President Trump is just days short of having been in office

for a full year, and Newsweek is going all out to portray his
presidency a historic failure:

Do they realize what they’re saying?

Bwa-ha-ha! Sorry, Hillary.


Six Trump Accomplishments
The Networks Ignored In 2017
By Rich Noyes
January 17, 2018 8:10 AM EST

Yesterday, we reported on the massive amount of these and other projects means work and wages for
coverage that the broadcast network evening newscasts those who build them and for those who work at the
devoted to the Trump administration in 2017, nearly all of facilities on both ends of the pipelines....It also means
it (90%) negative. While topics such as the Russia more abundant and more economical fuel, feed stock,
investigation and other controversies were given extremely and raw materials for industrial concerns at home and
heavy coverage — more than 43 hours of coverage on just abroad, from plastics plants in China to chemical
these three newscasts — the networks were nearly silent producers in Texas.”
when it came to a number of Trump administration

Some key examples:

 Deregulation: According to the Heritage

Foundation, the regulatory frenzy of the Obama
administration totalled “more than 23,000 regulations,
including 285 major rules with $122 billion in
cumulative annual costs” to the private sector
economy. President Trump has loosened this
regulatory noose, instituting few major new rules while
blocking or removing many others he inherited. In a
September editorial, Investor’s Business Daily praised Despite the importance of these projects, Trump’s action
Trump’s actions to deregulate the U.S. economy, garnered just over seven minutes of coverage from the
saying the action “will pay economic dividends for ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts in 2017, or roughly
years to come.” 0.1% of the networks’ total Trump coverage.

Yet the Big Three networks were evidently unimpressed,

giving the administration’s push to deregulate barely 11
minutes of evening news coverage in 2017, or less than
0.2% of their total coverage of the administration.

 Expanding Religious Freedom: In March, the

President signed an Executive Order on religious
 Expediting Pipeline Projects: Soon after taking office, freedom that directed agencies to craft new rules to
the President employed Executive Orders to expedite accommodate conscience-based objections to
the building of two important pipeline projects that had ObamaCare’s contraceptive mandate, as well as
been stymied during the Obama years: the Keystone loosening IRS rules on the amount of political speech
XL pipeline and the Dakota Access pipeline. In a permitted by ministers of tax-exempt churches. Then in
January 24 editorial, National Review — a publication October, the Department of Health and Human
which had staunchly opposed Trump during the GOP Services issued new rules that expanded protections to
primaries — praised the move: “Moving forward on a wider range of non-profits and businesses than had

been permitted during the Obama administration, In December, all three network evening newscasts spent
fulfilling a campaign promise. nearly four minutes on embarrassing video of federal
appeals court nominee Matthew Petersen stumbling during
The Catholic Association’s Maureen Ferguson called questioning of his credentials at a Senate hearing. In some
Trump’s loosening of the contraceptive mandate “a ray of of those stories, almost as an afterthought, the networks
sunshine signaling to faithful Americans that they need not acknowledged Trump’s track record at installing new
fear government bullying like that endured by the Little judges. “The President has been unusually successful in
Sisters of the Poor.” Yet none of these steps on behalf of getting his judicial nominees confirmed,” NBC Nightly
religious liberty were considered especially important by News anchor Lester Holt admitted on his December 15
the networks, as they allotted just six minutes of airtime to newscast.
them in all of 2017.
All told, the three evening newscasts spent a mere 37
seconds making this point in 2017, a microscopic sliver of
the administration’s total coverage.

 Drilling in the Arctic: The networks were a major part

of the liberal pushback against plans to expand U.S. oil
and gas supplies by drilling in certain sections of the
Arctic during President George W. Bush’s first term,
which resulted in the idea being scrapped for more
than 15 years. But as part of the tax reform package
passed in late December, drilling is now permitted in
some areas of the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve
 Reforming Veterans’ Care: During the Obama
According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s
administration, the networks (briefly, at least) put the
William Yeatman, “the large untapped amount of oil
national spotlight on the scandal at the U.S.
there would provide affordable energy and economic
Department of Veterans’ Affairs, with ABC anchor
growth for Americans.” But this achievement was barely
Diane Sawyer calling it a “national outrage” that some
noted during coverage of the tax bill or its aftermath,
veterans were evidently dying while on waiting lists for
garnering just 22 seconds of evening news airtime in
proper care.
In 2017, President Trump took steps to help repair the
There’s no question that the three broadcast networks,
damage. In June, the President signed a bill that enabled
along with the rest of the liberal media establishment,
top VA officials to fire incompetent workers and protect
regarded Trump’s presidency as the biggest story of 2017.
whistleblowers. Then in August, he signed a bill extending
Too bad they didn’t spend more than a few moments on
another $2 billion in funding to the Veterans Choice Act, a
these significant accomplishments.
bi-partisan measure which allows veterans to seek care
outside the VA system if they need it.

But the networks’ interest in telling viewers about these

reforms was practically non-existent, with the Big Three
evening newscasts generating a minuscule 3 minutes, 32
seconds of coverage for them in 2017, out of 5,943
minutes of coverage of the Trump administration.

 Conservative Appeals Court Judges: President

Trump’s choice of Judge Neil Gorsuch to serve on the
U.S. Supreme Court received reasonable coverage
(more than 71 minutes) in the early months of his
presidency, but his success at getting a record 12
circuit court of appeals judges confirmed was
almost completely ignored.

Obama Says Fox News Viewers Live ‘On A Different
Planet;’ Newt Gingrich Just HAS To School Him
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 17, 2018

“Over here are the rest of us who are in a fantasy world believing against all credibility that the
thinking, ‘A lot of these ideas are really president’s campaign colluded with Russia to steal the
weird’” election from Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Despite a year and a half’s worth of investigating, neither

Congress nor the FBI or Justice Department has found any
evidence to support the allegations.

Gingrich, who is writing a book called “Trump’s

America,” explained the divide in news coverage of the
president and Republicans in general.

“Over here is a left-wing, corrupt

(National Sentinel) ‘Fantasy’: Former House Speaker establishment which sincerely sees this
Newt Gingrich had a scathing response to former President fight as a function of identity politics in
Obama’s claim that viewers of Fox News “live on a which if they lose, they will disappear,” he
different planet” than those who watch NPR or other Left- said.
leaning media outlets.
“Over here are the rest of us who are
In an interview with Fox News‘ Sean Hannity, the former thinking, ‘A lot of these ideas are really
Speaker said it will be Obama who, many years from now, weird,’” noting that Americans are unable to
will still be living in a fantasy world, convinced that his relate to Obama’s thinking on the Iran deal
policies in the White House were successful. and his progressive ideals pushed while in
the White House.
“I listened to (Obama’s comments) and I
thought to myself, ‘This guy is so Obama made his comments on David Letterman’s new
whacked,’” Gingrich stated, adding that Netflix series, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction
the former Democratic president still With David Letterman,” which debuted on Friday.
doesn’t “get it.”
“One of the biggest challenges we have to
“Many, many years from now in a nursing our democracy is the degree to which we
home, or a nice retirement community, don’t share a common baseline of facts,”
Barack Obama will be still living in a he said, as reported by The Hill. “If you
fantasy life. He’ll think that Iran really watch Fox News, you are living on a
wanted to have a deal, he’ll think that high different planet than you are if you are
taxes really work, he’ll think that welfare’s a listening to NPR.”
good deal,” Gingrich said.
The latter has often been criticized for having an extreme
Hannity went on to criticize the establishment media’s Left-wing viewpoint.
coverage of President Donald J. Trump, saying they lived

Lawmakers Want James Clapper
Prosecuted For Surveillance Testimony
Before Statute Of Limitations Runs Out
By Steven Nelson
Jan 17, 2018, 12:01 AM

meaning not answerable necessarily by a

simple yes or no.”

Lawmakers from both parties, but primarily Republicans

supportive of new limits on surveillance, called for
Clapper's prosecution during the Obama administration,
without success. Several renewed their calls as the
deadline nears.

"The time for the Department of Justice and

the FBI to bring the accusations against
James Clapper, director of national intelligence from 2010 to 2017, James Clapper in front of a grand jury is
testified during a March 2013 Senate Intelligence Committee hearing
long overdue,” said Rep. Ted Poe, R-
that the NSA was "not wittingly" collecting "any type of data at all"
on millions of Americans — which turned out to be very much Texas. “He and others who have held
untrue. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen) administrative power must be held
accountable to the same laws that govern
Some lawmakers would like to see the Justice Department the people of the United States."
prosecute former spy chief James Clapper for inaccurate “Yes, he should be prosecuted," said Rep.
testimony to Congress about domestic surveillance before Thomas Massie, R-Ky. "He admitted to
it's too late. lying to Congress and was unremorseful
and flippant about it. The integrity of our
Privacy-conscious critics say looming five-year statutes of federal government is at stake because his
limitation for perjury and making false statements — behavior sets the standard for the entire
establishing a March 12 deadline for charges — make an intelligence community. The same goes for
urgent case for action, and that nonprosecution would set a James Comey, who secretly leaked
dangerous precedent that impedes oversight and executive- documents that he was not legally
branch accountability. permitted to release."

Clapper, director of national intelligence from 2010 to Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, meanwhile, said Clapper
2017, testified during a March 2013 Senate Intelligence
Committee hearing that the NSA was "not wittingly” “should be prosecuted for any and all lies
collecting “any type of data at all” on millions of he told to Congress.”
Americans. Months later, former NSA contractor Edward
Snowden revealed secret court orders forced phone Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., who warned then-
companies to turn over all U.S. call records on an Attorney General Eric Holder that nonprosecution would
“ongoing, daily basis.” make new limits on mass surveillance pointless because

In an apology letter, Clapper wrote that he “officials are at liberty to lie about enforcing
gave a “clearly erroneous” answer because [the law]," also renewed his call for
he “simply didn’t think of” the call-record charges.
collection. But in an MSNBC interview he
offered a different explanation, saying he "Complete and truthful testimony is
gave the “least untruthful” answer because imperative for Congress to conduct
he was “asked a, ‘When are you going to effective oversight. It is clear from the
stop beating your wife?’ kind of question, evidence and Director Clapper’s own
admission that he lied to the Senate we take with us everywhere we go is
intelligence committee," said detrimental to human rights and has a
Sensenbrenner, lead sponsor of 2015 chilling effect on freedom of expression, but
legislation that ended the call-record the worst part is that there is zero evidence
collection. "Political consideration should that these programs have ever stopped a
not affect the Department of Justice from single violent attack.“
pursuing this matter. That was true in 2013 “What makes these mass government
when it happened and remains true today."
surveillance programs so dangerous is that
they're allowed to operate without any
Katherine Hawkins, an investigator at the nonpartisan meaningful accountability or oversight,"
Project On Government Oversight, said Congress used to Greer added. "The fact that James Clapper
be better at seeking in a bipartisan manner prosecutions for is free to go about his life while Edward
perjury, particularly after the Watergate scandal in the Snowden is still exiled is a travesty of
1970s. She said over the years a large gap emerged justice."
between vigorous prosecution of lies to the FBI and those
to Congress, something she blames on politics. Although lying to Congress is rarely prosecuted, there are
some recent examples.
“It’s really unfortunate the extent to which
there is systematic nonenforcement on the In 2007, second-ranking Interior Department official J.
law for making false statements to Steven Griles pleaded guilty to lying to senators about
Congress, and this is only one example,” links to lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Baseball player Miguel
Hawkins said. One reason for Tejada pleaded guilty to lying to Congress in 2009 after
nonenforcement, she believes, is that “very giving false testimony in 2005 about performance-
often in high profile cases, it’s a senior enhancing drugs. Player Roger Clemens was acquitted in
member of one of the political parties who’s 2012 of similarly lying to Congress.
accused of saying something that’s not
Still, defense attorney Mark Zaid, who works with national
security whistleblowers seeking to lawfully come forward,
The phone-record program revealed by Snowden was
scoffed at the idea of Clapper standing trial.
unknown to many lawmakers not serving on intelligence
committees or in senior leadership posts. Congress voted
to end the automatic bulk collection with Sensenbrenner's “I can't fathom he would ever be
USA Freedom Act after some federal courts ruled against prosecuted. And I honestly don't think it's
its legality. so black or white as to a conviction. It's
more complicated than people see," he
The NSA’s separate internet-collection programs,
underpinned by Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence
Surveillance Act, also collect domestic records, but Zaid said that
intelligence officials have struggled to quantify the number
placed into databases that can be searched without a “Clapper was faced with a difficult choice:
warrant. Executive branch officials argue that law is reveal classified information or respond in a
essential to preventing terrorism and the House of [manner] that is not accurate,” and that
Representatives last week voted to renew Section 702 although “there is no specific national
through 2023 without major changes. The legislation security defense” for perjury, he believes
cleared a key procedural vote in the Senate Tuesday. “an argument can be made that he didn't lie
to Congress because that committee knew
Evan Greer, a privacy activist with the group Fight for the the information already. [Democratic
Future, said Clapper’s testimony remains relevant to Oregon Sen. Ron] Wyden essentially
debate about surveillance policy. trapped him intentionally.”

"James Clapper lied to Congress, and to A spokesman for Clapper did not immediately respond to a
the American people, about U.S. request for comment.
government surveillance programs that
allow agencies like the NSA and FBI to Since retiring last year, Clapper has taken a leading role
constantly monitor all of us without due criticizing President Trump on television.
process or any suspicion of wrongdoing,”
she said. “Allowing the government to turn Clapper told CNN in December that Russian President
our computers and phones into spies that Vladimir Putin “knows how to handle an asset and that’s

what he’s doing with the president” after a phone call Trump last year for being “VERY weak” on Hillary
between the leaders. In another interview last month, Clinton and leakers, but the denunciations and promised
Clapper said about Trump’s firing of FBI Director James action resulted in no additional leak charges and it’s
Comey, unclear if pressure would result in a case against Clapper.
Sessions also faces accusations of giving Congress
“if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, misleading testimony, regarding his contact with Russia’s
and flies like a duck, it sure looks like former ambassador.
obstruction to me.”
Wyden, the lawmaker to whom Clapper gave the
In August, Trump lashed out on Twitter after Clapper told inaccurate answer, could not be reached for comment on
CNN whether the former national intelligence director should
stand trial. But Wyden long has insisted that the mistruth
was no innocent mistake. He said the question was
“I really question his ability to — his fitness
to be — in this office" and “I worry about, provided beforehand, and that he asked Clapper to correct
the record, in vain, afterward.
frankly, access to the nuclear codes.”

Trump responded: Wyden said in a recent interview that

“James Clapper, who famously got caught “Clapper’s lie about mass surveillance was
lying to Congress, is now an authority on so damaging to public trust in government”
Donald Trump. Will he show you his and that “Clapper said he made an error,
beautiful letter to me?” but that’s not how I see it. He didn’t just lie
to me, he lied to the American people.”
Wyden told the Cipher Brief that “when
Clapper said through an aide that the letter was short and politicians argue in bad faith about what
not so beautiful. laws do, it makes it easier for skeptics to
dismiss everyone in Congress, in politics,
The Justice Department declined to comment on whether it as a liar. It makes it possible, even
is weighing charges against Clapper. The department’s probable, for hucksters and authoritarians
leader, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, was criticized by to take power."

Trump Admin Planning BIGGEST Roundup Of ILLEGAL
Aliens In DECADES In ‘Sanctuary State’ Of California
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 17, 2018

“The Department of Justice is reviewing “The campaign, centered in the Bay Area,
what avenues may be available” could happen within weeks, and is
expected to become the biggest
enforcement action of its kind under
President Trump, said the source, who
requested anonymity because the plans
have not been made public,” the paper

Democrat-dominated California passed “sanctuary state”

legislation last fall, which forbids state and local law
enforcement officials from cooperating with federal
(National Sentinel) Law Enforcement: The Trump immigration authorities. Gov. Jerry Brown signed it and it
administration is planning to send hundreds of immigration took effect Jan. 1.
agents to California as part of a massive operation to locate
and deport people in the country illegally. Federal immigration officials including ICE Director
Thomas Homan criticized the law and called a dangerous
As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, the “massive precedent for other states.
sweep” is intended to send a message to the state and other
“sanctuary cities” that the administration is serious about He has also called on the Justice Department to look into
enforcing federal immigration laws. ways it could hold officials of sanctuary jurisdictions
criminally liable. On Tuesday Department of Homeland
“U.S. immigration officials have begun Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson confirmed during a
preparing for a major sweep in San Senate hearing that her agency had indeed been in contact
Francisco and other Northern California with federal prosecutors to see what legal actions could be
cities in which federal officers would look to taken against local officials who implement and uphold
arrest more than 1,500 undocumented sanctuary laws.
people while sending a message that
immigration policy will be enforced in the “The Department of Justice is reviewing
sanctuary state, according to a source what avenues may be available,” Nielsen
familiar with the operation,” the paper revealed to Senate Judiciary Committee
reported. members.

REPORT: Pakistanis Made ‘Unauthorized Access’ To
House Servers, Pretended To Be Lawmakers —
Dems Then Lied About Breach
By Joshua Caplan
Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A new report confirms Democrat IT according to the briefing and other sources.
aides from Pakistan made […]
“unauthorized access,” to House
servers while pretending to be members When acting on the findings, Democratic leadership
of Congress. The Daily Caller‘s Luke appear to have misrepresented the issue to their own
Rosiak reports the aides in question are members as solely a matter of theft, a comparison of the
Imran Awan, his Ukrainian-born wife investigators’ findings with Democrats’ recollections and a
Hina Alvi and brothers Jamal and Abid committee’s public statement shows, leading 44
Awan. After an internal investigation, Democrats to not conduct protective measures typically
House Democrat leadership then lied taken after a breach — including informing constituents
about its findings to members, claiming whose personal information may have been exposed.
the incident was “solely a matter of
As reported by The Gateway Pundit‘s Cristina Laila, we
first learned about the breach during a live-streamed
hearing featuring Rosiak and Judicial Watch president
Tom Fitton last year, where it was revealed Imran Awan
was accessing House servers while in Pakistan.

“I’ve seen records indicating that [Imran

Awan] spent three to even more months
per year in Pakistan. I’ve also seen emails
that indicated that he was doing his job
remotely in Pakistan,” Rosiak told Rep.
Louie Gohmert (R-TX).
“So he had access in doing the job in
Rosiak writes: providing security for House members from
Pakistan? Seriously?” a flabbergasted
House investigators concluded that Gohmert asked, who later called the
Democratic IT aides made unauthorized news “staggering”.
access to congressional servers in 2016,
allegedly accessing the data of members
for whom they did not work, logging in as
members of Congress themselves, and
covering their tracks, according to
a presentation summarizing the findings of
a four-month internal probe.
Their behavior mirrored a “classic method
for insiders to exfiltrate data from an
organization,” and they continued even
after orders to stop, the briefing materials
allege. There are indications that numerous
members’ data may have been secretly
residing not on their designated servers,
but instead aggregated onto one server,

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) employed the
Awan brothers, who were given over $4 million dollars
during the course of their employment, some of which was
paid after they were accused of breaching House servers.

Former ‘High-Level’ CIA Agent Warns:
Deep State ‘Terrified;’ Wants Trump ‘TAKEN OUT’
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 17, 2018

It’s possible that Trump and his senior staff are aware of
such efforts He said he differentiates between the

“Deep State and shadow government.”

“There are some people, and there is no
doubt about it, that are running scared right
now,” he continued.
“Donald Trump is questioning the Deep
State and the shadow government. He’s
rocking that place left and right. The news
media is terrified of that,” he said.
“Their editors are telling them to attack him
just like they are attacking him from the
(National Sentinel) Targeted: In what many are calling a inside. It’s just dirty pool because they want
chilling warning, a former high-level CIA agent said him taken out,” he added.
Tuesday that “Deep State” operatives are so fearful that
President Donald J. Trump’s agenda will succeed they
This isn’t the first time it’s been mentioned that the Deep
want him “taken out.”
State wants to ‘take out’ the president.
Kevin Shipp was an agency terrorism expert assigned as a
Last summer pastor Rodney Howard-Browne said a top
protective agent for the director of Central Intelligence.
GOP lawmaker said the same thing, adding,
According to his biography, he was also a
counterintelligence investigator, team leader protecting
sensitive CIA assets from assassination, manager of high “There’s nothing we can do to stop it.”
risk Counter Terrorism Center protective operations, lead
instructor for members of allied governments, internal staff Watch:
security investigator and a polygraph examiner tasked with
protecting the CIA from foreign agent penetration.

He is also the recipient of two CIA Meritorious Unit

Citations, three Exceptional Performance Awards and a
Medallion for overseas covert operations.

In an interview with Greg Hunter of,

he said that Deep State figures were “terrified” of Trump.

“They are terrified, they are terrified right

now. They did not expect Trump to do
what he is doing now,” he said.
“The reason they tried to get him even
before he was elected is they knew he was
uncontrollable, and they knew if he got in
there, they would not be able to manipulate
him, and that is exactly what’s happening,”
Shipp added.

It’s possible that Trump and his senior staff are aware of “The sources say the plans have been
such efforts. The Intercept reported last month the White pitched to the White House as a means of
House was considering ‘private spies’ of its own, to countering ‘deep state’ enemies in the
counter Deep State operatives. intelligence community seeking to
undermine Donald Trump’s
The plan, reportedly, was developed by Blackwater presidency,” The Intercept reported.
founder Erik Prince and a retired CIA officer — with
assistance from Oliver North, a former Marine lieutenant
colonel caught up in the 1980s-era Iran-Contra scandal.

HOW AWFUL: RINO Jeff Flake Slams “Moral
Vandalism” Of Trump – Defends Unhinged Media And
Obama On Senate Floor (VIDEO)
By Jim Hoft
Wednesday, January 17, 2018

On Sunday RINO Jeff Flake compared On Wednesday morning this idiot took time on the senate
President Trump to Joseph Stalin on ABC’s floor to trash the Republican president.
This Week.
What the hell?
Flake believes he’s a brilliant historian.
Flake slammed the “moral vandalism”
of President Trump and defended the
unhinged liberal media and Barack
You just can’t make this stuff up!

Flake also announced he was going to deliver a speech on

the senate floor on Wednesday comparing Trump to Stalin.

Trump To CNN’s Whiny Acosta
At White House: ‘OUT!’
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 17, 2018

“I guess Acosta has conveniently forgotten

how Obama treated journalists.”

“When I tried to follow up on this in the

Oval Office, Trump told me to get ‘out.’ We
then went to the Roosevelt Room where
(National Sentinel) Fake News: President Donald J. WH aides obstructed us from asking
Trump ejected problematic CNN reporter Jim Acosta from questions,” Acosta complained.
the White House on Tuesday after he persisted in asking
about comments related to immigration discussions last
week. Though Acosta claimed that he’d never seen a president
behave that way towards reporters, Trump supporters
Trump was meeting with Kazakstan President Nursultan pointed out that President Obama used the Justice
Department to investigate scores of reporters over alleged
Nazarbayev in the Oval Office when Jim Acosta kept
hounding him,

The outsized effort drew a stern rebuke from journalist

“Did did you say that you wanted more
people from Norway?”

At that, Trump said, “In the 30 years since the [Justice]

Department issued guidelines governing its
subpoena practice as it relates to phone
“I want them to come in from everywhere, records from journalists, none of us can
everywhere. Thank you very much.” … remember an instance where such an
“OUT.” overreaching dragnet for news gathering
materials was deployed by the department,
Acosta took to Twitter to complain about the president’s particularly without notice to the affected
actions and other alleged actions by White House staff to reporters or an opportunity to seek judicial
obstruct him from attempting to embarrass the president review,” the Reporters Committee for
further in front of a foreign leader. Freedom of the Press, which represents
more than 40 major news organizations,
“What occurred reminded me of something wrote in a letter to then-Attorney General
I would see in a different country. Certainly Eric H. Holder Jr.
not at the WH. Certainly not in the U.S.,” he
tweeted. Bruce Brown, the committee’s executive director, and
Gregg Leslie, its legal defense director, said the Obama
administration was redefining the country’s long-standing
constitutional commitment to freedom of the press.

The Freedom of the Press Foundation noted further that place where, if we can root out folks who
Obama used the Espionage Act to put a “record number” have leaked, they will suffer consequences.
of reporters’ sources in jail.
“In some cases, it’s criminal. These are
criminal acts when they release information
“Between 1917 and 2009, only one person like this. And we will conduct thorough
was convicted under the Espionage Act for investigations, as we have in the past,” he
leaking to a news organization,” the added.
organization said in a three-part report.
“Since I’ve been in office, my attitude has Noted The National Sentinel‘s editor-in-chief J. D. Heyes,
been zero tolerance for these kinds of
leaks and speculation,” Obama said in “I guess Acosta has conveniently forgotten
June 2012. “Now we have mechanisms in how Obama treated journalists.”

Alyssa Milano Blasts Trump Supporters
As ‘More Unamerican’ Than Dreamers
By Jim Hoft
Wednesday, January 17, 2018

President Donald Trump sent two tweets that infuriated far

left actress Alyssa Milano.
She went completely nuts, conflating Republicans with the
KKK and declaring people who
“continue to defend and support this
President in all his racist horror, are more
unamerican than any of those you are
trying to deport.”
Meaning, DREAMers – since immigration is the hot topic
of the day.
Check this out…

Milano is painfully unaware that the

KKK was formed by Democrats.
She needs to grow up.
Enter Milano:
Americans are far better off under
Trump than Hillary Clinton any day of
the week!

Report: FBI Agent Shared Russia
Probe Information With Christopher Steele
Chuck Ross - Reporter
12:21 PM 01/17/2018

An FBI agent shared the name of former Trump campaign The former British spy was hired in May 2016 by
adviser George Papadopoulos with Trump dossier author Washington, D.C.-based opposition research firm Fusion
Christopher Steele during a meeting in early October 2016. GPS to investigate Trump’s activities in Russia.

That new bit of information was revealed in a column Two months later, he met for the first time with an FBI
published Wednesday by Washington Post columnist contact in London. By that time, Steele had compiled the
David Ignatius. first memo of his dossier. That document alleged that the
Kremlin had blackmail material on Trump and that he had
Ignatius reports that Steele, a former MI6 agent, met with been cultivated as an asset for five years.
an old FBI contact in Rome around Oct. 1, 2016 to share
findings from his investigation into Donald Trump’s and Trump and the White House have vehemently denied
the Trump campaign’s associations with the Russian Steele’s claims.
The dossier is at the center of a heated partisan dispute.
“At this meeting, the FBI official asked Republican lawmakers have questioned how important
Steele if he had ever heard of Steele’s allegations were to the FBI’s counterintelligence
Papadopoulos,” reports Ignatius, who cited probe and whether the FBI vetted the ex-spy’s information.
an official familiar with the meeting as his
source. Republicans have also questioned the FBI’s relationship
with Steele. It has been reported that when the met with
WATCH: Controversies Around Mueller’s Steele in October, he was offered $50,000 if he could
Investigation: corroborate information about the Trump campaign’s ties
to Russia. The New York Times has reported that Steele
was never paid, while CNN reported last year that he was
compensated for expenses. (RELATED: Here’s How
Much The FBI Planned To Pay Christopher Steele)

Democrats have accused Republicans and the White House

of attempting to smear Steele and the dossier in order to
detract from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s

The possibility that the FBI shared information about its

Russia investigation with Steele was raised last week with
the release of a transcript of Fusion GPS founder Glenn
According to Ignatius, Steele had not heard of Simpson’s Senate Judiciary Committee testimony.
Papadopoulos, a little-known energy consultant who joined
the Trump campaign as a volunteer adviser in March 2016. Simpson told investigators in the Aug. 22 interview that
He pleaded guilty in October to lying to the FBI about his the FBI believed Steele’s allegations to be credible
contacts with Russian nationals while working on the because the bureau “had other intelligence about this
campaign. matter from an internal Trump campaign source.”
(RELATED: 7 Revelations From Glenn Simpson’s
Ignatius’ report reveals for the first time that an FBI agent Senate Testimony)
shared information about the bureau’s investigation with
Steele, who operates a private research firm in London. News outlets jumped on the claim and interpreted it to
mean that the FBI had a mole from within the Trump

campaign who provided information about possible The looming question is whether Mifsud was being
collusion. truthful to Papadopoulos and whether the campaign aide
informed the Trump team about the possible Clinton dirt.
But a source close to Fusion GPS clarified Simpson’s
testimony, saying that he misspoke. Simpson was actually Papadopoulos’ claims to Downer were not immediately
referring to the Papadopoulos connection. shared with the FBI. The Australian government only
decided to share the information with the bureau in July
It was not entirely clear from Simpson’s transcript how he 2016, after WikiLeaks released the DNC’s hacked
would have heard about the Papadopoulos connection by emails. The FBI opened it counterintelligence investigation
the time of the Senate interview. into possible collusion shortly after.

The FBI had received information about Papadopoulos It was reported last month that the information about
from the Australian government. Papadopoulos was one of the sparks for the FBI’s
investigation. A trip that Carter Page, another Trump
campaign adviser, made to Moscow in July 2016 was also
The New York Times reported last month that during a
one of the catalysts for the probe. Page is accused in the
booze-filled conversation at a London bar in May 2016,
dossier of being the campaign’s liaison to the Kremlin for
Papadopoulos told Alexander Downer, the Australian
ambassador to the United Kingdom, that he had learned the alleged collusion operation. Page has vehemently
that the Russian government obtained Clinton campaign denied the charge.
It is possible that information from Papadopoulos did end
up in the dossier. During the campaign, he was in contact
A month earlier, Papadopoulos met with a London-based
professor named Joseph Mifsud who claimed to have been with Sergei Millian, a Belarusian-American businessman
told by Russian government operatives that the who is reported to be one of the sources for some of the
most jarring claims in the dossier. (RELATED: George
government had “thousands” of Clinton emails. The timing
is significant because it was before hacks of the DNC and Papadopoulos’s Fascinating Link To The Trump
Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta had been made Dossier)

Flake To Colleagues: 'No Longer Can We Compound
Attacks On Truth' By Trump 'With
Our Silent Acquiescence'
By Bridget Johnson
January 17, 2018

"a testament to the condition of our

democracy that our own president uses
words infamously spoken by Josef Stalin to
describe his enemies."
"It bears noting that so fraught with malice
was the phrase 'enemy of the people' that
even Nikita Khrushchev forbade its use,
telling the Soviet Communist Party that the
phrase had been introduced by Stalin for
the purpose of 'annihilating such
Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) speaks on the Senate floor on Jan. 17, 2017 individuals' who disagreed with the
at the Capitol in Washington. (Senate TV via AP) supreme leader," he continued. "This alone
should be a source of great shame for us in
WASHINGTON -- Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) admonished this body, especially for those of us in the
his colleagues on the Senate floor today to start taking president’s party. For they are shameful,
President Trump to task for false statements and branding repulsive statements."
of media as fake news, comparing the latter to the actions
of dictators. Trump tweeted in February that the media

Flake declared that “is the enemy of the American people.”

"without truth, and a principled fidelity to Flake noted that President Trump
truth and to shared facts... our democracy
will not last." "has it precisely backward ... the free press
"2017 was a year which saw the truth – is the despot’s enemy, which makes the
objective, empirical, evidence-based truth - free press the guardian of democracy."
- more battered and abused than any other "When a figure in power reflexively calls
in the history of our country, at the hands of any press that doesn’t suit him 'fake news,'
the most powerful figure in our government. it is that person who should be the figure of
It was a year which saw the White House suspicion, not the press," he added, noting
enshrine 'alternative facts' into the 80 journalists around the world were killed
American lexicon, as justification for what in connection with their jobs last year and
used to be known simply as good old- 21 reporters are currently imprisoned on
fashioned falsehoods," he said. "It was the "false news" charges.
year in which an unrelenting daily assault
on the constitutionally protected free press "So powerful is the presidency that the
was launched by that same White House, damage done by the sustained attack on
an assault that is as unprecedented as it is the truth will not be confined to the
unwarranted. 'The enemy of the people' president’s time in office. Here in America,
was what the president of the United States we do not pay obeisance to the powerful –
called the free press in 2017." in fact, we question the powerful most
ardently – to do so is our birthright and a
requirement of our citizenship -- and so, we
The senator called it
know well that no matter how powerful, no

president will ever have dominion over Other examples in the "disgraceful... feedback loop"
objective reality," Flake said. included Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines, Nicolas
Maduro in Venezuela, and leaders in Myanmar and
"No politician will ever get to tell us what
the truth is and is not. And anyone who
presumes to try to attack or manipulate the
truth to his own purposes should be made "Not only has the past year seen an
to realize the mistake and be held to American president borrow despotic
account. That is our job here. And that is language to refer to the free press, but it
just as Madison, Hamilton, and Jay would seems he has in turn inspired dictators and
have it." authoritarians with his own language. This
is reprehensible," Flake said. "We are not
Flake told his colleagues that "no longer can we compound in a 'fake news' era, as Bashar Assad says.
attacks on truth with our silent acquiescence" and "no We are, rather, in an era in which the
longer can we turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to these authoritarian impulse is reasserting itself, to
assaults on our institutions." challenge free people and free societies,
Trump has promised to announce
The senator acknowledged that
“most corrupt and dishonest” media awards
"any of us who have spent time in public
today. Flake said it "beggars belief that an
American president would engage in such life have endured news coverage we felt
was jaded or unfair."
a spectacle."
"But in our positions, to employ even idle
The senator urged lawmakers to unite threats to use laws or regulations to stifle
criticism is corrosive to our democratic
institutions. Simply put: it is the press’s
"to turn back these attacks, right these
obligation to uncover the truth about power.
wrongs, repair this damage, restore
It is the people’s right to criticize their
reverence for our institutions, and prevent
government. And it is our job to take it,"
further moral vandalism."
Flake said. "...We are a mature democracy:
"Together, united in the purpose to do our It is well past time that we stop excusing or
jobs under the Constitution, without regard ignoring – or worse, endorsing -- these
to party or party loyalty, let us resolve to be attacks on the truth. For if we compromise
allies of the truth -- and not partners in its the truth for the sake of our politics, we are
destruction," he said. lost."

Flake counted in his examples of falsehoods The junior senator from Arizona, who is not running for
re-election this year, was not alone as the state's senior
"pernicious fantasies about rigged elections senator, John McCain (R-Ariz.), penned an op-ed in the
and massive voter fraud, which are as Washington Post today calling on Trump to stop attacking
destructive as they are inaccurate, to the the free press.
effort to undermine confidence in the
federal courts, federal law enforcement, the "Whether Trump knows it or not, these
intelligence community and the free press, efforts are being closely watched by foreign
to perhaps the most vexing untruth of all – leaders who are already using his words as
the supposed 'hoax' at the heart of special cover as they silence and shutter one of
counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia the key pillars of democracy," McCain
investigation." wrote. "...While administration officials often
As "respect for freedom of the press has condemn violence against reporters
always been one of our most important abroad, Trump continues his unrelenting
exports," Flake then gave examples of attacks on the integrity of American
global dictators branding news they don't journalists and news outlets. This has
like as false, including Syrian President provided cover for repressive regimes to
Bashar al-Assad brushing off an Amnesty follow suit. The phrase 'fake news' —
International report that some 13,000 granted legitimacy by an American
people had been killed at one of his military president — is being used by autocrats to
prisons as a product of a "fake news era." silence reporters, undermine political

opponents, stave off media scrutiny and speech, par for the course for daytime speeches not
mislead citizens." attached to legislation, and spoke in support of the Arizona
Republican afterward.
Two senators -- Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Dick
Durbin (D-Ill.) -- were on the Senate floor during Flake's

Conspiracy Theorists: CNN Refuses
To Believe Doctor Who Said Trump Is Physically Fit
Paul Joseph Watson
January 17, 2018

Case closed now.” The obvious response:

“The Q’s about fitness for office are
serious. Someone could be sharp as a
tack, but still unfit.”

Brian Stelter, who literally rolled his eyes at

questions over Hillary’s health, just won’t
let it go.

Having demonized anyone who questioned Hillary

Clinton’s health as she coughed and stumbled her way
through the campaign trail as “conspiracy theorists,” CNN
is now taking on that very role by refusing to believe a
doctor whose tests found Donald Trump to be in perfect
physical and mental health.

After weeks of media speculation that Trump had

“dementia,” or was in some other way unfit to be
president, a long shot narrative that some on the left hoped
would lead to his removal under the 25th amendment, Dr.
Ronny Jackson put paid to all that yesterday by revealing
that Trump performed “exceedingly well” in a cognitive

Jackson added that the test wasn’t even required and that
Trump himself insisted upon taking it before achieving a
perfect score.

The doctor’s report couldn’t be attacked for This is particularly ironic given that Stelter previously
being biased or partisan either, given that dismissed “conspiracy theories” about Hillary Clinton’s
he has been a White House physician to health as “reckless speculation” and literally rolled his
both George W. Bush and Barack Obama. eyes at the mere discussion of the topic.
However, this didn’t stop CNN from
continuing to suggest that Trump may be His claims are also completely demolished by the fact that
unfit or that the doctor may be covering Dr. Jackson concluded Trump was in “excellent” cardiac
something up. health and had “incredible genes.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted, But that didn’t stop Jim Acosta – CNN’s resident far-left
activist pretending to be an impartial reporter – from
“Here’s how the next few hours will go. jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon as well.
Trump supporters will say “Concerns about
Trump’s mental health were always absurd.
“I can promise there is nothing that I am
withholding from you. I can tell you, I’ve
done the last four or five of these,” Jackson
replied. “I’ve been involved in probably the
last six or seven of these and this is hands
down more information that has been put
forth by any other assessment to date.”

No matter how much impartial evidence is presented to

prove that Trump is physically and mentally fit, CNN just
refuses to let go of the fake news that he is mentally
impaired or sick, proving once again how their so-called
neutrality as a news network is a distant memory.
During Tuesday’s press briefing, Acosta asked Dr. Jackson
if he was hiding information that contradicted Trump’s
clean bill of health.

Cory Booker Uses
Misleading Terror Data To Attack Trump
Booker Implies He Wants DHS To Track Down ‘Far-Right Extremists’
Who Hold ‘Bigoted, Hateful Ideas About Minorities’
Scott Greer | Daily Caller
January 17, 2018

American with no discernible ideology outside of hatred

for religion.

Anti-government activists who appeared not to have been

motivated by hate for minorities committed a good portion
of the violent incidents the study categorized as right wing
terror — contrary to what Booker argued on Tuesday. The
GAO study also includes prison slayings carried out by
white supremacist gangs as cases of domestic terror.

Another problem French found with the study was its

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker tore into glaring omission of left-wing terrorism. The National
Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Review writer noted three incidents of politically-
Nielsen on the supposed misdeeds of motivated police murders committed by black nationalists
the Trump administration during a over the last three years.
Tuesday Senate Judiciary Committee
Those incidents would appear to count as violent
extremism, but the GAO report leaves out those and many
One of the particular points of contention for Booker was other incidents in its findings, giving America the
how the White House allegedly ignores America’s white erroneous impression that only jihadis and right-wing
supremacists, whom the senator argued were more extremists engage in political murder.
dangerous than Islamic militants.

The New Jersey Democrat cited a 2017 report published

by the Government Accountability Office that purports to
show that out of 85 extremist attacks that resulted in victim
deaths since 9/11, 73 percent were committed by right-

In Booker’s dramatic monologue, he claimed that all of

these attackers held “bigoted, hateful ideas about
minorities” and implied he wanted 73 percent of the
DHS’s time spent tracking down these far-right extremists.

However, there are serious issues with the GAO report that
Booker used to argue white supremacists are the biggest It is interesting that Booker went with the 73 percent figure
terror threat to the nation. One of the major problems with from the study instead of the number of people killed by
the study is what incidents it lumps in with right-wing white supremacists. The GAO reports that while right-
terror. wing extremists were responsible for more incidents,
Islamists killed more people on American soil.
The biggest error in GAO’s data on white supremacist
terror was caught by National Review’s David French last But the study fails to adequately assess the threat of
April. The Umpqua Community College shooting, one of Islamic terror by leaving out incidents without victim
the deadliest shootings the GAO attributed to a white fatalities and foiled plots. (RELATED: FACT CHECK:
supremacist, was actually committed by an African-
Is The Far-Right Largely Responsible For Extremist Three of the explosives went off, one of which detonated
Violence?) in Manhattan and left 31 people injured. (RELATED:
Afghan Immigrant Found Guilty Of New York Terror
For instance, within the study’s time frame, Islamists Bombing Spree)
committed two notable criminal acts that fortunately did
not leave any innocent people dead. In 2015, two jihadi The study fails to mention such cases and others that show
gunmen attempted to storm a Muhammad drawing event in the pervasiveness of Islamic extremism because they did
Texas with the intent of murder. Both gunmen were shot not result in any fatalities, leaving one with the likely
and killed by police before they were able to harm anyone. impression Booker took away that right-wing extremists
(RELATED: FBI Undercover Agent Was In Car are the far greater threat.
Behind Terrorists And Failed To Stop Attack)
But when you look closer at the data, the picture isn’t as
In October 2016, a Islamic militant planted bombs in clear cut as the New Jersey Democrat would have us
multiple locations throughout New York and New Jersey. believe.

Movie Director Offers $100K To Trump’s
Charity Of Choice If President Is Accurately ‘Weighed’
Mac Slavo
January 17th, 2018

much leaner than president Donald Trump. Those numbers

are likely accurate.

The director of the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” is

offering $100,000 to the charity of Donald Trump’s choice
if the president gets on a scale and is weighed
“accurately.” James Gunn is making this offer because
he’s personally offended that the doctor who evaluated the
president said Trump is in perfect health.
Fat shaming is only OK when done by the left apparently.
We wonder how many leftists would complain if someone
wanted to fat shame the obviously pudgy Hillary Clinton,
put her on a scale, and her publicly broadcast her weight. But liberals seem overly offended that Trump is in good
health. But some at least called Gunn out for his offense at
the president’s weight.

According to the Hill, Gunn made the Tweet after looking

up the weight of a professional baseball player who
happens to be Trump’s exact height. (Someone has no idea
that muscle weighs more than fat.)
Gunn then tweeted a photo of MLB star Albert Pujols
alongside Trump, comparing their heights and weights as
listed in Trump’s physical exam results. Trump’s White House doctor, Navy Rear Adm. Dr. Ronny
Jackson, declared the president is in “excellent” health.
Let’s break it down for the liberals who don’t understand
Jackson fielded questions at Tuesday’s White House press
science. A lean person with more muscle might weight
briefing for roughly an hour. Trump was listed at 75
more than somebody who’s not so lean because muscle is
inches tall and weighing 239 pounds, according to the
denser than fat (like iron is denser than water). Your
exam results.
muscle accounts for about 30-55% of your bodyweight,
and a pound of muscle will be about 4 times smaller than a
pound of fat. And let’s call it like it is, shall we? Pujols is
“His cardiac performance during his And that’s probably why liberals are so upset. It’s going
physical exam was very good, he continues to be next to impossible for the left to remove Trump from
to enjoy the significant, long-term cardiac office under the guise of the 25th amendment – like they
and overall health benefits that come from so desperately want since their “Russian election
a lifetime of abstinence from tobacco and meddling” investigation is blowing up in their faces.
alcohol,” Jackson said. “All data indicates
the president is healthy and will remain so
for the duration of his presidency,” he

Video: CNN, MSMBC Will Not Accept
Presidential Doctor’s Analysis Of Trump
Steve Watson | Infowars.COM
January 17, 2018

“I was just chuckling at how energetic he

was, not what he was saying about the

His panel then went on to claim that Dr. Jackson was

actually LYING:

“And so, do I believe every single number

there? Not exactly,” said New York
Times columnist Frank Bruni.
“He seemed like a Trump fanboy if you
Liberals in the mainstream media are so think about it yeah,” Bruni continued.
deranged that they have accused the
“I just thought it was very, very telling that
Presidential doctor, who was also
he explicitly said that he wasn’t going to do
Barack Obama’s physician while he was
what he called a cognitive test, but the
in office, of being a ‘Trump fanboy’ after
president wanted him to do the test and
declaring the president to be in good
then go out and report on it. That is so, so
physical and mental health.
telling,” added CNN’s Dana Bash.
Following the announcement by Presidential Physician and
In addition to Trump’s mental health analysis, the
Navy Rear Admiral Dr. Ronny Jackson that President
deranged leftists also refuse to believe his physical
Trump was in excellent condition for his age, CNN and
analysis, even citing the ‘girther’ conspiracy floating
MSNBC went off the rails with conspiracy theories.
around the internet.
CNN’s Don Lemon literally laughed at Dr Jackson’s
“When he said 239 pounds — I know I’m
being a ‘girther,’ but, come on,” Lemon
“Sorry. Clean bill of health. Incredible
genes, right,” he snarked at the camera:
Over on MSNBC, the Morning Joe hosts, who are to
receive a ‘First Amendment Award’ for ‘Responsible
Journalism’ if you can believe that, also refused to believe
Trump’s medical report.

Lemon later tried to caveat his cackling, stating

“I know somebody who is 6’3″ and weighs for the country,” Mika Brzezinski chimed in,
close to 239 pounds. And all I can tell you adding that “taking the doctor at his word,”
is this — if that’s what 239 pounds looked his conclusions were “truly frightening.”
like — I would weigh 170 pounds. So, yes,
“We won’t question the doctor,”
I have great respect for people who have
Scarborough added, before doing exactly
great respect for this doctor. But if that’s
that by stating “I will say on his mental
what 6’3″, 239 pounds looks like — that’s a sharpness, if that is in fact the case, and
shock to me.” said Joe Scarborough.
medically, perhaps, that is, he has shocked
“I’m not sure if it makes me feel better that and surprised a lot of people who have
this doctor says he has no cognitive issues. worked around him for the past several
It makes me feel worse and more worried years who have been saying that he is not.”

President Trump Unveils
Winners Of 2017 Fake News Awards
By Nicholas Fondacaro
January 17, 2018 11:15 PM EST

holidays) and barred him from ever again

reporting on Trump.

CNN’s first win showed up at number three. In this case,

CNN's Manu Raju shouted from the hilltops

that Donald Trump Jr. was in possession of
the hacked WikiLeaks e-mails long before
they were released to the public. It didn’t
take long for The Washington Post (and
others) to blow the doors off the story
and prove CNN was being anything but
When President Trump announced them in early January, truthful.
many in the liberal media thought that the Fake News
Awards were a bluff and he wouldn’t go through with In the end, Raju and colleague Jeremy Herb kept their
them. But having been previously postponed, Trump positions.
unveiled the “winners” Wednesday night. Out of the top
10 instances of fake news, CNN was sloppy enough to win
four awards with the top spot going to The New York
Times. The awards twice noted a Media Research Center
study that showed 90 percent of the media’s coverage of
him was negative.

