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PPSC Subject Specialist Computer Science Sample Mcqs Paper for Test Preparation

1) What was originally called the “imitation game” by its creator?

[A] The Turing Test
[C] The Logic Theorist
[D] Cybernet ics
Ans: A
2) In analyzing the compilation of PL/I program, the term “Lexical analysis” is associated with
A.recognition of basic syntactic constructs through reductions.
B.recognition of basic elements and creation of uniform symbols
C.creation of more optional matrix.
D.use of macro processor to produce more optimal assembly code
Answer: B
3) Which is a permanent database in the general model of compiler?
A. Literal Table
B. Identifier Table
C. Terminal Table
D. Source code
E. None of the above
Answer: C
4) MSI stands for
[A] Medium Scale Integrated Circuits
[B] Medium System Integrated Circuits
[C] Medium Scale Intelligent Circuit
Ans: A
5) The main difference between JK and RS flip-flop is that?
[A] JK flip-flop does not need a clock pulse
[B] there is feedback in JK flip-flop
[C] JK flip-flop accepts both inputs as 1
[D] JK flip-flop is acronym of junction cathode multivibrator
Ans: C
6) Where does the DNS reply go to in a single HTTP redirect?
a. Browser
b. Client
c. Server
d. DNS Server
Ans: A
7) In MS-Access to Refresh the contents of a Lookup field (Lookup field: A field, used on a form or
report in an Access database, that either displays a list of values retrieved from a table or query, or
stores a static set of values.) list box or combo box
Ans: D
8) Which of the following derivation a top-down parser use while parsing an input string? The input is
assumed to be scanned in left to right order ?
[A] Leftmost derivation
[B] Leftmost derivation traced out in reverse [C] Rightmost derivation
[D] Rightmost derivation traced out in reverse
Ans: A
9) Routine is not loaded until it is called. All routines are kept on disk in a relocatable load format. The
main program is loaded into memory & is executed. This type of loading is called… ?
[A] Static loading [B] Dynamic loading [C] Dynamic linking [D] Overlays
10) Which logic family dissipates the minimum power?
E.None of the above
11) If y ou will be displaying or printing y our document on another c omputer, y ou’ll want to make sure
and selec t the _____________ option under the ‘Save’ tab.
A) Embed Fonts
B) Embed True Type Fonts
C) Save True Type Fonts
D) Save Fonts
Ans: B
12) The technology whereby part of the program is stored on disk and is brought into memory for
execution as needed is called
(a) memory allocation
(b) virtual storage
(c) interrupts
(d) prioritized memory
13) Which one is a valid declaration of a boolean?
a) boolean b1 = 1;
b) boolean b2 = ‘false’;
c) boolean b3 = false;
d) boolean b4 = ‘true’
Answer: C
14) Weak AI is
a) the embodiment of human intellectual capabilities within a computer
b) a set of computer programs that produce output that would be considered to reflect intelligence if it
were generated by humans
c) the study of mental faculties using mental models implemented on a computer.
d) All of the mentioned
Answer: C
15) For each attribute of a relation, there is a set of permitted values, called the ________ of that
a) Domain
b) Relation
c) Set
d) Schema
Answer: A
16) Which approach to speech recognition avoids the problem caused by the differences in the way words
are pronounced according to context?
a) continuous speech recognition
b) connected word recognition
c) isolated word recognition
d) speaker-dependent recognition
Answer: C
17) What is a Y -Connector? ‘
(a) A’Y -Shaped splitter cable that divides a source input into two output signals.
(b) A Y -Shaped splitter connector that divides a source input into two output signals.
(c) A Y -Shaped splitter card that divides’a source input into two output signal s.
(d) None of the above
Answer: B
18) To avoid the race condition, the number of processes that may be simultaneously inside their critical
section is
[A] 8 [B] 1 [C] 16 [D] 0
Ans: B.
19) What will be the output of the following PHP code ?
2.if (!print“hi”)
3. if (print“hello”)
a) hi
b) hihellohi
c) hihi
d) no output
Ans: A
20) In a synchronous modem, the receive equalizer is known as
a. adaptive equalizer.
b. impairment equalizer.
c. statistical equalizer.
d. compromise equalizer.
