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Main sectors of activity Our clients HORTUS Consult. S.A.R.L.

 Business Management  Agri-business investors

 Managing plantations, agro-industries Consultancy established in 1996,
 Start-up in agriculture
 Transition management its initial missions (vegetable crops)
 Financial and operational auditing  Plantations (all sizes) have been extended to all fields of
 Improving competitiveness  Companies in the field of primary horticulture, environment and
processing of agricultural products certifications, rural development,
 Establishment of procedures and
control mechanisms management of agricultural and agro-
 Producers associations
industrial societies, reduction of
 Agronomy  Development Cooperation
 Preparation of certification processes
production costs, etc.
Agencies, European Union
(HACCP, GlobalGap, FairTrade…)
 Sustainable production, integrated  Ministries and administrations The area of intervention covers the
farms (agriculture, rural development, whole world with effective experience
 Fruits and vegetables production environment, economy, planning,
trade, etc.) in more than 35 countries of Africa,
 Tropical crops (cocoa, sugar…) Asia, and the Caribbean.
 Conservation / processing
 Human resources The operational base is located in the
south of Belgium, not far from
 Executive search
 Team building and training Luxembourg (international airport).
 Environment V +32 467 133 693 ( Whatsap)
Our structure is very flexible and open
 Plant health standards
M to any type of partnership or service
 Composting and bio-methanization
paul.jeangille delivery. We adapt to your needs to
 Energy savings H provide you with lasting solutions.
 Finances T
 Business plans (start-up or investment
 Costs of production analysis Do you have specific skills ? We are alwayw
 Rural development lookinig for consultants. Contact-us

… and many other spheres

Some examples of success Q Q
Cameroon 2012 Monte-Carlo 2015 Cameroon 2010
In-depth operational audit of a public Feasibility study for a soilless produc– Drafting the documents required for
agricultural company (4 200 ha of tion of vegetables and condiments obtaining European subsidies to the
bananas): diagnosis and concrete (organic substrates, sustainable banana sector in Cameroon (file ready
proposals for improvements submit– production) on 5000 m² of roofs in 2 years before the 9 other eligible
ted to the President of the Republic Monaco. countries).
(internal organization, agricultural Jamaica, St-Lucia, St-Vincent, Côte d'Ivoire 2005 – 2008
techniques, certification process, Dominica, Belize, Swaziland, Congo, Restructuring of plantations (515 ha)
quality and risk management, inter- Malawi 2015 and fruits packing stations, previously
services, marketing, investments, Evaluation of the results achieved by managed informally: human resources
European grants, etc.) the numerous actions implemented reform (team building, work contracts,
Ghana 2014 – 2015 under the European subsidies for training ...), accounting (auditing and
Preparation of large-scale composting sugar and bananas between 1999 and cleaning of accounts, Manual of
infrastructure for FairTrade and 2015. procedures) , administration, setting
organic certified agricultural Recommendation for public-private standards, setting up a management
production, ensuring long-term socio- partnerships. committee ...
economic and environmental Cameroon 2009–2013 Morocco 2002 – 2003
sustainability of plantations. Support to the strengthening of public Follow-up of 50 strawberry producers
Côte d'Ivoire 2005 – 2007 sector institutions (ministries of trade, (500 ha) with regard to phytosanitary
Implementation of the Tesco and agriculture, economy), producers' risks, setting up a data collecting
GlobalGAP certification process organization and definition of the system linked to each producer
(banana, pineapple, coco). national sector strategy for banana. (database and analysis), strategic
Morocco 2002, Guinea 2004, Côte d'Ivoire 2016 monitoring of the regulations in force
Cameroon 2008 and 2013, Senegal Preparation of a request of a European (lists of authorized pesticides, MRLs ...).
2015, Kenya 2016, Rwanda 2016, Union grant for a producers' associa– Morocco 2002 – 2003
Madagascar 2016 tion in support to the acceleration of Process and quality improvements of a
Preparation of the business plan, the application of the law on rural land. individual quick freezing unit of fruits
investment plan and cash flow, start-up (annual production: strawberries 6 000
of new plantations (several integrated t, apricots 400 t, melons 600 t ...).
farms: breeding – polycultures – agro- HACCP certification.
forestry – fruits and vegetables),
recruitment of executives, monthly
monitoring tables and charts.