According to the President,

The New York Times columnist and

soothsayer economist Paul Krugman
produced the number one fake news
story on election night when he feverishly
Time magazine came in at number four
“If the question is when markets will with their lie about Trump having Martin
recover, a first-pass answer is never." Luther King Jr.’s bust removed from the
Oval Office.
Looking back at this prediction on the day the stock
market closed over 26,000 for the first time ever and Apple This wild claim came just two days into Trump’s
announced major investments in the U.S. due to the GOP presidency. Therefore, the media were so eager to smear
tax cuts it’s easy to see Krugman’s ridiculousness. him that many journalists didn’t search for the truth before
they ran with it.
Number two was ABC’s credibility
shattering report by investigative To round out the top five, Trump selected
correspondent Brian Ross, who excitedly Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel
yet falsely claimed that former National who tweeted out a deceptive picture of a
Security Adviser Michael Flynn agreed to Trump rally in Pensacola, Florida.
testify that candidate Trump directed him to
contact the Russians. ABC President
James Goldston was so furious that he He claimed very few people showed up to see the
suspended Ross for a month (over the President speak but the picture was from hours before the
place ended up packed.
CNN won back-to-back awards as they took spots six and claimed that former FBI Director James
seven. First, Comey would “refute” Trump’s claim that
he was told three times he wasn’t under
CNN pushed a deceptively edited video investigation. And when they were proven
that purported to show Trump crassly wrong, CNN issued a pathetic “correction”
dumping fish food into a koi pound on his
visit to Japan. Of course, they didn’t show (with the story's byline featuring chief political analyst
that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was the Gloria Borger and The Lead host Jake Tapper).
first to dump the food. Then the outlet
claimed former Press Secretary Anthony The New York Times bookended the top
Scaramucci had a secret meeting with a ten with a false claim that the Trump
Russian, heads rolled as three CNN administration was trying to hide a climate
reporters were fired for this offense. change report. The paper claimed the
The eighth award went to the radical document was leaked to them by people
Newsweek, who fabricated an who were afraid it would be “suppressed,”
international handshake snub out of thin but in reality, it had been online for months.
air. The even ran this loud headline:
“WATCH DONALD TRUMP HANDSHAKE Along with a Trump tweet about the Russia
REJECTED BY POLISH FIRST LADY IN investigation, the awards concluded by listing ten
HILARIOUSLY AWKWARD EXCHANGE.” accomplishments that weren’t getting enough airtime.
CNN’s fourth award came at spot nine
when their anonymous sources falsely

Politicized Medicine: CNN’s Sanjay Gupta Diagnoses Prez
Without An ACTUAL Exam
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 17, 2018
“So the president has heart disease” attack or something like that — within a certain number of
years,” he added.

Gupta made his diagnosis based on Trump’s coronary

calcium scores going back 10 years.

“And you see the trajectory of President Trump’s numbers

— no doubt, and I think Dr. Jackson alluded to this
because of his diet and because of his lack of exercise, that
would be part of the reason those numbers have likely
gone up,” Gupta said.
(National Sentinel) Guessing Game: CNN medical
“And they have continued to go up despite the fact that
advisor Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Wednesday diagnosed
he’s been on medication. So the president has heart
President Donald J. Trump with “heart disease” on the air
disease. Those numbers qualify him for having heart
based on a single lab result, and without ever examining
disease. And it clearly needs a plan to prevent some kind
him physically.
of heart problem down the road,” he added.
The diagnosis goes against that of Trump’s actual
A score of 100 is generally concerning for cardiologists —
physician, Navy Rear Adm. Dr. Ronny Jackson, who
Dr. Gupta is a neurosurgeon — and Trump’s coronary
proclaimed the president on Tuesday to be in excellent
calcium score is 133.
physical and mental health.

“The presence and extent of coronary calcium are first and

“When you look at the findings you just put up there,
foremost markers of the extent of atherosclerosis within
Alisyn — this coronary calcium score is a score a lot of
the coronary arteries,” says the website
cardiologists use to try and be predictive and be
“Nonetheless, it is important to understand that the
proactive,” Gupta said on CNN‘s “New Day” with Alisyn
coronary calcium score does not necessarily reflect the
severity of narrowing (the degree of stenosis).”
“And if the number gets up over a hundred, that is
Jackson put Trump through a cardio-stress test, which is
concerning to a lot of doctors. It’s concerning because you
designed to diagnose stenosis, as well as an
start to say if you do nothing different, if things don’t
change, you can start to predict the likelihood that some
sort of heart event, some sort of cardiac event — a heart
Jackson said no problems were found.

Michael Wolff's 'Fire And Fury'
Fiction To Be Produced As TV Series
By P.J. Gladnick
January 17, 2018 8:16 PM EST

CEO of indie producer Two Cities Television — also on

board to produce.

Will Wolff also serve as fact checker?

Fire and Fury comes to the small screen after HBO

canceled a planned series based on the 2016 election in
what was poised to be a Game Change sequel of sorts. The
pay cabler scrapped the project after sexual harassment
allegations emerged regarding source material co-author
Mark Halperin, who was poised to pen the script alongside
John Heilemann. That opened the door for a Trump tell-all,
with demand high for Fire and Fury given Wolff’s
Good news for all those anti-Trumpers out there who cinematic writing and fly-on-the-wall detail.
couldn't get enough of Michael Wolff's work of fiction,
Fire and Fury. The book (novel) will be produced as a TV I would like to see a scene in the Fire and Fury TV series
series according to an exclusive January 17 report in the where John Heilemann is informed that the money that
Hollywood Reporter. Of course, it is pretty much a given would have been paid to him is instead going to Michael
that the portrayal of President Donald Trump will end up Wolff for his work of fantasy.
being so over the top divorced from reality that it will
inadvertently end up as a comedy series where much of the
audience will laugh at, not with, the producers of the show. You just know that the producers of the Fire and Fury TV
series won't be able to hold back in their attempt to make
Trump look ridiculous which, in the end, will boomerang
Here are the details provided by reporters Lesley Goldberg on the filmmakers. For example, just think how the
and Andy Lewis about a TV series that is doomed to be following scene in the book will be produced in the TV
outdated by the time it airs: series:

Michael Wolff's controversial Fire and If he was not having his 6:30 dinner with Steve Bannon,
Fury: Inside the Trump White House is then, more to his liking, he was in bed by that time with a
coming to television. cheeseburger, watching his three screens and making
phone calls — the phone was his true contact point with
Endeavor Content — the financing and sales arm formed the world — to a small group of friends, who charted his
in October between sister companies William Morris rising and falling levels of agitation through the evening
Endeavor and IMG — has purchased film and television and then compared notes with one another.
rights to the No. 1 best-selling book. The massive deal is
said to be in the seven-figure range. It is hard to believe the producers would just be happy with
a single cheeseburger. The temptation for them to show a
Endeavor Content plans to adapt the whole bunch of cheeseburgers being swallowed while
book as a TV series. A network is not watching three TV shows and calling multiple people on
yet attached, as Endeavor will now the phone is just too great. It's not hard to believe a similar
begin shopping the project. vaudeville portrayal will permeate most of the TV series.
Their Trump derangement just won't let them refrain from
Wolff will executive produce the series, with veteran this.
Channel 4 and BBC executive Michael Jackson — now
Exit question: Will Alec Baldwin portray Donald Trump?

Software Company CEO Credits
‘Trump Tax Cut And Jobs Act’
For $1,000 Employee Bonus Checks
By Katherine Rodriguez
17 Jan 2018

and Bank of America, which decided to share the benefits

of Trump’s tax reform package with their employees.

“I thought, ‘Well, what about us smaller

companies, companies with less than 100
employees or less than even 50
employees? We could do the same thing,'”
Wolf said. “I wanted to do it because I’m
excited about the new tax plan from Trump
and the GOP, and I wanted to share the
wealth, as they say.”
“[It] plainly said, ‘This is why you’re getting
this check, because of the change in the
new tax plan,'” Wolf added. “I don’t think
they’re particularly fans of President
Trump, but nobody was complaining. They
The CEO of a Florida-based software
were all happy.”
company is making sure his employees
know the reason for their fattened
Spellex Corporation is the latest company to join the
paychecks. hundreds of employers offering bonuses from $1,000 to
$2,000 or giving other employee incentives due to the tax
CEO Sheldon Wolf, the founder of Tampa-based software reform legislation Trump signed into law.
developer Spellex Corporation, made sure that President
Trump would be credited for the tax cut bonus by ensuring Some of the companies that announced they would be
that the “memo” section of each $1,000 bonus check reads, giving their employees bonuses or other financial
incentives include American Airlines, AT&T, Fiat
“Trump Tax Cut and Jobs Act,” Fox News Chrysler, and Wells Fargo.

Wolf told Fox & Friends that although his company is

small, he was inspired by larger companies, such as AT&T

MRC’s Graham Blasts ‘Crazy’ Liberal Media As
‘Democratic Party Hacks’ Questioning Trump's Health
By NB Staff
January 17, 2018 6:58 PM EST

The Media Research Center’s Tim Graham was a guest on Graham also alluded to the media’s double standard,
the Wednesday edition of FBN’s Risk and Reward and he desperately questioning Trump’s health but refusing to
didn’t hold back in hammering the liberal media’s entertain any notion that Hillary Clinton was ill during the
persistence that President Trump as mentally ill, telling 2016 campaign.
host Liz MacDonald that they’re no more than
“So I mean, again, these people are not
“crazy” “Democratic Party hacks.” the people who keep us — our
democracy out of darkness. They are a
Graham replied that the NewsBusters
bunch of Democratic Party hacks, and
newsroom thought the White House press
they still sound like that,” Graham
corps’s behavior “was crazy,” adding
that “Jeff Flake picked the wrong day to
give this speech” comparing Trump to
Joseph Stalin “after the press just The NewsBusters executive editor concluded by
embarrassed themselves by all commenting on the reality that much of the media hysteria
asking...a battery of questions refusing over Trump’s health were accelerated by Michael Wolff’s
to accept the idea that Donald Trump is Fire and Fury:
mentally fit to be President.”
“Yes, which is also full of anonymous
sources and unverified allegations, and
they call this the state of journalism.
They think they are heroes for
forwarding stories they cannot prove.”

Here’s the transcript of Graham’s appearance from FBN’s

Risk and Reward on January 17:

FBN’s Risk and Reward

January 17, 2018
5:34 p.m. Eastern

Commenting on MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Mika

Brzezinski fretting over the fact that Trump was ruled
healthy, Graham uncorked on Brzezinski and fiancé Joe

They're being honored, Joe and Mika, for somehow being

titans of journalism. This is what — this show is a mess
that they would come on and Joe Scarborough said
repeatedly that he had a source unnamed inside Trumpland
who told him the president had early onset dementia. It
clearly wasn't the doctor and so when they end up looking
like purveyors of fake news, Mika turns it around to be I’m
very disturbed he doesn't have early onset dementia. That CHRIS HAYES [on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes, 12/06/17]:
would be an excuse for this horrible behavior. Look, First, there was something else from the event that sent the
they're the ones that seem like they have dementia because internet a buzz. Trump's apparent slurred speech toward the end
they used to love this guy and now he's evil. He used to be of his remarks.
their pal, but they can't make up their mind.

PETER ALEXANDER [on NBC’s Today, 12/07/17]: Meanwhile, GRAHAM: I mean, people just looked at it and said who are
here at the White House, there was a moment at the end the these people?
president's speech yesterday on Jerusalem that caught a lot of
people's attention. This is where the President appeared to slur
his words.

BRIAN WILLIAMS [on MSNBC’s The 11th Hour with Brian

Williams, 12/06/17]: We wanted to catch up with something
happened on live today during the Israel announcement. It
promptly set their on fire as the president slurred some of his
words in a way that some folks found disconcerting.

LIZ MACDONALD: There is media outlets went big time on

President Trump appearing to slur his words during a speech last
month. The media continuing to take aim at the President’s
health during a press conference with the White House MACDONALD: You know, President Trump's doctors spent over
physician, insinuating President Trump is mentally ill and more. an hour with the press explaining to reporters that the slurring
Roll tape. during the speech was because of a dose of cold medicine had
dried out his mouth and also we have MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinksi,
HALLIE JACKSON: Can you accept the President's mental not happy with the President's physical results. Here's what Mika
fitness for office? had to say.

DR. RONNY JACKSON: I'm going to do a cognitive exam. I had MIKA BRZEZINSKI: That, along with the fact that the President
no intention of doing one. [SCREEN WIPE] The President did appears to be according to the doctor healthy, worries me
exceedingly well on it, so that was not driven at all by any political because if he wasn't healthy, that would be a great excuse for
concerns I have. That was driven by the president's wishes. this behavior. Now he has none, which you can then deduce
other things that are far more nefarious and frightening. Steve
STEVEN PORTNOY: Do you believe he's fit for duty? Rattner, I won't ask you to answer to that, but I think it's worth
saying I just wonder how you look at all of this given the fact that
there's a shutdown looming.
JACKSON: Absolutely he's fit for duty.
STEVE RATTNER: Well, actually I had a similar thought about
CECILIA VEGA: There have been reports the President has
the President, which is I wasn't sure whether to turn out to be
forgotten names, that he’s repeating himself. Are you ruling out
cognitively healthy or cognitively not healthy.
things like early onset Alzheimer's? Are you looking at dementia-
like symptoms?
BRZEZINSKI: I’m disturbed that they say he’s cognitively health.
JACKSON: The fact that the President got, you know, 30 out of
30 on that exam, I think that, you know, there's no indication RATTNER: If you're cognitively healthy, you do all of this stuff.
whatsoever that he has any cognitive issue. It’s pretty bad.

MACDONALD: With me now, the director of media analysis at BRZEZINSKI: I think the word evil comes to mind.
Media Research Center, he's Tim Graham. Tim, what was your
reaction to that press conference yesterday? RATTNER: But yeah, you’re right.

TIM GRAHAM: We thought it was crazy. Look, Jeff Flake picked MACDONALD: Listen, free speech, First Amendment, we get it.
the wrong day to give this speech today after the press just But what was your reaction to what Mika said there?
embarrassed themselves by all asking questions. A — a battery
of questions refusing to accept the idea that Donald Trump is GRAHAM: They're being honored, Joe and Mika, for somehow
mentally fit to be President. This is a result they do not accept as being titans of journalism. This is what — this show is a mess
real, as scientific. In fact, CNN suggested the doctor was a that they would come on and Joe Scarborough said repeatedly
Trump fanboy, even though he also was the doctor for President that he had a source unnamed inside Trumpland who told him
Obama. I mean, for them to ask questions like does he have the president had early onset dementia. It clearly wasn't the
dentures? Is Twitter a medical problem? And does he have drug doctor and so when they end up looking like purveyors of fake
addiction? news, Mika turns it around to be I’m very disturbed he doesn't
have early onset dementia. That would be an excuse for this
MACDONALD: Okay. horrible behavior. Look, they're the ones that seem like they have

dementia because they used to love this guy and now he's evil. again, these people are not the people who keep us — our
He used to be their pal, but they can't make up their mind. democracy out of darkness. They are a bunch of Democratic
Party hacks, and they still sound like that.
MACDONALD: Eric Trump, the President's son, was on Varney
& Company earlier this morning, and I was sitting on set on MACDONALD: You know, Tim, this is all the fallout of Michael
Varney & Company. He said reporters who were in that press Wolff's book; right?
conference, many of them were in that press conference, those
same reporters could not keep up with President Trump on the GRAHAM: Yes, which is also full of anonymous sources and
campaign trail. Let's watch. Roll tape. unverified allegations, and they call this the state of journalism.
They think they are heroes for forwarding stories they cannot
ERIC TRUMP: Many of the people who are in that pressroom prove.
right now were on the campaign. They were traveling with him
around and he’d be on his sixth speech of the night or the
seventh speech of the day. He had gone to four different states,
and they were trying to keep up and they would be on the back
corner half sleeping on a backpack; right? Because he had run
them into the ground and they weren't the ones up on stage in
front of 30,000 people giving the speech; right? I mean, they
were just following him and just reporting on him and they were
run to the ground.

MACDONALD: What's your reaction?

GRAHAM: Well, yeah, they were also trying to insist he doesn't

eat well and he didn't well on the campaign. None of them eat MACDONALD: Tim Graham, good to see you. Thanks for coming
well on the campaign. I think the big contrast to me is all of these on.
people who are so concerned about Trump's health, physical and
mental, all accepted the idea that Hillary Clinton fainted because GRAHAM: Sure.
she was overheated when it was 70 degrees out. So I mean,

Survey: Americans Very Concerned
About Liberal Media Bias, ‘Fake News’
By Randy Hall
January 17, 2018 8:03 PM EST

Internet is a major problem with news

coverage today,” the report noted.
“This percentage is higher than for any
other potential type of news bias,” and “four
in 10 Republicans consider accurate news
stories that cast a politician or political
group in a negative light to always be ‘fake

Underscoring the changing news landscape,

equal proportions of Americans rely on

social media as rely on newspapers to
While acknowledging that technological advances “have stay informed.
made it easier for Americans to connect with each other
and to find information, including details about the major
issues facing the country,” a poll conducted in late 2017 by Meanwhile, Americans view many newer sources of news
four liberal foundations indicates that media bias and “fake positively, but they are less positive about the social
news” were still serious problems. media.

Amid the changing informational landscape, trust in the In an interesting response, the survey indicated that
U.S. media has been eroding, and while a majority of
consumers still believe the media have a critical role in our “Republicans who can name an accurate
democracy, they are not very positive about how the media source overwhelmingly mention Fox News,
are fulfilling that function. while Democrats’ responses are more
The report -- which is the result of a late 2017
Gallup/Knight Foundation survey -- is entitled “American possibly because CNN and MSNBC help to split the
Views: Trust, Media and Democracy,” and was released audience of liberal cable television viewers.
on Tuesday, January 16, by the Knight Foundation and
lists among its major findings: However, half of the more than 19,000 U.S. adults 18
years of age or older stated they feel confident there are
Most Americans believe it is now harder to enough sources to allow people to cut through bias to sort
be well-informed and to determine which out the facts in the news, which is down from 66 percent a
news is accurate. generation ago.

Many consumers may not be able to easily discern the While less than half of the Americans polled had a
difference between the two. Less than half of Americans, negative view of news media -- 43 percent -- than a
44 percent, say they can think of a news source that reports positive view -- 33 percent -- of the news media, 23
the news objectively. percent were neutral.

In addition, Americans are highly “Today, 66 percent of Americans say most

concerned about the effects of “Fake news media do not do a good job of
News” on the nation’s democracy, but their separating fact from opinion,” the survey
definitions of the term varied widely. noted. “In 1984, 42 percent held this view.”
“Seventy-three percent of Americans said
the spread of inaccurate information on the
Another interesting result was that the public divided very Americans have the greatest trust in
evenly on the question of who is primarily responsible for national network news and local and
ensuring people have an accurate and politically balanced national newspapers to provide mostly
understanding of the news: 48 percent said the news accurate and politically balanced news.
media, while another 48 percent claimed it was up to the They trust cable news more than they trust
individuals themselves. Internet news sources.

Meanwhile, Americans’ perceptions of the news media are Some of the results from this poll are particularly
generally negative, and their view of bias have grown interesting since it was sponsored by a quartet of liberal
considerably from a generation ago. organizations, including the John S. and James L. Knight
Foundation, which describes itself as “dedicated to
Also, a majority were unable to name an fostering informed and engaged communities” in order to
objective news source. foster “a healthy democracy.”
“Based on their self-reported knowledge of
Also providing funding was the Ford Foundation, which
current events and perceptions of how
stated that it invests in
easy it is to discern truth from
misinformation in news reporting,” the
report noted, “most Americans fall into one “innovative ideas, visionary individuals and
of two categories.” front-line institutions advancing human
dignity around the world.”
The first grouping, as indicated by their self-reported
knowledge of current events and perceptions of how easy In addition, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
it is to discern truth from misinformation in news contributed to the effort under its motto:
reporting, was
“All Lives Have Equal Value.”
“Knowledgeable Optimists, who are
informed and believe it is possible to find And last, but certainly not least, were the Open Society
the truth,” or the “Inattentive Skeptics, who Foundations, led by left-wing billionaire George Soros,
are less informed and pessimistic that the whose cause is to
truth can be identified.”
“build vibrant and tolerant democracies
In a curious result, most of the people surveyed stated that whose governments are accountable and
television news programs are still one of the most popular open to the participation of all people.”
sources of information, coming in as tied with newspapers:

"He Slipped Up": The One Thing Bannon
Told Congress Yesterday That Could Haunt Trump
By Tyler Durden
Wed, 01/17/2018 - 19:02

As discussed earlier, one of the major concerns about he wasn't supposed to discuss, because
Steve Bannon's closed-door testimony before the House they happened while he was chief
Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, is that he refused to strategist in the White House.
discuss any of the things that were of biggest interest to his
interrogators. Throughout the rest of the session, committee members —
in particular Republican Trey Gowdy and Democrat Adam
As we reported, Schiff — hammered Bannon over the fact that he'd
mentioned those conversations but refused to discuss
Bannon invoked executive privilege during anything else about his time in the White House.
his meeting to avoid sharing details
about his time in the Trump This is also why the pressure on Bannon to disclose all he
administration, where he served as chief knows will only grow, and also why Mueller will be
strategist, or during the presidential especially interested in what he has to say.
Aside from this once incident, Axios reports the following
In fact, Bannon reportedly stopped answering questions "insider-the-room" moments:
once his lawyers had alerted the White House that the
scope of the House panel's questions would be expanded to  After the hearing started, the New York Times
include his time in the White House. dropped its story about the grand jury subpoena of
Bannon. Nobody in the room had their phones — it's
However, as Axios reports, Bannon made one conspicuous the protocol in closed-door intelligence hearings — but
slip up: an official walked in to inform the committee and
Bannon's team of the story.
He admitted that he'd had conversations  At that point, the committee paused its
with Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer and proceedings and there was a scramble to figure out
legal spokesman Mark Corallo about how to proceed, and how to ensure they did everything
Don Junior's meeting with the Russians properly insofar as the Mueller probe went. (The
in Trump Tower in June 2016. committee informed Mueller's team several days earlier
that it was calling Bannon in as a witness, and they
As a reminder, this is the meeting that Bannon allegedly didn't hear back from Mueller's team so viewed that as
told Michael Wolff was "treasonous", and led to the a green light.)
violent fallout in relations between Trump and Bannon.  Trey Gowdy, who led the Republican questioning,
pressed Bannon hard on his description of Don
Junior's Trump Tower meeting as "treasonous." Gowdy
This matters because the meeting — and
asked Bannon whether he would consider it treason for
the subsequent drafting of an allegedly
somebody close to him to approach Wikileaks' Julian
misleading statement on Air Force One
Assange to get opposition research on Hillary Clinton.
— has become one of the most
Bannon replied that such a scenario would be bad
important focal points of the Russia
judgment. Then Gowdy produced emails from a
Cambridge Analytica employee — the Trump campaign
data firm closely affiliated with Bannon — boasting of
both on Capitol Hill and within Robert Mueller's team, as just such contacts with Assange. Bannon claimed this
it provides the closest thing that exists to evidence that the was the first time he'd seen these emails (though
Trump campaign was willing to entertain collusion with they've been in the news.)
Russians, according to Axios' Jonathan Swan.  Bannon attacked the Republicans running these
congressional committees for choosing to investigate
Bannon immediately realized he'd the Trump campaign and Russia. He said it was part of
slipped up and disclosed conversations an "establishment" plan to try to "nullify" the election
result. Gowdy challenged him on that, asking Bannon  Throughout the hearing, Bannon kept telling the
who is this establishment you refer to who is trying to committee members: "I really want to answer this
nullify Trump's victory? Bannon answered: Paul Ryan question," and "I really wish I could answer these
and Mitch McConnell. Gowdy countered that Bannon questions." That became a sore point with members.
couldn't have it both ways. Was he also referring to They kept asking him why he felt liberated to abandon
Trump confidant Kevin McCarthy — the leader of the executive privilege and leak prolifically about the White
Republican House conference — who is surely part of House to journalists and author Wolff, but wouldn't talk
the same Ryan-McConnell "establishment?" to Congress.
 Another pointed question to Bannon: When he told  Bannon, at one point, praised the committee
author Michael Wolff there was a "zero" percent members for the professionalism and
chance that Don Junior didn't bring the Russians up to preparedness. (But a source familiar with Bannon's
see his father after their meeting, how did he know that thinking told me he made the compliment "tongue-in-
happened? I'm told Bannon all but conceded he was cheek.")
purely speculating.

Fusion GPS Founder Admits He Didn’t Believe Trump Was
‘Suitable’ To Be President While Compiling Hoax Dossier
By Aaron Klein
17 Jan 2018

known hazard, but, you know, I reached an

opinion about Donald Trump and his
suitability to be president of the United
States and I was concerned about whether
he was the best person for the job.

Simpson was responding to a question about

“concerns that the work being done was

driven in a direction designed to reach a
particular conclusion for a client or because
of the client’s identity.”

In October, the Washington Post reported that in April

2016, attorney Marc E. Elias and his law firm Perkins Coie
retained Fusion GPS to conduct the firm’s anti-Trump
TEL AVIV — In testimony released
work on behalf of both Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential
publicly last week, Glenn R. Simpson,
campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).
the co-founder of the controversial
opposition research firm Fusion GPS
conceded that he opposed Donald Through Perkins Coie, Clinton’s campaign and the DNC
Trump’s presidential candidacy and that continued to fund Fusion GPS until October 2016, days
his negative opinions of the politician before Election Day, the Post reported.
may have “entered” into his “thinking.”
The question posed to Simpson about concerns over his
Fusion GPS compiled the infamous, largely discredited firm seeking to reach certain conclusions in its political
35-page dossier accusing Trump and his presidential research was prompted by Simpson’s description of Fusion
campaign of ties with Russia. GPS’s mission as aiming to “customize a research
solution” based on the client’s “problem.”
In August 22 testimony released last week and reviewed in
full by Breitbart News, Simpson made the following During the testimony, Simpson stated:
“Another thing we say about our work is it’s
I think it’s safe to say that, you know, at custom information, it’s a customized
some point probably early in 2016 I had product. You tell us what your problem is
reached a conclusion about Donald Trump and we customize a research solution.”
as a businessman and his character and I
was opposed to Donald Trump. I’m not Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele, a former British
going to pretend that that wouldn’t have intelligence agent, to do the work cited in the anti-Trump
entered into my thinking. dossier. Steele later conceded in court documents that part
of his work still needed to be verified.
You know, again, I was a journalist my
whole life. So we were, you know, trained
not to take sides and practiced in not taking The BBC reported that Steele’s information served as a
sides. So most of what I do as a research “roadmap” for the FBI’s investigation into claims of
person is we try to avoid getting into coordination between Moscow and members of Trump’s
situations where one’s etiology or political presidential campaign.
views would cloud your work because it’s a
Last April, CNN reported that the dossier served as part of NBC News reported on Morell’s questions about Steele’s
the FBI’s justification for seeking the FISA court’s credibility:
reported approval to clandestinely monitor the
communications of Carter Page, the American oil industry Morell, who was in line to become CIA
investor who was tangentially and briefly associated with director if Clinton won, said he had seen no
Trump’s presidential campaign. evidence that Trump associates
cooperated with Russians. He also raised
Dossier discredited questions about the dossier written by a
former British intelligence officer, which
Major questions have been raised as to the veracity of the alleged a conspiracy between the Trump
dossier, large sections of which have been discredited. campaign and Russia. …
Morell pointed out that former Director of
Citing a “Kremlin insider,” the dossier, which misspelled National Intelligence James Clapper said
the name of a Russian diplomat, claimed that Trump on Meet the Press on March 5 that he had
lawyer Michael Cohen held “secret meetings” with seen no evidence of a conspiracy when he
Kremlin officials in Prague in August 2016. left office January 20.
“That’s a pretty strong statement by
That charge unraveled after Cohen revealed he had never General Clapper,” Morell said.
traveled to Prague, calling the story “totally fake, totally
inaccurate.” The Atlantic confirmed Cohen’s whereabouts Regarding Steele’s dossier, Morell stated,
in New York and California during the period the dossier
claimed that Cohen was in Prague. Cohen reportedly
produced his passport showing he had not traveled to “Unless you know the sources, and unless
Prague. you know how a particular source acquired
a particular piece of information, you can’t
judge the information — you just can’t.”
In testimony in May, former FBI Director James
Comey confirmed that the basis for the intelligence
community’s assessment that Russia allegedly wanted Morell charged the dossier
Trump in office was not because the billionaire was, as
Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) claimed during a hearing, “doesn’t take you anywhere, I don’t think.”
“ensnared in” Russia’s “web of patronage” – just as the “I had two questions when I first read it.
dossier alleged. Instead, the FBI chief provided two One was, how did Chris talk to these
primary reasons for Russia’s alleged favoring of Trump sources? I have subsequently learned that
over Clinton during the 2016 presidential race. he used intermediaries.”

One reason, according to Comey, was that Putin “hated” Morell continued:
Clinton and would have favored any Republican opponent.
The second reason, Comey explained, was that Putin made
And then I asked myself, why did these
an assessment that it would be easier to make a deal with a
guys provide this information, what was
businessman than someone from the political class.
their motivation? And I subsequently
learned that he paid them. That the
Comey’s statements are a far cry from the intermediaries paid the sources and the
conspiracies fueled by the dossier alleging Putin held intermediaries got the money from Chris.
blackmail information on Trump. And that kind of worries me a little bit
because if you’re paying somebody,
Citing current and former government officials, the New particularly former FSB [Russian
Yorker reported the dossier prompted skepticism among intelligence] officers, they are going to tell
intelligence community members, with the publication you truth and innuendo and rumor, and
quoting one member saying it was a “nutty” piece of they’re going to call you up and say, “Hey,
evidence to submit to a U.S. president. let’s have another meeting, I have more
information for you,” because they want to
Steele’s work has been questioned by former acting CIA get paid some more.
Director Michael Morell, who currently works at the
Hillary Clinton-tied Beacon Global Strategies LLC. I think you’ve got to take all that into consideration when
you consider the dossier.

Meghan McCain Confronts Durbin
On Reputation For Lying About Private
White House Meetings
By Kristine Marsh
January 17, 2018 4:36 PM EST

“So basically they’re calling you a liar,

Senator. Because Cotton said, the
difference is, ‘I’m right.’ They’re calling
you a liar,” Behar fumed. “How do you
expect to have a bipartisan deal when
one Senator in the United States
Congress is calling another one a liar?”
she asked, irritated.
“I stand by my words,” Durbin responded,
adding, “My colleagues are wrong and they
know they’re wrong.”

After doubting the truthfulness of the White House doctor, Since it was apparently outrageous for Republicans to
who gave President Trump a clean bill of health yesterday, doubt the truthfulness of their Democrat colleague, but not
the hosts at The View skyped in Democrat Senator Dick outrageous for that same Democrat to doubt the
Durbin (Ill.) on their Janauary 17 show to ask him about truthfulness of his Republican colleagues, Behar happily
Trump’s infamous “s***hole” comment and whether or took the cheap shot.
not the DACA deal was going to happen.
"So they’re liars?” she asked.
Though the questions were mostly friendly from the liberal “I’m not going to use that word,” Durbin
panel, co-host Meghan McCain didn’t let Durbin off the waffled.
hook, grilling him on his choice to leak the comment from
a private meeting. “I’ll use it!” Behar snarked.

But the interview began with a warm welcome, where When it finally came around to McCain, she picked up
Whoopi characterized Durbin as truthful, unlike the from where her liberal counterpart left off, instead,
Republicans who were in the room. defending Sen. Cotton, and putting Durbin on the spot,
calling him out for his history of lying about what’s been
“A lot of attendees of last week’s said in private White House meetings.
immigration meeting are changing their
stories, but not Senator Dick Durbin, “Senator Durbin, this is Meghan McCain.
who said from the beginning that you- You have a history of misrepresenting
know-who launched into a racist rant,” statements from private White House
Whoopi gushed to audience applause. meetings and some say you have
actually done more harm than good to
Behind Durbin, loud singing could be heard in the hall, the DACA deal by revealing what Trump
which Whoopi explained was Jewish rabbis and leaders said in his private meeting. Do you think
marching to that's true?” she grilled.

“defend DREAMERS and demand a clean McCain was referring to a private congressional meeting
DACA bill be passed.” with President Obama in 2013, where Durbin claimed a
GOP leader said something defamatory to the President’s
face, a claim that was later completely debunked by the
Among the softball questions, Behar tried to get Durbin to Obama administration itself.
bash the Republicans who were in the same meeting and
denied Durbin’s account of what the president said.

But Durbin dodged McCain’s question, instead appealing “There's a lot more support with Democrats
to the loud voices behind him. than there are Republicans on DACA which
is why Democrats are trying to speak with
“I can tell you what you hear behind me are President Trump and I think that's the
the voices of democracy, demonstrators argument, you’ve possibly done more
who are on Capitol Hill willing to be harm than good with Republicans,” she
arrested in a non-violent way for the argued.
D.R.E.A.M. Act,” he gushed.
Durbin pulled out the Democrat line this week, that the
Durbin praised the liberal protesters, saying they were the American people were on the Democrats’ side on this
“strength” behind the movement, as if they somehow had issue, adding insult to injury by pointing out that Meghan
the ability to pass votes in Congress. McCain’s father was on “his side”:

McCain rightly called him out for the dodge. Honestly, you're going to see before the
end of the day more Republicans
stepping forward and saying they don't
“That’s with Democrats,” she jumped in.
agree with President Trump's views on
“You’re trying to get support with
immigration. I don't believe those views
Republicans as well,” she noted.
represent American. I certainly don't
believe they represent the views of majority
of Republicans. Certainly your father was
working long and hard with me and
others for a comprehensive immigration
reform bill. I know where his heart is and it
isn't with the expressions given to us by
President Trump.
“Yes and with all due respect, I know
where the heart of people like Tom
Cotton is,” McCain snipped back.
“I don't think we're ever going to win him
over,” Durbin responded, before fellow host
McCain further suggested Durbin had done “more harm Sunny Hostin took over.
than good with Republicans,” for leaking the controversial

President Trump Was Set Up From The Beginning –
MSM Willing Conspirators Or Duped By Obama Deep
State Members Via Steele Dossier?
By Susan Duclos - All News Pipeline
January 17, 2018

started publishing them, while U.S. intelligence agencies

claim it was Russia that hacked the information.

Other claims by the MSM, Democrats and liberals, are that

Russia used an information campaign, pushing "fake
news" through social media, yet the intelligence agencies
never provided any evidence those "fake news" articles
actually influenced anyone to change their vote.

Frankly over the last year we have seen Independent

Media that opposed Hillary Clinton as president accused of
Countries "meddle" in other countries elections all the being "Russian Propaganda," social media blamed for
time, we saw that during the Obama administration when Clinton's loss, a failed attempt at a recount of certain states
he attempted to meddle in Israeli politics in an attempt to to negate the election results, followed up by a liberal
oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, we saw the campaign to threaten electoral college members to not vote
Obama administration support and actively working for Trump, and then they started screaming Russia
towards ousting the duly elected Ukraine leader, just to collusion between President Trump and Russia.
name two examples of U.S. interference in elections and
politIcs of another country, which has been going on for The fact is the media, liberals and Democrats have been
over a century. having a year-long temper tantrum because the candidate
they supported and predicted to win, didn't.
So, naturally it seems quite hypocritical to see the Media,
Democrats and liberals screaming about Russia THE KREMLIN & OBAMA ADMIN SOURCED
interference into the U.S. presidential election. The STEELE DOSSIER
multiple claims against Russia include accusations that
they "hacked" the DNC and the Clinton campaign to Nothing worked, but we are now seeing members of the
provide emails to Wikileaks, which were released during intelligence community, those we call the Deep State,
the election cycle and caused chaos within the DNC, being exposed for anti-Trump bias, demoted, reassigned,
forcing the chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and announcing resignations, shifted to other jobs, etc.....
others to resign. because with President Trump's win, actions that some
claim were highly illegal are being exposed as
It is noteworthy that the complaints by Hillary Clinton investigators are now being investigated.
campaign, the Media, and liberals, were in regards to
where they perceived the information came from, not the What could quite possibly bring the whole house of cards
validity of the information. In other words, the emails that down on the former Obama administration officials, as
roiled the Clinton campaign and the DNC were real, the well as some currently still holding positions within the
participants wrote them, and sent them, the complaint is intelligence community, is the Steele Dossier.
that they were, RUSSIA! Whatever.
The dossier was the result of opposition research paid for
Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange have asserted on by the DNC and the Clinton campaign against President
multiple occasions that the emails were not "hacked" but Trump, containing outrageous and "salacious" accusations
were leaked, with Assange suggesting strongly that the which were not verified by Fusion GPS, nor by the FBI or
leaker was the DNC staffer, Seth Rich, that was murdered any intelligence agency, but which reports now say was
in July 2016, a little less than two weeks before Wikileaks used, without being verified, by Obama officials to obtain
a FISA warrant to surveil members of Trump's campaign In other words, he lied to Congress.
before and after the election.
Read the entire NYP article:
The big problem with that, reported by NYP, is "We also
know Christopher Steele, a former British spy, gathered The Trump Dossier’s Credibility Is Collapsing
information for the dossier from a hodgepodge of rumors
from Russian sources that, according to Simpson’s own The reason the Steele Dossier is so important is because
testimony, were never substantiated by the firm. Steele the entire MSM, liberal narrative of Russian collusion with
called the collection of rumors 'raw' and 'unverified'." the Trump campaign, and the entire special counsel
Mueller investigation, is based on spying by Obama's
The whole story the media has been spinning, fed to them intelligence agencies on Trump campaign members,
through anonymous sources (read deep state intel allowed by the FISA court, based on allegations contained
members) started crumbling very badly after Congress within the Steele dossier, which Steele filled with
forced Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson to testify information from Russian/Kremlin sources.
about the dossier.

Simpson told Congress, in his prevaricating The one thing that has remained consistent throughout the
and often defensive testimony, that Steele last year is the amount of articles by all the major news
allegedly went to the FBI because he outlets and networks, relying almost exclusively on
believed the Kremlin had the goods on anonymous sources, having to be corrected, edited, in
Trump. The Russians, he claimed, were some cases completely retracted and deleted, with
blackmailing the candidate with evidence of reporters being suspended and in one CNN example three
sordid sexual escapades. More significant, journalists forced to resign.
the Trump team had colluded with the
Russians in hacking emails of Democrats One would think if a source misled them so badly one
during the campaign and were working on time, they would be more inclined to fact check, confirm
a quid pro quo basis. It was like calling 911 and verify the next item from said source before rushing to
when witnessing a potential crime, Steele publish, but the problem has gotten worse, not better,
noted. indicating they may not be the duped pawns or victims of
bad information from sources, but may very well be
Well, almost immediately, one of the most willing conspirators in an attempt to bring down President
repeated and significant claims backing this Trump.
testimony had to be walked back.
With the dossier story crumbling and the potential for
Simpson told Congress “an internal more members of the intelligence community, past and
campaign source,” a “whistle-blower” within current, to be exposed as part of the campaign to destroy
the Trump organization, had corroborated President Trump now that the DOJ is actively investigating
some of the information in the dossier for their actions leading up to the 2016 presidential election,
the FBI. This was a bombshell (if true) along with the upcoming OIG report into those same
because it meant that there was a actions, the media has to find a scapegoat, for lack of a
legitimate source substantiating those better word, some type of justification for all their false
assertions. So even the dossier’s most and misleading reports.
shocking tales could be treated seriously
by the FBI and used as a pretext to Which brings me to the "speculation" by Scott Shane of
investigate Trump’s organization in the the New York Times in the short clip below, where he
middle of a political campaign. offers the theory that perhaps the whole dossier was some
master plan on the part of Russia to hedge their bets to
Soon after the transcript was released, discredit President Trump.
however, NBC News’ Ken Dilanian, who
has a close relationship with Fusion, Sounds to me like this may end up being the media's
reported that sources in the firm were excuse when the information is finally revealed publicly
correcting Steele, who’d about how our intelligence community under Obama was
mischaracterized a meeting with a so politicized it used an unverified (by Fusion GPS and the
Trump source. No, there was no “walk- intelligence community) in order to justify a FISA warrant
in” from the Trump campaign, as Steele to surveil the Trump campaign.
had maintained in his testimony.


Another aspect of this via The Last Refuge, shows that the
information contained within the Steele dossier, may not
have only come from Russian sources, but that in March of
2016 DOJ oversight personnel conducted a minimizing
review and found that the Obama administration was
disclosing "raw FISA information," to "private
contractors," which they put a stop to in April 2016. The
term "raw" in this case means they were not redacting
information that they were legally bound to redact, such as
U.S. citizens' names obtained during surveillance.

This leads us back to the "unmasking" of U.S. citizens

names, specifically people that were part of the Trump
campaign, before the dossier was compiled, for political
Their credibility, which is already suffering after a year of
purposes, and revealed to "private contractors."
constant blunders, will be flushed down the toilet, unless
they can convince their audience they didn't lie, they were

Screen shots via The Last Refuge, via 99 page Top Secret
FISA Court Order - President Obama Spying on Political BOTTOM LINE
They set President Trump up from even before he was
The conspiring crew ran DOJ/FBI FISA-702 elected, this was their "insurance policy," which was
searches on “Michael Cohen Travel”, and always a planned Russia collusion investigation in the
simply got the wrong guy. event he won the 2016 presidential election, in order to
Amid complex stories, the simplest cast doubts on the legitimacy of his presidency.
explanation is almost always the most
accurate. While the media seems to heading towards a "we were
duped too!" narrative, the amount of false stories they have
Unfortunately for the scheme team, this pumped out since January 2017, tells us that they were
*mistake* puts another connection more willing conspirators than duped pawns.

• the unlawful use of the DOJ/FBI FISA

search access;

• the people who gained custody of that

raw data;

• and how false information was used in the

finished document, the Steele Dossier.

That Steele dossier, which included Russian

disinformation and information handed over to Fusion
GPS by the Obama administration, was then used to obtain
yet another FISA warrant to surveil the Trump campaign
team members.

Trump: "Very Possible" Crisis With
North Korea Can't Be Resolved Peacefully
By Tyler Durden
Wed, 01/17/2018 - 15:25

In an exclusive interview with Reuters, “I’d sit down, but I‘m not sure that
sitting down will solve the problem,” he
President Trump said on Wednesday that said, noting that past negotiations with the
Russia is helping North Korea get North Koreans by his predecessors had
supplies in violation of international failed to rein in North Korea’s nuclear and
sanctions and that Pyongyang is getting missile programs.
“closer every day” to being able to deliver “They’ve talked for 25 years and they’ve
a long-range missile to the United States. taken advantage of our presidents, of our
previous presidents,” he said.
As a result, Trump said he hoped the standoff with
Pyongyang could be resolved The remarks come after Trump’s statement earlier in
January, in which he said he is “absolutely” willing to talk
“in a peaceful way, but it’s very possible on the phone to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un if
that it can’t.” certain conditions are met.

Having learned his lesson from his recent WSJ interview, ***
Trump declined to comment when asked whether he had
engaged in any communications at all with Kim, with In addition to slamming Russia, Trump said Pyongyang is
whom he has exchanged public insults and threats, steadily advancing in its ability to deliver a missile to the
heightening tensions in the region. He did, however, blame United States.
“They’re not there yet, but they’re close.
“Russia is not helping us at all with North And they get closer every day,” said
Korea,” Trump said during the Oval Office Trump.
interview. "What China is helping us with,
Russia is denting. In other words, Russia is Trump also said he welcomed talks between North and
making up for some of what China is South Korea over the Winter Olympics to be held in the
doing." South next month and said this could be an initial phase in
helping defuse the crisis.
Which is ironic because it was a Chinese, not Russian ship,
that was recently observed illegally selling oil to North
He would not say whether the United States has been
Korea. It's even more ironic that in the interview, Trump
considering a limited, pre-emptive attack to show the
praised China for its efforts to restrict oil and coal supplies
North that the United States means business.
to North Korea but said Beijing could do much more to
help constrain Pyongyang.
“We’re playing a very, very hard game
of poker and you don’t want to reveal
In any case, with North Korea still the major global
your hand,” he said.
challenge facing Trump this year, the president cast doubt
during the 53-minute interview whether talks with North
Korean leader Kim Jong Un would be useful. In the past U.S. officials had spoken of Trump’s willingness to weigh
he has not ruled out direct talks with Kim. a pre-emptive strike despite the risk of touching off a war.
But in recent days Trump has appeared to signal more of
an openness toward diplomacy.

Suspected Leaker Adam Schiff Triggered After Steve
Bannon Refuses To Answer Questions From
House Intel Committee
By Cristina Laila
Thursday, January 18, 2018

Suspected leaker Adam Schiff (D-CA) emerged from that conversation believing it
was very frustrated after former White had an agreement to limit the questioning
House strategist Steve Bannon refused of Bannon just to events during the
to answer a broad scope of questions campaign, and not during the transition
during his House Intel Panel interview period or his time in the White House.
Then, hours into Bannon’s closed-door testimony on
The White House had an agreement for Bannon to only Tuesday, Bannon’s lawyers informed the White House
answer questions about the 2016 presidential campaign. from Capitol Hill that the questions would extend beyond
The rats on the House panel wanted Bannon to answer the scope of what the White House understood the
questions about the Trump transition period and his time in agreement to be. At that point, the White House told
the White House. Why? Isn’t this witch hunt about so- Bannon not to answer any further.
called ‘Russian collusion’ during the campaign?
Ranking Democrat and suspected leaker Adam Schiff was
not happy about this and said Tuesday night,

“That was never conveyed to the minority.

And I think it came as quite a surprise to
our entire committee frankly, apart from the
majority staffer that was involved in that
communication.” CNBC reported.

Schiff also called Bannon’s refusal to answer questions a

“gag order” by the White House. Schiff also wanted to
know about Bannon’s whereabouts AFTER he left the
White House.

CNBC also reported:

Steve Bannon went into a 10 hour interview with the At that point, House Intelligence Committee
House Intelligence Committee Monday to answer Republicans and Democrats joined forces
questions about the so-called ‘Trump-Russia collusion’ to issue Bannon a subpoena on the spot to
during the 2016 presidential election. compel his testimony. It is not clear what, if
any, questions Bannon answered after
that. A Reuters report said the former top
According to CNBC, the White House believed it had an Trump aide refused to comply with the
agreement with the Committee to limit questions to events subpoena.
that happened only during the 2016 election.
Adam Schiff was triggered by Steve Bannon and also took
CNBC reported: to his Twitter account Wednesday to voice his frustration.

According to the White House official, who “There is no legal basis in which the White
spoke on the condition of anonymity, House can instruct witnesses like Steve
staffers for the committee and the White Bannon to refuse broad categories of
House on Friday discussed the parameters
of Bannon’s testimony. The White House
questions before our committee. We must The Russian collusion witch hunt is a huge oppo research
insist on answers,” Schiff tweeted, project with the intent of removing a duly elected
president. The entire thing is based on the phony Hillary-
funded Russia dossier. People involved must go to prison.
This is one of the biggest scandals to ever rock D.C.