Answer: A
21) Which table is a permanent database that has an entry for each terminal symbol.
A. Terminal table
B. Literal table
C. Identifier table
D. Reductions
E. None of the above
Answer: A
22) A datum that indicates some important state in the content of input or output is
E)None of the above
Answer: B
23) The first digital computer built with IC chips was known as
e. IBM 8080
f. Apple – 1
g. IBM System / 360
h. VAX-10
Answer: g
24) After 3 calls of the c function bug() below, the values of i and j will be:
int j = 1;
{ Static int i = 0; int j = 0;
i++; j++;
return (i) ; }
(A) i=0, j=0 (B) i=3, j=3
(C) i=3, j=0 (D) i=3, j=1
Answer: D
25) The total number of comparisons in a bubble sort is ….
a) O(n logn)
b) O(2n)
c) O(n2)
d) O(n)
Ans: C
26) For a function of two variable, how many test cases will be generated by robustness testing?
Ans: B
27) The term gigabyte refers to
a. 1024 bytes
b. 1024 kilobytes
c. 1024 megabytes
d. 1024 gigabyte
Answer: c
28) A monitor’s …… is the distanc e between the holes in the mask behind the sc reen. This helps
determine how sharp the dots appear.
a) Refresh rate
b) Dot pitch
c) Resolution
d) Color depth
Answer: b
29) Time during which a job is processed by the computer is
a) Delay time
b) Real time
c) Execution time
d) Down time
Answer: Execution time
30) How can you access the font size tool on formatting toolbar?
A) Ctrl + S
B) Ctrl + Shift + S
C) Ctrl + P
D) Ctrl + Shift + P
Answer: D
31) If h is any hashing function and is used to hash n keys in to a table of size m, where n<=m, the
expected number of collisions involving a particular key x is :
a) Less than 1
b) Less than n
c) Less than m
d) Less than n/2
Answer: A
32) Processors of all computers, whether micro, mini or mainframe must have
a. ALU
b. Primary Storage
c. Control unit
d. All of above
Answer: D
33) The concept of logarithm is defined indirectly by the definition of ……………
A .Exponential
B. Floor Function
C. Ceiling function
D. Monotonically increasing function
Answer: A
34) Which of the following statements is wrong ?
A. memory allocation is the time required for a gate to change its state
B. Noise immunity is the amount of noise which can be applied to the input of a gate without causing
the gate to change state
C. Fan-in of a gate is always equal to fan-out of the same gate
D. Operating speed is the maximum frequency at which digital data can be appli ed to a gat
Answer: C
35) To locate a data items for storage is
(a) Field
(b) Feed
(c) Database
(d) Fetch
Answer: D
36) A default catch block catches
A. all thrown objects
B. no thrown objects
C. any thrown object that has not been caught by an earlier catch blo ck
D. all thrown objects that have been caught by an earlier catch block
Answer: C
37) Batch processing is appropriate if
a. large computer system is available
b. only a small computer system is available
c. only a few transactions are involved
d. none of the above
Answer: D
38) What is auto negotiation?
a) a procedure by which two connected devices choose common transmission parameters
b) a security algorithm
c) a routing algorithm
d) none of the mentioned
Answer: A
39) The famous Moore’s Law predicts __________
a. Exponential Decrease in number of Transistors in Integrated Circuit.
b. Exponential Decrease of Transistor Size in Integrated Circuit
c. Exponential Increase in Transistor Switching in Integrated Circuit
d. Exponential Increase in number of Transistors in Integrated Circuit.
Answer: D
40) The c ommand “gdb sanfoundy”
a) will start debugging for the file “sanfoundry” if the file is c ompiled with -g option with GCC
b) will create executable for debugging
c ) will prov ide all errors present in the file “sanfoundry”
d) none of the mentioned
Answer: A
41) In which addressing mode, the effective address of the operand is generated by adding a constant
value to the contents of register?
a)absolute mode
b)indirect mode
c)immediate mode
d)index mode
Answer: d
42) Number of possible post ordered trees with 3 nodes A,B,C is
Answer: C
43) What are the different types of real data type in C ?
