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Using the Lab Course Observation Instrument (LCOI)

In using this instrument to evaluate the student, please understand that these
students are working toward becoming exemplary teachers. The rubric should be a
guide for you in scoring several areas of the student's teaching abilities. The
...are expected to apply this information in order to improve and/or modify
their lessons and teaching skills. Honest feedback is extremely important as we
encourage the students to grow into successful educators.
Please use the following key when scoring.
1— Emerging — becoming apparent, becoming known
2 — Developing — Growing, becoming more advanced .
3 — Proficient — Competent or skilled in doing something
4 — Exemplary — Desirable model, representing the best
Please feel free to write additional comments for any of the areas. The Education
Department used your assessment and comments to determine new ways of
supporting the growth of our students as future educators.

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Wesleyan College
Lab Course Observation Instrument (LCOI)

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Cooperat ing Teacher School Grade/Area Evaluator
KEY: N/P= Not Present or applicable 1 = Emerging 2 = Developing 3 = Proficient 4 = Exemplary

NP 4
Observation Proficiencies TCOI
6 ) Lesson planning, preparation and organization are evident.
V 2 Materials are organized and distributed efficientl
II-3b II-3b
. II-5a• II-5b II-5a• II-5b
3) Various and appropriate resources are utilized II-3b II-3b
4) The purpose of the lesson is articulated (communicated to the students). I-2b I-2b
5) Sound knowledge of the content is evident. I-la I-la
V 6) The lesson is"designed to accommodate a variety of student abilities and learning I-lb; II-4b; II-4c I-lb; II-4b; II-4c
17 7) "Real world" connections are addressed in the lesson. I-lb
✓ I-lb
8) Objectives are measurable and relevant. I-lb I-1b
1/ 9) Students are given clear directions and demonstrate a readiness to complete the II-4b II-4b
V 10) Assistance is provided to individuals or groups as needed. I-2b I-2b
v- 11) Adequate feedback and encouragement are provided to the students. II-5c; II-6a; II-6b;II- II-5c; II-6a; II-6b;II-6c
. 6c
V 12) Knowledge of the students' background and performance is used to assist in III-7a; III-7b; III-7c III-7a; III-7b; III-7c
developing activities and assessments.
13) Assessments are aligned to the lesson objectives. III-7a; III-7b; III-7c III-7a; III-7b; III-7c
14) Candidate closes lesson effectively (eg: Provides students an opportunity to self- III-8a; III-8b; III-8c III-8a; III-8b; III-8c
15) High academic expectations are communicated to students. II-3a II-3a
✓ 16) Students are treated fairly and equitably. II-6a; II-6b; II-6c II-6a; II-6b; II-6c
✓ 17) The classroom environment is supportive of learning. II-5a; II-5b; II-5a; II-5b;
V 18) Transitions are effective II-5a; II-5b II-5a; II-5b
V 19) The candidate speaks and writes standard English clearly, correctly and distinctly. II-3a II-3a
✓ 20) Effective classroom management skills are evident. , II-5a; II-5b; II-5c II-5a; II-5b; II-5c

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Student' Signature Date Evaluator's Signature Date
A plan of action addressing any area where a '1' was received should be submitted within one
week of signing this form.
"NP" (not present) is not a "0" score. This should only be used when an area was not included in
the observed lesson. REVISION: (12/10/14)