POTUS Preoccupation:
At Least 36 Fall TV Shows Targeted Trump
By Corinne Weaver
January 18, 2018 9:42 AM EST

The entertainment world has readied the battlefield for the Blackish
resistance with scripted and unscripted shows.
Anthony Anderson’s comedy turned political at one point
this season when one character acts as Donald Trump and
The latest season of television proves this point with at rants, “Oh, my God, I am Donald Trump. Sad. Fake game!
least 36 programs tearing Trump and the conservative I was cheated bigly! Her emails! Her emails! Stupid
movement to shreds. Comedy Central leads the charge Hillary! Stupid Hillary! Put her in jail!”
with 6 shows directed at Trump, but ABC and CBS also
have 5 shows apiece that attack the POTUS on a regular Saturday Night Live

Politics is no stranger to NBC’s liberal sketch comedy, but

Trump is essentially the star of the show. Alec Baldwin
“Trump, you cheap cracker,” joked Michael Che on SNL. gained an Emmy and a recurring role on the show for his
That’s possibly the tamest thing that was said in the past impersonation of the president. With cracks made over and
season about the President. Some of the more exclusive over again related to the POTUS (“Trump is a bitch” and a
attacks on Trump from television include: “You can’t “cheap cracker”), the resistance practically lives here.
believe that this guy is running the country,” “Oh, my God,
I am Donald Trump. Sad. Fake game!”, “shot-gun toting Live With Jimmy Kimmel
deplorables,” and “there are literal Nazis in the streets.” Kimmel is on a crusade to take down Trump and
ABC conservative goals on his talk show. In a recent episode,
the late night host, best known for crying about the
Designated Survivor healthcare debate on air, told his audience in a monologue:
The new series is essentially an hour’s worth of liberal “You just can’t believe that this guy is running the
propaganda and smearing the White House. In one country.” In another episode, he told the audience Trump
episode, a character addresses the POTUS: “This White was like “Dracula who tells you to relax and take off your
House is worried about globalism. Well, you know, I’m scarf, ok?”
worried about our country. Mr. President, the American CBS
worker won’t support your agenda if you don’t support
him. Madam Secretary

The Mayor The show created to prop up Hillary Clinton’s reputation

has done just that, providing the DNC with dreams of a
In a twist allegedly meant to tickle the liberal agenda’s Clinton presidency. This season created the never-
funnybone, ABC’s new comedy follows an “African- Trumper’s daydream: impeachment. In an episode called
American Donald Trump.” The plot centers around a “Sound and Fury,” a character argues “But even if the
young, unknown rapper who runs for mayor of his town Russians are cowed, the president is still a wild card. And
and accidentally wins. Needless to say, he doesn’t do a we will end up going from crisis to crisis, and eventually
very good job being mayor. The show did not get renewed there’ll be a disaster.” In the course of the episode, the
for a second season. president is removed from office.

Star Trek: Discovery White House yelling that “Rules don’t mean anything in
this place anymore,” the resistance has never sounded
While this series is the first in the Star Trek canon to
more stale.
embrace atheist principles, it also finds time to poke at
Trump specifically through the Klingons. Executive Great News
producer Aaron Harberts told Rolling Stone that the
This sitcom about a television producer at a cable news
“Trump phenomenon was front and center in our minds” in
network uses the President to make arguments for PC
creating the new series.
culture. Thanks to President Trump, “There are literal
A Klingon leader, one of the villains of the show, tries to Nazis in the street.” Also, for whatever reason, “The
position his people against Starfleet’s mission for President just asked Congress to fund something called
multiculturalism. His slogan, “Remain Klingon,” is Bitch Jail.”
interpreted by Business Insider as “Make Klingons Great
Late Night With Seth Meyers
“It’s as clear as ever that Donald Trump is a racist,”
The Wisdom of the Crowd
Meyers told his audience. With all of the standard
Jeremy Piven’s series may have been cancelled by CBS monologues based on Trump’s every move, it seems
(after sex assault allegations) but the first 13 episodes were evident that Meyers has no plan to shift from the apparent
aired, with their slimy comments about conservatives standard in late night comedy.
(“they’re not a bunch of shotgun toting deplorables”) and
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
cliched Trump insults (“Why don’t you bring the head
Cheeto down right now?”). By far the least likely offender on this list, Fallon has
weakly attempted to step up his Trump bashing game in
The Late Late Show With James Corden
order to please the resistance in the audience. Some of his
With guests on this show like Nancy Pelosi saying that more recent aims have included dressing up as James
Trump is “worse than Darth Vader,” it’s hard to find Taylor to sing about “Fire and Fury.” But he still can’t
anything non-political these days after midnight on CBS. seem to get past the stale “tiny hands” jokes.
The Late Show With Stephen Colbert HBO
By far the strongest cannon in the liberal entertainment Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
resistance, the Late Show’s host, Stephen Colbert, makes
The HBO talk show has centered on Trump almost
such jokes as “Sir, they're not [bleep] Hole country. For
completely, leaving little or no room for anything else.
one, Donald Trump isn't their President.” But that’s every
Oliver’s season finale analyzed all of Trump’s “responses
day for Colbert’s show.
to disaster” and deemed him guilty of delegitimizing the
Fox media, whataboutism, and trolling.
The X-Files Real Time With Bill Maher
Part of the plot of an episode in the re-booted series One of the original anti-conservative talk shows, Bill
involved a Russian “private contractor” who had Maher uses vulgarity, blasphemy, and cliched lines to
“ascendancy over the FBI under classified security show the resistance how ready he is to take down Trump at
directive...from the Executive Branch.” all costs. “Trump can order the destruction of the entire
known universe,” the comedian joked to his audience.
Will & Grace
Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

A reboot of the ‘90s sitcom promised resistance and rants.

It certainly did not fail to deliver. With such dialogue as, “President Donald Trump is attacking us in every way
“The nutjobs that we protected the last president from are imaginable,” Samantha Bee raved on her Halloween
this guy’s biggest supporters,” and one character in the episode this year. From Clinton fantasies to her shock that

the Kurds actually like Trump, this show is true blue. Bee Noah and his cast constantly jab at the POTUS, saying that
is trying to be the queen of the resistance, but she’s held his “dictator blood keeps him alive.”
back by her own lack of humor.
Mr. Robot
Melania is going to file for divorce, and Mike Pence is too
The Trump resort, Mar-A-Lago, is seen as a “meeting afraid to have dinner with the main characters, according
ground for corporate overlords,” and the “owner” of the to them. It’s all just a part of the persistent wearing away
resort is called a “buffoon.” of any respect that might have been held by this show’s
audience towards conservatives.
Comedy Central
South Park
American Horror Story: Cult
Even though the writers of South Park promised no more
Trump, they’ve given the public too much. In one episode,
Trump is portrayed as a leader who raped a “worker with
ties to Russia” to death. He asks Paul Ryan, Mitch
McConnell, and Mike Pence to “put a positive spin on it.”
Broad City
Comedy Central made no attempt to disguise its contempt
for the POTUS, and Ilana Glazer’s foul-mouthed attack on
anything outside the liberal box was just part of the plan.
From blaming Trump for a “lack of orgasms” to calling
Florida “a white supremacist’s wet dream,” this is comedy
for never-Trumpers. Instead of bleeping out the vulgar
language, the show bleeps out Trump’s name.
The Opposition with Jordan Klepper In a battle that pits Trump supporter against Hillary
Yet again, Comedy Central jabs at Trump with the scripted supporter, the Trump supporter is always wrong. “Facts
weapon of satire, this time, with a spinoff from Trevor and truth mean nothing if our leader is an idiot. … I have
Noah’s The Daily Show. Jordan Klepper plays a been through hell these past two years. But so has our
conservative version of himself, much like Colbert did on country,” whines the Clinton supporter in the season
the Colbert Report. Instead of basing his approach on finale.
people like Bill O’Reilly, Klepper is sourcing his act from Netflix
“alt-right” figures such as Alex Jones and Steve Bannon.
With ridiculous defenses of Trump meant to ridicule the Chelsea
president, this one fits right in with the rest of Comedy Trump made up voter fraud, Trump is a “lying bucket of
Central’s lineup. dicks,” and Sarah Huckabee Sanders is “a proper trollop.”
The President Show Whatever the episode and whatever the topic, Handler
managed to focus her unhinged barrage of insults at the
Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik is bringing new White House. While this series came to its end, Netflix is
material to the Trump entertainment scene. In the past still making sure it has some remnants of resistance.
season, he has portrayed Trump as fighting with Melania,
referring to her as “that bitch,” and has a segment where he My Next Guest Needs No Introduction
deems things as “nice” or “not nice,” and calling the press David Letterman’s return to hosting a talk show follows
a “hate group.” the typical protocol: have the most liberal guests on for a
The Jim Jefferies Show whole hour saying standard liberal things. His first guest
was Barack Obama, who offered his opinion on Trump.
Yet another talk show, yet another Comedy Central anti-
Trump show, aimed at making sure the public is aware of Amazon Prime
just how awful liberals view Trump to be. “I’m just saying, One Mississippi
the new president’s a shit,” Jefferies said to guest Rob
Reiner. The second season of the Amazon series starts out with a
character attributing a character’s racism to the fact that
The Daily Show Trump was elected. Vicky, a Vietnamese woman at a Civil
This is the sixth show in the Comedy Central lineup to War reenactment, lashes out at someone else, “You did
attack Trump. Claiming to be “factually accurate,” Trevor nothing to stop a racist bully from becoming president?”

The episode also includes an idea to move to New Zealand Sarah Silverman’s failed attempt to be bipartisan on her
to escape Trump. In an interview with the Hollywood show resulted in an episode long reflection on the 2016
Reporter, Tig Notaro, the creator and star of the show, said elections, peppered with several cheap shots. Trump is
the show would address Trump, racism, and controversial “hard-headed,” inspires “overwhelming survival-based
sexuality because “it still felt like it would be irresponsible fear,” and brings “hate and division.”
to not touch on issues that are going on and that have been
Difficult People
going on, rather than just paint Mississippi and life as this
beautiful picture always.” This is the third season of the Hulu series, and among the
long list of political positions taken in the series, the
Electric Dreams
season so far has displayed Vice President Pence’s seal as
An evil dictator, mimicking Trumpian rhetoric, urges a swastika, a character flaunting a “Make America Straight
citizens to “kill all others.” Those opposing the leader have Again” baseball cap, and several swipes at Trump and
“anti-establishment sentiment.” Just one more fantasy conservatives throughout the season.
Hollywood enjoys providing for people who have no
footing in reality.
The Chi
Slamming Trump taxes and “Make America Great Again”
I Love You, America
in the premiere, Showtime’s new drama about the Chicago
South Side promises to drive conservative viewers away.
The Bold Type
The Freeform drama spent an entire episode this season
mocking Trump, with characters whining about him
leaving New York City and going to live in Mar-a-Lago,
and a character who joined a loud anti-Trump protest.

Trump Dossier Diverted The Public From Clinton-Holder
Uranium Scandals In Russia & North Korea - Pt 3
By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

Here, Part 3 and last of a series analyzing the transcript of by smearing the Trump campaign team for its meeting
the Senate Judicial hearing of August 22, 2017, exposes with a mysterious Russian lawyer in June 2016, which
how Barack Obama’s cronies who profited from the proved to be a set-up all along by the Democrats.
Uranium One deal with Russia aided in concert with the
notorious Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and her Lynch Law
bellhop Glenn Simpson, founder of Fusion GPS and front-
man for the CIA forgery known as the Trump-Russia Holder’s successor Loretta Lynch personally authorized a
Dossier. Her objective of a fix on the federal complaint special entry visa for Veselnitskaya and tolerated her
against Prevezon, a party to the Magnitsky’s arrest and overstay to defend Prevezon Holdings, the Moscow
murder, is shown to have been supported by Eric Holder, company implicated in the looting of Hermitage Capital as
Loretta Lynch and Ron Dellums along with usual suspect a part of a massive tax fraud. Hermitage CEO William
Hillary Clinton. Also probed is how two Moldovan bank Browder had retained auditor Sergei Magnitsky to probe
accounts set up for a “Mr. Kim”, probably for illegal the value-added tax (VAT) fraud at the Russian Federal
nuclear and missile smuggling to North Korea, were used taxation agency. Magnitsky’s uncovering of an “inside
to launder the Prevezon funds, further implicating job” involving high-ranking revenue officials led to his
Obama’s team in nuclear treachery. imprisonment, beatings and death behind bars.

Holes in the Hearing The loot from the tax theft, more than $200 million, was
laundered through a web of foreign banks, and some of
The extensive pattern of omissions in Simpson’s that stolen money was used by Prevezon boss Denis
testimony to the Senate committee are here filled in with Katsyn to purchase luxury apartments near Wall Street.
facts of the case, along with the background of Browder filed a lawsuit in New York for recovery of $30
collaboration with the Putin Kremlin by the Obama- million confiscated from Hermitage accounts in Moscow
Holder-Clinton cabal. In this new light, forgery known as by “fake” tax officials. His complaint was delayed and
the Trump-Russia Dossier was created to distract public finally settled in what now appears to be a further criminal
attention from prosecutor Preet Bharara’s sabotage of the plan to freeze the funds by Obama lackeys in league with
Prevezon money-laundering case in Manhattan federal the Kremlin to defraud Browder, who is castigated by the
court. pro-Russian left as the grandson of a renegade.
Involvement of Obama appontee Preet Bharara, the federal
The phony Russiagate scandal is then shown to be an attorney who constantly tweet-taunted candidate then-
extension of the cover-up of the Uranium One shipments president Trump, orchestrated this perversion of justice.
to the Russian nuclear industry. Intriguingly, Prevezon’s
money-laundering, defended by its lawyer Natalia In contrast with the harsh treatment of Browder, Lynch’s
Veselnitskaya, was connected with Pyongyang’s DOJ team rolled out the red carpet for Veselnitskaya, even
clandestine payment for the smuggling of nuclear materials covering her luxury hotel fees in New York over many
and missile technology from Ukraine to North Korea via months at taxpayers’ expense, to ensure the Kremlin’s
Moldova. silent cooperation over the Clintons’ uranium dealings
with the Putin regime, as only partly disclosed so far in the
The shady international uranium dealings approved by Uranium One scandal.
President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton account for why, even after his departure to Retired congressman Ron Dellums (Oakland, CA) acted
California, Attorney General Eric Holder has cast a long as Holder’s surrogate in guiding Veselnitskaya through
shadow over the Department of Justice and FBI, keeping Capitol Hill, introducing her to several ranking politicians.
an eagle eye over the illicit production of the Trump- His Russia-friendly contacts included Rep. French Hill
Russia Dossier and aiding the Kremlin’s femme fatale from Little Rock, Arkansas, the dynastic turf of the
Veselnitskaya. Holder’s aim was to divert voter attention Stephens family of financiers, the patrons of the Clintons.
from the Clinton’s illegal collaboration with the Kremlin Stepens Inc. is the financial adviser to Walmart, long
seeking entry into the Russian consumer market, and Below laid out as simply as possible is an outline of how
Tyson Foods aiming to resume its meat exports, not the the embezzled and stolen funds were routed by Katsyv’s
foul chicken rejected by Russians but beef for borscht, mafia associates and dirty bankers through a Byzantine
burgers and steak. maze into British-run offshore tax havens (note the UK
routing, in regard to MI-6 agent Christopher Steele) and to
The smuggling of cocaine through Mena airfield, at the the New York property acquisition by Prevezon.
edge of the Ozarks, the Stephens clan’s home turf,
provided the massive funding from the start of Bill The inter-bank transfers moved through Chisinau,
Clinton’s political career up to the Stop Trump movement. Moldova, into dummy business accounts set up to receive
Their ability to evade justice for decades is due not only to funds from a “Mr. Kim”, likely the late Supreme Leader
the Clintons but also to their patronage of the “Dark Side” Kim Jong Il (who died in 2011), apparently for secret
of the CIA. For the official record Dellums reported being purchases of nuclear materials and missile technology
paid $5,000 in consultant fees by Veselnitskaya, although from next-door Ukraine. In other words, Prevezon under
logic says either Fusion GPS or Eric Holder’s slush fund the protection of Obama-Holder-Clinton was also engaged
forked over a lot more cash under the table for his liaison in supplying warheads and missile parts for the rapid
work. upgrade of North Korea’s strategic warfare program aimed
at the United States, including Hawaii. When Honolulu is
The Kremlin’s Femme Fatale nukded, the Waikiki beachboys can thank local hero Barry
To divert potential fallout over his administration’s
suspect Uranium One transfers to Russia, the sitting An Ill-informed Supplier of Dirt
president ordered his Obama For America (aka Organizing
For Action) campaign fund to issue $700,000 in payment Now, here’s a look at the skimpy admissions at the Senate
to Simpson’s team at Fusion GPS for secret surveillance Judicial hearing from Fusion GPS boss Glenn Simpson
on Team Trump. This huge budget apparently also covered about his Russian client Denis Katsyv, the owner of
Velenitskaya’s free-spending junket, since she paid only Prevezon:
$50,000 to Fusion GPS, while hosting nightly dinner
parties in New York and assisting the HRAGI front-group - Glenn Simpson said to Senate counsel Patrick Davis:
to lobby for an end to sanctions to allow American “My lane was records, discovery, William Browder’s
adoption of Russian orphans, one of the lowest blows to business practices, his activities in Russia, his history of
come out of this affair resonating with Pizzagate. President avoiding taxes.’ (p.33). Thus, his research materials to
Putin, sir, why not put some of those ill-gotten gains discredit his assigned target Browder were gathered from
toward vocational education for orphans to work honestly newspaper archives and “public” data such as bank records
in underpopulated Russia’s agricultural and industrial and tax reporting hacked by his collaborator Nellie Ohr’s
sector instead of pushing them onto known pedophile and Open Source Works, a cyber intercepts bureau at the CIA.
child-porn rings?
- His source on the Russian crime and punishment is
Her mission as a visiting lawyer, with aid from Attorney Edward Baumgartner, based on “his ability to interface
General Loretta Lynch, was to block a money-laundering with the court system in Russia”, which implies insider
lawsuit in federal court against Prevezon Holdings, the connections with Russian law enforcement and
Russian company owned by Denis Katsyv involving in prosecutors. (p.39) Interface could also be used here as a
looting Hermitage Capital, client of auditor Sergei polite term for computer hacking. “He runs a consulting
Magnitsky. The probe into Russia’s biggest-ever criminal company like me.” The unlisted Edward Austin company
overseas funds-transfer, was defused by Holder’s loyal specializes in Ukrainian and Russian translation for
henchmen at DOJ, which carried out the Kremlin’s wishes litigation. In this context, the lack of public access could
by settling the Prevezon Holding’s money-laundering case indicate that company to actually be a desk in Langley or
with a mere $6 million fine just the day before that case down in the basement of the RFK building or FBI Hoover
was to heard in court in a gross perversion of justice. headquarters. Baum (tree) gartener: so evocative of John
LeCarre’s “The Constant Gardener”, a perfect nom de
Why did Browder settle? Because the deck was stacked plume in a work of fiction.
against him. Velelitskaya had by then lined up all the
testimony on Capital Hill, from the Obama White House - “The client’s (Prevezon) explanation for its response to
and of course her own embassy to support Prevezon, the (U.S.) government’s original allegation (of looting and
thanks to the deceptive propaganda from Glenn Simpson stealing corporate seals from Browder’s Hermitage Capital
and his media contacts at Bloomberg, WSJ, NYT and the office) was that they originated with an organized crime
rest. figure in Russia who had been extorting them (Katsyv
family of Prevezon) and who they had reported to the
Moldovan Intoxication police and who had been convicted and jailed for
blackmailing them (as stated in the Justice Department
complaint).” Note: Anyone who has an inkling about the
Magnitsky case are aware of the Moscow police habit of Kirsan enforced strict anti-corruption rules, transforming
doing a cover-up by silencing innocent victims in prison. the nation of shepherds and ranchers into a model of
ethical propriety and legal compliance, which was what
- “The allegations originated from Russian mobster attracted Browder to the region. His problems arose in
Demetri Baranovsky, who was jailed for running a Moscow not on the pleasant pastures of Kalmykia.
shakedown operation in which he posed as an anti-
corruption campaigner for the purpose of extorting money The Brotherhood
from people by accusing of some kind of corrupt activities.
. . . We were able to ascertain that Mr. Baranovsky was, in Simpson was correct to point out that Dmitro Baranovsky
fact, associated with Russia’s biggest organized crime was found guilty of extortion related to Prevezon by the
family, the Solntsevo Brotherhood, the dominant mafia Basmanny District Court in central Moscow in 2012 for an
clan in Moscow. . . . We found some indications that alleged $22.5 million extortion demand on Prevezon’s
Baranovsky was a lieutenant of this organized crime Denis Katsyv, Moscow region transport minister Pyotor
family . . . Baumgartner helped with that . . . . because of Katsyv (father of Denis) and their co-conspirators
his ability to interface with the court system in Russia.” So Alexander Altuna of Sberbank and stock-market director
Fusion GPS runs with the Kremlin fantasy that there was Vladimir Katasin. Baranovsky was sentenced to an 8-year
never any heist. sentence in a Siberian prison colony.

This is the view from a parallel universe. (I have nothing As deputy director of the anti-corruption group “Combat
personal against Vladimir Putin, especially his resistance the Brotherhood”, it is irrelevant as to whether Baranovsky
to foreign aggression, but his stance on this obvious fraud was a legitimate reformer or a con artist, because in either
is disappointing to say the least, especially when honesty of those two scenarios he squeezed Prevezon for the sole
would serve him better.) If the Simpson / “Baumgartner” / reason that it was guilty of stealing VAT tax funds along
Velenitskaya version of Magnitsky is accepted: then the with the assets of Hermitage Capital upwards of $22.5
Russian police and tax inspectors never raided Hermitage million dollars, or $30 million according to Browder,
Capital offices in Moscow, confiscated company seals and whichever.
documents, for assaulted staffers, absconding with more
than $30 million in assets. That would mean his consulting Prevezon is a recent addition to the Katsyv properties, a
auditor Sergey Magnitsky cooked the book to make false Cyprus-based front ocused on the real estate business, a
allegations of bribery demands and tolerance of corrupt convenient cover to move millions in laundered money to
business practices of Putin cronies. Therefore British- foreign shores. The vehicle-and-transport relationship of
(American) fund-manager William Browder concocted the the Solntsevskaya Brata, run by Semion Mogilevich, to the
biggest hoax in financial history. This absurd scenario Katsyv family offers insights into why Prevezon wanted to
avoids the obvious question: Why would he destroy his move out of the reach of the Brotherhood (which has a
own company, his grub stake in a country idolized by this stronghold in Atlanta, in the U.S. state of Georgia.)
paternal family?
The Slav nationalist crime group, comprised of Ukrainians
The View through Rose-tinted Glasses and Russians, is based in the Soltsevo district of Moscow
along the M-KAT highway from the Black Sea ports of
Or, possibly, Simpson’s view through cracked rose-tinted Ukraine and near the Vnukovo Airport, used heavily for
glasses might be out of sync with real field work. His air cargo. During the perestroika era, the Slav toughs won
perspective of the larger world, self-admittedly, is through a bloody battle with the Chechen mafia for control of that
newspaper archives and the microfiche viewer instead of urban area’s lucrative import trade in used cars and stolen
experience from the rigors of humint. His knowledge, or vehicles, gaining control of the roadway from Odessa to
ignorance, of the terrain was disclosed when he claimed Moscow.
that the Republic of Kalmykia, where Browder registered
his businesses inside Russia, borders on Mongolia, The availability of luxury vehicles, vintage or slightly
implying that it is an outlaw haven. used stolen, enabled a rising official in the metro
bureaucracy to became the Moscow region transport
The Kalmyk homeland is located in Europe on the minister, Pyotr Katsyv. With first pick of foreign-makes,
western bank of the Volga, south of Volvograd-Stalingrad, heestablished a VIP chauffeur service with 600 drivers, as
on the northern shore of the Caspian, along the steppe well asthe Moscow Hub transport center, and become vice
north of the Caucasus region. Kalmykia is famous because president of Russian Railways, the nation’s second-largest
its former president Kirsan Ilyumzhino was head of the state-owned company.
FIDE world chess association, its ethnic community in
New Jersey descended from the pro-Nazi Kalmyk Kavalier As for the gritty realities of the logistics sector,
Korps (KKK), and because Vladimir Lenin’s maternal everywhere around the world, truck hijacking, car-jacking
family were of Kalmyk-Buddhist descent. The Kalmyks and pilferage of cargo are a universal problem for
were descended from Genghis Khan’s Golden Horde, businesses seeking prompt delivery of intact goods. Tough
which is their Mongol connection. As for biz registration, men are employed as “detectives” or more robust muscle
to deter gangsters and assorted lowlife from a career of federal attorneys to resign as part of a much-overdue
highway robbery. To deter a young aspirant from hot- house-cleaning and reshuffle.
wiring another Mercedes, the best insurance policy is to
break his legs. Therefore, unlike street-corner thugs, the Two days after his resignation, Bharara’s successor Joon
Brata or Brotherhood is a well-organized disciplined Kim rammed through a $5.9 million settlement, on the day
hierarchy that maintains order in the underworld, while before the trial was scheduled to begin. The DOJ hailed
using their transport monopoly to ship drugs, prostitutes this rotten deal as a win-win outcome. The fact is that
and stolen goods to customers. Their tattoo is an eight- Veselitskaya had won hands-down with her checkmate,
rayed Black Sun, formed with two superimposed ninja another frustration for plaintiff Browder.
The delighted liberal news media heaped scorn on
Now, if Baranovsky was indeed a Solntsevskaya Brata William Browder, a grudge match that goes back to his
mobster, why would he bother to raise a public fuss (which paternal grandfather, leader of the pro-Soviet Communist
is totally ineffective in Putin’s Russia as shown by Soros’s Party (CPUSA) who became a turncoat by cooperating
minions) instead of permanently retiring the aged transport with the FBI during World War II. The left has never
minister to encourage the son to paid the agreed-upon sum forgiven or forgotten their No.1 renegade. His
owed? A demand of $22 is sufficient to engrave a mathematician father was derided by both the left and the
headstone for an obsolete bureaucrat. right, and Bill Browder himself left the U.S. and
relinquished American citizenship due to ostracism,
How could Prevezon get past The Brotherhood to move moving to London where he partnered with the
an alleged $220 million out of Russia as part of a massive controversial private banker Edmond Safra.
VAT skimming operation involving top taxation
department officials? The supposed sum of $22 million, or The Untouchables
one-tenth of the offshore transfer, is just too convenient,
meaning Baranovsky was probably framed by dirty Why was Prevezon and the Katsyvs treated like royalty by
prosecutors in on the heist. Again, the mob would not the DOJ-FBI and the Obama administration? Rumored
organize a protest when it could simply put a gun to the irregularities in the Uranium One deal, which shipped US.-
heads of the father, son and their wives, and stuff them into origin uranium, including plutonium content, without an
the truck of a used Lada for a vacation by the city landfill. export license from Canada to Russia. Unreported
Denis Katsyv would surely crack. shipments of higher grade uranium were in addition to the
yellow-cake from Russian-owned mines in the U.S. Bill
Into the Black Hole Clinton received a heavily publicized $500,000 speaking
fee from the buyer Rosatom.
The logic of crime, law and corruption results in the
implosion of the Simpson-Prevezon alt-universe into a A yet-to-be verified report is the removal of high-level
black hole, sucking in everything including light. Faced nuclear hexafluoride (HEX) in unmarked trucks from the
with the undeniable reality of the Hermitage Capital case DOE-funded reprocessing facility in Paducah, Kentucky.
in the context of Magnitsky’s investigation into the tax Plant workers spotted drivers were speaking a foreign
fraud, Obama’s DOJ had no choice but to accept language other than Spanish, possibly indicating a
Browder’s complaint by the New York Southern district clandestine removal operation arranged by transport boss
prosecutors and the Manhattan federal court. The problem Pyotr Katsyv, who’s since obviously had major leverage
was, however, the Kremlin’s leverage on Eric Holder and on the Obama regime. Attorney General Eric Holder and
Loretta Lynch for their green light on the Uranium One Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat on the committee that
deal. approved the uranium transfer to Russia at the time when
Vladimir Putin made no secret about this strategic plan for
Operation Eldorado, which nabbed the Prevezon money in Russia to become the world’s top nuclear supplier.
New York, was part of an international police investigation
into the inter-bank routing of that $22 million stolen from Mr. Kim in Moldova
the Russian taxation agency along with the loot from
Hermitage Capital through a labyrinth of foreign banks, More than $220 million was moved in early 2008 through
including the streams that passed through Cyprus where at least 5 major Russian banks, with a minor share
Prevezon is registered. Katsyv was then forced to dump his laundered through Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland.,
luxury apartments near Wall Street. while another batch flowed into British tax havens. The
larger sum was funneled from the Russian Krainy bank, a
The Manhattan court case was filed by assistant U.S. subsidiary of the Alfa group, to the accounts of dummy
attorney Preet Bharara, an Obama-Holder political companies Bunicon-Impex and Elenast at two banks in
appointee, who famously engaged in tweet storms with Moldova, the transit point. The funds were reportedly for
with the incoming President Trump. His firing, however, purchases of toilets and sinks, but instead were channeled
was due to his refusal to accept the order from Attorney onward into Cyprus, a haven of preference for Russian
General Jeff Sessions for with remaining district-level crooks. The destination was UBS in Switzerland, into the
account of Prevezon, according to the Organized Crime clever tightwads. The $5.9 million court settlement in New
and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP). So try to York, arranged by Preet Bharara, never came through to
explain that away, Mr. Simpson and Sen. Feinstein. Browder, because the Prevezon money is frozen by
banking authorities in chocolate-loving corrupt Belgium,
When confronted by revenue agents, Denis Katsyn said the original Pizzagate nation in the headquarters of the EU
the funds held by a Mr. Petrov for real-estate investments and NATO. The system is rigged.
in Moldova, where deposited into Bunicon and Elenast,
accounts which were opened for a “debt repayment” from Different Rules for High Rollers
a “Mr. Kim.” Kim? Perhaps then Supreme Leader Kim
Jong Il, father of the present regime boss? The flaunting of local and international laws on money-
laundering by the Katsyvs and Velenitskaya vindicate
There are not many Koreans in Moldova, a small nation of Sergei Magnitsky for his claim of systematic fraud with
4.2 Romanian speakers with a common cultural heritage high-level collusion from within a “reformist” regime. The
with next-door Romania. Although politically aligned with accountant never realized that self-righteous Western
the EU and NATO, Moldova has a special relationship governments were in on the scam. If the Putin regime has
with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), been so determined to reform the Russian system with
through a trade relationship based on the export of strict new rules, why did the Kremlin abet the flagrant
Moldovan wine to malnourished North Koreans. The only criminality of the Katsyns? As in most countries with a
affluent market for this fine alcoholic product in the high-profile foreign strategy, there is a two=tier policy on
vicinity of North Korea is Beijing, where nary a drop is capital flight.
available on the massively stocked shops brimming with
cheap Australian and Chilean labels. Ordinary citizens, your average Tom, Dirks and Igors, are
discouraged and heavily punished for transferring small
On a map of Eastern Europe, landlocked Moldova sums out of the homeland, as shown in the Obama
resembles a fat grasshopper caught in the open mouth of a Treasury’s FATCA regulations, which makes it nearly
large toad, which is Ukraine, to the east. It gets cheesy impossible for small-timers to open or keep business
now because its capital Chisinau is near Odessa, the hub of accounts in non-US banks abroad. Meanwhile, hedge
illegal sales of nuclear materials and missile technology funds and corporations like Apple and Microsoft, with the
including the Zenit satellite launcher rocket and the army of accountants and lawyers, can move money
Yushnoye-Yushmash-built Cyclone missile. anywhere on the globe without complaint from the
Ukraine still supplies missile technology to Russia despite
their military conflict, in blatant disregard for territorial In contrast to the hoi polloi, wealthy insiders and former
integrity over financial gain. In exchange, Russia bureaucrats or intelligence officials who perform those
reprocesses nuclear fuel for the Ukrainian energy industry, unsavory tasks to advance foreign policy, for example
a Western concern that prompted Westinghouse to enter “unofficial aid” to the Mr. Kims and other rogues, their
the market until declared bankrupt by its owner firm dirty work of character assassination of critics and
Toshiba. Ukraine remains an open market for Shinzo lobbying to sunset sanctions is not only tolerated but
Abe’s “strategic cooperation” with Kiev on defense quietly encouraged. After being caught by regulators, a
technology and cyber-security, to the South Koreans and few bank officials receive a slap on the hand for failing to
the Israelis, while its small arms bazaar is a shopper’s spot the money laundering, but they’re soon hired by
paradise for Africans and Arabs. another bank with an understanding sympathetic smile.

To get goods past hijackers and road blocks into Moldova Globalism’s Crooked Elite
for customer Kim, the key is logistical security along
roadways since every shipment to a port, railhead or air- For all its efforts to deny the Magnitsky accusations of
cargo hangar is hauled by truck. Now that’s a job for official complicity in tax theft, Moscow isn’t doing
experienced transporters, preferably Ukrainians and anything about crooks useful to the state that Washington,
Russians, trained and supervised by the Katsyv family, London or Paris hasn’t done, except on a smaller scale.
those hale fellows well met in the Solntsevskaya Bratva Money laundering by insiders is a component of “selective
aka The Brotherhood. globalism”, tolerated whenever useful for politicians and
diplomats even those who posture as nationalists, as shown
By the slightest 3 degrees of separation under the Black in the Trump administration’s laxity toward those lavish-
Sun, the Obama-Holder-Hillary gang are connected via spending Russian-style sneaks, the Kushners, whereas
Prevezon/Bratva to Mr. Kim’s pyrotechnics productions. studious small-time clean-cut American lad Carter Page
Hawaiians, in Obama’s home state, have a lot to look who aspired to be an international policy player was
forward to on the Fourth of July, if not sooner. snuffed and scapegoated as fall guy for the Beltway
partners of the Kremlin after their bogus accusations in the
Keeping up with the Kims and Katsyvs, sadly for their Trump-Russia Dossier.
nemesis Bill Browder, is never guaranteed, they being
Lesson: In politics, there’s no such thing as a level playing
field, or to paraphrase Napoleon Bonaparte: “Fairness is a In this black comedy, the tragic figure of Sergey
word found only in the lexicon of losers.” Magnitsky who died for his belief in personal integrity and
fiscal accountability will hopefully someday become the
America’s Jewish-owned news media that so eagerly ethical standard for fiscal propriety. Meanwhile, as for
supported the Magnitsky Act then turned around to hail the William Browder, following his grandfather’s sojourn
Kremilin-run Prevezon-Fusion team’s gem called the inside Russia, he should have realized before starting out
Trump-Russia Dossier. Thus Bloomberg, NYT, WSJ, to make it rich in Russia that the only game for a foreigner,
Reuters, NBC and others on the Simpson paid planted- even someone with his background and connections, in the
story list proved to be as consistent in principle as a casino called Moscow is Russian roulette. Bang!
Kosher pork chop.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders To WH Reporters On Fake News
Awards: “I Know You’re All Waiting To See If
You’re Big Winners” (VIDEO)
By Jim Hoft
Thursday, January 18, 2018

The first Fake News Awards are scheduled for Wednesday Then she added:
afternoon by the Trump White House.
“I know you’re all waiting to see if you’re big
winners. I’m sure.”


Today White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee

Sanders told the press room, after yesterday’s outrageous
spectacle, the awards will be later this afternoon.

Tax Bill Windfall: As 65 Companies
Award Bonuses Networks Air Just Two Stories
By Aly Nielsen And Julia A. Seymour
January 18, 2018 8:22 AM EST

Several days later, on Jan. 8, Southwest gave out $1,000

cash bonuses to all full-time and part-time employees who
were employed with the airline as of Dec. 31, 2017.

It wasn’t just big airlines either. Local businesses like

Anfinson Farm Store of Cushing, Iowa, and Charlotte Pipe
and Foundry Company of North Carolina, in addition to
Visa, local and national banks, utility companies and car
dealerships all took steps to reward their employees or
communities (through charitable contributions) and
attributed the acts to the tax bill’s passage.
Thousands of workers across the U.S. were awarded
bonuses, wages hikes or higher retirement account matches The millions of dollars being awarded and touching
this year thanks to the tax reform bill recently passed by communities across the United States should have been a
the GOP and signed into law by President Donald Trump. huge news story. And it was, just not on the broadcast
networks which have proved hostile to the Trump
But this huge economic story affecting so many was administration and opposed tax cuts. MRC analysts found
practically ignored by the network evening news shows in that network statements throughout November and
2018. Between Jan. 1, and Jan. 12, there were only two December Congressional debate over tax reforml were 81
stories mentioning companies handing out bonuses or percent negative.
raising wages. And one of those didn’t even mention the
decision’s connection to recent tax cuts. ABC World News Yet, World News Tonight ignored the positive economic
Tonight with David Muir ignored the story entirely those story while CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor spent just 19
two weeks. seconds total. Those seconds aired Jan. 11, as CBS
reported Walmart’s minimum wage hike, but omitted both
At least 65 companies of all shapes and sizes including big the GOP tax bill’s role and more than 100 other companies
names like Walmart, JetBlue and Southwest Airlines which had made similar announcements by that night.
announced bonuses, greater 401(k) contributions and/or
increased base wages (often to $15) in that two week NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt devoted one minute,
timeframe. Those announcements followed at least 63 44 seconds to the story on Jan. 11, citing raises and
other companies’ decisions to raise wages or give out bonuses at Walmart and other companies.
bonuses between Dec. 20, and Dec. 29, according to
Americans for Tax Reform. Tax cuts passed Dec. 20. “Walmart’s one of more than 100
Companies specifically cited the lowered corporate tax rate companies passing on some of the savings
as the reason for their decision. after Congress cut the corporate tax rate
from 35 percent to 21 percent,” NBC News
"We applaud Congress and the President correspondent Gabe Gutierrez reported.
for taking this action to pass legislation,
which will result in meaningful corporate As Nightly News admitted, a majority of the raise and
income tax reform for the transportation bonus announcements made in December and January
sector in general, and for Southwest credited the GOP tax legislation.
Airlines, in particular," Southwest Airlines
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Gary American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and President Robert
Kelly said in a press release Jan. 2. Isom announced bonuses on Jan. 2.

“We are pleased to announce that in light

of this new tax structure and in recognition
of our outstanding team members, additional three percent salary increase, on top of existing
American will distribute $1,000 to each raises.
team member (excluding Officers) at our
mainline and wholly owned regional “The 3% salary increase is tied specifically
carriers. These distributions will total to corporate tax reform,” the MusicNotes
approximately $130 million and will be press release stated.
made in the first quarter of 2018,” American
Airlines said in a letter to employees.
Between Dec. 20, 2017 and Jan. 12, 2018, at least 128
companies announced plans to pass on some of their tax
savings on to their employees and customers, according to
a list compiled by Americans for Tax Reform. Companies
continued to be added to the list after that time. As of Jan.
17, the list included nearly 200 companies and was still
being updated.

The media’s failure to cover the positive impact of the tax

cuts fit their negative overall coverage of the issue. During
the congressional debate over tax reform in November and
December, the broadcast network evening newscasts
churned out 173 minutes of coverage, most of it negative.

Other companies had different ways of spreading the During those two months, a separate MRC analysis tallied
wealth of the corporate tax cut. Utah-based Rocky 49 explicitly positive statements about tax reform from
Mountain Power said it would pass the “benefit of this tax network reporters/anchors, or non-partisan sources such as
cut” on to its customers. Nationwide Insurance, Visa and taxpayers or experts. That compares to 203 explicitly
People’s Bank all increased contributions and matching negative statements during the same time period, which
levels to their employees’ 401(k) accounts. Other translates to 81% negative spin.
companies, including Capital One, Regions Financial
Corporation and U.S. Bancorp, raised their minimum wage Methodology: MRC Business watched all weeknight
to $15 an hour. evening news shows on ABC, CBS and NBC between Jan.
1, 2018, and Jan. 12, 2018, looking for coverage of
MusicNotes, an online sheet music company based in businesses raising wages, giving out bonuses or taking
Wisconsin, said it was giving every employee an other actions because of the GOP tax bill’s passage. Only
two stories were found.

Bans Users Under Pressure From Chinese Government
By Joshua Caplan
Thursday, January 18, 2018

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe himself must respond, and take steps to
released a brand new video exposing increase Twitter’s transparency.”
Twitter’s practice of banning users due
Despite being available in both Hong Kong and Taiwan,
to pressure from foreign governments.
Twitter is blocked in mainland China.
On January 1st, Conrado Miranda, a
Executive Kathy Chen was hired as Twitter’s Head of
former senior software engineer at
China in April 2016, yet exited the company just 8 months
Twitter admitted to Project Veritas that
the social media giant routinely bars
users at the behest of the Chinese “Now that the Twitter APAC team is
government. working directly with Chinese advertisers,
this is the right time for me to leave the
company,” tweeted Chen.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe issued a second

warning to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over the weekend.
The undercover journalist teased footage of the social
media executive grabbing coffee at San Francisco hot-spot,
Blue Bottle Coffee.
“Monday morning we are releasing more shocking
undercover video from Twitter engineers exposing how
they take your private information, share it, exploit it and
abuse it,” O’Keefe said.
As The Gateway Pundit‘s Cristina Laila reported, the
undercover footage revealed Twitter pays hundreds of
employees to view everything you post in private
messages including “sex messages” and nude photos.
Video source: veritasvisuals
Miranda also revealed the Chinese government will hack
Twitter if the social media company fails to comply with
its request to ban an account.
After the video’s release, O’Keefe tweeted,
“This video begs the question – is
@Twitter even an American company? Do
they really hold American ideals? Or is the
idea of “free speech” just a marketing tool
for them to harvest your data? @jack

CNN Knows Better Than The President’s Doctor?
Network Claims Trump DOES Have Heart Disease
By Scott Whitlock
January 18, 2018 12:51 PM EST

Never let reality get in the way, CNN. After the White very ill etc.), doesn’t mean they get to keep the
House released the largely positive data from Donald conclusions they already had in mind. That would be…
Trump’s physical, CNN's Sanjay Gupta refused to accept unhealthy.
the findings and overruled the doctor who actually
examined the President. Asked on Tuesday if Trump had (For more on CNN’s obsession with Trump’s health, go
heart disease, Dr. Ronny Jackson responded, here.)

“No, not at all… I think he had great A partial transcript is below:

findings across the board, but the one that
stands out more than anything to me is his
New Day
cardiac health. His cardiac health is
8:32am ET

Appearing on Wednesday’s New Day to talk about this,

ALISYN CAMEROTA: President Trump getting a clean bill of
Dr. Gupta contradicted the President’s doctor, claiming,
health. The White House physician did say the president is
overweight and does not exercise enough. But, overall, he said
“So the President has heart disease. his health is excellent.
Those numbers qualify him for having
heart disease. And it clearly needs a
So let's discuss with CNN chief medical correspondent, Dr.
plan to try and prevent some sort of Sanjay Gupta, and Dr. Kevin O'Connor, who also Vice President
heart problem down the road.”
Biden's physician. Okay, gentlemen, it's great to have you here
because you see different findings and conclusions in the data
and in the results that the -- the exam results that you saw. So,
Sanjay, let me start with you. Here is President Trump's official
body mass index. He is reportedly yesterday, 6'3" tall, though
that is different from previous official exams where he was 6'2".
So somehow he has grown while being in the White House. And
his weight was 239, meaning his body mass index is 29.9. What
do you see here?

Co-host Alisyn Camerota, not a doctor, made dire

predictions for the President’s health in the next few years:

So in 2009 the president's calcium score,

before he was president, was 34. In 2013,
before he was president, it was 98. Today
it's 133. And as you see from the little
cheat sheet, fine print below, a score of
over 100 means a high risk of heart attack
or heart disease within three to five years. DR. SANJAY GUPTA: Yes, I mean, you know, this is -- this is
math -- this is based on the numbers that Dr. Jackson provided.
Clearly, the President should exercise and eat healthier. And, you know, this is a body mass index ratio. It's -- a body
His doctor said exactly that. But just because the mass index is not a perfect ratio by any means, but it is a good
journalists at CNN didn’t get the expected result (crazy, sort of indicator. And at 29.9 means someone is overweight.

Thirty, just to give you a little bit of context, means someone is heart attack or heart disease within
obese. So -- three to five years. What do you make of
these findings?
CAMEROTA: OK, so he is that -- that 0.1 away from being in the
obese category? GUPTA: Well, I mean, that's concerning. I mean I agree with Dr.
O'Connor on this point, that you want to take patients at this point
GUPTA: That's right. So, you know, borderline obese I think is in time. And I think what Dr. Jackson was saying yesterday in the
what -- is how many doctors would probably describe that. White House was, we've assessed the function of President
Trump's heart. They did an echo cardiogram, they did a stress
test and there was not cause for concern there.
CAMEROTA: Dr. O'Connor, what do you see in what happened
yesterday in the results?
But when you look at the findings you just put up there, Alisyn,
there coronary calcium score is a score that a lot of cardiologists
DR. KEVIN O'CONNOR: Well, as far as the results,
use to try and be predictive and be proactive. And if the number
potato/potato. Somebody is overweight or they're not overweight
gets up at over 100, that is concerning to a lot of doctors. It's
and I really don't get hung up on a point here or a point there. I
concerning because you can start to say, well, if you do nothing
don't think they're --
different, if you -- if things don't change, you can start to predict
the likelihood of having some sort of heart event, cardiac event, a
CAMEROTA: But don't you think it's significant if he were in the heart attack or something like that, within a certain number of
obese category? years.

O'CONNOR: It would be a significant word. You know, nobody And you see the trajectory of President Trump's numbers. No
wants to hear that word. Nobody wants to see that on their chart. doubt -- and I think Dr. Jackson alluded to this -- based on --
But how you would treat it, no, that's not a huge difference. because of his diet and because of his lack of exercise, that
would be part of the reason those numbers have likely gone up.
CAMEROTA: But, Dr. O'Connor, do you And they have continued to go up despite the fact that he's been
think that the president's clean bill of on medications.
health, that he did pass with the flying
colors that the White House doctor was So the president has heart disease.
saying, or did you see some -- any Those numbers qualify him for having
warning signs? heart disease. And it clearly needs a
plan to try and prevent some sort of
O'CONNOR: I didn't see anything distressing. I view physical heart problem down the road.
exams, they're either reassuring or non-reassuring. And
President Trump's exam, by all of the information that Dr. CAMEROTA: Dr. O'Connor, does the calcium score concern
Jackson gave is -- seems to be reassuring. you?

CAMEROTA: Okay. O'CONNOR: It concerns me, just like Sanjay said, it's evidence
that, yes, the -- they're not the coronary vessels that he was born
O'CONNOR: There are certainly different colors to paint it with. with, but the function of his heart was better addressed by the
You -- there's room to grow. I want him to be much more fit. stress echo and they were reassuring numbers.
Sleeping better would be a much -- you know, a good thing for
him. But it sounds like Dr. Jackson's plan seems to be But I look for actionable information. And the -- this is actionable
addressing them and now it's just a matter of compliance. information. We know his cholesterol is suboptimal. He's on an
anti- cholesterol medication. And it sounds like Dr. Jackson's
CAMEROTA: Sanjay, correct me if I'm wrong, but you did see going to increase the dose of that, which is appropriate. He's on
some troubling signs when you look at the data. So let me put up a baby aspirin a day, which is appropriate. You know, you look at
for everybody. There's this thing called the calcium score. If you microscopic inflation to see if any of those plaques (ph) are at
have high cholesterol, your doctor sometimes encourages you to risk for breaking off and going down range. But it sounds like the
get a calcium looks to see if the plaque is already building up in things that can be reasonably done for a man with this situation
your arteries. are being done.

So in 2009 the president's calcium The other ways to look at risk are some models that are age-old,
score, before he was president, was 34. the Framingham study --
In 2013, before he was president, it was
98. Today it's 133. And as you see from CAMEROTA: Yes.
the little cheat sheet, fine print below, a
score of over 100 means a high risk of
O'CONNOR: Gives the Farmingham scale. And if you plug in the GUPTA: Yes. Well, what Dr. Jackson basically said was that at
numbers we received yesterday into that, it puts him around 11 the president's request he administered a cognitive test. And I've
percent, which would be a high/low or a low/intermediate risk, just got to point out, I mean I've never heard of a president
which is about -- is about right. getting a cognitive test in the 16 years that I've been reporting on
this. So this was a bit unusual. I mean it's not often the president
CAMEROTA: Okay. I want to ask about his cognitive state asks --
because questions obviously have been raised recently about
that. And there was a moment that was troubling, at least to CAMEROTA: Well, but, I mean, maybe it was to put to bed those
viewers, where the president slurred his speech at an event. And questions. Maybe the president -- President Trump wanted to put
there was no explanation given for what was happening until to bed those questions so he specifically asked for it.
yesterday. So let me play that moment to remind people.
GUPTA: Yes. I think that that certainly could be the reason. But it
[Clip of Trump slurring his words.] was the president's request for this test. And, you know, to give
you a little bit of framework, this is a -- it's a pretty simple test. I
CAMEROTA: OK. So people wanted an explanation. Obviously mean it's about a ten-minute test. They ask you to identify certain
after that, what was that? It was so different than his normal way animals on the screen, to be able to count backwards from 100
of speaking. So yesterday, for the first time, the White House by seven, to recite as many words as you can beginning with a
doctor explained that he had given the president Sudafed and certain letter, like the letter "f," within a minute. And you get the
that causes dry mouth and that that's what happened that day. idea here. Draw a cube. Draw a clock. Things like that. Things
That was helpful. But, Sanjay, tell us also what the doctor that most people are able to do. And the president scored a
revealed about any cognitive tests that he gave the president. perfect score, a 30 out of 30, according to Dr. Jackson.