A.float, double
B.short int, double, long int
C.float, double, long double
D.double, long int, float
Answer: C
44) Find the power dissipation in a circuit to whom voltage applied is 24 and current passing is .25 ohm
d) 4
Answer: B
45) Which of the following has the least technichal knowledge
a) User
c)consol operator
d)system analyst
Answer: a
46) Which command will be used to display file and directory names only, without size, date, and time
Answer : C
47) A standalone program that has been modified to work on a LAN by including concurrency controls
such as file and record locking is an example of____ ?
a. Groupware
b. LAN ignorant software
c. LAN aware software
d. LAN intrinsic software
Answer: d
48) Default reasoning is another type of
a) Monotonic reasoning
b) Analogical reasoning
c) Bitonic reasoning
d) Non-monotonic reasoning
Answer: D
49) Each of data files has a _____ that describe the way the data is stored in the file.
A.File structure
E.None of the above
50) The processing, which normally consists of a small computer with o ne or more peripheral devices,
connected via a high-speed line to the large control computer is known as
a)On-line processing
b)Remote-terminal processing
c)Batch mode processing
d)Intelligent terminal Processing…
e)None of the above
51) Speech recognition:
a)will never be used in industrial controls
b)is already widely used in industrial controls
c)will be used in more applications as the technology matures. …
d)All of the above
e)None of the above
52) Which technique enables the designer to mold and shape, rather than construct on object using a
series of lines?
a)Solid modeling
b)Wire-frame modeling
c)Surface modeling…
d)FEM (Finite Element Modeling)
e)None of the above
53) How can you recreate the PTR record in your Windows 2000 DNS server fr om you Windows 2000
a)Run ipconfig /registerdns from the client
b)Run ipconfig all /registerdns from the DNS server
C)Start the DNS Dynamic service on your client computer …
d)Create a host file with the #DYNAMIC command on the client computer
E)none of above
54) A _____ is an outline of a process that keeps develop successful information systems
A.System Development Life Cycle
B.CASE tool
C.Phased Conversion
D.Success Factors…
E.none of the above
55) The primary tool used in structured design is a:
A.structure chart diagram
C.program flowchart
E.None of the above
56) To arrive at a form which is suitable for implementation in some programming language is the
purpose of
a) Structured Analysis (SA)
b) Structured Design (SD)
c) Detailed Design (DD)
d) None of the mentioned…
Ans: B
57) Which of the following actions an operator precedence parser may take to recover from an error ?
A)Insert symbols onto the stack
B)Delete symbols from the stack
C)Insert or delete symbols from the input
D)All of the above…
58) The step-by-step instructions that solve a problem are called _____.
A.An algorithm
B.A list
C.A plan…
D.A sequential structure
E.None of the above
59) A self-relocating program is one whichcannot be made to execute in any area of storage other than the
one designated for it at the time of its coding or translation.
B. consists of a program and relevant information for its relocation.
C. can itself performs the relocation of its address-sensitive portions….
D. All of the above
E. None of the above
60) Programming a robot by physically moving it through the trajectory you want it to follow is called: sensing control
B. continuous-path control
C. robot vision control…
D. pick-and-place control
E. None of the above
61) The probability that a single bit will be in error on a typical public telephone line using 4800 bps
modem is 10 to the power -3. If no error detection mechanism is used, the residual error rate for a
communication line using 9-bit frames is approximately equal to
E.None of the above
Ans: B
62) Which of the following protocol is used for transferring electronic mail messages from one machine to
Ans: C
63) An anticipated result from multiprogramming operations is:
A.reduced computer idle time
B.the handling of more jobs
C.better scheduling of work
D.All of the above…
E.None of the above
64) A table on the many side of a one to many or many to many relationship must:
a) Be in Second Normal Form (2NF)
b) Be in Third Normal Form (3NF)
c) Have a single attribute key
d) Have a composite key …
65) Critical path of the PERT chart is:
a)path which takes the longest time to complete the project
b)the shortest path
c)both of the above
d)path which takes the shortest time to complete the project…
e)None of the above
66) Surgeons can perform delicate operations by manipulating devices through computers instead of
manually. This technology is known as:
A. robotics.
B. computer forensics.
C. simulation.
D. forecasting….
Ans: A