From Christianity to Islam Aisha Mawar.

As Salaamu Alikam Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatu, I embraced Islam at 13 years of age, with very little knowledge and the help of Internet friends.

At the age of 11 I began to question the Christian Faith as I studied more in my Catholic Primary school, I was a very curious child and asked many questions which lead me to get detentions, suspensions and nearly to be expelled because I asked the Nuns and Priests many questions which the could never answer and returned my questions with forms of punishment.Having my questions on Christianity resulting in punishment lead me to believe that it was not the true religion, so I started to seek out different religions to find the one that is true.I studied a vast amount of religions, some of the religions were weird or worshipped the devil and in the end I came down to two religions; Islam and Judaism. As I studied Judaism further I realized you need to be born a Jew to be a Jew and there was no such thing as conversion. So this showed me that it was not the true religion and I went towards Islam.

I searched for Internet friends who were Muslim so I could learn more and how the people of Islam were like, which eventually lead to saying the Shahadah at 13 years old but without any witnesses.I had no idea how to pray but I prayed the parts I knew of Salaat, I tried to fast in Ramadan which was very hard since when my Mother told my father I had embraced Islam he was very angry and everyday for me became a living hell. I was beaten, thrown and put through windows in my father's attempt to get me to renounce Islam he hated Muslims very dearly and could not stand that his daughter had become a Muslim.I hated living in my home because I was constantly abused and yelled at and when my mother went to work that abuse became worse, my siblings were scared and tried everything they could to stop my father from hurting me. Eventually I lied and said I had left Islam to Hinduism which my father was pleased with and so was his family but I still hid the fact I was still a Muslim, I still tried to pray but one day my father caught me praying and realised I had lied« He was so angry he wouldn't talk to me for a month.

After a few years I decided to meet up with a Muslim friend I had made on the internet and when my father became aware of this he went out of control, he grabbed me and strangled me but Alhamdillah I escaped, as I ran towards the door but I didn't make it out of the house he took me and put me through the fly wire door window and threw me into my bedroom. I had many bruises and had broken my toe which later on he told people I had harmed myself to make him look like a bad father.I was stuck in this house and even though child protection

services had been called on numerous occasions they did nothing, in Eid ul-Fitr I ran into a Muslim sister who took my number and invited me for Eid celebrations which mother let me attend, I met many Muslims who are now my dearest friends. That day was the first day I had met true practicing Muslims and I learnt many things.A few days after meeting these sister's my father came into my bedroom while I watching Television and started abusing me about Islam and why I was a Muslim.I was confused I didn't know what I had done wrong to make him angry this time, he went to hit me but for the first time every, I defended myself; I threw the TV remote at him but not at his face. He was so shocked and then eventually after his brief moment of silence he told me to Leave Islam and you can stay and live with us, choose Islam then get the F«. out of my house. I got up, packed my bags with my Hijab's and Quran and school books and told him Alright I will leave and as I walked out of the house my siblings tried to stop me while they were crying, I didn't want to leave them but I didn't want to leave my religion. My mother kept telling me that things will change and she had been telling me so for the last three years since I had embraced Islam so I knew things wouldn't change they'd just stay the same.I called the sister who I met in the shopping centre's mother in law who picked me up and took me to another sister's house where I lived with her for 3 months. I learned how to pray properly, how to eat the Sunnah way and many more things, I then moved into another sister's house where I lived there for two weeks and her mother then invited me into her home and I payed rent for a room in her house.

I few weeks went by and the sister I was living with wanted to attend the Taleem of a Taabligh Jamaat group and I went along with her, as being a revert the sisters wanted to know my story and I told them.This is where I met my mother in law, the Jamaat was in her house and she heard my story and fell in love with me, after the Taabligh Jamaat left her house she told her son about me and he was interested but wanted me to observe niqab. My mother in law contacted the first sister I lived with and asked if I was interested which I was since I felt alone with no family. My husband and I emailed each other for two weeks to get to know each other and then we finally met with his mother present. I was so shy and nervous I laughed nearly the whole time we were together, we talked and then my mother in law asked if we liked each other and we said we did, so she decided we'd marry the next day after Magrib. My husband and I were both shocked as it was so quick but the sooner is the better and it's a Sunnah.

The next day in early morning the sister in Islam who is now one of my best friends took me out to buy my wedding dress, it hadn't hit me yet that I was getting married at Magrib time. Her son kept saying you're not getting married your too young who'd marry you, you're smelly.Her son became like a brother to me and he was sad that I was getting married and he wasn't going to see me as often.As we were in the car driving to my mother in laws house I started to cry from happiness and from being nervous« I hadn't told my parents of this marriage yet. And I knew it would come in a result of more hatred towards Islam and me.We did the Nikkah after Magrib and ate, my husband wanted to see me and all the sisters pushed me out of the room into the hallway to meet my husband but I hadn't washed my hands yet from eating. My husband went to take my hand in salaams but I lifted my hand up and told him it's dirty and he laughed. After I had clean hands we sat and talked and also sat in silence where I observed he hadn't cut his toe nails for our wedding night.

After 1 year and 1 month I gave birth to my baby boy who we named Abdulmalik, he weighed 4.3kgs and barely fitted in the normal newborn clothes. He is my joy and since being kicked out of home and disowned my life became a thousand times better for Allah swt had given me a great reward for being patience in the 3 years of abuse for not renouncing Islam.My father is still angry but the rest of my family are a lot better, we talk as much as possible but I have not seen them for 1 year and 4 months. My father doesn't want to acknowledge he has a son in law or a grandson. I hope Allah swt gives my family hidaya. Inshallah

Sister Aisha Mawar with her Little boy

Special Thanks to Sister Aisha Mawar. May Allaah continue to Bless and Protect you.