Wow! Scottevest CEO Says He Advertises On FOX News
Because Their Viewers “Gullible” And “F*Cking Idiots”
By Jim Hoft
Thursday, January 18, 2018

Scott Jordan is the founder and CEO of


The company advertises their products on FOX News.


For some reason Scott thought it would

be a good move to call his customers
“f*cking idiots.”

After a moment of clarity Scott took down the post and put
up an apology.

.On Sunday Scott Jordan decided to attack his customers The apology was posted on Tuesday!
on Facebook.

Scott said he advertised on FOX News because the viewers

are gullible and ‘f*cking idiots.”

Selective Memory: CNN's Cuomo Denies
Own Show Accused GOP Of Sexism Against Warren
By Kristine Marsh
January 18, 2018 11:51 AM EST

“Chris, I just think it would have been

covered differently if it were a
Republican senator yelling or lecturing
a woman coming before the Senate, not
giving her a chance to explain herself,
grandstanding,” she charged.

But Cuomo didn’t agree.

“She was there for a long time. She was

answering, she kept saying the same
things,” he contested.
CNN’s Chris Cuomo certainly seems to have a selective
memory when it comes to recalling how his own show has Cuomo then played a clip from an earlier segment where
responded to Democrat and Republican “scandals.” Booker responded to the RNC’s charge, and self-
righteously huffed that he was “insulted”
After Senator Cory Booker launched an angry lecture
against Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen for not because he was only calling out Nielsen
remembering whether or not President Trump said for “lying” about the “overt bigotry
“sh**hole” during a private White House meeting last coming out of the White House.”
week, the RNC took a note from the left, accusing Booker
of “mansplaining” to Nielsen. Acknowledging that he wouldn’t get into Booker’s “lying”
charge, Cuomo again pressed McDaniel, asking her if she
Cuomo defended Booker on New Day Thursday, grilling expects women to get different treatment than a man:
RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel over the charge, even
ludicrously claiming that had the same incident happened In this age of recognizing women as
with a Republican Senator and a female Democrat, the equal once and for all, on all levels, why
media wouldn’t have batted an eyelash. would he have to treat Nielsen
differently? She's so strong, she’s so
The problem is, a similar situation did happen just a year competent,she’s so empowered. Why
ago, and CNN’s own reaction was much different then that would he have to talk to her differently
it was this week. than he would have to talk to a man?

Cuomo began his interview by asking McDaniel “why” McDaniel agreed Nielsen shouldn’t have to be treated
she would accuse Booker of “mansplaining” when Booker differently, but still argued that Booker’s reaction was
was only trying to get Nielsen to answer his question. “disrespectful” to her position and was “mansplaining.”

“You accused Booker of 'man-splaining' to “How is it mansplaining just because she’s

Secretary Nielsen, who is of course a a woman is what I’m saying!” Cuomo
woman. Why, why did you call it that?” he asked.
first asked.
Finally McDaniel compared the situation to how Democrat
McDaniel argued that had the situation been reversed Senator Elizabeth Warren has been protected by the media.
politically, the media would’ve responded with the same
accusation of sexism. “There’s a hypocrisy of how Elizabeth
Warren is treated,” McDaniel started to
say but was talked over by Cuomo who
kept denying there was any kind of sexist “It happened a year ago,”
treatment towards Nielsen.
“They talk to men like that all the time, but was talked over the CNN anchor. She’s right. Last
Ronna! They talk to men like that, all the February, the media as a whole, but specifically Cuomo’s
time,” he gushed. own show, threw a hissy fit when a disruptive Elizabeth
Warren was asked to be quiet by Senate majority leader,
“There’s a hypocrisy between how Mitch McConnell, during a hearing confirming Attorney
Elizabeth Warren is treated versus how General Jeff Sessions. The media hoopla over the incident
Secretary Nielsen is treated,” she finally lasted for months, with several outlets mirroring CNN in
got out. accusing the GOP of sexism.
“The president calls her Pocahontas,”
Cuomo tried to turn the blame on Trump. Hilariously, Cuomo was sitting right next to his co-anchor,
McDaniel gushed, “When Democrats Alisyn Camerota, when she charged McConnell with
interrupt Elizabeth Warren, the media “sexism” for “silencing” Warren at the time, yet somehow
goes crazy, and when it just happened he didn’t remember any of this in his conversation with
to---” before Cuomo interrupted. McDaniel, Thursday.
“When has that ever happened?” he
Still contesting McDaniel, Cuomo joked that it was
actually asked, perplexed.
“almost impossible to interrupt Elizabeth Warren,”
anyway, before adding this whopper of a fabrication:

Who says that when Warren gets

interrupted, people go crazy in the
media? Even the Pocahontas thing gets
laughs these days, and that's about as
offensive as you see in political
mainstream dialogue. The president
gets away with that on the regular.

McDaniel repeated her argument that Booker was

“disrespectful” to Nielsen and was grandstanding for a
McDaniel informed him, chance to run for president in 2020, and the interview
quickly wrapped up after that.

Remember The CIA’s Heart Attack Gun? CNN Predicts
That President Trump Will Die From A Heart Attack
Kit Daniels
January 18th, 2018

CNN keeps predicting Trump will die of But for Trump to suddenly die of a heart attack from
a heart attack, which brings to mind the “natural causes,” the public must be conditioned to believe
CIA poison dart gun that can trigger he was at risk for one.
Conveniently enough, CNN now has this weird obsession
Revealed by the Church Committee in 1975, the “heart with Trump’s “risk” of a heart attack:
attack gun” is a modified 1911 that can shoot a dart with a
deadly poison that’s nearly undetectable – which is perfect
for political assassinations.

“The poison was frozen into some sort of

dart and then it was shot at very high
speed into the person,” said CIA
whistleblower Mary Embree. “When it
reached the person it would melt inside
them, and there would be a tiny red dot on
their body, which was hard to detect.”
“There wouldn’t be a needle or anything
like that left in the person.”
According to the American Mirror:

Because of Trump’s calcium score, CNN

predicted the president will have a “heart
attack or heart disease” in “3-5 years.”
But [CNN medical analyst Sanji] Gupta was
more aggressive.
“So the president has heart disease,” he
Yesterday, CNN host Brian Stelter didn’t
accept Dr. Ronny Jackson’s findings
Then-CIA Director William Colby confirmed the gun [Trump’s examiner], either.
could fire a special dart which “potentially would be able
to enter the target without perception,” adding that an Why is the network making an armchair diagnosis that
autopsy would fail to detect the dart’s poison. Trump suffers from “heart disease,” despite his recent
physical indicating excellent health?
Of course, the heart attack gun is 40-year-old technology,
so it’s theoretically possible to now deliver heart attack-
inducing toxins to someone without needing a dart.

House Intel Committee Votes To Release
Simpson Testimony; ‘Info Suggests Docs
Catastrophically BAD For DEMS’
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 18, 2018

“Blocking documents is a super weird thing memo documenting abuse of the FISA
to do if, as Democrats assert, all they want program,” Pergram tweeted.
is transparency”

(National Sentinel) Trump Dossier: The House In another tweet, the Washington Examiner‘s Byron York
Intelligence Committee quietly voted to approve the called the release a “major development.
release of “a memo documenting abuse of the FISA
program,” a move journalists believe could be
After noting that the memo, which is classified, could be
“catastrophically” bad for Democrats, reports Fox
viewed in a secure room now by all House members, York
News’ Chad Pergram.
tweeted the importance of the document?

In a tweet, Pergram also noted that while the full

“Report contains answer to question of
committee voted to release a transcript of Glenn Simpson,
whether FBI/DOJ used Trump dossier to
co-founder of Fusion GPS, earlier, Democrats on the
secure FISA warrant to spy on Americans,
intelligence panel moved to block the release of other
plus other issues. Now, whole House can
documents, including, he believes, the memo.
know. Public still in dark. 3/3”
FISA is a reference to the Foreign Intelligence
Surveillance Act; under the act, the U.S. intelligence
community must request surveillance warrants from the
FISA court, which meets in secret.

There has been speculation that the infamous Trump

dossier, which was commissioned by Fusion, paid for in
part by the Hillary Clinton campaign, and which has been
the subject of intense congressional scrutiny, was used to
justify obtaining a FISA court warrant to spy on the 2016
presidential campaign of GOP nominee Donald J. Trump.

“Fox is told that while the Intel Cmte voted

in favor of the Simpson transcript, Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist, tweeted after
Democrats blocked the release of other learning of the document and its release,
documents. The committee has also voted
on a motion by Rep. Pete King (R-NY) to “Blocking documents is a super weird thing
make available to all House members a to do if, as Democrats assert, all they want

is transparency. What are they trying to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-
hide?” Calif., recently told fellow Republicans he has seen
evidence demonstrating clear “abuse” of government
surveillance programs by the Justice Department and FBI.

As reported exclusively by investigative correspondent

Sara Carter of Circa News,

“The unverified dossier alleging

connections between President Trump’s
campaign and the Russians was used as
evidence by the FBI to gain approval from
Davis then added, a secret court to monitor members of
Trump’s team.”
“Schiff and the rest of the House Intel
Democrats saw the DOJ/FBI/FISA docs on Last week House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark
the dossier over a week ago. The lack of Meadows, R-N.C., said,
any leaks plus their votes today to block
release of that info suggest the documents
“Some of the things that will be coming out
are catastrophically bad for Dems.”
are so unbelievable that the FBI and DOJ
would actually allow it to happen. And I
would also say that there are other
agencies… We are focusing in, honing in
on that target.”

House Investigators Find Pakistani IT Workers
Gained “Unauthorized Access” To Congressional Servers:
Where’s The MEDIA?
By JD Heyes
Thursday, January 18, 2018

caught making authorized access to Democratic members’


What they were doing matched a “classic method for

insiders to exfiltrate data from an organization,” according
to the presentation, continuing to do so even after being
told to stop their activities.

Rosiak reports that there is evidence to believe that the

data of numerous Democratic members might have
secretly been stored not on designated servers but rather
aggregated onto a single server.
For several months the latest scandal tied to the
Democratic Party has been quietly building. I say “quietly” Investigators and federal authorities noted as well that the
because as usual, the disgustingly dishonest Democrat- entire server has been stolen, by the way.
friendly “mainstream media” has been silent about it.
But it gets worse. It appears as though Democratic leaders
But one intrepid reporter at The Daily Caller has been misrepresented the seriousness of the breach and data theft
tracking and documenting the burgeoning scandal after to their members, as noted by the differences in what
unearthing it last year. And now he just blew the lid off it. investigators have actually found and the fact that 44
Democrats did not beef up their system security which is
“House investigators concluded that typical after a breach.
Democratic IT aides made unauthorized
access to congressional servers in 2016, A summary of the investigation, written by the House
allegedly accessing the data of members Office of Inspector General under the bold heading
for whom they did not work, logging in as
members of Congress themselves, and “UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS” states that
covering their tracks, according to “5 shared employee system administrators
a presentation summarizing the findings of have collectively logged into 15 member
a four-month internal probe,” writes The offices and the Democratic Caucus
DC’s Luke Rosiak, detailing the latest although they were not employed by the
findings in the biggest scandal you’ve not offices the accessed.”
heard or read about.
Investigators found evidence that a House “server is being
Some months ago Rosiak reported that the aides, brothers, used for nefarious purposes and elevated the risk that
and relatives who are originally from Pakistan (and are individuals could be reading and/or removing information”
currently back in Pakistan) were believed to have been that is very likely sensitive (or personally damaging,
improperly accessing the servers and accounts of 44 perhaps?).
Democratic lawmakers including Rep. Debbie Wasserman
Schultz and former Rep. Rahm Emanuel (now mayor of In addition to the Awans, Imran’s wife Hina Alvi is named
Chicago). along with friend Rao Abbas. Abid’s Ukrainian wife
Natalia Sova along with another associate, Haseeb Rana,
Capitol Police and House officials became suspicious of were also identified as being involved in the breaches or at
Imran, Abid, and Jamal Awan and others after they were least associated with them. (Related: There is nothing
more despicable than a Democrat.)
The summary notes that one of the system administrators cybersecurity issues, though he employed
nearly every member of the Awan group.
“logged into a member’s office two months “The only thing I’m aware of is that he’s
after he was terminated from that office.” being charged with bank fraud,” Rep.
Joaquin Castro of Texas, who employed
Further, investigators believe there was malicious intent: Jamal and is also a member of the House
Intelligence Committee, told Rosiak.
“This pattern of login activity suggests
steps are being taken to conceal their House and Democratic officials told affected chiefs of staff
activity.” in February 2017 that the Awans and others were being
banned from the network. There were no Republican staff
Rosiak noted that statements made to him by some members present. Briefers never said anything about the
Democratic House members indicate they were cybersecurity concerns, according to several Democrats.
misinformed or at least not fully told about the seriousness
of the breaches. And wouldn’t you know it? The Democrat-aligned
‘establishment media’ isn’t telling them, either.
“This is the first I’ve heard about that,” Rep.
Emmanuel Cleaver of Missouri said of the Go figure.

Trump NAILS Democrats Over BUDGET, GOVT.
SHUTDOWN With This SIMPLE Statement
To The Press (Video)
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 18, 2018

No deal before Friday by midnight means that all non- “But again, the group that loses big would
essential government functions would shut down be the military, and we’re never letting our
military lose at any point,” he said.
“We’re going to fund our military, we’re
going to have a military that we’ve never
had before because we’ve just about…just
about never needed our military more than
now. Thank you very much,” the president

(National Sentinel) Presidential: President Donald J.

Trump used his bully pulpit to push for a long-term budget
deal in Congress and to avoid a government shutdown
during a visit to the Pentagon on Thursday.

As lawmakers from both parties rush to find a

compromise, most Democrats have dug in their heels and
have said they would not support any budget deal that did
not include a pathway to citizenship for so-called DACA
“Dreamers” — illegal aliens currently in the U.S. who
were brought in by their parents.

No deal before Friday by midnight means that all non-

essential government functions would shut down.
However, other federal employees would still have to
report to work, though they would not be getting paid until
the budget impasse is over and government funding is

The active-duty military is part of that group of “essential”

federal employees, and that includes troops that are
currently deployed overseas in war zones.

Trump addressed this with reporters.

Scarborough: Trump Doctor
Is ‘Shameful’ ‘Sycophant’, ‘Political Hack’
By Chris Reeves
January 18, 2018 2:36 PM EST

On Thursday’s Morning Joe, co-host Joe Scarborough

doubled down on his promotion of the “girther” conspiracy Scarborough then proceeded by reading from or
theory by repeatedly attacking the character and integrity paraphrasing large parts of the Milbank column that he
of Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, the official Physician to found to be insightful [the transcript below adheres to what
the President. Drawing his points in large part from a Joe said, not necessarily the exact wording of Milbank or
Washington Post column written by Dana Milbank, Dr. Jackson]:
Scarborough unleashed his contempt at Jackson for giving
Trump a clean bill of health. SCARBOROUGH: Uh, Dana Milbank: I was not
alarmed about the president’s health, but the doctor’s.
Joe labeled the doctor a “shameful” Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson was so effusive in extolling
man who “sounded like a sycophant” the totally amazing, surpassingly marvelous, superbingly
and used “the words of a political [sic] stupendous and extremely awesome health of the
hack.” president, the doctor sounded almost Trump-, Trumpian.
Quote: The president’s overall health is excellent, he said,
While this was happening, co-host Mika Brzezinski excellent eight times: Hands down, there’s no question that
chimed in occasionally to wonder about whether or not he is in the excellent range. . . . I put out the statement that
Jackson was lying about his medical report, at one point the president’s health is excellent, because his overall
stating: health is excellent. . . . Overall, he has very good health.
Excellent health.
“It doesn’t sound like he wrote it.”
BRZEZINSKI: It doesn’t sound like he wrote it.

SCARBOROUGH: [continuing to paraphrase/quote

Milbank and Jackson] And just how excellent is the
excellent Excellency’s health? Incredible cardiac fitness.
He has incredible genes. He has incredibly good genes,
and it’s just the way God made him. And after Sanjay
Gupta pointed out that he was borderline obese, the doctor
replied that Trump's heart is in the excellent category. And
not just his heart!

[Joe starts to speak in condescending,

babying, mocking, whining tone]
The doctor rhapsodized about Trump’s
vision, his stamina. He has more energy
Although the segment in question began with Scarborough
than just about anybody. And Trump is
and his fellow panelists insisting that they were not trying
very sharp, and very, very articulate. . . .
to promote “girtherism” or attack Dr. Jackson, Joe
Very, very sharp, very intact. . . .
apparently couldn’t help himself, declaring almost
Absolutely no cognitive or mental
immediately that
issues whatsever [sic] . . . . The
president did exceedingly well. And
“the doctor certainly has taken on the then they said: Well, but he is borderline
[...] lifeform of other lifeforms inside the obese. To which the doctor said that if
Trump White House. He, he sounded he’d eaten better over the past 20 years,
like a sycophant. He didn’t sound like a he might live to be 200.
Scarborough’s increasingly mocking tone and his inability
to accurately read from Milbank’s column got worse and
worse until Brzezinski finally stepped in to exclaim: “God, has basic tasks like counting backwards by seven, and
what did he say about Obama?” (Mika was probably drawing a clock that reads 10 past 11.
referring to Jackson’s time as Obama’s White House
physician.) Joe, trying to portray Jackson as being These are some of the basic mental
sycophantically pro-Trump, flatly replied: “Uh, the processes that tragically slip away from
President's, uh, uh, cholesterol is a little high. Uh, he people with dementia.
checked out well.” Brzezinski pledged that she was going
to “look it up,” and she spent much of the rest of the Scarborough’s complete ignorance about dementia is
segment doing so on her smartphone. pretty disturbing given his prominent role in pushing the
“Trump literally has dementia” conspiracy theory.
At this point, perhaps sensing how far astray he had gone
in impugning Jackson’s character, Scarborough half- Joe wasn’t done with attacking Dr. Jackson’s integrity,
heartedly threw in some praise for the doctor before however. After reiterating his belief that Trump’s reported
continuing to paint him as a bloviator: weight of 239 pounds must be wrong, Scarborough also
went after Jackson for saying that Trump’s sleep habits are
SCARBOROUGH: You know, which is, I, not a problem:

I'm sure this guy is a great guy, great SCARBOROUGH: Well, and, do you, do you, do you
physician, blah blah blah. He shouldn't know what el-, do you know what else is also odd, Willie?
have sounded so Trumpian first of all.
And second, Willie,-
You won't find a reputable doctor in
BRZEZINSKI: Well, did he write it? America-
SCARBOROUGH: -he works in a White
House where just about everybody who BRZEZINSKI: [using smart phone] Yeah, I’m looking for-
makes public statements lie [sic]. So, if .
he's shocked that somebody’s going: Eh,
okay, well. The White House spokesman SCARBOROUGH: -that will tell you
said we weren't gonna have a cognitive getting four hours of sleep-
exam, made a point to say no cog- -- and
suddenly we have a cognitive exam? And WILLIE GEIST: Right.
he can tell what lions and, and, and
rhinos and giraffes and little monkeys
SCARBOROUGH: -a night is good for
are? Great, okay. That's fine. Um, but it
you. They will all say the same thing: Get
was -- I don't know. It was, it was
four hours of sleep a night–over time,
Trumpian, to say the least.
your cognitive abilities start to
degenerate. Not a single respectable
Yes Joe, the test that Trump took has questions like that doctor in America would say what he said.
because it’s looking for DEMENTIA, that thing you’ve So, are we questioning his integrity?
been saying Trump has for months now. People who are No, we're not. I'm just questioning his
suffering from dementia have trouble answering those motivations. I mean, does, maybe he likes
simple questions because their minds are deteriorating. As eating at the White House mess lot. I don't
the liberal news site Vox explained [emphasis mine]: know why. But, but his own words-

The Montreal Cognitive Assessment, or MoCa, is a tool JONATHAN LEMIRE: Yeah, it was-.
designed to spot the symptoms of dementia that come with
a neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer’s or
SCARBOROUGH: -are not the words of a
Parkinson’s. According to Jackson, Trump requested a
physician. They're the words of a
cognitive test during his annual physical, and is the first
political hack.
president to have undergone one.
Actually, they’re the words of a real doctor who knows
To the able-minded, some of the what he’s talking about. While most adults do need
questions might look overly simple or roughly 7-9 hours of sleep a night, a small proportion of
silly. the population, known as “short-sleepers,” have genes that
enable them to get by on 4-6 hours of sleep a night. As
It asks, for instance, for the patient to identify the names of reported by the BBC and Business Insider, several current
a few animals, and correctly state their date and location. It and past world leaders, CEOs, or other elite figures have
had this ability. If Trump is a genetically predisposed
short-sleeper, then his sleep habits are indeed not a but if he ate better, he could live to be 200
problem, as Dr. Jackson reported. years old. What extraordinary genes, et
cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
Scarborough closed out the segment by lambasting BRZEZINSKI: This is, I think -- point
Jackson for “whitewashing” Trump’s health: made.
SCARBOROUGH: Come on, that's just
SCARBOROUGH: He gets four hours of shameful.
sleep a night. He has one of the highest
stress jobs in the world. And for this guy
to come out and whitewash all that and When even Mika thinks you’ve gone a bit overboard,
say that he's in great shape and -- oh, he maybe it’s time to start considering pulling back from the
could exercise a little bit. Oh, he could do -- precipice?

Lindsey Graham BAITS CNN Info Babe
Into Asking THIS About TRUMP, Then Lowers The Boom
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 18, 2018

“Let me tell you what, you can be dark as Bash complied and Graham
charcoal and lily white — it doesn’t matter answered, “Absolutely not.”
as long as you’re nice to him”
Graham went on to explain,

“Let me tell you what, you can be dark as

charcoal and lily white — it doesn’t matter
as long as you’re nice to him,” Graham
explained. “You could be the pope and
criticize him — it doesn’t matter, he’ll go
after the pope.
“He’s a street fighter,” Graham noted
further. “It’s not the color of your skin that
(National Sentinel) Media Miss: Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-
matters, it’s not the content of your
S.C., appeared on CNN Thursday to discuss once again
character, it’s whether or not you show him
comments reportedly made by President Donald J. Trump
respect or like him.”
during recent negotiations over an immigration reform bill
at the White House.
Graham noted that Trump no longer needs to be a “street
fighter,” which is how he got elected — beating Graham,
Graham, who was in the room at the time with a number of
in fact, along with 15 other GOP candidates.
other lawmakers, was asked by Dana Bash if Trump called
countries like Haiti and African nations “sh*tholes,”
implying that he intentionally singled out countries where “What we need now is a leader,” Graham
most citizens are black. continued, pointing out that Trump has
moments of brilliance and that the country
is behind him on a plethora of issues that
“You can keep asking me all day long and
must be addressed.
I’ll say the same thing,” Graham
responded. “Why don’t you ask me, ‘is he a “There are real estate markets and there
racist?’” are political markets,” the senior South
Carolina Republican said, and each can
“That was my next question,” Bash
only bear so much.
“Okay well, why don’t you ask me?”
Graham said coolly.

New York Times Psychiatrist Calls
For New Law To Prevent Trump From Nuking Us All
By Chris Reeves
January 18, 2018 5:49 PM EST

emotions? That I saw very clearly that he

was engaging in cyberbullying on
Twitter? That he had repeatedly made
untruthful or highly distorted
statements? That his language implied he
engaged in sexually abusive behavior?
That he appeared paranoid about being
surveilled or persecuted by others, that he
frequently disregarded or violated the rights
of others?

These are the sorts of things that set off alarms for Air
Force psychiatrists. I certainly could not certify him as
On Wednesday, The New York Times published an op-ed “P.R.P. ready” without more extensive psychological
from guest contributor Steven Buser, a clinical psychiatrist evaluation.
who previously worked for the U.S. Air Force.
Unfortunately, instead of providing actual insight about
President Trump’s mental health, Buser used his authority I can’t read Buser’s mind to figure out exactly what
as a former evaluator of airmen who worked with nuclear examples he was thinking about here, but his last line
weapons as a license to commit psychiatric malpractice. accusing Trump of being paranoid about surveillance
Without providing any concrete evidence, seems to be a reference to the now-famous kerfuffle
between the President and The New York Times over
Trump’s claim that Trump Tower was wiretapped by the
Buser portrayed Trump as a potential Obama administration. Even though the Times published a
existential threat who is mentally front page article last year with the headline “Wiretapped
unstable enough to launch an Data Used in Inquiry of Trump Aides,” which appeared
“impulsive first strike nuclear attack” on to support that very accusation, NYT reporters attacked
some unnamed foe. Trump as a paranoid liar for making it.

In response to this imaginary crisis, Buser urged Congress If that is the tired old point that Buser was trying to
to pass a bill that would seriously hinder America’s resurrect, then perhaps he would be interested in looking at
capacity to respond to nuclear threats. more recent reporting by CNN that found the following
[emphasis mine]:
Buser introduced his piece by laying out the basics of the
Nuclear Personnel Reliability Program (P.R.P.) and its US investigators wiretapped former
importance in keeping the country safe, but did not linger Trump campaign chairman Paul
for long on the technical specifics of the program. After Manafort under secret court orders
admitting that White House physician Ronny Jackson’s before and after the election, sources tell
evaluation of Trump showed that the President was “no CNN, an extraordinary step involving a
doubt” in “decent shape,” Buser moved straight to his high-ranking campaign official now at the
argument for why Trump is too mentally unfit to be center of the Russia meddling probe.”
allowed to handle America’s nuclear arsenal [emphasis
The government snooping continued into early this year,
including a period when Manafort was known to talk to
I have not had the opportunity to President Donald Trump.
examine the president personally, but
warning signs abound.
Whoops, looks like Trump wasn’t crazy after all. If the rest
What if I had reliable outside information of Buser’s unspoken examples are as bad as this one, then
that Airman Trump displayed erratic his case is in serious trouble.
However, apparently unconcerned by the notion of having balances intended by the framers of the
to actually back up his claims with evidence, Buser piled Constitution remain intact. But equally
on to his baseless assertions by musing about how Trump’s important, it remedies a glaring failure
rhetoric was partially responsible for the panic caused by within the nuclear chain of command
Hawaii’s false ballistic missile alarm this past weekend and mitigates one of the greatest
[emphasis mine]: dangers of our nuclear ages: the
possibility of an unhinged president
It does not take a former Air Force executing a calamitous decision that
psychiatrist to point out that our country endangers millions of Americans, and
finds itself in a place unlike any we’ve ever potentially millions of others around the
been before. Saturday morning’s alarm in globe.
Hawaii, as residents read alerts that
incoming ballistic missiles were on their No president, including Mr. Trump, should have the
way, is a wakeup call to the very real unilateral power to begin a nuclear war.
danger we’re facing. Global tension and
angst are significantly heightened. Congress must protect the American
We’ve been here a few times before, but people, and taking away the option of an
unlike those other times our impulsive first strike nuclear attack is a
commander-in-chief adds, without clear and sane way to prevent a
equivocation, to this angst almost daily dangerous and insane result.
with his words and actions. We have
always assumed that the person at the top Unhinged pieces like this are the reason why the American
has the mental fitness to meet whatever Psychiatric Association established as one of its principles
standards the Air Force set for the rest of of ethics the following rule:
the chain of command. What keeps me up
at night? The realization that, at the The “Goldwater Rule”:
worst possible time, we have a chief
executive who I believe would probably
On occasion psychiatrists are asked for an
fail the P.R.P.
opinion about an individual who is in the
light of public attention or who has
Buser concluded his article by pleading for Congress to disclosed information about himself/herself
take action now to pass the Restricting First Use of through public media. In such
Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017, a bill that would restrict the circumstances, a psychiatrist may share
president’s ability to use nuclear weapons without with the public his or her expertise about
Congressional approval [emphasis mine]: psychiatric issues in general. However, it is
unethical for a psychiatrist to offer a
It’s unlikely that the military will act on its professional opinion unless he or she has
own to require the president to submit to an conducted an examination and has been
Air Force psychiatrist’s evaluation. But granted proper authorization for such a
there are other options. A bill in the House, statement.”
with support in the Senate, called the
Restricting First Use of Nuclear Buser’s lack of a specific diagnosis (that is, not offering a
Weapons Act of 2017, explicitly “professional opinion”) for Trump may allow him to
prevents any president from initiating a technically skirt this ethical guideline, but raising the alarm
nuclear first strike without as he did about a sitting U.S. president being a threat to
Congressional approval. This should be millions of lives certainly violates the spirit of the rule and
common sense for any politician to support, displays a crass lack of respect for a profession that should
because it assures that the checks and never be politicized.

WOW! Sara Carter Reveals FISA Memo
Is So “Explosive” That It Could END Mueller Investigation
By Joshua Caplan
Thursday, January 18, 2018

The House Intel panel’s passage of New

York Republican Rep. Peter King’s But the government official, who viewed the document
motion to release the FISA abuse memo said
to fellow House members has rocked
Washington, D.C. “it will be tough for a lot of people to see
this and especially the media, which has
Lawmakers from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) to Rep. Lee been attempting to deemphasize the
Zeldin (R-NY) have called for the classified memo’s dossier. It’s going to punch a hole in their
immediate release. According to Fox News contributor collusion narrative.”
Sara Carter, the contents of the memo are so “explosive,”
that it could end special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia On Thursday, the House Intelligence Committee quietly
probe once and for all. voted to make available to fellow House members “a
memo documenting abuse of the FISA program,”
reports Fox News’ Chad Pergram. Rep Lee Zeldin (R-NY)
is demanding the secret memo be released immediately.

Sara Carter reports:

“Just read the classified doc @HPSCI re
FISA abuse. I’m calling for its immediate
A review of a classified document outlining what is
public release w/relevant sourced material.
described as extensive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance
The public must have access
Act abuse was made available to all House members
ASAP! #Transparency.”
Thursday and the revelations could lead to the removal of
senior officials in the FBI and Department of Justice,
several sources with knowledge of the document stated.
These sources say the report is “explosive,” stating they
would not be surprised if it leads to the end of Robert
Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation into President
Trump and his associates. […]

Congressional members are hopeful that the classified

information will be declassified and released to the public.

“We probably will get this stuff released by

the end of the month,” stated a
congressional member, who asked not to
be named.

“Releasing this classified info doesn’t
compromise good sources & methods. It
reveals the feds’ reliance on bad sources &
methods,” added Zeldin.

As The Gateway Pundit‘s Jim Hoft reported, Rep. Matt

Gaetz (R-FL) joined Liz Claman on FOX Business
Network to discuss the FISA abuse report.

Rep. Gaetz told Claman:

“The allegations contained in this important

intelligence document go to the very
foundations of our democracy and they
require an immediate release to the public
in my opinion.”

Carter’s story comes amid reports former White House

Strategist Steve Bannon has reached a deal to meet with
Mueller, rather than appear before a grand jury.

"Explosive", "Shocking" And "Alarming"
FISA Memo Set To Rock DC, "End Mueller Investigation"
By Tyler Durden
Thu, 01/18/2018 - 22:25

All hell is breaking loose in Washington D.C. after a four-

page memo detailing extensive FISA court abuse was
made available to the entire House of Representatives
Thursday. The contents of the memo are so explosive, says
Journalist Sara Carter,

that it could lead to the removal of senior

officials in the FBI and the Department
of Justice and the end of Robert
Mueller's special counsel investigation.
These sources say the report is
“explosive,” stating they would not be Lawmakers who have seen the memo are calling for
surprised if it leads to the end of Robert its immediate release, while the phrases "explosive,"
Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation "shocking," "troubling," and "alarming" have all been used
into President Trump and his associates. - in all sincerity. One congressman even likened the report's
Sara Carter details to KGB activity in Russia.

“It is so alarming the American people

have to see this,” Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan
told Fox News. “It's troubling. It is
shocking,” North Carolina Rep. Mark
Meadows said. “Part of me wishes that I
didn't read it because I don’t want to
believe that those kinds of things could
be happening in this country that I call
home and love so much.”

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., offered the motion on Thursday

to make the Republican majority-authored report available
A source close to the matter tells Fox News that "the memo to the members.
details the Intelligence Committee's oversight work for the
FBI and Justice, “The document shows a troubling
course of conduct and we need to make
including the controversy over the document available, so the public
unmasking and FISA surveillance." can see it,” said a senior government
official, who spoke on condition of
An educated guess by anyone who's been
anonymity due to the sensitivity of the
paying attention for the last year leads to
document. “Once the public sees it, we
the obvious conclusion that the report
can hold the people involved
reveals extensive abuse of power and
accountable in a number of ways.”
highly illegal collusion between the
Obama administration, the FBI, the DOJ The government official said that after
and the Clinton Campaign against reading the document “some of these
Donald Trump and his team during and people should no longer be in the
after the 2016 presidential election. government.” -Sara Carter

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) echoed Sara Carter's
sentiment that people might lose their job if the memo is

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein

“I believe the consequence of its release
will be major changes in people
currently working at the FBI and the
Department of Justice,” he said,
referencing DOJ officials Rod Rosenstein
and Bruce Ohr

Meanwhile, Rep. Matt Gatetz (R-FL)

said not only will the release of this
memo result in DOJ firing, but "people
will go to jail."

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino says

"Take it to the bank, the FBI/FISA docs

are devastating for the Dems."

Releasing the memo to the public would require a

committee vote, a source told Fox, adding that if

it could be released as long as there are

no objections from the White House
within five days.

Reactions from the citizenry have been on point:

Of all the recent developments in the ongoing
investigation(s), this one is on the cusp of turning into a
genuine happening.

Even WikiLeaks has joined the fray, offering a reward in

Bitcoin to anyone who will share the memo:

INTEL EXPERTS: “Heads Will Roll” When FISA Intel
Memo Released – Rosenstein And Ohr
Fired Immediately (Video)
By Jim Hoft
Thursday, January 18, 2018

that it could end special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia

probe once and for all.

Tonight Rep. Gaetz added that Rod Rosenstein and Bruce

Ohr, the demoted agent at the Department of Justice, will
be immediately fired after the memo is released.

Lou Dobbs and Chris Farrell from Judicial Watch

discussed the explosive memo Thursday night on Lou
Dobbs Tonight.

The House Intel panel’s passage of New York Republican

Rep. Peter King’s motion to release the FISA abuse memo
to fellow House members has rocked Washington, D.C.

Lawmakers from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) to Rep. Lee

Zeldin (R-NY) have called for the classified memo’s
immediate release. According to Fox News contributor
Sara Carter, the contents of the memo are so “explosive,”

Obama FBI/DOJ/FISA Abuse Report Goes To Full House
Of Representatives After Democrats Try To Block
Access From Fellow Lawmakers
- What Are Democrats So Scared Of?
By Susan Duclos - All News Pipeline
January 18, 2018

To get the full context of how brutal the battle to get

information to the public has been, we go back for a brief
recap, starting in March 2017, when House Intelligence
Committee chairman David Nunes made headlines by
exposing to reporters that the Intelligence community,
under Obama had "incidentally" collected information, via
surveillance on Trump transition team members after the

After left-wing activists filed ethics complaints against

Nunes, he temporarily handed over the reigns of the Russia
investigation to Representative Mike Conaway, with
assistance from Representatives Trey Gowdy and Tom
Rooney, until the Ethics Committee determined he did not
The House Intelligence Committee took two votes, one violate any ethics rules.
was to release the highly publicized testimony from Fusion
GPS founder Glenn Simpson, and it appears the measure That was the long story short, feel free to follow the links
passed unanimously. The other passed strictly along party for the detailed versions.
lines, with Democratic committee members attempting to
block the release of a brief report which summarizes the In December 2017, after the ethics committee cleared
Obama era FBI/DOJ FISA abuses, which reportedly also Nunes, he announced that as the investigation had
includes the answer as to whether the FBI and/or the DOJ progressed they had uncovered evidence of "abuse" on the
used the discredited, and unverified, Steele dossier to part of the intelligence community during the Obama
obtain FISA warrant to surveil the Trump campaign team presidency.
“I believe there's evidence that abuses
The vote wasn't even to to release the summary to the have occurred," Nunes said in his first
public because it contains classified information, the interview since the House Ethics
Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee were Committee dismissed allegations he had
attempting to block the rest of the 435 members of wrongly released classified information as
Congress from being allowed to see whether the FBI and part of the panel’s Russia investigation.
DOJ, under Obama, had abused their positions in order to
spy on an opposing party's presidential candidate and "We have had an ongoing investigation into
president-elect. DOJ [Department of Justice] and FBI since
mid-summer for both FISA [Foreign
WHY THIS IS SO IMPORTANT Intelligence Surveillance Court] abuse and
other matters that we can't get into too
The bottom line answer to this is that Democrats on the much. But it is very concerning."
committee attempted to prevent the rest of the House of
Representatives from seeing the proof that the Obama Nune's stated at the time
administration violated keys aspects of the law, abused the "I hate to use the word corrupt, but they
system, and did so with impunity, until now. become so dirty that, who is watching the

watchmen? Who is investigating these gives more credence to three sources, two congressional
people? There is no one." members, one person in the DOJ, that told Sean Hannity,

Now, evidence that Democrats and Republicans on the "100 percent the dossier was used at least
House Intelligence Committee have had for over a week, in part, one person said was significantly a
can be seen by the full House of Representatives, via a part of getting the FISA warrant." Sara
secure room since information within the brief report is Carter from Circa had also received
still classified. They will know, but as of now, the public confirmation from a variety of sources that
will not.... unless of course Gateway Pundit is right in "the dossier was absolutely used as part of
saying "let the leaking begin." the FBI's ability to gain a warrant to
basically spy on members of the Trump
Co-founder of the Federalist, Sean Davis states, via campaign."
In the video clip from that discussion, Hannity and Carter
"Schiff and the rest of the House Intel are joined by chairman of the Freedom Caucus Rep. Mark
Democrats saw the DOJ/FBI/FISA docs on Meadows and former chairman Rep. Jim Jordan, where
the dossier over a week ago. The lack of Meadows argued at the time to
any leaks plus their votes today to block
release of that info suggest the documents "let every member have access, not only to
are catastrophically bad for Dems." that FISA application, but to all the
outstanding work that Chairman Nunes has
Note- A fair amount of snark there as it was Schiff that is put forth in terms of gathering documents."
believed to have leaked information from the classified He went on to state, "it is time that every
testimony of Donald Trump Jr., during the testimony, to member has the access to those
CNN, that Wikileaks had provided him with an encryption documents. So we are calling on our
code to a release before they had released it to the public, leadership to make that available."
only to later have to correct their report, showing the email
sent to Don Jr. had been sent by someone else, after Rep. Jordan takes it a step further, saying that once the full
Wikileaks had already released the information in question House gets to see this information, then the chorus will
to the public, therefore negating the entire implication that grow stronger to
there was some type of collusion between Don Jr. and
Wikileaks. "declassify this, make this public so the
American people can understand once and
That particular screw up by CNN, and for all what exactly happened."
others, made President Trump's Fake
News Awards of 2017 list, ranking as Watch the entire segment, because there are members of
number 3. Congress, fighting for transparency, not only to the full
Congress, but so that the general public, "we the people"
The implication by Davis is clear, had the information that pay their salaries, can be informed of exactly what was
contained in the report vindicated Democrats or the Obama done, whether the DOJ/FBI and the Obama administration
administration, Schiff or his Democratic cohorts would abused their positions in order to frame a President-elect
have been leaking like a faucet, but since not a peep has from the opposing party.
been leaked to the mainstream media in over a week about
the report, it is damaging to Democrats and the intelligence
community from the Obama era.

The fact that Democrats fought so hard to prevent even the

full House of Representatives from seeing this report,

Jordan's point above from last week is also one Political court in order to obtain the surveillance on the Trump
Analyst Byron York makes at Washington Examiner on campaign after the election, then every single bit of
Thursday in his report about the vote to allow the full evidence obtained by the special counsel or any other
House to see the report. investigative body, including the intelligence community,
that stemmed from that FISA warrant, is all "fruit of the
Which raises another question: When will poisonous tree," and cannot be used in a court of law.
the public know? Obviously, the more
House members know about the dossier Fruit of the Poisonous Tree- A doctrine that
investigation, the more likely its classified extends the exclusionary rule to make
results are to leak. That might happen at evidence inadmissible in court if it was
any time. derived from evidence that was illegally
obtained. As the metaphor suggests, if the
But Republicans can pursue another evidential "tree" is tainted, so is its "fruit."
strategy, as well. The House itself can The doctrine was established in 1920 by
declassify documents under certain the decision in Silverthorne Lumber Co. v.
conditions. If enough members support United States, and the phrase "fruit of the
declassifying the House Intel report, then poisonous tree" was coined by Justice
the House as a body could move to Frankfurter in his 1939 opinion in Nardone
declassify the information in it. And then v. United States.
the public would know.
The bottom line question is obvious:
It's unclear whether that will happen. Much
depends on lawmakers' reaction to the What are Democrats so scared of in the
report. But after months of delays and Steele dossier report that they actually
frustration, things appear to be moving voted against allowing the their fellow
quickly on the dossier front. They'll likely congress men and women from seeing it?
move faster in coming days, after more
lawmakers have taken a look at the new


While it has taken over a year to get to this point, York is

right, seeing this vote to allow all members of Congress to
have access to the information contained in the report, a
little over one week since the information became
available, is incredibly fast in terms of how long
Congressional actions generally take, which means things
are heating up pretty quickly now.

As to why this is so very important.... if the unverified,

Clinton and DNC funded, Kremlin sourced, Steele dossier
was used in any way to commit fraud against the FISA

Top Dossier Reporter Discovers Bizarre Contradiction In
Testimony of Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson
by Joshua Caplan
Thursday, January 18, 2018

Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson Simpson told Senate investigators,

might have even more explaining to do.
The Daily Caller‘s Chuck Ross, one of “I’ll add that, you know, I’ve done a lot of
the leading reporters covering the Russia reporting over the years. I originally
Steele dossier scandal, discovered a met William Browder back when I was a
“discrepancy,” between Simpson’s journalist at the Wall Street Journal when I
House and Senate testimony relating to was doing stories about corruption in
his relationship with banker Bill Russia. I think the first time I him he
Browder. lectured me about — I was working on
a story about Vladimir Putin corruption and
Simpson first told Senate investigators that he he lectured me about how have Vladimir
met Browder prior to 2009. Later, he gave Putin was not corrupt and how he was the
contradictory statements to House investigators, first best that ever happened to Russia. There
claiming he had never met Browder, then saying he knew are numerous documents that he published
him from a while back while he was a reporter at the Wall himself, interviews he gave singing the
Street Journal. praises of Vladimir Putin. At that time I was
already investigating corruption in Putin’s

“Very big discrepancy here in Simpson’s

Senate and House testimony. In Senate,
says he met Bill Browder when he was with
Wall Street Journal (pre-2009). He told
House he didn’t know who Browder was
when he took up Prevezon case in 2013,”
tweeted Ross.

Simpson told House investigators,

“And so they approached me originally in

late 2013 with this matter. I didn’t know
anything about Prevezon, didn’t know
anything about most of this stuff. Didn’t
know who Browder was, William Browder Why is Simpson’s brain freeze noteworthy? Fusion GPS
was. allegedly assisted the Russian government in an attempt to
“imprison or murder,” banker Bill Browder, “a London-
based banker who spearheaded the Magnitsky Act, a
sanctions law vehemently opposed by the Russian
government,” reports the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross.

Via the Daily Caller,

Browder made the allegation in response to the recent

revelation that Fusion GPS and its founder Glenn Simpson
compiled what he says is false information about him that
was given to Yuri Chaika, Russia’s prosecutor general, and
to Donald Trump Jr. during the infamous June 2016
Trump Tower meeting. […]

It was previously known that the Washington, D.C-based

Fusion GPS’s investigation of Browder was beneficial to
Oops. the Russian government and its effort to reverse the
Magnitsky Act. But it was revealed only last week that
information Fusion collected on Browder was shared
directly with Chaika, whose position is the Russian
equivalent of the U.S. attorney general.

The Smoking Gun II:
The FBI’s Concerted Effort To Interfere
With The 2016 Presidential Election
Dr. Robert Owens
January 18, 2018

Looking into this matter, Senate Homeland and

Government Affairs Committee by Chairman Ron Johnson
(R-WI) states,

The edits to Director Comey’s public

statement, made months prior to the
conclusion of the FBI’s investigation of
Secretary Clinton’s conduct, had a
significant impact on the FBI’s public
evaluation of the implications of her
actions. … This effort, seen in light of the
personal animus toward then-candidate
Trump by senior agents leading the Clinton
investigation and their apparent desire to
Hillary and her crew get a pass for colluding to stack the create an ‘insurance policy’ against Mr.
deck against Bernie. No matter what the evidence Trump’s election, raise profound questions
revealed, the FBI nomenclature predetermined that New about the FBI’s role and possible
York’s sixth crime family was untouchable. interference in the 2016 presidential
Congressional insiders report they have uncovered new election.”
irregularities and contradictions inside the FBI’s probe
of Hillary Clinton’s email server. Was there a concerted effort to interfere in the election of
2016? Yes, there was. And the activities of those who
Investigators say there is written evidence that the sought to impose their handpicked candidate Hillary
FBI found evidence that some laws were broken when the Clinton, the last nail in our coffin need to be brought to
former secretary of State and her top aides transmitted light.
classified information through her insecure private email
server. According to Andrew C. McCarthy in National Review,

That evidence includes passages in FBI “When you look at it hard, two conclusions
documents stating the “sheer volume” of classified are impossible to escape: First, at the
information that flowed through Clinton’s insecure emails height of the 2016 campaign, Obama
was proof of criminality. intelligence officials anxiously adopted
Christopher Steele’s allegations of
According to Sean Moran in Breitbart, traitorous conduct by then-candidate
Donald Trump rather than first subject his
“dossier” to rigorous investigation — even
“Former FBI Director James Comey’s
though Steele himself admits that his “raw,”
original memo regarding former Secretary
“unverified” reports might not be true.
of State Hillary Clinton’s private email
server was edited by FBI staffers to remove Second, at the same time the FBI was
five references suggesting Clinton engaged receiving Steele’s reports — which were
in activities that would suggest felony and based on multiple-hearsay from
misdemeanor charges, according to anonymous Russian sources, and paid for
obtained copies of the original memo.” by the Clinton campaign — Obama

intelligence officials were briefing investigation. The whole sad affair
congressional leaders about them, thereby demonstrates how far the professionalism
ensuring that they’d be publicized just six of our Justice Department and Intelligence
weeks before Election Day.” service has fallen in the wake of the
rampant politicization that was the hallmark
This was a brazen attempt to weaponize Steele’s raw of the Obama Administration.”
unverified ‘Intelligence’ seeking to use it to sink Trump’s
campaign. Add to this the team of anti-Trump ideologues assembled
by Prosecutor-in-Chief Mueller and the whole process is
This so-called intelligence was bought and paid for by the rotten from day one.
Clinton campaign. It used unverified sources and
introduced what is now believed to be deceptive stories House Majority Whip Representative Steve Scalise (R-
from a foreign power perhaps designed to influence the LA) stated,
election by spreading false stories about Trump. If there
was any Russian influence in all of this it was the “You’ve seen an exposure of what I think is
introduction of it by the Clinton campaign and their bogus a lot of corruption and real concerns that
intelligence. have been raised about the special
counsel. In fact, just the credibility of the
According to Scott Uehlinger, a retired CIA Station Chief special counsel is very much in question.
and Naval Officer in Newsmax, Because, as you mentioned, so many of
the people that Mueller brought in, the
“As we move into 2018, we are seeing a people working on that, were very anti-
rapid unravelling of the infamous Fusion Trump in the campaign, and still to this day.
GPS-Christopher Steele ‘dossier.’ With this … So, I think just the impartiality of this
discredited report dies the false narrative investigation has been called into question,
that the Trump Administration was involved and I have some real serious concerns
in collusion with the Russian government. about it.”
It’s about time — the Justice Department
investigation into ‘Russian collusion’ was Calling this a witch-hunt is giving witch-hunts a bad
always the fruit of this poisoned tree. rap. Personally, I believe all of this is part of a silent coup
designed to bring down the President. Planned and
What should be disconcerting to Americans
executed by the Deep State. To be forewarned is to be
is that this document ever saw the light
forearmed. As this parody of justice continues, at least no
of day; much less that it formed the
one can say we haven’t known what was going on and
centerpiece of an official USG
what is coming.

BREAKING=> Rep. Matt Gaetz: I Believe This Will Not
End Only With Firings – I BELIEVE PEOPLE WILL GO
TO JAIL #Muellergate #Releasethememo (VIDEO)
By Jim Hoft
Thursday, January 18, 2018

Tonight Rep. Gaetz told Sean Hannity

that not only will the release of this
memo result in DOJ firing but that
people will go to jail!

Rep. Matt Gaetz: I believe this will not end just with
firings. I believe there are people who will go to jail. I was
very persuaded by the evidence.

Via Hannity:

The House Intel panel’s passage of New York Republican

Rep. Peter King’s motion to release the FISA abuse memo
to fellow House members has rocked Washington, D.C.

Lawmakers from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) to Rep. Lee

Zeldin (R-NY) have called for the classified memo’s
immediate release. According to Fox News contributor
Sara Carter, the contents of the memo are so “explosive,”
that it could end special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia
probe once and for all.

WIKILEAKS Offers Reward Up To $1 Million For Access
To FISA Abuse Memo #Releasethememo
By Jim Hoft
Thursday, January 18, 2018

special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe once and

for all.

Rep. Matt Gaetz later told Sean Hannity,

“I believe people will go to jail.”

Tonight Wikileaks offered $1 million for

access to the FISA abuse memo.

On Thursday a classified DOJ memo on

the FISA abuse by top officials rocked
Washington DC–

The House Intel panel’s passage of New York Republican

Rep. Peter King’s motion to release the FISA abuse memo
to fellow House members has rocked Washington, D.C.

Lawmakers from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) to Rep. Lee

Zeldin (R-NY) have called for the classified memo’s
immediate release.

According to Fox News contributor Sara Carter, the

contents of the memo are so “explosive,”that it could end

Sean Hannity: I Have A Message Tonight For The Special
Counsel Robert Mueller – Your Witch Hunt Is Now Over
(VIDEO) #Releasethememo
By Jim Hoft
Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sean Hannity warns Special Counsel Sean Hannity:

Robert Mueller — Your witch hunt is
now over. Based on today’s events I have a
message tonight for Special Counsel
Robert Mueller. Your witch hunt is now
over. Time to close the doors…

It is more disturbing than we thought. And right now our

sources are telling us that the abuse of power is far greater
than Watergate… What we are talking about tonight are
the abuse of the powerful tools of intelligence that we use
to spy on people. Those tools were used against an
opposition candidate, and president elect and his entire
team. And it was done not only under false pretenses but
with the with help of Hillary Clinton. She bought and paid
for the dossier that they filled with Russian lies…

The House Intel panel’s passage of New York Republican Via Hannity:
Rep. Peter King’s motion to release the FISA abuse memo
to fellow House members has rocked Washington, D.C.

Lawmakers from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) to Rep. Lee

Zeldin (R-NY) have called for the classified memo’s
immediate release. According to Fox News
contributor Sara Carter, the contents of the memo are so
“explosive,”that it could end special counsel Robert
Mueller’s Russia probe once and for all.

Sean Hannity dropped a bomb on

Special Counsel Robert Mueller tonight–

Rep. Gaetz Over FISA Warrant/Dossier Scandal:
‘I Believe People Will GO TO JAIL’ (Video)
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 19, 2018

“I believe this will not end just with firings” Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, in discussing the revelations
contained in the memo, added:

“This should never happen in a country like


He said that if a majority of the House Intelligence

Committee votes to release the memo, it would then go to
the White House for review. If the president gives his
approval, then the memo — or parts of it — would be
released to the public.
(National Sentinel) Epic Scandal: During a Thursday
evening appearance on Fox News‘ “Hannity” program, Gaetz added that the entire Mueller probe
Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., predicted that officials within the “is a fallacy” that was “built on fiction, a lie.”
Department of Justice and the FBI would not only be fired He noted that not a single Democrat on the
over alleged ties to a bogus FISA warrant obtained by the Intelligence Committee voted in favor of the
Obama administration and used to spy on the Trump memo’s release.
Per Hannity, watch:
He and other Republican lawmakers are calling on the
House Intelligence Committee to release a reportedly
explosive but classified “FISA memo” that members who
have read it say it lays out scandalous behavior on the part
of the previous administration that goes well beyond

The panel quietly voted earlier this week to release the

memo to the full House. Members have already pored over
the document, which they must do in a secure room due to
its Top Secret classification.

On Hannity, Gaetz predicted that the memo’s contents

would lead to serious consequences for all involved.
Gaetz and others have also said that there is nothing in the
memo that would compromise U.S. national security.
“I believe this will not end just with firings. I
believe there are people who will go to jail.
I was very persuaded by the evidence,” he Chris Farrell, the director of investigations for government
watchdog group Judicial Watch, said the memo was
grossly “over classified.” He also said he believes that
“corrupt law enforcement officers” within the federal
According to Fox News contributor Sara Carter, the government — including former FBI Director James
contents of the memo are so “explosive” that it could lead Comey — should be fired, at a minimum.
to the end of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian
collusion probe.

‘SH*T IS ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN’: Ex-Secret Service
Agent Warns ‘Devastating’ FISA Memo
Set To ‘Expose’ Obama
By Joshua Caplan
Friday, January 19, 2018

The House Intel panel’s passage of New

York Republican Rep. Peter King’s
motion to release the FISA abuse memo
to fellow House members has rocked
Washington, D.C.

“My sincere apologies for the expletive but

former Obama administration’s going to
have a lot of explaining to do.”

Lawmakers from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) to Rep. Lee

Zeldin (R-NY) have called for the classified memo’s
immediate release. According to Fox News contributor
Sara Carter, the contents of the memo are so “explosive,”
that it could end special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia
probe once and for all.
“Take this check and cash it, the
Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino warned the Democrats are in a full blown panic right
release of the FISA report will destroy the image of his now over the #Obamagate scandal that’s
former boss Barack Obama. about to become a nightmare for them.
Watch them all scurry like roaches when
the lights come on it.”
“Take it to the bank, the FBI/FISA docs are
devastating for the Dems. The whole image
of a benevolent Barack Obama they’ve
disingenuously tried to portray is about to
be destroyed. The real Obama, the
vengeful narcissist, is going to be exposed
for all to see,” tweeted Dan Bongino

“Release the memo and watch the rats run

away like the cowards they are. Your mind
is about to blown, and your eyes open, to
both the power of the federal govt, and the
vengefulness of an Obama administration
hellbent on destroying Trump,” added Last week, Bongino called the Steele
Bongino. dossier firestorm is “the most explosive
It’s getting ready to burst!” the former
Secret Service agent added.

Biggest Scandal In American History - 'Is This The KGB?'
Lawmakers Explode After Reading Classified Memo
Democrats Tried To Hide - People 'Will Go To Jail'
- Contact Information For House Intelligence Committee At The Bottom
Of The Article - Tell Them To #Releasethememo
By Susan Duclos - All News Pipeline
January 19, 2018

While politicians are known to get hyperbolic, the fact that

Republican House members are demanding the public get
to see the memo detailing the abuses under the Obama
administration, while stating things like "Part of me wishes
that I didn’t read it because I don’t want to believe that
those kinds of things could be happening in this country
that I call home and love so much," as chairman of the
Freedom Caucus Rep. Mark Meadows told Fox News, tells
us exactly why every single Democrat on the House
Intelligence Committee voted against letting their fellow
lawmakers see it.

Rep. Matt Gaetz called the memo "jaw-dropping" while

demanding full transparency, stating "There is no higher
On Thursday ANP reported that Democrats attempted to priority than the release of this information...," before
prevent the full House of Representatives from reading a telling Sean Hannity of Fox News,
classified House Intelligence Committee memo that details
the abuse of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) "I think that this will not end just with firings.
by the upper echelons of the DOJ and FBI under Obama in I believe there are people who will go to
order to investigate Donald Trump, but access was granted jail."
after a party line vote.
He said what he saw in the memo also
We asked "What are Democrats scared explains why Senate Judiciary Committee
of? Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and
Judiciary Subcommittee Chairman Lindsey
"You think about, ‘is this happening in Graham (R-SC) recently referred the
America or is this the KGB?’ That’s how Fusion GPS dossier author Christopher
alarming it is." - Rep. Scott Perry, Fox Steele for a criminal investigation.
“I think there will be criminal implications
The reactions by Republican House members that have here,” Gaetz added.
now seen that memo, pretty much answers that question,
and the implications of their public statements after Gaetz did not stop there,
reading the memo, is nothing short of terrifying. While
they could not reveal the explicit information within the "Every single Democrat on the Intelligence
memo due to it being classifIed, they are demanding the Committee voted against even allowing
memo be declassified and that the American public be other members of Congress to see this
shown, with a #ReleaseTheMemo campaign. information, so you know they’re going to
fight against release to the American
people," he added. "What are the
Democrats so afraid of? Why don’t they
want the American people to know the truth "I viewed the classified report from House
about what was going on with the Intel relating to the FBI, FISA abuses, the
government, how that impacted the infamous Russian dossier, and so-called
president, his transition, his campaign and "Russian collusion." What I saw is
it just seems interesting to me that absolutely shocking. This report needs to
Democrats don’t want us to know what be released--now. Americans deserve the
the entire basis was in the first place for truth. #ReleaseTheMemo."
the Mueller probe they want to drag this
out through the midterm elections to try Rep. Louie Gohmert –
to embarrass this president and distract
this Congress from the critical work we "Read the CLASSIFIED
have to do to save this great country. Let’s @HouseIntelComm memo on repeated
release the documents." FISA warrant abuses. The truth may not
set the guilty free but it needs to come out.
Hannity asked Gaetz Release the #FISAMemo: "then he added a
link to Sara Carter's article about the
"Does Mueller need to disband?" Gaetz memo.
responds "Absolutely, this was a lie built on
corruption built on a sham. The entire Sara Carter has been at the forefront of reporting on the
investigation is a fiction. It's a fallacy, and FISA abuses, well before the MSM even attempt to spin
when the American people see how this the data, and according to her report that Gohmert linked
began, when the American people see how to, her sources are telling her
different people interacted with one
another, how organizations were infected "they would not be surprised if it leads to
and infiltrated and subjected to tremendous the end of Robert Mueller’s Special
bias of individuals and how that really Counsel investigation into President Trump
played out, I think that every American will and his associates."
understand how absolutely ludicrous it is
that we continue to allow the Mueller probe Rep. Lee Zeldin –
to go forward. It needs to end because the
entire basis is a lie" "Immediately #ReleaseTheMemo
#FISAMemo & ALL relevant material
Listen to Rep. Jordan and Rep. Gaetz below on Sean sourced in it. Every American needs to
Hannity. know the truth! We wouldn't be revealing
any sources & methods that we shouldn't;
only feds' reliance on bad sources &

Rep. Raúl R. Labrador –

"Just read the Intelligence Committee

memo. The public has a right to know the
information regarding the FBI and the DOJ.

Also under the #ReleaseThemMemo hashtag, Wikileaks

has put out a $1 million reward offer to anyone willing to
"leak" the memo, stating "#ReleaseTheMemo:

Do you know someone who has access to

the FISA abuse memo? Send them here:
Multiple House Republicans took to Twitter to offer their
reactions, with Rep. Steve King stating "I have read the WikiLeaks will
memo. The sickening reality has set in. I no longer hold match reward funds up to $1m sent to this
out hope there is an innocent explanation for the unique Bitcoin address:
information the public has seen. I have long said it is
worse than Watergate. It was #neverTrump & 3Q2KXS8WYT6dvr91bM2RjvBHqMyx9CbPMN or
#alwaysHillary. #releasethememo. marked 'memo2018':"

Rep. Meadows tweeted

(115 Congress, Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence)
House Intelligence Committee Majorty Staff - (202) 225-
4121/ Minority Staff - (202) 225-7690
According to House rules the Intelligence Committee can
take a vote to release the memo to the public, then the
(202) 224-3121 for the U.S. House switchboard operator
information would go to President Trump and unless he
had an objection which would then force the entire House
House Contact Page –
to vote on the measure, the report could be declassified and
offered to the public at large.
Given President Trump's insistence this whole time that
the entire Mueller investigation was a witch hunt, as well
Directory of Representatives –
as his highlighting multiple examples of corruption he has
noted within certain intelligence agencies, there is little
chance that the President would object to this report being
declassified and made public.

While we do not often suggest calling Congress, this is an

issue that could end all the antics we have seen to bring
down a duly elected President, finally cause a public
outcry to see the corrupt individuals within the FBI and
DOJ held accountable, so we will add the contact
information below.

CONFIRMED: Obama DOJ Used Information From
Dossier Author Christopher Steele To Spy On
Trump Campaign Official
By Joshua Caplan
Friday, January 19, 2018

According to a new report, the Obama dossier of salacious and unverified

Justice Department relied on allegations involving Mr. Trump that the
information obtained by former British president has dismissed as false.
spy, Christopher Steele, to spy on
Trump campaign aide, Carter Page, Steele, who was tasked with compiling the
during the final days of the 2016
presidential election.
‘Trump dossier’ for opposition research firm
Steele infamously compiled the Fusion GPS, recently admitted in court that
discredited dossier detailing alleged sex the discredited document contains “limited
acts performed by then-businessman intelligence.”
Donald Trump inside a swanky Moscow
hotel suite in 2013. Steele also admitted part of

“his final December memo,” was unvetted.

“Such intelligence was not actively sought;
it was merely received,” Steele added.

In addition, a new report by the Washington Post reveals a

senior FBI official shared intelligence with dossier author
and former British spy Christopher Steele.

The FBI agent revealed the name of its Trump campaign

mole, volunteer George Papadopoulos, to Christopher
Steele on October 1st, 2016.
The Wall Street Journal reports:
As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, it has long
been suspected the FBI used the Steele dossier, which
Congress is probing the Obama
alleged Russian ties to the President’s campaign
administration’s decision to use research
associates, to convince a judge to grant them a FISA
by an ex-British spy to justify, in part,
warrant, allowing them to secretly monitor Carter Page.
surveillance of an associate of Donald
Trump, as Republican scrutiny rises of law-
enforcement actions during 2016 The Hill reported:
presidential campaign. In the final days of
the campaign, the Justice Department used FBI Director James Comey has cited the
information from Christopher Steele, a dossier in some of his briefings with
former British intelligence official, as part of lawmakers in recent weeks as one of the
its request for a secret court order to information sources used by his bureau to
monitor Carter Page, a foreign policy bolster its probe, U.S. officials briefed on
adviser to Mr. Trump and his ties to Russia, the investigation told CNN.
say people familiar with the matter. At the The FBI is investigating Russian efforts to
time, Mr. Steele was working for a research interfere in the 2016 election, as well as
firm that was being paid by the Democratic any potential ties between the Trump
Party and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and Moscow.
campaign. He produced a 35-page

The secret court that oversees the Foreign Intelligence involving Page back in 2016, Page was a former national
Surveillance Act (FISA) granted the FBI a warrant to security advisor on the President’s campaign.
monitor the communications of Page, a former national
security adviser on Trump’s campaign. There is no specifics yet on how much of the dossier was
cited when the FISA application was made but the
The court that deals with any topic related to FISA investigative agency would’ve had to corroborate some of
awarded the FBI a warrant to monitor communications the claims to be awarded the warrant.

PBS/NPR Poll Finds Trump's
First Year A 'Failure',
NPR Exaggerates It
By Tim Graham
January 19, 2018 7:30 AM EST

Your taxpayer-supported news producers at PBS and NPR And it's a huge number, and it's why so
paid for a new poll pronouncing Trump’s first year flopped many people you can see were so
with the voters: 53 percent said Year One was a failure, scared when that false alarm went out in
while 45 percent picked Success. Hawaii over the weekend.

But break down the numbers by party, and the division is Actually, poll respondents were asked if foreign policy had
predictable: 87 percent of Democrats pronounced Trump a "gotten better" or "gotten worse" under Trump, not if it
failure, and 87 percent of Republicans checked the success had "deteriorated," as Montanaro exaggerated it.
box. Among independents, it was 50 percent failure, 41 Montanaro did hint that core Trump supporters were
percent success, nine percent unsure. (Typically, the poll's pleased with Trump, that "91 percent say that his year has
sample was 32 percent Democrat, 25 percent Republican, been a success, but he hasn't played much to the middle."
43 percent independent/other.) NPR briefly noted the positive results, but quickly returned
to Trump being "underwater" on the tax cut:
Sadly, on Thursday's Morning Edition broadcast, NPR
didn't do a partisan breakdown as they sounded the Failure GREENE: So if he can look at his base as really being
alarm. Anchor David Greene and political analyst behind him, as one positive, are there any other positives
Domenico Montanaro underlined Bad News. They couldn't in these numbers that the president could look at?
even note 45 percent said it was a success:
MONTANARO: Yeah, and they shouldn't be overlooked
DAVID GREENE: We have a report card this morning for because they're big things - the economy and his handling
President Trump as we approach the one-year anniversary of ISIS. You know, they're OK numbers for him. You
of his inauguration. It comes from a new NPR/PBS know, by a margin of 48 to 40, people say that they
NewsHour/Marist Poll fresh out this morning, and it is not approve of the way he's handled going after the terrorist
good news for the president. A majority of Americans, 53 organization ISIS. And the economy, most people say, is
percent, say his first year in office has been a failure.... pretty good. So, you know, those are big things, obviously,
especially in an election year. But his signature legislative
So we've heard all year that President Trump's approval achievement, the tax bill, still unpopular. And he's going to
ratings have been, you know, at record lows. So I guess try to sell that today. He's underwater with that. You know,
this isn't too surprising, but can you dig into why exactly only 36 percent of the country approves of it, and most
Americans have been unhappy with his performance? people, 6 in 10, think that his policies are aimed at helping
the rich. Just a quarter say that he's trying to help the
middle class.
DOMENICO MONTANARO: Yeah. If you look at the
issues, I mean, look at foreign policy. Fifty-four percent of
Americans say American foreign policy has deteriorated in Somehow, NPR couldn't find the numbers on the
the last year under this president. Most pressing for a lot of economy: 44 percent say it's better, and only 18 percent
people is North Korea. Fifty-eight percent disapprove of say it's worse, while 35 percent said it stayed about the
this president's handling of North Korea, and more than 70 same. A Nexis search of NPR transcripts found there has
percent say they're worried about war breaking out with been no mention of record stock-market highs over the last
the country. few days. What Dow 26,000?

GREENE: Wow. That's striking that that Strangely, the PBS NewsHour did not report any of these
people would think a war could be poll results on Thursday night. Perhaps they are waiting
happening soon. for David Brooks and Mark Shields to "debate" (well,
agree) that Trump is in terrible shape.
MONTANARO: Absolutely.

Breaking: Rep. Gaetz: Memo Will Be Released Soon –
Laws Were Broken – Heads Will Roll In DOJ And FBI –
#Releasethememo (VIDEO)
By Jim Hoft
Friday, January 19, 2018

On Thursday a classified DOJ memo on Representatives. And this is a matter of such importance
the FISA abuse by top officials rocked that I think we need to do it immediately…
Washington DC–
If we get this memo into the public
Rep. Matt Gaetz later told Sean Hannity, square heads are going to roll at the FBI
and the Department of Justice…
“I believe people will go to jail.”
What I’m worried about is that the cast of characters in the
On Friday morning Rep. Gaetz joined
memo are not a group of people that are gone. Many of
America’s Newsroom to discuss the
these people are still in our government. They still wield
explosive memo.
influence… It’s easy to see after reading this memo why
Gaetz says he believes the memo will be Senator Grassley and why Senator Graham wanted to refer
released soon. this matter for criminal prosecution. Laws were broken…

I have every confidence after speaking

to Paul Ryan and Devin Nunes that after
we go through the right procedures and
provide notifications to the executive
branch that we will release this memo…

Via America’s Newsroom:

Rep. Matt Gaetz: Our republic is in jeopardy if we allow

this type of a palace coup environment to continue to
persist and that’s why I’m one of the members of Congress
who will be encouraging today Intelligence Chairman
Devin Nunes to release the memo. We can have a vote in
the Intelligence Committee, a vote in the full House of

Fusion GPS Founder:
FBI May Have Paid Expenses For
Anti-Trump Dossier Author
By Aaron Klein
19 Jan 2018

he believes that the trip expenses may have been

reimbursed by the FBI.

“I don’t think we did,” Simpson stated,

referring to whether Fusion GPS paid for
Steele’s travel to Rome to meet with the
FBI. “I have no information that we paid for

He continued:

“Again, this sort of emphasizes, you know,

the point I was making earlier which was
this was something that I considered to be
something that Chris took on on his own
based on his professional obligations and
TEL AVIV — Glenn R. Simpson, the co-
not something that was part of my project.”
founder of the controversial opposition
research firm Fusion GPS, stated in “So it makes sense to me that he was
testimony it “makes sense” to him that reimbursed by them,” he stated, referring to
the FBI paid for a trip to Rome by the the FBI.
former British spy who was contracted
by Simpson’s company to produce the Just before those statements, Simpson was asked:
largely discredited 35-page anti-Trump
dossier. “Do you know who paid for Mr. Steele’s trip
to Rome to meet with the FBI?”
Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele, a former British
intelligence agent, to do the work cited in the anti-Trump Simpson replied:
dossier. Last July, Steele reportedly traveled to Rome,
where he met with an FBI contact to supply the agency
with the anti-Trump dossier and other information he “I have read recently that — I think in a
found during the course of his anti-Trump work. letter from Senator Grassley that the FBI
reimbursed the expense. But to be clear, I
mean, that’s it. He was, to my knowledge,
Steele’s dossier reportedly served as some of the basis for not been (sic) compensated for that work or
the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s 2016 presidential any other work during this time.”
campaign and unsubstantiated claims of coordination with
Simpson was likely referring to a March 6 letter from
Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley requesting
In August 22 testimony released last week and reviewed in information and documents about the FBI’s ties to Steele,
full by Breitbart News, Simpson stated that Steele’s including whether the agency utilized Steele for its
outreach to the FBI was “something that Chris took on his investigation into Trump and whether the FBI paid Steele
own.” or intended to pay him.

Simpson stated that as far as he knew Fusion GPS did not

fund Steele’s trip to Rome to meet with the FBI. He said
The Washington Post reported in February that Steele Here is a transcript of that exchange, which includes
“reached an agreement with the FBI a few weeks before questions from lawmakers and interjections from Steele’s
the election for the bureau to pay him to continue his work, attorney, Josh Levy:
according to several people familiar with the
arrangement.” Q: Was Fusion aware of the reports that the FBI considered —
let me rephrase. Was Fusion aware that the FBI considered
Ultimately, the FBI did not pay Steele, the Post reported. paying Mr. Steele to investigate Mr. Trump and his associates?
The Post report continued:
Q: At any time.
Communications between the bureau and LEVY: When you say “paying,” what do you mean by that?
the former spy were interrupted as Steele’s
now-famous dossier became the subject of DAVIS: Providing money.
news stories, congressional inquiries and LEVY: For a fee? Are you talking about reimbursements?
presidential denials, according to the
people familiar with the arrangement, who DAVIS: Fees or reimbursements in this context.
spoke on the condition of anonymity SIMPSON. We’ve learned that. We know that now. In fact, it
because they were not authorized to was –
discuss the matter.
LEVY: Learned what?
The FBI’s national press office did not
return a Breitbart News request seeking SIMPSON: Well, we learned — sometime after the election we
comment on whether the agency paid for learned that Chris had discussed working for the FBI on these
Steele’s Rome trip or reimbursed him for matters after the election and that that didn’t happen.
any expenses. Q: Did Mr. Steele discuss that with you at the time?
In March, CNN cited people familiar with SIMPSON: He didn’t discuss it — I don’t remember exactly when
the matter as saying that the FBI
he mentioned this to me, but he mentioned to me at some point I
reimbursed Steele for some expenses. think after the election that he had discussed this with them.

CNN reported: FOSTER: So prior to news reports to that effect? In other words,
you learned it from him
The FBI reimbursed some expenses of the LEVY: Wait. You asked two different questions. I’m trying to
former British intelligence operative who figure out which one you want him to answer.
produced a dossier containing allegations
FOSTER: The last one.
of President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia,
people familiar with the matter said. … LEVY: What was the last one?
An official familiar with the discussions said FOSTER: You learned it from the news and not from him? Are
the FBI didn’t hire Steele as an informant, you saying you learned it from him?
but that the arrangement instead allowed
for expenses to be paid. It couldn’t be LEVY: Learned what from him?
learned how much he was paid and for how FOSTER: That he discussed with the FBI having the FBI pay Mr.
long. Steele.
In his interview on Capitol Hill in August, SIMPSON: I don’t remember.
Simpson was grilled about whether he had
any knowledge of previous financial LEVY: The witness is yawning. Let’s take a break.
arrangements between Steele and the FBI. MUSE: We will attribute that to fatigue as opposed to the

“Sickening Reality Has Set In – Worse Than Watergate”:
Rep. Steve King Demands Congress #Releasethememo
By Joshua Caplan
Friday, January 19, 2018

On Thursday night, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) joined the

chorus of lawmakers demanding the classified FISA
abuse memo be released.

“Releasing this classified info doesn’t compromise good

sources & methods. It reveals the feds’ reliance on bad
sources & methods,” added Zeldin.

“I have read the memo. The sickening reality has set in. I
no longer hold out hope there is an innocent explanation
for the information the public has seen. I have long said it
is worse than Watergate. It was #neverTrump &
#alwaysHillary. #releasethememo,” tweeted King.

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) called the classified report

compiled by the House Intelligence Committee is “deeply
troubling” and raises serious questions as it relates to the
‘Russian collusion’ investigation.

On Thursday, the House Intelligence Committee quietly “The classified report compiled by House Intelligence is
voted to make available to fellow House members “a deeply troubling and raises serious questions about the
memo documenting abuse of the FISA program,” upper echelon of the Obama DOJ and Comey FBI as it
reports Fox News’ Chad Pergram. Rep Lee Zeldin (R-NY) relates to the so-called collusion investigation,” tweeted
is demanding the secret memo be released immediately. DeSantis.

“Just read the classified doc @HPSCI re FISA abuse. I’m

calling for its immediate public release w/relevant sourced
material. The public must have access
ASAP! #Transparency.”

“While the report is classified as Top Secret, I believe the
select committee should, pursuant to House rules, vote to
make the report publicly available as soon as possible.
This is a matter of national significance and the American
people deserve the truth.”

The FISA Memo Is All The Ammunition
Trump Needs To Take On The CIA
Tom Luongo
January 19, 2018

FISA is an abomination. Let’s get that out of the way. And government are the secret intelligence
since I don’t believe there are any coincidences in U.S. or agencies that have such power and secrecy
geo-politics, the releasing of the explosive four-page FISA that they act even without the knowledge of
memo after Congress reauthorized FISA is suspicious. Congress. There are many things that they do
with impunity. Then there is the ‘Deep State,’
Former NSA analyst (traitor? hero?) turned security state which is the military industrial complex, all of the
gadfly Edward Snowden came out in favor of President industrial corporations and their lobbyists, and
Trump vetoing the FISA reauthorization now that the full they have all the money, power and greed that
extent of what the statute is used for is known to members give all the money to the Senators and
of the House Intelligence Committee, who are rightly Congressmen. So, they are connected, but they
aghast. are really two different entities. It is the
shadow government . . . specifically, the
CIA, that is going after Donald Trump. It is
Officials confirm there’s a secret report showing
terrified that some of its dealings are going to
abuses of spy law Congress voted to
be exposed. If they are, it could jeopardize the
reauthorize this week. If this memo had been
entire organization.” [emphasis mine]
known prior to the vote, FISA reauth would
have failed. These abuses must be made
public, and @realDonaldTrump should send the Court the Military Against the Spooks
bill back with a veto.
And as I’ve talked about at length, I’ve felt from the
— Edward Snowden (@Snowden) January 19, moment Trump was elected he was going to have to ally
2018 himself with the U.S. military to have any chance of
surviving, let alone achieve his political goals.
But, like I said, timing in these things is everything. And
the timing on this leak is important. Trump’s final campaign ad was a clarion call to action. It
was a declaration of war against both the Shadow
Someone leaked this memo to the House Intelligence Government and the Deep State. And it ensured that if he
Committee with the sole intention of giving President won, which he did, they would immediately go to war with
Trump the opportunity to do exactly what Snowden is him.
arguing for.

And well Trump should. This is the essence of draining

the swamp. It is the essence of his war with the Shadow
Government. If one makes the distinction between the
Deep State and the Shadow Government, like former CIA
officer Kevin Shipp does, then this falls right in line with
Trump’s goals in cleaning up the rot and corruption in the
U.S. government. In a recent interview with Greg Hunter

Shipp explains,

“I differentiate between the ‘Deep State’ and the And you don’t declare war like this if you aren’t prepared
shadow government. The shadow for the biggest knock-down, drag-out street brawl of all
time. If you aren’t prepared for it, don’t say it. And for And so here we are.
the past year we’ve been left wondering whether Trump
was 1) prepared for it 2) capable of pulling it off. FISA, It’s Everywhere You Don’t Want it to Be

Trump’s continued needling of the establishment; playing Trump has called the Democrats’ and RINOs’ bluff on
the long game and demonizing the media which is the tip DACA and chain-immigration as a vote-buying scheme
of the Shadow Government’s spear while strengthening the with zero political fallout. He’s properly reframed the
support of both the military (through his backing them at looming government shutdown on their inability to stick to
every turn) and his base by assisting them destroy the false their original agreements.
narratives of globalism has been nothing short of amazing.
His much-maligned Justice Department is now rolling up
As a hard-core, jaded politico, I can tell you I never traitors associated with Uranium One, pedophiles and
thought for a second he had the ability to what he’s already human traffickers all over the country and preparing for a
done. But, as the past few months have pointed out, the showdown with blue state governors and attorney generals
real power in the world doesn’t rest with the few thousand over “Sanctuary” grandstanding.
who manipulate the levers of power but the billions who
for years stood by and let them.
By leading the charge, he gave strength to the patriots
within both the Shadow Government and the Deep State
And those days of standing by are gone. organizations to leak the material needed to keep his
campaign afloat.
So, Trump cozying up to the military, cutting a deal with
the military-industrial complex (MIC) has the Deep State And as each new thing drops at the most inopportune time
now incentivized to fight the Shadow Government for for the political establishment mentioned ad nauseum in
him. The tax cut bill, while a brilliant example of political that final campaign ad linked above, you have to wonder
knife-fighting, is fundamentally about shoring up the just how big the revolt inside these organizations is.
finances of the corporations that make up the MIC through
the repatriation of foreign-earned income, lowering the
corporate tax rate and stealing even more of the middle Because, right here, right now, Trump can demand the
class back from the Democrats. release of this FISA memo and use it to torpedo the very
thing that allowed the entire “Russia Hacked Muh
Election” nonsense and send it back to the sh$&hole it was
Trump had the right strategy from the beginning. Civil spawned from in the first place, the CIA and the DNC.
Wars turn on what the police and the military do. They are
instigated by and fanned by the spooks, but it is the
soldiers and the cops who decide the outcome. And if that means for a few months the FISA courts are
inoperable while a new bill and a new set of rules is
drafted so be it.

More GOP Lawmakers DEMAND Release
Of FISA Memo: ‘Sickening Reality Has SET IN’
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 19, 2018

“This is a matter of national significance “a memo documenting abuse of the FISA

and the American people deserve the truth” program,” reports Fox News’ Chad

Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., wants the memo released right


(National Sentinel) Obamagate: More and more

Republican lawmakers are demanding release of a
classified “FISA memo” currently held by the House
Intelligence Committee many believe will reveal a major
Obama-era scandal.
“Just read the classified doc @HPSCI re
In particular, Republicans believe that the Obama FISA abuse. I’m calling for its immediate
administration politicized U.S. law enforcement and public release w/relevant sourced material.
intelligence agencies in an attempt to undermine the The public must have access ASAP!
presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump. #Transparency,” he tweeted.
“Releasing this classified info doesn’t
On Thursday, Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, commented on the compromise good sources & methods. It
memo on Twitter, calling it “sickening.” reveals the feds’ reliance on bad sources &
methods,” added Zeldin.
“I have read the memo. The sickening
reality has set in. I no longer hold out hope
there is an innocent explanation for the
information the public has seen. I have long
said it is worse than Watergate. It was
#neverTrump & #alwaysHillary.
#releasethememo,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., said the classified

report compiled by the House Intelligence Committee is
“deeply troubling,” adding that raises serious questions as
it relates to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump-
Russia “collusion” probe.
On Thursday, the House Intelligence Committee quietly
voted to make available to fellow House members
make the report publicly available as soon
as possible. This is a matter of national
significance and the American people
deserve the truth.”

“The classified report compiled by House

Intelligence is deeply troubling and raises
serious questions about the upper echelon
of the Obama DOJ and Comey FBI as it
relates to the so-called collusion

He added:

“While the report is classified as Top

Secret, I believe the select committee
should, pursuant to House rules, vote to

Rep. Jim Jordan Joins Growing Chorus For Release Of
Classified Intel Memo #Obamagate
#Releasethememo (Video)
By Jim Hoft
Friday, January 19, 2018

On Thursday a classified DOJ memo on

the FISA abuse by top officials rocked Rep. Jim Jordan:
Washington DC–
Rep. Matt Gaetz later told Sean Hannity, “I What I read today in that briefing room was
believe people will go to jail.” as bad as I thought it was. And every single
American citizen should have the ability to
see that information to know exactly what
our FBI was up to… It shocked me…
That’s why we’re calling for every bit of that
information that we got to see to be made
public for you to see, for journalists to see,
and more importantly for the American
public to see.

Former Freedom Caucus Chair Jim

Jordan joined the growing chorus to
release the classified memo last night.

Jordan joined Sean Hannity to discuss

this devastating development.

House Rejects Democratic Effort
To Impeach Trump As Shutdown Looms
By Cristina Marcos
01/19/18 11:17 AM EST

Eight more Democrats voted in favor of impeaching

Trump than a month ago, demonstrating the growing
support on the left for pushing Trump out of office.

A total of 58 Democrats voted in favor of

impeachment in December, primarily the
most liberal lawmakers and fellow
members of the Congressional Black
Caucus (CBC).

Green’s latest articles of impeachment are similar to those

he offered last month, but updated with Trump’s “shithole”
The House on Friday once again rejected an effort by Rep. comments from last week.
Al Green (D-Texas) to impeach President Trump, in a sign
of inflamed partisan tensions ahead of a midnight deadline Trump, Green alleges in the articles of impeachment, has
to avoid a government shutdown.
“brought the high office of president of the
Green, who has agitated for Trump’s impeachment for United States in contempt, ridicule,
months, forced a procedural vote on articles of disgrace and disrepute” and “has sown
impeachment following Trump’s Oval Office comments discord among the people of the United
last week describing Haiti and African nations as “shithole States.”
countries” while expressing a preference for immigrants
from places like Norway. Aside from the latest controversy from Trump’s
immigration meeting, the articles of impeachment cite
It failed by a 355-66 vote, with three Trump’s travel ban; push to prevent transgender people
Democrats voting "present." from serving in the military; attempts to cast equal blame
on white supremacists and counter-protesters for violence
Trump made the comments during a meeting with in Charlottesville, Va.; and attacks on NFL players
members of Congress about a potential deal to shield kneeling during the national anthem to protest police
young immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally from brutality.
deportation while enhancing border security. Those talks
have been in limbo since that meeting, which in turn has Most Democrats aren’t ready at this point to support
led to an impasse over keeping the government open. impeachment out of concerns that it would be premature.

Green previously forced a vote on articles of impeachment Instead, Democratic leaders are endorsing an effort from
last month, which failed due to most Democrats joining members of the CBC and House Judiciary Committee to
with Republicans to table it. House Minority Leader Nancy censure Trump for describing Haiti and African nations as
Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) “shithole countries.”
both oppose calling for impeachment at this point, citing
the ongoing investigations of whether the Trump campaign The censure resolution, unveiled Thursday,
coordinated with the Russian government during the 2016 calls on Trump to apologize for remarks it
election. describes as “hateful, discriminatory and
racist, and cannot and should not be the
basis of any American policy.”

CBC Chairman Cedric Richmond (D-La.) said that Despite breaking with Trump over the comments, GOP
Democrats may try to force a vote on the censure leaders are highly unlikely to support efforts to censure
resolution if GOP leaders don’t bring it up for him.
consideration on the floor.
Democrats also introduced a resolution to censure Trump
Some Republicans have joined with Democrats in over his handling of the Charlottesville violence, but
criticizing Trump for the comments. Speaker Paul Ryan Republicans similarly dismissed it.
(R-Wis.) used milder language than Democrats, saying that
Trump’s remarks were “very unfortunate” and

Crooked Cop Comey Desperately Tries To Distract From
Damning FISA Memo – Fails Miserably
By Cristina Laila
Friday, January 19, 2018

On Thursday, the House Intelligence Fired FBI Director James Comey tried to distract from the
Committee quietly voted to make media firestorm by tweeting about immigration. He failed
available to fellow House members “a miserably because Trump supporters slammed him with
memo documenting abuse of the FISA tweets about the FISA memo.
program,” reports Fox News’ Chad
Pergram. Crooked cop Comey tweeted,

Shortly afterwards, DeSantis said the classified report “Saw “Come From Away” in New York City
compiled by the House Intelligence Committee is “deeply tonight. @wecomefromaway is an
troubling” and raises serious questions as it relates to the inspiring story of kindness on 9/11 across
‘Russian collusion’ investigation. all human divides, and in the midst of pain
and turmoil. Great message for today. And
DeSantis called out Comey directly. the producer let me hold the Newfoundland
cod prop.”
“The classified report compiled by House
Intelligence is deeply troubling and raises
serious questions about the upper echelon
of the Obama DOJ and Comey FBI as it
relates to the so-called collusion
investigation,” DeSantis tweeted.

News of the FISA memo sent shock waves through social

media Thursday.

GOP Reps were demanding the memo be made public

because Americans deserve to know the truth about the
Russia investigation.

Investigative reporter Sara Carter said the FISA memo is Trump supporters came through as always using the
so explosive it could end the Mueller investigation. hashtag #ReleaseTheMemo


Bongino: ‘SH*T Is About To HIT THE FAN’
For Dems, OBAMA, Over ‘Devastating’ FISA Memo
From House Intel Committee
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 19, 2018

“Take it to the bank, the FBI/FISA docs are

devastating for the Dems”

Continuing, he added:
(National Sentinel) Exposure: Former Secret Service
agent and conservative pundit Dan Bongino predicted “My sincere apologies for the expletive but
Thursday that things are about to get intense with SHIT IS ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN. The
Democrats over the House Intelligence Committee’s former Obama administration’s going to
decision to release a “FISA memo” that could expose their have a lot of explaining to do.”
party for duplicity in the 2016 election.

For days some House Republicans have been calling for on

the panel to release the classified memo, including Reps.
Matt Gaetz of Florida and Lee Zeldin of New York. As
noted by Circa News and Fox News contributor Sara
Carter, the memo contains “explosive” revelations that
could even end special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of
alleged “collusion” between President Donald J. Trump’s
campaign and Russian government operatives.

In addition, Bongino forecast that the memo’s contents

“Take this check and cash it, the
would also harm the image of former President Barack
Democrats are in a full blown panic right
now over the #Obamagate scandal that’s
about to become a nightmare for them.
“Take it to the bank, the FBI/FISA docs are Watch them all scurry like roaches when
devastating for the Dems. The whole image the lights come on it,” he continued.
of a benevolent Barack Obama they’ve
disingenuously tried to portray is about to
be destroyed. The real Obama, the
vengeful narcissist, is going to be exposed
for all to see,” he tweeted.

“Release the memo and watch the rats run others have launched into the origins and machinations
away like the cowards they are. Your mind surrounding the so-called “Trump dossier.”
is about to blown, and your eyes open, to
both the power of the federal govt, and the For months many Republicans have speculated that the
vengefulness of an Obama administration document, which contains salacious details about the
hellbent on destroying Trump,” Bongino president as well as the central allegation that his campaign
said. colluded with Russia, was used by the FBI to obtain a
surveillance warrant from the FISA court so the Obama
administration could spy on the Trump campaign.

The dossier’s contents are thus far unsubstantiated and are

likely a fabrication, Bongino and others have said. That
means the surveillance warrant would have been obtained
under a false — and perhaps political — pretense.

Last week, Bongino declared it the “most

explosive scandal” that was “about to
For days on his CRTV Podcast, Bongino has been poring
over and explaining details of an investigation he and

When Will The Good Guys In The FBI And DOJ Stand Up
And Petition To Have Their Dirty Leaders
Removed From Office?
By Jim Hoft
Friday, January 19, 2018

It’s time! We hear about the good FBI

and DOJ detectives and attorneys. Now It’s clear that the current AG
it’s time for them to stand up and Jeff Sessions is not
demand that the dirty leaders in their complying with subpoenas
organizations be brought to justice. from Congress so why would
we believe that he would
Where are the good guys? For years now, the FBI and bring these people to
DOJ have been infiltrated at the top with corrupt and justice.
criminal individuals. The corruption started at the top.
‘Dirty Cops’ and former FBI Heads Mueller and Comey
are part of the deep state and they clearly have stacked the Congress is doing what they can but America needs good
leadership at the FBI with their fellow deep state criminals. guys in these organizations to become heroes and put
(Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, etc…) justice first.

One former FBI Agent was on Varney and Co and he Is today the day that the good guys
described the corrupt actions of the deep state within the stand up and demand justice in our
US justice department – justice department and FBI? Stand up
patriots and step forward and “Drain the
Clearly there must be some good FBI employees and Swamp”!
retired employees that will stand together to demand the
corrupt leaders of the FBI be removed and brought to

Snowden: Trump Must Veto Reauthorized
NSA Spying Powers In Light Of FISA Memo
By Tyler Durden
Fri, 01/19/2018 - 12:20

Donald Trump must veto reauthorized NSA spying powers foreigners overseas by surveilling fiber optic internet
which passed both the House and the Senate hubs where data enters the US.
yesterday without a single reform, in light of
an explosive four-page memo said to detail sweeping Even President Trump voiced skepticism about
FISA Abuses by the FBI, DOJ and the Obama reauthorizing the bill in a tweet earlier this year, where he
Administration during and after the 2016 presidential claimed it had helped the Obama administration spy on the
election, says former NSA contractor and whistleblower Trump campaign, although he infamously flip-flopped
Edward Snowden. later.

While section 702 prohibits the targeting of Americans,

US Intelligence agencies have used "backdoor" methods
to search intercepted communications to spy on Americans
without a warrant. The reauthorized bill allows the NSA to
collect traffic on the Tor network along with VPN traffic -
two methods of communication designed to enhance
privacy and anonymity online.

Research released last year showed that

the NSA and the FBI, both of which have
access to data collected under 702,
The memo was circulated to the entire House of had violated its powers hundreds of
Representatives, prompting GOP lawmakers to call for its times by conducting unlawful searches
immediate release to the public. and improperly targeting a person or
account for surveillance.
Snowden, who exposed the NSA's expansive mass
surveillance program, contends that the expansive FISA Since then, over 40 privacy and
Amendments Reauthorization Act never would have passed transparency groups have called on
Congress to reform the government's
if the memo had been distributed before the vote. The
section 702 powers.
Senate broke a filibuster led by Rand Paul (R-KY) and
Ron Wyden (D-OR) on Tuesday evening, voting 65-34,
while the House voted last week 256-164 in favor of the They argued that compelling the NSA to get a warrant
bill with almost no changes. before accessing Americans' data would have no impact on
foreign intelligence gathering efforts. Other legislative
efforts would compel the government to reveal the
approximate number of Americans surveilled under
section 702, a promise made by both the Obama and
Trump administrations that was later withdrawn.

Human Rights Watch called the reauthorized spying

powers "direct threats" to democracy and human rights,
while the Open Technology Institute says the bill "codifies
and may even expand the government's most concerning

Per the Wall Street Journal, Majority Leader Mitch

The reauthorized FISA bill constitute the "crown jewels" McConnell exhorted his colleagues to back extending the
of the Intelligence Community's spying powers, section program ahead of Thursday's vote, calling it "one of the
702, which allows the NSA to gather intelligence on most important tools" for national security officials. By

passing the bill, Congress rejected efforts by a coalition of who are inadvertently caught up in surveillance by
conservative Republicans, civil libertarians and liberal American intelligence agencies.
Democrats to enact new privacy protections for Americans

Schumer Sycophant: Acosta Makes A Fool
Of Himself At Briefing, Schooled By Mulvaney
By Curtis Houck
January 19, 2018 12:32 PM EST

Hours ahead of a possible government shutdown, CNN government to fund the government. So,
Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta debased his that's the answer to your question.
already self-centered act by playing the role of sycophant
on Friday morning for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Acosta tried to save face by blaming the President for not
Schumer (D-N.Y.) by tangling with Office of Management wanting to go along with the Democratic pleas to save the
and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney over basic facts illegal immigrants known as DREAMers. Referring to last
about Senate procedure. week’s publicized White House meeting, Acosta fretted
how that
“I was going to ask about your comment
at the beginning of this, you said it is “seemed to be a fairly productive
the Schumer shutdown. How can it be meeting and then the whole process got
the Schumer shutdown when the blown up and if I may, it seems that the
Republicans control the White House, whole process was blown up by the
the House and the Senate?” Acosta President's comments.”
The CNN hack then lobbied Mulvaney to just go along
with the Democrats and DREAMers so we can move on,
but the former conservative South Carolina congressman
gave Acosta a history lesson:

[W]hen Republicans tried to add a

discussion about ObamaCare to the
funding process in 2013, we were accused
by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer of
inserting a non-fiscal — a non-financial
issue into the spending process in order to
shut the government down. How is that not
exactly what is happening today? There is
Thankfully, Mulvaney didn’t mince words in schooling no reason that you have to deal with DACA
Acosta, citing basic Senate rules about needing 60 votes to this week. There’s no reason to deal with
pass budgetary measures (such as continuing resolutions): DACA before...the middle of February.
DACA doesn't expire until March 5th. This
is purely an attempt by the Senate
MULVANEY: Come on, you know the
Democrats, led by Mr. Schumer, it’s why
answer to that as well as anybody. I mean,
we call it the Schumer shutdown, to try and
I have to laugh when people say that, oh,
get a shutdown they think this President
we control the House and the senate and
gets blamed for.
the White house.
ACOSTA: You do. Despite the fact that White House director of legislative
MULVANEY: Why can't you get this done? affairs Marc Short later noted that the bipartisan group of
You any as well as anybody it takes 60 Senators working on a DREAMer deal haven’t produced
votes in the Senate to pass appropriations concrete legislation yet, Acosta used his post-briefing live
bill, right? You know that. shot on CNN to resume his Friday meltdown:
ACOSTA: I know that but —
Well, shutdowns are a tough sale...and it sounds like, at
MULVANEY: So you only have 51 votes in this point, this White House is bracing for the likelihood
the Senate, then you have to have that this government is going to shut down. You heard
Democrat support in order to keep the during this briefing with the legislative affairs director,
Marc Short and the director of Office of Management and MULVANEY: So you only have 51 votes in the Senate, then you
Budget, Mick Mulvaney — the director Mick Mulvaney have to have Democrat support in order to keep the government
saying this is the Schumer shutdown and they're trying to to fund the government. So, that's the answer to your question.
make the case that, well, because they need Democratic
votes in the Senate to go along with what was passed in the ACOSTA: The President asked Congress to come up with a
House that this is somehow the responsibility of solution for the DREAMers. Congress was in the room, members
Democrats. That's just going to be a hard sell when you of Congress were in the room with the President last week. It
have Republicans in charge of the White House, the House seemed to be a fairly productive meeting and then the whole
and the Senate, and you've been talking about that for process got blown up —
some time.
MULVANEY; We’re not — when Republicans tried to —
Acosta reiterated his tacit opinion that
Trump should be to blame for the ACOSTA: — and if I may, it seems that the whole process was
government shutdown over his “s***hole blown up by the President's comments. And so why keep the
countries” line and quipped that Mulvaney Democrats and the DREAMers and get out of this?
promised “a kinder, gentler shutdown” in
which “[t]he National Parks are going to
be open, the trash may not get picked MULVANEY: — when Republicans tried to add a discussion
up but you can still visit your National about ObamaCare to the funding process in 2013, we were
Park.” accused by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer of inserting a non-
fiscal — a non-financial issue into the spending process in order
to shut the government down. How is that not exactly what is
Here’s the relevant transcript from CNN’s At This Hour on happening today? There is no reason that you have to deal with
January 18: DACA this week. There’s no reason to deal with DACA before
the end of February — excuse me, the middle of February.
CNN’s At This Hour DACA doesn't expire until March 5th. This is purely an attempt by
January 19, 2018 the Senate Democrats, led by Mr. Schumer, it’s why we call it the
11:24 a.m. Eastern Schumer shutdown, to try and get a shutdown they think this
President gets blamed for.
JIM ACOSTA: I was going to ask about your comment at the
beginning of this, you said it is the Schumer shutdown. How can AYESHA RASCOE: You’re saying that you need Democrats
it be the Schumer shutdown when the Republicans control the support in the Senate —
White House, the House and the Senate?
MULVANEY: We got it in the House.
MICK MULVANEY: Come on, you know the answer to that as
well as anybody. I mean, I have to laugh when people say that, RASCOE: — so are there any concessions that this White House
oh, we control the House and the senate and the White house. is willing to make to try to get support from those Democrats that
you need?

MULVANEY: Again, go back to what I said at the opening, they

don't oppose anything in there. They support CHIP. In fact, every
member of the Financial Subcommittee or something — a
Democrat has voted for this exact CHIP extension, right?: They
don't want the Cadillac tax to go into place. They’ve always
supported clean CRs. Why would you have to — those are
concessions. Ordinarily, you would just simply put up a clean CR,
let them vote it, and, again, it worked in the House, several
Democrats who voted for it.

ACOSTA: You do.
MARC SHORT: And, Jim, back to your question, the reality is
MULVANEY: Why can't you get this done? You any as well as there is no legislation for them to pull up. They say there is this
anybody it takes 60 votes in the Senate to pass appropriations Flake-Durbin-Graham proposal. There is not legislation to vote
bill, right? You know that. on. So, when they say we need to have DACA solved before you
do a continuing resolution to keep the government open, there
ACOSTA: I know that but — isn't actually a bill for them to even vote on, which I think shows
that this is really about politics and not really about policy.

(....) because they need Democratic votes in the Senate to go along
with what was passed in the House that this is somehow the
BRIANNA KEILAR: Okay, Jim, you were there. You asked a responsibility of Democrats. That's just going to be a hard sell
question and the budget director said it is Democrats, it takes 60 when you have Republicans in charge of the White House, the
votes, it requires Democrats in the Senate. What did you think of House and the Senate, and you've been talking about that for
that whole show we just witnessed? some time. I thought it was interesting to note that when I asked
the question about DACA, the fix for the DREAMers, that Marc
Short said that there was no legislative vehicle to get that
accomplished. As you know, there has been a gang of six
working on such a legislative vehicle, some kind of legislation to
make that happen. It just seems at this point that there is a
refusal on the Republican side to allow that to be brought into this
process and I think what they're dealing with is at this point,
Brianna, is just sort of the fallout of what happened last week
when the President essentially blew up this process. He had a
very productive meeting over her at the White House with
members of congress from both parties and then a couple of
days later there was that very fiery meeting that happened
behind closed doors where the President made some pretty
offensive remarks and ever since then, there just has not been
ACOSTA: Well, shutdowns are a tough sale, Brianna, and it very much progress from a bipartisan basis. And so, you heard
sounds like, at this point, this White House is bracing for the Mick Mulvaney coming here and saying listen, we're making this
likelihood that this government is going to shut down. You heard a kinder, gentler shutdown. The National Parks are going to be
during this briefing with the legislative affairs director, Marc Short open, the trash may not get picked up but you can still visit your
and the director of Office of Management and Budget, Mick National Park. People are going to go to work — federal workers
Mulvaney — the director Mick Mulvaney saying this is the are going to go to work but they won't get paid. The question is
Schumer shutdown and they're trying to make the case that, well, how long can that drag on.

#Obamagate – A Complete List Of DOJ And FBI
Corruptors And Criminals Destroying
The US From Within
By Jim Hoft
Friday, January 19, 2018

The Deep State FBI and Department of and FBI who need to be brought to
Justice (DOJ) were once considered justice –
institutions full of integrity and honor
before the Obama Presidency. Now they
Eric Holder -According to the Guardian Obama’s first
are riddled with corruption and led by a
Attorney General Eric Holder was –
group of deceiving, criminal and corrupt
leaders who are working to overthrow
the Trump administration which the first sitting member of a president’s
threatens to uncover their many corrupt cabinet in US history to be held in contempt
and criminal actions over the past many of Congress after Republicans vented their
years. Today these swamp monsters fury over a bungled gun-tracking
may begin to be exposed. investigation.
As published in late December, here is a
Seventeen Democrats, under pressure from the pro-gun
list of Deep State criminals –
lobby the NRA, joined 238 Republicans to carry a criminal
contempt resolution against Holder. A currently serving
A number of individuals, in the FBI and DOJ, are using attorney general has never before been censured in this
their power to prevent President Donald Trump from way.
governing as he was duly elected to do and are doing all
they can to overturn the election that put the President in
The criminal contempt resolution, passed by 255 to 67,
with most Democrats walking out of the chamber en masse
before the vote, related to Operation Fast and Furious, a
The entire Mueller investigation is a scam created by these federal investigation launched in Arizona designed to
individuals to overthrow the US government. Their ensnare gun smugglers involved with the Mexican drug
desperate actions are a clear indication that they have cartels.
much to hide. Former United Nations Ambassador John
Bolten called the recent actions against President Trump
Thursday’s vote was of symbolic value, pointing to the
the first Coup D’état in US History –
almost total collapse of trust between the two main parties
in Congress. Republican anger has been fueled by a
conspiracy theory that Fast and Furious was deliberately
set up to fail by the Obama administration to pave the way
for greater federal gun controls

Holder was AG during Obama’s first term and he therefore

was AG during not only during the fast and furious scandal
but the many other corrupt activities that occurred during
Obama’s first term. He signed off on the Uranium One
deal where the Obama administration approved the sale of
20 percent of US uranium to Russia while at the same
time, no doubt was involved in the cover up of FBI
Director Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia where

Below is our list of corrupt, criminal and “FBI knew, as of November 2009, of
treasonous operatives within the DOJ criminal activities by Tenex, the U.S.

affiliate of Russia’s nuclear energy agency,

Loretta Lynch – Obama’s second corrupt AG oversaw the

FBI and DOJ that set Hillary Clinton free during the email Sally Yates – The acting AG when President Trump took
scandal after obvious criminal actions a week after Lynch over who defied the President’s immigration order and was
met Bill Clinton on an Arizona tarmac in a botched fired for doing so.
clandestine meeting before the election. After the Trump
win Lynch released the following bizarre video and call to Rod Rosenstein – At Rosenstein’s recent testimony in
arms for the deep state – front of the House he showed how truly creepy he is. He
answered nothing and constantly sniffed his nose like a
cocaine addict. He was involved in the Russia coverup at
the time of the sale of Uranium One and he and Mueller
have been accused of abusing ‘Secrecy Powers’ in hiding
information about the Trump investigation from Congress
for months.

Andrew Weissman – Weissman is one of the Trump

haters on Mueller’s team who praised Yates for defying
President Trump’s travel ban before being removed by
Trump. The MSM praised her as well. Mueller’s selection
of Weissman says it all. Weissmann is famous for pushing
charges against Arthur Anderson and Merrill Lynch in the
2000’s that were eventually overturned by the Supreme
Court 9 – 0 and an Appellate Court a year later. Thousands
lost their jobs because of Weissmann’s errors. He has
served as general counsel at the FBI and as an assistant
Robert Mueller – Dirty Cop and former FBI Head Robert U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York. —
Mueller is the epitome of the deep state. As head of the
FBI he failed to prosecute anyone for emailgate, fast and
furious, Clinton foundation, etc. He never recused himself Weissmann donated $2,300 to the
as the special counsel in the Trump – Russia farce in spite Obama Victory Fund in 2008, $2,000 to
of numerous conflicts of interest. His entire team is a the DNC in 2006 and at least $2,300 to
group of deep state liberal corrupt attorneys and the Clinton campaign in 2007.
investigators. His investigation is a crime as exemplified
by the recent report that the Mueller team unlawfully Andrew McCabe – FBI Head after Comey was fired by
obtained transition emails from the Trump team that were President Trump, McCabe is in the middle of the scheme
protected under attorney – client privilege. Mueller is also to overthrow the government. His wife ran for office in
famous for hand delivering uranium to Russia on an airport 2016 and her campaign received hundreds of thousands in
tarmac per Hillary Clinton instructions. Hillary related campaign donations at the same time
McCabe was involved in the Hillary emails cover-up. In
James Comey – Mueller’s partner in crime and protégé spite of this, McCabe didn’t recuse himself from the
led the FBI after Mueller’s departure. He won a deep state Hillary investigation until a week before the 2016 election.
award for best corrupt actor when he led the Clinton email His name was on an email involved in drafting Comey’s
investigation, treated it as a special case, and then let exoneration of Clinton. The distribution list is all deep
Hillary off with no charges. His presentation for why she state –
should be let go was a masterpiece and showed he may
also be a bit of a lunatic. He let Hillary go twice during the
election in spite of obvious crimes to every American. –

living. Her specialty was with Russia and Trump. This was
all kept secret until recently.

James Baker – The FBI General Counsel who is being

reassigned by new FBI Director Christopher Wray
following a leak investigation.

Peter Kadzik – Kadzik was a DOJ Assistant Attorney and

was outed as a mole for the Hillary Clinton campaign in an
email released by WikiLeaks.

The Entire Mueller Investigative Team – in addition to

those listed above, below are the others on the Mueller
team –

 Rush Atkinson, an attorney on detail from the Criminal

Recently it was reported that McCabe is planning on
Division’s Fraud Section at the Department of Justice
retiring in 90 days from the FBI. He should be instead tried
— Donated $200 to Clinton in 2016
for treason.
 Peter Carr – DOJ spokesman under Barack Obama.
 Andrew Goldstein, a public corruption prosecutor on
Peter Strzok – Nobody knew this crook’s name until a detail from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern
few weeks ago. The Lead Inspector on the Clinton email District of New York
scandal and Trump – Russia farce. This guy had a god – — Worked under Trump-basher Preet Bharara in
complex and thought it was his mission to stop Trump and the liberal New York southern district.
help Hillary. He’s a crook in every sense of the word and  Adam Jed, an appellate attorney on detail from DOJ’s
should be in jail and tried for treason. Civil Division. — Defended Obamacare at the DOJ.
 Elizabeth Prelogar, an appellate attorney on detail
Lisa Page – Strzok’s mistress at the DOJ. Another Trump from the Office of the Solicitor General. -Fluent in
hater in the deep state. She is on the Mueller investigative Russian; former law clerk to Justices Ruth Bader
team and on detail from the FBI’s Office of the General Ginsburg and Elena Kagan.
Counsel and a former trial attorney with the Criminal  James Quarles, a former partner at WilmerHale and a
Division’s Organized Crime and Gang Section – former assistant special prosecutor for the Watergate
Special Prosecution Force. –Former assistant special
Investigated Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry prosecutor on the Watergate Special Prosecution
Firtash, a one-time business partner of Force.
former Trump campaign manager Paul  Jeannie Rhee, a former partner at WilmerHale who
Manafort, at the DOJ. has served in the Office of Legal Counsel at DOJ and
as an assistant U.S. attorney for the District of
Bruce and Nellie Ohr – He worked at the DOJ and she Columbia. — Rhee is a Clinton Foundation Lawyer
worked at Fusion – the company that slanders people for a
and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General in state. He did everything he could to create the Mueller
the Office of Legal Counsel under Barack Obama. investigation and has done nothing to address the many
 Brandon Van Grack, an attorney on detail from the Obama and Hillary crimes. He must go.
Justice Department’s National Security Division.
— Led a grand jury inquiry in Northern Virginia Chris Wray – The current FBI Director, Wray shows that
scrutinizing former Trump associate Michael he is part of the problem by allowing individuals like
Flynn’s foreign lobbying. Baker and Strzok to move departments and McCabe to
 Aaron Zebley, a former partner at WilmerHale who retire without being held accountable.
has previously served with Mueller at the FBI and has
served as an assistant U.S. attorney in the Eastern Honorable Mention –
District of Virginia. — Worked with Robert Mueller at
the WilmerHale firm.
Aaron Rouse – He’s the Head of the FBI investigation
 Aaron Zelinsky, an attorney on detail from the U.S.
into the Las Vegas shootings and murder of 59 concert
Attorney’s Office in the District of Maryland. — Worked
goers and he’s a Comey appointee. The fact that we know
under Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein in Maryland.
so little and that the MSM is burying the story is proof of
 Zainab Ahmad, a top national security prosecutor on
more FBI corruption related to this incident.
detail from U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District
of New York.
 Michael Dreeben, an appellate attorney on detail from Of course Barack Obama and the
the Office of the Solicitor General, described by former Clintons are the godfathers!
colleagues as one of the brightest criminal law experts
of the past two generations. These people must be brought to
justice. Concocting a fake investigation
Jeff Sessions – The biggest disappointment of the year. At to remove the duly elected President of
first the thought was that Sessions was compromised but the United States, Donald Trump, is
now he appears to be a card carrying member of deep criminal. #ObamaGate

Former Trump Aide Omarosa May Have Taped White
House Discussions, Fears Mueller Wants To Talk To Her
BY Flo Anthony & Denis Slattery
Friday, January 19, 2018, 4:00

Former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman It is not immediately clear why the former “Apprentice”
may have taped confidential West Wing conversations and star is seeking legal help, but those with knowledge of her
fears being caught up in special counsel Robert Mueller’s unceremonious removal from the White House say she is
probe, sources told the Daily News on Thursday. “very concerned” that trouble is on the horizon.

The former reality TV star’s official last day in the Trump The 43-year-old apparently believes she may become a
administration is Saturday — despite the abrupt fixture in Mueller’s investigation into possible connections
announcement of her departure last month — and her next between the Trump campaign and Russia’s election
step seems to be lawyering up. meddling.

“Everyone knows Omarosa loves to record people and

meetings using the voice notes app on her iPhone,” a
source disclosed. “Don’t be surprised if she has secret
audio files on everyone in that White House, past and
present staffers included.”

A recent ban on personal cell phones in the West Wing,

which followed the release of Michael Wolff’s explosive
White House tell-all was related to Manigault-Newman’s
track record of recording conversations, the source added.

But a White House insider balked at the idea of Manigault-

Newman being privy to any inside information that could
be relevant to Mueller’s probe — or of interest to anyone
The soon-to-be former assistant to President Trump and
else for that matter.
director of communications for the White House Office of
Public Liaison has held exploratory meetings with several
high profile attorneys for potential representation, a source Interest in a political memoir the exiled staffer has been
told The News. “nonexistent,” according to the administration source. A
recent report from Life & Style Weekly claimed
Manigault-Newman could get upward of $10 million for a
Manigault-Newman has met with Harvey Weinstein’s
book deal.
former attorney Lisa Bloom and former Bill Cosby lawyer
Monique Pressley, among others
The White House and Manigault-Newman did not respond
to requests for comment.

Sebastian Gorka: Shocking Trump Russia Investigation
Memo Just The Beginning; Calls For Scandal
To Be Named #Obamagate
By Kristinn Taylor
Friday, January 19, 2018

Former Trump administration official Dr. Sebastian Gorka

posted several tweets early Friday morning (EST)
commenting on the summary memo about the Obama
administration’s involvement with the Trump-Russia
investigation that has sparked outrage among
Congressmen who have seen the secret memo by the
House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Gorka
said his sources are telling him the corruption was
government wide and that the ensuing scandal should be
called “ObamaGate”

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, screen image.

Gorka wrote, keying off a controversial March 4, 2017

tweet by President Donald Trump, “My sources tell me
tonight that the “nuclear” memo is just the beginning. By
the end of it all, the tapping of candidate
@realDonaldTrump’s phone will be the least of the Left’s
problems. #ObamaGate”

Gorka followed with, “The corruption was government

wide. The CORRECT name for this storm is: #ObamaGate
Use nothing else online. RT this Tweet. And lay siege your
representatives by phone starting at 9AM Friday. Demand
they release the memo.”

Gorka concluded with, “#ObamaGate will reverberate all

the way up to and THROUGH November 2018.”

Gorka posted several other tweets and retweets late Gorka also retweeted video comments by two shocked
Thursday and early Friday on the memo. More: congressmen who have read the secret memo, Rep. Mark
Meadows (R-NC) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) who are
“When the ghastly Truth is revealed we will all owe among those calling for the memo’s release to the public.
@DevinNunes a massive debt of gratitude. Not all heroes
are found on a battlefield.

Gorka retweeted a video clip from an interview then

President Barack Obama gave in 2016 guaranteeing “no
political influence in any investigation conducted by the
Justice Dept. or the FBI.”

Let’s see if that’s true. Release the memo.

“Who Is Running This Admin!”:
Tom Fitton Rages Over FISA Memo, Courts Protecting
“Massive” Deep State Corruption
By Joshua Caplan
Friday, January 19, 2018

On Thursday, the House Intelligence “I have every confidence after speaking to

Committee quietly voted to make Paul Ryan and Devin Nunes that after we
available to fellow House members “a go through the right procedures and
memo documenting abuse of the FISA provide notifications to the executive
program,” reports Fox News’ Chad branch that we will release this memo,” the
Pergram. Florida lawmaker told Fox News‘
“America’s Newsroom.”
Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton is
now demanding Congress release the Fitton recently revealed federal courts are stonewalling the
bombshell FISA abuse memo, while conservative watchdog’s efforts to obtain information
taking a swipe at the courts for about “any payments made by the FBI, Justice Department
protecting Deep State corruption. to the dossier authors.”
Credit: Judicial Watch

“#ReleaseTheMemo and everything else on Clinton-

Obama DOJ, FBI-Russia collusion/illegal
leaking/unmasking/illegal spying on @RealDonalTrump According to reports, the FBI agreed to pay former British
team scandal. @JudicialWatch FOIAs being stonewalled spy and dossier author Christopher Steele to continue
in federal court on this massive corruption by digging up dirt on Trump and Russia.
DOJ/FBI/NSA. Who is running this admin!” tweeted The FBI pulled out of this arrangement once Steele was
Fitton. publicly identified in media reports.
Paul Sperry of the New York Post has also confirmed the,
“FBI picked up the tab for Steele dossier
along with Hillary; FBI paid Steele’s travel
and other expenses.”

As The Gateway Pundit‘s Jim Hoft reported Friday, Rep.

Matt Gaetz believes the FISA memo will see the light of

FLASHBACK: Watch Adam Schiff Change His Tune
Before And After He Reviews Top Secret House Intel
Docs Showing FISA Abuse (VIDEO)
By Cristina Laila
Friday, January 19, 2018

High ranking member of the House Intel
Committee Adam Schiff (D-CA) knows
he’s in hot water as the FISA memo
bubbles up to the surface.

Before Adam Schiff reviewed top secret intel docs he was

appearing on news outlets saying there is ‘more than
circumstantial evidence’ of Trump-Russia collusion.

After he reviewed the classified docs Chairman Nunes

looked at which showed Trump was illegally unmasked by
Obama’s hacks, he clammed up and changed his tune.
Schiff began saying he ‘can’t go into the contents of the

Many also began to speculate that it was Adam Schiff who

started leaking tidbits of Don Jr.’s closed-door House
Panel interviews to CNN in a desperate attempt to keep the
‘Trump-Russia’ story alive.

Nunes then went to brief the President on the information

in the intelligence reports before meeting with the
Intelligence Committee.

The left-wing lunatics including high ranking House Intel

Committee member Adam Schiff came unglued and hit
Nunes with a probe that lasted eight months. Nunes
slammed the accusations as “entirely false and politically
Watch Adam Schiff change his tune after seeing the FISA motivated”.
abuse. He knew Chairman Nunes was onto something and
actively blocked him from investigating with a bogus The House Ethics Committee announced in early
ethics probe. December it cleared Chairman Nunes of claims he
mishandled classified information after dragging it out for
THE TIMELINE… eight months!

Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) walked away from the WHY IT’S SIGNIFICANT…
House Intelligence Committee Russia probe in April after
he said in a press conference in March that Trump and his Rep. Adam Schiff knew all along there was FISA abuse
associates were unmasked after viewing intelligence and actively worked to block Chairman Nunes from
revealing the information. If Schiff was honest and Rod Rosenstein then came in as Deputy AG and former
allowed Chairman Nunes to release the information he had FBI Director Robert Mueller was subsequently appointed
about the FISA abuse and illegal unmasking back in March Special Counsel to oversee the Russia investigation on
or April of 2016, Robert Mueller would never have been May 17th, 2016.
appointed as Special Counsel to oversee the bogus Russia
witch hunt. Millions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted on dirty cop
Robert Mueller and his team of liberal hacks. They should
Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the be forced to pay every penny back. Robert Mueller has
‘Russia’ investigation on March 3rd of 2016 after intense known the entire time Hillary’s phony dossier was used to
pressure from political hacks. Sessions was accused of obtain a FISA warrant yet he marched on with the witch
lying under oath about his meeting with Russian hunt.
Ambassador Kislyak. It later came out that Sessions indeed
did nothing wrong and CNN was forced to correct yet Everyone involved needs to be prosecuted and put in
another botched Russia story. prison including suspected leaker Adam Schiff who has
known this entire time the Russia investigation was a
political witch hunt.

Mainstream Media Tries To Ignore BOMBSHELL FISA
Abuse Memo As Illegal FBI And DOJ Spying On Trump
Campaign Set To Be Exposed!
Alex Thomas
January 19th, 2018

“Our republic is in jeopardy if we allow this type

of a palace coup environment to continue to
persist and that’s why I’m one of the members
of Congress who will be encouraging today
Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes to release
the memo,” Gaetz said.

A bombshell FISA abuse memo that not only could end the
Mueller investigation but also could contain direct
evidence of illegal FBI and DOJ spying on the Trump
campaign, in order to help Hillary Clinton, is set to be
released in the coming days, according to multiple media

Congressman Matt Gaetz appeared on Fox News this

morning to reveal his belief that the memo will be released Amazingly, the mainstream media is largely doing
in the coming days and will send shockwaves throughout everything in their power to either ignore this story or
Washington D.C. downplay it completely, with anti-Trump news network
CNN not even covering the bombshell as of Friday
Infowars reports:

The classified Department of Justice memo is

suspected to contain evidence of illegal FBI and
DOJ spying on the Trump campaign at the
behest of Hillary Clinton.

According to journalist Sara Carter, the memo is

so “explosive” that it could lead to “the end of
Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation
into President Trump and his associates.”

Numerous lawmakers are calling for the

document to be publicly released, with Rep.
Steve King describing it as “worse than

Appearing on Fox News, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-

FL), who previously asserted that people will
“go to jail” over the memo, suggested that the
release of the document is on the horizon.

A quick scan of the networks homepage showed that they “This was essentially deep state political
had completely ignored the story, instead opting for a opposition research being conducted inside
plethora of anti-Trump disinformation pieces while being government for a considerable period of time.
sure to protect their ally, Hillary Clinton. The information, gathered on Clinton’s political
opposition, was then weaponized against the
Watson reported: candidacy of Donald Trump,” summarizes the
Conservative Treehouse blog.
The FISA memo bombshell, a scandal dubbed
“worse than Watergate” by one Congressman, As Watson rightfully noted, by any definition of news, this
is being completely ignored by CNN this story is absolutely HUGE and it would take purposeful
morning, with zero coverage on the network’s deception on the part of any network who doesn’t cover it.
home page.
Regardless, in the coming days we could finally see the end
The memo, which was viewed by members of of the sham Russian investigation as well as criminal
the House on Thursday, is said to contain charges against those who used the power of the federal
“shocking” evidence of top Department of government in a desperate attempt to take out Trump
Justice and FBI officials abusing the the Foreign before he even won the election.
Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) in order to
illegally spy on the Trump campaign.

Sean Hannity Warns “BIGGEST TICK TOCK EVER!!”
As Bombshell FISA Memo Rocks Washington
By Joshua Caplan
Friday, January 19, 2018

Amid demands by Republican Sean Hannity: Based on today’s events I

lawmakers to release the bombshell have a message tonight for Special
FISA abuse report, Fox News host Sean Counsel Robert Mueller. Your witch
Hannity issued his biggest “tick tock,” hunt is now over. Time to close the
ever, declaring “vindication,” is on the doors…
On Thursday, the House Intelligence It is more disturbing than we thought. And right now our
Committee quietly voted to make sources are telling us that the abuse of power is far greater
available to fellow House members “a than Watergate… What we are talking about tonight are
memo documenting abuse of the FISA the abuse of the powerful tools of intelligence that we use
program,” reports Fox News’ Chad to spy on people. Those tools were used against an
Pergram. opposition candidate, and president elect and his entire
team. And it was done not only under false pretenses but
with the with help of Hillary Clinton. She bought and paid
for the dossier that they filled with Russian lies…

Via Hannity:

“Biggest Tick Tock Ever!! Vindication!”

tweeted Hannity.

Lawmakers from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) to Rep. Lee

Zeldin (R-NY) have called for the classified memo’s
immediate release. According to Fox News contributor
Sara Carter, the contents of the memo are so “explosive,”
that it could end special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia
probe once and for all.
As The Gateway Pundit‘s Jim Hoft reported Thursday
evening, Hannity issued a stern warning to special counsel
Robert Mueller.

Flashback: Maxine Waters: “Obama Has Put In Place”
Secret Database With “Everything On Everyone”
(Video) #Releasethememo
By Jim Hoft
Friday, January 19, 2018

What did Maxine know — And when did “The President has put in place an
she know it? organization with the kind of database that
no one has ever seen before in life,”
With all of the DC rumblings about a classified memo that Representative Maxine Waters told Roland
proves Obama, the FBI and DOJ was spying on his Martin on Monday.
political opponents — We thought it would be a good idea “That’s going to be very, very powerful,”
to revisit this 2014 interview by Auntie Maxine. Waters said. “That database will have
information about everything on every
individual on ways that it’s never been
done before and whoever runs for
President on the Democratic ticket has to
deal with that. They’re going to go down
with that database and the concerns of
those people because they can’t get
around it. And he’s [President Obama]
been very smart. It’s very powerful what
he’s leaving in place.”

Via Free Republic:

Back in 2014 Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) told Roland

Martin in a February interview,

Waters: “Obama has put in place the

kind of database… will have everything
on every individual.”

Before It’s News has the transcript:

“I Can’t Believe They Did That!”:
Rep. Ron Desantis Stunned By FISA Memo,
Reveals Its “Central Theme” (VIDEO)
By Joshua Caplan
Friday, January 19, 2018

On Friday, Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL)

told “Fox & Friends,” that he believes
the bombshell FISA memo should be
released to the American people.
“Let’s get that out there so the
American people can see how this
whole collusion thing was going on
during the campaign,” the
Florida lawmaker told Fox News.

As The Gateway Pundit‘s Jim Hoft reported Friday, Rep.

Matt Gaetz believes the FISA memo will see the light of

“I have every confidence after speaking to

Paul Ryan and Devin Nunes that after we
go through the right procedures and
Credit: Fox News
provide notifications to the executive
branch that we will release this memo,” the
Asked if he could confirm information compiled by Florida lawmaker told Fox News‘
dossier author Christopher Steele was used by the Obama “America’s Newsroom”
administration to spy on Trump officials, DeSantis told
host Brian Kilmeade, According to Fox News contributor Sara Carter, the
contents of the memo are so “explosive,” that it could end
“I think that’s one of the central issues in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe once and
the memo and I definitely want all for all.
Americans to be able to read what actually
happened in that respect.”

House Conservatives Want Bombshell
Memo Released As Part Of Shutdown Talks
By Tyler Durden
Fri, 01/19/2018 - 13:15

talks that it was "extremely important" that

the memo go public. He said it was not
something they were requiring of the
Republican leadership in return for votes. "But it
was something we definitely talked about -- that
needs to happen," Jordan added.

Meadows earlier referred to “subplots” of promises the

Freedom Caucus was able to extract from the leadership
before he agreed to support the continuing resolution.

“Mr Meadows and Mr. Jordan and many

House GOP members have approached Speaker Paul Ryan conservatives want to include in this
about incorporating a vote to make public an explosive negotiation a requirement that the House
new FISA abuse memo as part of government shutdown make public intelligence documents that
negotiations. highlight the unfair treatment of the
president” by the FBI and the Justice
The four-page document, circulated to the full House Department, Gaetz said. -Bloomberg
yesterday, is said to detail egregious abuses of surveillance
by the FBI, DOJ and Obama administration against the
Trump campaign during and after the 2016 US presidential

The facts contained in the Republican majority-authored

report is said to be "jaw-dropping and demand full
transparency," according to Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL),
while the top ranking Democrat on the House Intel
Committee, Adam Schiff (D-CA) dismissed the memo as
"profoundly misleading" talking points drafted by
Republican staffers. Mark Meadows (R-NC) and Jim Jordan (R-OH)

"Rife with factual inaccuracies and referencing “Part of me wishes that I didn't read it, because
highly classified materials that most Republican I don’t want to believe that those kinds of things
Intelligence Committee members were forced to could be happening in this country that I call
acknowledge they had never read, this is meant home and love so much," said Meadows.
only to give Republican House members a
distorted view of the FBI," said Schiff, Several other GOP Congressmembers have weighed in as
adding "This may help carry White House well.
water, but it is a deep disservice to our law
enforcement professionals."
"I have read the memo," tweeted Rep. Steve
King (R-IA), adding "The sickening reality has
The effort to integrate the Memo's public release with the set in. I no longer hold out hope there is an
stopgap government shutdown bill is being led by innocent explanation for the information the
Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows of North public has seen. I have long said it is worse
Carolina along with caucus co-founder Jim Jordan of Ohio. than Watergate. It was #neverTrump &
#alwaysHillary. #releasethememo."
Jordan confirmed that some conservatives
had "highlighted" in continuing resolution
Calls for the memo's release have dominated social media
since its existence was made known, with many suggesting
it be leaked in similar fashion to Dianne Feinstein's
publication of transcripts of a closed-door testimony before
the Senate Judiciary Committee by opposition research
firm Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson.


Rep. Mark Meadows UNLOADS On ‘Absolutely Shocking’
FISA Memo: I Thought This ‘Would Never Happen In A
Country That Loves Freedom!’ (VIDEO)
By Joshua Caplan
Friday, January 19, 2018

On Thursday night, Freedom Caucus

leader Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC)
joined the chorus of lawmakers
demanding the classified FISA abuse
memo be released.
Summing up his impassioned remarks
on the House floor, Meadows tweeted, “I
viewed the classified report from House
Intel relating to the FBI, FISA abuses,
the infamous Russian dossier, and so-
called “Russian collusion.” What I saw
is absolutely shocking. This report On Thursday, the House Intelligence Committee quietly
needs to be released–now. Americans voted to make available to fellow House members “a
deserve the truth. #ReleaseTheMemo.” memo documenting abuse of the FISA program,”
reports Fox News’ Chad Pergram. Rep Lee Zeldin (R-NY)
is demanding the secret memo be released immediately.

The most poignant part of Meadows’ remarks was when

the lawmaker said I thought this “would never happen in a
country that loves freedom!”

On Thursday evening, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) joined

Meadows in calling for the memo’s immediate release.

“I have read the memo. The sickening

reality has set in. I no longer hold out hope
there is an innocent explanation for the
information the public has seen. I have long
said it is worse than Watergate. It
was #neverTrump & #alwaysHillary. #relea
sethememo,” tweeted King.

President Trump Lights Up Twitter After He Fires Off
Tweet About FISA Abuse During The
2016 Presidential Election
By Cristina Laila
Friday, January 19, 2018

program,” reports Fox News’ Chad

President Trump riled up conservatives Pergram.
after he took to his Twitter account
News of the FISA memo spread like wildfire on social
Friday tweeting about the FISA 702 re-
media after GOP Reps came forward demanding the
authorization bill he just signed. document be released to the American public.
President Trump also slammed the FISA abuses that took Investigative reporter Sara Carter said the FISA memo is
place during the 2016 presidential election. so explosive it could end the Mueller investigation.
Trump’s supporters were whipped up into a frenzy under
his tweet calling for the FISA memo to be released.

Conservatives were calling on Trump to

#ReleaseTheMemo underneath his tweet.
President Trump cannot unilaterally release the memo; the
House Intel committee must vote in favor of the release
pursuant to House rule X.
“Just signed 702 Bill to reauthorize foreign
intelligence collection. This is NOT the
same FISA law that was so wrongly
abused during the election. I will always do
the right thing for our country and put the
safety of the American people first!”

On Thursday, the House Intelligence

Committee quietly voted to make
available to fellow House members “a
memo documenting abuse of the FISA


Video: Russiagate Has Blown Up
In The Face Of Its Originators –
The FBI, DOJ, And Hillary Clinton
Paul Craig Roberts
January 19, 2018

If you believed one word of Russiagate, you now must

laugh or cry at your incredible gullibility.

This scandal should also bring down the presstitute media

who have done the dirty work for the conspiracy against

It is exactly as I told you. Russiagate is a conspiracy

between the FBI, the DOJ, and the Hillary campaign to
overturn Donald Trump’s election.

We have treason committed at the highest levels of the FBI

and Department of Justice and the Democratic National

NBC News Reporter Smears House Republicans As
‘Joining Together’ With Russian Propagandists On
#Releasethememo Campaign
By Kristinn Taylor
January 19, 2018

This is how a media smear works. House Republicans

view a secret memo on the Obama administration’s spying
on the Trump campaign, express outrage at what they
learned and demand the memo be released to the American
people so they can see what their government was doing.

A left wing site, Hamilton68, that tracks alleged, but

unnamed, “Russia-linked influence networks on Twitter”
announces those alleged networks are promoting the
Release the Memo hashtag.

Then NBC News reporter Ken Dilanian trumpets the

unsubstantiated findings of the left wing group with a false
statement accusing House Republicans of working with
Russian propagandists, “Russian propagandists and House
Republicans have joined together to embrace

Of course The Gateway Pundit is listed on the Hamilton68

site as one of the ‘Top Domains’, ‘Top URLs’ and ‘Top
Trending URL’s in its report on Release the Memo.

Business Insider published an article that tried to diminish

the Release the Memo campaign as a Russian influence

Russia-linked Twitter accounts are working overtime to

help Devin Nunes and WikiLeaks

Republican lawmakers are pushing for the House past 48 hours, according to the site. The accounts’
Intelligence Committee to release a memo written by the references to the “memo,” meanwhile, have increased by
panel’s chairman, Rep. Devin Nunes, that outlines 68,000%.
purported surveillance during the transition period against
President-elect Donald Trump by former President Barack The most-shared domain among the accounts has been
Obama’s administration. WikiLeaks, and the most-shared URL has been a link to
WikiLeaks’ “submit” page.
And Russia-linked Twitter bots have jumped on the
bandwagon. WikiLeaks said on Thursday that it would reward anyone
with access to the
#ReleaseTheMemo is the top-trending hashtag among
Twitter accounts linked to Russian influence operations, “FISA abuse memo” who chooses to submit it to
according to Hamilton 68, a website launched last year that the site. The Russia-linked accounts have
says it tracks Russian propaganda in near-real time. evidently been sharing the “submit” page to
push the memo’s release…”
The frequency with which the accounts have been
promoting the hashtag has spiked by 233,000% over the

Screen images of The Gateway Pundit listed on Hamilton 68 – GMF Securing Democracy Alliance website on January 19,
Naturally, Hollywood Democratic Party activist Alyssa Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) joined the smear attack,
Milano repeated the House GOP-Russia smear.
“Dear @housegop: When Russian bots &
Wikileaks are cheering your brainwashing
#TrumpRussia memo, you should ask yourself
whose bidding are you really doing.”

See how this works?

Hannity To Special Counsel Mueller:
‘Your WITCH HUNT Of Team Trump Is Now OVER’
As FISA Memo Threatens To BLOW
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 19, 2018

“Biggest Tick Tock Ever!! Vindication!” “What we are talking about tonight are the
abuse of the powerful tools of intelligence that
we use to spy on people. Those tools were
used against an opposition candidate, and
president elect and his entire team,” he said, a
reference to the campaign of President Donald
J. Trump.

“And it was done not only under false pretenses

but with the with help of Hillary Clinton. She
bought and paid for the dossier that they filled
with Russian lies,” the Fox News host

(National Sentinel) Tick-Tock: On his Thursday evening On Friday, Hannity dropped another major hint that
program, Fox News host Sean Hannity claimed that, based bombshell information was coming, along with
on information he has gleaned from sources familiar with “vindication.”
the contents of a four-page House Intelligence Committee
memo on alleged FISA court abuses by the Obama “Biggest Tick Tock Ever!! Vindication!” he
administration, special counsel Robert Mueller’s “witch tweeted.
hunt” probe may soon be about to end.

Based on today’s events I have a message tonight for

Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Your witch hunt is now
over. Time to close the doors,” Hannity said.

“It is more disturbing than we thought. And right

now our sources are telling us that the abuse of
power is far greater than Watergate,” the host

Abuse ‘Went Further Than Just Spying On
Trump’s Campaign’ (VIDEO)
By Cristina Laila
January 19, 2018

News of the FISA memo spread like wildfire on social

An attorney for Trump, Jay Sekulow said on media after GOP Reps came forward demanding the
his broadcast Jay Live Friday that he is document be released to the American public.
hearing the FISA abuse went deeper and
further than just spying on Trump’s Investigative reporter Sara Carter said the FISA memo is
presidential campaign. so explosive it could end the Mueller investigation.

Attorney Jay Sekulow said the FISA abuse is way worse

than we all think.

“The 4 page memo detailing facts about the

FBI’s use of FISA warrants to surveil members
of the Trump campaign in 2016. I will tell you
this and may even be deeper than that is what
we are hearing. So it may be further than that,”
Sekulow said.

President Trump cannot unilaterally release the memo; the

House Intel committee must vote in favor of the
On Thursday, the House Intelligence Committee quietly release pursuant to House rule X.
voted to make available to fellow House members “a
memo documenting abuse of the FISA program,” reports Sekulow and other lawmakers believe the 4 page FISA
Fox News’ Chad Pergram. memo could be released as soon as Friday evening.

Kilmeade: ‘Trump Rallies
PATRIOTIC Americans Like Andrew Jackson’
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 19, 2018

“Donald Trump is like Andrew Jackson in many as a tool towards pursuing, and capturing, the nation’s
ways” highest elected office.

“Steve Bannon was one of the first to point out,

Donald Trump is like Andrew Jackson in many
ways,” said Kilmeade.

“That similarity where Donald Trump made his

name in business; Andrew Jackson became the
most famous man in America because he was
able to rally a country that was flat on its back in
a war that we weren’t ready to fight and win one
of the most decisive impactful battles in our
(National Sentinel) Presidential: Fox News personality nation’s history,” he added.
and budding historian Brian Kilmeade has paid President
Donald J. Trump a high compliment in comparing him to
another populist president, Andrew Jackson. “I remember on election night, we were at the
Trump victory party covering it. When it looked
like Trump was going to win, [former NYC
Kilmeade — author of “Andrew Jackson and the Miracle Mayor] Rudy Giuliani came downstairs to talk to
of New Orleans: The Battle That Shaped America’s the press, and most of the journalists were
Destiny” – made his remarks Wednesday on SiriusXM’s totally shell-shocked, and he said to them, ‘We
Breitbart News Tonight in an interview with Breitbart haven’t seen a victory like this since Andrew
News’s Senior Editors-at-Large Rebecca Mansour and Joel Jackson.’ That was the first name on his mind.
Pollak. It was amazing,” the Fox News host said.

After Mansour’s description of Jackson as “America’s

first populist president,” Kilmeade connected the 7th and
45th presidents via their very similar use of national fame

“The Most Explosive Scandal In US History”: Ex-Secret
Service Agent Warns FISA Memo Leaves Obama
With Only Two Options
By Joshua Caplan
January 19, 2018

The House Intel panel’s passage of New The former Secret Service then laid out Obama’s options.
York Republican Rep. Peter King’s motion to
release the FISA abuse memo to fellow “After they #ReleaseTheMemo Obama will only
House members has rocked Washington, have two options: OPTION 1) I didn’t know
D.C. anything about the most important CI
investigation in American history, despite being
On Friday, former Secret Service agent Dan notified about it, or OPTION 2) I did know and I
Bongino warned Obama has just two approved of using the police state to spy on my
options left once the FISA memo is opposition.”

On Thursday, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino

warned the release of the FISA report will destroy the
The Obamagate spying scandal is about to expose Obama
image of his former boss Barack Obama.
for what he was, a vengeful, power-hungry, narcissist.
Bank on it.
“Take it to the bank, the FBI/FISA docs are
devastating for the Dems. The whole image of a
Posted by Dan Bongino on Friday, January 19, 2018
benevolent Barack Obama they’ve
disingenuously tried to portray is about to be
“The most explosive scandal in US history is destroyed. The real Obama, the vengeful
unfolding and Obama admin officials won’t have narcissist, is going to be exposed for all to see,”
any place to hide,” tweeted Bongino tweeted Dan Bongino

“My sincere apologies for the expletive but SHIT become a nightmare for them. Watch them all
IS ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN. The former scurry like roaches when the lights come on it.”
Obama administration’s going to have a lot of
explaining to do,” Bongino added.

Last week, Bongino called the Steele dossier firestorm “the

most explosive scandal.”
“Take this check and cash it, the Democrats are
in a full blown panic right now over It’s getting ready to burst!” the former Secret
the #Obamagate scandal that’s about to Service agent added.

Adam Schiff Breaks His Silence On FISA Memo As
Pressure Mounts On House Committee To
By Cristina Laila
January 19, 2018

Adam Schiff broke his silence about the FISA memo on

On Thursday, the House Intelligence Friday.
Committee quietly voted to make available
to fellow House members “a memo Schiff blasted the FISA memo in a statement to CNN:
documenting abuse of the FISA program,”
reports Fox News’ Chad Pergram.
[the memo is] “profoundly misleading set of
talking points drafted by Republican staff
News of the FISA memo spread like wildfire on social attacking the FBI and its handling of the
media after GOP Reps came forward demanding the investigation.”
document be released to the American public.
Rep. Adam Schiff knows he’s in hot water as the FISA
Investigative reporter Sara Carter said the FISA memo is memo bubbles up to the surface which is why he is
so explosive it could end the Mueller investigation. attacking it as ‘Republican talking points’.

Ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Schiff knew all along there was FISA abuse and actively
Adam Schiff (D-CA) is in full blown panic mode as the worked to block Chairman Nunes from revealing the
release of the FISA memo looms. Schiff is in the middle of information. If Schiff was honest and allowed Chairman
the corruption as a ranking House committee member. He Nunes to release the information he had about the FISA
has fiercely worked to block Chairman Nunes from abuse and illegal unmasking back in March or April of
exposing the illegal unmasking and FISA abuse that took 2016, Robert Mueller would never have been appointed as
place during the 2016 presidential election. Special Counsel to oversee the bogus Russia witch hunt.

Millions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted on dirty cop

Robert Mueller and his team of liberal hacks. They should
be forced to pay every penny back. Robert Mueller has
known the entire time Hillary’s phony dossier was used to
obtain a FISA warrant yet he marched on with the witch

Everyone involved needs to be prosecuted and put in

prison including suspected leaker Adam Schiff who has
known this entire time the Russia investigation was a
political witch hunt.

Gregg Jarrett: I Suspect This FISA Document Will Show
Numerous Felonies By Top Officials — With Up to 10
Years Behind Bars (VIDEO)
by Jim Hoft
January 19, 2018

Attorney and FOX News analyst Gregg Jarrett officials at the FBI and Department of
joined Sean Hannity on Friday night to discuss Justice.
the explosive FISA document that was released
to the House Intelligence Committee this week. There’s a federal felony statute it’s called Deprivation of
Rights Under Color of Law and it says that a government
Gregg Jarrett says the document will show “numerous official cannot use their government position to deprive
felonies” by top Obama DOJ and FBI officials. Jarrett then somebody of their constitutional rights. Here it’s the
adds that the criminal actions may result in up to 10 years constitutional right to privacy… If the DOJ goes into a
in prison. federal judge using a fake false document to obtain a
warrant to spy that’s a violation, it’s a felony, it’s 10 years
behind bars.

Via Hannity:

Gregg Jarrett: Top officials should be impeached which

means they can’t hold another government position.

But I suspect this intel document is going to

reveal multiple felonies by high ranking

Former Obama Secret Service Agent On FISA Memo:
"The Real Obama, The Vengeful Narcissist, Is Going To Be
Exposed For All To See"
Tim Brown
January 19, 2018

A former secret service agent who was assigned to Nunes, Bongino said. "These are sick people,
protective duty under Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro never forget it."
Sobarkah, has been extremely vocal about the FISA
memo, which congressmen are saying needs to be released "Don’t get distracted," he said.
to the public and that people should be going to jail over,
said, Bongino, who left the secret service in 2011 to pursue a
seat in the US Senate, said that the American people must
"The real Obama, the vengeful narcissist, is be allowed to see what the Obama administration did in
going to be exposed for all to see." their names, and called Obamagate "the biggest scandal of
our generation."
Author Dan Bongino is no stranger, and in the past 24
hours he has been pointing to something that he warned of Additionally, he said the American people must also
back in March 2017 when he tweeted, "#ObamaGate is witness the unparalleled abuses of power and the police
going to blow wide-open this week. state tactics of the Obama administration, which are
allegedly contained in the memo.

And while we know the fake news mainstream media will

do everything in their power to cover for the usurper-in-
chief and his minions, Bongino believes that they will not
be able to handle what's about to be exposed.

"The hack media won’t be able to cover up the

shitstorm that’s coming ashore," he said.
On Thursday, Bongino followed up that tweet saying that
it took a little longer expected, which he attributed to the
In fact, he taunted the media a little bit.
"extreme depravity" of the Democrats.
He addressed "media hacks" and said,

"You’d better get your thinking caps on and start

preparing your bullshit cover stories for the
Obama admin now. And you’d better get real
creative because once they
#ReleaseTheMemo the roaches are gonna
start scurrying."

Though the former secret service agent believes the

He warned that Democrats would attempt to smear Rep. debunked anti-Trump dossier is important because of who
Devin Nunes (R-CA), but will ignore the facts contained in was behind it, he said that the real question is
the memo, which is a simple Saul Alinsky tactic.
“Why was the Obama administration spying on
"The deranged Democrats’ strategy going team Trump in the first place?"
forward, given the panic over the memo, is
going to be a full-fledged attack on Devin

According to Bongino, Obama doesn’t have “plausible
deniability” and stupidity isn’t a defense.

In fact, he went on to point out that there would be only

two real options for Obama once the memo was released.

OPTION 1) I didn’t know anything about the

most important CI investigation in American
history, despite being notified about it, or

OPTION 2) I did know and I approved of using

the police state to spy on my opposition.

"He’s going to be crying, not laughing, I

promise," said Bongino referring to
Obama. "ObamaGate is going to make the IRS
scandal look like a Leave it to Beaver episode."

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) pointed out the irony in the

debate on FISA and the memo that representatives want to
see released. Take a listen to Dan's show from Friday for in depth
coverage of what is about to unfold.
"Irony Alert: House Intel members who shoved
fake reform of FISA, a day later reveal
bombshell evidence that FISA was abused by
Obama officials," Senator Paul tweeted on

This entire FISA mess is nothing short of unconstitutional

in the first place. People think they can just make up laws
that undermine our Constitution and that it's ok. It's not.
This memo, if what is being said about it is true, and I have
no reason to doubt the truth of it, should demonstrate that
the entire FISA system should be abolished. It should
have been done a long time ago. In fact, it should never
have been authorized in the first place.

Donald Trump Jr. on FISA Memo:
“This Is the Stuff You Read About from Banana
Republics” (Video) #ReleaseTheMemo
January 19, 2018 by Jim Hoft

On Thursday a classified DOJ memo on the On Friday night Donald Trump Jr. joined Tucker Carlson
FISA abuse by top officials rocked to discuss the memo.
Washington DC.

The House Intel panel’s passage of New York Republican

Rep. Peter King’s motion to release the FISA abuse memo
to fellow House members has rocked Washington, D.C.
Lawmakers from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) to Rep. Lee
Zeldin (R-NY) have called for the classified memo’s
immediate release.

According to Fox News contributor Sara Carter, the

contents of the memo are so “explosive,”that it could end
special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe once and
for all.
Don Jr. told Tucker this is “the stuff you read about from
Rep. Matt Gaetz later told Sean Hannity, banana republics.”

“I believe people will go to jail.” Donald Trump Jr.: If all of these guys are saying
people’s heads are gonna roll, people are going to get fired
This morning Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out about the and people are actually going to go to jail, I think the
explosive memo. American people deserve to know… It’s the double
standard the American people are being fed by the
Democrats in total complicity with the media. That’s why
neither have any trust from the American people
anymore… Look, what I’ve seen and what I’ve learned
over the past few months is bordering on disgusting. So
there would be little doubt in my mind that it be possible.
But this isn’t the America that I thought would happen.

This is the stuff you read about from banana


UPDATE—> 63 GOP Lawmakers Petition Chairman
Nunes to Release Classified and Explosive
FISA Memo #ReleaseTheMemo
by Jim Hoft
January 19, 2018
to fellow House members has rocked Washington, D.C.
IT’S OFFICIAL…. Lawmakers from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) to Rep. Lee
Zeldin (R-NY) have called for the classified memo’s
GOP lawmakers today petitioned immediate release.
Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes to
release the classified and explosive FISA According to Fox News contributor Sara Carter, the
memo. contents of the memo are so “explosive,”that it could end
special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe once and
On Thursday a classified DOJ memo on the FISA abuse by for all.
top officials rocked Washington DC–
Rep. Matt Gaetz later told Sean Hannity, “I believe people
The House Intel panel’s passage of New York Republican will go to jail.”
Rep. Peter King’s motion to release the FISA abuse memo

Ten Republican lawmakers signed on the letter to
Chairman Nunes.

Steve King
Matt Gaetz
Mark Meadows
Jim Jordan
Andy Biggs
Scott Perry
Ted Yoho
Jody Hice
Louie Gohmert
Barry loudermilk
Brian Babin

UPDATE: Rep Matt Gaetz told Tucker Carlson that 63

GOP members of Congress have petitioned Rep. Nunez
to release the memo.
Trump’s First Year In Office Was A MAJOR SUCCESS
For Him And The U.S.: Here’s WHY
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 20, 2018

There were other accomplishments as well, which Trump Economists believe this is just the beginning. The Trump-
managed to achieve despite being attacked endlessly GOP tax reform and tax cut plan is expected to lead to
sturdy corporate growth, which will lead to more
employment, higher pay — and fewer federal taxes for
more than 85 percent of Americans.

Foreign Policy

Trump entered office vowing to unleash the U.S. military

on ISIS so as to defeat the Islamic militant group as
quickly as possible. While new problems are arising in
Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State has been soundly
defeated. “Both Syria and Iraq have declared victory over
(National Sentinel) Presidential: By any measure, ISIS and due to President Trump’s resolve, less than 1,000
President Donald J. Trump had a successful first year in ISIS fighters are estimated remaining,” The Gateway
office, despite a dearth of major legislative
Pundit reported.
accomplishments due in large part to near-universal
Democratic opposition.
Meanwhile, Trump’s focus on rebuilding the U.S. military
and refocusing it for near-peer, great-power war after more
The president scored well on his turnaround of the than 15 years fighting small brushfire conflicts in the
moribund Obama economy, while scoring foreign and
Middle East and Southwest Asia is paying dividends.
domestic policy gains that formed a good basis for more
Training is shifting away from insurgencies back to great
progress in 2018.
power conflict; as Russia and China rise, the United
States’ and NATO’s deterrent capability is being bolstered.
The Economy What’s more, the president has the support of most in
Congress for building a bigger Navy and more robust,
In eight years, President Obama never saw a single quarter capable forces.
of 3 percent growth in GDP, but Trump has twice in his
first year. Domestic Policy

In addition, Wall Street has had a stellar year. The Dow Trump has kept his promises to cut bureaucracy and the
Jones Industrial Average has skyrocketed some 42 percent regulatory state, which is in turn also driving economic
since Trump’s November 2016 election victory and 31 growth. Some of the president’s first executive orders
percent since Inauguration Day, closing on Friday at 26, included a near-government-wide hiring freeze and
071.71, while the NASDAQ closed at 7,336.38, both at instructions to all federal agencies that for every new rule
new records. This is particularly advantageous for ordinary they implemented, two must be cut. The resulting
Americans who have seen meteoric gains in their 401k and reduction of federal compliance costs on businesses and
other market-based retirement plans. industries has been phenomenal.

Also, job growth has been substantial, with 2 million new As noted by The Gateway Pundit, Trump’s actions have
jobs added to the economy in just a single year, as the included:
unemployment rate fell to around 4 percent. Workforce
participation is also the highest its been in a decade.
 Dismantling Obama’s climate change initiatives.
rd  Travel bans for individuals from a select number of
At the end of the 3 Quarter the national GDP reached countries embroiled in terrorist atrocities.
$19.5 trillion for the highest recorded GDP in U.S. history.  Enforcing regulatory reform.
 Protecting Law enforcement. In addition, Trump kept his promise to appoint
 Mandating for every new regulation to eliminate two. constitutional-minded federal judges and justices. His first
 Defeating ISIS. pick for the U.S. Supreme Court was Neil Gorsuch.
 Rebuilding the military.
 Building a border wall. There were other accomplishments as well, which Trump
 Cutting funding for sanctuary cities. managed to achieve despite being attacked endlessly by
 Approving Keystone and Dakota pipelines. the establishment media, being under investigation by a
 Reducing regulations on manufacturers. special counsel — which is beginning to look more and
 Placing a hiring freeze on federal employees. more like it was an Obama political operation — and near-
 Exiting the US from destructive, expensive and wholly constant opposition from Democrats and threats of
inappropriate global trade deals like TPP impeachment.

Rep. Matt Gaetz To Tucker Carlson:
Shocking FISA Memo Will Prove Mueller Witch Hunt Is
“Rotten To The Core” (VIDEO)
By Joshua Caplan
January 20, 2018

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) joined Fox News

host Tucker Carlson Friday evening and
assured the shocking FISA abuse memo will
prove special counsel Robert Mueller’s
Russia investigation is “rotten to the core.”

Republican lawmakers have begun lobbying

Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes to release the memo.
“Earlier this morning, I examined the classified,
four-page memo
from @HouseIntelComm regarding the FBI,
Asked why the FISA memo is a “big deal,” the Florida DOJ, and the so-called #RussianCollusion. To
Republican replied, put it simply, “WOW.” I joined the call
to #ReleaseTheMemo. Americans deserve truth
“‘I believe that once the American people have and transparency,” tweeted Rep. Jody Hice (R-
the opportunity to evaluate the allegations and GA).
claims in this memo, it will become evident the
activities of the last administration, the crimes I The letter was signed by Steve King, Matt Gaetz, Mark
believe were committed, and the total shame Meadows, Jim Jordan, Andy Biggs, Scott Perry, Ted
that this Mueller investigation is, built on a false Yoho, Jody Hice, Louie Gohmert, Barry Loudermilk and
premise and rotten to the core, Tucker.’ Brian Babin, reports Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit.
According to Fox News contributor Sara Carter, the
contents of the memo are so “explosive,” that it could end
special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.
Additionally, the memo’s release could lead to the
prosecution of top FBI and Justice Department officials,
contends Carter.
On Thursday evening, Gaetz told Fox News host Sean
Hannity that he believes the memo’s release will lead to
government officials going to prison.
“I believe this will not end just with firings. I
believe there are people who will go to jail. I
was very persuaded by the evidence,” Gaetz
told Hannity.
Via Hannity:

Democrats Chose ILLEGAL Aliens
Over U.S. Military Personnel By Letting Govt. Shut Down
By JD Heyes
Saturday, January 20, 2018

“Democrats are far more concerned with Illegal

Immigrants than they are with our great Military
or Safety at our dangerous Southern Border.
They could have easily made a deal but
decided to play Shutdown politics instead.
#WeNeedMoreRepublicansIn18 in order to
power through mess!”

(Related: Line in the sand: House Freedom Caucus chair

vows NO DACA amnesty in upcoming spending bill.)
For days last week, top Democrats including Senate
Minority Leader Chuck #SchumerShutdown threatened to
allow the government to shut down if they didn’t get their
way: A “clean” piece of legislation that would legalize 1-3
million “Dreamers” who, for one reason or another, are in
the United States illegally.

On Saturday at midnight, they made good on their threat:

Most Democrats chose to allow government funding to
expire after Republicans passed a one-month stopgap
spending bill that would have kept the government open.

And kept U.S. troops at home and in war zones around the
world paid. As it stands now, they won’t be getting paid, “Democrats are holding our Military hostage
thanks to Democrats’ zeal and preference for people who over their desire to have unchecked illegal
are in our country illegally and who otherwise have no immigration,” he posted at 9:27 am. “Can’t let
right to be (nor have they ever had a right to be). that happen!”

“This is the One Year Anniversary of my Other Republicans agreed with the president: The
Presidency and the Democrats wanted to give Democrats do own this shutdown, and what’s more, there
me a nice present. #DemocratShutdown,” isn’t any changing that fact, since their votes are now on
President Donald J. Trump tweeted early record.
Saturday morning.
In a statement, White House spokeswoman Sarah
Huckabee Sanders said,

“Senate Democrats own the Schumer


“Tonight, they put politics above our national

security, military families, vulnerable children,
and our country’s ability to serve all Americans.
He added, We will not negotiate the status of unlawful
immigrants while Democrats hold our lawful
citizens hostage over their reckless demands,”
she continued. “This is the behavior of month. Plus, nine years of continuing resolutions is
obstructionist losers, not legislators. When destroying military readiness.
Democrats start paying our armed forces and
first responders we will reopen negotiations on But the fact is, the Republicans had given Democrats
immigration reform.” something — a six-year reauthorization of a children’s
health insurance entitlement.
“During this politically manufactured Schumer
Shutdown, the President and his Administration That wasn’t enough. They wanted amnesty for illegal
will fight for and protect the American people,” aliens too, even though there is still plenty of time to tackle
she concluded. that issue (March 5 is the cut-off date for a DACA deal).

There was some crossing of the aisle, to be fair. Five Republicans needed 60 votes in order to advance their
Democratic senators — Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Doug legislation and get it passed; the final tally was 50-49 (Sen.
Jones of Alabama, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Heidi John McCain did not vote because he is absent getting
Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Manchin of West treatment for his brain cancer).
Virginia — voted with the majority of Republicans to
advance a funding bill the House passed just hours earlier.
Bottom line:

And some Republicans voted no — Jeff Flake of Arizona,

Most Republicans voted for a bill that would
Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Rand Paul of
have kept the government open (and our troops
Kentucky and Mike Lee of Utah. Flake did so because he’s
paid); most Democrats voted against that,
a #NeverTrump RINO whose quick to criticize the
choosing illegals instead.
president no matter what he does (but he’s out in
November anyway; retiring because he can’t get enough
support to avoid a primary). The other three, led by It’s all on the record now and Democrats can’t lie or spin
Graham, did not want another month’s worth of funding their way out of it.
because it would lead to another political standoff next
Trump was right. Electorally speaking, this was a gift.

Inauguration Anniversary:
The Most Obnoxious Attacks on Trump
By Geoffrey Dickens
January 20, 2018 11:45 AM EST

unfit. Where were the folks seven months ago, ten months
ago, two years ago?”

— Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin on

MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell,
August 22.

Psychoanalyzing 'Unhinged' Trump

“He’s unhinged, it’s embarrassing and I don’t mean for us,

the media because he went after us, but for the country.
This is who we elected President of the United
States....There was no gravitas. There was no sanity....If
you watch that speech as an American, you had to be
thinking what in the world is going on? This is the person 'Sociopathic' Trump Is 'Danger to the World'
we elected as President of the United States? This petty,
this small, a person who who’s supposed to pull the
country together?” “Donald Trump is a deeply damaged human being. He is a
sociopathic, malignant narcissist, and he happens to be the
– you know, the electoral system, not the American
— Host Don Lemon reacting to Trump speech in people, but the Electoral College has sort of vomited this
Arizona, on CNN Tonight, August 22. thing up and it landed in the Oval Office and it needs to be
removed. It’s a stain. It’s a big glob on the carpet there. It
needs to be removed and that means impeachment or the
25th Amendment. This man is a danger to the world.”

— Former MSNBC host Ron Reagan Jr. on

MSNBC’s Hardball, October 25.

Trump Is a 'Basket Case'

“[Republican] members publicly, privately are

acknowledging that guy is a basket case, that he cannot
serve, he cannot lead the party. My regret is they’ve all
been so cowardly for so long and did nothing to stop him
and it took this long to whisper on background that he was

Trump Is 'Unfit to Be Human' 'Detached From Reality' Trump Taking Us to Nuke
“He [Donald Trump] was a coward. He didn’t have the
spine to stand-up as leader of the United States and I feel “We are headed towards a nuclear showdown....We heard
that to be shameful. I’m glad Republicans are calling him this months ago, that we are going to have a ground war in
out on it. I’m glad elected leaders in the Republican Party Korea. They’ve believed that inside the White House for a
are finally, finally stopping looking the other way and very long time. And yet, he [Donald Trump] is completely
confronting the fact that he’s not only not fit to be detached from reality....You have somebody inside the
president. In my book, his lack of empathy, his lack of White House that the New York Daily News says is
leadership, his lack of courage, he’s unfit to be human.” mentally unfit, that people close to him say is mentally
unfit, that people close to him during the campaign told me
— Political commentator Ana Navarro, in response to had early stages of dementia.”
Trump’s Charlottesville, VA speech as aired on CNN
Newsroom with John Berman and Poppy Harlow, — Co-host Joe Scarborough on MSNBC’s Morning
August 14. Joe, November 30.

Trump's 'Anti-Semitic' Overtones

'Menace' Trump Needs to Be Impeached
Anchor George Stephanopoulos: “Students of history
will take note of that slogan, America first.”
“The thing about Trump is, the things he has said seriously
Correspondent Terry Moran: “It’s a loaded term in
about nuclear weapons is quite frightening. I’ll give you a
American history. Now, he defined it here as total
couple. To Chris Matthews, he asked, ‘Why do we make
allegiance to the United States of America, and it is
them, he said, if we wouldn’t use them?’ Ok. The
something, as Cecilia said, this is why he was sent here by
possibility of nuclear war between Japan and North Korea:
people who want to hear that message of America first.
‘It would be a terrible thing. If they do, they do.’ Good
However, it carries with it overtones from the 1930s when
luck. Enjoy yourselves, folks. He said he was open to
an anti-Semitic movement saying, ‘We don’t want to get
nuking Europe because ‘it’s a big place.’...Why doesn’t
involved in Europe’s war. It’s the Jews’ fault in Germany!’
everybody face it? He needs to be taken out of office. He
Charles Lindbergh led them. It is a term, as he defined it
needs to be impeached. He is a menace. You say Kim Jong
his way, but the words themselves carry very ugly echos in
Yum-yum is crazy? So is he. So is he. Get real. Come on.
our history.”
He is nuts and we’re in the middle of it!”
— ABC News live coverage of Trump inauguration,
— Co-host Joy Behar on ABC’s The View, April 3. January 20, 2017.

Trump Is 'Flat-Out, Full Racist' were largely in private. There’s a history of what ‘enemy
of the people,’ that phrase means as used by dictators and
“Donald Trump is a racist. He isn’t just a white authoritarians including Stalin including Hitler....We’ve
supremacist – he’s a flat-out, full racist, and unless your never seen in an American president such open
definition of a racist is you hung somebody from a tree, he authoritarian moves and rhetoric. This is a terrible time
is a racist.” we’re living in..”

— Former New York Times reporter David Cay — CNN political analyst and former Washington
Johnston about ESPN’s Jemele Hill calling Trump a Post editor Carl Bernstein on CNN’s Reliable Sources,
“white supremacist, as aired on MSNBC’s AM Joy, February 19.
September 16.

Freak Out Over 'Covfefe'

Trump 'Denies Reality'
“If something like that [Trump typo] can stay on Twitter
for six hours, what does that say about who controls the
“Will President Trump deny reality on a daily basis? Will
information coming out of the White House? And what if
he make up his own false facts and fake stats? What will
somebody hacked into Twitter and posted a message that
the consequences be? Will reporters give up trying to fact
could have global implications? Saying something
check? Is that the goal? To wear us down, to wear us
like...‘I’m going to launch nuclear weapons’....This kept
out...Do citizens in dictatorships recognize what’s
me up last night! I was up until two in the morning
happening right here right now? Are they looking at the
wondering when this tweet was going to go away.”
first two days of the Trump administration and saying,
‘Oh, that’s what my leader does?’ What should we learn
from them today?” — Correspondent Katy Tur reacting to Donald Trump
accidentally typing “covfefe” in a tweet, as aired
on MSNBC Live, May 31.
— Host Brian Stelter on CNN’s Reliable Sources,
January 22, 2017.

'Madman' Trump's 'Dangerous' Tweets

Trump's 'Treacherous' Attacks on the Press “We have become desensitized to these tweets and that
they are dangerous...It’s not the madman [North Korean
“Trump’s attacks on the American press as ‘enemies of the dictator Kim Jon Un] with his hand on the button, it’s his,
American people’ are more treacherous than Richard it’s the madman [Donald Trump] with his finger on his
Nixon’s attacks on the press. Nixon’s attacks on the press Blackberry or whatever iPhone that could tweet.”

— Co-host Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Trump Is a 'Deranged' 'Racist' 'Man Child'
September 18.
“We have a man child who is deranged and racist in this
office. But it takes a lot of other silent people to go along
with it. And we’re seeing those silent people in
Congress....We are seeing all kinds of people who for
small, personal, trivial gains are willing to see their
country turned into the real s-hole.”

— Political analyst Anand Giridharadas on MSNBC’s

Morning Joe, January 15, 2018.

Trump Is a 'Terrorist' Sympathizing 'White


“The President is a white supremacist – we heard in

Charlottesville the President is a terrorist sympathizer, and
our President is a clear and present danger to non-white
people in America....Unless the Democratic party realizes
that this man is an enemy to non-white people in America
– and this is not an exaggeration – everything in his Trump the Tyrant
rhetoric and policy has said so – we will be in danger as a
sovereign nation.”
“[The Founders] wrote a Constitution that would have
checks and balances on a tyrannical president. They never,
— The Root’s politics editor Jason Johnson on
ever let their imaginations be darkened by the possibility
MSNBC’s All In, January 11, 2018.
of a compliant Congress in the face of a tyrannical
president. But that appears to be exactly what we have in

— Host Joe Scarborough on MSNBC’s Morning Joe,

January 15, 2018.

Republican Signals Progress
In Securing Public Release Of FISA Abuses Memo
By Daniel Chaitin
Jan 20, 2018, 7:16 PM | Updated Jan 20, 2018, 8:29 PM

But a source told the Washington Examiner that a meeting

took place to discuss the process for the memo's release,
but cautioned more details need to be ironed out before a
final decision is made.

In a recent Fox News interview, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio,

said the process, if set in motion, would likely entail
another intelligence panel vote. After that, he said,

"if the executive branch gives the thumbs up

"Great news! Our efforts to #ReleaseTheMemo have been effective
they go public."
and the HPSIC plans to begin the process to release the
FBI/FISA/Russia memo," tweeted Rep Dave Joyce. (AP Photo/Zach Republican senators appear to have had their interest
piqued too, but appear out of luck, at least for the time
being. CNN reported Saturday that Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.,
Rep. Dave Joyce, a Republican from Ohio, declared wants to read the memo, but was turned down. His
Saturday that the House Intelligence Committee "plans to spokesman, Sergio Gor, said Paul is "determined" to read
begin" the release of the memo that allegedly contains it, added CNN's Manu Raju.
revelations about U.S. government surveillance abuses.
Gor confirmed the details of Raju's tweet to the
His tweet is promising for dozens of conservatives who Washington Examiner.
have rallied in recent days for the four-page memo to be
made available to the general public. They suggest it
Raju also indicated that Senate Majority Whip John
contains evidence that the Obama administration used
Cornyn, R-Texas, was blocked from reading the memo but
FISA warrants to spy on both the Trump campaign and
did receive a briefing on it from House Intelligence
transition team — charges Obama officials have long
Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif.
Cornyn's office did not return a request for comment.
"Great news! Our efforts to #ReleaseTheMemo
have been effective and the HPSIC plans to
begin the process to release the Joyce's tweet Saturday comes one day after 65 lawmakers
FBI/FISA/Russia memo," Joyce announced. signed a letter calling on Nunes to publicly release the
He added that the process may take up to and beyond 19
congressional work days. Led by Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., the Republicans said the
report, which by a party-line vote in the intelligence panel
was released to the entire House, should be publicly
Great news! Our efforts to #ReleaseTheMemo
released immediately along with any other relevant
have been effective and the HPSIC plans to
begin the process to release the
FBI/FISA/Russia memo. This may take up to
19+ Congressional work days but Americans "After reading the document, we were shocked
deserve to know the truth.— Dave Joyce and frustrated, but it has deepened our belief in
(@RepDaveJoyce) January 20, 2018 the vital importance of transparency," states the
letter, which was also signed by Joyce and
A request for further comment from Joyce's office was not
immediately returned.

"This important memo will be of interest to became clear to him why Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa,
anyone who cares about America and our chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Sen.
democratic system of government," the letter Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., recommended the Justice
continues. "We are writing to request the Department criminally investigate the author of the Trump
immediate release of this document to the dossier, former British spy Christopher Steele.
public, as well as any relevant ancillary
information. The audience of this document The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee,
should not be limited to Members of Congress Adam Schiff, called the memo a
— the American people deserve to know the
information it contains."
"profoundly misleading set of talking points."

Today, I led a group of 65 lawmakers in a letter

“[T]he Majority voted today on a party-line basis
to Chairman Nunes of the House Intelligence
to grant House Members access to a profoundly
Committee urging the release of the FISA
misleading set of talking points drafted by
Memo to the public. The American people
Republican staff attacking the FBI and its
deserve to know the information it contains.
handling of the investigation,” Schiff, D-Calif., in
a statement Thursday. “Rife with factual— Rep.
inaccuracies and referencing highly classified
Matt Gaetz (@RepMattGaetz) January 20, 2018
materials that most of Republican Intelligence
Committee members were forced to
Members have been blocked from discussing the memo in acknowledge they had never read, this is meant
detail due to a waiver they signed, according to The Hill. only to give Republican House members a
They have described it as being supported by classified distorted view of the FBI.”
documents and interviews that most lawmakers have not
been allowed to see — putting knowledge of its veracity in
The push to release the memo comes amid a partial
shutdown after the Senate failed to pass a short-term
spending bill late Friday that was already approved by the
Gaetz has gone as far to suggest people could "go to jail" House.
due to the contents of the memo and special counsel
Robert Mueller's investigation, which is examining
Editor's note: This report has been updated to include a
possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the
response from Sen. Rand Paul's spokesman.
Kremlin, is "a lie built on corruption." He also said it

As Trump Gives Out Fake News Awards, WikiLeaks
Reminds the World BOTH Parties Are Liars
By Rachel Blevins
January 20, 2018

Democratic National Committee, Trump was more than

happy to credit the organization when citing the damning
information that it released about his opponent, Hillary

However, now that Trump is in office, he has made no

attempt to pardon WikiLeaks’ founder, Julian Assange,
who is currently living at the London embassy in Ecuador
after he was granted political asylum.

Trump has also openly criticized Chelsea Manning, the

Army whistleblower who helped to put WikiLeaks on the
While the same media outlets that have been openly map by releasing 700,000 files and documents that
critical of President Trump became the topics of his “Fake revealed atrocities committed by the U.S. military in Iraq.
News Awards,” the entire event was filled with hypocrisy,
and served as a depiction of the pot calling the kettle
black—both entities have spent a significant amount of
time lying to and misleading the public.

WikiLeaks, an organization that the mainstream media

have attempted to claim is a pro-Trump, pro-Russia
propaganda firm, took to Twitter to point out the hypocrisy
surrounding the awards:

“While WikiLeaks, as a primary source

organization with a perfect verification record Trump’s hypocrisy when it comes to WikiLeaks is notable
welcomes debate over ‘fake news’ it should be because it serves as a reminder of his hypocrisy when it
noted that along with the U.S. establishment comes to foreign policy. He uses stories of innocent
press, the Trump administration is a frequent children killed by airstrikes and the dangers of blowback
source of false information,” the organization when it suits him but ignores those same factors when they
claimed. challenge his administration’s policies.

When Trump was viewed as the “outsider” candidate in

the 2016 election, and he needed support from an anti-
establishment fan base, he was fully in support of holding
Saudi Arabia accountable for the role it played in the 9/11
terrorist attacks. However, once Trump was in office, his
tune quickly changed, and Saudi Arabia became the first
stop on his first foreign trip as president—paving the way
for the completion of the largest single arms deal in U.S.

The statement is notable because it serves as a reminder of Trump’s cozy relationship with Saudi Arabia has resulted
the relationship between WikiLeaks and the Trump in pure genocide in the poorest country in the Middle East.
administration. When Trump was running for office, and While the massacre was initially started by the Obama
WikiLeaks was releasing emails from members of the Administration, the Trump Administration’s foreign policy
has only made conditions worse in Yemen, where the “A stable, unified and independent Syria
latest records show that since 2015, 5,000 children have ultimately requires post-Assad leadership in
been killed or injured, 3 million were born into war, and order to be successful,” Tillerson said. “The
1.8 million children are acutely malnourished. departure of Assad through the UN-led Geneva
process will create the conditions for a durable
peace within Syria and security along the
border for Syria’s neighbors.”

Trump’s hypocrisy on foreign policy extends to Syria,

where he began criticizing Obama’s attempts to invade the
country in 2013. He also used his time on the campaign
trail to accuse the Obama Administration of helping to
create ISIS in its attempts to overthrow Assad.

However, despite Trump’s rhetoric, Secretary of State Rex

Tillerson boasted a “new” strategy in Syria centered
around long-term U.S. military presence that would
eventually lead to overthrowing President Bashar al-Assad,
during a speech at Stanford University’s Hoover

Tillerson vowed that the U.S. will stay until

Ultimately, Trump is correct in stating that the mainstream
“ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Syria suffer an enduring media has published stories about him that were false or
defeat; do not present a threat to the homeland; misleading. But Trump is guilty of the exact same offenses
and do not resurface in a new form; and that that he accusing CNN and MSNBC of committing.
Syria never again serves as a platform or safe
haven for terrorists to organize, recruit, finance, While one might wonder why the mainstream media
train and carry out attacks on American citizens would focus more on Russiagate than on the dramatic
at home or abroad or against our allies.” increase in civilian casualties, or the escalation of military
spending under the Trump Administration, they should
Tillerson also said the U.S. still seeks to overthrow Assad also realize that in order to provide accurate and honest
coverage of Trump, the media would have to admit that he
“through an incremental process of is only continuing the exact same thing his predecessors
constitutional reform and UN-supervised have been doing—and the media has been covering up—
elections.” for years.

Gaetz: FISA Memo Will PROVE That Mueller
Investigation Is All Trump Says It Is – A
‘ROTTEN Witch Hunt’ (Video)
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 20, 2018

Gaetz predicted that people would be fired and that some quick end to Mueller’s probe of the Trump campaign and
will “go to jail” transition team.

During the same interview, Gaetz predicted that people

would be fired and that some will “go to jail.”

“I believe this will not end just with firings. I

believe there are people who will go to jail. I
was very persuaded by the evidence,” Gaetz
told Hannity.

During his interview with Carlson, the host asked why, if

(National Sentinel) Collusion Hoax: Florida Republican the memo contains evidence of lawbreaking, it is illegal
Rep. Matt Gaetz told Fox News host Tucker Carlson for Gaetz and others who have seen its contents to discuss
Friday evening during his program that the four-page FISA specifics.
Memo drafted by the House Intelligence Committee
contains information that he believes will prove President Gaetz acknowledged the irony, but said the memo is
Donald J. Trump correct about special counsel Robert classified top secret, thus prohibiting members by law
Mueller’s Russia “collusion” probe. from discussion specifics publicly.

In response to Carlson asking what they memo is such a Watch:

“big deal,” Gaetz noted,

“I believe that once the American people have

the opportunity to evaluate the allegations and
claims in this memo, it will become evident the
activities of the last administration, the crimes I
believe were committed, and the total shame
that this Mueller investigation is, built on a false
premise and rotten to the core, Tucker.”

Last week Circa News investigative reporter and Fox News

contributor Sara A. Carter said sources have told her the
contents of the memo are so “explosive” they could spell a

The Media, LBJ, Clinton
And The Trump S-Hole Firestorm
By Jeffrey Lord
January 20, 2018 4:00 PM EST

Doris Kearns Goodwin, who at the time was a young aide

to Johnson. She says in this C-SPAN interview that she
would have conversations with the President when he was
in the bathroom. This was a regular occurrence. And she
wasn’t alone. She describes then-national security advisor
McGeorge Bundy — a prim and proper former Harvard
Dean — of being thus summoned while LBJ was on the
toilet doing his, um, duty.

Bundy reluctantly comes in but stands by the wall, back to

the defecating President. LBJ, irritated, keeps telling him
to “come closer, come closer” and Bundy, still with back
The basic fact is in dispute. to his chief, does so. Until, LBJ would later recount to
Goodwin, LBJ barks that he’s in danger of sitting on the
According to Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, a Democrat, President’s lap. There was also the sight of the President
the President of the United States used the word (this being occasionally urinating in the sink, exposing his private
a family publication I will clean it up) “s-hole” to describe parts and so on. Now read this from historian Robert
Haiti and Africa in a discussion about immigration. Dallek’s LBJ biography Flawed Giant: Lyndon Johnson
According to others present, not so. Reported The Week: and His Times 1961-1973.

“Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.), Sen. Tom Cotton “Almost all of Johnson’s outrageous personal
(R-Ark.), and Department of Homeland Security behavior was hidden from the public. In the
Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on Sunday all denied sixties, journalists largely kept their knowledge
hearing President Trump call Haiti, El Salvador, of presidential transgressions of the sort
and African nations ’s…hole countries’ during a Johnson committed to themselves. And not just
Thursday meeting on immigration policy. because current mores dictated such
journalistic restraint; reporters and publishers,
who had been a partisan force against (1964
Purdue said on ABC's This Week that the quote
GOP presidential nominee Senator Barry)
is a ‘gross misrepresentation’ of Trump's
Goldwater, were reluctant to undermine
remarks, while Cotton said in a CBS interview
someone as progressive as LBJ. True,
that he ‘didn't hear’ it, and Nielsen said on Fox
privately, he was sometimes a Neanderthal
News Sunday that she doesn't ‘recall him
whose crudeness offended them, but in public
saying that exact phrase.’”
he was an unflinching advocate of social
reforms that promised large improvements in
But let’s put aside the “did he” or didn’t he” aspect of this. the lives of all Americans, particularly minorities
For the sake of discussion, let’s assume he said it. and women. And the media, reflecting the
current national mood, found much to say for a
The real story here is the media’s massive attack of President with a genuine passion for righting
hyperventilation over this. It reminds of nothing so much historic wrongs.”
as your average American junior high school where
breathless just-pubescents are gossiping aghast and agog at To say that there is a liberal media bias is to understate.
the latest titillating rumor about what happened in science Think of all the media air time and print space devoted to
lab. And doing so with malicious intent. the Trump “s-hole” remark. CNN alone is reported to have
used the entire word 195 times, as reported right here at
Let’s take a stroll through memory lane. It is the mid- NewsBusters by Tim Graham. Reported Tim:
nineteen sixties and the president is Democrat Lyndon
Johnson. Here is this description of LBJ from historian

“In the contest for Most Offended News BLOCKBUSTER REPORT: 23-YEAR OLD, FORMER
Network after President Trump reportedly WHITE HOUSE INTERN, SEX RELATIONSHIP WITH
referred to African nations as “s***hole” PRESIDENT
countries, CNN wins hands down. NewsBusters
staff combed through CNN transcripts on Nexis “At the last minute, at 6 p.m. on Saturday
for the S-hole word in the 24 hours of January evening, NEWSWEEK magazine killed a story
12 – the first full day after The Washington Post that was destined to shake official Washington
reported the controversy – and found CNN to its foundation: A White House intern carried
staffers and CNN guests uncorked the profanity on a sexual affair with the President of the
195 times in one day. United States!

That doesn't count Saturday, Sunday or Monday. They The DRUDGE REPORT has learned that reporter Michael
could be headed for 1,000 by now. It also doesn't count the Isikoff developed the story of his career, only to have it
amount of time they put the S-word on screen (sometimes spiked by top NEWSWEEK suits hours before publication.
twice, as you can see on Cuomo's temporary prime time A young woman, 23, sexually involved with the love of
show.) her life, the President of the United States, since she was a
21-year-old intern at the White House. She was a frequent
Compare that to Fox News Channel. Their curse count was visitor to a small study just off the Oval Office where she
zero. FNC told staff and guests not to say it.” claims to have indulged the president's sexual preference.
Reports of the relationship spread in White House quarters
Fox reported the story, they just didn’t use the word whole. and she was moved to a job at the Pentagon, where she
worked until last month.
What one was seeing in all of this was yet another bold
example of a liberal media double standard at work. And The young intern wrote long love letters to President
for a reason. Just as the liberal media of the 1960s would Clinton, which she delivered through a delivery service.
not report on Johnson’s crude and “Neanderthal” behavior She was a frequent visitor at the White House after
because they considered him to be “progressive”, so now midnight, where she checked in the WAVE logs as visiting
in their monumental hatred for Trump they will take one a secretary named Betty Curry, 57.
curse word and magnify it a zillion times over to paint
Trump as in fact LBJ really was. There has never been a The DRUDGE REPORT has learned that tapes
single story in Trump’s entire career that he summons staff of intimate phone conversations exist.”
members to discuss whatever while he sits on the toilet.
There was more. Oh so much more. But the essence here is
There have been zero reports of his urinating in a sink. But that just as the 1960s liberal media refused to report on
that doesn’t mean a thing, because in fact Trump is the LBJ’s behavior, so the 1990’s liberal media was
Great Disrupter of the Washington Way of Doing Things, determined to spike the story of the decade because it
he’s a Republican and he does dastardly things like appoint would damage the progressive Bill Clinton. There was no
conservatives to the Supreme Court and the lower federal Internet and no Drudge in the 1960’s. But both had arrived
courts. And, of course, more. by 1998 — not to mention Fox News and talk radio - and
Clinton wound up getting impeached.
Which, in the mind of the liberal media, gives them license
to do to Trump that which their predecessors staunchly Now? Now this decades-old battle is on yet again. Just as
resisted doing to LBJ. the liberal media protected LBJ and tried to protect Bill
Clinton, so now they have made it their goal in life to
This past week marked the 20th anniversary of the birth of destroy the Trump presidency. This is the core of what the
the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. Recall, as many have been endless Trump-Russian collusion stories are about. Not to
doing, how the story broke. Here is the headline: mention the attempt to revive the Trump-sexually-
harrassed-these-women stories. And others.
Over here at The Daily Wire the significance of this
headline, broken by Matt Drudge’s Drudge Report, is In this case? One common curse word is enough for the
written up this way by reprinting the exact story as Drudge liberal media to work with - to spend endless hours
reported it, headlines and all: discussing, publicizing, analyzing, embroidering and more.

01/17/98 NEWSWEEK KILLS STORY ON WHITE They do it, of course, for a reason.
But this time Americans are on to the game.

Clinton Ally Tom Steyer Blasts
Lawmakers For Failing To Impeach Trump
By Tyler Durden
Sat, 01/20/2018 - 15:40

It appears Billionaire Clintonite Tom Steyer is surprised Nancy Pelosi has criticized an impeachment campaign as
that the nationwide ad campaign he bankrolled to urge being impractical and suggested it distracts from special
members of Congress to impeach President Trump hasn’t counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.
yielded results by now.
Steyer, who supported former Secretary for State Hillary
Steyer went off on both Republicans and Democrats Clinton’s presidential run, backs the Mueller investigation
Friday after a House vote on articles of impeachment but thinks there is an
garnered a paltry 66 votes.
“open and shut case that [Trump] has met
"This vote is not a reflection of whether or the criteria for impeachment” - though he
not Trump has passed the threshold for has yet to produce specific evidence of this.
impeachment, which he did months ago,"
Steyer said Friday in a press statement after the According to the Daily Caller, there was speculation that
vote. "It is a failure by members of Congress Steyer was using his $20 million impeachment drive to run
to do what’s right to keep the American for office. But he rebutted this earlier this month during a
people safe." press conference in Washington.

Steyer, a billionaire former hedge fund manager from Steyer said he will spend 2018 dumping
liberal California, launched his ‘Need to Impeach’ millions of dollars into campaigns to unseat
movement in October of 2017. While more than four Republicans instead of campaigning for
million people have signed his petition, Democrats aren’t California’s open gubernatorial seat.
particularly happy with the initiative. Democratic leaders
believe pushing for impeachment could hurt their party’s
But regardless of whether Steyer ultimately runs, this
chances in the midterms later this year. Steyer underscored
cringe-worthy video he made to kick off the "Need to
his campaign by sending copies of Michael Wolff’s book Impeach" campaign will live on the Internet forever...
“Fire and Fury” to every lawmaker.

BOMBSHELL: Classified Memo Detailing Obama
Targeted Trump Campaign With Bogus FISA Court
Warrant… “Is This America Or The KGB?”
Asks Stunned GOP
By JD Heyes
Saturday, January 20, 2018

of the FISA program,” Fox News correspondent

Pergram tweeted on Thursday.

In another tweet, the Washington Examiner‘s Byron York

called the release a “major development.

“Report contains answer to question of whether

FBI/DOJ used Trump dossier to secure FISA
warrant to spy on Americans, plus other issues.
Now, whole House can know. Public still in
dark,” he added.

You won’t hear about this on the Fake News Network or (Related: DEEP STATE: Rep. Jordan says FBI paid
read much in the Washington Post, New York Times, or for, then based its Team Trump probe on BOGUS
any other establishment media outlet because it is a ‘dossier’ (Video.)
scandal that is potentially damaging to their hero president,
Barack Obama, his administration, and Democrats in

In recent days, the House Intelligence Committee voted to

release a Top Secret memo detailing what is believed to be
massive abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
(FISA) court by the Obama administration and Deep State
political operatives within the Department of Justice and
the FBI.

In particular, it is believed that the 44th president and his

political sycophants deliberately fabricated “intelligence”
— using the so-called“Trump dossier” with its baseless,
unsubstantiated allegations, to justify getting a
“counterintelligence” surveillance warrant from the FISA
The memo, which remains Top Secret for no good reason
What did they need the warrant for? Who was and as such must be viewed in a secure room, has since
the target? That would be the campaign of been seen by a number of lawmakers — well, Republican
Donald J. Trump. lawmakers, because they seem to be the only ones who are
trying to get to the bottom of this massive, scandalous
abuse of our political and justice systems.
“Fox is told that while the Intel Cmte voted in
favor of the Simpson transcript, Democrats
blocked the release of other documents. The And all of them who have read it are shocked, stunned, and
committee has also voted on a motion by Rep. worried about the future of our republic. It’s that bad.
Pete King (R-NY) to make available to all
House members a memo documenting abuse
“You think about, ‘is this happening in America Trump Justice Department for criminal
or is this the KGB?’ That’s how alarming it is,” prosecution.
Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania told Fox
News, one of the few major news outlets “I don’t take lightly making a referral for criminal
tracking this story. investigation. But, as I would with any credible
evidence of a crime unearthed in the course of
“It is so alarming the American people have to our investigations, I feel obliged to pass that
see this,” Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan added. information along to the Justice Department for
appropriate review,” Grassley said in a
“It’s troubling. It is shocking,” North Carolina statement.
Rep. Mark Meadows noted further. “Part of me
wishes that I didn’t read it because I don’t want Finally, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, who
to believe that those kinds of things could be has been tracking this issue on his CRTV program, also
happening in this country that I call home and sees trouble ahead not just for the Obama officials
love so much.” involved, but for the former president himself.

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz said he could see a number of “Take it to the bank, the FBI/FISA docs are
people within the FBI and DoJ who not only could lose devastating for the Dems. The whole image of a
their jobs but be indicted as well. benevolent Barack Obama they’ve
disingenuously tried to portray is about to be
“I believe the consequence of its release will be destroyed. The real Obama, the vengeful
major changes in people currently working at narcissist, is going to be exposed for all to see,”
the FBI and the Department of Justice,” he said, he tweeted.
referencing DOJ officials Rod Rosenstein and
Bruce Ohr.

He told Fox News host Sean Hannity,

“I believe this will not end just with firings. I

believe there are people who will go to jail. I
was very persuaded by the evidence.” He
further noted that he believes it was entirely
appropriate for GOP Sens. Chuck Grassley and
Lindsey Graham to refer the matter to the

Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘Shocking’ FISA Memo Context
Revealed Proving MASSIVE Corruption At
‘HIGHEST Levels’ (Video)
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 20, 2018

“The anti-Trump bias, the pro-Clinton bias and in this great country to see this. Mostly, we want
then think about the text messages that talks the American people to understand what the
about an insurance policy to make sure Donald FBI did, how wrong it was, and again, we’re not
Trump is not elected” allowed to talk about it,” Jordan said.

“The last point [Fox News correspondent] Ed

[Henry] made was right on target. The
committee could meet today, could meet
tomorrow — if the majority of the committee
votes to release this — it goes to the White
House, the White House could say ‘thumbs up’
or ‘thumbs down,'” Jordan continued, alluding to
the fact that Trump would have to approve the
memo’s public release.

(National Sentinel) Obamagate: During a Friday evening “My guess is there going to say ‘thumbs up’ and
appearance with Fox News‘ Martha McCallum, Ohio then it’s out there and the American people can
Republican Rep. Jim Jordan discussed the “shocking” see what took place at the highest levels of our
FISA memo released to lawmakers by the House FBI, at the highest levels of the Justice
Intelligence Committee that ostensibly details massive Department that should not happen in this great
abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court by the nation,” Jordan added.
Obama administration.
McCallum said some have compared the alleged scandal to
Specifically, the four-page memo reportedly proves that Watergate, calling it much more serious, then pressed
the Obama White House misused the FISA process to Jordan for more specifics regarding Obama administration
improperly obtain a surveillance warrant against members actions.
of President Donald J. Trump’s campaign and transition
team under the guise of a counterintelligence operation.
“Again, I can’t talk about the specifics, that’s
why we’re pushing so hard make it public so we
Jordan, who said he’s read the memo, appeared with can talk about the specifics,” he responded.
McCallum to discuss the context to the memo. “But think about what we knew a long time ago.

“I know that you are, you’re all not talking about “The Clinton campaign paid for the dossier.
the classified information in this four page Think about those text messages from Lisa
document put together by [House Intelligence Page and Peter Strzok, where they talk about
Committee Chairman] Devin Nunes [R-Calif], — remember the text messages where they talk
basically collates all of their investigation that he about ‘walking through Wal-Mart, I can smell
wanted all of you to see,” McCallum said. the Trump supporters’ — the derision they have
“You’ve read it. Do you believe that there is a for the people who supported the president,”
crime in there committed by the DOJ and FBI or Jordan said.
members of those entities?”
“The anti-Trump bias, the pro-Clinton bias and
“Look, what I believe is what my colleagues then think about the text messages that talks
have said, what I’ve said is the American about an insurance policy to make sure Donald
people need to see this. We want the journalists
Trump is not elected by the American people,”
he said.

Watch (video credit Fox News):

House Republicans 'Charting Path'
To Release Explosive FISA Memo
By Debra Heine
January 20, 2018

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., (AP

Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
A group of 65 Republican lawmakers pushed for the
House Republicans, led by House Intelligence Committee immediate release of the alleged bombshell document in a
Chairman Devin Nunes, are reportedly in the process of letter to Nunes on Friday.
moving forward on releasing the explosive classified
In the letter, Florida Rep. Gaetz states thate “the audience
memo on alleged surveillance abuses.
of this document should not be limited to Members of
Congress — the American people deserve to know the
According to the Washington Examiner's Byron information it contains.”
York, Reps. Nunes, Gowdy, and Goodlatte met on
Saturday to discuss memo and chart a path forward. Approximately 180 members have now read the memo,
including at least three Democrats, according to York.
CNN reported on Saturday that Republicans on the HPSCI
were "considering using an obscure committee rule" to
bypass executive branch declassification hurdles in order
to publicly release the memo.
Rep. Mike Conaway, the Texas Republican leading the
committee's Russia investigation, said he believed the rule
"had never been invoked in the committee's 40-
year history."
The four-page memo reveals what some Republicans are
calling “shocking,” “troubling,” and “alarming”
government surveillance abuses under President Obama.
One congressman — Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) — even
likened the details of the memo currently circulating in
In addition to York, Rep. Dave Joyce (R-Ohio) also shared Congress to "KGB activity in Russia."
information about the effort to release the memo on
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said that when the details of the
Twitter Saturday.
document become known, not only are some Obama
According to Joyce, the House Permanent Select holdovers currently serving in the Trump administration
Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) is in the process of going to get fired, they are going to jail.
releasing the classified memo. The process may take up to
If the committee votes in favor to make the bombshell
19 congressional work days.
document public, it falls on President Donald Trump to
decide whether it should be released.

Democrats Unsure On How To Respond To Explosive FISA
Memo On DOJ-FBI-Obama Lies And Corruption That
Was Written By GOP Staffers
By Jim Hoft
January 21, 2018

Democrat lawmakers and the far left mainstream media is “jaw-dropping” and “worse than Watergate,” GOP
in a panic over the classified FISA Memo that was members of Congress said Thursday and Friday. The
released last week on Capitol Hill. document could send government officials to jail, one
congressman said.
The memo is described as “jawdropping” and will end the
Mueller witch hunt and result in firings and potential “Is this happening in America or is this the
prison terms for crooked officials in the FBI and DOJ. KGB?” asked another…

Over 100 Republican lawmakers have signed on a letter to …The document, which alleges abuses of the Foreign
petition House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes to Intelligence Surveillance Act during the FBI’s quiet
release the memo to the public. counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign
in the final months of the 2016 election, was actually
Only one Democrat has taken the time to review the compiled by Republican staffers on the House Intelligence
memo. Committee. That committee voted along partisan lines this
week to allow any member of Congress to take a peek at
the document themselves. Republican members soon
Democrats know this is very bad.
flocked to a secure room to read the memo written by their
allies — and then ran to tell the press about it.
They really have no idea what to do about this political
nuclear bomb.
Sara Carter, a Fox News contributor, wrote in a blog post
on her personal website that the “bombshell” document
The Huffington Post is trying to redirect attention away “could lead to the removal of senior officials in the FBI
from the memo by claiming it was written by Republican and Department of Justice” and potentially spell the end of
staffers. the Mueller probe. Carter’s post was widely shared on
Twitter, including by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas),
House Republicans spent the end of the workweek telling former Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.), Tom Fitton of Judicial
everyone who would listen that the American people must Watch and former White House official Sebastian Gorka.
be allowed to see a top-secret four-page document that Ahead of Carter’s appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity” on
could bring an end to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Thursday night, Sean Hannity used the story to send a
investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 “message” to Mueller.
“Your witch hunt is now over,” Hannity said,
One thing about that document: Republican staffers wrote addressing the Republican special counsel who
it. was unanimously confirmed as FBI director in
2001 by the U.S. Senate, which a decade later
The memo Republican staffers compiled reveals unanimously voted to extend his term past the
information that is “absolutely shocking,” “sickening,” 10-year limit. “Time to close the doors.”

House Memo Could Reveal ‘Palace Coup’ Attempt
By Jasper Fakkert
January 20, 2018 3:57 Pm Last Updated: January 20, 2018 10:44 Pm

and intelligence community, to prevent Trump from being

elected president.
At the heart of the conspiracy was the Russia collusion
narrative presented in the so-called Trump dossier.
After it failed to stop Trump from becoming elected, it
became the main attack narrative against his presidency,
with the ultimate goal being to force him out of office
using impeachment.
Top Democratic lawmakers, including House minority
leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), had publicly stated they
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at a rally in Coral were waiting on special counsel Robert Mueller to
Springs, Fla., on Sept. 30, 2017. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images) complete his investigation to begin impeachment
A secret memo by the House Intelligence Committee
detailing potential criminal conduct inside the DOJ and However, we have now learned that the Trump dossier, a
FBI during the 2016 elections has sent shockwaves piece of opposition research paid for by the Clinton
through Washington. campaign and the DNC, was the driving force behind the
collusion allegations.
A group of 65 members of congress are now calling on
Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Payments for Fusion GPS, the company behind the
Nunes to hold a vote to release the memo to the public. dossier, had been hidden for over a year by the Clinton
campaign and the DNC by having funneled them through
While the contents of the memo remain classified, law firm Perkins Coie, and mislabeling them in FEC
lawmakers who have seen it have reacted with shock, and filings.
have spoken to the disturbing evidence laid out in the
memo. The dossier, which was made to look like an intelligence
document, was produced by Christopher Steele who
“Our republic is in jeopardy if we allow this type almost exclusively used Russian Kremlin linked sources
of a palace coup environment to continue to for the information.
persist,” Congressman Matt Gaetz said in an Nellie Ohr, who previously worked for the CIA’s Open
interview with Fox News in talking about the Source Works project, was also hired by Fusion GPS to
memo. work on the dossier. Her husband, Bruce Ohr, was a high
ranking DOJ official who was demoted last month after it
Members of the House have been careful not to divulge was revealed he had secretly met with Fusion GPS co-
any of the classified information contained in the memo, founder Glenn Simpson as well as Steele.
but have given plenty of hints as to the subject matter it
The dossier made its way to the FBI through FBI agents
deals with.
that Steele talked to as well as through Sen. John McCain
(R-Ariz.) who had sent one of his associates, David
“Think about what we knew a long time ago, the Kramer, to London to meet with Steele and obtain a copy
Clinton campaign paid for the dossier. Think of the report. In a statement released in January 2017,
about those text messages of Lisa Page and McCain said he had personally delivered the dossier to FBI
Peter Strzok, where they talk about … an Director James Comey.
‘insurance policy’ to make sure Donald Trump is
not elected president,” said congressman Jim National Security Reporter Sara Carter reported on Jan. 10
Jordan (R-Ohio) in an interview with Fox News. that the so-called Trump dossier was used, in part, by the
FBI to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump’s campaign.
An investigation published by The Epoch Times on Jan. 18 Simultaneously two of President Barack Obama’s top
showed the web of connections related to the Trump aides, National Security Adviser Susan Rice, and U.S.
dossier and a possible conspiracy between the Clinton Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power made dozens, if
campaign, the Obama administration, law enforcement, not hundreds of so-called unmasking requests for the
identities of members of Trump’s team in intelligence Under U.S. law, treason is punishable by death or
reports, both before and after the election. imprisonment for a minimum of five years.
A separate investigation by the DOJ Inspector General Lawmakers who have seen the memo, whose content
found that the lead investigator on the Trump case, Peter extends beyond the information we already know, have
Strzok, had send over 9,500 text messages to a high profile described it as shocking, with one lawmaker invoking the
FBI lawyer who worked for deputy FBI Director Andrew KGB to describe what happened.
McCabe. In the text messages they show a clear bias in
favor of Hillary Clinton and a disdain for Trump. “I have read the memo,” Rep. Steve King (R-
Strzok was also the lead investigator on the Hillary Clinton Iowa) wrote on Twitter. “The sickening reality
investigation. has set in. I no longer hold out hope there is an
innocent explanation for the information the
In one message between Strzok and Page, they describe a public has seen. I have long said it is worse
meeting they had in the office of McCabe in which they than Watergate. It was never Trump and always
described an “insurance policy” to prevent Trump from Hillary.”
getting elected.
President Trump said in an interview with the Wall Street Congressman Gaetz said after having seen the memo that
Journal on Jan. 11 that Strzok had committed treason.
“heads are going to roll at the FBI and the
In his remarks Trump made reference to the “insurance
Department of Justice.”
policy” that had been discussed by Strzok, Page, and
“There is no way everyone keeps their job … I
Treason is defined under article 3 in the U.S. Constitution think that there could be people who face
as aiding enemies against the United States or levying war criminal consequences as a result of the
against it. activities that are laid out in this memo,” he

White House On #Schumershutdown: Dems Holding
Americans, U.S. Military, Hostage Over Illegal Aliens
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 20, 2018

“During this politically manufactured Schumer and our country’s ability to serve all Americans.
Shutdown, the President and his Administration We will not negotiate the status of unlawful
will fight for and protect the American people” immigrants while Democrats hold our lawful
citizens hostage over their reckless demands,”
she continued.

“This is the behavior of obstructionist losers, not

legislators. When Democrats start paying our
armed forces and first responders we will
reopen negotiations on immigration reform,”
Sanders added.

“During this politically manufactured Schumer

Shutdown, the President and his Administration
(National Sentinel) Shutting Down: The White House on will fight for and protect the American people.”
Friday issued a blistering statement following the
expiration of government funding, leading to a partial
The House continuing budget resolution to fund the
shutdown of the government, blaming it squarely on
government through February 16 (and the Children’s
Democrats and their Senate leader, Charles Schumer of
Health Insurance Program for six years) failed a cloture
New York.
vote in the Senate on a largely party line vote, 50 to 49.

In the statement, White House Press Secretary Sarah

All Democrats voted against cloture except Senators Joe
Huckabee Sanders made it clear that President Donald J.
Donnelly of Indiana, Doug Jones of Alabama, Claire
Trump was putting American citizens first and foremost in
McCaskill of Missouri, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota
any budget and related negotiations, but that Democrats
and Joe Manchin of West Virginia.
were more interested in gaining protections for people in
the country illegally, no matter when or how they came.
All Republicans voted for cloture except Jeff Flake of
Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Rand Paul of
“Senate Democrats own the Schumer
Kentucky and Mike Lee of Utah. Senate Majority Leader
Shutdown,” Sanders said. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky voted no for procedural
“Tonight, they put politics above our national
security, military families, vulnerable children,
An absent John McCain of Arizona did not vote.

Chairmen Devin Nunes & Trey Gowdy
Plot “Never-Before-Used Procedure” To #Releasethememo
By Joshua Caplan
January 21, 2018

According to the Washington Examiner‘s Republicans believe it is unlikely they would

Byron York, Judiciary Committee Chairman have to go that far; why would President Trump
Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), Oversight Committee object to the release of a document allegedly
Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and showing that Obama administration officials
Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin abused the law in investigating Trump? But
Nunes (R-CA) huddled together Saturday to even if there were an objection, the feeling is
discuss a “never-before-used procedure” the House would go ahead.
for releasing the “shocking” FISA abuse

On Friday, Republican lawmakers started publicly

lobbying Nunes to release the memo.
Washington Examiner reports:
“Earlier this morning, I examined the classified,
four-page memo
There’s no doubt Republicans want the public
from @HouseIntelComm regarding the FBI,
to see the classified memo. To get it out, they
DOJ, and the so-called #RussianCollusion. To
are studying a never-before-used procedure
put it simply, “WOW.” I joined the call
whereby House Intelligence Committee
to #ReleaseTheMemo. Americans deserve truth
members would vote to make the memo public,
and transparency,” tweeted Rep. Jody Hice (R-
after which the president would have five days
to object.
The letter was signed by Steve King, Matt Gaetz, Mark
If the president had no objection, the memo
Meadows, Jim Jordan, Andy Biggs, Scott Perry, Ted
would become public after those five days. If
Yoho, Jody Hice, Louie Gohmert, Barry Loudermilk and
the president did object, the matter would go to
Brian Babin, reports Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit.
the full House, which could vote to overrule the
president’s objections and release the memo

Goofball Adam Schiff Doesn’t Want ‘Explosive’ FISA
Memo Released Because He Thinks We’re Too
DUMB To Understand It
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 21, 2018

Republicans who have read the memo say differently GOP narrative is. That ought to tell you a lot
about what’s driving this,” he said.

Asked why he doesn’t just support release of the memo to

the public so that the American people can make up their
own minds, Schiff said:

“Well, because the American people

unfortunately don’t have the underlying
materials and therefore they can’t see how
distorted and misleading this document is.

“The Republicans are not saying make the

underlying materials available to the public.
They just want to make this spin available to the
(National Sentinel) Ignorance: Reports last week said that public,” he said.
not a single Democrat on the House Intelligence
Committee voted in favor of releasing an “explosive” “I think that spin, which is a attack on the FBI, is
FISA memo that Republicans have hinted contains just designed to attack the FBI and Bob Mueller
evidence of Obama-era abuse of the secretive FISA court to circle the wagons for the White House. And
in order to spy on the Trump campaign. that’s a terrible disservice to the people, hard
working people at the bureau, but more than
On Saturday during an appearance on CNN, the panel’s that, it’s a disservice to the country,” Schiff
ranking member, California Democrat Adam Schiff, claimed.
attempted to explain his party’s opposition: Americans
won’t understand what’s in the memo. In a statement to CNN Friday, Schiff slammed the memo,
branding it a
“It is essentially a set of talking points that the
Republican Intel staff drafted. Based on the “profoundly misleading set of talking points
highly classified materials which most of the drafted by Republican staff attacking the FBI
Republican members were forced to and its handling of the investigation.”
acknowledge,” he said.
Republicans who have read the memo say differently.
“They’ve not even read. So they don’t know They claim it contains explosive evidence indicating that
how distorted these talking points are. But it’s the Obama administration abused the FISA court warrant
part of the narrative they want to push out. process, likely in an effort to spy on the Trump campaign
Interestingly enough, they’ve made common — a completely politicization of the U.S. intelligence
cause once again with Russian bots because community and the Department of Justice.
Russian bots are pushing their narrative out
there,” Schiff added. Watch, via Tea Partier:

“It’s in a redux of the campaign. We have

Assange and Wikileaks and Russian trolls and
bots saying, you know, hash tag whatever the
Rep. Matt Gaetz Drops Major Clue About Fisa Memo,
Hints “Fraud” Committed To Obtain Spy
Warrants (Video)
By Joshua Caplan
January 21, 2018

the horrific abuses that occurred during the last

On Saturday evening, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) admin. and that I believe continue to pose a
dropped a major clue on the “Justice With threat to Donald Trump’s presidency.”
Judge Jeanine” program about what is
inside the bombshell FISA abuse memo. The Later in the interview, Rep. Gaetz hinted the memo
Florida Republican told Fox News host outlines how the U.S. government may have committed
Judge Jeanine Pirro that Americans will not fraud by presenting the courts with “false information,” to
only be “shocked,” at the way U.S. obtain FISA warrants.
government officials obtained information,
but also at how it was “authenticated.” “You’re aware as a Judge of the way evidence
has to be authenticated and presented to a
Credit: Compassionate Conservatism court to get a warrant,” began the Florida

“It has to be probable cause to sign a warrant,”

Judge Jeanne interjected.

“Of course, and prosecutors and

investigators cannot perpetrate frauds on
the court by presenting false information or
information they know to be false,” Rep.
Gaetz continued.

The lawmaker’s statements come on the heels of reports

When asked about the contents of the memo, Rep. Gaetz that the House Permanent Select Committee on
replied, Intelligence will begin the process to release the memo.

“There are 4 pages of a memorandum prepared

by the Intelligence Committee that will shock
the conscience of this country when it comes to

White House Voicemail Blames
Democrats For Government Shutdown
By Tyler Durden
Sun, 01/21/2018 - 11:07

Hours after the federal government shutdown now in "Do your job Democrats: fund our military and
effect, callers to the White House (202.456.1111) were reopen our government #SchumerShutdown."
greeted to a new voicemail blaming Congressional
Democrats for "holding government funding" hostage to
an "unrelated immigration debate."

Thank you for calling the White House. Unfortunately, we

cannot answer your call today, because Congressional
Democrats are holding government funding, including
funding for our troops and other national security
priorities, hostage to an unrelated immigration debate. Due
to this obstruction, the government is shut down. In the
meantime, you can leave a comment for the president at We look forward to taking
your calls as soon as the government reopens.

With both sides "dug in" for what could become a

protracted shutdown, Republicans and Democrats are
already at each other's throats playing the blame game.
After the hashtag #SchumerShutdown began trending on
Twitter, #TrumpShutdown was soon to follow. Meanwhile, Secretary of Defense James Mattis issued a
memorandum to military personnel:

"I recognize the consequences of a government

shutdown. You have my personal commitment
that the Department's leadership will do our
best to mitigate the impacts of the disruptions
and any financial burdens to you and your

Steady as she goes - hold the line. I know our Nation can
count on you."
In addition to the new voicemail message, the White
House issued a statement calling Democrats "obstructionist
losers, not legislators, " while Press Secretary Sarah
Sanders Tweeted

Are you not entertained?

Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer threw mud back at

Republicans, claiming

"This will be called the #TrumpShutdown. There

is no one who deserves the blame for the
position we find ourselves in more than
President Trump."

BREAKING: FIVE MONTHS Worth of Peter Strzok Text
Messages GO MISSING – FBI Cites Mystery “Glitch”
By Joshua Caplan
January 21, 2018

According to The Hill’s John Solomon,

Additional text messages sent and received newly obtained text messages between
by disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok have Strzok and Bureau lawyer Lisa Page
been handed over Congress, reports the demonstrate more anti-Trump bias at the
Associated Press. agency than previously known.

In yet another twist to the Peter Strzok saga, The FBI agent, once a fixture of special counsel
the FBI failed to hand over a block of the Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, told Page that
agent’s text messages because they have he enjoyed seeing then Fox News host Megyn
gone missing. Kelly “going after,” Trump during the debates.

Credit: magaruler Solomon reports:

When the two shared a National Public Radio

article on the opening of Trump’s new hotel in
Washington, the two could barely contain their

“That’s one place I hope I never stay in,” Page


Strzok replied. “Agreed. I hope it fails horribly.”

Occasionally the two also opined about the media in

AP reports: general. Strzok, for instance, called a New York Post
article about agents unhappy with the outcome of the
But the department also said in a letter to Clinton email case “stupid,” and referred to Fox anchor
Chris Wallace as a “turd.”
lawmakers that its record of messages sent to
and from the agent, Peter Strzok, was
incomplete because the FBI, for technical After one of the presidential debates, Strzok also had an
reasons, had been unable to preserve and observation about then-Fox anchor and current NBC
retrieve about five months’ worth of anchor Megyn Kelly.
communications. New text messages
highlighted in a letter to FBI Director “Vaguely satisfying to see Megyn Kelly (who
Christopher Wray by Sen. Ron Johnson, the had Botox and looks HORRIBLE) utterly going
Republican chairman of the Senate’s Homeland after Trump,” he texted.
Security and Governmental Affairs Committee,
are from the spring and summer of 2016 and Last month, Fox News published a portion of the
involve discussion of the investigation into approximately 10,000 texts messages sent between FBI
Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. agent Peter Strzok and lawyer Lisa Page. Among the
They reference Attorney General Loretta messages is an exchange revealing Strzok and Page
Lynch’s decision to accept the FBI’s conclusion discussed an ‘insurance policy,’ against a Trump
in that case and a draft statement that former presidency.
FBI Director James Comey had prepared in
anticipation of closing out the Clinton
Least we forget Page sent a text to Strzok stating,
investigation without criminal charges.

‘Trump should go f*ck himself’.

The dots are connecting. Top FBI brass were working with
Hillary Clinton to make sure she was exonerated from her
criminal investigation while simultaneously building a
case against Donald Trump.

New Strzok/Page Texts Suggest Lynch Knew
About Clinton Exoneration Well Before Comey
By Debra Heine
January 21, 2018

not face charges "even before the FBI conducted its three-
hour interview with Clinton, which was supposedly meant
to gather more information into her mishandling of
classified information."

On July 1, 2016, as the Lynch announcement became

public, Page texted Strzok:
Page: And yeah, it’s a real profile in
couragw [sic], since she knows no
charges will be brought.
Loretta Lynch
Clinton reportedly met with Strzok and Justice Department
Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch already knew that lawyer David Laufman at the FBI for a three and a half
ex-FBI Director James Comey would not recommend hour interview on July 2, 2016.
charges against Hillary Clinton when she announced she
would accept any FBI recommendation, according to new In February of 2016, Page texted Strzok that then-
documents turned over to the Senate Homeland Security candidate Trump
and Governmental Affairs Committee (HSGAC).
“simply can not [sic] be president.”
Comey announced that he would not recommend charges
against Clinton during a press conference on July 5, 2016. Other text messages suggest that they tweaked their
investigation in reaction to Trump’s victory in the
Lynch had previously stated that she would the accept the Republican primaries. On May 4, 2016, Strzok and Page
"determinations and findings" of the FBI's investigation, exchanged the following text messages:
suggesting she was completely out of the loop.
Page: And holy shit Cruz just dropped out
That revelation and others were found in 384 pages of text of the race. It’s going to be a Clinton Trump
messages exchanged between FBI employees Peter Strzok race. Unbelievable.
and Lisa Page that the Justice Department turned over to
HSGAC on Friday. Strzok and Page are the two FBI Strzok: What?!?!??
officials who made pro-Clinton and anti-Trump comments Page: You heard it right my friend.
while working on the Clinton email and the Russia
Strzok: I saw trump won, figured it would
collusion investigations. In one particularly damning text,
be a bit…Now the pressure really starts to
the two discussed needing an “insurance policy” in the
finish MYE…
event Trump were to become president.
Page: It sure does. We need to talk about
Unfortunately, in the cover letter accompanying the texts, follow up call tomorrow.
the FBI notified Congress that they “failed to preserve”
five months' worth of the pair's text messages “MYE” stands for “midyear exam” and was the FBI case
exchanged during the period between Dec. 14, 2016 and name for the Clinton email investigation.
May 17, 2017.
Text messages exchanged between the pair also suggest
The texts that we have are illuminating. As Sharyl that the FBI covered for then-President Obama by omitting
Attkisson reported at The Hill, the timeline of the text damaging language in FBI Director Comey’s July 5, 2016,
messages indicates that Lynch knew that Clinton would statement.
The original draft noted that Clinton had improperly used retaining text messages sent and received
personal email to contact President Obama while abroad in on FBI mobile devices failed to preserve
the territory of sophisticated adversaries. According to the text messages for Mr. Strzok and Ms.
text exchange, an FBI official then removed President Page,” Stephen Boyd, the assistant
Obama’s name and stated that Clinton had simply emailed attorney general for legislative affairs at the
“another senior government official.” In the final statement Justice Department, wrote to Wisconsin
as delivered by Comey on July 5, both references were Sen. Ron Johnson, the chairman of
omitted entirely. HSGAC.

Other texts suggest Strzok and Page intended to subvert Boyd attributed their failure to produce the evidence to
rules governing preservation of their discussions about FBI
matters. In April of 2016, Page texted: “misconfiguration issues related to rollouts,
provisioning, and software upgrades that
Page: so look, you say we text on that conflicted with the FBI’s collection
phone when we talk about Hillary because capabilities.”
it can’t be traced…
Boyd wrote:
Keep in mind, ethics professor Comey famously told
reporters in October of 2015 that his people “The result was that data that should have
been automatically collected and retained
"don't give a rip about politics." for long-term storage and retrieval was not
In its letter to HSGAC Friday, the FBI disclosed that it had
“failed to preserve” five months' worth of text messages Similarly, the IRS also suffered computer malfunctioning
exchanged between Strzok and Page -- two key officials issues during the Obama years, admitting to "losing" key
involved in two major controversial investigations. emails sought by the House Oversight Committee when it
was investigating the IRS targeting scandal.
“The Department wants to bring to your
attention that the FBI’s technical system for

OUTRAGED Freedom Caucus Chairman
Mark Meadows Calls For Second Special Counsel After
FBI “Loses” Strzok Text Messages
By Jim Hoft
January 21, 2018

It’s about time.

Earlier today the Associated Press reported

the FBI failed to hand over a block of anti-
Trump agent Peter Strzok and his mistress
Lisa Page’s text messages to Congress.

The FBI said the text messages

mysteriously went missing.

The FBI told Congress they lost the Strzok-

Page texts between Dec 2016 and May 2017.

On Sunday afternoon Rep. Jim Jordan

called for a second special counsel
investigation of the corrupt FBI.

And on Sunday night Freedom Caucus

chairman followed Rep. Jordan and called
for a special counsel to investigate the
corruption at the FBI.

Sara Carter: ‘Explosive’ FISA Memo
Release Could Come ANYTIME (Video)
By Usafeaturesmedia
Posted On January 21, 2018

“The House Intelligence Committee is going to month but the soonest could be anytime this
hold another vote” week,” she added.

Carter also believes that once the memo is released, it

could lead to the unraveling of special counsel Robert
Mueller’s probe into alleged Trump campaign “collusion”
with Russia.


(National Sentinel) Release: Circa News investigative

reporter and Fox News contributor Sara Carter said the
explosive FISA memo reportedly containing details about
how the Obama administration abused the surveillance
court so it could spy on the Trump campaign may be
released this coming week.

The memo, written by the House Intelligence Committee,

may contain some disturbing evidence that President
Obama’s administration relied on a bogus, politicized
opposition research document — the infamous “Trump
dossier” — to get a surveillance warrant from the FISA Rep. Dave Joyce announced Saturday that the House
court to put Trump campaign officials under surveillance. Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSIC) had
launched the process to release the explosive FBI-FISA-
“The House Intelligence Committee is going to Russia classified memo.
hold another vote. This vote will be made for the
public,” Carter said on Sunday’s “Fox &

“They’re sure it’s going to pass because

Republicans are going to pass on the party line
to make this available to the public. Then the
memo will go to the president where the
president will have five days to decide whether
or not to declassify the memo,” she added.

The memo is currently classified top secret, which many “Great news! Our efforts to #ReleaseTheMemo
believe is an over classification. have been effective and the HPSIC plans to
begin the process to release the
“And what I’m being told from my sources he FBI/FISA/Russia memo. This may take up to
will declassify that memo for the public. They’re 19+ Congressional work days but Americans
actually hoping the memo gets declassified very deserve to know the truth,” he tweeted.
soon, the latest I’ve heard is the end of the
CONFUSION: DOJ Claims Five Months Of Strzok-Page
Texts Missing — Yet IG Says He Received Them In August
By Joshua Caplan
January 21, 2018
Additional text messages sent and received communications. New text messages
by disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok have highlighted in a letter to FBI Director
been handed over to Congress, reports Christopher Wray by Sen. Ron Johnson, the
the Associated Press. In yet another twist to Republican chairman of the Senate’s Homeland
the Strzok saga, the FBI failed to hand over Security and Governmental Affairs Committee,
a block of the agent’s text messages are from the spring and summer of 2016 and
between Dec. 14, 2016, and May 17, 2017 involve discussion of the investigation into
because they have gone missing. Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.
Or did they go missing?
In addition to the communications already made public,
the Justice Department on Friday provided Johnson’s
committee with 384 pages of text messages, according to a
letter from the Wisconsin lawmaker that was obtained by
The Associated Press.

But, according to the letter, the FBI told the department

that its system for retaining text messages sent and
received on bureau phones had failed to preserve
communications between Strzok and Page over a five-
month period between Dec. 14, 2016, and May 17, 2017.
May 17 was the date that Mueller was appointed as special
counsel to oversee the Russia investigation.

According to Johnson’s letter, the Bureau told Stephen

AP reports: Boyd, the Assistant Attorney General for the Office of
Legislative Affairs, that due to FBI-provided Samsung 5
mobile phones with software upgrades that “conflicted,”
But the department also said in a letter to
lawmakers that its record of messages sent to with “collection capabilities,” the text messages could not
and from the agent, Peter Strzok, was be recorded.
incomplete because the FBI, for technical
reasons, had been unable to preserve and
retrieve about five months’ worth of

However, according to the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross, the The FBI handed over those messages on July 20, 2017.
FBI claimed it the reportedly missing text messages to After reviewing those exchanges, Horowitz expanded the
Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz on August investigation to include all of the text messages exchanged
10th, 2017. between Strzok and Page from Nov. 30, 2016 to July 28,
Strzok, who then served as the FBI’s No. 2
counterintelligence official, conducted many of the biggest Horowitz’s office received those messages on Aug. 10.
interviews in the investigation, including with Clinton and
her top aides, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. Here is a screenshot from Justice Department Inspector
General Michael Horowitiz’s letter to Grassley and
“After finding a number of politically-oriented Johnson confirming the FBI successfully sent over Page
text messages between Page and Strzok, the and Strzok’s text messages.
OIG sought from the FBI all text messages
between Strzok and Page from their FBI-issued Credit: Strzok Text Messages Deleted – Letter From Ron
phones through November 30, 2016, which Johnson to Christopher Wray Letter
covered the entire period of the Clinton e-mail
server investigation,” Horowitz wrote to
Grassley and Johnson on Wednesday.

Full letter is on next page:

Strzok Text Messages Deleted – Letter From Ron Johnson to Christopher Wray by zerohedge on Scribd

Unsecured Emails In Territory Of “Hostile Adversary” —
By Joshua Caplan
January 21, 2018

Additional text messages sent and received

by disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok were
recently handed over to Congress, reports
the AP.

Buried in the report are text messages

between Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page
discussing how hackers likely obtained an
email exchange between then-President
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The exchange was later covered-up by the However, during a White House press briefing, press
FBI after the incident was removed from secretary Josh Earnest admitted Obama did in fact
Comey’s closing statement on Clinton’s exchange emails with, strongly
email investigation. suggesting he was aware of Clinton’s private email

AP reports:
During the 2016 presidential campaign, Wikileaks released
Obama’s emails to Clinton.
One of the messages references a change in
language to Comey’s statement closing out the
email case involving Clinton, Trump’s His pseudonym was
Democratic opponent in the 2016 presidential
election. While an earlier draft of the statement
said Clinton and President Barack Obama had
an email exchange while Clinton was “on the
territory” of a hostile adversary, the reference to
Obama was at first changed to “senior
government official” and then omitted entirely in
the final version.

As The Gateway Pundit‘s Jim Hoft reported, Obama told

CBS’s Bill Plante that he first learned about Clinton’s
private email use use “through news reports,” implying he
didn’t exchange emails with his Secretary of State.

arlier this month, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) released evidence to prove it. But that passage was also changed to
Comey’s closing statement on the FBI’s Clinton email the much weaker “possible,” the memos show.
Comey’s original draft stated, “Although there is evidence
The Hill‘s John Solomon revealed: of potential violations of the statute proscribing gross
negligence in the handling of classified information and of
Ex-FBI Director James Comey’s original the statute proscribing misdemeanor mishandling, my
statement closing out the probe into Hillary judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring
Clinton‘s use of a private email server was such a case.”
edited by subordinates to remove five separate
references to terms like “grossly negligent” and In the closing statement, the terms “gross negligence” and
to delete mention of evidence supporting felony “misdemeanor mishandling” where edited to “potential
and misdemeanor violations, according to violations of the statutes.”
copies of the full document.
In December, Johnson alleged “hostile actors” had likely
Comey also originally concluded that it was “reasonably gained access to Clinton’s private email server containing
likely” that Clinton’s nonsecure private server was classified information.
accessed or hacked by hostile actors though there was no

Utter And Complete Panic Over FISA
Abuse Memo Roils Democrats - Game Changing Proof Of
'Brazen Plot' To Frame An Incoming President
With A False Russian Conspiracy'
- Democrats Caused Government Shutdown To Distract
Public From #Releasethememo Campaign
By Susan Duclos - All News Pipeline
January 21, 2018

KGB. Every member that saw the memo came out with
demands that the House Intelligence Committee declassify
the document and release it to the public at large.

In the midst of the public outcry where millions of

Americans called Congress to demand the release of the
memo, Democrats in the Senate, in a blind panic over the
upcoming release of the memo, took a calculated risk to
shutdown the government, with the liberal mainstream
media playing their part by focusing their headlines on the
issues causing the government shutdown. This also
allowed the MSM to avoid finally informing their audience
Democrats in utter and complete panic decided to force a
that the Independent Media was correct over the last year
government shutdown onto America to distract the public's
in asserting the whole Russia collusion with Trump
attention from the classified four-page House Intelligence
storyline, and the Mueller investigation, was nothing more
Committee memo which details Foreign Intelligence
than planned hoax upon the American people, by U.S.
Surveillance Act (FISA) abuses by the Obama
intelligence agencies to discredit a sitting President.
administration and Intelligence agencies like the FBI and
DOJ during his presidency.
The reason Democrats did this in their panic was because
while they knew the four-page memo will be released,
In the first article of the #ReleaseThe Memo series we at
Americans will finally be informed of the rampant
ANP detailed a House Intelligence Committee vote where
corruption and abuses during the Obama administration,
every single Democrat on the committee voted against
and they needed to buy time to converge on a storyline, the
releasing a four-page memo which details FISA abuses,
"spin" and talking points they wanted the MSM to run
under the Obama administration, to the full 435 members
when it does happen.
of Congress. Republicans approved it in a party line vote,
allowing access only in the secure room because of
classified information contained within the document.

We asked in that initial article,

"What are Democrats so scared of?"

In part Two of the #ReleaseTheMemo series, that question

was answered as members of the House that entered that
private room and read the details of the corruption and
politicization of the intelligence community, came out and
went on camera, visibly shaken over what they had read,
with one Representative even comparing those rampant
abuses by the Obama administration to actions used by the
release of just the memo, but they are requesting the
PART THREE OF THE #RELEASETHEMEMO supplementary information which provides the basis for
SERIES the information contained within the four-page memo be
released as well, without jeopardizing any classified
Approximately 140 House members have now seen the sources.
classified memo, with reports indicating that only one
House Democrat even bothered to read it. The ranking
Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Adam
Schiff, having failed in his attempt to prevent the full
House from accessing the four-page FISA abuse memo,
has started floating the upcoming "spin" the media is
expected to rally around when the memo is released to the

His first act was to go on CNN to start the ball rolling,

(video at the link) claiming the memo "is essentially a set
of talking points that the Republican Intel staff drafted"
based on highly classified information. His second claim is
that the "talking points" are "distorted," part of a
"narrative" Republicans want to push, and then he attempts
to connect that to the "Russians!" His claimed is based on
the NeverTrump website Hamilton 68 that claims Russian-
linked accounts were also pushing the #ReleaseTheMemo

His most demonstrably false claim is his response to the

question of why the FISA abuse memo should not be
released to the public so "Americans can make the
decision for themselves."

Schiff's reply was

"Well, because the American people

unfortunately don’t have the underlying
materials and therefore they can’t see There is no way to overstate the importance of getting the
how distorted and misleading this FISA abuse memo and the relevant ancillary information,
document is. The Republicans are not released to the public, for a variety of reasons.
saying make the underlying materials
available to the public. ONE: This is the first phase of of revealing
the "Russian/Collusion" narrative that the
They just want to make this spin available to the public. I MSM, Democratic politicians and liberal
think that spin, which is a attack on the FBI, is just websites have spent the last year pushing,
designed to attack the FBI and Bob Mueller to circle the is in fact false.
wagons for the White House. And that’s a terrible
disservice to the people, hard working people at the TWO: It is also the first item of proof that
bureau, but more than that, it’s a disservice to the country.” will become publicly available that shows
the Independent Media's assertion for the
That is is a categorical lie, evidenced by the publicly past year that the Obama administration
available letter sent to Chairman of the House Intelligence actively abused their power, politicizing the
Committee David Nunes, that 65 House members signed, intelligence agencies, in order to frame a
in which they member of the opposing political party that
has won an election in an attempt to
"request the immediate release of this delegitimatize a sitting President in the
document to the public, as well as any minds of the American public. The
relevant ancillary information." mainstream media and Democrats have
spent an entire year claiming those
In case Rep. Schiff has forgotten, "ancillary" means allegations were "fake news," and just
"providing necessary support to the primary activities or "conspiracy theories."
operation of an organization, institution, industry, or
system." Meaning Republicans are not just requesting the
THREE: Via public statements over the last
two days, by House Representatives that
have read the FISA abuse memo, indicate
that it proves that the FISA warrant to
surveil members of the Trump campaign,
after the election, was obtained using the
unverified and discredited Steele dossier
that was paid for by the Clinton campaign
and the DNC, and to which the information
contained within came partially from
Russian sources.

FOUR: Once released and the liberal

media are forced to report on its contents,
no matter what "spin" they put on it, their
audiences, those that still trust the biggest Former federal prosecutor, Joe diGenova, was interviewed
liberal networks, will finally get to see how by The Daily Caller News Foundation, in where he
badly they have been misled by the names describes the truth that is starting to finally seep out about
they trusted. As political commentator the Obama Administration’s
Wayne Allen Root states "Liberals who only
watch CNN and MSNBC probably haven’t
"brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton"
a clue what’s about to hit them. Trust me,
and "frame an incoming president with a
that light at the end of the tunnel is a train
false Russian conspiracy."
headed straight for the Democrat Party."
While the interview with diGenova is over 30 minutes, the
FIVE: With the entire special counsel
details he provides of former FBI directors "farce" of an
investigation being predicated on the
investigation into Hillary Clinton, saying that the FBI
original surveillance of the Trump
campaign team, if that surveillance was
obtained by tainted means, every single "followed none of the regular rules, gave
scrap of evidence that stemmed from that her every break in the book, immunized all
original surveillance is also tainted under kinds of people, allowed the destruction of
the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree doctrine. In evidence, with no grand jury, no
other words, as you will hear in the Sara subpoenas, no search warrants."
Carter interview below, the whole Mueller
investigation "unravels." Via The DC:

According to Sara Carter, who has been consistently ahead DiGenova condemned the FBI for working
of the curve on this issue, going back to the original so closely with the controversial Fusion
underlying scandal of how the Obama administration GPS, a political hit squad paid by the DNC
abuse their positions to start "unmasking" American and Clinton campaign to create and spread
names, in violation of the spirit of the FISA rules and the discredited Steele dossier about
regulation, up until the details of what is inside of this President Donald Trump. Without a
four-page FISA abuse memo, the proceedings to bring justifiable law enforcement or national
about the release of this memo to the public has begun. security reason, he says, the FBI “created
She asserts it could take until the end of the month but that false facts so that they could get
some of her sources say it could be released by next week surveillance warrants. Those are all
if the House Intelligence Committee moves fast enough to crimes.” He adds, using official FISA-702
get it onto the president's desk so he can approve the “queries” and surveillance was done “to
release. She also claims her sources tell her, the President create a false case against a candidate,
is expected to immediately agree to have it released. and then a president.”

The interview also details:

An April 2017 99-page FISA court

opinion that "describes systematic and on-
going violations of the law [by the FBI and
their contractors using unauthorized
disclosures of raw intelligence on
Americans]," which he calls "stunning stuff,
and; Journalists being paid by Fusion GPS,
who created the Kremlin sourced Steele
dossier as part of opposition research for
Hillary Clinton and the DNC against the
then president-elect Donald Trump, which
was then used by the FBI and/or the DOJ,
to obtain the FISA warrant to surveil the
Trump campaign. He called that "the
complete antithesis of American journalism
and the first amendment."

Whoops! FBI ‘Loses’ Five Months
Of Texts Between FBI Agents Peter Strzok And Lisa Page
By Kristina Wong
21 Jan 2018

Michael Doran, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute,

astutely noted that May 17, 2017, was the date that the
Special Counsel was convened.

What a weird coincidence!

“Misconfiguration issues related to rollouts,
provisioning, and software upgrades”
destroyed the Strzok-Page text messages
during a period that ended on May 17, the
very day Mueller started. How bizarre is
that? It's almost as if it was planned that
— Mike (@Doranimated) January 21, 2018
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has
lost about five months of text messages The inspector general first found the texts between Strzok
and Page while investigating whether political bias played
between two top officials, Peter Strzok
a role either in the Clinton email investigation or the
and Lisa Page, who openly disparaged investigation into the Trump campaign.
then-candidate Donald Trump while
working on the Clinton email Strzok was deputy chief of counterintelligence, played a
investigation and the Russia probe leading role on the Clinton investigation, and reportedly is
investigation, according to a top the one who watered down language that could have held
Republican senator. criminal implications for Clinton. He oversaw the Trump
investigation when it was opened in July 2016.
The officials in question are Peter Strzok and Lisa Page —
the two senior FBI officials who had texted each Strzok and Page were assigned to the special counsel
other hundreds of text messages in which they shared how investigation, but after the Justice Department inspector
much they loathed Trump and spoke of an “insurance general found the texts, Strzok was promptly removed.
policy” in the case of Trump’s election. Page had left weeks earlier, reportedly because her
assignment to the special counsel had ended. Strzok was
engaged in an extramarital affair with Page.
Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron
Johnson (R-WI) revealed in a January 20, 2018, letter to
FBI Director Christopher Wray that the FBI said their Johnson said in the letter that he learned of the missing
technical system failed to preserve texts exchanged texts on January 19 after the FBI handed over an additional
between Strzok and Page between December 14, 2016, 384 texts to the committee.
though May 17, 2017.
According to Johnson, Strzok and Page discussed speeding
“The loss of records from this period is up the investigation into Clinton once it became clear that
concerning because it is apparent from Trump would be the Republican presidential nominee.
other records that Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page
communicated frequently about the “Now the pressure really starts to finish
investigation,” Johnson said in his letter. [midyear exam],” Strzok wrote, using the
secret name for the Clinton email
investigation. “It sure does,” Page replied.

Johnson also revealed texts between Strzok and Page that “And yeah, it’s a real profile in couragw
showed they discussed efforts to water down then-FBI [sic], since she knows no charges will be
Director James Comey’s statement on the Clinton email brought.”
At that time, Clinton, along with other key witnesses, had
An original statement was going to reveal that Clinton not yet been interviewed by the FBI.
wrongly used her personal email in an exchange with
Johnson is now asking the FBI to follow up with more
“the president while Secretary Clinton was details about the lost records and about whether it has
on the territory of such an adversary.” conducted searches of non-government issued devices.
“Given that combination of factors, we
assess it is possible that hostile actors Other lawmakers are demanding answers.
gained access to Secretary Clinton’s
personal email,” it said. House Judiciary Committee member Rep. Ron DeSantis
(R-FL) said in a tweet Sunday: “FBI Director Wray needs
However, on June 30, 2016, “the president” was replaced to provide an explanation for why the FBI deleted six
with “another senior government official,” Strzok notified months’ worth of Strozk-Page text messages sent during
Page. The final statement scrubbed the whole reference. the Trump transition and early months of the Trump
presidency. Was evidence about the anti-Trump ‘insurance
Strzok and Page suggested that then-Attorney General policy’ deleted?”
Loretta Lynch knew that there would be no charges against
Clinton even before they interviewed her and other key Doran tweeted:
“People must go to jail. It’s critical. Our gov
After Lynch announced that she would rely on the will not regain legitimacy unless the public
recommendation of Comey’s determination in the Clinton believes that elite crimes get punished. And
email investigation, due to the impropriety of her meeting by ‘jail’ I do not mean a fellowship at
with Bill Clinton on a tarmac, Strzok texted Page that her Harvard’s Kennedy School. Being
statement “looks like hell.” surrounded by academics can feel like
incarceration, but it’s not jail.”
Page responded:
House intelligence committee staffers have put together a
four-page classified memo that reportedly explains how
the FBI relied upon the salacious and unverified Trump
dossier to investigate the Trump campaign. That is
expected to be released in the upcoming weeks.

Senate Republicans Reject Trump's
"Nuclear Option" As Shutdown Negotiations Continue
By Tyler Durden
Sun, 01/21/2018 - 11:24

Update: That didn't take long:

Bloomberg is reporting that, according to an

aide to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,
Senate Republicans are opposing invoking the
nuclear option, something President Trump
urged them to do in a tweet this morning.

Meanwhile, Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters that House

Republicans would support a bill that would kick the can
to Feb. 8 if the Senate can pass it. While Republicans have
picked up a few Democratic votes, they don't have nearly Lawmakers in both parties are fighting to win the PR
enough to overcome a filibuster, something that requires "blamegame" battle, hoping to brand their political
60 votes. opponents as the ones who are ultimately held accountable
by the public for the shutdown. Democrats argue that,
*** because Republicans control Congress and the White
House, the public will inevitably blame them. Republicans
The first full day of the January 2018 government have insisted that Democrats are being “obstructionist” and
shutdown saw a spate of hurried but ultimately fruitless have sought to label it “the #Schumershutdown” after the
negotiations, and already the White House - which has Democratic leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer.
been accused of exacerbating the problem by constantly
shifting its negotiating position - has had enough: In a Per the Hill, Democrats have complained loudly about the
tweet this morning, difficulty of negotiating with the president, telling media
that Schumer and Trump were close to a deal during a
President Donald Trump said Republicans Friday afternoon meeting until conservative Republicans
should consider invoking “the nuclear interceded and shut it down. Subsequently, Schumer said
option” to eliminate the possibility of an that "Negotiating with this White House is like negotiating
opposition fillibuster - allowing Republicans to with Jello."
pass a long-term spending bill with a simple
majority (there are 51 Republican senators).

Right now, the Senate can approve presidential nominees

for the courts and executive branch departments with a
simple majority, but traditional legislation is still subject to
a fillibuster that requires 60 votes to overcome.

Kicking off an early morning flurry of tweetstorm, Trump

congratulated Republicans in Congress:

"Great to see how hard Republicans are

fighting for our Military and Safety at the
Border. The Dems just want illegal
immigrants to pour into our nation
unchecked. If stalemate continues,
Republicans should go to 51% (Nuclear
Option) and vote on real, long term budget, no

On Sunday, Congress is holding an unusual session that Democrats are holding out for a deal to
may be lawmakers’ last chance for a quick end to the enshrine DACA protections for 690,000
shutdown, Bloomberg reports. undocumented immigrants who were
brought to the US as children - a deal that,
While the partial shutdown began officially at 12:01 a.m. hopefully, limits the money spent on
Saturday, federal agencies are largely waiting until Trump’s border wall.
Monday to implement it. That gives lawmakers one more
deadline to act before the shutdown is in full force. Here’s Republicans, meanwhile, want a long-term deal that
a summary of what will shut down during the shutdown. includes boosts to military spending.

Schumer said yesterday he still wants a bipartisan deal that

sets budget caps for defense and non-defense spending,
protects young undocumented immigrants from
deportation, and provides disaster relief funds.

Meanwhile, McConnell has promised to keep fighting.

"We’ll be right back at this tomorrow and as

long as it takes" to pass a spending bill,
McConnell said Saturday evening.
Publicly, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and
Schumer have resisted being moved from their opposite To be sure, some Democrats - particularly those from
positions. Behind the scenes, a senior House Republican states where Trump defeated Clinton by a sizable margin -
told Bloomberg Saturday that vote-counters were being are sounding more flexible about the terms of reopening
told a deal could be reached Sunday to reopen the the government, seeking more of a solid path toward an
government. To be sure, Goldman Sachs - which has immigration bill and other goals than immediate action.
singular insight into the innerworkings of the executive
branch thanks to the fact that its alumni are helping run the Circling back to Trump’s push for the so-called "nuclear
government - believes there’s a 60% chance the shutdown option", Congressional Republicans haven’t yet
could "last up to a few weeks." commented on whether they’re considering it, although we
expect the "official" GOP position on the matter will be
As discussed yesterday, disclosed later in the day.

GOP Lawmaker: “Absolutely”
By Jim Hoft
January 21, 2018

On Saturday Rep. Dave Joyce announced that the House Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) told FOX News
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSIC) had today the FISA Memo is the “Smoking Gun.”
launched the process to release the explosive FBI-FISA-
Russia classified memo. Rep. Norman: This was not written by Republicans. This
is a memo that was uncovered along with other documents
that were deemed classified. All we’re saying is let the
Intelligence Committee vote on it and